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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Enigmatic EU-Magtheridon 0 91
Pure Luck EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 89
The Might Of Leo EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 39
Intoxicated EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 31
Pímp My Raid EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 29
Chaotic Council EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 27
Fallen Kings EU-Magtheridon 0 23
Devious Intentions EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 20
Shokushu Nabe EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 17
Regibus EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 15
Dark Matter EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 12
Future Foundation EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 12
Nordic Champions EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 12
Scrumpy EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 12
Soul Bound EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 10
Sanctum guards EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 9
Grief EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 8
Kaer Morhen EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 8
Detrimentum EU-Magtheridon 0 7
Swarm EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 7
Twisted Neutral EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 7
Unbound EU-Magtheridon 0 7
Impúlse EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 6
Khadgars Khankles EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 6
Omega EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 6
Oversight EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 6
Hi Goat EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 5
Land Ahoy EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 5
Legacy EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 5
Mysterium EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 5
Panic EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 5
French Kiwi Juice EU-Magtheridon 0 4
Krucjata EU-Magtheridon 0 4
The New Legacy EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 4
The Unforgotten EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 4
Wipe Walkers EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 4
Eat My Crit EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 3
Epicurean EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 3
Groove Train EU-Magtheridon 0 3
Hope Restored EU-Magtheridon 0 3
Leaders of the Pack EU-Magtheridon 0 3
Whiplash EU-Magtheridon 0 3
Wyrm Slayers EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 3
Abarbanel EU-Magtheridon 0 2
Bloed Zweet en Tranen EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
Bloody Mess EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
Exile EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
Foundation EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
Mutiny EU-Magtheridon 0 2
Panic Room EU-Magtheridon 0 2
Raiders on the Storm EU-Magtheridon 0 2
SubZero EU-Magtheridon 0 2
The Arcless EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
The Consulate EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
The Remedy EU-Magtheridon 0 2
Valhalla EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
Ancient History EU-Magtheridon 0 1
Belli Dominos EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Contagion EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Deviant EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Eclipsez EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Fallen Aspects EU-Magtheridon 0 1
Heptagram EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Kingdom EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Koen valt op mannen EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Laughing Chaos EU-Magtheridon 0 1
Pirates IRL EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Remorseless EU-Magtheridon 0 1
The Hive EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
The Valiant Wardens EU-Magtheridon 0 1
TLC Gaming EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
TwoFortyNine EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Fallen Kings EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 569
Exile EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 293
Immersion EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 90
Something Else EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 80
The Zoo EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 70
My guild EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 65
Proud EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 50
Die Safe EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 47
Kingdom EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 46
Immortal Kingdom EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 42
Haters EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 39
Tuiza EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 38
Pirates IRL EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 32
Foundation EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 30
Paradox EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 27
stumhorn EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 21
Equality EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 19
Immortal Legacy EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 18
Battle Trance EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 17
Dark Intent EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 17
Inception EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 17
Pragmatism EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 15
Hope Restored EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 14
Munkenmage EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 14
Wrath of Heaven EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 14
Pure Luck EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 13
Selppin logs EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 13
(Faith) EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 12
Spirit of Dawnsong EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 11
Wipe for Good Luck EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 11
Pod Mamutem EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 10
Stay Awhile and Listen EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 10
The Dark Meow EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 10
Twisted Neutral EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 10
Apocalypse EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 9
Nameless EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 9
The Might Of Leo EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 9
The Machine EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 8
Whiplash EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 8
Wrath of Heaven EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 8
Audacity EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 7
Epicurean EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 7
Evolution of Old EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 7
Improbable Fate EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 7
Primori EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 7
The Durotards EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 7
The Q Tales EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 7
Brady None Alliance 0 6
Notability EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 6
Terminus EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 6
Blackwatch EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 5
Calamity EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 5
Chaotic Council EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 5
Danish EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 5
plain EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 5
Redemption of the Light EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 5
Temple of Bachus EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 5
Wyrm Slayers EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 5
Malevolent Fury EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 4
moose beaver brow EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 4
Repairs EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 4
The Arcless EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 4
Atlas EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 3
Defenders of the Crown EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 3
Hazard Perception EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 3
Heptagram None Horde 0 3
Its so hard EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 3
Legion of Mjoed EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 3
Dark Intent EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
DragonSkull EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
Eat My Crit EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
Epicurean EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
HTML EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
ICE EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
LogforApplication EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
Mythical Mysteries EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 2
Nordic Champions EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
Rampage None Alliance 0 2
Tea and Toast EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 2
Abcdef EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Balor Loves Baloro EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Beyond Redemption EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Callistó EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Can i create a random guild? None Alliance 0 1
Cheddar EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Chedder EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Daraggna EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Darkspear Never Die EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Eat My Crit EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Epitome EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Fjord EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Foundation 2 EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Geno Pugs&Test EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Grief EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Impetus EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Kaer Morhen EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Parabèllum EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
Parabèllum EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 1
realitysucks EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Settlers None Alliance 0 1
Swarm EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
The Reborn EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 1
Abaddon None Horde 0 0
AMG None Alliance 0 0
Amnesia None Alliance 0 0
Anathema None Horde 0 0
Apocalypse EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
Arise Reborn None Alliance 0 0
Arnes EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 0
asdqwe None Alliance 0 0
Asylüm None Horde 0 0
Ave None Horde 0 0
Ave None Horde 0 0
Awesome, Inc. EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
Baneful None Horde 0 0
Bofe None Horde 0 0
Bokkerijders EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
CaddyShack None Horde 0 0
castle None Horde 0 0
Celestial Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Clarity None Alliance 0 0
Conquerors None Horde 0 0
Conquerors None Alliance 0 0
Crushers None Alliance 0 0
Danish Marines EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
Dara Mactire None Horde 0 0
Dark knight None Horde 0 0
Detrimentum None Horde 0 0
Deus Ex Mortem EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 0
Devastation None Horde 0 0
Dreams of Insanity EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 0
Eat My Crit None Horde 0 0
Elder Ghosts None Alliance 0 0
Elgrumbo None Horde 0 0
Error MXVII None Alliance 0 0
Excuse my hatred None Horde 0 0
Fallen Aspects None Horde 0 0
Fallen Aspects None Horde 0 0
Fallen Aspects None Horde 0 0
Fallen Legends None Horde 0 0
Forsaken Fighters None Alliance 0 0
Fury Unleashed EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 0
Fused None Horde 0 0
Fused None Horde 0 0
Fused None Horde 0 0
GLodge None Horde 0 0
Groove Train None Alliance 0 0
Guild1 None Horde 0 0
Hashtag Risuaita None Horde 0 0
heptagram None Horde 0 0
HeroicKnights None Horde 0 0
IGMLogs None Alliance 0 0
Illuminati None Horde 0 0
Illuminati EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
Imminen None Alliance 0 0
Imminent None Alliance 0 0
Indistinct Advantage None Alliance 0 0
Isolated System None Alliance 0 0
Jademaster None Horde 0 0
Jdarraghwol None Horde 0 0
Juxtaposition None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Keg None Alliance 0 0
Kíss of Death None Horde 0 0
Le handsome men None Alliance 0 0
Legacy EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
LFR Hero EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 0
Lich None Alliance 0 0
logs None Alliance 0 0
Logs None Alliance 0 0
Lords of War None Alliance 0 0
Lost Cause None Horde 0 0
Male None Horde 0 0
Medaar None Horde 0 0
Medaar None Horde 0 0
Mingzhi None Alliance 0 0
Moo Murder None Alliance 0 0
myplayground None Alliance 0 0
Mystery Goo None Alliance 0 0
Mythical Mysteries None Horde 0 0
Nemesis None Alliance 0 0
No life at all None Horde 0 0
Nota None Alliance 0 0
Notability None Alliance 0 0
Notability None Alliance 0 0
NotabilityB None Alliance 0 0
Omega None Horde 0 0
onetwothreefour None Alliance 0 0
Order of Light None Horde 0 0
Parabèllum None Alliance 0 0
Paradoxx None Alliance 0 0
Perfectly Sane None Alliance 0 0
Pink Fluffy Rabbits None Alliance 0 0
Quid Pro Quo Bro None Alliance 0 0
Rampant Grow None Horde 0 0
Remedyy None Horde 0 0
Reverence None Alliance 0 0
Revolt EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
rosq None Alliance 0 0
Sanctum Guards None Alliance 0 0
Seppuku None Horde 0 0
Sic Semper Tyrannis None Horde 0 0
Significance EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
Sinister Vegenance None Alliance 0 0
Sister's Of The Agiel None Alliance 0 0
Sisters of the Agiel None Alliance 0 0
skills that kills None Alliance 0 0
Sneet's private guild None Alliance 0 0
SoTA - Wolf Pack None Alliance 0 0
Soul Bound EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 0
Special Eyes None Horde 0 0
Spelunking ftw. None Alliance 0 0
Spitfire None Horde 0 0
Split Seconds None Alliance 0 0
Stars None Horde 0 0
Steamín Pile of Monk None Alliance 0 0
Storm None Horde 0 0
Stukkie None Horde 0 0
Swarm None Horde 0 0
Sweevo's World None Alliance 0 0
team done None Horde 0 0
Team Olympus None Alliance 0 0
The Bane of Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
The Blades Soul None Alliance 0 0
The Consulate None Horde 0 0
The Fire Nation None Horde 0 0
The Line None Horde 0 0
The Might of Leo None Alliance 0 0
The Remedy None Alliance 0 0
The Renaissance None Alliance 0 0
The Renaissance None Alliance 0 0
The wolves den None Alliance 0 0
theyonor None Alliance 0 0
Tim's Lameness None Horde 0 0
Twierdza None Alliance 0 0
Twierdza None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Neutral None Alliance 0 0
Unforgettable None Horde 0 0
Used to Could None Horde 0 0
Veni Vidi Desum None Horde 0 0
Vex EU-Magtheridon Alliance 0 0
Vicious Circles None Alliance 0 0
Viseloke None Horde 0 0
Wat is dis None Alliance 0 0
WereBackAgain None Alliance 0 0
Wink Wink Nudge Nudge None Horde 0 0
Wintersun None Horde 0 0
wooxedlogs None Horde 0 0
Wrath of Heaven None Alliance 0 0
xiii None Horde 0 0
XtremeChaos None Alliance 0 0
yoghurt None Alliance 0 0
You aRe NoT RePaiReD None Horde 0 0
You aRe NoT RePaiReD EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
youarenotrepaired None Horde 0 0
Zigz EU-Magtheridon Horde 0 0
Zigzagz None Horde 0 0
Zlobidla sro None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Acta Nefarium, Ad Acta, Aeternus Pax, africa ssie, After Dark, After Dark, Against all Odds, Almost Ugly, An understatment, Anima, Anomalies, anxiety, APOCåLYPSE, Appetite For Destruction, Arcania, Asperity, Asperity, Asperity, Asperity, Asperity, Athena, Aura Core, Avatars, Avatars 2, Ave, Ave, Aveena, Balkan Crafters, Bank of orgrimar, BOCTOK, BOCTOK, Booterang, Booterang, Booterang, Business Cow, By Your Side, Cadaverous, Celestial, Code of conduct, Coincidence, Cold, Conclave of Shadows, Continuum, Cookie Brigade, Cookies, Core Fusion, Corpus Callosum, Corpus Callosum, Corpus Callosum, Craps, Cult of the Cookie, D E A D, D o g m a, D y n a s t y, dark intent, darkadrian, Deathwing Goats, Defenders of the Crown, Deflection, Deflection, Detrimentum, deus ex mortem, Deàth Dealers, Die Trying, Doomblades, DradzaWoL, Døllemusse Speedhækling, Edge, Edge Of Eternity, Elite Power, Emerging revolution, Enigmatic, Envenomed, Equality, Accountant, Ad libitum, AeternA, AFK, After the Fall, Agent Crusade, Agents Of Fortune, Agility, Aliance Doritos, All Align, Allegiance to Madness, Alliance Crusaders, Alliance Haters, Alliance of Azeroth, Alternate Reality, AMG, Amici Sumus, Among Ancestors, Anarchy For Hire, Anat Akhan, Angelic Allîance, Angels of Pain, Annihilate, Apache, Apocalypse, Apocalypsis, Apocalyptic Fate, Arcane Allegiance, Argent Crusaders, Argent Dawn Veterans, Arise Reborn, Astral Alliance, Athena, Atlas, Auxilium, Azeroth Assassins, Backstage, Bank of Alts, Bank of Even More Nutz, Bank of More Nutz, Bank of Nutz, Bantersaurus Rekt, Be Nice to People Party, Benelux Gaming, Beyond Redemption, Beyond the Shadows, Biohazard, Bird is the Word, Bittersweet Symphony, BlackSun, Bladesfist, Blazar, Bleed Green, Blood Legacy, Blood Thirsty, Bloodsworn, BNR, bobthebanksbank, Bokkerijders, Borderline Insanity, Bottom Text, Bradys Alliance, Brain Damaged Pirates, Brawlers, Broken Ground, Brotherhood Of Bob, Bubble, Bubble II, Bubblewrap Bandits, Buckfast Brigade, Buffed Up, Bulgarian Drinkers MC, Bullet Theory, BumzOfWar, BurningLegion, Butchers of Innocence, Caddyshack, Calamity, CanneypZ, Casuals, Cataclisms Braves, Celestial Guard, Cerberus, Champions of the Sunwell, Chance to Crit, Chaos Vanguard, Cheddar, Chivas Regal, CircleJurkZ, Clan Centurio, Clarity, ClassicRaidingCo, Closure, Clownshew, Code of Conduct, Cohort, Colossal Dream, Command and Control, Completely Different, Condare, Conexus, Connection, Controversy, Cool Runnings, Cornhub, Cornucopia, Council of the Night, Crisp To The Maximum, CritMeBabyOneMoreTime, Crusaders, Crème Fraîche, CSI Booty Bay, Cult of The Horizons, cupcake, Cursed Crew, Cursed Motives, Cursed Shadows, Curve, Cuties, Cytadela, Czech Kvookers, Dangerless Zone, Danish, Danish Allstars, Danish Legacy, Danish Marines, Dark Akhan, Dark Circle, Dark Days, Dark Harbingers, Dark Intent, Dark Intentions, dark raiders, Dark Revelation, Dark Sanctuary, Darkness Before Dawn, Darkness Surrounding, DARKRIDERS, Darkspear Never Die, Das Fookboiz, Dawn of Demise, Dawn of Might, De Fiesta, Dead Goblins Society, Dead Poets Society, Dead Zona, Deadly Rampage, Death or Cake, Deathly Demons, Decorum, Defective By Design, Defenders of the Crown, Defy, Dementors of Azgard, DemiGods, Descendants of Sargeras, Determined, Deus Ex Mortem, Devastatíon, Deáth Dealers, Die Die My Darling, Die Safe, Diehorde, dis is me, Disgracement, Disillusioned, Divinisation, Do Not Panic, Dolce Gusto, dom svulstiga, Dont Run We Have Candy, Draenor Crusaders, Dragon Blood, DragonHearts, DragonLegion, Dragons of Fate, Dreaded Honeybadgers, Dreamworkers, Drunken Monkeys, DrunKz, Dverge Skvadronen, Dwarves Of Moria, Dystopia, Eastvale Mercenaries, El Guild, Elder Crew, Elder Ghosts, Elite Raiders, Elite Stalkers, Emblem Of No Mercy, Emeraldd Dream, Emerging Revolution, Emo, ENSAM VINNER KRIG, Epitome, Equalis, Equlibrium, Error MXVII, Eternal Dreams, Eternal Flame, Eternal Vengeance, Eternal Void, Evaloution, Evanescent, Everybodys Dead Dave, Evolution of Old, exavadus, Exordium, Ez Gam Ez Lyf, Fallen Legends, Famous Last Words, Final Defiance, First Quality Computers, Fjord, Flame of the Phoenix, FloppingMembers, Fluffy Gnomes, Fluffy Kittens of Doom, Fluxx, flysgu, For the Azeroth, Forbidden, Forged By Fury, Fortune Hunters, Foxtrot Uniform, Fractured insanity, freedom echo, Freefall, Friendship is Magic, From That Point of View, Fromunder Cheese, Frost Guardians, Frostguard Fighters, Furry Little Friends, Fury of the Horde, G R O M, Game of Chess, GamerWhizz, Gamon fan clup, Gears of Warcraft, Generic Guild Name, Get Trolled, Geye Powah, Ghost Tigers, Glamazon, Gnomemans Land, God of War, Gods of the Arena, GoldCapped, Good Old People, Goodfellas, GoreTide, Grand Marshal, Gravity Rangers, Great Balls Of Fire, Grumpy Old Dudes, Guardians of Peace, Guardians of the Veil, Guardians of Tirisfal, GuerillaMethod, Guild of Gibbis, Guild of Méntally, Guild of Xizillium, Guldans Chieftains, Gurnerds, Halcyón, Hands Of Eternity, Happy Noobs, Harambes Revenge, Hardcore Puppy Squad, Hashtag Risuaita, Hasselhoff Stole My Bike, Haters, Hazard Perception, HellBreakers, Hellion, Heroes Of Vabbi, Heroic Raiders, HeroicKnights, Hidden, Hit and Hope, Hits Collection, Hollandia Inc, Horde Destroyers, Hordecore PvP, Hordesta Päivää, Horizon, Hunter Paradies, Hunting for Epics, Híve, I Crit My Pants, I Legendz, I Scarlet Crusade I, Identity, Illegal PvP, Illuminati, iluminatay, Im With Stupid, Immediate Gratification, Immersion, Imminent, Immoral legion, Immortal Legacy, Impending Doom, Imperious, Impetus, Imported Game Mechanics, Improbable Fate, In The Clouds, Inba, Inception, Inconsistent, Incurrox, Inferno, Infinity Angels, Inflexible, Ingenting, iNightmare, Insanity of OCD, InsàneAsylum, Intruders, Invalid Targets, Iron Alliance, Iron Wanderers, Ironbank Clan, IronFist, Is a Total Badass, Its so fluffy, Its so hard, IveGotClan, Ivory Immortals, J I N X E D, Jade, Jelly in the Belly, Judged Unholy, Just Pants, Just Us League, Just War, Juxtaposition, Kabany, Kaffepaus, Kaylani Lei fan club, Keepers Of Stormwind, Kentucky deathwings, Ketacrew, Khadgars Rage, Khaos Legion, KickAss, Kingdom of Murlocs, Kings of Winter, KingsTroops, Kiss and Tell, Knighthood, Knights of Corruption, Knights of Ebon Hold, Knights of the Keg, Knights Who Say Ni, Konny Reborn, Kota Peak Mountaineers, Krasbørstige Krabater, Kung Fu School, Kíss of Death, LaBank, Lack of Inspiration, Las Vegas, Lateralus, Lawless Era, Lazy Peons, Legend Craft, Legia, Legion of Doom, Legion Reborn, Legionaires, Lemmings of Shadowcheese, Lethal Injection, Levelling Guild, Liberatio, Liberty, Light of Darkness, Light of Dawn, Lightbringers Hope, Loaded God Complex, Log Horizon, lolbank, LookingForFriends, LosHomos, lost requiem, Luminescence, Lunae, Mad Men, Madñess, Magic Hand, Magtheridon Elites, Magtheridons SW Keepers, MainWolfPack, Majestic, Malevolent Dawn, Malevolent Fury, Manaflask, Mature Content, Meet The Makers, MegaDeath Marines, Mephobia, Metal FIst, Metal Gods, metalkings, Metronic, Miasma of Death, Midnight Dragonflight, Midnight Hunters, Might and Fury, Minds of the Lost Age, Misc Vendor, More Wine Less Whine, MQM, Muffins of Fury, Muradins Guard, MurlocsStoleOurSocks, Mushroom, My BROTHER, Mystery Goo, Mythical Elites, Mythical Mysteries, N E X U S, Naughty Elf Raiders, Naxxramas Card Club, Nefarian Stole my Kebab, Nephelem, New Bloomsbury Set, NEW RAIDERS, NibeGuild, Nibiru, Night Wolves, Nightmist, Nihilum Fanclub, Noobs tbh, Northen Vikings, Northern Souls, Nostalgeek, Notability, Nothing, Nova Prospect, Nuggi, Níhilum, Oath, Obliteration, Observance Elite, Obstinate, of Casterly Rock, Old Warriors Of Denmark, Oldschool, One Foot in the Grave, One Knight Stand, OnePiece, Onyx Panthers, Opus Dei, Orange Heart, Orbital, Order of Immortal Chaos, Order of OMG BEES RUN, Order of skills, Order of the Lazy Peons, Order of The Legionbane, Origin of Storms, Os Bancos do Tapas, Ostatni Bastion, Outburst, Ovation, Over the Hill, Override, OXYY, Pace the race, Paper Zeppelin, Particka, Penance, Perfectly Sane, PHANTOM GLADIATORS, Phenix Reborn, Phoenix Rise, Piekielne Pomioty, Pillars of Foundation, Pirates of the Mad Bones, Polska Wódka, Polttomerkityt, Postal, Potion Seller, Power from the horde, PowerRangers, Pragmatism, Premonition, Primal, Primevil, Prisoners Of Warcraft, PrO SzyderA, Prominence, Prophecies of the Dragon, protectors of holy, Proud, Psionic, Purple Mushroom, Put Ur Proc In My Clas, Puzzles, Quang United, Queeroes, Quid Pro Quo Bro, Quo vadis, Raenis Renegades, RagingSouls, Ragnorök, Raid Against The Machine, Raiders Of The North, Raiders of Thunder, Raiding with Leeches, Rainbow Farting Unicorns, Rainbow Unicorn Armada, Rampage, Raven Knights, Ravenholdt, Rawless Heroes, Real Life is Overrated, Rebellion of the Crooked, Rebolt, Recipe for Hate, Red Temple Gaming, RedApple, Reflex, Relentless Crusader, Reminiscence, renegade, Republic of Warcraft, Resistance Core, Respect and Honor, Restless Inc, Retro Replay, Reverence, Revolt, Rich Gang, Rinse and Repeat, Rivendal, Rogues and Royalty, Ronklays, Royal Horde Stars, Ruina Imperii, Run You Fools, Réléntléss, SadBoys, Saints and Sinners, Sanctity, Scarabaeus, Scavengers of War, Scorching Flames, Sedition, Seekers of Skadis Pant, Sereníty, Settlers, Setup, Shadow Raiders, Shadow Strikers, Shattered, Shattered Illusion, Shieldblocks Hots n Dots, Shih Tappens, Shoot and Loot, ShootBoys, Shotgun, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Significance, Silver Dragon, Silver Hand, Single Mans Bank, Sisters of the Agiel, Sixtie Or GTFO, Skelpin Flipflops, Skoupidia, Slackers, Smokin Pot, Sober, Society, Society of Shadows, Soilwork, Soldíers for Hire, Solidarity, Something Else, Sons Of Silence, SonsOfAnarchy, Soul Drinkers, SoulStoned, Southern Twilight, SOY, Spazrak cant tank, Special Eyes, Spiders From Mars, Split Seconds, stars of doom, Stay Awhile and Listen, Steady Rooster, Stoned Warlords, Stormwind City Guard, Stukkie, Stygga pojkar för lívet, Suicidal Optimists, Summon Inc, Sun guild, SWAG, Swag Overload, SwagBretheren, Synergy, Take Life Easy, Talamasca, Tauren Tanning Company, Tea and Toast, Team Pokemon, Team Reem, Team Tiger, Temperamental, Templars of Azeroth, Terminus, Terror Kiwis, THAK, The Alliance Of Holymen, the anime pirates, The Ark, The Assault Corps, The Azeroth Alliance, The Blackbeard Pirates, The Blades Soul, The Bloodmoon Guardians, The Bloodrock Tribe, The Bloodwolf Crusaders, The Burning Vanguard, The Cactus Gang, The Champignons, The Clefthoof Outriders, The Courtesans, The Creed, The Crimson Guard, The Dark Avengers, The Dark Entities, The Dark Meow, The Dark Titans, The Dedicated Ones, The Demons Within, The Dirty Casuals, The Divine Order, The Drunk Runners, The Drunken Horde, The Endless, The Eternal Club, The Eternal Warriors, The Exiled Reborn, The Flaming Ruby, The Frontline, The FrostLance Tribe, The Frozen Legion, The Gank Squad, The Gentry, The Ghost Bear Legacy, The Gnomish Society, The GnosticBrotherhood, The Golden Company, The Harambe Legion, The Hopelessly Devoted, The Imaginary Friends, The Institution, The Iron Knights, The Kernel, The Last Order, The League of Pew Pew, The Lollipop Expedition, The Lost Soulz, The Lost Warriors, The Machine, The Mental Institute, The Money Bin, The Moon, the new age, The North Calls, The Old Heroes, The Outlawz, The Pack of Draenor, The Phantom Troupe, The Phoenix Has Risen, The Phoenix Order, The Piggy Bank, The Plebs who say Ni, The Protectorate, The Quivering, The Raging Panthers, The Real Iron Horde, The Rebellious Riders, The Reborn, The Reign Ends, The Rejects, The Renaissance, The Rift, The Screaming Eagles, The Secret Crusade, The Shadow Knights, The sons of Euz, The Spirit, The Starfish Alliance, The Sultans, The True Horde, The Twisting Blether, The Unbreakable, The Undead Dating Agency, The Unicorn Collective, The Unsociables, The Vikings Return, The Voidbreakers, The Wolves Den, The 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Redeem, Reign, Rejects, Remedy, Remorseless, renegade, Renegade, Reverence, Revolt, Revolt, Rinse and Repeat, Rising Heores, SaD, SaD, Sanctum, Sanctum Guards, Scared of Girls, SECRET, Semi Serious, Shadeingrey, ShizzellMAnizzle, Sigil, Sigil, Simul Fortes, Singularity, Sinners Inc, Situation nafu, Slumpen, Snotbagz, Solace, SP TBS, Stark Industries , Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Guard, Stukkie, Synthesis, Take Notes, TarmaLOGS, TEAMTEAMDIRIGO, terraformers, Test, Testament, testing, Testyguild, The, the Edge, The Gilnean Army, The Lost Savages, The Reapers of Fate, The Reckoning, The Valiant Wardens, theherecy, Thelore, Timbermaw Tigers, Titans Disciples, Trvya's logs, Twie, Twierdza, Twilight Raiders, Tzaatjerring, Under Construction, Unforgettable Raids, Unleashed, Untamed, Used to be, Used to Be, Vengative Resistance, Vicious Intent, Vicious Voyage, Vigilance, Vinculum, Virtus, We Care a Lot, We Care A Lot, We Still Beat Real Life, 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