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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
I KILL to chill EU-Mal'Ganis 6 430
Eclipsatio Lunaris EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 130
Eternal Horizon EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 52
Eviternity EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 45
expression EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 45
Harlekings EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 41
Rächer Des Lichts EU-Taerar Alliance 0 37
Purity EU-Mal'Ganis 0 27
SUMM CUIQUE EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 22
pig inc EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 18
Schattenlichter EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 18
WeltenWandler EU-Mal'Ganis 0 16
just epic EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 15
Haze Reloaded EU-Echsenkessel Horde 0 13
Post Mortem EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 11
Ancients of Azeroth EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 9
Bounce EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 9
Der Winter Naht EU-Mal'Ganis 0 9
BornToBeHorde EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 8
Horrific EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 8
Frostmoscher EU-Mal'Ganis 0 7
Honor the Bro Code EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 7
Injected EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 6
Our Revenge EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 6
Empathie EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 5
Orden der Gezeichneten EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 5
Shemhamforash EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 5
Significa Tempestatis EU-Mal'Ganis 0 5
Entfesselt EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
Holzkopfbande EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
MZG EU-Mal'Ganis 0 4
Rebirth EU-Mal'Ganis 0 4
The Clan of Heroes EU-Echsenkessel 0 3
Exilia EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Silvanas Vengeance EU-Mal'Ganis 0 3
SynaticZ EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Storm Warriors EU-Echsenkessel Alliance 0 2
Ascardia EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Avandos EU-Mal'Ganis 0 2
Flagrans Ultio EU-Mal'Ganis 0 2
Forsaken Minds EU-Mal'Ganis 0 2
I Scream For Icecream EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Insidious EU-Mal'Ganis 0 2
Nicht so tief Rüdiger EU-Mal'Ganis 0 2
tardis EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Ahnen des Blutes EU-Echsenkessel 0 1
BAM EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Booty Bay Beach Club EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
Clan of Horadrim EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Death or Glory EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
Eredar was full EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Hidden EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
incentive EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
Instinct EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Iron Phoenix EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
moNstrouZ EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Morte Lumina EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
Myth EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
Push It EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
Raidasyl EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Rockit Ruffs EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Royale with Cheese EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
syno EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Trollhood EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
voll süß aber EU-Mal'Ganis 0 1
Kartell EU-Taerar Horde 0 1
Harlequins EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
PoV EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Spirits of the Shadow EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
macht DRUCK EU-Taerar 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Sun EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 300
Béyla's Raids None Horde 0 292
SaveWalterWhite EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 159
Last Man Standing None Horde 0 135
Colddragon EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 95
IMPACT EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 90
Aurum EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 83
Nian's Logs None Horde 0 71
Apocalypse EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 68
ParadoxZouli EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 65
Goldjunge EU-Echsenkessel Alliance 0 63
Ascardia EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 59
DEATH NØTE EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 53
eXolutio EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 50
voll süß aber EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 50
BornToBeHorde EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 47
Vanity EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 45
Holzbrezel EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 44
Myth EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 43
Acumen EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 41
Shockzz Logs EU-Taerar Horde 0 39
ForMe EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 37
Harlequins EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 34
Purged on RG EU-Echsenkessel Alliance 0 33
Sample EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 32
CapriRank EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 31
Exile EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 30
Infinity EU-Taerar Horde 0 30
queXilver EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 30
Masterplan EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 28
out of line EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 28
Übsilon EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 28
Hope EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 27
solid line EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 27
devil may cry EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 25
epoch EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 25
Fake Guild EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 25
Widerstand ist zwecklos EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 25
BornToBeHord EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 23
Chancesx EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 23
RagrosLogs EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 23
Warpzone EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 23
Coming Soon EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 22
pig inc EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 22
Orizon EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 20
xeptus EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 20
Cursed EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 19
trollstats EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 19
Spirit of Azeroth EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 18
Forsaken Minds EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 17
Our Revenge EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 17
Eternal Horizon EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 16
Schaufel sein Account EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 16
Royal Tavern EU-Taerar Alliance 0 15
WarLordz EU-Echsenkessel Horde 0 15
DSM Reloaded EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 14
Farmstatus EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 14
vooDoo EU-Echsenkessel Horde 0 14
Blood Prophecy EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 13
Dragonblood EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 13
Pressure EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 13
W-i-O EU-Taerar Horde 0 13
Avandos EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 12
Die Sturmlegion EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 12
DoombringeR EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 12
Eviternity EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 12
Garde der Schwarzen Eule EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 12
gifted EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 12
Soulseeker EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 12
Brüdo EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 11
Crazy Dragon Pirates EU-Echsenkessel Horde 0 11
Men at Arms EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 11
Pride EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 11
Scayas Logs EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 11
caedo ergo sum EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 10
Kosh Harg EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 10
Lawrencium EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 10
Club EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 9
Dreamer EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 9
Exil EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 9
Kyo_Logs EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 9
Prôphecy EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 9
The Clan of Heroes EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 9
BreNnHolZ EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 8
Fow EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 8
Instinct EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 8
Kawabunga EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 8
Novi Veritas EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 8
Raion EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 8
Piefkes EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 7
Reign EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 7
Saliva Amphora EU-Taerar Horde 0 7
Smokeyys Logs EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 7
Continue EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 6
creative EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 6
emphaTic EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 6
in frenzy EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 6
solid line EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 6
Calacyria EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 5
djRaid EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 5
Legenden der Allianz EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 5
x logguild EU-Echsenkessel Alliance 0 5
Amentia EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
Chronos EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
Cry for Mercy EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
Forgotten Brotherhood EU-Taerar Horde 0 4
Fweaks EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
Fóxxì EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
GUARDS of BAVARIA EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
Interaptus Angeli EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
moNstrouZ EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
Nihilist EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
Pachelor EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
Paradox_RG EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
Planet der Vogelmenschen EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 4
Pretextlivers EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
Raids with Kago EU-Taerar Horde 0 4
Wir sind Helden EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 4
Asap EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Avalon EU-Taerar Alliance 0 3
Bahari EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Black Orc Down EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Celembris EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Eisbrecher EU-Taerar Horde 0 3
Gilde EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
Input EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
kAAAA EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
Kralogg EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Nightwish EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
Saskes Gilde EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Schwert und Rose EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
Stalkende Pandas EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Sun EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Synergy EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
Tayoh EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
Weekender EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
Weekender EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
WWG EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 3
Yokai EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 3
A C E EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Andromedar EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Berti's Logs EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Blutsturm EU-Echsenkessel Horde 0 2
Dark devil EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
devil may cry EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Expression EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
ForgottenBrotherhood EU-Taerar Horde 0 2
free logs EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
insane asylum EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Insidious EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
itse me mario EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Karuramon's Pokecenter EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Kekse für mich ^^ EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Krümelmonster AG EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Masterplan EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
MoltenCoreKrabben EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Nightwish EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
nois EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Out of Line EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
RaidMalGanis EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Saints EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Single Boy EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Souls of Resurrected EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Spirits of the Shadow EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Tabbed Out None Horde 0 2
Tardis EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
The infinity reloaded EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
vanity² EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Widerstand ist Swaglos EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 2
Yakuza EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Yuuji's Logs EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
Ænestica EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 2
-- EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
A C E EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
A C E None Horde 0 1
A C E None Horde 0 1
Air EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Arras Sis EU-Echsenkessel Alliance 0 1
Atmet durch die Hose EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Clubbüro EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Collateral EU-Echsenkessel Horde 0 1
Desire of Light EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Dynastie EU-Taerar Horde 0 1
Empire EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Encore EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Eternal Horizon EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Exodus Mutatis EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Falafel Logs EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Glut der Erneuerung EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Godlike HD EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Hornissel EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Ikarus EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Impavida EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Kreativizität EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Kriegsveteranen EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Kürschna EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
labar EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Last Whisper EU-Taerar Alliance 0 1
Loaded Dice EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
macht DRUCK EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Nephilim EU-Taerar Horde 0 1
NonOmnisMoriar EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Not for Sale EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Plak EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Psamotik-Legion EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
R.Test EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Raidasyl EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Resurrection EU-Taerar Horde 0 1
Riot EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Royal INC EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Rächer des Lichts EU-Taerar Alliance 0 1
sdasd EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Soulsof Infinity EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Spätschicht EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
still waiting EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
stressfrei EU-Taerar Horde 0 1
Swaggerino EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Swatmans EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Synergy EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
TdS EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
the rage EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
the sloth show EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
true story EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Whine Wipe und Gezank EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 1
Yakuza EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Ænestica EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
Ætérnus EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 1
A C E None Horde 0 0
A C E None Horde 0 0
A C E None Horde 0 0
A C E None Horde 0 0
A C E None Horde 0 0
A C E None Horde 0 0
accursed None Horde 0 0
AinzOoalGown EU-Echsenkessel Horde 0 0
Allexx logs None Horde 0 0
Ambitious None Horde 0 0
Amistaso None Alliance 0 0
Amused None Horde 0 0
Ando's log None Horde 0 0
Apokatastasis None Horde 0 0
Armed Apes None Horde 0 0
Arras Sis None Alliance 0 0
Asceelogs None Horde 0 0
Ashkandi None Horde 0 0
Avandos EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Avengers None Alliance 0 0
bad voodoo None Horde 0 0
BahlouLogs None Horde 0 0
Baiindhe Dub EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Barclay EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Base Ventura None Horde 0 0
Beatpeet None Horde 0 0
Bei Blizzard Ehrfürchtig None Horde 0 0
Bei Blizzard Ehrfürchtig None Alliance 0 0
BerlinerHorde None Horde 0 0
Betiranx None Horde 0 0
Blame it on Bad Luck None Horde 0 0
Blood None Horde 0 0
Blood Crow None Horde 0 0
Blood Prophecy (blau) None Horde 0 0
Blood Prophecy Raid Violett None Horde 0 0
Blood Prophecy | Raid Rot None Horde 0 0
BloodyVengeance EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Blubers None Alliance 0 0
Blutsturm None Horde 0 0
blutsturm3 None Horde 0 0
Brain Damage None Horde 0 0
bstest None Horde 0 0
Classified None Horde 0 0
Classified None Horde 0 0
Coming Soon None Horde 0 0
concordia None Alliance 0 0
Craplogs None Alliance 0 0
Cruor None Horde 0 0
Cry for Mercy None Alliance 0 0
Cursed None Horde 0 0
Cæremonia None Horde 0 0
Cæremonia None Horde 0 0
Dafuq None Alliance 0 0
Darth Raider Inc None Alliance 0 0
Dawn None Horde 0 0
Day of Wrath None Horde 0 0
Daylight None Alliance 0 0
Deadly Embrace None Horde 0 0
Depravity None Horde 0 0
Der Heal war durch None Horde 0 0
Der Winter Naht None Horde 0 0
Devastation None Alliance 0 0
devil may cry None Alliance 0 0
Devotion None Horde 0 0
Die Bewahrer des Lichts None Alliance 0 0
Die Minischwings None Horde 0 0
Die Sturmlegion EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 0
Die Uralten Bewahrer None Alliance 0 0
Die Verlassenen None Horde 0 0
Die Verlassenen None Horde 0 0
Drachenschattem None Alliance 0 0
Drachensturm None Horde 0 0
Dynastie None Alliance 0 0
Dübelraid None Horde 0 0
Einmal mit Profis None Horde 0 0
Eldranul None Horde 0 0
Ember of Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
EndlesWorlds None Alliance 0 0
Enhanced None Horde 0 0
Enrâged EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Epîc SuiteD None Horde 0 0
error None Alliance 0 0
Ex Inferis None Alliance 0 0
Exic&Homeboys None Horde 0 0
Exilia None Horde 0 0
exitus None Alliance 0 0
Faradrim None Alliance 0 0
Faradrim None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Brotherhood None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Brotherhood None Horde 0 0
ForgottenBrotherhood None Horde 0 0
freAky MurloCs None Horde 0 0
Freaky Murlocs 2. Stamm None Horde 0 0
From Ashes Rise None Horde 0 0
From Outer Space None Horde 0 0
From Outer Space None Horde 0 0
Frostbite None Horde 0 0
funny None Horde 0 0
Game Over None Horde 0 0
Get Rekt None Horde 0 0
Ghost of Time None Horde 0 0
Gilde EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 0
Gloria et Decus None Horde 0 0
Grimwarg None Horde 0 0
Has seen the Light None Alliance 0 0
Hasserfüllt None Alliance 0 0
Heal of Doom None Alliance 0 0
Highfive None Horde 0 0
Hogger None Alliance 0 0
Horkruxe - Private None Alliance 0 0
Hypnotized None Horde 0 0
Hypnotized None Horde 0 0
I Clarity I None Horde 0 0
Initium None Horde 0 0
Inner Chakra None Alliance 0 0
Insidiae None Horde 0 0
Instinct None Alliance 0 0
Iron Phoenix EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Iron Phoenix EU-Mal'Ganis Horde 0 0
Jetzt wiederbeleben None Horde 0 0
Jojoos logs None Horde 0 0
just epic None Horde 0 0
Justice for All None Alliance 0 0
Kansas City Shuffle None Alliance 0 0
Keine Jugendfreigabe None Horde 0 0
Kilocs Logs None Horde 0 0
Kubi None Horde 0 0
Kuchenblechmafia None Alliance 0 0
Lack of Unity None Horde 0 0
lackof None Horde 0 0
Last Resistance None Horde 0 0
Last Resistance None Horde 0 0
Leech None Horde 0 0
Legio Noctis None Horde 0 0
limited edition None Horde 0 0
Lio's Logs None Horde 0 0
Logstübchen None Alliance 0 0
Logx None Alliance 0 0
LOL! None Horde 0 0
LolowGuild None Horde 0 0
loot machine None Alliance 0 0
Lorem Ipsum None Alliance 0 0
Lässt Platzen None Alliance 0 0
Mannis Gilde None Alliance 0 0
Masterplan None Horde 0 0
Masterplan Grp2 None Horde 0 0
Merciless Legion None Alliance 0 0
Merciless Legion None Alliance 0 0
Messia logging None Horde 0 0
mhgmg None Horde 0 0
Miersupilami None Horde 0 0
Mindhunters None Alliance 0 0
Miyukis logs None Horde 0 0
MM None Alliance 0 0
Moonblood Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Mortal Sins (Nomnom) None Alliance 0 0
MunkzLogs None Horde 0 0
MythXuriuLog None Horde 0 0
N-Logs-E None Alliance 0 0
Nanthyia None Alliance 0 0
NanthyiaLog´s None Alliance 0 0
Neon None Horde 0 0
Neon None Horde 0 0
Netolks logs None Horde 0 0
Neydo Logs None Alliance 0 0
nfs None Alliance 0 0
niNer None Horde 0 0
Nocte Militia None Horde 0 0
nope None Alliance 0 0
noraka None Alliance 0 0
Not sure if Trolling None Horde 0 0
nRage None Horde 0 0
nutZ None Horde 0 0
Nvm None Horde 0 0
NWA None Horde 0 0
Ohjimin None Horde 0 0
Old Guards of Might None Horde 0 0
One night in Azshara None Horde 0 0
Optima Forma EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 0
Paradigma None Horde 0 0
Paradox None Horde 0 0
Passi Logs None Horde 0 0
PaWned93 None Horde 0 0
Peace Love and Icecream None Horde 0 0
Placeholder None Alliance 0 0
Plague None Alliance 0 0
plain Insane None Horde 0 0
Please don't slap me None Horde 0 0
Prevail None Alliance 0 0
Privatbereich None Horde 0 0
Proqs Best Logs EU None Horde 0 0
Pullinc None Horde 0 0
Pullinc_ None Horde 0 0
pwnstars None Horde 0 0
Pwnstars None Horde 0 0
Quiley's Logs None Horde 0 0
Rage Quit None Horde 0 0
raidforfree None Alliance 0 0
Random None Horde 0 0
Rat Pack EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 0
RC Gaming None Horde 0 0
Refuge pug None Horde 0 0
released None Alliance 0 0
Released None Alliance 0 0
Reliquia None Horde 0 0
Reliquia None Horde 0 0
Reliquia None Horde 0 0
Revival None Alliance 0 0
RG None Horde 0 0
Risk None Alliance 0 0
Risk None Alliance 0 0
RLs None Horde 0 0
Rosa Plüschhäschenarmee None Horde 0 0
Ruin None Alliance 0 0
Râdient Dawn None Horde 0 0
Rächer Initiative None Alliance 0 0
Samplo None Horde 0 0
Scargive None Alliance 0 0
scepsis None Horde 0 0
Schergen des Wahnsinns None Horde 0 0
Schwarze Horde None Horde 0 0
Screaming Eagles None Horde 0 0
Sehnsucht None Alliance 0 0
Sehnsucht None Alliance 0 0
Sehnsucht None Alliance 0 0
Series Logs None Horde 0 0
seriously None Horde 0 0
Shemhamforash None Horde 0 0
si vis amari ama None Horde 0 0
si vis amari ama None Horde 0 0
Side Effect None Alliance 0 0
Significa Tempestatis EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 0
sin None Horde 0 0
Sinners EU-Taerar Horde 0 0
SntC Gaming None Horde 0 0
SoA None Alliance 0 0
Solanum None Horde 0 0
Solanum report by Karev None Horde 0 0
Sonneslogs None Horde 0 0
Sons of Anarchy None Alliance 0 0
Spirit of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Stand Alone None Alliance 0 0
Stratos None Horde 0 0
Stratos None Alliance 0 0
symtx´s logs None Horde 0 0
syno None Horde 0 0
Taerar None Alliance 0 0
taerars finest None Alliance 0 0
Tauri Fallen Heros None Alliance 0 0
Teh Turtles None Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test Opkul None Horde 0 0
Testgilde None Horde 0 0
testlogs None Horde 0 0
The Boundless Energy None Alliance 0 0
The enhancer None Horde 0 0
The Infinity Reloaded None Alliance 0 0
The Stormriders None Alliance 0 0
The Tribunal None Alliance 0 0
The Walkíng Dead None Horde 0 0
TheStormriders None Alliance 0 0
Tobea None Horde 0 0
Torment None Horde 0 0
Tränen der Sonne None Alliance 0 0
Ulysses None Alliance 0 0
Unitas None Horde 0 0
untàmed None Horde 0 0
Viva Nec Mortua None Alliance 0 0
Walhalls Wächter None Alliance 0 0
weirdo None Alliance 0 0
Weltendämmerung None Alliance 0 0
Whine Wipe und Gezank None Alliance 0 0
Widerstand ist zwecklos None Alliance 0 0
Wipe to Win None Horde 0 0
Wrath of the noodle soup None Horde 0 0
Wursttruppe None Horde 0 0
XPCASD None Horde 0 0
Xqzmelogz None Alliance 0 0
YNWA None Alliance 0 0
Zurinaas Fightclub EU-Taerar Alliance 0 0
Zwitscher Bande EU-Mal'Ganis Alliance 0 0
Âssassin None Horde 0 0
Ængel Ðust None Horde 0 0
Ængel Ðust None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

Dark Passion, 10man, [DoT] Decisions of Truth, [DoT] Decitions of Truth, A C E, A C E, A C E, A C E, A C E, A C E, A C E , absolute Violence, Ace, ACE, Aegîr, Aenestica, Aeon, Agony, Aint Misbehavin, Air, Air, Air, Air, Airborne, Algorythm, Allos Logs, Allos Logs, Alma Mortal, Alma Mortal, Alma Mortal, Almost Famous, Almost Famous, Almost Famous, Alpha Grp 2, Alte Prügelritter, Alumni of Dragons, Always Hardcore, Angels of Darkness, Annwyn, Anotherone, Anti Heroes, Aphotic Aggression, Aphotic Aggression, Apocalypse, Apokalypse în Heaven, aquatic endurance, Arise, Arise, Arras Sis, Ars Vivendi, Asai Guild, Asap, Ascent, asdasd, Ashkandi, Asteria, Asteria, atmet durch die Hose, atmet durch die Hose, Atmet durch die Hose, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken, Azunyan, Bad Brothers, Bad Guys, bad mannered, Bad Mannered Stamm B, Baiindhe Dub, BaiindheDub, BamboDjambo, Banner von Kalimdor, Barricade, Barta goes solo wipen :-), Beifall, BeImba, BerlinerHorde, Berti's Logs, Bertilogs, Berusad, Blabla, Black orc down 2, Blades of Revolution, Blah, Blainthias, Blaze and Blade, Bleed Effect, BloddyHeroes, Blood crow, Blood Empire, Blood Oath, Blood of Heroes, Blood Prophecy, Blood Prophecy, Bloodhunters, Bloodlegion, Bloody Resurrection, Bloody Resurrection, Blutiges Biergemetzel, Blutsturm, Blutsturm, Blutsturm, Blutsturm, Blutsturm, Blutsturm, Blutsturm, Blutsturm EK, Blutsturm_Echsenkessel, BoA, Bob Swagger, Bodster, Bonk, Boondock Saints, Boondock Saints, Born to wipe, BornToBeHorde, BornToBeHorde, BPStmp, Brewtality, Broken Legends, Brotherhood of Azeroth, Brotherhood of Azeroth, Brotherhood of Azeroth, bruzup, bs, BS, BS, BS 10, BTKR, Bubble Head Nurse, Bullshit, BunkseinAccount, BÄMM AE, Caedo Ergo Sum, CANT MOVE, Cazlek Logs, Certamen, Certamen, Cess_Rep, Chrisshipton, chrizisprivateYO, Chronos, Circle of Friends, Cloud, Club der dichten toten, Clubbüro, collateral, collateral, Collateral, Collateral, Collateral pew pew, Collateral////Snake , Concordia, Concordia, Copia Caliginis, Cortain´s Superlogs, Cosmo Stars, CosáNostrá, Coup de Grace, Coup De Grace, Cry For Mercy, Crytical, cultores, Cybernetic Punks , cônfused, Dalharen del Oloth, Das Landei, Day of Wrath, Day of Wrath, Day of Wrath, Dead Line, Dead Players Society, Dead Twilight, Dead Twilight, Dead Twilight, Dead Twilight, Dead Twilight, Deadmaus, Deathless, Debuff, Decisions of Truth, Declaratio, Deja Vu, Deja VU, Deluminaten, Depravity, Der Meisterzirkel, Der Meisterzirkel, Der Zorn Khadgars, Der Zorn Khadgars, Desperation, Desperation, Destiny'n'Despair, Destitute, Devastation, devil may cry, Dextro Tempore, Dextro-Tempore, diarlliryk, Die dreizehnte Abteilung, Die Drölfs, Die Geistigen, Die Legion, Die Minischwings, Die Minischwings, Die Schlachtzugs Bummler, Die Sturmlegion, Die Todesengel, Die unaufhaltbare Macht, Die Uralten Bewahrer, Divine Wrath, Divinity, Divinum, dmct, Dogma Revival, DoK, Dragonblood, Drasula machts alleine, dribbelt dich aus, Drimacus, Dummytest, Dynamic Chaos, EarthDefenceForce, Echsenkessel Nachtraid, Eclipta's logs, Einmal zwei halbe Gnom, EJ2, Eli, Elizabizle, Encore, Energized Mojo Pirates, Engel der Nacht, Enlightened Dark, Ensivero, Entropy, Envoys of Death, Epoch, Erigoon, Esports Hornets, EsportsH, Eternal Horizon, Alk und Ehre, Allerias Successories, Anathema, Anubis, Arctic Hawks, Armeeder Toten, Awaken, Bankers League, Bloodheros, BloodRain, Blutsturm, Blutstürmchen, BoOtY bAy BeAcH bOyS, Burning Adrenaline, Busting Orcs, Bürgerwehr Sturmwinds, Crazy Dragon Pirates, Dark Night Clan, Das Vermächtnis, Dead or Glory, Deathwings Army, dein gild ist shize, Dichter als Goethe, Die Berserker, Die Echsenkesselis, Die Gelehrten, Die Macht von Azeroth, Duffmanns, Easy Girl, Elementwulfs, Evolution Z, Exordium, Fun Raider Twinks, Fusion, Fállèn Ángèls, GankStars, Geil und Billig, Gimps United, GM, gogogo, Happles, Hau ab ich Drop nix, hdf ich bin epic, Horde for Life, Hordelicious, House Beta, How I met my Epics, IMA WHALE ORROOAARR, inexsuperabilis, inFamous, Infused, JFF, Knochenkult, Kopfkino, Krawall und Remmidemmi, La Cucina, Lone Wolf, MassRealmDown, Mein Server ist Offline, Modern Pinky Twinks, Nights Watch, Níghtmare, Old Generation, Oo Charkasse GmBH oO, PANDA, Patchday Opfer, Planetary, Proudly of Might, Rebirth of destiny, Rêquiem fôr a Dream, SANC, Schattenpakt, Schlachthaus, SERVER IST DOWN, Soleil Levant, SouLKillerZ, sUpErToYcLuP, Sérver Down, Sìlverdragon, Tauren Steakhouse, The Dream Hunters, The Fary Tails, The Multiboxer, The purpur Bloodline, This is it, Trauergemeinde, Twink inc, ugly, UnitedDomination, viel Rauch um nichts, Violénce, vooDoo, Walhalls Wächter, Walhalls Wächterchen, WarDogZ, WarLordz, Watch the World Burn, We aRe eMo kiDz, Widerstand ist Swagglos, Wächter der Rache, A C E, Abtrünnige des Todes, Achievement, AFK Bierholen, Against Humanity, Alive and Dead, All Inclusive, Always Ultra, Amentia, Amicorum, Angel of Chaos, Apartment XI, ApeCrime, Apocalypse, Archons, Ardentem Executione, Argent Dawn, Asche des Phoenix, Assassins of Canabis, at least we took stable, Aternitas, atschulo quapo, Audax Cor, Aurum, Avengers of Soul, Bad Luck, Bamboucha, Banana Joes, Bank des Winters, BankAG, Barfuß in der Badewanne, Bauernzunft, be Water my Friend, Beat it, Bei Blizzard Ehrfürchtig, Berusad, Black Orc Down, Blackhearted, Blackout, Blacksouls, Blame it on Bad Luck, Blaues Blut, Bleachwars, blinded by rage, Blood Crow, Blood Monkeys, Blood Prophecy, Bloody Angels, BloodyAngels, BloodyHeroes, BloodyVengeance, Blubb, Blutherzen, Bodycount, Booty Bay Beach Boyz, Breakdown, BREITSTYLE, Bruderschaft aus Stahl, Brutalic, BsM, Build System, Bums Bums Bananenbrot, Bunkarianer, Caelum, Calacyria, Captains on Duty, Casual, Ceades Cealestis, Celestiâl, Cenarion Circle, Champions Azeroths, Chaos Control, ChaosAngelz, Chevalier Noir, Chillkröten, China Imports, Chronos, Circle of Death, Circulus Scelerate, Clash of War, Closed Monkeys of Doom, Clubbüro, Cold Impact, Coming Soon, conjuring, Contra vim mortis, Corrupted Gladiators, Crit IT, Crossroads, Crusaders of Night, Cry for Mercy, Crypted, Cursed, Dark Temptation, Dark Visions, Darth Raider Inc, De la Muerte, Dead End Kings, Dead Players Society, Deadmaus, DEATH NØTE, Debauchery Tea Party, Decisions of Truth, DEMOLISHMENT, Demonic, Der Dunkle Thron, Der kreuzende Brennzug, Der Meisterzirkel, Des Wals Alstars, Desperados, Destiny of Darkness, Device, devil may cry, Devotion, Diabolic Inferno, Die Agonie, Die Biber Brüder, Die Ente Brennt, Die Exorzisten, Die Gerichteten, Die goldene Horde, Die Horde des Phönix, Die Minischwings, Die Peons, Die PiesenRimmel, Die Retter von Mal ganis, Die Schlächter, Die Schulermittler, Die schwarze Legende, Die Strohhut Piraten, Die Superfreunde, Die Söldner Azeroths, Die Tempelhamster, Die Unbarmherzigen, Die Zwergen Phalanx, disconnect, DONT RUN I HAVE CANDY, DoombringeR, Dos Peradus, Drachensturm, Dreamer, DreamStorm, Dreamteam, Drunken Monkeyz, Drunkenmasters, DSM reloaded, Du nicht nehmen Bier, Dudes Inc, Déja Vu, Döner ohne Knochen, Düstere Legenden, EIements, Einzelhandelsgeschäft, Eiszeit kommt, Endless Rage, Endless XI, EndlessWorlds, Enhanced, Enraged Revolution, Enrâged, epoch, Equinox, Eqûilibriûm, Eradication, Eskalatíon, Eternal, Eternitys End, Evil Monster, Evocati, Ewige Flamme, Ex Inferis, Execute, exitus, eXlate, eXolutio, Experience, eXtreme, ey mann wo is mein epic, FAILeD, Falkengarde, Fallen Heroes, Family life, Fanatix, Fanta, Faradrim, Farmar, Farmstatus, Fat Kids Harder To CC, FatKidsAreEasyToKite, FEARLESS, Feel the Voodoo, Feierkind, Ferales Deos, Fighting Death Angels, Fist of Limasar, Fleet Foxes, For Sure, Fordragons Erbe, Freaknet, Freaknet at Horde, freAky murloCs, From Dusk Tîll Dawn, Frostwind, FtH Reloaded, Fuchsteufelswild, Fuego, Fullbringer, Funwork, furious Gaming, Gambos, Gank Star, Ganktrain, Garde der Schwarzen Eule, Garde des Lichts, Geisteraffen, Get Owned, Get Rekt, Get some, Glitzersteincompany, Glut der Erneuerung, Glücksbärchens, GNOME UND ANDERE WAFFEN, Gnomeregans Garde, go through hell, GodOfWar, Gods of Arena, Goldeintreiber, Goldhain Stammtisch, Gollum GmbH, Grandmasters Inc, Great Show, Grievous Gladiators, Grimwarg, Grunzer von Orgrimmar, GYMPNZ, Gôldbunker, HARASS, Hasserfüllt, hat garkeine Gilde, Hate Cherrie, Haus Gremory, Havoc, Henkerkompanie, HeroiC SunRisE, Herz aus Eis, Highborn, Highfive, Highlinge, Hobbychaoten, Hodors Army, homebrew, Hope and Despair, Hordentlich aufs Maul, Hordisch by Nature, Hyper Infantry Veterans, Hyperion, Hüter des Kinderzimmers, I Amazing I, I C E, I Infernal Rise I, iGoRox, Ihlenpool Outlaws, II Born to Wipe II, IIlIllIIlII, Imbalanced AG, Imbalancêd, Impale, Improve, IMPULSE, Impunity, in waves, Incendium, incorporated, Infinite, Initium Novum, Injustice, Inkognito, Innervision, inRage, Insane Gaming, Insurrection, Invictum Exodus, Irae Furoris, Ironbyte, is mir doch Blöd, Iskarioth, ist bald bei Inhale, ist BREITER als Raidboss, ist dreist, ist verwirrt, just a thought, Just Friends Gaming, Kawabunga, Kensai Dún, Kernölprinzen, Kings and Queens, kitty goes RAWR, Klatscht dir Eine, Klein aber Fein, Klonkrieger, KLÄN, Knuffig und Fluffig, Kosh Harg, Kritische Masse, Kurze Hose Holzschwert, Lass knacken, Last Age, Last Line, Last Resistance, Leftover, Legendary Itmes, Legendary Memories, Legendary Warriors, Legio Noctis, Letzte Instanz, Lok tards, Lorans Bank, Lorem Ipsum, Lost in Translation, Lovelounge, Lunatiíc, Lupi noctis, LuzernerKantonalbank, Lästerbude, Lægends, Madlands, Madness, MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORK, Malus Sanguis, Massiv, Masterplan, Masters of Disasters, Mein C tut W ich G, Memorian, Merciless Legion, merged, Mesmerize, Mithras, Mobile Sterbehilfe, Molkerei Mulgore, MoltenCoreKrabben, MoneyTalks, muss man wissen, my name is jeff, Mysteria, Mystic Dark, mystique, Mythgeburt, Naeramarth, Native, Natural born Chiller, New Age, Next Level, Nightwish, Nihilist, No Money For You, No Movement, Non Omnis Moriar, NooB Deluxe, Noob und Nerd, Noobs, Nos Optima, NQQB SQUAD, nRage, Némesis, Nøxious, OH long Johnson, OldBeastsOfSteel, OMG ICECREAMTRUCK BRB, One Last Try, Orden der Illumínatí, ORDEN DER KREUZRITTER, Our Default is your Best, out of range, Outback, Outbreak Inc, overPowered, packt dir an Sack, PaiNandGain, Panacea, Pandas, panem et circenses, Paradigma, Paradox Gaming, Paralyzed, parva familia, paws, Peace Love and Icecream, Pentagon, Per Random, Pet Shop, PeVauEh, plain Insane, Plündergruppe Abgefahren, Pony Slay Station, Portstein Schwalben, Powerpuff Girls, Pravum, Pressure, Pride, primus, Prometheus, Protector of Pandaria, Protest, Prôphecy, psst, psst just let it happen, Pure, PvP AG, PxQ, qcrew, qpiss, queXilver, quo vadis, R U DODGIN, R X GmbH, Ragequit inc, Ragnarok, Randgruppe, Random Group, RASIERT, Rated, Reborned, Red Bull, RedRocks, ReEn, Reisender Händler, Relentléss, report for flame, Requìem, Ring of Water, Rise of Darkness, Rising Brotherhood, Rising Phoenix, Robbenklobber, Rosa Plüschhäschenarmee, Royal INC, Run Away, Rush Hour, safe BANK, Salomon Goldberg, Sample, SandStorm, Sauhaufen, Scargive, Schachclub Karazhan, Scharlachrote Latenz, Schatten Elite, Scherben und Goldhaufen, Schwarze Klinge, Schwerter des Königs, Schüler und Studenten, Screaming Eagles, seems legit, Selfmade Shop, Semper Fidelis, Semper Fî, sense, Shadow of Darkness, Shadowburn, Shrimp, Si Vîs Pacem Para Bellum, Sincere, Sleepy Hollow, Smartape Gaming, Snakebite, Sodali, solid line, Soma, Souls, Souls of Infinity, SP Gaiming, Sparkling Fluffy Dragons, Special Rabbit Party, Spirit of Azeroth, Spirit of Phoenix, Späher von Sturmwind, SSIO, Stained with blood, Stratos, Stählerne Bruderschaft, Sulfuras Fire, Sun, SunTzu, Supreme Impact, Suîcîde Squâd, Sylvanas Vengeance, SYNDICATE, syndikat, Synergy, TakTak Mo, Tao, Team Decepticon, The Assassins, The Cake Is A Lie, The Dark Kingdom, The Disciples of Death, The Few The Proud, The German Breakers, The Highrule Caros, The House of Baratheon, The Infinity Reloaded, The Insurrection, the mostdope family, The Only Truth, The Powerlevel, The Spreading Taint, TheBankerWanker, There is no RL only AFK, Thirteen Inch PvPness, THUG LIFE, tote Kekse krümeln nich, Touch of Darkness, Touch of Death, Tremendos, True Justice, TRYHARD PWNYS, Two and a Half Hordler, Tyrants, Ulysses, UniteD HeroeS oF HonoR, unitedbank, unknown, Unknown Entities, Unknown Fate, Unleash, Unroyal Rumble, unsophisticated, V wie Vanilla, Vanity, Vasparia, Vegetables, versaut und gutaussehend, vicious, VII, Vital Sign, Volcanus Infernum, Volksfront Gilneas, Voll Schwindelig, Wahre Horde, Warpzone, Warriors of the Horde, We Chase Fat Kids, we re moving with clickz, Weekender, Wegekreuz, weirdo, Wer pullt verliert, Whatever, WhatsUp, WhatsÅpp, Whine Wipe und Gezank, whirl, Wild Wild West, Wild Wookies, wind bank, Wings of Death, Winter is coming, Wraith Wolves, WuShuKlan, wächter der horde, X Y Z, xPekes challenge, Yakuza, YOLOSWAG, You Only Live Once, Zerg, ZeroBank, Zombie Nation, Zwei, Zwitscher Bande, Æconomic Crisis, Îst Lernressistent, ÙnderWórld, Überdurchschnittlich gut, A Chosen Few, AimForce, Alpha, ANG, Angels of Darkness, Apocalypse Now, Attentäter aus Spass, Auralbank, aZi Rangas, Bank of Friends, Bat rogue inc, BerlinerHorde, BlackCherrys, BlueBear, Blutdürstigen, Blutiges Biergemetzel, Bonk, BRAUGURGER ZUDT, But Mum Iam doing Arena, CoolWiesau, Copia Caliginis, critical kill, Cube, cultores, Day Of Wrath, Death by Call, Declaratio, Destroyer of the wicked, Die Prophezeiung, Die Zaubermeister, Door of Celestial Peace, Einmal zwei halbe Gnom, El Haramia, Elíte, Evolûtion, eXalted, Exalted with Arthas, Falkenschwingen, Fallen Gods of the Horde, Final Heaven, First National Bank, Forgotten Brotherhood, Gank mich und ich log um, Hartgekochte Eier, Have a break, In Vino Veritas, Inferno, JB, Jediriiter Der Allianz, Jetzt wiederbeleben, Jo mi host ghaut, Just me, Kiss Me I Am Famous, Klinge der Horde, KNIFE FIGHT MONKEYZ, Krümmelmonster, Last Whisper, like no other, Little Furys, Lunae, macht MEHR DRUCK, Mahlzeit, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, Mein Server ist Down, Menschenrennen, mit der Sonnenbrille, My Own Little World, Nachtwache, National Bank of Greece, Nephilim, NeverHeaven, Nutzloser Haufen, OutFerno, ParanoiD, prodigium, Random Loot, RockStar, Royal Bank of Darnassus, Rumseys Schdammkundn, Schall und Rauch, Seabourn, Sekundenkleber, Shadowy Existence, Snakebite, Souls of Resurrected, stressfrei, Strohhutbande, Team Glisto, The Happy Murlocs, The last Man standing, untàmed, Von den Kirschern, weil sonst Mama schimpft, WILL BREAK YOUR BONES, Wächter von Sturmwind, êternity, Evolutionaries, Evolûtion, Ex Inferis, Ex Inferis 2, Exalted, Exiilia, Exilia, exless, exless, exless, exless, Exless, Experience, expression, ExtraOrdinaryGamerClub, extremsauce, exzessiva, Faebs Test, Fail Guild, Falcenauge, fanatics, Fascination, fate, FeaR, Fearless, Fightclub, Fighting Death Angels, Fighting Death Angels, Fighting Spirit, Final Awakening, Final Method, Flammenherz Reports, FML, For the Record, Force of Resolve, Forgotten Brotherhood, Forgotten Brotherhood, Forgotten Brotherhood, Forgotten Brotherhood, forsaken, freAky murloCs, From Dusk Till DAwn, Fuego, Full Metal Panic, Funwork, furious Gaming, Fused Mind, Fusion, Galldorer, geheimebund des totes, GenetiC GaminG, GenetiC GaminG, get n life, Ghost of Time, Gilde, Global Impact, Glut der Erneuerung, Grayskull, Green Gorillas, Guardia Civil, Guardia Civil, GUARDS of BAVARIA, GUBBEL, H n Friends, HardCora, Hardcore Wipes, Harmony, Hc, Heaven, Heaven can wait, Heaven can't wait, Hello, Highborn, HighPotential, Hogger 10er, Holly logt, Holzkopfbande, Honor the Bro Code, HotKiss, Hândsome, Hôpe, I Scream For Icecream, Ich sehe, Ignoriert Euch, II Born to Wipe II, Ikarus, ImbaLikeZz, immensum, Immensum, Immensum, Immortal, Immortal, Immortalis Noctis, IMPACT, Impakt, Imperial Order, in frenzy, In Nomine Deorum, Inception 2.0, Incorporated, Independence, Infernal Rise, Infernal Rise, Inferno, Inferno, Initium, Initium, Initium, Initium, Injected, inRage, inRage, Insane Asylum, Insane Gaming, Insidious, Insomniacs, InstanT CleaR, Instânt Ðøwn, Interim Logs, Intravenös, invictum, invictum, invictum, invictum, is Happy, Is Legendary, Iskarioth, Ivory Lounge, Jazerra, jeffreestar, Jorgamonger, Just Crits, Just The Tip, Kacknoobs, Kampfgruppe West, Kampfkeksgeschwader, kansascityshuffle, Kartell, Kernölprinzen, Kiez Clan Hamburg, Kinap, Klingen der Allianz, KN 2, Kniekratzer, Knights of Blood, Knights of Valor, Kosh Harg, Krasus Elite, Krasus Elite, Kriegsveteranen, kryptic minds, Kuh Schubs Klan, Lamas mit Hüten, Last Action Heroes, Last Man Standing, Last Resort, Law, Lawrencium, Lawrencium, LawrenciumBeta, LDA, leftovers for breakfast?, Legendary Warriors, Legenden der Allianz, Legends Never Die, Legends Never Díe, Legends Never Díe, Legends of Azeroth, Legio Noctis, Legion of Fantasy, Lex Superior, LFR guild, Limit Break, Lions of Death, LiquorGuild, liveraidging, Lod Hordos, LoggerGuild, Logs, Looney Boons, Los Hordos, Los Hordos, Los Nonconmprendos, LP, Lucille Testing, Lurdaks Logs, lutschprada, macht Druck, macht DRUCK, Madmorton, Mala Regii, Manaflut, MarckipLogs, mD, Medicide Gruppe 2, Meins, meinz., Mercenaries, Mercenaries, Merciless Legion, merged, Milites Incendii, mink, mit der Sonnenbrille, Mithras, Mitico, Mond der Schande, Mond der Schande, money boy approved, Murf, Murlocs, Murlocs, Murlocs, Murlocs, Murlocs Go MRGLMRGLMRGL, mystique, Mystique, Mystique, mystuff, Myth, MüsliMüsliMjamMjamMjam, Nachtwache, Natholos, Necaro-Eigene, Neftiry, Nephilim, Netolk, Network Knights, Never Walk Alone, Never wipe alone, Next Generation, NEXT LEVEL, Nightmare, Nightshift, Nightwish, Nightwish, Nightwish, Nihilist, Nitro, Nitrogenia logs, no way out, NOM, Non Omnis Moriar, Noob Annihilation, nope, Nukular, Nur mehr Leiwand, Nutzloser, Nyerk, Nyerk, Nyerk, NÉXT, Nîghtmare, OFM rennt, Oh Brandy, Old Bones, Old Bones, Old Generation, Old Guards of Might, Ominous Latin Noun, One Man, OneManShow, Orizon, OtH, Our Revenge, Our Revenge, Over The Hell, Pakt der Wölfe, PANDA, Paralysis, Paranition, Peace and Harmony, Peace and Harmony, Philmont's Guild, Phra, Phönix of Fame, plain Insane, Please don't slap me, Portmore Empire, PoS, PoV, powered by Schneesturm, powered by Schneesturm, pressureyo, Pretty Pìnk Pwnage, Priests of Skullz, prod_hanse_loggs, prodigium, Prodigium, Project Revolution, Proud to be hated, Proud to be Hated, ProViolence, ProViolence, Prîeuré de Sion, Psycho Klinik, Public Enemies, PuG, Punishers Prügelbande, PxQ, PxQ, Raidlogs, Rainbow Insanity, RandomEK, randomraidsunited, RANDOMS OF ECHSENKESSEL, Rat Pack, ratpack, Ratpack, Raynor's Raiders, Rebels and Angels, Rebirth INC, recountsux, Red Steel, Redanqtraids, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Refuge, Rejoy, Released, Renew, Resistance Movement, Revision, Riker, Riot, Rise of Balance, RLs, rndm, RnR, Rofllogs, Royal INC, RP Sports Federation, Run Away, Ruthless, Rächer Initiative, Saints, Saints, Saliva Amphora Grp 2, sammys loggs, Sanguine Prophecy, Sanguine Prophecy, SarvaLog, Schakk, Schall und Rauch, Schattenlichter, Schergen des Wahnsinns, Screaming Eagles, Screaming-Eagles, Seabourn, Seabourn, Seelensturm 10er Raid, semper fi, semper fi, SemperFI, sense, Sessbank, Shaawtysrandom, Shadows, Shawtylog, Shemhamforash, Shicenice, Shotgun, Shotgun, Shotgun, SHOTGUN, Sign, Sign, Silenced, Smashys WoL, Snipes guild, Snobs, snowproof, Snuffed, Solanum, SoR, Sots, Sots-Scort, Sots/Skip, Soulfly, soulseeker, Soulseeker, Speedmix, Spirits of the Shadow, Square One, Squishmitten's Guild, STDT, Steti In Encendia, still waiting, stressfrei, stressfrei, Stressfrei 10er 2, Strohhutbande, Stue, suit up, Suit up, sun, Sun, Sun, SUN, SunTzu, SunTzu, Suum Cuique, Symphonie, sYn, SynaticZ, SYNDICATE, Synergy, Syngergy - Gruppe Delta (10er), syno, syntwink, T I L T E D, Talani, Taylin´s Logs, Taylin´s Logs, Team Decepticon , Tears of Heaven, Tempus Fugit, ten monkeys, Tesla, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test123, Testguild, Testing, TESTOS, Thalion, Thalion, The Amducias, The Disciples of Death, the educated rodents, The educated Rodents, The German Breakers, The Nadir - Team 2, The Overlord, The Ring Thing, The Ring Thing, The Tribunal, TheTurtles, ThisIsMyGuild, Tiades, Tip, Top Gear, Tora et Dora, Torment, Truthlogs, try it im rdy, Tränen der Sonne, TU, twentyfive randoms, Twiligh Hammer Clan, Twilight Hammer Clan, Twilight Hammer Clan, Twinkraid, Tyrannon Nachtraid, Ultionem exules, unblemished, unblemished, Unbreakable, Unbreakable, undecided, unique, UnitedDomination, Unknown, unkompatibel, Unleashed, unrivalled, Vae Victo, Valhallas Legion, Valuerit, Vanity, Vanity, Veritas et Aequitas, Veritas et Aequitas, Very Red, Vijona, Vile, Vinzing, VisAbsoluta, VK, vooDoo, VTA Army, vulkains wowlogs, waiting for the end, wakaflakaflame, Walhalls Wächter, WalhallsWächter, WalhallsWächter, WalhallsWächter, wants to buy epic Kekse, wants to buy Epic Kekse, Warlordz, WarLordz, WarLordz, WaRlordz, wasted years, Weekly 25m PuG, Weicherfinger, WeltenWandler, Wer pullt verliert, WeRage, wicked, wicked, Wicked, Wicked, Wiedergeburt, Wing, Wintersun, WIO, Wipe it Out, WoL central, Wolfskult, wsh, xD, Xiz´ one, xqez, XYZ, YAKUZA, zahd, zick, Zippey's Logmania, Zoulibewerbung, Zsurkocsi, Zurinaas Fightclub

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