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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
vom Blute des Drachen EU-Alleria Alliance 0 77
Kaffeebohnen EU-Alleria Alliance 0 73
Hell Barbarian EU-Alleria Horde 0 56
Die Phönixküken EU-Alleria Alliance 0 43
Schwert und Stab EU-Alleria Alliance 0 36
Die Illuminati EU-Rexxar Horde 0 32
Avinity EU-Alleria Alliance 0 31
Magician Forces EU-Alleria 0 31
Brothers in Arms EU-Alleria Alliance 0 27
Glücksbierchen EU-Alleria Alliance 0 27
Animus EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 25
Handsome Heroes EU-Alleria Alliance 0 24
Erebos EU-Alleria 0 23
Insanitÿ EU-Alleria Alliance 0 18
NoLimit EU-Alleria Alliance 0 18
Magicalring EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 16
Nightfalls EU-Alleria Alliance 0 13
Karma EU-Alleria 0 12
eXcubitor EU-Alleria Alliance 0 10
Strohhut EU-Alleria 0 10
Umbra Inferi EU-Alleria Alliance 0 10
Gravity EU-Alleria Alliance 0 9
Lufia EU-Alleria Alliance 0 9
Obscuritas EU-Alleria Alliance 0 9
Legionäre EU-Rexxar 0 8
Tomb Raiders EU-Rexxar 0 8
Amok EU-Alleria 0 7
De Novo EU-Alleria Alliance 0 7
Kings X EU-Alleria Alliance 0 6
Mondklingen EU-Alleria Alliance 0 6
RatDerAlten EU-Rexxar 0 6
Renegade EU-Rexxar 0 6
Blood Vengeance EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
DieHeiligeSchlacht EU-Alleria Horde 0 5
Sodalis EU-Alleria 0 5
Weltenerwachen EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Auf Engelsschwingen EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 5
Evade EU-Alleria Alliance 0 4
NightmareSociety EU-Alleria 0 4
Weltenbeben EU-Rexxar Horde 0 4
Blood Moon EU-Alleria 0 3
Die arkane Gesellschaft EU-Alleria 0 3
Die Helden der Welt EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Hall of Fame EU-Alleria 0 3
Säulen der Erde EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Blind Rage EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
CRANK EU-Alleria 0 2
Draenors Horde EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
Déjà Vu EU-Alleria 0 2
E v e r m o r e EU-Alleria 0 2
exec EU-Alleria 0 2
Guardians of MinasTirith EU-Alleria 0 2
Loonatics EU-Alleria 0 2
Lost Illusions EU-Alleria 0 2
Rand des Wahnsinns EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
Sons of Anarchy Crew EU-Alleria 0 2
Sudden Impact EU-Alleria 0 2
Nordish by Nature EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Sanktum des Petzens EU-Rexxar 0 2
The Angel of Hell EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Bündnis des Lichts EU-Alleria 0 1
Dark Destiny EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Darkside of Cookies EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Die rechte Hand vom Boss EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
Dingens Mopetismus EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Holy Fire EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
I How About No I EU-Alleria 0 1
Incredix EU-Alleria 0 1
Nordstern EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Pech und Schwefel EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
PURGE EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Sweet Puppies EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Moniet al Sanaa EU-Rexxar 0 1
Shinra corp EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Tote Kekse krümeln nicht EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Who Cares EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Vargoth´s Logs EU-Alleria Horde 4 58
Pugnas Rache EU-Alleria Horde 0 235
Deadly Revengers EU-Alleria Alliance 0 204
Genius Loki EU-Alleria Alliance 0 141
Legio Invicta EU-Alleria Alliance 0 101
Butterfly Effect EU-Rexxar Horde 0 84
Drachen von Azeroth EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 80
Organized Confusion EU-Alleria Alliance 0 78
GanzMieseSchlägertruppe EU-Alleria Horde 0 75
Swords of Light EU-Alleria Alliance 0 73
Rat der Alten EU-Alleria Alliance 0 71
VBD and friends EU-Alleria Alliance 0 70
Pacifare EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 64
United EU-Rexxar Horde 0 64
Nordish by Nature EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 63
Rise Up EU-Alleria Alliance 0 56
Blutsbrüder EU-Alleria Horde 0 53
Verteidiger Azeroths EU-Alleria Alliance 0 52
the best dámn gilde EU-Alleria Horde 0 50
Daysleepers EU-Alleria Horde 0 46
Happy Tree Friends EU-Rexxar Horde 0 46
Blood Omen EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 40
Voice of Justice EU-Alleria Alliance 0 38
Ookin Grookers EU-Alleria Alliance 0 36
Instinct/Legion EU-Alleria Alliance 0 34
Dez EU-Alleria Alliance 0 33
MyOwn EU-Alleria Alliance 0 33
Kernhelden EU-Alleria Alliance 0 32
RA EU-Alleria Alliance 0 31
Ascension EU-Alleria Alliance 0 30
KingsX EU-Alleria Alliance 0 28
Pathetic EU-Alleria Alliance 0 28
Weltenbeben EU-Rexxar Horde 0 25
Dystopia EU-Rexxar Horde 0 23
Synergy EU-Rexxar Horde 0 23
Ched Nasad EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 22
Umbra Inferi EU-Alleria Alliance 0 22
Enraged EU-Alleria Horde 0 21
Roskasakki EU-Alleria Horde 0 21
Varjo Soturi Failbarone EU-Alleria Alliance 0 21
Die Illuminati EU-Rexxar Horde 0 19
Daysleepers Grp.1 EU-Alleria Horde 0 18
Die Illuminati EU-Rexxar Horde 0 18
Incredix EU-Alleria Horde 0 18
Krieger der Apokalypse EU-Alleria Horde 0 18
HoD / BB EU-Alleria Horde 0 17
Infest EU-Rexxar Horde 0 17
Medusa EU-Alleria Alliance 0 17
Steinis-Petshop EU-Alleria Horde 0 17
eXCidium EU-Alleria Alliance 0 16
Insanity EU-Alleria Alliance 0 16
Vincere Aut Mori EU-Alleria Alliance 0 16
Grupa 3 EU-Rexxar Horde 0 15
Krasus Vermächtnis EU-Alleria Alliance 0 15
Swagsters EU-Alleria Alliance 0 15
Herzblut EU-Alleria Alliance 0 14
Nova Espero EU-Alleria Alliance 0 13
The Reunion EU-Alleria Alliance 0 13
Dedicated Heroes EU-Alleria Alliance 0 12
grumyph op EU-Alleria Alliance 0 12
Herz der Finsternis EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 12
Darkside of the Moon EU-Rexxar Horde 0 11
vom Blute des Drachen EU-Alleria Alliance 0 11
C o r e EU-Alleria Alliance 0 10
Chainmail Underwear EU-Alleria Alliance 0 10
exec EU-Alleria Alliance 0 10
Ad Rem EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 9
Anomaly EU-Alleria Alliance 0 9
Last Legends EU-Alleria Alliance 0 9
Lunatic EU-Alleria Horde 0 9
Orden der Allianz EU-Alleria Alliance 0 9
Skill is Natural EU-Alleria Alliance 0 9
Tote Kekse krümeln nicht EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 9
Da Bloody Allianzz EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 8
Die arkane Gesellschaft EU-Alleria Alliance 0 8
Elusive Dreams EU-Alleria Alliance 0 8
glacialis aqua EU-Alleria Alliance 0 8
KingsX EU-Alleria Alliance 0 8
La vita e bella EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 8
Six Feed Under EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 8
The Warlordz EU-Rexxar Horde 0 8
Bros EU-Alleria Horde 0 7
Children of Elune EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 7
De Novo EU-Alleria Alliance 0 7
Godlike EU-Rexxar Horde 0 7
Incolumis EU-Rexxar Horde 0 7
Anges Noirs EU-Alleria Alliance 0 6
Daysleepers Grp2 EU-Alleria Horde 0 6
HellsAngels EU-Alleria Alliance 0 6
KothekTest EU-Rexxar Horde 0 6
Miracle EU-Alleria Alliance 0 6
Nordstern EU-Alleria Alliance 0 6
Thamli EU-Alleria Horde 0 6
Wipen Inklusive EU-Alleria Alliance 0 6
111 EU-Alleria Horde 0 5
Abra Makabra EU-Alleria Horde 0 5
Allerias XS EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
CircleofUnity EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 5
Die Anderen EU-Alleria Horde 0 5
eazyPeazy EU-Alleria Horde 0 5
Klar Soweit EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Lambo EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Pure Hate EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Samurais EU-Alleria Horde 0 5
Schwert und Stab EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Terrorkrümel EU-Rexxar Horde 0 5
veni EU-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Ad Astra EU-Alleria Alliance 0 4
Allianz des Chaos EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 4
Angels Dream EU-Alleria Alliance 0 4
CRANK EU-Alleria Horde 0 4
DH EU-Alleria Horde 0 4
Erben der Dûnedain EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 4
Fim EU-Rexxar Horde 0 4
Hordenbrecher EU-Alleria Horde 0 4
LastTry EU-Alleria Alliance 0 4
Log Town None Alliance 0 4
Mad Tea Party EU-Alleria Horde 0 4
Silverrain EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 4
tsunami EU-Alleria Alliance 0 4
askjiopodasd EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
Devotion EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
Die prallen Krallen EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
Dunkle Versuchung EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
Elite Garde EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
eXtase EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
FaLLOut EU-Rexxar Horde 0 3
Fimbul EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
klappstuhl EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Knutschgedöns INC EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Myth EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
Rashanras Logs EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
RdmRaid EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
RIP GmbH EU-Alleria Horde 0 3
Royal Flush EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
Royal Warriors Phönix EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Simsalabäm EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
tenshi EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
The Touch EU-Alleria Horde 0 3
Unleash EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Vincere Aut Mori EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
weneedcoffee EU-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Ad Rem EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
CRANK EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
DBA EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Draenors Horde EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
Elite von Azeroth EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Forbidden Tendencies EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Gloria Immortalis None Alliance 0 2
Hat Angst Im Dunkeln EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
Hordenbrecher EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
Kingsman EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
La Lumière de la Lune EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Lacoca EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
LastTry EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Letalis EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Midnight EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
New Generation Inc EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
NIGHTWINGS EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
ODW Schalchtfest EU-Rexxar Horde 0 2
offline EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Pacatusum EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Pacifare EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
PuG-Raids EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Pugna EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
Rock n Troll EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Royal Warriors EU-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Rum und Ehre EU-Alleria Horde 0 2
The Blair Witch EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
togy's mimimi club EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
unbreakable EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Ad Rem (Smaikî) EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
All In EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
And The Gang EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
Angels Dream EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Asc Logs EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Aufklaerer der Allianz EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Baumschmuser AG EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
c est la vie EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Day Walker EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Daysleepers EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
daysleepers grp 2 EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
DiBr EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Die Bösen EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Die Trashmobs EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
DieHeiligeSchlacht EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
Diel Nor Andu EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Evolutions EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Exanimalis EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
FaLLOuT EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Fck me I am famous EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Feste der Nachtfalken EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
FSK EinUndZwanzig EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
furious rise EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Geistheiler ehrfürchtig EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Hell Knights of Azeroth EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Hellknights of Azeroth EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Holy Fire EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
HordenOldies EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
Indepth Heal-Druid EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
KDS EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Knutschgedöns Inc EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
La Lumière de la Lune EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Libertad EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Licht des Morgens EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Light of Dawn EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Lunatic EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
Marshmallow EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Morituri EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Muh-f-ment EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Nachtraid None Alliance 0 1
Obscuritas EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Paradxon EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
PavoR EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Per Noctem EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
privateLogs EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Qtis EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Rejected EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
Respawnd EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
RoyalFlush EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Ruaduun EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
schubbischubbidu None Alliance 0 1
Shinra corp EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Siegel der Macht EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Silberengel None Alliance 0 1
Spiritus Rector EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Stab und Schwert EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
the fufus EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
The Spirit EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Toms Raids EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Tote Kekse krümeln nicht EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Varjo Soturi Nachtraid EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Warders of Azeroth EU-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Wipe Fiction EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Wolfpax EU-Rexxar Horde 0 1
xy EU-Alleria Horde 0 1
123 None Horde 0 0
a skylit dive None Alliance 0 0
aBc None Alliance 0 0
Against all odds None Horde 0 0
Alexhh None Alliance 0 0
Alextas-Logs None Alliance 0 0
All Night Long EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Altima Online Raid None Alliance 0 0
AlwaysLoud EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Angels of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Anger of God None Horde 0 0
Asylum None Alliance 0 0
Asylum None Alliance 0 0
Auf Engelsschwingen None Alliance 0 0
Awesome Avengers None Horde 0 0
BadBoys None Alliance 0 0
BBH None Horde 0 0
Big Fammily None Horde 0 0
Blood for Blood None Horde 0 0
Blood Lords None Alliance 0 0
Blood omen None Alliance 0 0
Blood Vengeance EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
BloodPact None Horde 0 0
Bollwerk None Horde 0 0
Brainwash None Horde 0 0
Brother in Arms EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Brothers None Alliance 0 0
Brothers None Alliance 0 0
Brothers None Alliance 0 0
Brothers in Arms None Alliance 0 0
Burning Lips None Horde 0 0
Burning Sun None Horde 0 0
BurninG Æmpire None Alliance 0 0
Bärenbrüder None Alliance 0 0
Bötzenburg None Alliance 0 0
CarpeNoctem None Alliance 0 0
Charon EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Chevaucheurs de brumes EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 0
Children Of Thrall None Horde 0 0
Clear Run None Alliance 0 0
Confinio None Alliance 0 0
Confused None Alliance 0 0
Controlled Chaos None Horde 0 0
Core Inc None Alliance 0 0
Crank None Horde 0 0
Critical Mass None Horde 0 0
Critical Mass None Horde 0 0
Critical Mass None Alliance 0 0
Das Licht von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Das Vergessene Heer None Alliance 0 0
Das Vergessene Heer None Alliance 0 0
Day Walker None Horde 0 0
Day Walker None Horde 0 0
De Novo None Alliance 0 0
DeathWingCompany None Horde 0 0
Decisions of Truth None Alliance 0 0
DEG in Auflösung None Alliance 0 0
DI EU-Rexxar Horde 0 0
Die Eiskalten Engel None Alliance 0 0
Die Ungeachteten None Alliance 0 0
Diener des Königreichs None Alliance 0 0
DolchImRuecken None Horde 0 0
Doom of Kalimdor None Alliance 0 0
Drachen von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Draelôr None Alliance 0 0
Drunkenstyler None Alliance 0 0
Elysion None Alliance 0 0
Eorlinforth EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Erben der Zeit None Alliance 0 0
Erben des D None Horde 0 0
Eternia None Horde 0 0
Existence None Horde 0 0
eXpulsor None Alliance 0 0
F E A R EU-Alleria Horde 0 0
Feuerwind None Alliance 0 0
First Kill None Alliance 0 0
Freier Flex None Horde 0 0
FSK EinUndZwanzig None Alliance 0 0
funky monkey EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Geyah's Legacy None Horde 0 0
Gluecksbierchen EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Glückskeks None Horde 0 0
Godlike None Horde 0 0
Guilty None Alliance 0 0
h9Zp0UdNEz EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Herz der Finsternis None Alliance 0 0
Hoher Rat Allerias None Alliance 0 0
Illuminati None Horde 0 0
Insané None Alliance 0 0
Insideout EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Insideout None Alliance 0 0
Insomnîa None Horde 0 0
itsme None Alliance 0 0
Jins Logs None Alliance 0 0
Juschkalogs None Alliance 0 0
kaps test None Alliance 0 0
Katzenkorb None Horde 0 0
KdS None Alliance 0 0
kein Bier vor Vier EU-Alleria Horde 0 0
KingsX None Alliance 0 0
KingsX Second None Alliance 0 0
Kirschkrieger None Horde 0 0
Krieger des Mondes None Alliance 0 0
Kuss des Todes None Horde 0 0
La vita è bella None Alliance 0 0
Lacryzz EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 0
Last Legends None Alliance 0 0
Legenden von Exodar None Alliance 0 0
legion mortis None Horde 0 0
Licht des Morgens2 None Alliance 0 0
ll None Alliance 0 0
Lost Sanctuary None Alliance 0 0
Lunatic None Horde 0 0
Madig und Verfault None Alliance 0 0
Magicalring None Alliance 0 0
Maziany None Alliance 0 0
MF None Alliance 0 0
Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Mitte des Himmels None Alliance 0 0
mondfeuer None Alliance 0 0
Mondfeuer None Alliance 0 0
Mondfeuer None Alliance 0 0
Mystical Embrace None Alliance 0 0
Mystical Embrace None Alliance 0 0
Nachteulen None Alliance 0 0
Nathael None Alliance 0 0
Nazgûls EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Necessitudo None Alliance 0 0
Nephilim None Alliance 0 0
Nerfedd None Horde 0 0
Nevermind EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Niveau ist keine Creme None Alliance 0 0
No Name Just Skill None Horde 0 0
Noctum None Alliance 0 0
Noobs@Work None Horde 0 0
Obscuritas None Alliance 0 0
OdinsErben None Alliance 0 0
Orden der Allianz None Alliance 0 0
orden des stranglethorn None Alliance 0 0
Outsiders None Alliance 0 0
Pax et Bonum None Alliance 0 0
Pax et Bonum None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
physics department None Alliance 0 0
Platin Angels None Alliance 0 0
Predicted None Alliance 0 0
Pugnax None Alliance 0 0
PURGE EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
RA None Alliance 0 0
Rage None Alliance 0 0
Raid Shily None Alliance 0 0
raid tot None Alliance 0 0
RatDerAlten EU-Alleria Alliance 0 0
RedSoul - BlackSoul None Horde 0 0
RedSouls None Horde 0 0
Renegades None Alliance 0 0
restored None Alliance 0 0
Restored None Alliance 0 0
Restored None Alliance 0 0
RG Orgrimmar None Horde 0 0
Ricket None Alliance 0 0
RND Raid None Alliance 0 0
Royal Flush None Alliance 0 0
Royal Flush None Alliance 0 0
Royal Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Sammler und Jäger None Horde 0 0
Scarfaces None Alliance 0 0
Schizophren I am PvP None Alliance 0 0
Senslogs None Horde 0 0
Sentry None Alliance 0 0
seriouSCasuals None Alliance 0 0
SeriousCasuals None Alliance 0 0
Shinra corp None Alliance 0 0
simsalabim None Alliance 0 0
Sinistra Maltus None Horde 0 0
Sinistra-Maltus None Alliance 0 0
Skill is Natural None Alliance 0 0
Slip None Alliance 0 0
Sonnenkinder / Die eiserne Garde None Alliance 0 0
Sons of Anarchy Crew None Alliance 0 0
Souls of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Stay None Alliance 0 0
Stimmen des Krieges None Horde 0 0
Stonecold Brotherhood EU-Alleria Horde 0 0
StopWorld EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 0
Stormshadow None Alliance 0 0
SunSide None Alliance 0 0
Survivors of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
SuS None Alliance 0 0
Sympho EU-Rexxar Alliance 0 0
System Error None Alliance 0 0
Tagträumer None Alliance 0 0
Templer der Avatar None Alliance 0 0
Templer der Sonne None Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
TestRaid None Horde 0 0
Teuflinge None Alliance 0 0
Thala Elin None Alliance 0 0
Thala Elin None Alliance 0 0
The Bloodelf Gang None Horde 0 0
The Daysleepers None Alliance 0 0
The Death Angels None Alliance 0 0
The Diary of Phobia None Alliance 0 0
The Legendary None Alliance 0 0
The Saints of Death None Horde 0 0
Timeless None Alliance 0 0
Tryîn None Horde 0 0
und Freunde None Alliance 0 0
Undecided None Alliance 0 0
Undecided None Alliance 0 0
unimatrix zero None Horde 0 0
Unique None Alliance 0 0
V E N D E T T A None Horde 0 0
Varjo Soturi Failbarone 2. Edition None Alliance 0 0
Veni None Alliance 0 0
Vision of Blood None Alliance 0 0
Vs-Nachtraid None Alliance 0 0
Warehouse None Alliance 0 0
Weil ich es kann None Alliance 0 0
Wipe with us None Alliance 0 0
Wolverines EU-Alleria Horde 0 0
wurde Lokalisiert None Alliance 0 0
WWI None Alliance 0 0
Xis None Alliance 0 0
Xmen None Horde 0 0
Yáwe None Horde 0 0
ZarsLogs None Alliance 0 0
ZDK Twink None Alliance 0 0
Zeitgeist None Alliance 0 0
Zitadelle des Phönix None Alliance 0 0
Zydrakos EU-Alleria Horde 0 0
Zünd den Knaller None Alliance 0 0
Ära der Rebellen None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

-.-, -Z-, 123, 12345, A perfect Circle I PvP, aaaaadfffff, Aanfang, Accantus et Gloria, Ad Absurdum, Ad Honorem, Advance, AkiRexxar, AKRF, Alberto, Alextraszas Gunst, All hope is Gone, All in, Allerias Hordenklopper, Alliance of Azeroth, alliance sanctuary, Allianz der Finsternis, Allianz des Chaos, Alone, Altima-Online, Amentia, Ancient Alliance, Angels Dream, Angels of Chaos, Anges Noirs, Anges Noirs, Anges Noirs, Anges Noirs, Animus, Apocalypse, Apocalypticas, Ars Necardi, Asc/DfL Twinkraid, Ascension_2, Ashes of the Sun, Ashes of the Sun, Astrum Lacrima, Astrum Novus, Astrum Novus, Asylum, Auf Engelsschwingen, Auroria, Aurôra, Awesome, Azeroth Warriors, back to basics, Balance of Power, Bastion von Kalimdor, Bastion von Kalimdor, Bastion von Kalimdor, bbh, Be My Epicmount, Begleiter von Nuggi, benevolent, Betrayer und co., BF, bion, bla, Bla bla, Blabla, Blackened Denarius, BLACKFLAG, Blizzard Mentor Allianz, Blizzard Mentor Allianz, Blood Omen, Blood Pact, Bloodline, Bloodpact, Bloodpact raid 2, Bloodwings, Blut und Stahl, Blutrote Rosen, Blutsbrüder, Blutsbrüder & Co, Blêêding Hollow, Bockforcelorum, Braza, Brothers, Brothers, Brothers (Weekend), Brothers in Arms, bumba, Bund der sieben Winde, Burning Sun, Butterfly Commandos, BÄM and Wipe, BÄM and WIPE, BÄM and WIPE, Caligo, Call of Fate, Captain Morgan and Friends, Carpe Diem, Casual Gaming, Cataclysm, Catelinelol, Chain of Memories, CHAOS, Chaos Team, Charon, Charon, Charon, Check, Children of Elune, Children of Thrall, Chronìc, Chual, Citizen of Kalimdor, Clan der Illuminaten, Clannad, COF Late Night, Communitate Valemus, Confused, Confusus Porcellus, Controlled Chaos, Cool Breeze, Corehound Pak INC, Coreraiders, CR, Crank, Crank, Crank, CRANK, CRANK, crapkin, Crew, Crimson Fury, Crises, Crises, Critical Mass, Critical Mass, Critical Mass, Critical Mass, Critical Mass, Critical Mass, Crême de la crême, Cultus Noctis, D M G 4 L I V E, DA Analysis, DAG Donuts, Daim, Dark Angels, Dark Operation, Dark Pearl, Dark Pearl, Dark Sun Prophets, Dark Tears, Dark Tears, DarkHorizon, DarkHorizon, DArkHorizon, Das Licht von Azeroth, Das Strafgericht, Day Walker, Day Walker, Day Walker, Daysleeper, daysleepers, Daysleepers, Daysleepers, Daysleepers, Daysleepers II, Daysleppers 2, Daysleppers Gr. 2, DBA, DBA, DdH, DDH, De Novo, De Novo, Death by SnuSnu, Deathless, Deathless, Deathless, Deathnwingcompany, DeathWingCompany, deceptioN, Deep-Impact, DeepRunTramPokerClub, DEG in Auflösung, DEGIA, Demons and Wizards, denovo, deNovo, Der bunte Haufen, Der Kreis, Desgracia, Destiny, Destiny inc, Die Arkane Gesellschaft, Die Bierbaron, Die Bierbarone, Die eiskalten Engel, Die Eiskalten Engel, Die epischen Grillzangen, Die epischen Grillzangen, Die Illuminate, Die Illuminate, Die Illuminati, Die Illuminati, Die Illuminati, Die letzten Wächter, Die Phönixküken, Die Sammelmäuschen, Die Schwarze Garde, Die Tempelkrieger, Die Templer Areroths, Die Todeskrieger, Die Todeskrieger, Die TodesSchlümpfe, Die TodesSchlümpfe, Die Vereinte Horde, Die Vereinte Horde, Dieguteute, Diener der Horde, Diener der Horde, Diener der Horde, Disown, dk deathgripped my bike, Dmg For Life, DMG for Life, Drachen von Azeroth, Drachen von Azeroth, Dragon Knights, DragonStorm, Dritts Dumps., Drunken Soldier, Drâgân, DT, Du nicht nehmen Kerze, Du nicht nehmen Kerze, Durotar Warchiefs, DWC, dwc-genesis, dwc2, dwow, Dîes Irae, Eckö-Per Noctem, Egal, Ein mal mit Profis, EIN Mal mit Profis, einior Meathor, Eisesblut, El Negra Dragón, Eligia, Elmedico, Elysion, Elysion, Empathy, empty, Endless, Engel des Zorns, Engelskrieger, Enrage, Entire Superiority, EnV, Erben des D, eSports | inPaniC, Eta Carinae, Eternally, eternia, Eternia, Eternia, Eternia, A S G A R D, abcdefg, Aegis, Agentur für Arbeit, All In, All Night Long, Amarok, Amor Vincit Omnia, Androxiabank, Angels Dream, Anges Noirs, Anhänger der Amazonen, Animus Bellandi, Antikörper, Arandur, Arc Ignition, ares off eragon, Argus, Armee vergangener Zeiten, Army of Two, Ascending, Ascension, Athanatoi, Aufstieg der Seelen, Auftragskiller, Azeroths Apprentice, Bad Company, BalambGarden, Balkan Club, Bastion von Kalimdor, Bavarian Barbarian, Bazinga, BERÜCHTIGTE BIERBRAUER, Beschützer des Lichts, Beyond Dispute, Blacktide, Blind Rage Zentralbank, Blood Lords, BloodPact, Blue Angels, Blut des Drachen, BlutFalken, Blâckout, Burning Elefants, Burning Elephants, Burning Palm, BurningLips, C o r e, Capsule Corporation, Cascador, Celestial Sneaky, censored, Charon, China Farmer, Cinems Bankgilde, Circle of Blood, Circle of Trust, Clear Run, club der alten säcke, Codex, Controlled Chaos, Cornichons, Cowabunga, Crazy Family, DARK ASYLUM, Dark Flam, Dark Legion of Kalimdor, das feuer, Das Letzte Bündnis, Das schmutzige Rudel, Death by Tray it shall B, Dedicated Heroes, Defense, Der DRACHENCLAN, Der Drachenzirkel, Devilcats, Die Beschützer Azeroths, Die eiserne Garde, Die Erben des Frostfangs, Die Erben des Lichkönigs, Die Ewígen, Die Garde der Hoffnûng, Die Illuminate, Die kleinen Helden, Die Langobarden, Die Nachtläufer, Die Typen, Die Unauslöschlichen, Die Vereinte Horde, DIE WAHREN HORDLER, Die Wanderseuche, Die zornigen Ameisen, DieGuffels, Divinitas, DMG for life, DRK, DrâgonHearts, Du Svardenvyrd, Dunkle Bruderschaft, Durotar Warchiefs, Eine Gilde, Einmal mit Profis, Elite Garde, Elite Twinks, Engelsblut, enLightenZ, Erben der Zeit, Erben des Lichts, Escapist, Etana, Eternity, Eumels Bank, Euphoria, Evolve, ex cinere, Ex Propriis, eXCidium, Exidus, eXtase, Fallen Lords of Heaven, Family and Friends, FB Mountfarmer, Fides, FireHearts, FireWorld, Flawless, For the Alliance, Forgotten Hope, Full Control, Fursuiter, Gaiscíoch an Xenidron, GanzMieseSchlägertruppe, Garde der Høffnung, GehWeiterIchDroppNichts, Geistheiler ehrfürchtig, Generation Force, Gestört aber Geil, Gilde von Reocyn, glacialis aqua, Gold Hort, Goldgeilheit, Gringôtts, Guardia Civil, GuardianAngels, Guardians of Justice, GunsnRoses, Hall of fame legendarys, Handtuchgeste, Hartgeld, Hat Angst Im Dunkeln, hat ID, Heilige Flammen, Hellfish, Herzblut, Hmpf, Hogger Fan Club Durotar, Holy Farm, Holy Shadows, HordentlicheNeckbreakers, Hordentöter der Allianz, Hordische Verführung, Hosenlosen, Humorös Da Adipös, Hüter der Kekse, Hüter des Mondes, I am with Stupid, I Erebor I, I Raidfrei I, IceWithCoffee, Ich hab keine Gilde, Idem ius omnibus, IIll lIlII IIlIlII lIl, Imba Bankchars, Immortal Warriors, Improved Panic, In Ex, In Flames, In Noctem, Infinite Circle, Inlight, insert scary name here, Insomniac, Inya Gaming, ist ein Wächter der Zeit, Ithilduin, Jackyfreunde Bodensee, Kappa, Kazyinis Destiny, Kehr und Plesch, Kings of Assassins, Klabusterbärenbande, Knights of Doom, Knights of Tyra, KnightsAndHeals, Kreuzender Brennzug, Krieger der Apokalypse, KULT, Köpenick, Lange Theke, LastTry, Lege Artis, Legends of Dragons, Legends of Light, Legio Divus, Legio ex Custodibus, Legio Invicta, Legion of Knights, Letum et Vitio, Licht des Morgens, Live To 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Hinichen, Die Illuminatibank, Die Mondschatten, Die prallen Krallen, Die Schlümpfe, Die Silberdrachen, Die Wächter, Drachen der Kreuzfahrer, Dunkle Versuchung, Díe Unglaublichen, Düff aus Schweden, Edélmárzípán, Effect, Ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt, Eine allianz Hordler, Eine Idee, Eisturm, Elementarjäger, Eligia, EpicFail, Epos, Erben der Finsternis, eternalbrotherhood, eternia, Evolutions, Existence, eXistenZ, Extrem, Exílíum, FaLLOuT, Fear Factory, Flame on, Fluch des Drachen, FourTwenty, Fox Hount, Freibeuter, Frozen Wolves, Fíght Club, Geisterbank, Gentlemens Club, GermanFunGamers, Glasknochen on Tour, Glory of Barbarians, Glückskeks, GmBH Horde, Gnomeland Security, gOilkIds, Goldis, Guardians of Paradise, Gutta cavat lapidem, Handtaschenvergesser, HealwarDurch, Heaven or Hell, Heavensbreak, Hekatoncheiren, Heldenfabrik, honestus, Hord of Fire, Hordentlîch aufs Maul, I Angry Pirates I, IMMORTALIS, Impavidus, Impel Down, In Memoriam, Incendium Astrum, Insané, Into Ashes, Is fantastic, is Godlike, is sponsored, ist IMBA, ist nur die Bank, Ithil Randir, Karak Kadrin, Keepers of the Secrets, Kingdom of Hearts, KINGS OF WAR, Kommando Bibi Blocksberg, KrosseKrabbeCrew, Kämpfer der Stürme, La Lumière de la Lune, Last Chapter, Laughing Coffin, Lebende Legende, Legenden Twinks, Legenden von Exodar, Legion Inc, Los Malvados, Lost Angels, Luege Lose Laufe, mala fide, Mea Culpa, Mens et Manus, MIzar Noctem Reloaded, Monlight, Morituri Genesis Inferna, Muh F Ment, My Face Is My Shield, Myrmidonèn, Mystic Fighters, MysticDelight, Myth, Nachteulen, Naked Trolling Community, NecroticEvilPartyPoopers, Nordlicht, Noricum, Not perfect just Asian, Novum Invictus Legio, Nòóbstyle, Onyxias Brut, Orden der Unendlichkeit, OutOfAshes, parvus astrum, PavoR, Pensionistenheim Alterac, Pentakill, Per Noctem, Pereat mundus, Polîzei, Primal Species, ProGreSsive, Prophecy, Prophets of Darkness, Quelle des ewigen Lichts, Rabauken der Allianz, Raid n Roll, Rent A TwinkGimp, Revolution Of Rexxar, Risen Insanity, Rockstar, Saustall, Schlimmer wirds nimmer, Seed of Anger, Selected, Siegel der Macht, Sinurets Erben, Smokey Taboo, SofaCrew, Sonne, Soul Hunters, Soulforged, Storm of Fate, Stroh Hut Piraten, Süßes oder Saures, Tales of the Past, Temaines, Templer der Avatar, Tha Allmightys, Thanatos, The Blair Witch, The Faithful, The Grey Wardens, The MilkyWay, The Purge, The Snowflakes, The Tauren Chieftains, The Warlordz, Thralls Seelenfeuer, Trifft euch Kritisch, Try To Beat Us, Turma Ultimae Congeriei, Two and a Half Men, UmbraDomini, Undecided, unleashed beasts, Unplugged, UnTherapierbar, Vanitas, Vicious Circle, Vision of Blood, Wache der Horde, Wahnsinns fette Beute, Warlock, WEEOWEE, Weltenwächter, Wherever you go you die, Whine Wipe und Gesang, Wipe Fiction, Wodka O, Wraith, Wraith of Phoenix, Wächter von Avalon, ZUGRIFF, Ära der Rebellen, Evade, Eve of Destruction, Ex Obscuritate, Exanimalis, Excubitor, Existence, Existence, Existence, Exitus Mortis, Exorca, Expendables, Exposed, exSolvo, exSolvo, extremAdrenaline, Fabled, Fallout, Fatal, FatKidSliding, fearless, Fearless, Fellowship of Shadow, Feuertaufe, Fimbul, Fire of Daemon, Fire of Daemon, Fish for free, Flying Solo, Forbidden Tendencies, Forgotten Children, Forti Insieme, Forti Insieme, Forti Insieme, Freeloot, Freeloot, Freier Geist, Freunde des Waldes, Friends of draenor, Friends Only, frisst junge Trolle, frisst kleine zwerge, Frozen Avatars, Frozen Avatars, FSK 21, FSK EinUndZwanzig, FSK21, FTW, FTW, Fufus , fufus hc, Fun Raid, Ganz Miese Schlägertruppe, Ganz Miese Schlägertruppe - Blau, geistheiler ehrfürchtig, Geistheiler Ehrfürchtig, Genius Loki, Geístheíler Ehrfürchtíg, Gildenlos, Gilead Knights, Glorious, GMS-Ripchen, Gnom im Kühlschrank, Gnome Island, Gnome Island, Godlike, Godlike, Godlike, Golddepot, Gordowa, Gruppe KaggBRAUN, Guardia Civil, Guardian Angels, Gudbrande, Guilty, Gut und Günstig, Gute Freunde der Allianz, Gute Freunde der Allianz, Gypsy, HAG, hajo, Hall of Fame, Halli Galli Alli, Hammer of Doom, Hamsterratten, Hamsterratten, Hangmens Friend, Hangover, Hasar´s Raids, Haunizu, HautShauniiGmbH, HB&F, headache, heaven or hell, heaven or hell, Heaven or Hell, Heaven or Hell, Helden Azeroths, Helden Azeroths, Hell Babarian, hells Angels Orgrimmar, Henker AG, Heroes of Stormwind, High End, Himmelhunde, Himmelswächter, Holy Fire, Holy Fire, Holy Fire, Holy Fire, Holy Fire Week, Horde-Rnd-1, Hordenoldies, HordenOldies, Hordenoldis2, Hostile Axe, How I raid your mother, Hype, i crit on my first date, ICC Rocker, ICC25, Ich mag Eier, Iggyleins Army, Ihavenoguild, illusions, Illustris, IMMORTAL, Immortal Souls, Immortalis, Imperium, In Aeternum, Incendium Astrum, Incendium Astrum, Incendium Astrum, Incite, Incolumis, incoming, INCOMING, INCOMING, Incomming, InDivex ->Gruppe Blau, Infernal, inflexibilis, Inkognito, Inner Core, Insidia, Instant Down, inVenire, is Alliance finest, Jackyfreunde, Jackyfreunde Bodensee, JhonnyBloodlust, joemoma, Jázz, Jûstíce Leágûe, Kalimdors Guard, Kalimdors Guard, Kamikaze-Alleria, kann-Tödlich-sein, Karamelek, Karma, Katana, Katana, KDA_Temp, Keuchhusten, KH, Kinder des Blutes, Kings of the Knight, Kings of War, Kings of WOW, Kirschkrieger, Klein aber Haarig, Kloß im Hals, Knutschgedöns Inc, Knutschgedöns INC, Knutschgedöns INC, KnutschgedönsInc, KnutschgedönsINC , Kologuild, Komakolonne, KrautisRndRaids, Kreuzug der Chronisch Müden, Kuhschubsclan, KULT, Kult der Verdammten, Kult der Verdammten, Kult der Verdammten, Kuss des Todes, Käfig voller Helden, Käfig voller Helden, Kämpfer der Nacht, Kämpfer der Stürme (KDS), Königrreich der Himmel, La Lumière de la Lune, La Lumière de la Lune, Lanare, Lanare Alleria, Last Call, Last Wish, Last Wish, Lauras Krabbelgruppe, lee, Lege Vendice, Legenden von Exodar, Legenden von Exodar, Legio Divus, Legion des Chaos, Legion des Schattens, Les Decrencheurs, Letalis, Letalis, Libertad-Relax, Liga des Drachen, Light and Doom, Light and Shadow, Lights, Lights of Dead, little ched, LL T, Log, Looteyes, Lords of Rexxar, Lords of Rexxar, lordz of ownage, Lost Sanctuary, Lumi, Lumês, Lunatic, Löwen, LØST SØULS, Magically Delicious, Mahgai, Mahgai, Mahgai, Mahgaice, Mala fide, Mala Fide, Mamacita, Mask of the Betrayer, Mask of the Betrayer, Mask of the Souls, mask os souls2 , Masters of the , Mautz, Meckzter, Medusa, Meine, Meine eine, MF10, Mickeey's Playhouse, Midnight, Midnight, Mighty Froggers, Miracle, Mo, Mondfeuer, Mondfeuer, Mondklingen, Moon - Test, Moonlight Serenade, Mopedclub, Mopedclub OG, Mopedclub OG, Mopedclub OG & Friends, Motherload, My Private Log, my tabs, my_guild, MysticDelight, Mystrisscynn, Nachteulen, Nachtwandler, Nachtwächter, Nachtwächter von Azeroth, nanana, Natural Born Raiders, Neccesetudo, Necis, Nerd Brigade, Neue Hoffnung, New Generation Inc, Nicht mit uns, Night Eternal, Night of the Dragons, no devotion, No Name Just Skill, no need, no need, No Panic, No Risk, No Skill Just Luck, NoGKDtest, NoLimit, Noobs bei der Arbeit, noobs United, Noobs United, Noobs United, noobs@work, Nooneknows, NoRisk, Not us, notinterested, Nova Exordium, Obelix, Obscuritas, Obscurus Inc, Oczywiscie, ODS, OGOG, olololo, Omnium, On The Drop, Opfer, Opfer, Opfer, Orden der Allianz, Orden der Goldenen Hand, Out Standing, Outsiders, Ouze, P&P, Pacatusum, Pacatusum, Paci, Pacifare, Pacifare, pain's Raids, Parody, Passion, Passion, PATRATOR, PavoR, PavoR, PaVoR, Pax et Bonum, Pech und Schwefel, pepegirasol, Per Noctem, Per Noctem, personal, personal Logs, Phintias & Roteju, Phintias Raids, Phönix aus der Asche, Plenilunium, PR, Prime , Prismengarde, Pro Arts, Progress just means bad things happen faster, Project Zero, Proxima Centauri, Proxima Centauri 2, Psychopaths, Pulse, Pwnylogs, Páladon, Quangor, Quantum Leap, r o n i n, R.I.P. GmbH, RA, RA-Raid Alleria, Rage, Rage, Raid Force INC, Raidrunner, Raidrunner, Raidrunners, Rampant Squirrels, Random, RandomsRUs, Rat der Silberklingen, rawr, Rebellen, Rebellen, Rebellen, Red Legion, Redcrusher Tests, Relict, Renegade, Rest in Pain, Restless Souls, Restless-Souls, restored, Restored, Resurgence, Rigidus, Rip cookies, RIP GmbH, RIP GMBH, RIPchen, Ritter von Cupertino, Ritter von Löwenherz, Ritter von Löwenherz, Ritter von Löwenherz, Rnd mit Ranth, ROAR, Royal Dragon Family, Royal Flush, Royal Flush, Royal Warriors, Royal Warriors, Royal Warriors, Royal Warriors, Royl, Rush, RUSH, RvC, RW, Saeculum Vatis, saerdna76, Sargeras Alptraum 10er icc , SAT, Sauhaufen, scanner, Scarlet Crusaders, Schlosser inc, Schwarze Flamme, schwarze flamme alleria, Scrubs, Seed of Anger, Seelendiebe, Seelendiebe, Seelendiebe, Seelendiebe, seriouSCasuals, setzen 6, Shameless, Shintler, shizoku, Shuga, Silberwölfe, Simsalabäm, Simsalabäm, Simsalabäm / Die eiserne Garde, Skill is Natural, sleepers, Slurpie's guild, Sofja Stats, Sons of Thunder, Sportfreunde Silithus, SR, Steini's 10-Man-Show, Stimmen des Krieges, Storm of Elements, Stormshadow, Stormshadow, Sun, SunSide, SuXXeS, Swords of Sky, Sélection mérite, Tales of the Past, TAoH, test, Test, Test, test for NE, test of boccko, Test-Server, Testgilde, Testserver, Teuflinge, TFUandFriends, Tha Allmightys, Thala Elin, The Allstars, The Allstars, The daysleepers, The Daysleepers, The Daysleepers, The Daysleepers, The Fanatics, The fufus, The Fufus, The Gamers, The Gist, The Horde May Cry, The Legendary, The Lost Hope, The Lost Hope, The Lost Ones, The Lost Ones, The Lost Ones, The Lost Ones, The Moonfighters, The Spirit, The Spirit, The Tauren Chieftains, The Victorious, Thela Elin, TheOther, TheRenin, TherionAnthropos, Third Times A Charm, Thralls Vasallen, Thralls Vasallen, Thralls Vasallen, Thunder and Flames, till the end, Time Nos, Time to follow, Timeless, Tinity Inc, Tinos world, Titanen der Zeit, To The Core, Todos Xuntos, TommyGuild, Tomseven, Topico, Trash2, Tribes of the Moon, Trifft euch kritisch, Trinity Inc, trololol, Tränen der Hoffnung, Twentyfive Randoms, Twink Raid, Twinkers, Twinks und Co., Tödliche Dosis, Tödliche Dosis, Tödliche Dosis, Unbekannte Entität, Unbreakable, Unbuffed, Unbuffed, Undaunted, Undecided, Undercover, Unguad, Unicus, unimatrix zero, Unique, Unleashed Justice, Unleashed Justíce, Unleashed Rage, untouchable, Uo Use For A Name, upload, Vanhil, Venatoker, Verteidiger Azeroths, VerteidigerdesBlödsinns, Vicious Circle, vom Blute des Drachen, VROINDESKRAIS, Wanderseuche, Warlock, WeekendWarriors, WildeSchaumschläger, will durchgezogen werden, Wings of Ysera, Wipe to win, wipessss, Wol, Worldstorm, Worldstorm, Wow-Players-Marburg, WoWRexxar, WTF, Wächter der Zeit, Wächter der Zeit, Wächter Der Zeit, xyz, Yuudai inc, ZDS, Zero Tolerance, Zirkel des Sternrubins, Zirkel des Sternrubins, Znixx

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