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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Earth Guilde and Fire EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 137
ScaraB EU-Kael'thas 0 22
Ordre des Samaritains EU-Kael'thas 0 20
Headlock EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 19
Stratics EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 19
ShockWave EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 18
Deep Poet Society EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 17
Patates Chaudes EU-Kael'thas 0 17
La vache qui RIP EU-Kael'thas 0 16
ADS EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 15
Noobs Spotted EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 14
A le permis de tuer EU-Kael'thas 0 12
Chrønicles EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 12
Sequence EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 10
Why Not EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 10
Azeroth Globetrotters EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 9
Myst EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 6
Despaîr EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 6
Sakifo EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 6
Ølympe EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 5
Gardiens de Nordrassil EU-Kael'thas 0 3
MssClick EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
RoyautE EU-Kael'thas 0 3
F E A R EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 2
Héphaïstos EU-Kael'thas 0 2
Ingangruptible EU-Kael'thas 0 2
Les Héritiers d Aggramar EU-Kael'thas 0 2
Mementõ Mori EU-Kael'thas 0 2
The GuildBreaker EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Xcution EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
La Main Verte EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 2
Raccoon EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 2
Check Raise EU-Arak-arahm 0 1
Valse Lugubre EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 1
Zaebos EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 1
Dragons of darkness EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Freaks EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Gods among Men EU-Kael'thas 0 1
Insignia EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Isolone EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
L argent fait le bonheur EU-Kael'thas 0 1
Myrth EU-Kael'thas 0 1
Roxx and Roll EU-Kael'thas 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
KillerBienen EU-Rashgarroth Horde 7 220
betatest EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 645
Alliance du Nord EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 387
Duck Butter EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 330
Myst EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 145
Freak me Out EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 118
D K P EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 102
Psychoclan EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 98
The Last Legacy EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 70
The Howl EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 64
Cercle Infini EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 62
The Office EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 60
Warlords EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 52
Freedom EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 50
The Last Try EU-Throk'Feroth Alliance 0 49
Bienvenue tisote EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 47
Chrønicles EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 44
evolution EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 41
Sequence EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 40
Love team EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 38
illuZiøN EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 37
Myrth EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 36
Armée des mort EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 35
Contre Vent None Horde 0 32
DRAW EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 30
Freaks EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 30
Roxx And Roll EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 30
Omnium EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 28
L'Armée des Ténèbres EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 26
Amethyst EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 24
Compagnie noire EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 24
Føcus Me I Am Famøus EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 24
Zog Zog and Co EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 23
ZGEG EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 22
Crysalide EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 21
Feint EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 21
Gandha EU-Throk'Feroth Alliance 0 20
Stratics EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 20
Time for a little blood EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 19
l'Armée des morts EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 18
lordscarab EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 18
InGanGruptible EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 17
Why Not EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 16
Avengers EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 13
Danse Avec les Nains EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 13
RoyautE EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 13
Random_PU EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 12
CNFC-Chewa EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 11
Katteur EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 11
Les loutres en folies EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 11
Easy Mode EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 10
Fist of Sol EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 10
Obsolète EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 10
Donne le token EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 9
Earth, Guilde and Fire EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 9
Ordre des Samaritains EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 9
eXi EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 8
Myrth EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 8
Phinks EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 8
SAKIFO EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 8
Sanctum Noctaris EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 8
Erymanthe EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 7
Eternalis EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 7
Infinity EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 7
Ovium EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 7
Project Conquerors EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 7
The Bloodseeker EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 7
Enjøy EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 6
Hades EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 6
Nomad Souls EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 6
Panacea EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 6
Radiance EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 6
Shade of Dante Darkness EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 6
Mychouille EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 5
Replaÿ EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 5
Ðeities EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 5
Alba Nova EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 4
FMO EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 4
Hell&Luis EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 4
hypérium EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 4
Justforweek EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 4
Limited EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 4
Maëstro EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 4
42 EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 3
Flocki EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
heiligïtum EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
Invincible roster EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
Legis Martialis EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 3
Métal Hurlant EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 3
mörtadelle EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
Noobs Spotted EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 3
Original Gamerz EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
Ouikinis EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 3
Pick up Hitmeplz EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 3
pu+maestro EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 3
Renatus EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 3
sharp EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
Warguilds EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 3
Zaebos EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 3
Antalys EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Doom Bringers EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 2
Ekstasis EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Gatecrash EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Instinct EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 2
Le Hachoir EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Lost soul EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 2
mandragore1 EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
mssclick EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
MyLittlePony EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
payroll EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
sacoche crew EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
Synopsÿs EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
Säme EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 2
Sëmpër Fïdëlïs EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
The Fall EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
VdL EU-Arak-arahm Alliance 0 2
Wrath EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
1-2-1-2 test EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Aendir EU-Arak-arahm Alliance 0 1
Alliance des Seigneurs EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
aNathem EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Ars Magna EU-Arak-arahm Alliance 0 1
As you want EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Ataraxia EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Banques EU-Throk'Feroth Alliance 0 1
Beta EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Carbone XIV EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 1
Carebearos EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 1
Chroniques de Babylone EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
CNFC2 EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 1
CNFC3 EU-Arak-arahm Alliance 0 1
Compagnie Noire EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 1
Cthrag Yaska EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 1
Erymanthe EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Exil EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 1
Freedom EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 1
FreyrTest EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Graveyard EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Le Cercle du Phénix EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 1
Les Pantouflards EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 1
LES TASS DE KAEL'THAS EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
LFR EU-Throk'Feroth Alliance 0 1
Limited EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Légion Alpha EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 1
Mandragore EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Mandralolz EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
New orcs city EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 1
Nocturia EU-Arak-arahm Alliance 0 1
Noctus EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Pix Breaker EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Raid PU EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Red bulle EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 1
Relapse EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1 EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Secret Army Of Illidan EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 1
Synopsis EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Terre Natale EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
utopia EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 1
Væ Victis EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 1
Why Not EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Wicked Sick EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 1
Afflictiøn None Horde 0 0
AGGRO None Horde 0 0
Alba nova None Alliance 0 0
Alba Nova None Alliance 0 0
albanova None Alliance 0 0
Alliance Du Nord None Alliance 0 0
Alone None Alliance 0 0
Angels Wings None Horde 0 0
Apostasis None Horde 0 0
AvAloN None Alliance 0 0
Azerty None Horde 0 0
BDF None Horde 0 0
BES None Horde 0 0
betatest None Alliance 0 0
Beyond None Alliance 0 0
Bière de Légende None Alliance 0 0
Cafard d Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Cendres None Horde 0 0
Chaos Control [RG] None Horde 0 0
citybank None Horde 0 0
CM None Horde 0 0
CNFC-Nefita None Horde 0 0
Confrérie des brumes None Horde 0 0
Continuum None Alliance 0 0
Cranium Basher None Horde 0 0
Crysalide None Alliance 0 0
Crâne Ardent None Alliance 0 0
Cursed By Nature None Alliance 0 0
Cðnspiracy None Alliance 0 0
De Cape et de Crocs None Horde 0 0
Deathbringers None Alliance 0 0
Dogme None Horde 0 0
DreamSoloMid None Alliance 0 0
Duck Butter None Alliance 0 0
dust-reborn EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 0
Dustwing None Horde 0 0
Dànny Corp None Alliance 0 0
Ertai-kt EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 0
Eternalïs None Alliance 0 0
Eurekâ EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 0
Ex Nihilo None Horde 0 0
Fae None Alliance 0 0
fanätik None Horde 0 0
Fhtagn None Alliance 0 0
Fist of Sol None Horde 0 0
For The Four None Horde 0 0
Freedom None Horde 0 0
Freedom_New None Horde 0 0
FreeKill None Alliance 0 0
Funkytown None Horde 0 0
Galaxy None Horde 0 0
God of Cookery None Alliance 0 0
God Of Cookery None Alliance 0 0
Gravity Reborn None Horde 0 0
Gromkerviel None Horde 0 0
Guards Of the Purgatory None Alliance 0 0
Gun None Alliance 0 0
GødøfWar None Horde 0 0
Hartge None Horde 0 0
HBD None Horde 0 0
Holorim None Alliance 0 0
Hypo None Horde 0 0
I W I N Button None Horde 0 0
Independance None Alliance 0 0
Infamøus None Horde 0 0
Insignia None Alliance 0 0
Irr None Alliance 0 0
jens None Alliance 0 0
ka None Alliance 0 0
Kaer logs None Horde 0 0
KLB None Horde 0 0
Kwet EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 0
Kärmä None Alliance 0 0
L'Armée des morts EU-Rashgarroth Horde 0 0
leonlabifle None Horde 0 0
les chevaliers teutoniques None Alliance 0 0
Les Dingues du Doigté None Horde 0 0
Les Lapins de Lumière None Alliance 0 0
Les Lapins de Lumière None Alliance 0 0
Les Larmes de Mathystra None Alliance 0 0
Les loutres en folie None Horde 0 0
Limited None Alliance 0 0
Limited None Alliance 0 0
Mael EU-Rashgarroth Alliance 0 0
Magicarpe None Alliance 0 0
Mandragore None Horde 0 0
Melchiorite None Alliance 0 0
Mine None Alliance 0 0
mixe au pex club None Horde 0 0
Morga EU-Arak-arahm Horde 0 0
Måjestic None Horde 0 0
Nerfs None Horde 0 0
no fear no pain None Alliance 0 0
No Fear No Pain None Alliance 0 0
No GM Found None Alliance 0 0
No GM Found None Alliance 0 0
No Strat None Horde 0 0
nofearnopain None Alliance 0 0
Noopy None Horde 0 0
North and South None Alliance 0 0
Northmen None Horde 0 0
Northmen None Horde 0 0
Northmen None Horde 0 0
Nÿssa None Horde 0 0
ohana789 None Horde 0 0
olarys None Horde 0 0
Olympe None Alliance 0 0
oOoo None Horde 0 0
Ordo ad Chao None Horde 0 0
OrdoAdChao None Horde 0 0
Ordre des samaritains None Alliance 0 0
Ordre des samaritains None Alliance 0 0
Ordre des Samaritains None Alliance 0 0
ordre du feu d argent None Alliance 0 0
Orient None Horde 0 0
Original EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 0
Penumbra None Horde 0 0
PowéPD EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 0
Projet Arak None Alliance 0 0
Prémium None Alliance 0 0
Psychoclan None Alliance 0 0
PUmouth None Horde 0 0
relapse None Horde 0 0
Relapse None Horde 0 0
Relapse None Horde 0 0
Renatûs None Alliance 0 0
Renatûs-R2 None Alliance 0 0
Replaÿ None Horde 0 0
Requîem None Horde 0 0
reroll/pu None Horde 0 0
Revelation None Horde 0 0
Révolution None Horde 0 0
Sakifo None Horde 0 0
Scorpzz None Horde 0 0
Second Souffle None Alliance 0 0
Second Souffle None Alliance 0 0
See Pex end Sum None Alliance 0 0
SeePex None Alliance 0 0
Segpa None Horde 0 0
Seigneurs de Guerre None Alliance 0 0
Self Report None Horde 0 0
Sequence None Alliance 0 0
Serenìty None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Brothers None Alliance 0 0
Shoot again None Horde 0 0
Show Time None Alliance 0 0
Show Time None Alliance 0 0
Show Time None Alliance 0 0
Sigh None Alliance 0 0
Sionne's guild None Horde 0 0
Skylaw None Horde 0 0
Skyline None Horde 0 0
So Serious EU-Kael'thas Alliance 0 0
Sons of Khaleesi None Alliance 0 0
Spam None Horde 0 0
SPES None Alliance 0 0
Stratics None Horde 0 0
Stratics None Horde 0 0
Stratics None Horde 0 0
Stratics None Horde 0 0
sugatalogs None Alliance 0 0
Synopsÿs None Alliance 0 0
Taba Da Guel EU-Throk'Feroth Horde 0 0
Tenoobrae None Alliance 0 0
Tenoobrae M None Alliance 0 0
Tep None Horde 0 0
The AdVent None Horde 0 0
The Brewers None Alliance 0 0
The End None Horde 0 0
The Last Day None Alliance 0 0
THE OVERPOWERED GOD EU-Kael'thas Horde 0 0
The Saviors None Alliance 0 0
TheAdVent None Horde 0 0
Toutdansledps None Horde 0 0
Tronoob None Alliance 0 0
tropnoob None Alliance 0 0
try addon + logs None Alliance 0 0
Umbra Invictus None Horde 0 0
Undying Priests None Horde 0 0
Unholy None Horde 0 0
United PVE None Horde 0 0
Vaapad None Alliance 0 0
Vox Concordia None Alliance 0 0
Zog Zog and Co None Horde 0 0
ølympe None Alliance 0 0
ølympe None Alliance 0 0
Øutlaw None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

A G G R O, Ab Nihilo, ABS, academy, Academy, Ad Astra, Ad Astra, Ad Astra, Ad Astra, Ad vitam æternam, adeptes de deathwing, Adventurers, Aendir, AFK roulage, AFK Roulage, AFK Roulage, Agan, Agence thurisque, Agence thurisque, AGGRO, AIME QUAND CA REBONDIT, aimnoob, Aione, Akatsükï, Akâtsuki, Akäkatsuki, Alba Nova, Alba Nova, Alba Nova, Alba Nova, AlbaNova, Alkiane, All Shall Fall, All Shall Fall, Alliance des seigneurs, Alliance du nord, Alone, Alone, alpha legion, Altheriane, Ambre, Ambre, Ambre - Rashgarroth, Ambre@Rash, Anagora, Anarchÿ, Ancestrale, Answer, Antares, Antistratics, Apathy, Apologize, Apostasis, Aqua Taluta, Argh argh argh, Armonie, Arés, Asgard, Assassins, Ataraxia, Aurora Chapter, Aurora Chapter, Authority, Avalanche, Avalon, Avalon, AvAloN, Avalon - Rashgarroth, Avestia, Baccante log's, Bad Weather, Bash, Believe, Beta2, betatest, Beyond, bibi, blackøut, Blackøut, Blackøut, blank, Blessed And Cursed, Blind Pact, Blind Pact, Bloody Tearz, Bloody Tearz, Bloody Tearz, Bloody Tearz BT, Bolderiz, BrainBuster, BurgerLégion, BurgerLégion, C XiV, Cafard d Azeroth, Cafard d'Azeroth, Call the nurses, Carbone, Carbone XIV, Carbone XV, Carbone-14, Celestial, cendres, Cendres, Cercle infini, Cercle Infini, ChaosLegion, chaøs, Chaøs, Cheat Squad, CheatSquad*, Check Raise, Check Raise, Check Raise, CheeseCake, Chevaliers d'Enkidiev, Chocobo lover, chrOme, Chroniques de Babylon, Chuck Norris fan Club, Citius Altius Fortius, citybank, clan aesir, Clando, CNFC, CNFC2, Compagnie Noire, Constellation, Continium Shift , Continum, ContreVent, Coq la Kour, Coquille, Craggan, crazy cows, Croisade, Croisade, Crossroads, Crysalide, dada, Dani, Danse avec les nains, Dark Council, Dark Influence, Dark Rising, Dark Rising, Darkover Pink, dasdsadasd, Deathbringers, Deathbringers, Deathbringers, Deep Poet Society, Deep Poet Society, Deep Poet Society, Despair, Despair, Dextra Vindictae, Dextra Vindictae, Disciples de St Gunthar, Dom Col, Dommage Collatéral, Doom Blood, Doom Bringers, Doom Bringers Sunriders, Doom Heaven, doom2, dragon child, Dream, Dream, DREAM, Dream Theater, Dune, Duplow, Dust Reborn, Dust Reborn, Dux Bellorum, Dwradff, Earendel's Dummyz, Earth, Guilde and Fire, Easy Mode, Easy mode-, Easy wipe, Easy Wipe, Easy Wipe, eclipz, Eclypse, Eclypse, Edhrintests, Einherjar, Einherjar, eKimoz, Ekimoz, Ekimoz, EkimoZ, Elysion, enjoy2, Enjøy, Entropie, EoL, Equinøxe, Equinøxe, Erymanthe, Erymanthe, Erymanthe, Erymanthe, EST UN SUPER SAYAN IRL , eternalisbis, Etherium, A G G R O, A Mort Les Bûcherons, Ab Nihilø, Academy, Adjaydjay, Afk Raid, After Life, Arkenstone, armagenoob, armaguedon, Armé de Cthulhu, Assassins, Avalanche, Aware, Bank of Boumeinstein, Bankounette and Co, Banned, Battle Corporation, Big Bang wow, Bleed It Out, Blessed and Cursed, Blood Warriors, Bloody Tearz, BonneBalle Revolution, Bourrins in action, bricabrak, Brutal Spartiate, Celestial, Coma Hydraulique, Coquille, crédit agricole, Danse Avec les Nains, DekThar, Dess neh, DreaMteaM, Eclypse, Ecole du micro d argent, El Reproductors, Enjøy, Equilibrium, Eragon, fantatitude, Feisty Cadavers, Fell legenD, Fen Yu, Fondation Mir, Freak Me Out, Garde la Pèche, Gayriers, génome X, Hell SpawnZ, History, Howling Skulls, Hypèrion, Illuminasphère, IlluZiøN, Impulse, In Big Tasty We Trust, IN TARTIFLETTE WE TRUST, Is A Pwny, jackdaniel, jimetmania, Kill On Sight, L armée Des Morts, L armée des ténèbres, La Cuvée des Trolls, La Gouleyante Chopine, La Horde de Sang, La Maison de la Bière, La team a Jojo, Le Conclâve des Ombres, Le Vaudou Minuscule, Les Chtis Aventuriers, Les dames du lac, Les Déboîtés du Bocal, les eternelles, LES GLADIATEURS, les Guerrier d excalibur, Les Horde Killeur, Les Joyeux Loufoques, Les passagers du vent, Les patates de la mørt, Les Roses, les tueurs de la horde, Les Têtes à Claques, Les yeux de l ombre, Lethal Weapon, LF Glad, Lord, Lord Scarab, Lunae Lumen, Menzo, Mi loup mimolette, Miss Camping, MythoLand, Métal Hurlant, Nakenax, Naturelle, New Hope, Nocturia, Nornes, Odyssée, OM Nom Nom Nom, OnVientDuSud, Oo Pandora oO, Ouikinis, Outer Heaven, Panthéøn, Parias VodkaPastaga, Petons, PGM, Pick Up Deluxe, pourquoi pas ce soir, Renaissance du Phoenix, Ring Of Chaos, RIP, Secret Army Of Illidan, Sekhmet, Sen No Kage, shoot again, Silver dragons legion, Sons Of Phuket, spiritus, SwissBank, Symphony, Sørøw, Tate mon bambou, team Downdays, The Blacks Blades, The Jungle Book, The Last Day, The Legend, The WarlOrds, Therapy, This is for us, Têtes de Mule, Undying Priests, Utopia, Vagabond des Limbes, vindictâ, Ward, Weird, Wise, Worth it, ßlade Wækxs, Ðeities, Ðèrñïër Säcrëmëñt, ØneShot, Abysse, Affluentia, Afk Comédie, Alba Nova, Alliance des Seigneurs, Alliance Du Nord, Amethyst, Amicitia, Amundi, Anges Déchus, Anonymous, Apøcalypse, AquaPoney, Ark Clockwork, Armée des ombres, AvAloN, Bad Faith, BadAss Qui Parait, Baldrik family, Bank FMI, bankopolis, Banlieue IF, Banque Hpals et Ikabal, Basterds, Be Happy Be Peon, Belissandres, BetaTest, Beyond, Bob s Bank, Break Stuff, BreakingBâd, Breizh Drunkers, Brigade Anti Geek, Brutalis, Cadavres Exquis, Check le lapin rose, CHERCHE PAS TU ES FAIBLE, Chipper, chrOme, Coeur de Bling, Cool Mint, Crew Stibatt, Croisade, D K P, daghe münegu, DANSE LA TECKTONIK, Dark Owl, Dark Rising, Darklight, Death and Strawberry, Decadence, Destiny Of Heroes, dioscures, Division Zéro, Dommage Collatéral, Dota Eat All, Draw, Dønt Touch, Eclipse Foundation, Eclipz, Egérie, Endless Legend, Errauts, Escouade de la Mort, est un poulpe IRL, est un reroll, Eternalis, Etherna, Euphorïa, Evidence, Existenz, Exitium, Explicit, Faravisa, Feint, Fhtagn, Fist of Sol, Fleur du mal, For the four, Forces du Malt, Fox, Freedom, Friends For Sale, galaxy, Genese, Ghayã angels, Ghost, Gnomeregan, Golden Legion, GoN SpiriT, Grandmalade, Graveyard, Gåme Øver, Hardmod slackerZ, Haïku, Heaven, Heresy, Holorim, Hordass, Horde Controle, Horde mon slip, Hyperiøm, Hélyx, Illicites, illuZiøN, Independance, Infamous, Infinity, Inglorious, Ingrid, Irr, Its over nine thousand, Jamaicans Girlz, JTEHMMM, Just Joke, kael thas killeur, KaNiBaLs, Kazual, Kill or Kiss, Kings of Mojito, Klone, Knight Shift, Krãken, l ombre de la mort, La Bande a PIcsou RP INC, La Banque Du Soleil, La dinde au Whisky, La Pierre Ider, La Toura, Lamicheteam, Le chant de l eau, Le Lys d Argent, le lys doré, le volontaire du huit, Legends, Legionary, Les Crocs Divins, Les Daikens, Les dragons de kaelthas, Les Fiers à Repasser, Les Loups Célestes, Les Loutres en Folie, Les Loutres Sauvages, Les Naarus, Les Nainsaisisables, Les Necros, Les Phénix, Les Pizza Yolo, Les Poupons Sauvages, Les PU, Les péons, Les Roxxors Masqués, Les sans guildes fixes, Les Zincs, Liste Noire, Lord Of Cataclysm, Love team, lumière célèste, Légende, Løk Tar, Malédictis, Marcel Tuning Team, Margouillat, Metal Hurlant, MetalGamesSolid, Meule Zem All, Milenas, Myth, Naala, NeedPO, Never Raid Over, Never Say Nø To Panda, Nitrox, No 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