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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Blacklisted EU-Moonglade Horde 10 17
GW-Gaming EU-Moonglade Horde 5 5
Slayers of God EU-Moonglade Horde 2 75
Avalanche EU-Moonglade Alliance 2 12
Soloss le 10e EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 1 123
Obscure EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 280
Sufficiently Adequate EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 237
Dark Glare EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 153
Unbroken EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 117
Heads of the Hydra EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 113
Immortalis EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 110
Enklawa EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 98
Seers of War EU-Moonglade Horde 0 95
Emergence None Horde 0 94
Daybreak EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 75
Aspects EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 40
Carried by Gamon EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 38
Sworn EU-Moonglade Horde 0 35
Drama Theory EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 28
SlyoneLogs EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 27
Independent None Alliance 0 26
test logs None Alliance 0 25
Indomitable EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 24
Alts of Awesome EU-Moonglade Horde 0 21
MEMORIESCRAFT EU-Moonglade Horde 0 19
Good Fortune EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 18
Ad Interim EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 17
15th Dusk EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 16
Asylum EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 16
Forged Through War EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 14
Voiraraids EU-Moonglade Horde 0 14
Karkaras EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 11
Any Means Necessary EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 10
Toxic EU-Moonglade Horde 0 10
Xanmeron EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 10
Ebon Flame EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 9
Wei Wu Wei EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 9
Alter Ego EU-Moonglade Horde 0 8
Asylum minions None Alliance 0 8
Hashtag Swaggins EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 8
Obscenity EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 8
Sane and Competent EU-Moonglade Horde 0 8
The Eighth Aspect EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 8
Team Epic EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 7
Chaos Theory EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 6
Dali's Logs EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 6
Dark Prophecy EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 6
Nesk! EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 6
Nice but Dim EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 6
Stormwind Academy EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 6
The Wanderers EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 6
A Perfect Circle EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 5
Face Dancers EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 5
Original Golf Course EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 5
Solitude EU-Moonglade Horde 0 5
AoD EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 4
Daedalus EU-Moonglade Horde 0 4
House of Elements EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 4
Nightfall EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 4
Sanctimonia EU-Moonglade Horde 0 4
The Forty Second EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 4
Мой новый мир EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 4
Mithrid EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 3
Ratchet Yacht Club - TWINSTAR EU-Moonglade Horde 0 3
Sworn EU-Moonglade Horde 0 3
After Dusk EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 2
Aléstia's logs EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Ancient Destiny EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 2
Anun EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 2
Ashami ! EU-Moonglade Horde 0 2
Crimson Legion EU-Moonglade Horde 0 2
Felis Risor EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 2
I M M O R T A L S EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Nocni EU-Moonglade Horde 0 2
PathemeousTESTS EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 2
Rédemption EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Storm EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 2
Sun Tzu EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 2
Test report EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Ald's Logs (Twisted) EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Bonobos Inc EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 1
Calming Storm EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
Chasm EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 1
Dark Glare EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 1
Daybreak EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 1
Friskyttarna EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 1
GeneXII EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
GuildOfOne EU-Moonglade Horde 0 1
Horizons EU-Moonglade Alliance 0 1
Immortalis EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 1
Is a Punk Rocker EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
Karazhan Chess Club EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 1
morcov EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Plague Born EU-Moonglade Horde 0 1
relaxed raid EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 1
Shadow EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Sky EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
team epic EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
The Bloodsail Crusade EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
The Kodo Dragoons EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
The light darkness EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 1
Unity EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
We R Real Guild EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Zygoma EU-The Sha'tar Alliance 0 1
красные EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
15th Dusk - Wings None Alliance 0 0
After Dusk None Alliance 0 0
Ald's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Alexander's logs None Alliance 0 0
Ambition None Horde 0 0
Ambition None Horde 0 0
Anothorlogs None Alliance 0 0
Arcanum Mortiferum None Alliance 0 0
Ascendance None Alliance 0 0
Ascendance None Alliance 0 0
Aswadd None Horde 0 0
Aut Vincere Aut Mori None Alliance 0 0
Bahlogs None Horde 0 0
Bastion of the Blight None Horde 0 0
Battle for the Sun None Alliance 0 0
Big Merge Theory None Horde 0 0
Blah Blah None Alliance 0 0
BloodyLogs None Horde 0 0
BMT None Horde 0 0
Bonobos Inc None Alliance 0 0
Bovine Corporation None Horde 0 0
Breath of Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Catalyst None Alliance 0 0
Cheaper By The Dozen None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Providence None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Seven None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Seven None Alliance 0 0
Consortium of Light None Alliance 0 0
Cruor Pactum None Horde 0 0
Danoki None Alliance 0 0
Defenders of the Faith None Alliance 0 0
Del's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Delicious None Alliance 0 0
Devotion None Alliance 0 0
Dignity None Alliance 0 0
Drostam None Alliance 0 0
DUSK wings None Alliance 0 0
Eden None Horde 0 0
Emergence None Horde 0 0
Enklawa None Alliance 0 0
everlasting None Alliance 0 0
Exiztens None Alliance 0 0
Exiztens None Alliance 0 0
Farstriders None Alliance 0 0
Feathers and Tusks None Horde 0 0
Fidelis None Alliance 0 0
Forged Through War None Alliance 0 0
Fresh Snow None Alliance 0 0
Furious Angelicus None Alliance 0 0
Furì Kurì None Alliance 0 0
guildname None Alliance 0 0
Hashtag Swaggins None Horde 0 0
Havoc None Alliance 0 0
healbot None Alliance 0 0
Hearts of Gold None Horde 0 0
Helix None Horde 0 0
Heroes of Anatolia None Alliance 0 0
Heroic Champs None Alliance 0 0
HoE None Alliance 0 0
Hogger and friends None Alliance 0 0
Hogger and friends None Alliance 0 0
House De Valter None Horde 0 0
House of Kmdrak None Alliance 0 0
I M M O R T A L S None Alliance 0 0
Ignition None Alliance 0 0
Ishaus Logs None Horde 0 0
Jah Souljahs None Alliance 0 0
Jotek None Alliance 0 0
Kiwi None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Tortal None Alliance 0 0
Last Resort None Horde 0 0
Lavalampje None Alliance 0 0
LFR Sha'tar None Alliance 0 0
Light Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Lore None Horde 0 0
lotars12 None Alliance 0 0
Lux Aeterna None Alliance 0 0
Maggyxo None Alliance 0 0
menagerie None Alliance 0 0
Mendacitylogs None Horde 0 0
Mist None Horde 0 0
Mithrid None Alliance 0 0
MLG None Horde 0 0
Mmores raids None Alliance 0 0
MONOMAXOI None Alliance 0 0
Monstrous Regiment EU-Moonglade Horde 0 0
MooGuild None Alliance 0 0
MoP Beta Testers None Alliance 0 0
Mostly Harmless None Alliance 0 0
Myownguildforlogs None Alliance 0 0
Narós None Horde 0 0
newbloods None Horde 0 0
Nocturnal None Alliance 0 0
Noskill None Alliance 0 0
Obese Frog Conspiracy None Alliance 0 0
Obscure None Alliance 0 0
Overrated None Alliance 0 0
Pariah None Alliance 0 0
PCG Raiding None Horde 0 0
PCG Team Awesome None Horde 0 0
PCG Win None Horde 0 0
Pewpawpew None Alliance 0 0
Pinti's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Pjokk None Alliance 0 0
popijopi None Alliance 0 0
Praeter Sepulchrum None Horde 0 0
Primal Instinct None Horde 0 0
Primal Instinct None Horde 0 0
shadowhunters None Alliance 0 0
Shamanakos None Alliance 0 0
Shnurec None Horde 0 0
slyland None Alliance 0 0
SmashyLogs None Alliance 0 0
Steevvee None Alliance 0 0
Stormguard None Alliance 0 0
Straz None Alliance 0 0
Tammyslogs None Alliance 0 0
Team Epic None Horde 0 0
Templarii Lvsitaniae None Alliance 0 0
Tempting Fate None Alliance 0 0
Test logs None Horde 0 0
testguild None Alliance 0 0
The 42nd None Alliance 0 0
The Adversary None Alliance 0 0
The Aiel None Alliance 0 0
The Big Bang Theory None Alliance 0 0
The Elders EU-The Sha'tar Horde 0 0
The Golden Dragons None Alliance 0 0
The Jaffa Cake Appreciation Society None Alliance 0 0
The Legacy None Alliance 0 0
The Light Darkness None Alliance 0 0
The Masquerade None Horde 0 0
The Promise None Horde 0 0
The Shadow Pact None Horde 0 0
The Storm None Alliance 0 0
The united exiles None Alliance 0 0
TheVikings None Alliance 0 0
Time for Plan B None Horde 0 0
True Eternity None Alliance 0 0
True Eternlty None Alliance 0 0
Tst None Alliance 0 0
Tunnel Snakes Rule EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 0
Turk's stats None Alliance 0 0
Tyrian Alliance None Alliance 0 0
United None Alliance 0 0
United None Alliance 0 0
Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Vanguard of Vigilance None Alliance 0 0
Vel's personal logs None Alliance 0 0
Velayna's Logs None Horde 0 0
Warlords None Horde 0 0
Wei Wu Wei None Alliance 0 0
Who Dares None Alliance 0 0
without FanatisM None Alliance 0 0
WyldObeseGathering None Alliance 0 0
You no take candle None Horde 0 0
выпы None Alliance 0 0
Эпилог None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

15th Dusk, 7th Legion, a perfect circle, A Perfect Circle, A Tribe Called Quest, Acta Non Verba, Actio Onis, Ad Interim, Adapt or Die, Aeon, AEON, After Dusk, Afterlife, Afterlife, Afterlife, Against All Odds, aGEGR, Aggressive Affliction, Aggressive Affliction, Aggressive Affliction, Alethiar, alfa e omega, Alfa e Omega, Alla För En Fralla, ALTerior Motives, Ambient Tranquility, Ambition, Ambition, Ambition, Ambition, Ambition, Ambition, Ambition, Anam Cara, Anathema, Anathema, And Stay Dead, andurill keepers, Angels of Light, AnomaliA, Apocalypto, Application guild, Armata Oscura, Armia Babilonu, Ascent, ashes of eternity, Ashes of Eternity, Ashfell, Aspects, Aspects, Asu, Asylum, Aura, Autumn, Avantgarde, Avantgarde, avonturiers van oranje, Avonturiers van Oranje, Azerothian, Bad Eggs, Bad Eggs, Badmoon Company, Balance, Balance, Band of the Red Hand, Band of the Red Hand, Bane of the Chaotic Tide, Bare Essentials, Bare Essentials, Battle for the sun, Battle For The Sun, Beax's logs!, belilog, Best Paladin EU, Beyond Defeat, beyond redemption, Beyond Redemption, BingoBangers, Blind Dwarf, Bohemian Raspberry, Bonobos Inc, Bonobos Inc, Bridgeburners, Bubb Logs., Calibrations, Calming Storm, Calming Storm, Calming Storm, Cataclysm, Cataclysm, Catalyst, Catalyst, Catalyst - Jhe, Certain Death, Certain Death, chaosknights, Chaøs Theøry, Cheathamz, Chicken Rise, Children of Destiny, Civil Society, CoD, Cold As Ice, Cora, Corvus, Crimson, Crimson Legion, Crowned Alliance, Crows, Crows, Crows, Cruor Pactum, Crystalsong Guard, CS, Cuddlybunny, Cultivated Gentlemen, Cultivated Gentlemen, Cynn, Da Tribe, Daedalus, Daedalus, Daedalus, damnation, Damnation, Damnation, Damnation, Damnation, Damnation, Damnation, Damnnation, Dango Daiikazoku, Dark and Forgotten, Dark Conspiraacy, Dark Conspiracy, Dark Glare, Dark Glare, Dark Knights Order, Dark Materials, dark prophecy, Dark Prophecy, Dark Prophecy, Darnation, Dawn Crusaders, Daybreak, de geuzen , death, Death Dragoons, Death Dragoons, Defenders of Azeroth, Defenders of Hope, Defenders of the Faith, Delirium, Demonic, denilog, Denilog, Destined Exiles, Destroyers of Elune, Devastation, Dharma, Dharma, DIO, Dirty Underpants, Divide & Conquer, DP+, Dragon Slayers, Dragon Slayers Guild, Dragonclaw Mercenaries, Dummy_SWCUnity, DwA/TFF, Earth Mother's Project, Ebon Flame, eclisse, edlici, ekyz, Elders, Elenia, Elysian, Elysion, Emergence, Emergence, Emergence, Empirical, Empty Sockets, Endurance, Endurance, Enlightenment, Enni's Logs, Errant Resolve, Eternal Legion, Eternal Legion, Eternal Spirit, Eternal Spirit, A Helping Hand, Abraxas, Almost Heroes, Alterac Snowboard Club, Any Means Necessary, Archaic Legion, Argonautes, Army of Pink, Army of Toddlers, Ascent, Aurum, Avalon Architects, Azerothian, Back In The Day, Banda eroica, Bank For Real, Bank Of Keanzy, Bare Essentials, Bellator Requiem, BEST TANK EU, Bifrost, BILTONG, Bizarre, Blackwood Company, Blood of Seed, Bloodcraft, Bloody Hell SoldierS, Bubbers ekspertskole, Bueno Amigos, Bánk, Caliban, Catalyst, Clan Ironbeard, Clarity, Claws of the Zuls, Cookie Jar, Covenant, CRAZY THINGS, Crepuscolo lumunoso, Critter Control Squad, Crows, Crystalsong Guard, Dark Intent, darkmaster, Dat Guild, Daybreak, De Kroeg, Death and Devotion, Defenders of the Core, Defías Brotherhood, Digital Jazz, Dignity, Distant Souls, Dominus vitae necisque, Draconic Society, Dragon Slayers Guild, Ebon Flame, Elders of Midnight, Elven Alliance, Elïte Force, Emergence, Equinoxe, Everlasting, Fellow Travellers, FellowShip, Fevkaladenin Fevkinde, Firestorm, Forgotten Sins, Fortitude, Furbolg Retirement Club, Gates of AhnQira, Glue and Stick Co, Gnome Bank Service, Gobliny Mroku, Grand Gnome Museum, Guild of Switchback, Hearts of Gold, Heroes of Anatolia, Highbornes, Hobo Hamster, Hogger and friends, Horde Slayerz, Horizons, House Dal'Somner, House De Valter, House that Jack built, Hungarikum, I Be Trollin Mon, I D I C, I Fiji dell Ursu, I Like Big Pulls, Ignition, Immortalìty, immune, Immunity, Imperium, Indignation, Indomitable, Janies School of Magic, JUST LINK, Kazoku Gaming, Keepers O The Dram, Keepers of the Drassili, Keepers Of The Lost War, Kingsfall, Kitty Cat Trading Co, Knights of the Fallen, Legions Demise, Lehman Sisters, LEONI INFERNALI, Living Legends, Looney Bin, Lord of the Dead, Lords Of Midnight, Made of Skills, Maelstrom Legion, Menagerie, Ministry of Silly Runs, Mithrid, Moo Moo Hood, Moonglade Guardians, Nightmares of The Horde, Nightshadows, nightstalker, Nimueh, Nirvana, no good drunks, Nocturnal, OGC, Optimus Primus, Order of Outcasts, Ordo Legionis, Pandalicious, Panic Attack, Parody, Plague Born, Primal Instinct, Profiteers Inc, Project Legacy, Project Sixty, ProjectSixty, ProjectSixty Horde, Prominence, Prophecy of Whisperwind, Ragefire, Real men ride Bronies, Relentless Titans, Reluctant Heroes, Remain, Rise and rise again, RuleofThree, SaNiTyLoSt, Scions of Destruction, Searching soul, Secrets of Magic, Sedition, Seers of War, Shadow killers, Shirokuma Café, Silent Autumn, Soldiers Of Lordaeron, Somaak, Sons of the Earthmother, SOS Brigade, Spectral Dreamers, Stigmata, Superiority Complex, Surinen, Sworn, Templarivs, Temple of Spirits, The Alliance Heros, the blood monsters, The Bottleshop Accord, The Elders, The Forgotten Longing, The Four Rings, The Grade, The Iron Flock, The Last Enigma, The League of Nations, The Left Hand Gang, The MaNiaCs, The Mighty Few, The Mighty Heroes, The Nomads, The Outcast, The Promise, The Proven, The Raging Legion, The Raiders of Azeroth, The Shadow Army, the stars from nofing, The Twentyfifth Line, The Vanquishers, The Wild Ones, The Wolfs Blood Clan, The Wyld Hunt, TheLostSouls, They, TSA, Twisted Tusks, Veneratio Mortuus, VIHARSAROK, Voodoo Doll, VVBM, wandering spirits, WarGods, Winter is Coming, You no take candle, Zero Tolerance, Alfa e Omega, Alias, Alleanza Templari SW, And Stay Dead, Ashes Reborn, Bane of the Chaotic Tide, Big Merge Theory, Bit Reactors, C O R E, Capricorn, Cataclysm, celtic crusaders, Chosen few, Currently Offline, Dantes Inferno, Dark Prophecy, De Tre Vännerna och Erik, Death Dragons, Death with Attitude, Dies Ultio, Downfall, Earthshine, Ember, Empirical, Enklawa, epic weapon merchant, eXistence, Faith, Famous Last Try, Fat Guys, Felweed Connoisseurs, Fianna, Forest Strider So Fast, Forgotten Aspects, Formerly of Starlight, Forsaken Legends, Freedom League, Gothic Silence, Guardians of Serenity, Gurgle like a murloc, Hand Of Argus, Havoc, Heads of the Hydra, Helix, HelpToGames, Hero, Hispanos, Horde Rock Café, Hype, I M M O R T A L S, Insomniac, ITALIALEGNA, Knights of The Dragon, Laid Back, Legend wait for it Dary, Lemons Bank, Lost Order, Lypophrenia, Masters of the Ways, Milk, Monsterkiller, Moonshine Team, Mootardins R Us, morcov, Mulearion Expedition, Murlocs United, Myth, Neo Catalyst, No Pain No Gain, Noliktava, None Of The Above, Out of Space, Pandarian Army, Patterns of War, PCG, Plebs United, Prestíge, Project Final Redemption, Prophets of Serenity, Reboot, Reign of Passion, Rédemption, róyal guard, Sanctum of Blood, Schism, Shadow Sentinels, Sisterhood of Hildegard, Solarus, Sons of Russ, Spaced Out, Star Alliance, STARDUST, Stumpys Bandits, Suomen Sotilaat, Søvngængerne, The Arctic Fox, The Argent Watch, The Bodyguards, The Cenarion Guardians, The Chosen Noobs, The Defenders Academy, The Drafia, The Guardian Order, The Hidden Path, The kings guard, The Kodo Dragoons, The Kíngdom of Lordaeron, The Last Ride, The Light Brigade, The Lights Favor, The Naughty Folks, The Obsidian Anvil, The Prodigy, the red room, The Rise of Legends, The Titans of Azeroth, The Wyld Hunt, Those Who Fight, Thunder Moon, Time Traders, Tranquility, Tunnel Snakes Rule, Unity, Uniøn, Uprising, Warlords, We Are Herbs, We Smoke Everything, Who Dares, A Lost Cause, A Perfect Circle, Against All Odds, Assassin Brotherhood, Atleast we got Farm, BALLS TO YOU, Banana, BEARDFIST, Belore, Beyond Redemption, BivversBonk, Blind Justice, Bonobos Inc, Brotherhood Of Flights, Champions of the Forge, Crimson Brotherhood, Crimsonwater Barracudas, Ctrl Alt Elîte, Cuppa tea plox, Dark Glare, Dark Illusion, Daybreak, Defenders of Equilibrium, Despair, Drama Llama, DREAM TEAM, Elysian, Empathy, Essence of Chaos, Everlasting Legacy, Exiles, Fizz Engineering Company, Gaia No Ronin, GameOver, Girls Who Play WoW, Grand Theft Warhorse, Guild Der Lage Landen, Guild Of Beggars, Haunted Heroes, Heren Tindóme, Hollands Glorie, Holy Ignorancy, Horde Brotherhood, HORDE OWNS, Hrump, Hysteria, Imperial Roman Army, Karazhan Chess Team, Kryxe, Last Demise, Leader Of The Pack, lost soul, Lunatic Gaze, Malevolence, Medicinal Fried Chicken, Menedék, Mercenary, Militia, MMG, Mors Principium Est, Moth and Flame, Mysanthropes, New Future, Northern Alliance, Obscure, Pancake Confusion, Paradigm Shift, Path Of Chaos, Preservers of Serenity, Procrastination, Rainy Day Gravediggers, Refuge of the Lost, Regalis, Riff Raff, Riven, rød grød med fløde, Scarlet Circle, Scarlet Crusade, Servants Of Triquetra, Shadowhunters, Silent And Deadly, Singularity, Six K Gearscore, Spectrum, Stonefoot Clan, Sufficiently Adequate, The Ashbringer, The Corrupt Crusaders, The Council of Judgement, The Council of Shadows, The Crew Of Life, The Dark Light, The Drunken Five, The Eyes Of Kalimdor, The FireBirds, The Haunted, The Keepers, The Legion of Order, The Light Darkness, the moved shadow, The Night Shift, The Nightstalk Crusade, The Nine Situations, The Outland Guard, The Outlaw Stars, The Pirates Of Booty Bay, The Storm, The Thousand Eyes, The Traveling Pride, The Violet Consortium, The Wyld Hunt, Tribe of Kandoar, Triumvirate, True Legacy, Unbroken, Vae Victas, Vanguard of Vigilance, Voice of Darkness, Way of the Leffe, Wei Wu Wei, X Cathedra, Event Horizon, Event Horizon, Event Horizon, Everlasting, Everlasting, Evilution, Evolution, Ex Goth, face dancers, Face Dancers, Facta, Non Verba, Fakeguild123, Farstriders, Farstriders, Feanas, Feathers and Tusks, Feles Risor, Fellow Travellers, Fifteenth Dusk, Flint and Tinder, fobsar, Force Ditchi, Force Dutchi, Forest Strider So Fast, Forged Through War, Forstslogs, Fracta Mundi, Fraction, Fraction, Fraction, Fraction, Freedom League, Freedom League, Fresh Snow, Friends with Benefits, Fun Club, Funclub, Gaia, Gaia No Ronin, GeneXII, Gens Eximia, Gens Eximia, Gens Iulia, GENS IULIA, Glamorous, Gnome on a Stick, Gnome On A Stick, Good eggs, Gorgonians, Gothic Silence, Gothic Silence, Gravitation, Grogin!, Hand of Vengeance, hauweg, Havoc, Havoc, Havoc, Helekõre, Hero, Heroes Ltd, Heroes no More, Heroes No More, HnM, Hogger and Friends, Holy Templars, Honorbound, Honorbound, Honorbound, Honorbound, Honorbound, Honorbound, Honorbound - Moonglade, Horizons, Hungarikum, Hybrid Class, Hysteria, Illuminatus Pax Portavi, ILoveMySelf, Immortal Legion, Immortalis, Immortalis, Immortalis-TheSha'tar, Immunity, Imperial Glory, In Meus Pardus, In Meus Pardus Two, In the Mountains, Inceptio, Inceptio, Inceptio, Inceptio, Inceptio, Independent, Independent, Independent, Independent, Independent, independentswc, Indomitable, Infinitae Tenebrae, Infinity, Infinity, Infinity, Inner Sanctum, Inner Sanctum, Insomniac, Insurance, Jaelogs, Just LoL, kajmann, Kalimdor Trading Company, Kaos For Crusaders, Kazadû Personal loggz, Kindred, Knights of Daze, KNIGHTS of DAZE, Knights of Justice, Knights of Old Ironforge, Knights of Tortall, Kobolds Are People Too, kodo dragoons, Left For Dead, Legacy, Legio IX, Legio VII, Legio VII, Lestuniem, Lex, LFR lulz, Life Cycles, Little Green Men, Logged, Logic, Logic, Logsnono, Lok tar Ogar, Lok tar Ogar, Lok Tar Ogar, lok'tar Ogar, Lore Logs, Lost Forever, Lost Hope, Lost Legacy, Lost Reflections, Lothaires Logs, LSC, Lunacy, Lunacy, Lusitanos, lux aeterna, Lux Aeterna, Lux Aeterna, Lux Aeterna, Lux Aeterna, MADNESS, Maelstrom, Maelstrom Legion, Maelstrom Legion, Maelstrom Legion, Maelstrom Legion, Mags Uni, Masquerade, 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