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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Die Rebellen EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 209
Moogambo's Logs EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 134
ID EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 87
Garde der Allianz EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 79
Gimp Deluxe EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 60
Eternal Fury EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 53
KdN EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 51
New Order EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 47
Gilde der Freiheit EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 41
Soulbound EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 40
Blades of Steel EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 38
RandomRaidGuys EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 33
Antarctica EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 32
FreeSoul EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 31
Untotenschutzverein EU-Madmortem Horde 0 31
FSR_AF EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 30
Gaheris1 EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 29
Raging Raidlead EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 28
Grenzgänger EU-Madmortem Horde 0 27
Rise EU-Madmortem Horde 0 26
Fianna síoraí None Alliance 0 25
Sentinels EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 24
Preta-Raid EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 23
Mann über Bord EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 22
Radikus EU-Madmortem Horde 0 20
Lipigrall EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 19
TdP EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 18
AEIOU EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 17
Ascension EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 17
Borg EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 17
T.o.T. EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 17
We Dont Care EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 16
KDS EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 15
ad gladios EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 14
Angels of Hellfire EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 14
Mad Scientists EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 14
TITANEN EU-Madmortem Horde 0 14
Erfolgsjäger EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 13
Insomnia EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 13
Entropica EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 12
Nasty EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 12
The Faceless EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 12
Zeo EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 12
Crusader EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
Primitiv aber Glücklich EU-Madmortem Horde 0 10
Bregan Daerthe EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 9
Gods of War EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 9
is Anbesen EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
VH EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 9
Exitus EU-Madmortem Horde 0 8
Heidies Bergziegen EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
is an besen EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Nobody EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 8
The Faceless EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
@ Pryon EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
miralaw EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 7
Orden der Stürme EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 7
Iron Fists of Ironforge EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 6
Jeadas Raidfinder EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 6
Krieger des Nordens EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 6
Tempus Draconis EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
The Outlaws EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 6
beyond all hope None Alliance 0 5
Light EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 5
TNB Twink/10er EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Army of Crusader EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Avangard_DKP EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Awake EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 4
crom EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 4
Der Orden des Nordlichts EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Gevatter Tod EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
kds.woozah EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 4
Morbid Maniacs EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 4
Neox EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 4
amícorum gratía EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Atal Ogoun EU-Madmortem Horde 0 3
Death Sentence EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 3
KdN EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 3
Knights of Knetzgau None Alliance 0 3
LL-Raid EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 3
lux aeterna EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 3
Nil Desperandum EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 3
Pelzpudding EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 3
pestifer eXercitus EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 3
PEW PEW EU-Madmortem Horde 0 3
quweridon EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
amici ailuridarum EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
CdG EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
Dracmen Agonis EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
IXP EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
KDS EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
Krieger des Nordens (D) EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
Lebende Legenden EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
MyOwnLogs EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Noobus Gimpilus EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
Orden EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Schimäre EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
Sol Invictus EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 2
Vom Stern geküsst EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Angels of Hellfire EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Angry Panda EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Bandu Thoribas EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Bloodhoof Ruffnecks EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Bregan EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Bringt euch Liebe EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Carpe Diem EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Clash of Ten EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Company Of Honest EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Cusader EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Deep Breath EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Die Hohen Schwerter EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Die Pimmelpiraten EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Die Schildbürger EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
DoE EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Dortmunder Recken EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Everlasting EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Evolûtion EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
exalted EU-Madmortem Horde 0 1
firestar EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
GdA2 EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Generic Guild EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Ghosti EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Gnomenpower EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Hope and Despair EU-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Horde von Firestorm EU-Madmortem Horde 0 1
Innocent EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Insidious EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Knights of Knetzgau Paymon None Alliance 0 1
Krieger des Nordens EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Krone der Schöpfung EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Madmortem Legends EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Mave EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
NEC Asperas EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Nestarion EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
never sleeps EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
never sleeps EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Norinar EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
oh boyz EU-Madmortem Horde 0 1
Prodigy EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Rejoy EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
salu logs EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Scharlachrote Latenz EU-Madmortem Horde 0 1
Silver Dragons EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Skulls and Bones EU-Madmortem Horde 0 1
sw EU-Madmortem Horde 0 1
Test! EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Test.Up EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Wintersturm EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 1
Broken Sinus Cavity None Alliance 0 0
adoria None Alliance 0 0
Advanced Target Dummy None Horde 0 0
AEIOU None Alliance 0 0
Algalon, wir kommen! None Alliance 0 0
Aloah None Alliance 0 0
animus´ Guild for Logs EU-Madmortem Horde 0 0
Ass None Alliance 0 0
Assasiri None Alliance 0 0
aus Nacht und Nebel None Alliance 0 0
BDP None Alliance 0 0
Blades of Steel None Alliance 0 0
Bregan Daerthe None Alliance 0 0
Bregan Daerthe None Alliance 0 0
Broken Sinus Cavity None Alliance 0 0
Burning Souls None Alliance 0 0
But the demon None Alliance 0 0
Börschda None Horde 0 0
Bündnis der Gerechten EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 0
Caballeros Alados None Alliance 0 0
Caballeros de passion None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Diem None Alliance 0 0
cartissimo None Alliance 0 0
Choleric None Alliance 0 0
Cola küsst Orange None Alliance 0 0
Critted to Death None Alliance 0 0
Critted to Death None Alliance 0 0
Darkshire after Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Deathwing EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Decisions of Truth EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Demolierzwerge None Alliance 0 0
Die Inquisition None Alliance 0 0
Die Inquisition None Alliance 0 0
Die Resoluten None Alliance 0 0
Die Schildbürger None Alliance 0 0
Die Schnapsdrosseln None Alliance 0 0
Disturbed None Alliance 0 0
DnD None Alliance 0 0
DOP None Alliance 0 0
Dreams None Alliance 0 0
Dé Domhnaigh None Alliance 0 0
Dübels Logs None Alliance 0 0
Elitetruppe der Allianz None Alliance 0 0
Entropica None Alliance 0 0
Epic Meal Time None Alliance 0 0
eXalted None Horde 0 0
Exalted None Horde 0 0
Exiled None Horde 0 0
Extrahordinär None Horde 0 0
Fanatic System None Alliance 0 0
Flemmeth None Alliance 0 0
Fraternitas Uthari None Alliance 0 0
FreeSoul None Alliance 0 0
FS-V None Alliance 0 0
FusionHdANG None Alliance 0 0
FusionHdANG None Alliance 0 0
Ganz großes Kino None Horde 0 0
Gilde der Unbesiegbaren None Alliance 0 0
guild1 None Alliance 0 0
Güü Logs None Alliance 0 0
Güü Logs None Alliance 0 0
hamtidamtis None Alliance 0 0
Heroes de la Cruz None Alliance 0 0
Hidden Skills None Alliance 0 0
Hopeless Things None Alliance 0 0
Ice Experience None Alliance 0 0
ID None Alliance 0 0
IllusiveSilence None Alliance 0 0
In Medias Res None Alliance 0 0
Incendie de mon coeur None Alliance 0 0
Incendium None Alliance 0 0
Infernal Butterfly None Alliance 0 0
Insomnia None Alliance 0 0
Ironforges Wächter None Alliance 0 0
Just luck no Skill None Alliance 0 0
Kasse None Alliance 0 0
KDS None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Knetzgau None Alliance 0 0
Kokobello None Alliance 0 0
Krabbelgruppe None Alliance 0 0
Krone der Schöpfung None Alliance 0 0
Kurz und Klein None Alliance 0 0
last I try None Alliance 0 0
Lauter nette Leute None Alliance 0 0
Leider Leicht None Horde 0 0
Lingua Mortis None Alliance 0 0
Lingua Mortis None Alliance 0 0
Luzsifer None Horde 0 0
Magnanimous Majesty None Alliance 0 0
Magnanimous Majesty None Alliance 0 0
Mattari None Horde 0 0
maze None Alliance 0 0
Nasty None Alliance 0 0
Nasty None Alliance 0 0
Never Sleeps 2 None Alliance 0 0
Next Generation None Alliance 0 0
Next Generations None Alliance 0 0
Nick-LFR None Alliance 0 0
Nightfíghters None Horde 0 0
Nightstalker None Alliance 0 0
Nukular None Alliance 0 0
OdS-Dargo None Alliance 0 0
oO None Horde 0 0
oO None Horde 0 0
Orik None Alliance 0 0
P_ex_Cn None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix ex Cinere None Alliance 0 0
Pure Ownage None Alliance 0 0
Raid Bund 10er None Alliance 0 0
rawr None Alliance 0 0
Rogue Cartel EU-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Rozea None Horde 0 0
Rísing Sun None Horde 0 0
SahneGaming None Alliance 0 0
Samurai Pizza Cats None Alliance 0 0
Schnapsdrosseln None Alliance 0 0
sensation None Horde 0 0
Shadow Warrior EU-Madmortem Horde 0 0
Shadow Warrior None Horde 0 0
Sihnan None Alliance 0 0
Skulls and Bones None Horde 0 0
Snowblind None Alliance 0 0
Sol Invictus None Alliance 0 0
Sol Test None Alliance 0 0
Spikeone None Horde 0 0
Sudden Impact None Alliance 0 0
Tao None Alliance 0 0
Tao None Alliance 0 0
TAO - PM None Alliance 0 0
Telepnium None Alliance 0 0
Temple of Fools None Horde 0 0
Temporary None Horde 0 0
Test EU-Madmortem Horde 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
TESTER EU-Madmortem Alliance 0 0
Thanatos None Alliance 0 0
The Bad Taste None Alliance 0 0
The Expendables None Alliance 0 0
The Faceless None Alliance 0 0
The Hateful None Horde 0 0
The Hateful None Horde 0 0
The Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Tomacow None Horde 0 0
Trollinc None Horde 0 0
Unknown None Alliance 0 0
Urban Legends None Alliance 0 0
Wollmäuse None Alliance 0 0
Wollmäuse None Alliance 0 0
Wollmäuse None Alliance 0 0
Wollmäuse None Alliance 0 0
Wrath of Doom None Alliance 0 0
Wrath-of-Doom None Alliance 0 0
WyrdLogs None Alliance 0 0
Wächter des Feuers None Alliance 0 0
Wächter von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
zonyq None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

10er Stammi, 123, 1337, 1Dwarf2Cups, 2Dwarfs1Cup, aahb, ABC, Abitus Mortis, abnormal, Ace´s Raid, Acheron, ad gladios, ad-gladios, adasdasf, Adeliana Log, adoria, adoria, Adoria, Advanced Target Dummy, Adventurers, Aequitas Veritas, Aequitas Veritas (10), Afterlife, Agmen Draconis, aiontree, Alis Theorie Stüberl (mit Black Jack und Nutten), Alleine unter Gnomen, Alma Libre, AlmaLibre, Alphaslogs, Alte Knochen, Alte Knochen, Altera Pars, Amici, Amici-Ailuridarum, Anastari, Anastari, Anastari, Ancient, Ancient, Angel of Chaos, Anomalia, Antarctica, Antarctica, AoH, Apocalyptic Riders, Arasha'S Highborn Executers, Arennas Raid, Argonauten, Armageddon Syndicate, Army of Hardcore, Art Of War, Asyra Norinar, Atal Ogoun, atd, ATD, Atlantica, aus Nacht und Nebel, Aus Nacht und Nebel, aus Nacht und Nebel - Wallis Raid, AV, AV, Aversion, Axiom, Axxis, AxxIs, Azraely, babqga, Badnerland, Band der Ewigkeit, Band of Brother, Banki, Battlerush, Becky, Bembel des Todes, Benighted, Benighted, berry, Beschützer Kalimdors, BhD|Sarloth, Binarya, Blacklabel, Blades of Steel, Blades of Steel and friends, Blind Ambition, Bloodhoof Ruffnecks, Bloodhoof Ruffnecks, blub, Blutorden, Bobs United, BORG, BoS, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce_, Boßelbrüder Booty Bay, BR, Brain AFK, Bregan Daerthe, Bregan Daerthe, Bregan Daerthe, Bregan Daerthe, Bregan Daerthe , Broken Horion, Broken Horizon, Broken Horizon, Broken Sinus Cavity, Broken Sinus Cavity, Broken Sinus Cavity, Brotherhood of Darkness, Brotherhood of Darkness, Brotherhood of Darkness, Bruderschaft der Nacht, Bruderschaft des Chaos, Brüllaffen, Brüllaffen, Buddan, Bund der Magie - alles ausser gewöhnlich - die Gilde, Bund des Sturmes, Bund des Sturmes, Bund des Sturmes, Burning Souls, Burstangels, Butch's log, Büdnis der Gerechten, caballeros de passion, Caballeros de Passion, Cabas, Canis, Canis Lupus, carpe diem, Carpe Diem, Case,or, Cataclysm, Cerevisia, Chaos 25, Chaos Legion, Chaos Legíon, ChaosTheorie, Chilay, Chimera, choleric, CHÂOS, Chîng, Circulus Vitiosus, Cirdan, CoA, Combatlog, Communitate Valemus, ConHelvetica, Cowabunga, Crank Reloaded, Crank/Nibiru, Crazy Factory, credo de vida, Critted to Death, Critted to Death, Critted to Death, CrittedtotDeath, Crusader, Crusader, Crusader, Crusaders of Stormwind, Cry or Die, CtD, Cuba Libre, cuties, D Zwei L Drei, D&D2, Dark Blade, Dark Intent, Darkex's Log, Darkness, Death and Decay, Death and Decay, Death and Decay, Death and Decay 10er, Death Sentence, Decision of Truth, Decisions of Truth, Decisión fuerte, Decisión Fuerte, Decisión Fuerte, Deep Breath, Defenders of Shattrath, Defenders of Shattrath, delme, Demigods, Demolierzwerge, Demolierzwerge & Freunde, Demon, Der harte Kern, Der Harte Kern, Der Orden des Nordlichts, Der Orden des Nordlichts, DessembraeIXP, Devíl, Dextra Manus Diaboli, Die Alpha-Zossen, Die Daltons, Die Denkfabrik, Die Drückerkolonne, Die Ehrenwerte Familie, Die Freien Völker, Die Helfer der Allianz, Die Inquisition, Die Kleinbürger, Die Legion der Engel, Die Macht Odins, Die Nonnenschänder, Die Rebellion, Die Rebellion, Die Schildbuerger, Die Schildbürger, Die Schnapsdrosseln, Die Schwarzen Ritter, Die Schwarzen Ritter, Die Unverdaulichen, DIe Unverdaulichen, Die Vergraulten Grp2, Die Wahnsinnigen, die wollen nur spielen, DieResouluten, Dilemma, Dilemma, Discepoli di Veritá, Discepoli di Veritá, Dishonor Elite, Divarius, Divinitas, Divinum, DnD, DnD 10er , DnD10, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, DoS, dps is my skill, Dracmen Agonis, Dreams Madmortem, droogz, Drâgonheart, Dunkler Pakt, DUSS FTW, Dust of Phoenix, Ehrenlegion, Eldarin, Eleven Sharp, Elevensharp, Elevensharp, ElevenSharp, ElevenSharp, ElevenSharp, ElevenSharp - 10er, Elfenbündnis, Elitegruppe der Allianz, Elitetruppe der Allianz, Elitetruppe der Allianz, Elitetruppe der Allianz, Emerald Dreamers, Emerald Dreamers, Empy10m, End of Everything, End of Everything, Energy, Enjoy, Entropica, Entropica, EntropicA, Envoys of Light, EONIA, Ephigenia, Equilibrium, Esinthoras, Eternal 10, Eternal Fury, Eternal Reign, Eternal Reign, Eternals, Ethi, Addicted, adoria, Agmen Draconis, Allgäu Power, AmoX, Anonyme WOWler, Antarctica, Apocalyptic Riders, Army of Two, Atal Ogoun, Auf zu Neuem, Aus Zwei mach Brei, Bad Boyz forever, Bad Intentions, Bankers Trust Sturmwind, Bankräuber, Banktionator, BioBotanika, Black Sun, Brachlands next Topmodel, Bregan Daerthe, Bruderschaft Astranaars, BuChStAbEnSuPpE, Bund der Magie, Bund des Sturmes, Bunter Haufen, But the demon, Call E for EPIC, Chaos Force, Chill die Basis, Chor der Gnadenlosen, Critted to Death, Damnation, Dark Spirits, Darkness, Darkshire after Midnight, Darkworld, deCido, Defender of the Faith, Demolierzwerge, Demons of Destiny, Der Bund der Furchtlosen, Der II Kreuzzug, Diablos Nachgänger, diabolic circle, Die Lagerer, Die Schwarze Garde, Die Weisse Garde, Die Windelgang, Die Zuzus, Die Zuzuss, Divine Cooperation, DreamHack, Dressed in Blood, Déjà vus, EdelTwinks INC, Eiswind, Entropica, Eonar, EquinoX, Erze und Co, Eternal Fury, Evolûtion, Exiled, Fanatic System, FeelLove, FeelsTheLove, Fellowship of the Light, Fettes Lager, Final Destinations, Forgotten Sôuls, Free Spirited Rangers, Garde der Allianz, general goods, Gilde der Unbesiegbaren, Golddiggers, Golden Boots, H A T E, hard like heroic, Holestar, Im Ugly and I Ignore It, In Medias Res, IN YOUR FACE, Insanity, Insurrection, JAHCLAN, Kontór, Krieger der Nacht, Kriegsrat von Azeroth, Krone der Schöpfung, Legendär, Levelgilde, like NIVEA, Lords of Midnight, Lost Wings, Milites Impavidi, molkerei auf der bounty, MoneyZ, Mortiferus, Nachtschatten, NerdzZ, Nimbatus, Nobody, NoN PluS UltrA, Nordfriesen, Nos Optima, Nosf Duce, Nummer Vier, Ozstriker, Postbox, Püppis Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, S Q U I S H Y, sapped girld wont say no, Second Chance, Sol Invictus, Soul, Souls, Stormbringer, Sturmkrähen, Templer von Azeroth, Templerorden, Tesla, Thanatos, Thanatos Freunde, The Broken Skullz, The Deathangels, The Expendãbles, The Good Guys, the night, The real Veteranes, Timeless Shades, Traumfänger, Unleashed Warriors, Untagged, Urban Legends, Vae Victis, Vergessen und Verdammt, Wall Street Experts, Wer hats erfunden, Wu Zhanshi, ZDF Kritparade, Zerschmetterte Sonne, Æro, AC, Acheron, Alea Iacta Est, Ascension, AufsMaul, BaamBoom, bad mojo, Bambis Trade Corp, Bank Gildee, Beuteltier, Bloodhoof Ruffnecks, Bund des Lichts, Can Picafort, Carpe Diem, Crit im Schritt, Crusader, Dark Project, Deathpact, Decisions of Truth, Deep Breath, Defenders of Shattrath, Der Fernkaufmann, Die Cobras, Die Dauerklicker, Die Freien Völker, Die Rebellion, Die Schnapsdrosseln, Die Zottelbärchen, Disturbed, Dragonknight, Dust of Phoenix, entirety, Failormoon, FallenAngels, Flatout, Free Soul, Friendship, Funhouse, Gilde von Tom, gladiators of azeroth, Gnadenlos, Guardians of Orgrimmar, hammel, Hazard, Helden des Lichts, Heroes de la Cruz, Hetaeria, iNNOCENS, Innocent, Inugami, Ironforger Starkbierfans, Ja Leck mich Fett, Joypad Monkeys, K R E U Z R I T T E R, Kataklysmus, Kinder des ewigen Lichts, klein und fluffig, Knights of Knetzgau, Kremeus klan, Königsmörder, LEECH ME IF YOU CAN, Legends of WoW, Lemmings, Love to Imba, mortem oppetere, Neph anu Anar, Nestarion, Nouschis Noobtruppe, Omnes Pro Uno, Once Again, Orden der Schwerter, Oxygene, Per Fidem Deorum, Phoenix aus der Asche, Pride of Azeroth, Projekt Hope, Prometheus, Proudmoores Finest, PVP für Fortgeschrittene, Quantumbank, raging pulse, Raging Raidlead, rawr, RetroRaiders, Rise of the Dragons, Rosarote Zuckerwelt, Royal Riders, SchwarzKreuzRitter, Silbermonds Most Wanted, Silberschwingen, Skill on Demand, Smile or Die, Sohei, Stammtisch, Stature Of The Gods, StreetfightersGermany, Sturmbank, tba, Team Lyloa, Tears of Time, Tempus Draconis, Testify, THE BIGGEST ONE, The Bone Collector, The Devil, The Keepers of Lordaeron, Trader Joes, Traumhüter, Uniqùe, Versandhandel, Víribus Unitis, Warrior of Warcraft, Wiped Out, X Hill Rebels, ZERBERUS, Zickenstube deluxe, Zum Anker, eXalted, eXalted, Exalted, Exidium, Exiled, Exiled Raid #2, ExInsomnia, Exitus, Exitus, Exitus, Exitus, Exitussi, Eye of the Night, Fabi -001-, Faceless, fail^3, Fallen Soul, Fallen Stars, Famiglia Corleone, Fanatic System, Fanatic Systems, Fellowship of the Light, felori, Ferox, Ferrymen of Netherworld, Firestar, Flatout, Fly so high, Flying Dtuschman, For Instance, Fraternitas Uthari, Fraternitas Uthari, Fraternitas Uthari, Freak, Free Spirited Rangers - 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Ice Experience, IXP Ice Experience, Jeadas LFR, Jegs Logs, Jiiha von der Zerschmetterten Sonne, Just do it, Just do It, Just Friends, JustMuh, Ka Tet, Kaffeeraid, Kalimdors Faust, Karawane der Tapferen, KDN1, KDS-Twink, keklulz, kennt Karls Twink, kennt Karls Twink, Kernfusion, Kernfusion, Knights of Knetzgau, krank, Kreativ, Krieger des Nordens RGRP3, Krone, Krone der Schöpfung, Krone der Schöpfung, Krone der Schöpfung, Krone der SChöpfung, kupft wie katscht, Kurz und Klein, Kurz und Klein, Lamon, Lamons Logs, Lanakila, Last of the Wilds, Last Strike, LdL, Lebende Legenden, LebendeLegenden, LEECH ME IF YOU CAN, Legion der Engel, Lexylol, Licht und Schatten, lichtritter, Liga des Lichts, Liga des Lichts, Liga des Lichts , Limited Edition, Lipigrall, Liquidz, Little Sins, LOGLOG, logs, Logs Of Jeg/Verson, Logs von Kampftaure, long hair & social, Lost Heroes, Lost Heroes, Lost Heroes, Loxinator Testground, Lumina, lyndz logs, Madness Inc, Magnanimous Majesty, Magnanimous Majesty 10er, Magnanimous-Majesty, MaMa 10-er Ulduar, Markus, Martyrium, Martyrium, Martyriun, mates, mates, Mates, Mates, me myself and i, Medium270, Meine, Memento mori, miau, Miau, Miau, Milch im Gemuesefach, Miracullii, Miste Fan Boyz, MM 10er, MMA, Mogthar, MolaDio, Mondhase, Monster, Monster, MONSTER, Mooneagle, Morbid Maniacs, Motherspride, Motley Crew, Motley Crew, MUHH 25 Random, Murloc Massaker, Muschelmauscheln, MY, My Own Guilde, my_own, myguild, Myown, Mysterium Mortis, Môrs Certa, Môrs Certa, Môrs Certa - 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