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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Bearly made it EU-Ravencrest 10 82
Olympian Gods EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 62
Avatar of War EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 38
Brothers of the Naaru EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 37
Damage Control EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 36
Feedering EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 34
Snurkfizzle Cartel EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 34
Demigods EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 31
GameScion EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 31
How do I even look like EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 29
Game of Veterans EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 28
Bold and Bonkers EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 23
Push Push EU-Ravencrest 0 20
Virgins in Denial EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 19
Stormcloud EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 17
The Kníghts of Good EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 17
Ancient Defilers EU-Ravencrest 0 16
Small Gods EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 16
Converge EU-Ravencrest 0 15
Kappa EU-Ravencrest 0 15
For The Legion EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Motorsågsmassagen EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
Nyfikna EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
Red Moon EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
Tem Plak EU-Ravencrest 0 12
Banquet of Blood EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 11
The University EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 11
Pirate Crew EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Badass Attitude EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Captain Teemo On Duty EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Dont Break THE CC EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Ethic EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Fireflies EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Unity EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Auxilium EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Khan EU-Ravencrest 0 8
Kinetic EU-Ravencrest 0 8
Strange Behaviour EU-Ravencrest 0 8
Cor Unum EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Crusty Unicorn Muffin EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Dreadful Attack EU-Ravencrest 0 7
ESCAPISM EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Glorious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Horde i Brallan EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
The Minions Ravencrest EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Wildfire EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Demon Academy EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Gnomophobia EU-Ravencrest 0 6
Invictuz EU-Ravencrest 0 6
Primed EU-Ravencrest 0 6
Rebirth EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Skada EU-Ravencrest 0 6
The Northern Kingdom EU-Ravencrest 0 6
The Warlords of Draenor EU-Ravencrest 0 6
Vae Victis EU-Ravencrest 0 6
Yes Sir I Can Boogie EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
AOTP EU-Ravencrest 0 5
Energy EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Inquisitor EU-Ravencrest 0 5
Néfarious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Prevail EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Unleash EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Brotherhood of the Flame EU-Ravencrest 0 4
Cant Handle Progress EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Cursum Perficio EU-Ravencrest 0 4
Illusionisters EU-Ravencrest 0 4
Invalid Target EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Legion of Dracula EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Legion V EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Liquid Core EU-Ravencrest 0 4
MadMan EU-Ravencrest 0 4
Provokatørerne EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Rollin EU-Ravencrest 0 4
Surreal life EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Team Green EU-Ravencrest 0 4
The Almíghty EU-Ravencrest 0 4
Tyringe Toxic EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Veins and Gains EU-Ravencrest 0 4
Angels of Justice EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Arcturus EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Battalion of Phoenix EU-Ravencrest 0 3
Curiosity EU-Ravencrest 0 3
Dead Over Horde EU-Ravencrest 0 3
Decode EU-Ravencrest 0 3
Exceptional EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Omertá EU-Ravencrest 0 3
Omnicide EU-Ravencrest 0 3
Packet Loss EU-Ravencrest 0 3
PG Eighteen EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Spelfrossa EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
TERA EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Vox Machina EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
A E O N EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Aced EU-Ravencrest 0 2
acute EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Burning Hand EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Bursts Bank EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Clueless Gaming EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
De Danske Bøffer EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Deadline EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Element EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Epiphany EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Facultas EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Familiar with Drama EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Flow State EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Free Licks EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Gemology Industry EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Illuminati EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Impulse EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Insomniacs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Insurgence EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Intrusion EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Iron Clan EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Keepers of the Oath EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Legion of Gamers EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Liquicity EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
LITA EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Malicious Intent EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Muju EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
N o v a EU-Ravencrest 0 2
No Comments Reborn EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Odins Sønner EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Online Woop EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Oracles of the Dragons EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Outbreak EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Pikmin EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Premature Pullers EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Reaction EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Risen EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Tauren Milkshake EU-Ravencrest 0 2
tellem EU-Ravencrest 0 2
The Struggle is Real EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Tunnel Vision EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Unicorn Empire EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Õrzõk EU-Ravencrest 0 2
Alignment EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Auxistance EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Barbies Beach Warriors EU-Ravencrest 0 1
BITTER END EU-Ravencrest 0 1
But Muh Trinket EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Catalyst EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Check Mate EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
CRG EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Dark Saints EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Deadly Blade EU-Ravencrest 0 1
DirtyDz EU-Ravencrest 0 1
dyslexics untie EU-Ravencrest 0 1
EndGame EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
ETNL EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
eXilition EU-Ravencrest 0 1
F U N K EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Fjaka EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Forged Legacy EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Gathering EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Gnavne Gamle Mænd EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Hypnotìc EU-Ravencrest 0 1
is back EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Knights of Horror EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Lunatic Red Eyes EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Meltdown EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Midlertidig Lorteguild EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Midnight Order EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
on irti EU-Ravencrest 0 1
One of Us EU-Ravencrest 0 1
PENALTY EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Project Gaming Error EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Riftwalkers EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Sasquash EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Sequence EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Solar Flare EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Sting EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Sushi EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Tasteless EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Team Wipe EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
The Axemen EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
The Last Attempt EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
The Revenants EU-Ravencrest 0 1
The Triforce EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Theramore Marine Corps EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Transcend EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Twilight Rebels EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Underachievers EU-Ravencrest 0 1
Unlimited Aggro EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
VRT EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Vännerna och Gnome Fille EU-Ravencrest 0 1
ìlluminati EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Arvottomat EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Asylsökarna EU-Ravencrest 0 0
Bad Friends EU-Ravencrest 0 0
Easy EU-Ravencrest 0 0
Exigo EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Bloodline EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Sodium EU-Ravencrest 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Anhility's Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 11 30
D R U G H I EU-Ravencrest Alliance 2 23
basement gate EU-Ravencrest Horde 1 39
Ad Infinitum EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1047
Divergent EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 672
Gamle Gnavne Mænd EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 227
Clarity EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 139
Ethic EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 128
Legends in Exile EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 124
Dawnstar EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 110
Poetic Justice None Alliance 0 88
Licentia Proeliator EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 81
Agnostics EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 73
DontBreak None Alliance 0 70
Al's Not Very Private Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 66
Depthcore EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 64
The Order of Valour EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 62
Beastrage EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 60
Cant Handle Progress EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 60
Pots and Bandages EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 59
deeps EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 57
The Great Danes EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 52
Loot Ftw EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 47
Superturtels EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 44
Yolo EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 42
Lost Chapter EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 38
Swarm EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 38
Hypothermia EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 36
Bolaget EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 34
DepthcoreAlt EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 33
Plan E EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 33
eXample EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 31
is back EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 31
Followers of Medivh EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 29
Nihilum EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 29
Firebreathers EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 28
Kamuflasjefylla EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 27
Biological Screwup EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 25
Mercenariez None Alliance 0 25
Stormwatch EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 25
alterac deviants EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 23
Endeavour EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 23
Exposure EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 23
Legio Tardus EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 23
Not Good Enough EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 23
Agnostics EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 22
Disdain EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 22
The Enlightened EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 22
The Obdisian Nightfall EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 22
Counter Clockwise EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 21
Full Throttle EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 21
Latenight EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 21
Rebirth EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 21
DuraRaid EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 20
Stasis EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 20
ok EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 19
Straajk's EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 19
DruckeriaTM EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 18
Fireblaze EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 18
Nextoz Kamuflasjefylla EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 16
The Enigma Order EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 16
Brothers of the Naaru EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 15
Celeb's whoring EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 15
R0tscale EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 15
Red moon II EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 15
The Goodfellas EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 15
Hero EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 14
Striped Socks 10 EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 14
Borked EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Fireflies EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Funkydwarf's personal EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Immortalium EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Legion V EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Melfire Personal EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
myLoGSnBrz EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Netukka failing EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
ping am start EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Primed EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Saiks Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Stream of Consciousness EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
Test EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 13
/b/ EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
Abbadone EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
Raid INC EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 12
The Last Attempt EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
Yach's Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
Arvoo's Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 11
Delusion EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 11
oldlogs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 11
Sekora EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 11
Tunnel Vision EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 11
WakkoPersonal EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 11
EX EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Facultas EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Familiar with Drama EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Get Boosted EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
IgNoRe To ThAnAtO EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
In the Dark EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Kuono logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Omnicide EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
One of Us EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
sanctum EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Ta remalia EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 10
Earthdawn EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Gold's Crimson Tide EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
iBot None Alliance 0 9
Jumaji Industries EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Unnatural EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Warforged Nightmare EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
WE HAVE TABARD EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 9
Compendium EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
criceta EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Dont Break THE CC EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Elitist Jerks EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Imaginary Club EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Seksi Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Sequence EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Sound of War EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Synonim EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
Almost Contributing EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Forsaken Bloodline EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Gates of Valhalla EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Ihealyounot EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 7
Kuono EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Laboomz Personal Logs EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 7
MIRRION DORRARS EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Modus Vivendi EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Nicolai's Log EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Not Lucky But Skilled EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Premades EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 7
Randomstuff EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Sting EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
The Last of The Poles EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Three Crowns EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
tontut EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Unleash EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 7
Ataladi Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Civitas EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Cobaltum EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
IBME EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
kayflings EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Kickass Unicorns EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Lita EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Miasma EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Stonedcold & Holi EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
The University EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
TristramAlt EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 6
ZULU EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 6
Belial´s Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Bestpaladineu EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Blackebab EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Chapter Two EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 5
DarkAngels EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Dawnstar EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Eversio EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Group Therapy EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Hollands Legends EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Impurity EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Jefrey with one F EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
LFR-Davara EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Log show EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Nefarious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Shaqer EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Swarming EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
The Puzzle EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
wtfisthis4 EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Österbotten None Alliance 0 5
Akama EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Brethren EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Concillium EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Death Wish EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Deus Vox EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Followers of Medivh EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Godlike EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
goodcard's logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Hottiehamsters EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 4
Insurgence EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Kuono alt Ravencrest EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Laughing Skull EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Mycombat EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
NME EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Nucleo guild EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Ten Helmets EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
The Fellowship EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
The Real Dawnstar EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Vintergatan EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Wild Wolves EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Yolo EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Zooneys guild EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 4
Zulu EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Aerov's Playground EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Blizz Logic EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Brotherhood Of Hogger EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Chapter Two EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 3
Ex EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Flakka EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Front Line Soldiers EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Fusion EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Hjältar som Tältar EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Inquisition EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Kiiro None Alliance 0 3
Kuono EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Lemans Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
NME EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
One Percent Wipe EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Resistanssi EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Ronin EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
SmallGods EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
strange behaviour EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
The Night Shift EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Triumph EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Twisted Mind EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Underdogs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Unknown EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Vicious Delicious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Alts and Pugs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
alts101 EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Arnu's public raid logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Destroyers EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Eowain EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
funx EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Gods Mistake EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 2
Higher Expectations EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
HottieHamsters Casual EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 2
Hyper FreddaN EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Inquisitor EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Is Back EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
JOHN LARS EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Kano logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Kextraz's Personal Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Kickass Unicorns None Alliance 0 2
Koirat kissoja EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
LL EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Logz EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Maze EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Motorsågsmassagen EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Phased EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 2
Pikmin EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Ramsin EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 2
Sanctum EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Sheldon Lee Cooper EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Skirtchaser EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
something pretentious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Stinky Pinkies EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
testlogs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Tungtvann EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
WIMPs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Wyrden EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Yakuza EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Adept EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Aezaith EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
an509 EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Ancient Defilers None Alliance 0 1
Apparantly an issjue EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Atrocious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Bang Gob EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
BBQ's EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
beasts EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
blooders EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Borked EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
BotN EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Castorr's logs. EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Convis EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
De Havenzangers EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Deneme EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
DET ÄR MYSIGT EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Devils Advocate EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Die Insect EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Double Rainbow EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Drawn Together EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Empirical EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Epiunion EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Epiunion EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Eternal Overwatch EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Faceråll rank mofo EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Fallen Souls EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Finnish Design EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Firebreathers EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Forsaken Bloodline EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Fringe EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Fullbordat Samlag EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Galaxy Kittens EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
GET REKT EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
GTherapy EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Hexbomb's Heroes EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Highbornes EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
I N S I G H T EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
immortal disciples EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
jimmyswhoring EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Karmá EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
kazempatriot EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
krazykitten EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Kreml High EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Labs test logs EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Last Legion EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Last Rites EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Leaffistram EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Lezzi EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Longßow EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Lopy's logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Lothems Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Lunatic Red Eyes None Alliance 0 1
Memorial EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
mercenariez EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
MercenariezHH EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
MERCENARIEZZ EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Myysticc / Myystikk EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Nascent EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Noobfun EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
pattaya EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
PENALTY EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Perfection EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Pettertest EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
pulse revolution EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Purple Pixels EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
RAVENCRESTSUPERPUGy0 EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
S e V e N EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Samo Sloga Srbe Spasava EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
shafik665 EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Simlicka Deepz EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Skyfall EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Smördeg EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Smølfíne EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
STAR SPANGLED STRIPES EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Swagministerens hyggestue EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Team Mehiko EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
The Gathering EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
The Gifted EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
The Night Council EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
TMC EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Unforgiven_rc EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Unicorn Empire EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Vicious Delicious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Vicious delicious by slollowic EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Whatever EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Where dek is best EU-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Wipe Faster EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
ZULU EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
5trz3twd None Alliance 0 0
A GIANT EGG None Alliance 0 0
A tribe called tæsk None Alliance 0 0
A tribe called tæsk None Alliance 0 0
A Tribe Called Tæsk None Alliance 0 0
Absolution None Alliance 0 0
Abusement Park None Alliance 0 0
Ad Infinitum None Alliance 0 0
Aegis None Alliance 0 0
Aeternum None Alliance 0 0
Affinity None Alliance 0 0
aftermath None Alliance 0 0
Aftermath None Alliance 0 0
Aftermath None Alliance 0 0
Aftershock None Alliance 0 0
Aim high None Alliance 0 0
Aim High None Alliance 0 0
AKR None Alliance 0 0
Alcovex None Alliance 0 0
Alfa Valoris None Alliance 0 0
Alpheus' Logs None Alliance 0 0
Alt Alt Raid I Tell You None Alliance 0 0
Altti ja pugi None Horde 0 0
Amnezia None Alliance 0 0
Anakîin None Alliance 0 0
Anal humping None Alliance 0 0
AnamnesisLogs None Alliance 0 0
Ano Logs None Alliance 0 0
AquioraLog None Alliance 0 0
ArmyofIllusie EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Artemol None Alliance 0 0
Arvottomat None Alliance 0 0
Arvottomat None Alliance 0 0
astfgl None Alliance 0 0
Audacíty None Alliance 0 0
Authority None Alliance 0 0
bacildaf's logs None Alliance 0 0
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Bad Kittys None Alliance 0 0
Bank of America None Alliance 0 0
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Basement Survivors None Alliance 0 0
Battery None Horde 0 0
Bearly Made It None Alliance 0 0
BEUN None Alliance 0 0
BIG BAD LOGS None Alliance 0 0
Birg's Logs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Birsta City None Alliance 0 0
BIZZNO None Alliance 0 0
Blabla None Alliance 0 0
Blinkende Lygter None Alliance 0 0
Blizz Logic None Alliance 0 0
bobs guild None Alliance 0 0
Bonde Special None Alliance 0 0
Bonde Special None Alliance 0 0
Borked EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Boss Whisperer None Alliance 0 0
Bright Falls None Alliance 0 0
Bring Me That Horizon None Alliance 0 0
Brutal Maniacs None Alliance 0 0
bungy'slogs None Alliance 0 0
Caffeine Knights None Alliance 0 0
Calkeylfc None Alliance 0 0
Capo-guild None Alliance 0 0
Casually Hardcore None Alliance 0 0
Ceaseless 1st Team None Alliance 0 0
Celestial darkness None Alliance 0 0
celestialdarkness None Alliance 0 0
Cermas Private None Alliance 0 0
Certatus None Alliance 0 0
Challenge Accepted None Alliance 0 0
Chapter Two None Horde 0 0
Claynoe Logs None Alliance 0 0
Clearly Ebayed None Alliance 0 0
Clearly Ebayed None Alliance 0 0
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Concinnity None Alliance 0 0
Cons None Alliance 0 0
CoolAgeBrothers None Alliance 0 0
Coolgames Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
CratenLogs None Alliance 0 0
Crazy's None Alliance 0 0
Czegi None Alliance 0 0
Cônsortium None Alliance 0 0
Damage Control None Alliance 0 0
Dark Ravagers None Alliance 0 0
Dark Saints None Alliance 0 0
Dark Seduction None Alliance 0 0
Death Wish None Alliance 0 0
Deathangêl None Alliance 0 0
Deathangêl None Alliance 0 0
Deathsworn Verdict None Alliance 0 0
Defenders of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Define None Alliance 0 0
Deranged Souls None Alliance 0 0
Derp None Alliance 0 0
Deró None Alliance 0 0
Devastate None Alliance 0 0
DEVASTATE None Alliance 0 0
Did it for lulz None Alliance 0 0
Disqologs None Alliance 0 0
Disty None Alliance 0 0
Dont Break THE CC None Alliance 0 0
Dont Break the CC Latenight None Alliance 0 0
Doomsday None Alliance 0 0
dotitup None Alliance 0 0
DPS Test None Alliance 0 0
DPSRecorder None Alliance 0 0
Draemina dog lol None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Legion None Alliance 0 0
Drakengaard None Alliance 0 0
Drama queens None Alliance 0 0
Drama Queens None Alliance 0 0
Dreamwalkers None Alliance 0 0
Drona Guild None Alliance 0 0
Dumb and Disabled None Alliance 0 0
Dunder Mifflin None Alliance 0 0
Earthdawn None Alliance 0 0
Earthdawn None Alliance 0 0
Effort None Alliance 0 0
Ekô logs None Alliance 0 0
Elevation None Alliance 0 0
Elite Hunting Club None Alliance 0 0
Ellisande None Alliance 0 0
Emeraldo's WOL None Alliance 0 0
Emma None Alliance 0 0
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Epiunion 2nd None Alliance 0 0
Erilas pug logs None Alliance 0 0
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Etc None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Abyss None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Empire None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Shadows None Alliance 0 0
ett None Horde 0 0
everythingwastakenexceptforthis None Alliance 0 0
Evocati None Alliance 0 0
Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit None Alliance 0 0
Exigo EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Exiztence None Alliance 0 0
F A T A L None Alliance 0 0
F A T A L 2 None Alliance 0 0
Falcon Punch None Alliance 0 0
Fat Critz EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Faye's Logs None Alliance 0 0
FEQX None Alliance 0 0
Fidelitas None Alliance 0 0
Finnish Design None Alliance 0 0
Finnish Design None Alliance 0 0
Firebreathers None Alliance 0 0
Fishlogs None Alliance 0 0
Flawléss None Alliance 0 0
Forged Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Bloodline None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Bloodline Oneshot None Alliance 0 0
Fortes Fortuna Juvat None Alliance 0 0
GAIA None Alliance 0 0
Gamble Logs None Alliance 0 0
Gamble Logs None Alliance 0 0
Genesis None Alliance 0 0
Genesislogs None Alliance 0 0
Get in line None Alliance 0 0
Glamour None Alliance 0 0
Glamår None Alliance 0 0
Gloria None Alliance 0 0
Gnome Punters None Alliance 0 0
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Gothic Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Gravy None Alliance 0 0
Group Therapy None Alliance 0 0
Group Therapy Rc None Alliance 0 0
GT APP None Alliance 0 0
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Hells Hemmat None Alliance 0 0
Herb None Alliance 0 0
Heroes of Lothar None Alliance 0 0
Hexiana's world of logs None Alliance 0 0
hippa's logs None Alliance 0 0
Holyshield None Alliance 0 0
Hope and Glory None Horde 0 0
Hornbreaker None Alliance 0 0
huk huk None Alliance 0 0
Huk Huk Huk Huk None Alliance 0 0
Hurka Durka None Alliance 0 0
Hypothermia None Alliance 0 0
i dont even know None Alliance 0 0
Icons None Alliance 0 0
IgNoRe To ThAnAtO None Alliance 0 0
Illuminati None Alliance 0 0
Ilman Ystäviä None Alliance 0 0
imaginary friends None Alliance 0 0
Immortal Disciples None Alliance 0 0
Immortal Phalanx EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
In Aeternum None Alliance 0 0
In Arms None Alliance 0 0
In Vitro None Alliance 0 0
Incognito None Alliance 0 0
Inexactitude None Alliance 0 0
Infamous None Alliance 0 0
inferior None Alliance 0 0
Inferior None Alliance 0 0
Inflamespro None Alliance 0 0
INQ None Alliance 0 0
Insanity of Fate None Alliance 0 0
Insidious None Alliance 0 0
Insidious EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Insomnium None Alliance 0 0
Insurgency None Alliance 0 0
Intent None Alliance 0 0
Inverse None Alliance 0 0
Is a Clicker None Alliance 0 0
is back None Alliance 0 0
Is back EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
JamzLogs None Alliance 0 0
Jktrowling SS None Horde 0 0
Jog On! None Alliance 0 0
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Jumaji None Alliance 0 0
Kamu LOGs None Alliance 0 0
Kartano None Alliance 0 0
Khan None Alliance 0 0
Kickass Unicorns None Alliance 0 0
Knigger None Alliance 0 0
Kobojsarna None Alliance 0 0
Kobojsarna None Alliance 0 0
Kreepo None Alliance 0 0
Lakupiipu None Alliance 0 0
Langenga Beerdrinkers None Alliance 0 0
Leany Logs None Alliance 0 0
Leap of faith None Alliance 0 0
Legends rising None Alliance 0 0
Legit None Alliance 0 0
lfr None Alliance 0 0
LogBrah None Alliance 0 0
Loggings None Alliance 0 0
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Loot Goggles None Alliance 0 0
Lost Bane None Alliance 0 0
lotec None Alliance 0 0
Luce None Alliance 0 0
Ludi's World of Logs None Alliance 0 0
LukinaGuild None Alliance 0 0
Lux Aeterna None Alliance 0 0
Lux Aeterna None Alliance 0 0
Lyftpatrullen None Alliance 0 0
Lyftpatrullen None Alliance 0 0
Léxz - Log Report None Alliance 0 0
MageownedDps None Alliance 0 0
Meilens pocketlogs None Alliance 0 0
Mephius None Alliance 0 0
Merciless of Ragnaros None Alliance 0 0
Messysroom None Alliance 0 0
Midgaard None Alliance 0 0
Mindless Faceroll None Alliance 0 0
MIRRION DORRARS None Alliance 0 0
Mistylol None Alliance 0 0
mixir None Alliance 0 0
Monkey Troops None Alliance 0 0
Morning Wòód None Alliance 0 0
Motorsågsmassagen None Alliance 0 0
Motorsågsmassagen None Alliance 0 0
Muerte None Alliance 0 0
Muerte None Alliance 0 0
Muerter None Alliance 0 0
Muerter None Alliance 0 0
My Care Cup is empty None Alliance 0 0
Myownlogsshift None Alliance 0 0
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Nallepuh None Alliance 0 0
Naniqo None Alliance 0 0
Napalme None Alliance 0 0
NeuxGuild None Alliance 0 0
Nightcore None Alliance 0 0
Nightcore None Alliance 0 0
Nihilum None Alliance 0 0
Nocturnal Vacation None Alliance 0 0
Novus None Alliance 0 0
Nucleo None Alliance 0 0
Nvidía None Alliance 0 0
néfarious None Alliance 0 0
Néfarious None Alliance 0 0
Nördrage None Alliance 0 0
olympians None Alliance 0 0
Olympians None Alliance 0 0
Omega None Alliance 0 0
Once Forgotten None Alliance 0 0
One more of Us None Alliance 0 0
One of us 2 None Alliance 0 0
one percent wipe None Alliance 0 0
One Percent Wipe None Alliance 0 0
One Piece None Alliance 0 0
Onlineheroes None Alliance 0 0
Order in chaos None Alliance 0 0
Order in Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Order in Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Order in Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Orient Express None Alliance 0 0
Orionnn None Alliance 0 0
osirys None Alliance 0 0
Oskars bumholes None Alliance 0 0
P XII None Alliance 0 0
Pacifism None Alliance 0 0
Pangnam Style None Alliance 0 0
Pankus None Alliance 0 0
Paper Factory! None Alliance 0 0
Patched Logs None Alliance 0 0
Petroslogs None Alliance 0 0
Pink Mist None Alliance 0 0
piperw None Alliance 0 0
Poetic Justice None Alliance 0 0
Polaris None Alliance 0 0
Polkabro's Äventyr None Alliance 0 0
Porchmunkey None Alliance 0 0
Potent Energy None Alliance 0 0
Prepared None Alliance 0 0
Prevail None Alliance 0 0
Primed None Alliance 0 0
Pro None Alliance 0 0
Progidy Paragons None Alliance 0 0
Project None Alliance 0 0
Project None Alliance 0 0
Project None Alliance 0 0
Project Gaming Error None Alliance 0 0
Project Reality None Alliance 0 0
Protectors of the líght None Alliance 0 0
Prowess None Alliance 0 0
Prowess Pug None Alliance 0 0
Pugrun None Alliance 0 0
PUGS None Alliance 0 0
Pulp Faction None Alliance 0 0
Puoo GT None Alliance 0 0
Puzzle None Alliance 0 0
Pyhasisar EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Qûeenslock None Alliance 0 0
Ragecallz None Alliance 0 0
ramp None Alliance 0 0
Ravencrest Feminists None Horde 0 0
Raz None Alliance 0 0
Recognition None Alliance 0 0
Red Moon II None Alliance 0 0
Red Moon ll None Alliance 0 0
Refrigeraiders None Alliance 0 0
Release Run Back EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Reliqium None Horde 0 0
Repeat Offenders EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Return EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Rich's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Rincc None Alliance 0 0
Risen EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Round Two None Alliance 0 0
Runetotem None Alliance 0 0
S e V e N None Alliance 0 0
Saloggings None Alliance 0 0
Samuraj Personal None Alliance 0 0
Sanctum None Alliance 0 0
SARRA None Alliance 0 0
Scorpion None Alliance 0 0
Scrubs EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Sebbii + Arcrux <3 #RikkeFlaer None Alliance 0 0
Sebbii + Arcrux <3 #RikkeFlar None Alliance 0 0
Sebbilicious + Arcrux <3 None Alliance 0 0
Semper Danes None Alliance 0 0
Semper Danes core raid None Alliance 0 0
Shaani's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Sharpzlogs None Horde 0 0
Shen an Calhar None Horde 0 0
Shen an Calhar None Horde 0 0
Shin Sekai None Alliance 0 0
shitguild None Alliance 0 0
Sickalogs None Alliance 0 0
Sinners None Alliance 0 0
Sirion None Alliance 0 0
SlashTurtle None Alliance 0 0
slingar None Alliance 0 0
slåss None Alliance 0 0
Small Gods None Alliance 0 0
Socially Awkward None Alliance 0 0
Solarinaite EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
SoM None Alliance 0 0
Something12 None Alliance 0 0
Sound of War None Alliance 0 0
SOW None Alliance 0 0
Space hero None Alliance 0 0
Spark of Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Speal None Alliance 0 0
Sphexx's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Spinal Snap None Alliance 0 0
Spinal Snap (Zanzor's) None Alliance 0 0
Split Vision None Alliance 0 0
Spood None Alliance 0 0
Square Balls None Alliance 0 0
Still Infected EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Summitless None Alliance 0 0
Sweet Disposition None Alliance 0 0
Sworn Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Syntax Error None Alliance 0 0
Taccys Domain None Alliance 0 0
Taken None Alliance 0 0
Tavern None Alliance 0 0
Tazbog None Alliance 0 0
Team Toxic EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Teevis Logs None Alliance 0 0
TEM PLAK None Alliance 0 0
tempguild 14 None Alliance 0 0
Tenacious Defined None Alliance 0 0
tEO None Alliance 0 0
Terra Incognita None Alliance 0 0
Tesla None Alliance 0 0
Tesla logs None Alliance 0 0
Test 111333 None Alliance 0 0
Test1 None Alliance 0 0
Test123 None Alliance 0 0
Test2k None Alliance 0 0
TestGuild None Alliance 0 0
Testing purposes None Alliance 0 0
Tex None Alliance 0 0
Thank you come again None Alliance 0 0
That Escalated Quickly None Alliance 0 0
The Abusement Park None Alliance 0 0
The Alt Alt Raid I Tell You None Alliance 0 0
The Army Of Turtles None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Embrace None Alliance 0 0
The Exiled None Alliance 0 0
The Force Unleashed None Alliance 0 0
The Kyoshi Warriors None Alliance 0 0
The Lions Roar None Alliance 0 0
The Night Shift None Alliance 0 0
The Nine Divines None Alliance 0 0
The Overmind None Alliance 0 0
The Round Table None Alliance 0 0
The Truth Is Out There None Alliance 0 0
The unforgiven warriors None Alliance 0 0
The Unforgiven Warriors None Alliance 0 0
TheBrewmasters None Alliance 0 0
Theneus None Alliance 0 0
Theoria Fabricare None Alliance 0 0
Thokri Log EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
thx None Alliance 0 0
Tides of Blood None Alliance 0 0
Time to Spare None Alliance 0 0
Tinkerbolts None Alliance 0 0
Tj's sex room None Alliance 0 0
touchme None Alliance 0 0
toxt None Alliance 0 0
tro None Alliance 0 0
trouble None Alliance 0 0
Tryoutgo None Alliance 0 0
Turd is the word None Horde 0 0
Twerk Team Ishøj None Alliance 0 0
Twerk Team Ishøj Team 2 None Alliance 0 0
Twilight Sentinels None Alliance 0 0
Twilight Sentinels None Alliance 0 0
Twotwo None Alliance 0 0
Unavngivet Guild None Alliance 0 0
Unforgiven None Alliance 0 0
Unforgiven None Alliance 0 0
Unguilded Corporation None Alliance 0 0
Unspoken None Alliance 0 0
Uníque None Alliance 0 0
Utvärdera dps None Alliance 0 0
Vae Victus None Alliance 0 0
Vanchak None Alliance 0 0
Vermies guild None Alliance 0 0
Vicious Delicious None Alliance 0 0
Victus None Alliance 0 0
VipeOuts EU-Ravencrest Alliance 0 0
Vivranks None Alliance 0 0
Voodoo None Alliance 0 0
Voodoo 2 None Alliance 0 0
Wapa Chang None Alliance 0 0
Warlords of Draenor None Alliance 0 0
Warlords of Draenor LOGs None Alliance 0 0
Warp Drive None Alliance 0 0
Warriors guild None Alliance 0 0
Warriors of Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Warriors of Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Warth of the Aspects None Alliance 0 0
We got kicked None Alliance 0 0
We Got Kicked None Alliance 0 0
We Got Kicked None Alliance 0 0
We Got Oîl None Alliance 0 0
We Know No Gnomes None Alliance 0 0
We Know No Gnomes None Alliance 0 0
We Raise Even Faster None Alliance 0 0
Webz None Alliance 0 0
Well Played Sir None Alliance 0 0
Well Played Sir None Alliance 0 0
WhiskeyToblerone None Alliance 0 0
Wicked None Alliance 0 0
Wife Escaped BRB None Alliance 0 0
Wiptailz None Alliance 0 0
Work in progress None Alliance 0 0
Wots logs None Alliance 0 0
Wrath of the Aspects None Alliance 0 0
Xia None Alliance 0 0
Xiccys Logs None Alliance 0 0
XVI None Alliance 0 0
y0 None Alliance 0 0
Yakuza None Alliance 0 0
Yawkie None Alliance 0 0
Z logs None Alliance 0 0
Zanzor_Personal None Alliance 0 0
Zenlar Test None Alliance 0 0
ZeriacKamuf None Alliance 0 0
zlogs None Alliance 0 0
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Darkness, cellune, Cenarion Dawn, Cerebrum, Cesarus Invictus, Challenge Accepted, Challenge Accepted, chaos heros, Chapter Two, CHARLIE N FRIENDS GO BBQ, Checkmate, Checkmate, Checkmate, Checkmate, CheckMate, ched, Chhaya's logs, chihun, Children of Exile, Children Of The Forest, Choda's Reports, Chronic insanity, Chronic Insanity, Chronic Insanity, Chronic Insanity, Cindy's alt raid, Circle of light, Circle of Light, Circle of Light, Circle of Light, Circle of Light, Citius Altius Fortius, Civitas, Clabuc, Clarity, Closed Circle, Cocane, Coldarra, Coldarra, Combat Evolved, Comfort Club, Composition, Connected, Connected2, Conquers, Consequence, Contrivance, Convert to Raid, Cool Story Bro, Corrupt, Crab People, crazy cats, Crimson Horizon, Crit Commanders, cryptic annihilation, Cub's Guild, Cutekittylog, CW Gaming, Daft Raider, Daktaras, Dansk Toppen, dansktoppen, Dark Horizon, Dark Reign, dark seduction, Darkface, Darkke, Dataslog, Dave, dayle's pug, Dead Friends, death by bat, Death Wish, Death Wish, Deathsvorn Verdict, Deccynodeepz, Deep Inside, Deep Inside, Defender of the realm, Defenders of Karabor, Deisui, Deisui, Deisui, Deisui, Dem Supersaucies!, Demon Academy, DENIED, Depthcore alt2, Deriánez, derpmcderpderp, Desolate-rohkelikot, Destined for Glory, Det är mysigt, DET ÄR MYSIGT, Dexter, dharma, Die Insect, DirtySouth, DisConnected, Disdain, Disturbed danes, dofz' enhancement logs!, Dominance, Dominance, Dominators, Dont break the cc, Dont Break THE CC, DontBreakTheCC, dontouch test wol guild, Dperoasdoweasdqwe, DR - Sam's, Dragon Hunters Inc, Drakengaard, Drawn Together, Dreyu's, drjaguar, dsds, DU HAR FÅGEL, DU HAR FÅGEL, Dues Vox, Dusk till Dawn, Dusk till Dawn, Dusk till Dawn, Dutchcourage, DutchCourage, Dynasty, Dynasty, Dynasty, Dynasty, Eagle Nest, Easy, eba, Effort, Ein vogel, Elainia's log's, Elbanko, Electric Wizards, Electric Wizards, Electric Wizards, Electric Wizards, Eleusis, Elevation, Eleventh Hour, Elites of Valhalla, Ellisande, Ellisande, 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ALTerrific, Altirium, aLyEn, Amaranthine, Amazing PvP, Amicitia, Amnésia, Amorphic, Ancient Murloc Anomalies, Angeli Mortem, Angelic Tears, Angels, Angels of Rising Sun, Angelz fallen apart, Angry Owls, AngryDane, Another PVP Guild, Anti Mainstream, Anxious, Anytime, apashe, APOC, Apprime, Aquila, Aquilifer, Arc, Arcadia, Arctic Avengers, ArcticCircle, Arena Team, Army Of Ravencrest, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aromipesä, Art Of Sacrifice, Artificially Flavoured, ARXONTASTWNARXIDIWN, AsAp Broccoli, Aston Martin Club, At all costs, At Least We Have Stables, ATT, AU Empire, Autistic Monkeys, Avalanche, Avengers Of The Light, Aversion, Aviators, Away, Awoken, AwoL, Axon Terminal, Az utolsó Quincy, Azgard, B r e t h r e n, Backyard Union, Bacon of Light, Bad Ass Ninjaz, Bad Company, bajs i prutt, Balance, BALR, Band Of Brothers VII, Bandana Crew, Bandits of Fortune, Bank Mig, Bank of Draenor, Bank Space, banked, Battlelore, BAU, BAWLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, BBC NEWS, Because Its Possible, Bed Romance, BeepBoopBeep, Beige Einstape, Berthas BankAB, Beserked, Beverly Skillz, Big Natural Crits, Bigfoot, Billig EU Sprit, Birsta City, BIZZNO, BKB, Black Hole, Blade of Argus, Blades of Chaos, Blasphemy, Blast, Blasted Empire, Blazed, Blessing of Alliance, Blinded, Blizz Logic, blood deception, Blood Gulch, Blood Money, Blood War, Bloodhammers, Bloodhoof Exiles, Bloodthirsty, Blue Cheese, Blue Skies, Blueprint to insanity, Blådårar på Drift, Bobbymcneal, Bolaget, Bonanza, Bonde Special, Boom Town, BOOSTED IRL, Booty Bay Massive, Booty Bay Swim Team, Booty Bay Yatch Club, Born This Way, Borok Brows, Boss Nightmare, Brain Fluid, Bravo, Bravo Company, BreakingBAND, BreakingBandits, BreakingBard, Breath of the Octopus, Brewery Society, Breyselnaught, Brille, Bromance Teamplay, Broodmother, Brother Hood Ninjas, Brotherhood of Alliance, Brotherhood of Blaze, Brotherhood of Hogger, Brothers, BrothersInArms, Brutal Maniacs, Brutal Warriors, bSERK, BUBBLE HS WHEN WIPE, BunnySlayers, Burning company, But Why, Bärs, C O R E, Caki Cakmak Ustura Bicak, Calculated Error, Calgon Fresh, Candelaria, Candy Factory, Capped the flag, CAPSLOCK KILLERS, Carebear, Carebearz, Caries, Cartier, Casually Hardcore, CaveMan Brotherhood, Cazzete and The Plebs, Celestia, Celestial Darkness, Centurion, Cerebral Development II, Cerebrum, Cesarus Invictus, Challenge Accepted, Champions of Kul Tiras, chaotic conquest, Charge The Cow, Chaøs, Cherry, Cherry Poppers, Child Clown Outlet, Chillax, ChilledRaiders, Chillness, Chosens, CHRONIC, Chronic Insanity, Chutopia, Cinc, Cirkus Brutalis, Civitas, Clairvoyance EU, Classy Individual, Cleave Me Alone, Cleave Me Maybe, Clemency, Clouded, Clown Order, Clowns, ClubZenzyg, Cobra, Coetus Interruptus, Coffee Break and Cake, Coil, Combat Evolved, Come Honor Face, companions, Companions, Compendium, Complex, Computerforeningen, Concillium, Condemned, Conquers, Conquest, Conspiracy Theory, Contagion, Contempt, Continuity, Continuum, Contrivance, Convergence, Cool Runnings, Core, Crabs Adjust Humidity, Craizy, Crazy Cat Woman, Crazy Train, Crimson Tide, Crimson Vanguard, Cringey Parents, Crit Commanders, CROOKLYN, Crushing Advance, Cryptic Annihilation, CTU, Cult of Loki, curfew inc, Cursed Counsil, Cycle, Cynical, Cônsortium, Da Snajpa, Daddy Issues, daddy not the cables, Dajm, Daky Squad, damage control, Damage Legion, Danish Kings DK, Danish Nightmares, Danish Owerpower, Dark Embrace, Dark Genesis, Dark Sanctum, Dark Witch Brotherhood, DarkAngels, Darkshire, Darnassus Dance Club, Darude Bladestorm, Dauda, Dawn of Darkness, Dawn of Dusk, Dawn of Eternity, Dawnstar, De Havenzangers, Dead or Alive, Deadly Momentum, Deadly Pandas, Death Crusaders, Death Is a Choice, Death Note, Death Wish, Deathsworn Verdict, Deax, Dedicated, Deeprun Tram Security, Default, Defected Swifties, defenders of ahn qiraj, defenders of azeroth, Defenders of Karabor, Deference, Define, Defusion, Deity, Delight, Deliri Lecti, Dem Dravens, Demonic Raiders, Demons Of Apocalypse, Den Danske National Bank, Den Fångade Piraten, Den Store Bagedyst, DENCH, Depthcore, Deserter, Desires, Despotism, Destortion, Desu Desu Kawaii, Desíre, DET BAR DANSK, DET ÄR MYSIGT, Detriment, Deus Tyrannis, Devastate, Deverry Cycle, Devouring Dream, Diamond Doges, Die Insect, Dig For Diamonds, Dignified BG Losers, Dinkes army, Dinnish Fesign, Dire Breed, Dirge Spam Starters, Dirty Mike and the boyz, Disarmed, Disdain, DisneyFanclub, Disorganized, Distinction, Distortion Of Fate, Disturbance, Disturbed Mushroom, Divergent, Divided by Zero, Djungelpatrullen, DNVGL, Do Not Disturb, Do You Even Djent Bro, Do You Even Shift, Does it Matter, Dogma, Dominance, Don, dont are noob, Dont Matter Got Chieve, Dont mess with BROHAN, Dorkstorm, Dotalot, DPS Delivery, Draenic Warlord, Dragon Blight, Dragon Hunters Inc, Dragon Legion, DRAGON POLAND WARRIORZ, DragonDen, Dragons Den, Drama Inc, Drama Queens, Drawn Together, Dreadmaul, Dream of Eternity, Dreamwalkers, Drive, Drunken Bunch, Drunken Clam, Drunken Dungeon Legion, Duberg Empire, Ducks and Dogs, Dude wheres my corpse, Dungeon Heroes, DutchCourage, Dystopian Reality, Eagle IV, Earlisapearl, Earthdawn, Eastside Gankers, EasyMod, Eat More Cake, Eat My Crit, Eat Sleep Râve Repeat, EatmycritPVP, ecnanimoD, Eduskunta, Effective Action, Effortless, Egg, eHEROES, El Banditos, Eleganten från Vidderna, Eleusis, Eleven Was Too Hard, Elite Horde Vanguards, Elite Order, Elitist Jerks, Ellisande, ELSN, Embrace the Chaos, Emissaries, Empaths and HSP, Empathy, EndangeredSpecies, Endless Legend, Enlightenment, Enter the Dojo, Entity, Entourage, Entrophy, Epiunion, ePoon, Equinox, Era, eREKT, Ermahgerd, Error Guild Not Found, Eruption, ERZFEIND, Escape, Escape Artists, Escape From Reality, Etc, Eternal Destruction, Eternal Empire, Eternal Overwatch, Eternel Profession Kits, Eternity, Etherium, Euphoric, Europe, Evade, Everlasted, Eversio, Eversiomi, Everybody Loves Gnomes, Evocati, EX, eXample, Excitation, Excurius, Exegesis, Exil, Exiled Legion, Exiles of Fate, Expired, Exploding Carebears, ExQuísite, Extant Enmity, eXtend, Exz, EZ Gaming, F A T A L, Facta non Verba, Faith, Faith of the Abandoned, Fallen Heroes, Fallen Souls, Fanatical Insanity, Fanatycy, Fat Critz, Fat Kids Cant LoS, FatGnomesIsHardToKidnap, FBGM, Felicity, Fellers of Azeroth, fenis in pingerhole, Fenix Down, Ferocious, fgds, Fidelitas, fin bild du är het, Final Down, Final Hour, Finn Federation, Finnish Design, Firebreathers, Firecry, Firestorm, Fishing Supplies, Flame of the Alliance, Flames Of Azeroth, Flawléss, Flight of the Toyota, FLIPPARNA, Florence Nightingales, Fluffy Monsters, Flux, Flux Capacitor, Fluxi, Fools n Jesters, For The Honor, Forbidden, Force of Will, Forged In Blood, Forgotten kings, Forsaken Lumber, Forsakën, Forte, Fortes Fortuna Juvat, Fortify, FOURTWENTYBLAZEIT, Foxhound, Fragglene, Freedom Fighters DK, Freyr, From Ashes, From Gnomes to Gents, From Heaven, From Hell, From Scratch, From WC IlI With Love, From Zero to Nothing, frostiebank, Frozen Aurora, Frozen Nibbles, Fruit Masters, Fugle og andre dyr, Full Metal Jacket, full time single daddy, Funny Cats, Fury Avengers, FURßOLGZ, Fused, Fyra Kenta av Fem, FyraTjugo, G A I A, Gamblers of Fate, Game Grumps, Game of Gnomes, Game of Thronés, Gangnam Style, Gangster Pinguins, Gank or die trying, Gates of Midian, Gbohles gangsters, GefleBocken, Gentle Fury, Get a life in game, Get in here now, Get in line, Get Reqqt Piggy, Ghosts of Stormwind Park, Gingers Do Have Souls, Gjengen Allianse, Glem Det, Global Cooldown, Glory Hole, Gnome bank, Gnome Land Security, Gnome Punters, GnZoo, God, God is afk, Godless, Golden Company, Golden Dawn, GoldGOLDGold, Got my gear on Ebay, Gothic Silence, Grand Alliance, Grand Champions, Greek Gods, Grim Reaper, Grommash Guardians, Group Therapy, Gryffindor, Grymkin, Guardians of Azeroth, Guardians Of Draenor, Guardians of Justice, Guardians of McDonalds, Guards of the Alliance, Guild FQQWF, Guild of Darkari, Guild of Indvandreso, Guild of Jalaluddin, Guild of Lalda, Guild of Taint, Guild Perks, Guildless, Gurubashi Bowling League, Gurubashi Outlaws, Gurubashi Surf Club, GYM, GÄSP, Gött Stuk Bredställ, Hackers on Steroids, haHAA, Hakuna Patatas, Hallowed, Hambone, Hand Of Justice, Handle it, Happy Carebear Lovers, HappyBurstDay, Harambe Vengeance, Hard Rules, Hardcore Hooligans, Harrison Jones Fan Club, Harry Fan Guild, Has Left The Guild, has SWAG, Has your mums ip, Hashtag Hrello, Hayden Panettiere, HEAT, Heaven, Heaven Sent, Hegemony, Hellfire Vanquisher, Hells Hemmat, Hells Heroes, Help, Heralds, Herb, Herbs of DOOM, Heresy, Hermit, Hero, Hero of the Alliance, Heroes Awaken, Heroes of Lothar, Heroes of The Dawn, Heroic Crusade, Hevosmiesten kilta, hey im avg, hey im kill, HEY IM VIP, High Fatality, High Safari, High Threshold, Highbornes, Highjacked Imperium, Hittegodskontoret, Hjältar som Tältar, Hold Brillan, Hollands Glorie, Homage to Renegades, Homeland, Horadrim, Horde exiles, Horn, Hostile, Hotline Bling, HottieHamsters, House LaBeouf, House of Batiatus, House Sahara, How i met your Anja, How I Met Your Murloc, Howlingclouds, Huk Huk Im a Talbuk, Humble Tyranny, Hurricanes, Hvidovre Idrætsforening, Hybrid Minds, Hydra, Hypernova, Hypothermia, I AM HUGE IN JAPAN, I CANT SEEM TO FIND, I Do Not Care, I Eat Noobs, I Pulled That, I Sap You Cap, Icelandicbanks, Icons, Idlewild, IF IN DOUBT AFK OUT, IFTHISDOESNTFITIWILLSCRE, IKEA, Illidans Apprentices, Illusion Of The Darkness, Illusive, illvilja, IM A KITTEN LOLOLOLOL, Imaginary Fríends, Imaginations Run Wild, Imminent, Immortal Disciples, Immortal Dragonflight, immortal fire, Immortal Knights, Immortal Legion, Immortal Phalanx, Immortalium, Imperiosus, Imperious, Impossibru, Impurity, In Aeternum, In Elegance, In The Zone, In Tribute To Stoffarn, Inarius, Inconceivable, Indigenous, Industrial Tycoon, Inept, Infamøus, infected Skill, Inferior, Inferno drengene, Inferus, Infidels, INFINITE, Infinite Oblivion, Infinitum, Influence, ING Bank, Ingen Fest Uden Hyp, Inhaler Buddies, Inner Rage, Inner Sanctuary, Innervate, Innocent, Innominaté, INQ, Insane Of The East, Insidious, Insurgency, Insurrection, Intense Intents in Tents, Intensive Carebears, Intent, Interval, Intuítion, Invicta, Invincible Warlords, IQ, Iron Warheads, Iron Warriors, IRONFORGE HOOLIGANS, Ironforge Nobility, iS, Isengard, itoment, Its Only Smellz, Its stabby time, Jack Daniels, JAW CLAW, Jesus Ice, JFK was PvP Flagged, JGS, Jofvegelo, Joulupukin Kuuma Linja, JTF, Judgment, Jul hos Ernst, Just, Just Banter, Just cause, Just do it, Just Pixels, Just Talk Dirty To Me, Jynx, K A R M A, Kabany, Kadamura INC, Kamratstödjarna, Kamuflasjefylla, KaNaNpOiKaGaMiNgOy, KappaKappa, Karasuno, Karmá, Kartelli, KCF, Keepers of Draenor, Keeptrying, Kekkei Genkai, KGB, Khazad, Kickass Unicorns, Kickin Incredibly Dopez, Kierewiet, Killer Bunnies CO, KIllinG RampagE, Kilta, Kin, Kindred, Kings Of Gilneas, Kinkyfætre, KKonian Army, KlabbogBabb, Klunke Infinitum, Knights of the Blood, Knights of Valor, Knights Témplar, Knights Watch, Knismesis, Kolmiolääke, Kongerne, Kool And The Gang, Kram, Kratos Protoss, Kreml High, Kreuzberg City, Kuhaku, Kung Pao Chicken, KÄRKIHUMMAT, KöD, Kød Rosen, La baguette française, La Cosa Nostro, La Onda, Lads on Tour, Lajv Online, Lame Bankers Inc, Lampskärmarnas Söner, Langenga Beerdrinkers, Last Judgment, Last Legion, Last Raiders, Last Try, Late Night Raiderz, Laughing Coffin, Laughing Skull, Lawl And Order, League of Ravencrest, Left Handed Horse Riders, Leftovers, Legacy, Legacy of Cryptic Flame, Legacy of Karabor, Legally Blind, Legendaries, Legends, Legends In Exile, Legends of Erlingos, Legends rising, Legio Tardus, Legio VI Ferrata, Legion of Injustice, Legion XVI, Legion XXI, Legoland, Lehman Brothers, Leveling, Leveling and Questing, Leveling Clan, Leveling Guild, Leverage, Levity, Licentia Proeliator, Lichborne, Life, Lifys, Light in The Darkness, Ligma, Liia vahvaa DPS sulle, LIKE A BOSS, Lilla Edet Elite, Lion Guard, Litaniae de Maleficium, Little Lethal Gnomes, Living Shadows, Ljugarbänken, lmba, LocalAreaGamers, Locomotion, Locust, Log Horizon, Logic, Lonely Guild, Long Live the Alliance, Long Lost Legacy, Look at it growing, LookingForGirls, Loot FTW, Lord of Ravencrest, Lose Control, Lost and Abandoned, Lost Bane, Lost Generation, Lotto, LRRP, Lucid, Luggage, Luminosity, Lumus, Lunar heaven Fang, Lunatics, Lux Aeterna, Lysium, Mad Company, Madinah, Madre Fakre Guildre, Mafia of Stormwind, MAFIOSO, Magical Unicorns, Mama Said Knock You Out, Mameshiba, Man of the Year, Manbearpig Awareness, Manuzi, Manyrin Empire, Manyrins Empire, Master Money Maker, mcr, Me And My Gnomies, ME GOT YOUR MONIES, Mean Machine, Means to End, Meet The Danes, Member Berries, Meme Team, Memorial, Memory, Mennica, Mercenaries of Delusion, Mercinaries, Merhpf Derp, Messenger of Hell, Meta, Metamorphosis, Meteor, Metroid, Mexican Border Patrol, Miasma, Midget Mafia, Midlife Crisis, Midnight Raidz, MinBank, Mindbending Epiphanies, Mindtrip, Mist of Ravencrest, MMCXI, modi sarkar, Mofos, Mofos Brotherhood, Momy is dead, Money Bought, MoneyTree, Monster Energizer, Mop PvPers, Moped Gangsters, Mor i skutan, Morally Fuchsia, MORITURI, Morphed Logic, Moscow Five, Motion, Motion Blur, Moxie, Muffins Of Mayhem, Mugiwara Pirates, Mulgore Murlocrapers, Mullistus, Murloc Empire, Murloc Madness, Musketeers Den, My mum said I am SPACIAL, My Names Jeff, My Third Leg, Mystical Awakening, Mystique, Mörkret, Naked Cowboys, Natur bananerne, Naughty Bunnies, Nebula, Neckbeard, Ned Sprutad, NEED, NeRD, NerdKid Army, Nerfed at Birth, Nerve, Never Lucky, Never say no to Panda, New Age, New Beginnings, New Energy, Newborn Gladiators, Next Level, NeXtLeVeL, NHK, Night Raiders, Night Ravens, Night Walkers, Nightcore, NightEvolution, Nightmare on Elfstreet, Nightshade, Nightshift, Nightwatchers, Nine Inches Unbuffed, Ninja Hamsters Co, Ninja In Pyjamas, no, No Brain Activity, No Comment, No Downtime, No Girls Allowed, No Life No Fun, No stress, No Surrender, no u, Nocebo, Nocturnal Rainbows, Nocturnal Vacation, Nocturnals, None Shall Pass, Noob Busters, Noobs With Boots, NooN, Nordic Vikings, Nordiske Krigere, Nordmän, North Remembers, Northern Kingdoms, Northrend Squad, Northstar, NorthWinds, Norwegian Virus, Nos Deficio, Nosco, Not Just Gamers, Not Now Babe its On CD, Not So Serious, Nothing Else Matters, Notoríous, Nove Avatara, NSFW, Nucleo, Nuff Said, Nuke FTW, Numa Numa Yey, Nyxnyxnyx, Nîgga stole my bank, O M E G A, Oath, Obesity Overrule, Obxectivo, Occupy Stormwind, Oddly Positive, Odin, Odins Ravens, Odium, Oenis, Of House Lannister, ok, old skul, Oldschool, Oldtimers, Olympians, Olympus, Omerta, OMFG, OMG BRB IceCreamTruck, Omniousb, Once Upon a Time, One Awesome Guild, One Big Horse, One man standing, One of a Kind, One Percent Wipe, One Piece, One Tier Behind, One Trick Pony, One Up, Ooga Booga, OpenRaiders, Oracle, Order in Chaos, Order of Chaos, Order Of Light, Order of the North, Order of The Phoeníx, Order of the Storm, Orient Express, Original Gangstas, Orten, Our Cause, Our Guild Name Doesnt Fi, Our Time, Outcast Redemption, Outerspace, Outnumbered, Overconfidence, Overestimated, Overload, P XII, Pacifism, Pain, Pandarens, Pandarian Special Ops, Paradise Found, Paragons of Azeroth, Parallax Distortion, Paralyzing Activity, Paranoia, Parascentic, Parliament, PasarGOD, Pastafarians, Penetration, People of the North, Perception, Persian Gulf, PersOwnages, Pi Factorial, Piano Catz, Pingpong Club, Pink Bandage, Pink Mist, Pinoume Averta, Pipip, Pirates With No Ship, Pixelated Pirates, Pjuske, Plain Gainer, Plan E, Planteholdet, Plastic surgery, Player Vs Pillar, Please Dont Wipe Us, Plexame, pls no, Poetic Justice, Pohjalla, Point Of No Return, Polaris, Pony Club, Pony Riders, Pots And Bandages, Pounding Perks, Power House, Power Infusion, PowerKings, Preferred, Premades, Pressure, Pretty Maids, Pride of Lions, Prime Synergy, Primé, Prins Henrik, Private Stuff, Prixistar Family Guild, PRKL, Pro, Project Mayhem, Prophets of the Talon, Pros N Cons, Prosit, Prosperity, Protectors of the Líght, Public Toilet, PUGLIFE, PukinPohjanPeuhut, Pulp Faction, Pulse Revolution, Pure Chaos, Purgatory, Purged by Fire, PURP TISSUE, Pusillus Populus, Put it in your face, PVP VON ANKA, pvpwars, Pwn Starz, Qedals bank, QQ, Quintrophenia, Quondam, R O N I N, Raab Gaming, Radeon, Rage of Horde, Rahbek WoWGaming, raid guild of power, Raiders of the North, Railroad Ronkers, Rain is wet, Rainbow Warriors, Random PvP, Raptus Tempus, Ravencrêst, Ravens Alacrity, Raz Bank, RazBank, Raze, Real Vikings, Realms, Reawakened, Rebellion, Reborn Unity, Reconsile, Rectify, Red Fox Inn, Red Moon II, Redeemed, Redwood Original, Regrowth, Rehab is for Quitters, Reign of Draenor, Reincarnatiøn, rekt, Rekt Homme, Reliqium, Remember The Name, Repeat Offenders, Requiescant In Pace, Requiém, ResidentSleepers, Resistance, Resistanssi, Resurgence, Ret, RETRY, Reunited, Rimfrost, Riptide, Rise of The Fallen Ones, Rise of the Murlocs, RiseAgainst, Rising Force, Rising Kings, Rising Sun, Ritoblliarzd, Riven, RLoA, RNG, Roadhouse, ROCK ON, Rock Solid, Rocksteady Crew, Roga i kopyta, RONNY pls, RooteD, Royal, Royal Club, Royal Zelda Warlords, RSD, Run Away Little Girl, Running Amok, Running with Scissors, Rush, Ruthless Thieves, rødgrød med fløde, S A M E, S KEY ALLSTARS, S u p r e m e, Sacred Illusions, Sacred Templars, Sacrum Facere, Safari, Safe and Sound, Safe Haven, SaH, Said She Was Eighteen QQ, Saints, Salaneuvos, salty pleb, Samo sloga Srbe spasava, Sanctum, Sanguine, Sap it n Tap it, Sarpefossen, Satanic Candlesticks, Sauerkrauts, Savarona, Say Please, Scala Caeli, SCRUBLESS, Scrubs, Scumbums, Scythian, Seasons Of War, Second chance, Second Group, Second Self, Secrets of Strength, Secretstash, Sector Seven, Seismic Niq, Selfie, Semper Danes, Semper Fortis, Semper Invictus, Semper Paratus, Senior, Senpai pls notice me, Sentinels of Elune, SEPON KALASEURA, Septic Flesh, SepticEye, serendipity, Serenity Reborn, Seriously, Serrated Glory, SetSailForEpicfail, SeVeN, Seventh Sin, Severed Truth, SHABBA, Shades of Akama, Shadowfang Keepers, Shadowlegion, Shadowmoon Legion, shadows gather, shadØwstep, Shape, Shattered Virtue, Shell Shock, Shijou Bank, Shwuag, Siberia, Sicarius, Simplewood Solutions, Simply The Best, Sinners Of Azeroth, Sithik Warlords, SkilledLemons, Skills Pay The Bills, Skull Crushers, SkyRage, Skånefruar, SKÖVDE SLAKTERi, SLAM DUNK, Slash Care, Slayers, Slice of Life, Slikke mine klodser, Slow Down, Slynglerne, Slytherin, Smackdown, Smart Casual, Smastian Smousens Armé, Smerte, smorriors, SNA, Snausbolaget, SneakySneaky, SNIPE HYPE, Snooze Toots, Snowflake, so is ur face, So What, Social Justice Raiders, Social Network, Social Warcraft, Socially Awkward, Sociopathic Dreamland, Socíal Network, Soldiers of Pain, Solidone, Something Casual, Something Pretentious, Somnium, Sons Of Lothar, Sons of the Blade, Sons Of War, Soopa Cuel Twinks, soul of kingdoms, Sound Of War, Source, Soy, Spaceship, SPARTAN WARRIORS, Speedy Races, Spirit of The Horde, Spirited Away, Split Vision, Springfield, Spèctrum, Square Balls, Squatters, Stand In Fire DPS Higher, Star Wars, Stardrift, Stasis, State of Mind, Static X, Steel Legion, Stella, Stoned, Stoneforge Clan, Stormlash, Stormwind Chess Team, Stormwind Defenders, Stormwind Mafia, Stormwind Royal Guard, Stormwind Royal Guards, Stormwinddemokraterna, Straight Outta Skive, Straight Outta Stormwind, Stream of Consciousness, street, Striped Sockz, Subalot May Gold Us All, Sublimity, Subterfuge, Subtraction, Success, Such guild many perk wow, Such guild wow, Such Raid Much Loot, Sucide squad, Sudden Destruction, Suicíde Squad, Suit Up, Sunshine bunnies, Sunshine Unicorns, Super Nova, Super Smashed Brothers, SuperSecretDinoClub, SW Steakhouse, Swaghetti Yolonese, Sweaty Hairy Beary, Swedishgirl xoxo co, SWIFTY ONESHOT MACRO, Sword, Sworn Vengeance, Syge i hovedet mennesker, Symbiosis, SymphonyOfDestruction, Synced, Syndrome, Syneq, Synonim, SyntaxError, Synth, Synthetic, Systemets Stamkunder, Ta Arkoudakia Ths Agaphs, Taco Sauce, Take me to the Hospital, Talvi, Tarantula, Targaryen, Tas pas un po, Tattimetsän Kuninkaat, Tattooed, Taurens killed mufasa, Team Awesome, Team bus drivers, Team Cornichons, Team Easy On, TEAM GG, Team Hipsterz, Team KewK, TEAM NOBLE, Team PVP, Team SoloMid, TEAM TURBO, Team Two G, TeamÖrl, Tech World, TeePee, TEGNO DOGESTEP, Teh PeeWeePee, Tempelridder, Templar, Ten Helmets, Tentacle Love, TERA Gaming, Tera Secret Society, Terra Incognita, Thalmor, Thank You Come Again, The Abusement Park, The Apprentice, The Aristocracy, The Army Of Turtles, The Blackhelm Order, The Blood Colors, The Bloodthirsty, The Boondock Saints, The Boxer, The Brave, The breakfast, The Brew Masters, The Brewery, The Brewmasters, The Brothership, The Butler Did It, The Champ, The Chosen Raiders, The Combos, The Crimson Guard, The CrocoDucks, The Curse, The Dalaran Tavern, The Dane Vikings, The Danish Army, The Danish Battlemasters, The Danish Law, The Danish Legacy, The Dark Embrace, The Dark Titan, The Deadly Alliance, The Deadly Dozen, The Demonic Pack, The Devils Advocate, The Diabolical Plan, the doh, The Drunken Dragon, The Drunken Master, The Drunken Monkeys, The Dude Abides, The Enigma Order, The Eternity, The Fellowship, The Forgiven Spirits, The Forgotten Titans, The Four Rednecks, The Frostwolf Deviants, The Frozen Memories, The FuTure Is Ours, The Ghostrunners, The Gilneas Swim Team, The Golden Squad, The Goodfellas, The Great Cyrus, The Great Danes, The Great Symbols, The Haunted, The Hobbiton Tea Club, The Honorable Buddies, The Horde Masters, the horde will fall, The Immortal Horsemen, The Invincible Me, The Ironbound Allegiance, The Justicars, The Kelly Gang, The Kyoshi Warriors, The Lab, The Last Horde, The Lost Ones, The Magnificent Thousand, The Metallic Defiance, The Myth, The Mythic Legion, The New Turtlebags, the New World Order, The Night Shift, The Nine Divines, The Nordic Boys, the north vikings, The North Vikingss, The Obsidian Nightfall, The One Zero One, The Order of Valour, The Ottoman Empire, The Outcasts, The Overlords of Chaos, The Pact, The Pantheon, The Party Tribe, The Pathfinders, The Patient Crew, The Patriarchy, The Puzzle, The Pwnys, The Red Pill, The Refugees, The Relentless, The Revered, The Rising Brotherhood, The Royal Jesters, the sanctum, The Script, The Shadow of Life, The Shadows of Midnight, The Shattered, The Shogunate, The Slaughterhouse, The Slayers, The Slow Must Go On, The SolutioN, The Somebodies, The Soup Kitchen, The Starks, The Stash, The Surge Of Tranquility, The Turtle Army, The Unending Apocalypse, The Untamed, The Vanish Dikings, The Walkers Of Legion, The Wild Rabbits, The Wolf Pack, The Worst, TheDrickers, TheGoonSquad, Theon Greyjoy jr RIP, Thick, This is a Cult, This place for Rent, Three Crowns, Thunder Legion, Thundercats, ThunderFury, Time is Money Friend, Tinker Town Maffia, Titan, Titanbound, Titanic Swim Crew, TK PM, Tnodex, TNV, Tofu, Tokidoki, Told og Skat, Too Easy PvP, Toxic Reloaded, Toy Box, Transdimensional Kittens, Tredje Riket, Tree Fitty, Trekka, TRG, Trial by Fire, Trillium, Triumph, True Mortality, Tryhard AH Flipping, Tsunami Surfers, Tuesday Night, Tulikaste, Tungtvann, Turd is the Word, Turn down for WOD, Tusk, Twenty Seven, Twerk Team Ishøj, Twilight, Twilight Sentinels, Twink Returns, Twinked Crew, Twisting Netherlands, Two Twinkz One Cup, Tyrannis, Tyrs Vanguard, Támmys Brothel, u are sux, u should never lose cnt, UG Raiders, Ulterior Motive, Ultimate Alliance, Umbrella Corporation, Unchained, Unconquered Mercy, Uncrowned, Undead Rogue Association, Under Geard, Undercover Socials, Underdogs, underworld, Unelma, Unforgettable Moments, Unforgiven, Unformed, Unge Gamere, Unholy Vanquish, Unique, United Moosefarmers, Unity of Humanity, Unknown Heroes, Unmedicated Superiority, Unnatural, Unotakecandle, Unsponsored, Untamed Evolution, Untitled, Unyielding Garrison, Uthers Disciples, VaeVictisVae, Vakna Horde, Vakta Orten, Valhal bloodline, Valhalla Awaits, Valkyrîe, Valor, Vehemence, Veni Vidi Vici, Verktygslådan, VHALAR MORGULIS, Vibrance, Victis Honor, Victrix Heptagon, vidina, VII Legion, Viikingit, VikingFjord, Vikings of Draenor, viladspowers, Vintage, Vintergatan, VipeOuts, Viribus, Virtual Dragonslayers, Vis Maior, Visage, Vitality, Viva La Resistance, Vivid Plasma, Volcano, Volym, Voodoo, VROOM VROOM IMA VACUUM, W H G, w w w scatporn c o m, Waffleo, Walla, Wardogs Of Darkness, Warheart, Warlørdz, Warm N Easy, Warriors of Wrath, WarriorZ, Warsong Society, WarZone, WaysOfTheMists, We Care Alot, We Dont Date Newbs, We forgot the Sunwell, We Getting German Money, We Got Oîl, WE HAVE TABARD, We Love Our Mums, We Only Group for Purple, We Peon You, WE PLAY TO RUIN YOUR DAY, We Take A SneakPeak, we tried, Weekend Warriors, Weekend Warríors, West Side Projects, what 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Exigo, Exile, expansion, Expired, Expired, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure pre mist, Extinct Hardcore Gamers, Exz, Ezkix, EzoiKe, F U N K, F U N K, F U N K, Falcon Punch, Falling North, Familiar with Drama, fattt, Feanil's Reports, Feaze, Feenix, Feenix, Fenix Down, Ferreslogs, Feveliso, Fifth Column, FinCraft, Finnish Design, Finnish Design, Finnish Steel, Firelords, Firelords, Firelords, FirelordsRavencrest, Flawléss, Fluupa, Flux Capacitor, Flying Hellfish, Flying Hellfish, Flying Hellfish, Fobius, Forever Alone, Forlorn Authority, Fred, Frequency, Fringe, From the Ashes, From The Ashes, Furrylol's Finest, Fury, G A I A, Gamecamp, Gamecell, Gameheads, GameScion, Gathan logs, gdc, GDKP Stasis, General Grievuuz, Genesis, GGM, Glartham, Gloria, GMMC, GMTA, Gnomeregan Basejumpers, Gnomeregan Basejumpers, Gnomesundercover, Gods Mistake, Gods Mistake, Gothic Dragons, Grabbarna, Grelos, group 2, Grown ups, GT, 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