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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Chicken Rice EU-Lordaeron Alliance 14 47
SEDITION EU-Lordaeron Alliance 14 31
Passionne EU-Lordaeron Horde 11 87
Born on a Blood Moon EU-Lordaeron Alliance 9 54
Binatna EU-Lordaeron Horde 8 26
Utopie EU-Lordaeron Alliance 7 308
Illusion EU-Lordaeron Horde 7 87
Spirit of Heroes EU-Lordaeron Horde 7 27
Cursed EU-Lordaeron Alliance 7 7
Pulp Fiction EU-Lordaeron Alliance 6 22
zomgzor EU-Lordaeron Horde 5 36
Stay Alive EU-Lordaeron Horde 4 124
Fat KidZ Hard To Kidnap EU-Tichondrius Horde 4 4
Bully Gang EU-Lordaeron Alliance 3 169
Food is Life EU-Lordaeron Horde 3 79
Eunoia EU-Lordaeron Horde 3 3
Omega EU-Lordaeron Horde 3 3
TCC R2 EU-Lordaeron Horde 2 36
Omega EU-Lordaeron Horde 2 5
Piro EU-Lordaeron Horde 2 4
Reverie EU-Lordaeron Alliance 2 2
Covenant EU-Lordaeron Alliance 1 282
back to the roots EU-Lordaeron Horde 1 30
Eclipse EU-Lordaeron Horde 1 11
Aias Lordaeron EU-Lordaeron Alliance 1 8
Rebirth of Justicee EU-Lordaeron Alliance 1 1
Argent Dawn EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 395
Elortha no Shadra EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 346
Titan EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 308
Teufelswerk EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 165
Third Shift EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 130
glorious seven EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 104
October Soon EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 103
AFK in the USA EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 84
Stormborn EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 84
Ten Man Myriad EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 78
Inebriated EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 75
Raid Against the Machine EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 75
Wings of Liberty EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 68
Rising Fire EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 66
DisturbeD EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 65
disfigured EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 61
someBASIClogs EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 59
Stormrage EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 57
Pug EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 56
Duo Infernale EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 55
Tranquil EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 51
Do Not Disturb EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 50
Raven-wm EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 49
Awesome Raiding EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 47
Dragon Fighters EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 46
Multiverse EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 46
TrapCorp EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 45
Ad Nauseam EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 44
Alternative EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 42
Animosity EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 42
Relax EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 41
Taint's Random fucking PUGs EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 41
Renaissance EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 39
Ninjas in Pyjamas EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 38
United EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 36
Imbalanced EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 35
de la Sol EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 34
Invalid Target EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 34
Relax EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 33
Schmerzfrei EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 33
Devotion EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 32
Pulp Fiction EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 32
Bruderschaft des Lichts EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 31
Miliken EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 31
Group Therapy EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 30
Northern Realms EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 30
Reformed EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 30
Anathemaci EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 29
MEMORIES EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 29
Mvc-Sedition EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 29
Powerschlübber EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 28
Rebirth EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 28
Zeal EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 28
Juwel der Alianz EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 27
Sille EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 27
chimaera EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 26
Dawn Breaks EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 24
EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 23
Faithless EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 23
Future EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 23
Blacklisted EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 22
Blackout EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 21
Friends EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 21
Mermidonen von Azeroth EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 21
Not Blackout EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 21
Powerschlübber None Alliance 0 21
RA EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 21
NG24 EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 20
Níghtfall EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 20
Raidovaci Doupe EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 20
Army of Hell EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 19
Ivory EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 19
insight EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 18
De La Sol EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 17
Emphasis EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 16
Logic EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 16
Transcendence EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 16
Tree Fiddy EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 16
Bazinga EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 15
ellzbellz EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 15
Equivalence EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 15
High Hopes EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 15
Nême's random Raids EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 15
Skull EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 15
The Company EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 15
The Vault EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 15
Mnemonic EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 14
Odpadlíci EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 14
Hordler im urlaub EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 13
Mayhem EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 13
Scoia Tael EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 13
True Core EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 13
Banane EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 12
momentum EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 12
Rebirth EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 12
Third Shift 10 EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 12
Archetype EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 11
crazyguild EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 11
Frustshopper EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 11
Last try EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 11
Murmur EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 11
OGOG NO TIMEWASTE EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 11
Remorse EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 11
FRaternel EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 10
Shadowlog EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 10
Welcome to Westfall EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 10
Kimika EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 9
Megiddo EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 9
Ollaaaa EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 9
Ravenhearts EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 9
The Cult EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 9
Cradle of Dragons EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 8
In Panic EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 8
Memory EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 8
Storm of Swords EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 8
ydalir EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 8
Die Netherpiraten EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 7
FRaternel EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 7
Holy Avengers EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 7
Knights of Exodar EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 7
praedonius EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 7
Reverie EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 7
WATERMELON EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 7
Chaos Theory EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 6
kulli EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 6
MementoMori EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 6
Quell des Lebens EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 6
Raven EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 6
Reverie EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 6
YDKME EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 6
Alliance Elite EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Archived EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
French Crew EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 5
Hiiiiiii EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Ivory.P EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Melonenfreunde EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
piRATS EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
rauschis homebase EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Retribution EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Sioushamantwo EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Synapse EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 5
The Forsaken EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 5
Whitefang EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Whitehaks EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 5
Brologs EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 4
FRaternel EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 4
Immersion EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 4
Midgaard EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 4
Murmur EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 4
nebula EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 4
phobezisbald EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 4
R N G EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 4
Sabriina Personal Logs EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 4
sasat EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 4
und Vorurteil EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 4
Utopie EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 4
Wasting the Dawn EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 4
AFTERMATH EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Amnesia EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Amplexus Mortis EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 3
animosity EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Collusion EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 3
Cozy and Crazy EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 3
Critters, Twinks und Rnd Raids EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Dawn Breaks EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Grim Dawn EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Hymn EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
kinder der grube EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Midgaard EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 3
Seelensturm EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 3
SoS EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
The Legion Reborn EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 3
The Zerg EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 3
Watermelon EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 3
You Dont Know Me EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 3
Amazing Hard Times EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Ancient Oaths Ribbon EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
Beer Soul EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Collusion EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Immortal Outlaws EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
IO-Jasquik EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Is a Cookie EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
kfp EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Laberbacken EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 2
Lebron James Is So Cool EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Lost in Lordaeron EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
No-Need EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
Paradox EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
Prestige EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Relic EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
Rush Inc EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
Sargnägel EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
Skeviltum EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 2
SomeGuild EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
TEA EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Twilight Forest EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 2
Unborn Legend EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 2
Villains by Necessity EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 2
Angels of Lordaeron EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Bro Wary EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Butterfly Effect EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 1
Caelo et Inferno EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 1
Calamity EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Casco seine Logs EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Chillen aus Gewohnheit EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Critters EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
DankMemes9/11WasJustAPrankBro EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
De la Luna EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Default UI / Nornes EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Die Flachpfeifen EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 1
Dragon Soul EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 1
Eclissi Lunare EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 1
Engel in Zivil EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
feel the lové EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Feel the Lové EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
GG EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Grün ist Blauer als Gelb EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
infestus EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 1
Kpmemes EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Legacy of Legends EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
lollitrolli EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Malornes Zauberelite EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
möp möp EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Ohana EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 1
Oldschool EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 1
Olympians EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Pax EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Powerschlübber EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Quite EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 1
Relaxed Raiding EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Renew EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
S E X Y EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 1
Somnium Videre EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Spasskasse EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Sukki logs EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
sunrise EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Te Exue Sue EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
The Company EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Titan EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 1
Unchained EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
Vault of Lights EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 1
Vulth EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 1
--------------------- EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 0
ABC None Alliance 0 0
Accuracy None Alliance 0 0
Ad Arma None Alliance 0 0
Aerulfrtest None Alliance 0 0
Aggro für Alle EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 0
Amberdawn None Horde 0 0
Angels of Revenge None Horde 0 0
Anonymous Reborn None Alliance 0 0
Arma et Magus EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Ascension EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Aura i przyjaciele EU-Tichondrius Horde 0 0
Aurora Drako None Alliance 0 0
Aurora Drako None Alliance 0 0
Aurora Drako None Alliance 0 0
Ave Letum None Alliance 0 0
Ave Letum_Akemi None Alliance 0 0
Awesome None Alliance 0 0
Bad Angels None Alliance 0 0
Band of Agony None Alliance 0 0
Bank mittelloser Trolle None Horde 0 0
Battlefighters from Hell None Alliance 0 0
Bella Logs None Alliance 0 0
Bellonier None Alliance 0 0
Blackwood None Alliance 0 0
Blauer Mond None Alliance 0 0
Booty Bay Beach Boys None Alliance 0 0
Brigata Del Crepuscolo None Alliance 0 0
Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Chaotica None Alliance 0 0
CheckMate EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Chillen aus Gewohnheit None Alliance 0 0
Company? EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Conatum Novum None Alliance 0 0
Conatum Novum None Alliance 0 0
Conclusion None Alliance 0 0
Consequence None Horde 0 0
Crit Happens None Alliance 0 0
Crit-happens None Alliance 0 0
Cøîla None Alliance 0 0
Dakarourandom None Alliance 0 0
Darkness None Horde 0 0
Daydream None Alliance 0 0
Daydream None Alliance 0 0
Daylight None Alliance 0 0
De La Flex None Alliance 0 0
Destroyed None Alliance 0 0
Die Macht der Horde None Horde 0 0
Die Streiter Azeroths None Alliance 0 0
Dir grüne Meile None Alliance 0 0
Donkeys and radioactive Penguins saving the World! None Alliance 0 0
dsun EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Díe Garde der Hoffnung None Alliance 0 0
Eckensteher None Alliance 0 0
Eclissi Lunare None Horde 0 0
Elite Hunting Club None Horde 0 0
Elortha no Shadra None Horde 0 0
Elortha no Shadra None Horde 0 0
Elortha no Shadra Grp. 2 None Horde 0 0
Encorexx EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Exceed None Alliance 0 0
Exceed None Alliance 0 0
EXCEEDS EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Execute None Horde 0 0
Fallen Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Faramos Tiriosh None Alliance 0 0
Faravisa None Horde 0 0
Forbidden Society None Alliance 0 0
Freizeitraid None Horde 0 0
Freizeitrentner EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Frostklingen None Alliance 0 0
ganz klar Bedarf None Horde 0 0
gefällt mir None Horde 0 0
Gilneas Retter None Alliance 0 0
Glockenturmkinder None Alliance 0 0
GlockenturmKinder None Alliance 0 0
GlockenturmKinder EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
GTK/DAK None Alliance 0 0
Hakuna Matata None Alliance 0 0
HARD CORE None Alliance 0 0
Harmony None Alliance 0 0
Hasuroxxunited None Alliance 0 0
Hateful Strike None Alliance 0 0
Helvetia None Alliance 0 0
Heroes of the Alliance EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Hordengilde None Horde 0 0
Hrongar EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Hádês Logs None Horde 0 0
Hühnchen None Horde 0 0
Hüter der dunklen Flamme None Alliance 0 0
Indifferent None Alliance 0 0
Insane minions None Alliance 0 0
Insidiae None Alliance 0 0
Interceptor None Alliance 0 0
Jojoos Guild None Alliance 0 0
kichwa kwa None Horde 0 0
Las Vegas Night Live None Horde 0 0
Legion BioBricks EU-Tichondrius Alliance 0 0
Les Enfants Terribles None Alliance 0 0
Libertina Grimm None Alliance 0 0
Lordaeron None Horde 0 0
Lunatics None Alliance 0 0
Mermidonen von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Mermidonen von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
MIAMI nYze None Alliance 0 0
Midgaard EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Moonrhym's LFR und RND Spaß None Horde 0 0
Nec Aspera Terrent None Alliance 0 0
Nekronomikon None Alliance 0 0
no copy pasterino EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Nova EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
NSH None Alliance 0 0
OGOG-NO-TIMEWASTE None Alliance 0 0
Pantheon Reloaded None Horde 0 0
Paradogs EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Powerschlübber None Alliance 0 0
Private None Alliance 0 0
Privatelogging EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
ptuuli EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Quintessenz None Alliance 0 0
Racanos None Alliance 0 0
Raid 2 None Horde 0 0
Rastaworld None Alliance 0 0
Ravenhearts None Alliance 0 0
Relo's lfr Raids None Alliance 0 0
Reminiszenz None Alliance 0 0
REVOLUTION None Horde 0 0
rnd None Alliance 0 0
Royal Flush None Alliance 0 0
Sapientia None Alliance 0 0
Scheintot None Alliance 0 0
Schwarzer Lotus New None Horde 0 0
Selbstbeloggung None Alliance 0 0
SelbstmordKekse None Horde 0 0
SOLution None Alliance 0 0
Spielwiese None Alliance 0 0
Spätaufsteher None Alliance 0 0
Steampunk Social None Horde 0 0
Stormborn None Alliance 0 0
SW_Encore EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
sÄxiest bär alive None Alliance 0 0
Tasers tests None Alliance 0 0
TCC R2 EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Tempest None Horde 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
Test Guild None Horde 0 0
Testgilde None Alliance 0 0
Testgilde None Alliance 0 0
The Babes None Horde 0 0
the bank of scotland None Alliance 0 0
The Company EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
The Datacore None Horde 0 0
The Makers EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
The Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
The Reveler Folk EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
The Unforgiven None Alliance 0 0
The Unnamed EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Therapy None Alliance 0 0
Time EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Timeless Revolution None Alliance 0 0
Trade EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Transcendence EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Tylaa`s Raidschule None Alliance 0 0
Tödlich None Horde 0 0
Unheilbar None Alliance 0 0
Untitled EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Varians elite Kämpfer None Alliance 0 0
Vincula Rumpere None Alliance 0 0
Volpel EU-Lordaeron Horde 0 0
Warlords None Alliance 0 0
Warlords EU-Lordaeron Alliance 0 0
Way of Distance None Horde 0 0
Wipez None Alliance 0 0
Wuut Hunter Raiiiiid None Alliance 0 0
Yolo None Alliance 0 0
Zarina's Log xD None Alliance 0 0
М\м None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

-=DF=- Dragon Fighters, 027 The Core, 0815, A Better Tomorrow, A Few Good Men, A Test Guild, Absurd, accidentally, accuracy, Ad Arma, Adversus, Aequalitas, Against All Authorities, Akatsuki, Ala Alba, All In, Alliancefighters, Allianzversichert, Amduat, Amicalis, Amicalis, Amplexus Mortis, Angels of Revange, Animosity, Animosityy, Anonymous, Ante Mortem, Antipathie, Argo_Ave_Letum, Aroma, Aroma, Aroma2, Arta Amicitia, arTeria, arTeria, ArTeria, Asche des Phönix, Asesianto, Asgards Wächter, Asgards Wächter, Asgards WÄchter, ATM, ATMINUSE, Auge des Phönix, Aurora Draco, Ave Letum, Ave Letum, Ave Letum, Ave Letum, AveLetum, Azeroth United, bachezz, back to the roots, Baddies, Banana und CoKG, Band of Agony, Barad ne Valesh, Barad ne Valesh, Barad ne Valesh, Barnalogs, Bastelstube, Battle Fighters from Hell, Bellonier, Ben's Ballers, Binatna, Bitte nur, Blackhell, Blackhell, Blackwarlords, Blackwarlords, Blackwarlords, Blackwarlords, Blackwarlords, Blackwood, Blessed with a Curse, Blitzstürmer, BloodLinez, Bloodlustjunkies, BloodlustJunkies, Bloods, BloodThorN, Bloody Truth, Blutengel, bodypull, Born on a Blood Moon, Born on a Blood Moon, Bradwarden, Breeze, BrotherhoodGaming, Burning Eyes, Burning Eyes, Burning Eyes, by Violence, C R E A T I V E, C R I T I C A L, Caelo et Inferno, Calamity, Certain Death, Chaos der Allianz, Chaos der Allianz, Chaotica, Chaotica, Chaotica, Chariots of Fire, Chicken Rice, Claude Hirntod, Clockwerk, cod, Collusion, Concilium, Confoederatio, Confoederatio, Consequence, Consequence, Convex, Core, Creatio ex Nihilo & Unpredictable, Creme de la Creme, Creme de la Creme, Creme de la Creme, Crit Happens, Crit Happens, Critical Enrage, Critters, Critters, Critters, Critters, Critters, Critters Lordaeron, CósâNóstrâ, Da Dirty Dozen, Das Bündnis von Azeroth, Das Ewige Licht, Das Flammende Kreuz , Das Konzil, Das Konzil, Das Konzil, DasWolfsrudel, Dawn Breaks, Day of Doom, Daydream, decayed, DEELME, Defau , Delirium, dem chrZ sein vergleichsdingens, Der Stammtisch, DesIsNix, Diaboli , DIAR, Dice, Dice, Die Altehrwürdigen, Die alten Füchse, Die Biberkalypse, die dunkle Seite, Die Dunkle Seite, Die Gruppe der Naaru, Die Hordengilde, Die Legendären, Die Lustigen Laberbacken, DIE MEISTERJÄGER, Die Präfektoren, Die Titanen der Allianz, Diesndas, diesunddas, Difference, Difference, Difference, Difference, Dignity, Dirkr, Dirtypinky, Disorderly, Disorderly, Disorderly, Disorderly, Disorderly, Disorderly, Disorderly, Disorderly Grp. 2, DisorderlyGrp3, Disturbed Society, Divinum, Djangolos, DK Solo langeweile, domdomlol, dontmind, Dragon Fighters, Dragonflyer, Dreieinigkeit, Druuck Inc, DS Inc., Dungeon Keeper, dusk, Dárkénds, Dárkénds, Dárkénds, Déjà Vu, Eclisse Lunare ( 2te Grp), Eden, Ein Käfig voll Helden, Eleanora, Elegy, Elementarmächte, Elementarmächte, Elementz, Elunari, Elysion, Elysion, Elysion, encore, encore, encore, encore, encore, encore, ENDLESS RAGE, Engel von Azeroth, Engel von Azeroth, ENRAGED, ENRAGED, Entity, Envy, Epic Meal Time Grp 2, Equivalence, EQUÎLÎBRÎUM, Ereignishorizont, Esteemed House of Crane, Ethics, Etymology, Abtrünnige der Horde, AES, Aldi Ag, Alliance of Lordaeron, Allis aus dem Wunderland, ApachenPub, Army Of The Dead, Aurora, Aurora Drako, Awesome, Awesome Raiding, Azeroths Fighters, Banane, Bank und Handel, Bankdrücker, bankkgilde, Bazinga, Bellonier, Bimperium, BLACKandWHITE, Blaze, Blood in Blood out, Bloodwolves, BlueBlood, bânkîngs, Chaos der Allianz, Chillen aus Gewohnheit, Cordis Die, Crashdummys, Critters, Dark Evil, Dark Moon Rising, Das Lagerregal, Day of Doom, De La Luna, de la Sol, Die Diener von Artas, Die Elite Lordaerons, Die Horde, Die Höhlenmenschen, Die KlabusterBärenbande, Die letzte Bastion, Die Macht der Horde, Die Rache der Allianz, Die Toten, Die Wächter von Azeroth, Dis iratis natus, Divine Darkness, Dont Die, doors of perception, Drachenbeschwörer, Duo Infernale, DØG FARM, Epic Allstars, EQUîLîBRîUM, Exceed, FACE THE ENEMY, Faceroll Monkeys, Fallen Phoenix, Feeling Emo today, Financial Times, Fire and Ice, Firma Simek, Für Garrosh, gefällt mir, Gildenkasse, Glücksbärchis, Goldmine, Goldmünze, Gontrix, Gremium MC, Grenzwert, Guardians of Lordaeron, Guardians of Phönix, GuteFreunde, Hab nichts, Hearts of Fire, Helden von Darnassus, Hogger has fallen, Honigblut, Hopeless Things, Hopfen und Malz GmbH, Hordes Prime, Hordish by Lunatics, Hühnerstall, Icefyre, Indifferent, Inglorious Vikings, Initium, Innocent Faces, Insert Coin, Insider, Insomnii, Interceptor, is Godlike, Ja nee is klar, JeLiNeLiDeBaFe Bank OHG, Katzentatzen, Kentucky Feared Chicken, Kings of Pansen, Kohle her Schießgewehr, Korrekte Kumpelz, KSK Panderia, Kuhschubser Sturmwind eV, Lager eins, Lahgehrraum, Legacy of Kain, Legion of the Betrayer, LegionS LeeT, Liquid Death, Logistikcenter Sturmwind, Lost Legends, Love Music N Sun, Lunatics, McGeiz, Megiddo, MehrPlatzFürDenMain, Meister of Worldcraft, Mercenaries of Azeroth, Mondsüchtig, Morgendämmerung, mum said im skilled, N Haufen Ponys, Nekronomikon, Neraka, Nerve GaminG, Nightbane, Nightfall, Nightfall Twinks, Noobs United, Nordstern, Not The Last Kill, Níghtfall, Oh No, Only Money Matters, Orden des wahren Wissens, Order of Pink Pansies, Outfitberater, Pandemonia, Pandemonium, paranøid, PEPSI, Powergirls Bank, Prodigious, Projekt Kotelett, Purpurrote Legion, PVP battel, Queerbeet, Rache der Horde, Raid n Active, Rapax, Rebel Outlaws, Relic, Restless Souls, Return to Innocence, Rise Of Phönix, Rising Dusk, Rising Fire, Rofl Lol Epic, Royal Apothecary Society, Salutamus Morituros, Sanktum der Tempelritter, Sargnägel, Schatten des Phoenix, Schniedelwutz Jäger, sempa fi, Seniors, Shadow Pirates, Silver Hawks, Sofadealing GmbH, Sonnenstrahl, Souls of Hope, sry ich hab ID, Streichelzoo, Streiter der Schatten, Streiter von Hallasholm, Sword and Honour, Tempel des Sha, Teufelswerk, The Crusader, The Diary of Phobia, The Fight Club, The Indépendet, The Last Ones, The Legendary of Azeroth, The Miras, TheParagon, Therapy, TheWeapons, they call us team brutal, Thug Life, Tineras Teahouse, Umbrella Logistics, Unchained, United, Valar Morghulis, Van Nelle, Vikings, Von der Tankstelle, Wahnsinnige der Allianz, Warme Brüder, We Arr Pirates, Weil Baum, Wings of Fury, Wings of Liberty, Wipez, wir nehmen Kerze doch, Wolfpack, wuhaha, Ydalir, You Dont Know Me, YouCanLeaveYourHatOn, Zeitgeister, Zorn des Herodes, Zur goldenen Urne, Ðøñÿæ Ddos arena NoOb, Acta est fabula, Adios Allianz, Affen mit waffen, Amduat, An und Verkauf, Anarchie, Anduins Lichtbringer, Anonymous, Anonymous Reborn, Anubilore Denala, arena uf BC, Argus Wächter, Asgârs kleine Bank, Ashes Rain, Azzlackz, Banco Popular, Big Bang Theory, Black Pearl, Blackhand Gang, Blaue Allianz, bloody gmbh, Bluewulfs of Azeroth, Bluträcher, BrotherhoodGaming, Bänker, CheeseCakeFactory, Cicollus Erben, ClouD, Conatum Novum, CSI Khaz Modan, DarkLord, DarkLords, Das Konzil, Deathbringer, Deathqon One, Deathwings of Night, Delirium, Der brennende Sturm, Die Biberkalypse, Die Coolen Gangster, Die grüne Meile, Die Hordengilde, Die Kinder des Schmieds, Die lustigen Laberbacken, Die Niphilisten, Die Reinraider, Die Schattentänzer, Die Schergen Mammons, Die spinnen die Allis, Die spinnen die Hordler, Die Sturmgeborenen, Die Templer, Die vier lustigen drei, Die Wilden Siebziger, Die Wächter des Drachen, Discos Bank, Drachenreiter der Sonne, Dragon Storm, Dragons of Honor, Dumb like Chonoka, Dungeon Keeper, DW Girls Squad, Ego Draconis, Ehrgeiz, Eier aus Stahl, Einmal mit Profis, Elortha no Shadra, Envoys of Death, Erbstück, Espero, Essence STX, Fatalîty, Foot Clan, Forrest Gump, Freie Radikale, Freunde der Nacht, Freundeschat, Frostklingen, FrustShopper, Garde der Aldor, Garde der Pechschwingen, Gelegenheitshelden, Get Loot or Die Trying, GG ohne Witz GG, Gib mir dein Gold, Glutklingen, Gnomes with Guns, goblin destruction ltd, Good old Times, Gôds of Wâr, Hakuna Matata, Ham and Eggs, Harbinger of Slaanesh, Hardchor, 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and Honor, STRIKE, Sturm der Nacht, Sturmwinds Erste, Stählerne Bruderschaft, Sve kafane obiso sam, Talentfrei, The Azeroth Crusade, The Datacore, The Heroes, The Holy Gladiators, The International, The Last ShaWarrior, The Legendary Warrior, THE OUTLAWS, TITANS OF EPIC, Too Late For First Aid, tote Kekse krümeln nicht, Twilight Forest, Tyrs Hand, Tüdelü, Unsere Server sind DOWN, Unsre Heimat Ist Offline, Urulóce, Vampyricon, Versatile, VERSTRAHLT, Voices of Darkness, Warlords of Draenor, why so serious, Widerstand ist Zwecklos, Wie mein Server down is, WindreiterGewerkschaft, Wirbt für Antidepressiva, Worst of Warcraft, Wächter der Finsternis, Wächter der Königreiche, Wächter von Azeroth, You Dónt Know Me, Yseras Traumwächter, Zum tänzelnden Pony, ÆxlêsS, Evoke, Exceed, eXiled, eXperienced, Expose's Log, Failbob Elite, Faithful, Falen Syndicate, Falsch Verkabelt, Faramos Tiriosh, Faramos Tiriosh, fasdwds, FATALITY, Fate of Passion, Feel the Lové, Fellowship of the Bling, Fiktiviation, 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