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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Adeptvs Exterminatvs EU-Shen'dralar 0 72
Papas con Gnomo EU-Uldum Horde 0 39
El plan B EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 37
We Step On Fire EU-Sanguino 0 23
HONOR Y KAOS EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 22
Nameless EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 22
Crispy Chicken EU-Sanguino Horde 0 21
Accuracy EU-Uldum Horde 0 19
Non Serviam EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 19
HSPN EU-Sanguino Horde 0 16
Balance EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 13
Asphelt Knights EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 12
Astur guard EU-Sanguino Horde 0 11
Chaotic Fate EU-Uldum Horde 0 10
Heaven Reject EU-Uldum Horde 0 10
Vanishing Light EU-Sanguino 0 9
ßrutal Cream EU-Uldum Horde 0 9
Souless EU-Sanguino 0 7
Holy Wrath EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 6
Defcon One EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 6
Un poco de picardia EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 6
Berserkers EU-Zul'jin 0 5
Disbanded EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 5
Ignitus Mare EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 5
Amnesiac EU-Sanguino Horde 0 4
Valyria EU-Uldum 0 4
Lös Desterrados EU-Sanguino Horde 0 3
Unlimited EU-Sanguino Horde 0 3
Grey Wolves EU-Shen'dralar Horde 0 3
Blood Sentence EU-Uldum Horde 0 3
SineQuaNon EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 3
Legión del abismo EU-Sanguino Horde 0 2
Wownster High EU-Sanguino Horde 0 2
Sweets Deluxe EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Blackmøney EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Factor R EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Foriguild EU-Sanguino 0 1
Legends Of Kaos EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
The Flaming Legion EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
The Shadow Nameless EU-Sanguino 0 1
Betrayer EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
Choripan Con Queso EU-Uldum Alliance 0 1
El Escuadron Suicida EU-Uldum 0 1
Paradígma EU-Uldum 0 1
Chymera EU-Zul'jin 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
FH EU-Zul'jin Horde 3 11
Puzzycats EU-Uldum Alliance 0 414
Delirium Tremens EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 157
y dos rogues camuflados EU-Uldum Horde 0 106
Elemental Querido Thrall EU-Uldum Horde 0 100
Dark Lights EU-Uldum Horde 0 97
Tesoro EU-Sanguino Horde 0 89
Forward EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 86
ChikSundering EU-Sanguino Horde 0 85
yarinaosu EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 74
Asphelt Knights EU-Uldum Horde 0 70
Grey Wolves EU-Uldum Horde 0 66
Moonlight-Sanguino EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 64
revivalgplp EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 57
Blood Sentence EU-Uldum Horde 0 47
Fallen EU-Shen'dralar Horde 0 47
Feed or afk EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 44
Priváte None Alliance 0 42
Leet Crew-2 EU-Sanguino Horde 0 25
Esfera Oscura EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 24
Ðominatiøn EU-Sanguino Horde 0 24
Sangu EU-Sanguino Horde 0 22
Legends of Kaos EU-Sanguino Horde 0 21
Manquers And Commanders EU-Sanguino Horde 0 20
Herederos de las Sombras EU-Uldum Horde 0 17
Disbanded EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 16
Type O Negative EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 13
Pacuegans EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 12
Sundering EU-Uldum Horde 0 12
Aspelth Night EU-Sanguino Horde 0 11
EquinoX EU-Uldum Alliance 0 11
The LycanS EU-Sanguino Horde 0 11
Versus EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 11
Heroes de Azeroth EU-Shen'dralar Alliance 0 10
HIjosdeLilith EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 10
Inception EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 10
La Ultima Cruzada EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 10
Sow EU-Sanguino Horde 0 10
Ensiferum EU-Sanguino Horde 0 9
Nameless EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 9
succesfully kids EU-Uldum Horde 0 8
Guardianes de Elune EU-Shen'dralar Alliance 0 7
Skundiu Logs EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 7
Swarm EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 7
Gamewark EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 6
Pulse EU-Uldum Horde 0 6
Silent Shadows EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 6
Blackrock EU-Uldum Horde 0 5
BloodWar EU-Sanguino Horde 0 5
Insanity EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 5
Inside EU-Sanguino Horde 0 5
NERF EU-Uldum Horde 0 5
Non Serviam EU-Sanguino Horde 0 5
Swarm EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 5
Eternia1 EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 4
Independent EU-Uldum Horde 0 4
Papas con gnomos EU-Uldum Horde 0 4
Smarts logs EU-Uldum Horde 0 4
We Step On Fire EU-Sanguino Horde 0 4
BlackArrow EU-Sanguino Horde 0 3
contact EU-Uldum Horde 0 3
Contact EU-Uldum Horde 0 3
Dharma EU-Uldum Horde 0 3
Drama unchained EU-Sanguino Horde 0 3
Exaltados con tu madre EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 3
In the Nightfall EU-Uldum Horde 0 3
ithilien EU-Uldum Horde 0 3
Logs EU-Uldum Horde 0 3
Not Enrage EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 3
onely reborn EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 3
rising force EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 3
Rojaleros EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 3
Spanish Seawolves EU-Sanguino Horde 0 3
Agorazein EU-Uldum Horde 0 2
Amnesty EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 2
Aspelth Night EU-Sanguino Horde 0 2
Asphelt Knights EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Death and Decay EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 2
Envidia EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Euphoria EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Eventide EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 2
Ferky EU-Sanguino Horde 0 2
Ius In Bello EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 2
La guardia de Tirisfal EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Lake of Fire EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 2
Los Templarios de la luz EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 2
Lvbbo EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 2
Massive Attack EU-Sanguino Horde 0 2
nerf EU-Uldum Horde 0 2
nOir EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Omega EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 2
Sinestesia EU-Sanguino Horde 0 2
Swarm EU-Sanguino Horde 0 2
Tear of Darkness EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Undercity EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 2
Warsong EU-Uldum Horde 0 2
y sus amigos EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 2
zapa2r None Alliance 0 2
addiction EU-Shen'dralar Alliance 0 1
Adeptvs-Cruzados EU-Shen'dralar Alliance 0 1
Assassins Of Squirrels EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
Blood Thirst EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
cannibal corpse EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
Dark Requiem EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Disbanded EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
Disbanded EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Elvo EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
ExecutuS EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 1
Freedonad-Log EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 1
Gangrel EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
Geass Rebellion EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Gnomicidas EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
GroundExalted EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Guardianes de Elune EU-Shen'dralar Alliance 0 1
Harakiri EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 1
Imba EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
Impure EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
Impure EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
Inorganic Net EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Ithilien EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
La Mascarada EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Leet crew 3 EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
logs blisz EU-Shen'dralar Alliance 0 1
Malganus EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
MOLOTOV EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
NERF EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
No Brats EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
nOxian EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
ogeraid EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 1
Pain And Pleasure EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 1
Raudo EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
REAVER EU-Sanguino Alliance 0 1
Reliq EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Revulsion EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Risen Demons EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 1
Templarios del Ocaso EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Templarios del Ocaso EU-Sanguino Horde 0 1
Ultimo Try EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 1
Warhalla EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
wtf EU-Uldum Horde 0 1
Acero de Titanes None Horde 0 0
Alas Negras None Horde 0 0
Alea Jacta Est None Alliance 0 0
Ash Born None Horde 0 0
Asinchrony None Horde 0 0
Aspelth Night None Horde 0 0
Asphelt Knights None Horde 0 0
assoiffés None Horde 0 0
Awakening None Horde 0 0
balance None Alliance 0 0
Balance None Alliance 0 0
Barones Rebirth None Alliance 0 0
Bastión EU-Sanguino Horde 0 0
Beliah Reports None Alliance 0 0
Berserkers None Horde 0 0
Big Bang Theory None Horde 0 0
Bloodline EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 0
bloodwar None Horde 0 0
Borgorothlogs None Horde 0 0
Bruguild None Alliance 0 0
Busfraba None Alliance 0 0
Canary Constelation None Horde 0 0
cataptr None Alliance 0 0
Champions of Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Champions Of Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Fate None Horde 0 0
Chupacabras None Horde 0 0
COA None Alliance 0 0
Constador None Horde 0 0
Consumed Inside None Horde 0 0
Crushing None Horde 0 0
Crushing None Horde 0 0
Dark Temple None Alliance 0 0
dark winds None Alliance 0 0
Darkfrozen None Alliance 0 0
Darkzone None Horde 0 0
Darkzone None Horde 0 0
Delayed Penta None Horde 0 0
Disbanded None Alliance 0 0
Disbanded None Horde 0 0
EL PLAN B None Horde 0 0
EmbestidaGPLP None Alliance 0 0
Enraged None Horde 0 0
EnsiFeruM EU-Sanguino Horde 0 0
Eternal Shadow None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Shadow None Alliance 0 0
Extasis None Horde 0 0
fnatic None Horde 0 0
For Kalimdor None Horde 0 0
Fozamoito None Horde 0 0
Freedom None Horde 0 0
Fénix None Alliance 0 0
Fénix by Priestilla None Alliance 0 0
Grimørium None Horde 0 0
hami None Alliance 0 0
Harakirytest EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 0
Hated None Horde 0 0
Hell Unleashed EU-Uldum Alliance 0 0
Helllblazer None Horde 0 0
HerenLog None Horde 0 0
Hijos de Cayn None Horde 0 0
hijos de lilith None Alliance 0 0
Imperial Order None Horde 0 0
Imperial Order None Horde 0 0
Infinity Dreams None Horde 0 0
Inmune None Horde 0 0
Inquisitores None Horde 0 0
Intuicion None Alliance 0 0
Jinetes Del Apocalipsis None Horde 0 0
Kellys Heroes None Horde 0 0
Konohagakure No Sato None Horde 0 0
La Estirpe del Dragón None Horde 0 0
La LLamada del Valhalla None Horde 0 0
La Luz Del Alba None Horde 0 0
La MueRTe None Horde 0 0
last breath None Horde 0 0
Lastshow None Horde 0 0
Leet Crew None Horde 0 0
Legnitaslog None Alliance 0 0
LoLBusters None Alliance 0 0
Los Marginaos None Alliance 0 0
Los templarios de la luz None Alliance 0 0
losmachupichu None Horde 0 0
LosMarginaos ;D None Alliance 0 0
Madness Touch None Horde 0 0
mio None Horde 0 0
mishake None Horde 0 0
Nameless None Horde 0 0
Natus Vincere None Horde 0 0
Noctum None Horde 0 0
Non Serviam None Horde 0 0
Normandy None Horde 0 0
Obsidius EU-Sanguino Horde 0 0
Pandemonium None Horde 0 0
Pandemónium None Horde 0 0
Pere None Alliance 0 0
Personal Guild None Horde 0 0
Perturbed None Horde 0 0
Pium None Horde 0 0
Plaga None Horde 0 0
Plaga None Horde 0 0
por un puñao de golds None Horde 0 0
privat None Horde 0 0
Proelium Serpens None Alliance 0 0
Pulse None Horde 0 0
R_Agorazein None Horde 0 0
Rankeo None Horde 0 0
regnum solis None Horde 0 0
Reiva EU-Zul'jin Horde 0 0
República de Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Sacrifice None Horde 0 0
Sed de Sangre None Horde 0 0
Setze Jutges None Horde 0 0
Seven Heaven None Horde 0 0
Sinestesia None Horde 0 0
Sons of Hulk None Horde 0 0
Sphere EU-Uldum Horde 0 0
Stormraiders None Alliance 0 0
SummerTime None Horde 0 0
Sundering None Horde 0 0
Søurce None Alliance 0 0
Søurce None Alliance 0 0
Tatakae no shinigami None Horde 0 0
test1234 None Horde 0 0
Thunder Storm None Horde 0 0
twentyfive None Horde 0 0
Uldaman None Alliance 0 0
Ultimate Destiny EU-Uldum Horde 0 0
Unreal Tournament None Horde 0 0
Vagrant Story None Alliance 0 0
Warforged EU-Uldum Horde 0 0
welcome None Horde 0 0
XtoHero None Horde 0 0
Zas en toda la boca None Horde 0 0
Ánima None Alliance 0 0
Černá Ruka EU-Zul'jin Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Tentáculo, El Día del Tentáculo, El Fenix Caido, El Gremio, El grito, El Mundo Nirico, El Plan B, El retorno de los reyes , El Valle de los Lobos, Elemental Querido Thrall, Elemental Querido Thrall, Elemental Querido Thrall, Elendili of Imladris, Elrevu, Els Webs, eman, Enrage, Enrage, EnsirferuM, Ente Desconocido, Entrophy, entropía, Entropía, Entropía, Enïgma, Enïgma, Ephel Duath, EQT, Equilibrium, EquisDe, Er Warro NO agrea, Esfera Oscura, Esfera Oscura, Estrella Polar, Eternal Saiph, Eternia, A R R A S A, ACHO, aCv, Aeternus, Albaceteños por el wow, Alcoyans, All Blacks, Aléjate del Vudú, Ambitiøn, Ansia de Sangre, Antiguas Glorias, Arena Survivors, Arquetípicos, Ash Born, Asinchrony, Aspelth Night, Assassin Of Soldiers, Attrition, au nem de matanÇes, Ayy Lmao, Bajapieles de Thrall, Be CooL, Belshazzar, Best Players PvP, BlackLink, Blade Runner, BlooDy PriDe, Botijos pa beber agua, BROKEN ALLIANCE, Brutality, Buba, Buenillos Team, caballeros del zoodiaco, Canary Constellation, Carlos, Chaos Rebellion, ClanCetines, Comeme el murlock pvp II, Con Mayonesa Entra Mejor, Contrabandista, Crisol, Cross of Field, Cursed Grace, D a r k S i d e, Damage Inc, Dark Insanity, Dark Requiem, Darkness of Chaos, Death Breath, Death Guardians, Desgarradores de Illidan, Devíance, Die by my Sword, Discordia, Don Pepe y los globos, DotE, Drama Unchained, Dun Modr No da Manos, East Alliance, Ejercito Panchovilla, El Bulli, EL MURLOC HACE GRRL, El Santo Grial, El último reducto, Element, Elements of Death, Elune, Empire of nations, En Busca del Ali Perdio, EnsiferuM, Epic Seekers, Estandarte de Hierro, Estrella Polar, EternaL GaminG, Eternitty, Eternum Crusade, Eternîty, Ethernals, Euphoria, ExecutuS, Expediente Asno, Fallen Blood, FaNaTiKoS, Farming, Feuer Frei, Flacido Domingo, Focus al Pollo, Frost Requiem, Fruitis Reloaded, Full Retarded Alchemist, GAME ON, Gañan Style, Geass Rebellion, Genius Army, Gnomasos, GNOME KEBAB DEALERS, GONDOR, Gremio de Nordrassil, Grimørium, Guardia del Alba, Guardianes del Invierno, Guerreros de Valhalla, GUILD NOSTOCAMOS, Handycap, Hard Project, Hardcore, hispanos PvP, House Targaryen, Hú Há, IGNORED, IMBA, Immune, ImPact, IMPERIAL ORDER, Improved, Incansables, Incomprendidos, IndestructibleS, Inmortal PvP, Innominate, Inquisitores, Inside, Jippy, Kill oR Be Killed, knabocirelok, La Cúpula, La Guadaña de la Muerte, La Horda Mola Mas, La llamada del Valhalla, La Mano Negra, La Mascarada, La maté por un yogur, La Nueva Era, La república Socialista, La Senda De La Muerte, La Ultima Cruzada, Last Heroes, Last Resort, Last Shadow Puppets, Leet Crew, Legionarios de Azherot, LevelUp, Liga Mercenaria, Like a Sir, Los Marginaos, Los Myrmidones Oscuros, Los timadores, Los Wachus Crew, Lágrimas de Sylvanas, Läst ständ, Madness Touch, Make May Day, Mana Thirst, Manquers And Commanders, Marfil, Massive Attack, Mediavida, Mental Disorder, MiNUS, Molten Core Swim Team, Morlaco Games, Murloc BBQ, Muñeca System, Nathrezim, Nerf Irelia, NEUTRALIZE, New World Crawlers, No Homers, NOCERE, Non Serviam, Noob Owners, Normandy, Noth, Obscura Serpens, Oktoberfest, Okupas de Azeroth, Olimpo, Omega, OMG direct, OMG Report My Guild, Online, Orae Avalonis, Oscuridad legendaria, OverDopeed, OverloaD, OverWipe, Painless, Pandaemonium, Perdidos en el Infierno, Poderes de Icc, Points and gold, Purgandus Populus, PvP Junkíes Strikers, PvP KingS, Quid Pro Quo, Quiero ser como Ikaro, Racing Congolés, RAIDERS, Reckless, RedMoon, Release your Spirit, RENOVATIO, Requiem, Revengers, Ride the Ligthning, Runeward, Rísing Force, Sacrifice, Sangrientos, Sanity, SED LEX, Seguidores de Odin, Sentenzia, Seven Sins, Shattering, Shingeki no kyojin, Sinestesia, Sinsajo, Sinvergüensa, Sklout, SKT WIN, Slice of Life, Smart People, Solaria, Soldados de Sylvanas, Sons of Dragon, Spirit Of the Horde, Sundering, SYLVANAS ARMORY, Symphony of the night, TeaParty, Templarios del Ocaso, Tempus Fugit, The BlackList, The Forgotten Army, THE GOLDEN BANANA CLUB, The Infernal Guard, The LycanS, The Maelstrom, The Râtßusters, Time Of Dying, to pa la saca, TOTWOW, Tremor, trolface, Troll Bank, trollface, Tsuki no Densetsu, twentyfive, Twilight Army, Tyrell Corp, U T O P Í A, Ultima Alianza, Umbrela Corporation, Underdogs, Untied Fire, Urghk, Uróboros, V de Vendetta, Valus, Warriors of the WoW, We Smoke PvP, Wicked Squad, Wipe Express, Xpoco, Yarinaosu, Yiripapas, Yonkos Team, Zero Tolerance, ZØMBîE, Ánima, ÆnigmA, Adeptvs Banqvervs, Adeptvs Potorrvs, Alter Native, Angeles Oscuros, Anor Agar, AUS, Barones De La Birra, Barones Rebirth, Burning Raiders, Caballeros Cruzados, Caballeros Imperiales, Cazarrecompensas, Champions, Checkmate, Compañia Oscura, Crocivs Arcanvm, Dark Webs, De la casa TARGARYEN, Dementia, Descansa En Paz, Desertores de la Alianza, DMK, Ecos de Lordaeron, El azote del viento, El plan B, El Valle de los Lobos, Esbirros de Loken, Eternal Shadow, Exoust, Fallen, Family, Guardianes de Elune, Guardián de los Titanes, Herederos de Teldrassil, HERP DERP, Heróes de Azeroth, Héroes de la Tormenta, Héroes del Ocaso, Inqvis Exterminatvs, Interphase, LA FRAGONETA DEL MAL, Le daremos hasta morir, Ley De Muerte, Los Proscritos, Los Ultimos Piroleños, Lôs Desterrados, Metal, Niñitas con sorpresa, Numancia, Orden de la Tierra Santa, Oráculo de Tirisfal, Oscuridad helada, RABO Bank, Ronin, Sangre Negra, Seguidores de luci, Silicona Club, Templarios del Sol, Titanes de las Sombras, Tántalus, Unstoppable Gladiators, Virion, Vâlhâllâ, Y Cia, Acechadores nocturnos, Acheron Brotherhood, Alteration, amity, Aqui No Hay Crisis, Army of Spectral Wolves, AshaMan, Bancos SA, banquer, Bat Clan, BEEP BEEP IM A JEEP, Blackrock, BlakeS, Blood Thirst, Blut und Ehre, Born Slippy, Brutal Level, BRUTAL TEAM, BrutalTeam, by the Old Times, C P Aigis Zero, Caja de ahorros, Camorra de Azeroth, cDz, Chumun, Clandestino, Consumed Inside, Contact, Corazon y Ceniza, CraxioN, CønDenaDøS, D E P X, Dark Entity, Dark Lights, Dark Prophecy, Dark Winds, Dementia, Desterraos, Dharma, Dos pistolas xa un manco, Efecto Domino, El Origen del Valhalla, El Otro Lado, El plan B, El Zenit, Elegidos, Elemental Querido Thrall, Escoria Alienigena, Esencia Espartana, Exiled of Heaven, Far Cry, Farcry, Fatty Nerds, FiusH, Gank Squad, GrandFathers Legion, Hellfrost, Herederos del Ocaso, Hijos del Mal, Hokän, Huevos con chorizo, Hypnötic, Hystería, Idhun, Ilidan Tempestira, Immune, In the Nightfall, Independent, Infamous Bâstards, Infinity War, Inmolatus, Interludio, Into The Wîld, Ithilien, Jazmin y Colatico, JoTuNs, Kadampa ikub, Kal Vas Flam, Knights Templar, KungFusion, KëtaMhina Coorporation, La guardia de Orgrimmar, La Inquisición, Last Hope, Legion of Karabor, Leyendas de Sangre, Light of Moon, Los Argenta, Los Desterrados, Los EspartaKos Kojos, los exiliados, Los Guardianes, Los Guerreros Olvidados, Los Sasirines de Gondor, Los tejares, Maestros de la Luz, Mancos y Calamares, Manus Vindicta, MaRe NoSTRuM, Mass Destruction, Molamil, MOLOTOV, Morning Glory, Muerte a Varian pvp, Mushroom Toys, Mythical Return, Naked Elite, NeMeSis PvP, Nemesis Wräth, NERF, Nihilem, Nocturnum, Noisia, NothingTOXIC, Oddisey, ONE PIÊCE, Orden del Temple, Ordo ab Chaos, Pirita y Volatiles, Powers Of Darkness, Protectors, PULSE, R A B I A, Reborn, Reino Ancestral, RETARD TEAM, RevientaCraneos, Sacrø, SalvatChe, Se Aceptan Donaciones, Secretos de las Sombras, Serenity Warriors, Seven Souls, Silent Striders, Slãyers, Sons of Azarky, Sublime, Sylvanas, Síndrome, Sïr Andrajos, Taunt Taunt GO, TeamRandomPlay, That is Life, The Flow Breakers, The Godfathers, The Kingkillers, The Lost Boys, The Papadopoulos, the rage of angels dead, Una Gota Colma el Vaso, Unpaken Viruses, Valuart, Vastagos de Onyxia, Velo y Viñaviento, W A S D, Warhalla, Warsong, We live in auction hause, y dos rogues camuflados, ZAS en toda la boca, ØutdoorSquad, Abismo, Adelphos, Adversis, Agony, Almeja de Carril, Altaescuela, AlterN of Abyss, AMBU, Amigos de Torin, ANATHEMA, Angels of Darkness, Another Try, Antharas, Aquasilva, Artic Penguins, Ascension, Assamitas, At night, Awela Corporation, axus que me resfrio, Bancö, Band Of Brothers, bankinter, BARRADANCE, BiG BaN, Bimancos, BlooD RagE, Brewmasters, Brisar, Broken Sword, Caballeros de hojalata, Caballeros Eternos Horda, Cajonera, Caminantes Oscuros, Cannibal Corpse, Ciudad de Athkatla, Cogollitos, ConSuegrasNoHayParaiso, Cosas de Bancos, Crushing, Crysis, Cuetara Army, Cult of Culdurs, Dark kings, Dark Lights, DARKAGROMAN, DarKDestiny, DarkZone, DEA, Deadmines, Death and Decay, Death Source, Deathbringers, Delayed Penta, Dementium, Destrucción, Deus ex Anima, Dioses Menores, Docet Umbra, Doom Side, Dragon Storm, Dreadnocks, DrâGöN, e ti de quen eres, Ecos de Faerûn, Edición Limitada, El Clan del Caracol, El Punto G, Elubank Digame, Elven Pride, Entre Hermanos PVP, Envidia, EquisDe, Espada de Ares, Eternal Raider, Eternia, Ever Grace, Exalted con AH, Exiled Wolves, ExileDH, Fake, Fear of the Duck, Feed or afk, Fenix de la muerte, fill del cristaler, For The Horde, Fuerza y Honor, Future Age, GAMEFIELDS, Gangrel, Godhand, goshtly shadows, Gotham, Gremio de aventureros, Grow Up, Guard of the sooth, Happy Hour, Harley Gnominson, Hellblazer, Heroes de Elune, Hijos de Cayn, Hijos de Lilith, HipnotiK, Hope Restored, Horde scrap, HSBC, Héroes De La Horda, Impërium, Inception, Inmune, Jilisuken, Kings of Battle, Knighthood, La eSTiRPe DeL DRaGoN, La Estirpe del Dragón, La Guardia Oscura, La Horda de Sylvanas, La Inquisición, La Orden de Ventormenta, La Panda de los Pandas, LaG iN, Lamias, LasSombras, Last Battle Win, Last Fallen, Last Try, Lobos Azules, Log Horizon, Los Aburridos del WoW, los angeles, Los Astures, Los Desterrados, Los hijos de Onyxia, Los mancos del TS, Los murcielagos, Los Vengadores, Lágrimas y Gozos, Lørds øf War, Mamachuelos Crew, Manada de Ajani, Me Arde La P, Mensajeros de la Noche, Mi Vida por la Horda, MV, Natus Vincere, no me mates plz, No More Wipes, No one rules forever, nOir, Not today, nOxian, Nurgletes de Pollo, Old Times, Omnicide, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME, Organización XIlI, Orion, Oruwo, Out of Series, Pa ti mi Crema, Paranoia, Phy, Pipirupiru, Pirri y cliford, Premonition, Prosperity, PROTECTORES, Pull up your pants, RaVeNLoFT HeRoeS, Ready for win, RebientaHordas, Red Line, Redrum, Reload, Remember, Requiem Enforcer, Reservoir Trolls, RâZMaiKeTëR, Räidërs, Saurfangs Army, Scions of Destiny, Sed de Sangre, Septimo Sello, SEVEN, Silent Shadows, Silverrun, SoldiersAvengers, Sosorros De Usgarde, Soulbound, STIGMA, Surrender, Swarm, Sylvanas Want You, T U E S D A Y, Take it Easy, Te Voy A Campear Hamijo, Templarios Oscuros, THE ALLIANCE, The BanditS, The Disband Theory, The Night is Dark, The Raveners, This Is It, Threepwood, Tigres, top manta, tramper, Trick or Treat, TrueFast, TSuNaMi, TWINK KILL YOU, Twinks de la ALI, Type O Negative, Tyrell Corp, Tántalus, Undercity, Unfire, Vanguard, Vendetta, Verendus, Versus, Viejas Glorias, Void, WANNA BE HATED, War Factory, Wardens of Valhalla, Warsong Elite, We Gonna Die, We Want Nerf, Whats Up, Wrath of Hellscream, Xoop, Xpertise, Yo soy tu padre, ZonaZero, Zul Twink, Ømnium, euphoria, Euphoria, Ever Grace, Ever Grace, Ever Grace, Evil Wolf, Ex-0, Executus, ExecutuS, ExecutuS, ExecutuS, Exiled of Heaven, Exiled WOlves, EXILIUM, Exitia, Exitium, eXpectance, Faith, Faith, Faith no more, Fallenangels, FallenAngels, FallenAngels, Fallenangelss, Falsoslogs, Fangtasia, Fangtasia, Fenix, Fenix, Fifty dkp Minus, Fiktivni guilda, Fire Legends, Fist of Fury, Flamewalkers, foobar, Foriguild, Foriguild, Foriguild, Forsaken, Forward, Fracture, Freedom, Frost Guard, Futue Race, Future, Future, Future Race, Fénix, Gangrel, Gangrel, Gangrel, Gangrel, Gangrel, Garter Order, Gate of deaD, gdln logs, GDV, GDVP, GEARS OF DEAHT, Geass Rebellion, GeNeRaCiOn Ni-Ni, Genesis, Gerreros de Valhalla R6, GG no Ally, GG no Ally, Global Inc, Gnomicidas, gplpmola, Gremio de mendigos, Grey Wolves, Grimørium, guardia inmortal, Guardia Inmortal, Guardian de los Titanes, Guardianes de la Noche, Guardianes de Tirisfal, Guardianes del ocaso, Guardián de los titanes, Guildz, Gärp, Handycap, Harakiri, Harbingers, Hard Project, Hard Rock, hardcore, Hardcore, Harvest of Souls, HcataclismoH, Helix, Hellacopters, Hellblazer, Hellblazer, Hellraiser, Heraldos de Amanthul, Heraldos de Amanthul, Hermandad de Uldum, Heroes olvidados, High LVL, hijos de lilith, Hijos de lilith, Hijos de Lilith, Hijos de Lilith, Hijos de Lilith, hijos del caos, HONOR Y KAOS, HONOR Y KAOS, HordAstur, HSPN, Hystería, Héroes olvidados, Hëllion, Ich Will, Ignition, IGNITION, Image mus club, Imba, Immune, Immune, Imperio del Sol Oscuro, Impulse, Impérial, In Memorian, In Omnia Paratus, INDARKERIMOTA, independent, Independent, Independent, Inertia, Inertia, Inertzia, Infinity, Infinity, Infinity Dreams, Iniciativa Gaelica, Inmune2, Inquisitores, insanity, Insanity, Insanity, INSANITY, inside, inside, Inside, Inside, Insidia, Insomnia, Insurreccion, InSuRReCCioN, Interphase, Intuicion, Ira elemental, Iron Angels, Is on Fire, Istari, Istari, ithilien, Its So Fluffy, Ius In Bello, Ius In Bello, Jabauren, Juglares de las Sombras, Just One Cause, Just One Cause, Just testing, Kaer Morhen, KameHame, Kantulandia, Karz, Kentucky Fried Murlocs, Kick to the child, kingstone, Kostia, krash, kratch, Kratch, Kratch, KRATCH, kratch10, Kûll_DPS, La Estirpe del Dragon, la furia mclau, La Luz del Alba, La Mascarada, La muerte, La Muerte - Uldum, La Orden de Uther, La Orden de Uther, La Orden de Uther, La última esperanza, La Última Esperanza, Lake of Fire, las espartakos kojos, last breath, last chance, Last Exile, Last Exiled, Last Hope, Last Revenge, lastexil, lastshow, LastShow, Lawren, LDLL, Legion Oscura, Les Chevaliers Rouge, lesser beings, Level Up, Leviathan, Leviathan, Lightning's Rage, Like a Sir, Llego Papa, Lobos Azules, Lobos de la Luna Roja, Lobos errantes, Lobos Errantes, Lobos Errantes, Lok tar ogar, LoLbusters, longevity, Los Chungos de Chungotar, Los Fines de Semana, Los Indestructibles, Los Jueces de Azeroth, Los Jueces de Azeroth, Los Jueces de Azeroth, Los Jueces de Azeroth, Los Marginaos, Los Siete Samurais, Los Ulduminatti, Ludo, Luna Negra, Luskaner, Lös Desterrados, Magic, Make It Easy, Make It Easy, Malevolence, malparits, Mamachuelos Crew, Manada de ajani, Mancos Rulz, Mangurrinos, MaRe NoSTRuM, MaRe NoSTRuM, MaRe NoSTRuM, marfil, mecagonto, Memonium, Mensajeros de la Noche, Mercaderes de la Muerte, mercurial, mercurial, Mercurial, Mina de Diamantes, Minas Tirith, Molotov, MOLOTOV, MOLOTOV, Moonfire, Moonlight, Moonlight, Moonlight, MoonShade, MoonShade, Moonshade-Test, Moonshine, mori, Morning Glory, moti-on, Moti-On, n0ir, N_Agorazein, Naekpl, Naked Elite, Nastrand, Natus Vincere, Natus Vincere, Natus Vincere, Needless, Nerf Council, NETHERSTORM, Never know best, Never Knows Best, Nevermind, New Age, Nightcrawlers, NKB, No applys, No clemency, No Clemency, No Clemency, No Clemency, no fade, No Fade, No Fade, No mercy, No more play, No Remorse, nOir2, Nomadas del Cierzo, Non player Character, Non serviam, NORDIC, northrend, Nostromo Raiders, Nox, nOxian, Nueva Valadre, OCB RIDERS, Old School, Old Style, Oldwar, OMD, OMD, Omnium, online, Online, Origen, ORLY?, Outlanders, Outlanders alts, OverFreak, Overload, Overload, Overload, OverloaD, owned, Owned, Ozone, P A R A G O N, P&P, P&P, P.O.W, Pandemonium, Pandémia, Pandémia, Parabatai, Paradigma, PARADIGMA, partys, Patadones Guild, Peine Incoming, Peine Incoming, Peine Incoming, Pepita, Perdición, PhyXs, Pick Up, Pick up Sabados, Picup's, Piensa en NULL, Plaga, Plaga, Planeswalkers, potodraco, Powered by Caffeine, Premonition, PrettyTestGuild, pri, Pride, prime, Pro Bellum, Proelium Serpens, Profecy, Prominent, ProTecTorS, Providence, Prozno, prueba, Prueba, Pruebas, Psicodelia, Psychosocial, ptr, ptrme, Public Enemies, Pure Horde, Quid Pro Quo, Quid Pro Quo, Rage Core, random raids, real quality, reaper crew, ReaveR, Reborn, Reckoner, Reckoner, Reckoning, Reckoning, Redemption, Redemption, Redrum, Redrum, Redrum, Redrum 10, redux, Reixa, Renegade, renovatio, Renovatio, Republikk, Requiem, Requiem, Requiemgplp, Requiescat in Pace, Requiescat In Pace, Revival, Revival, Revulsion, Risen Demons, Rising Force, rondadores nocturnos, rondadores nocturnos, Ronin, Sanctum, Sanctum, Sangre, Sangre, Save the queen, Scions of destiny, Scions of destiny, Sed de Sangre, Semper Unitas, Server Down, Server Down, Seventh Sky, Seventh Sky, Seventh Sky, Shadows of Twilight, Shattering, Shattering, Shattering, Shattering, Shedowlight, Shinigami, Shinigami, Shiroi Arashi, Sietch Tabr, Silverrun, Sinequanon, SineQuaNon, SiNeQuaNon, Sinestesia, Skin Her Alive, SkiZøFreNia, skouskaa, Skull, SLAYERS, SloWMotioN, SnotGarden, SnotGarden, SnQ, sol do carallo, Solaria, Solstice, Somos Los Domingueros, Soul Burn, Soul Devastation, Soulbound, sphere, Sphere2011, Spheree, Split, SPQR, Squirrel Slayers, Stigma, STIGMA, Stone Heroes, stormraiders, Stormraiders, Sublime, Sublime, Sublime, Sul Iketh, Sundering, Sundering, Sunwell, Supervivientes de zebes, Supervivientes de Zebes, Supervivientes de Zebes, Supree, Surrender, Symphony of the night, System Failure, System Failure, Síndrome, Søurce, Søurce, T K T, Tactical Engine, Talimox´s guild, Tantrum, Tatakae No Shinigami, Tazdingo, TelAbim Bananenritter, temp, Templarios, test, Test, Test, The Bandits, The BanditS, The BanditS, The Boondock Saints, The CaSuaLs, The Devils, The Devils, The HorrOr TeaM, The Kingkillers, the last wipe, The Legionaires, The Next Level, THE OUTSIDERS, THE OUTSIDERS, THE OUTSIDERS, THE RHUSSER, The Unworthy, The Valkyries, Thuder Storms, tierrayagua, Timelords, Timelords, titanes, Titanes Rusos, TKT, to delete, Tranqui vamos de Rush, Tsunami, Tucu Tucu Legacy, Txcviopty, Uldaman GPLP, UldumTest, ulti, Un poco de picardia, Uncensored, Uncensored, uncensured ftw, Uncensured FTW, Uncertain Origins, undercity, underworld revenge, Unfire, UNNAMED, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable Returns, Uróboros, Valaar Morghulis, Valakut, Valar, Valar Morghulis, Valar Morghulis, Valar Morghulis, Valar Morghulis, Valyria, Vamonos Atomos, Van Dos Alis En Una Moto, Vengadores de Uther, Vengadores de Uvuros, Vengeance, vengeance alters, Versus, Versus, Versus, Versus, Void, w00t, Wanted of Medivh, warhalla, warhalla, Warhalla, Warhalla, Warhalla, Warhalla, Warhalla, WarJalla, Warmanetest123, We do what we want, Wh, whats up, whats up, Whats up, Whats Up, Who, Wichlajj, wipe express, Withdrawal, Wyrmslayer, Xindrome Prueba, Xpertise, Xpertise, Xtreme, xvx, Yarinaosu, Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can, YkZ, YKZ, yo y mi ego, Yokob, YwC, Zas, ZAS, zas en toda la boca, ZAS en toda la boca, ZAS en toda la boca, ZAS en toda la boca, ZAS en toda la boca, Zululululhulu, Ánima, Ánima

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