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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Baum EU-Teldrassil Horde 10 592
Bad Moon EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 364
Aeon EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 234
LordAerons Erben EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 128
Syriana None Alliance 0 117
Pech und Schwefel EU-Perenolde Horde 0 114
Ali's Log EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 107
Die Todesengel None Alliance 0 97
Beschützer von Darnassus EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 81
AnsRnd EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 80
The Spirit of Storm EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 61
Lords of Revenge EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 60
Sign EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 57
All Quest for Fun EU-Perenolde Horde 0 45
AllQuestforFun EU-Perenolde Horde 0 45
Moriatiee EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 44
Die gefallenen Engel EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 40
Horizon EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 29
Interaptus Angeli EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 27
Ascension EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 24
Circle of Friends EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 23
Lokis Erben EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 23
Total Annihilation EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 22
smurfattack EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 21
Salu Logs EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 19
Nôôp Gimbas EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 16
Doom Guard EU-Perenolde Horde 0 15
We are the last in line EU-Perenolde Horde 0 15
Synergy EU-Perenolde Horde 0 13
Bellthane EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 12
Dominion EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 12
no chance EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 12
Cotn_Söhne EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 11
No Guild EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 11
Schnuff EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 11
Angels of Destruction EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 10
Compañeros EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 10
Kreuzritter EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 10
Epic Dreams EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 9
HvA EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 9
infused EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 9
Tweety Inc EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 9
Infernales EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 8
Preachers Choice EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 8
Bad Moon 2 EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 7
Kernferkel EU-Perenolde Horde 0 7
Sinister EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 7
EDL EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 6
Ex Ungue Leonem EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 6
Ich sehe tote Allies EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 6
Oni EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 6
Audiolicious EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 5
Das Schwarze Heer EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 5
Laku´s Logs EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 5
Lightbringers Destiny EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 5
MottGuild EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 5
Schall und Rauch(SuR) EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 5
Bliblablub EU-Perenolde Horde 0 4
Die Kuschler (10ner Raid) EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 4
eVolution EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 4
Infernales EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 4
PULSE EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 4
The Forsaken EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 4
xtreme EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 4
Ambassadors of Moonlight EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Ascension EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Bellazone EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 3
blabla EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 3
Blubb EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 3
chodahafez EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 3
Die Kuschler EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Ehrengarde von Beltain EU-Perenolde Horde 0 3
LDK EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Pandaria EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 3
Signum EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Back to Life EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 2
Beschützer des Lichts EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 2
Blacklist EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 2
Cryptic EU-Perenolde Horde 0 2
Deal with it EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Demented Aggression EU-Perenolde Horde 0 2
Die Schattenwölfe EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
FreundeRaid EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Full Tilt EU-Perenolde Horde 0 2
Garde EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Gilden Kölsch EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 2
Haus Baratheon EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 2
Heiliger Orden Azeroths EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Kammerjäger EU-Perenolde Horde 0 2
Kammerjäger 10er EU-Perenolde Horde 0 2
Schmerzbringer EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 2
the last stand EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
The Last Stand EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
XXV EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
XY EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
absinth EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 1
Angels of Immortalis EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
blades of insanity EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Chaos EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Chaos (upload Alturiak) EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Chaos Force EU-Perenolde Horde 0 1
Cold as Ice EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Deus ex Machina EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Die Prallen Pizzabäcker EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Dominion EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Einhorn EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Focused EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Gilden KÖLSCH EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
I Avalanche I EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Infernales EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Killing Mr. B. EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Licht-Raid EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Los Conquistadores EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Metus EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Narrenkind EU-Perenolde Horde 0 1
Owntvetc. EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Para Bellum EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Periculum EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
Proteus EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Purity - Grp Blue EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
REQUIEM EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
RNG EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
RoacheS EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Rubbish EU-Perenolde Horde 0 1
Secu´s EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Senzhu's Logs EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 1
sign-gleitung EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 1
Terro lo Shando EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Theoryy EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Unreachable Eternity EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Symphony None Horde 0 0
25er HC None Alliance 0 0
A Song of Wipe and Fail None Alliance 0 0
Abraxxas None Alliance 0 0
Absinth None Horde 0 0
Ad Astra None Alliance 0 0
Airbeat Army None Alliance 0 0
all quest for fun None Horde 0 0
Amarok EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 0
Amicita vincit horas None Alliance 0 0
Angels and Demons None Alliance 0 0
Angels of Destruction None Horde 0 0
Angels of Immortals None Alliance 0 0
Ascension None Alliance 0 0
Ashes of Phoenix None Horde 0 0
Aventuris None Alliance 0 0
BackToLife None Horde 0 0
Bad Company Ltd None Alliance 0 0
Be Bad None Alliance 0 0
Bewahrer der Feendrachen None Alliance 0 0
Beyond Heaven and Hell None Alliance 0 0
Blacksunrise None Horde 0 0
Blood Diamonds None Alliance 0 0
Blood Diamonds None Alliance 0 0
Blutsbrüder None Horde 0 0
BTL None Horde 0 0
Buchhalter des Siechtums None Horde 0 0
Buchhalter des Siechtums None Horde 0 0
Buchhalter des Siechtums 2 None Horde 0 0
Buchhalter des Siechtums 3 None Horde 0 0
BWK None Alliance 0 0
Chaos 10er None Alliance 0 0
Core None Alliance 0 0
Cruel Fate None Alliance 0 0
Cruel Fate None Alliance 0 0
CryBaby None Alliance 0 0
C|Treffgarnix's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dabori None Alliance 0 0
Das Himmelfahrtskommando None Alliance 0 0
Der tote Kreuzzug None Alliance 0 0
Destroyer None Alliance 0 0
Die Ritter des Löwen None Alliance 0 0
Die Schädelsammler EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 0
Die Sternenritter None Alliance 0 0
Die Todesengel2 None Alliance 0 0
Dogma None Alliance 0 0
Dogma/Femaref None Alliance 0 0
Drachenwächter EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 0
Drakonische Maßnahmen None Alliance 0 0
Eat moar Brainz None Alliance 0 0
Ehre und Stärke None Alliance 0 0
Elysium None Alliance 0 0
Erben von Hyjal None Alliance 0 0
Fakeguild None Alliance 0 0
FlyHigh None Alliance 0 0
Flying Circus None Alliance 0 0
Focused Ion Beam None Alliance 0 0
Freunde Pandaria None Alliance 0 0
Gefährten None Alliance 0 0
Gefährten None Alliance 0 0
Ghost Stance None Horde 0 0
Gilden Kölsch None Alliance 0 0
High Tension None Alliance 0 0
Hurra None Alliance 0 0
Ich sehe tote Allies 2 None Horde 0 0
In Veritas None Alliance 0 0
infused None Alliance 0 0
Infînîtý None Horde 0 0
Inner Sanctum None Horde 0 0
Jäger und Sammler None Alliance 0 0
Kammerjaeger None Horde 0 0
Kernferkel None Horde 0 0
Khargorlogs None Alliance 0 0
Killing MrB 2 None Alliance 0 0
Kreuzritter None Alliance 0 0
Last Crusade None Horde 0 0
Legacy of Thrall None Horde 0 0
Lingua Morits None Alliance 0 0
Lingua Mortis None Alliance 0 0
Loony None Alliance 0 0
Malfurions Erben None Alliance 0 0
Meine None Alliance 0 0
Memento Mori None Alliance 0 0
Memento Mori None Alliance 0 0
MoPBeta None Alliance 0 0
möp None Alliance 0 0
Nao Ci EU-Teldrassil Alliance 0 0
New Horizon None Alliance 0 0
Nosce te ipsum None Alliance 0 0
Obscura Luna None Alliance 0 0
OMG I CANT MOVE None Alliance 0 0
Owl´s are bigger than the universe! Or? None Alliance 0 0
Pandaria2 None Alliance 0 0
Particulate Cupiditas None Alliance 0 0
Piratengang None Alliance 0 0
Piratengang None Alliance 0 0
Pony Slaystation None Horde 0 0
Pony Slaystation None Horde 0 0
Powered by Schneesturm None Alliance 0 0
premium abo None Alliance 0 0
PUGOMAJSTRY EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 0
Pulse & Friends None Alliance 0 0
Purity None Alliance 0 0
Purity None Alliance 0 0
RafX None Horde 0 0
Reunited None Alliance 0 0
Rubbish None Horde 0 0
Rubbish None Horde 0 0
Saxonia Tavern None Alliance 0 0
Schmerzbringer None Alliance 0 0
Schwarzer Phönix None Alliance 0 0
Seraphix' Logs None Alliance 0 0
Shadow None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Fighter EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 0
Shinsosguild None Horde 0 0
SignB2B None Horde 0 0
Sodalis None Alliance 0 0
Steelvipers None Horde 0 0
SuiKom Inc None Alliance 0 0
Swat der Allianz None Alliance 0 0
Synergy None Horde 0 0
test EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
TEST None Alliance 0 0
Test 123 None Horde 0 0
Thats why None Alliance 0 0
The Gamer of Destruction None Alliance 0 0
The Last Stand 2 None Alliance 0 0
The Legends of Azeroth None Horde 0 0
The Old Souls None Alliance 0 0
The Rat Pack | Kanji None Alliance 0 0
thelegendsofwow None Alliance 0 0
To Be Honest None Horde 0 0
Todesengel None Alliance 0 0
Toxxi None Alliance 0 0
Toxxic Innocence None Alliance 0 0
Tresorbande None Alliance 0 0
Typhóón None Alliance 0 0
Ultraviolett None Alliance 0 0
Unicorns EU-Teldrassil Horde 0 0
unique None Alliance 0 0
Verrückt aber Glücklich None Horde 0 0
VvJ None Alliance 0 0
Waldorf & Statler None Alliance 0 0
We-Fail None Alliance 0 0
Weil ichs kann None Horde 0 0
wHipe EU-Perenolde Alliance 0 0
Wickd None Alliance 0 0
Wipers None Alliance 0 0
Wolfstränen None Alliance 0 0
Wächter der Horde None Alliance 0 0
XXV None Alliance 0 0
XXV None Alliance 0 0
XXV None Alliance 0 0
zim goes random None Alliance 0 0
| Kanji | None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

! Avalanche ! , 10er of doom, 10ner Asc Raid, 4.1.0, >guildname<, A Terrible nice Family, Aahz, Addictive, Addictive, Adventure, Aequinox, agony, Agony, Agony, Agony Twink Raid, Alive, All Quest for Fun, All Quest for Fun, Alt Alliance Raids, Amarth, Amunteb, aMur, Angels of Dawn, Annunaki, Another cold Day, Anubis Schuldeintreiber, Aquitas, Archetype, Ariastus, Art of Gaming, as one, Asc II, Ascension, Ascension/RG Invictus, Asgards Garde, ASGARDS GARDE, Ashes of Phoenix, AshesofPhoenix, Astoria, Avari, Avatárok, Aventuris, Azeroths Weltenbummler, Azukay, Bad Company, Bad Company, badabum, Badabum, Bande, bar_wcr, Beautiful Pain, Beautiful Pain , Berserker Inc., Beschützer des Lichts, Beschützer v. Darnassus, Beschützer von Darnassus, Better Class of Criminal, Better Class Of Criminal, bi, BirdsOfFire, Black Discordia, Black Rose, Blacksunrise, BlackSunrise, BlackSunrise, blades of insanity, Blasphemy, Bloody Heaven, Bloody Heaven, blub, Blumenmafia, Broken Silence, Brotherhood, BTLwhite, Bund der Weltenwächter, canceled area, Canceled Area, Canceled Area, chanalaldang, Chaos, Chaos Y Diversion, Chaos Y Dîversion, Chapter Two, Chapter Two, Children of odin, Chimera, Chimera , Clan of Sultans, Clan of Sultans, Clear Stream, Cohesion, cohors praetoria spei, Collateral, Compañeros, Confusion, Corso per Gloria, CranyZeugs, Creeping Death, Crithappens, Crossroads of Time, Cruxalao, CryBaby, CryBaby, CryBaby, Cryptic, Cryptic, Cryptic Carnage, CréwofAssássín, Câssian, darkmondz, Das Himmelsfahrtkommando, Das Schwarze Heer, Das Schwarze Heer, Daywalker, Deeply Disturbed, Der Gerät wiped nicht, Der Loch, Der Loch, Der Orden der Allianz, Der Schwarm, Der Untergrund, Der Zorn der Wölfe, Destroyer, Destynes Childs, Devils Touch, Diabolus 1. stam, Diabolus Raid2, Die Angelsachsen, Die Aufrechten, Die Bankster, Die Bumbels, Die Bösen Alten, Die Cherokees, Die Erben von Lordaeron, Die Freizeitvernichter, Die gefallenen Engel, Die gefallenen Engel, Die Goldenen Riemen, Die Hand Gottes, Die Hard, Die Hüter, Die Kuschler 2, Die Kuschler3, Die Macht der Allianz, Die Nachtraben, Die Nachtraben, Die Nachtraben, die Pilger, Die Planlosen, Die Schattenwölfe, Die schwarzen Soldaten, Die Todesengel, Die Todesreiter, Die Todesreiter, Die Todesreiter + Shadow Cronicles, Die wilden Nörds, Die Wächter des Grals, Die Wächter des Grals, digitiert zu Hogger, Disorder, Divine, Divine, Divine Vengeance, Dominatio, Drachenclan, Drachenlanze, Drachenwacht, draco, Draco, Dragonwarriors, E2E, Eclipse, Effs, efka, Ehrengarde von Beltain, Ehrengarde von Beltain, EhreUndStärke, Eifel, Elendora, Elite des Lichtes, Elite des Phoenix, Elite des Phönix, Endboss-Töter, Engel of Fire, Epic Dreams, Epic Dreams, EpiCa, A Song of Wipe and Fail, Aequo animo, Aeternítas, Affen mit Waffen, Amazonen der Allianz, Ambassadors of Moonlight, Amicitia vincit horas, And Justice for All, Angels, Archen, Ascension, AZNMSK, Azshara Down, BANKCLAN, Blumenmädchen AG, Blutroter Sturm, BoostHelp, BreakingDawn, Brigade der Dämmerung, Chaos, Chaosbrigade, creatures of the night, D r a c h e n w a c h t, Dark Voodoo Project, Das Rudel, Dawn of Light, Dei ex unitas, Die Erben von Hyjal, Die Liga der Assassinen, Die Nachtraben, Die Spätzle Gang, Die Sturmkrieger, Die Templer, Die Todesengel, Dominion, Drachenlanze, DragonRiders, Du nicht nehmen Kerze, DWK Die Legende, Dêath Angêls, Elite des Lichtes, Elite des Phoenix, epoch, erste bankchar gilde, Exil, Fist of Zen, Focused, fresh and tight, Freunde, Furias, Fusselz, Garde der Drachen, Guild of Psychos, Hartz IV, Hearts of Iron, Heiliger Orden Azeroths, Herren von Avalon, Ice Dragons, IchWolltEinmalCoolSein, ImMørtaLs, Incende Quod Adorasti, insomniac, Into The Dark, ist afk, KaTet der Neunzehn, Kernferkel, KGIA, Killing MrBigglesworth, Knochenbrecher Brigade, Knochenbrecher Brigarde, Kraft der Pinien, Kräuterstube, La Amicale, League of Legends, Legend of Heroes, Legion der Narren, Light of Ðestruction, Lightbringers Destiny, Lilalux, LostSouls, Malfurions Erben, Marga Jäger, MKaY, Numeri, Oldschool uníted, OMG LASERGUNS PHEW PHEW, para bellum, Pave Low, Pech und Schwefel, Pest und Çholera, Pfennigfuchs, Pina Colada, Power of Darkness, Preachers Choice, Proteus, Real and Coorperated, Reforged, renn weiter ich drop nix, Rheinfels Orden, Ritter des Abendsterns, Ritter von Ateroth, Rubbish, Rudel, Rächer der Verlorenen, Saints Guardians, Sanktejo Diablo, Saphir Charity, Save, SolidCore, Soulbound, Soulreapers, Spunky INC, Stern der Allianz, SWAT der Allianz, Syndikat der Legion, Synergy, Tauren von Donnerfels, Tequíla Splash, The Gamer of Destruction, The Gladìators, The Last Revolutions, The Last Stand, The Unknown Warriors, TheBlackAngels, Tracium, Tweety Inc, Twitch TV Leondras, Two and a Half Gnomes, Ultima, Unikum, Vegan my Ass, Vendetta, Why dont you get a Job, Wings of the Wind, Wolves of Darkness, Wolves of Light, Wotans Erben, XXV, Zahnarzt, Zirkel des Grauens, Agmen Novissimum, Airbeat Army, AlliSafari, Angels on Rampage, Anhänger des Cenarius, any given monday, Autogramme gibts später, Aventuris, AWESOME PPL ONLY, Back To Life, Bank and Trading Inc, Bank Group e V, Begleiter von Tinwe, Better Class of Criminal, BlackDragòn, Blacklist, Blacknights Legion, Blanco Guerras, Bluemoon, BluntmanAndChronic, Blutige Klauen, Brothers Keepers, Buchhalter des Siechtums, Carnivora, Casuals, Chaos Administration, Chapter Two, Childrens Of Lordaeron, Chodahafez, Confusion, CooL story Bro, CritHappens, CTD, D r a c h e n w a c h t, Dark and Twisted, Dark Force, Dark Fusion, Darkraiders, Darkshadow, DarkShadowFighter, Darkside Twinks, Das Schwarze Heer, Deadly, Deadly Nighthawks, Death Area, Deatheater, Debuff Inc, Denk dir einen aus, Der Untergrund, Die gefallenen Engel, Die Gute Allianz, Die Ritter des Lichts, Die Rächer der Horde, Die Scheinheiligen, Die Todesreiter, Die TROLLigen, Drachenwacht, dragonsfire, Dreamline, Eichhörnchenimtodeskampf, Elite Allianz, Excidium, Exil, eXiles, eXistenZ, Exordium, Faceburner, FaCeMeLtOrS, FiatLux, Flamme von Azeroth, Frozen Skulls, Fusselköppe, Gank me if u CAN, gefangene Seelen, Geh weida I drop nüx, Geld regiert die Welt, Gildenboni, Gold Rogers, Guardian Angel Crew, Guffel Fighters, Gummy Bär Crew, Gute Freunde der Horde, Handtaschenstapler, Haus Baratheon, Heart of the Cross, Helden ausverkauft, Helden der eisigen Winde, Heon, Heroes of Azeroth, HIT ME I LOVE WORLD PVP, Hollo Pollo, Horde Undercover, Horrorhumpen, I Break ya I Break ya, Immortal Spirit, Infernales, Inkassobüro UC, Ise Bank GmbH, JellyMidiBank, Jesus had a Soulstone, Kompetenzteam Teldrassil, Konzil, Kreuzritter, Kult der Kekse, Legion der Unsterblichen, Lehman Brothers, LOA Twinks, Lord óf War, Lords of Chaos, Made my Day, Mampfrausch, Martia Victris, mata aimashô, MAUVAIS GARCONS, Mental Decay, Metal Heads, Minions of Darkness, Miracle Wipe, MisterLady, Money, Moonlight Garde, Moonrise, Mystic Light, Mythos, Namida, New Horizon, Nightbrokers, nimm an is safe, Ninja Turtles, Novum, now we have the salad, Nymphomaniacs, Nèvermind, Omaticaya, omnia sol temperat, onegoldenpls, Orden des Paladin, Para bellum, Paradise Lost, Piratengang, player at work, Popoclub, Rapid, Relentless Assault, Remember, Renegades, Requiem of Souls, Restart Reloaded, Ritter des Drachenorden, Ruhrpott, Ruination, Rächer von der Horde, SammelBank, Saxonia Tavern, Schall und Rauch, Schatten der Horde, Scheckcard, Schmerzbringer, Schnuff, Seniorenstift Stratholme, Serium, Server Off, Shadow Fighters, Siger, Sign Of The Cross, Sleeping Knights, SoKo Gnomeregan, Special Force, Stormwinders, Sîlence, Tauriels Liga, Teldrassils Legenden, Terrasus Exitus, The Crew of Kíllers, The Dark Phoenix, The Devil Ducks, The Golden Dragons, THE KNIGHTS OF THE CROSS, The Legends of Azeroth, The Legion of Honour, The Real Derp, TheDarkKillers, Thunderstruck, Tod, Tol Galad, Torchwood, Total Annihilation, TwoOrcsOneCup, UndDasUndSo, United Banks of Azeroth, United League, Unskilled, Uthers Kämpfer, Victory not Vengeance, Vive la Revolution, Vom Wolfsclan, We Arr Pirates, Wechsel Stube, Wipers, Wishkey udn Dschin, WOW IS A HELL OF A DRUG, Wucherbank GmbH, Wächter der Dämmerung, Wächter von Orgrimmar, Ômînös, Evolution, Ewige Helden, Ewige Helden, ex cinere, Ex Ungue Leonem, eXanimalis, Excalibur, Exceeding, Exceeding, Exordium, Exordium, Exordium, F E A R L E S S, faculty, Faenwulf, Faith in Elysium, FallenAngels, family affair, FB, Fenrïr, Fidelity Souls, Fidelity Souls, Fidelity Souls, Fidelity Souls, Fidelity Souls, Fidelity Souls, Fighting Irish, Final Evolution, FinalFantasy, Flames of Phoenix, Flaming Darkness, Flying Circus, Fogmasterm, Fogmasterm, force vive, Foxxy, Fresh & Tight, Freunde, Freunde-Raid, friends, FS, Full Tilt, Fusshupen, Garde der Drachen, Garde der Drachen, Geh weida I drop nüx!, Ghost Raiders , Gilden Kölsch, Gnomeregan, Grande Mezzo, Grande Mezzo, Grüne Drachen Allstars, Guardian Angel Crew, Guild of Gods, Guild of Gods, Guild of Gods, Guildless, Guilty Innocence, Gòng, Hans, Heartbeat, Heavenly, Heavenly, Hedi stats, Heiliges Syndikat, Hells Gnomes, Hernando, Herren von Avalon, Hidi´slogg, Hightimes, Honest Adventurers, hähnchen, Héros de la Taverne, Hüter der Erde, I Avalanche I, Illuminati, Illustris et Obscura, Illustris et Obscura, immori, Immortal Legendz, impedia, impress, In My Memory, In Panic, Incompetent Minions, Infective, Infectum, Infernales, InfernalesQ, infernatwink3, Inflexibilis Voluntas, Infused, Infused, Infused Casualraid, Infâmous, Instant Down, intent, Invictus, Invictus, IsnosVersuche, IustusPriv, jlj, KalaTosch, Kammerjäger, Kanji, Kanji, Kanji, Kanji - Savanake, Kasilog, KEG, Kernferkel, Kernferkel, Kernschrott, kidd, Kidewa, Killing MrB, Kinder des Lichts, Kinder des Lichts, Kinder des Wahnsinns, KnochenbrecherBrigarde, Kreuzritter, Käsekuchen, Königsklasse, Leech of Legends, Legenden der Nacht, Legends of Azeroth, Legends of Destiny, Legion der Flamme, Legion V, Leibgarde des Königs, Les Tchoupoz, Light of Darkness, Lilalu, Lingua Mortis, Lingua Mortis, Lithic´s Logs, Loktar Ogar, Loktar Ogar, lol nubbs, Lords of Destiny, Lords of Ownage, LostBoys, maaarf, Macabre, Malfurions Erben, Man O War, Mango, Marktschreier, Marvulon, MeinZ, Melissa, Memento Mori, Metal Liberty, Metal Liberty, Metal Liberty, Metal-Liberty, mgr1, mightyNoobs, MinusDKP, Miracle Wipe, Mitternacht, Mondgarde, Mondgarde, moppelgewoppel, mortal, Mortal, Mortal, Mortal, MyLo, MyOwnGuild, Myrien, Mýstik, Nachtraben, Nagso, ncNx, Nemetonia, Nerd go casual, nerds go casual, Nerds go casual, Nerds go casual, Nerds go casual, NGC, Nighthunters, Nightstalker, Nipe, nix, Not a Real Guild, Novum, Novum, Novum, NurMalSo, Omaticaya, OnMyOwn, Opportunity, orden des lichts, orden des lichts, Orden des Lichts, Orden des Lichts, Orden des Paladin, Pandaria, Pandaria, Pandaria, Pandoria, para Bellum, Para bellum 2. 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