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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Tranquility EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 121
Mazrigos Makers EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 72
Chicken But You Know EU-Lightbringer 0 35
Grind Incorporated EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 34
Fuzzy Frogs EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 21
Team Rocket EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 20
Royal Legion EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 18
Tempted EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 18
WoW Legacy EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 17
NIPAIGRAT EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Disciples of Karazhan EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 14
Et lux in tenebris lucet EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 13
Luminous EU-Lightbringer 0 10
EASY G EU-Mazrigos 0 8
Murlocs Stole my Candle EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 7
The NuGen Reloaded EU-Mazrigos 0 7
Ineffable EU-Lightbringer 0 6
Moving To Mongolia EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 6
Outcast EU-Mazrigos 0 6
Dark Wolves EU-Lightbringer 0 4
GLHF EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Samsara EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 4
We Love Abdoujaparov EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Digital Warfare EU-Lightbringer 0 3
Independence EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Pia Vindex EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 2
The Accused EU-Lightbringer 0 2
Sanctity EU-Mazrigos 0 2
Ancient of Moo Moo EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Dark Portal Monkeys EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Easy EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Furious EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Lemonade EU-Lightbringer 0 1
Notorius EU-Lightbringer 0 1
OverExposure EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Revo EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Thats What She Said EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Wolves of Thrall EU-Lightbringer 0 1
Solidus EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Without Equal EU-Lightbringer Horde 2 2
Dark Fusion EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 613
Infliction EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 493
Origin EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 127
Independence EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 125
Dark Wolves EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 95
Và dove ti porta il FEAR EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 78
Dark Portal Monkeys None Alliance 0 75
wpsg EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 69
Origin EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 68
Final Solution EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 50
The Refugees EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 35
Notorius EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 29
Imberbis EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 27
Destination EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 26
Durotárds EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 21
EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 19
Adrastus EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 19
FRESH EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 18
Carpe Noctem EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 17
Overexposure EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 17
The Leftovers EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Phoenix Legion EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 15
Titanium Jacks EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 15
Eqvilibrivm EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 14
The NuGen Reloaded - Alts EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 13
Fallen Edge EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 12
Ushra EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 12
Vin la Cvicek EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 11
Credendo Vides EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 10
Serendipity Reloaded EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 10
The Order of the Light EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 10
Revontuli EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 9
Awakened EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Godless EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Impulse of Dawn EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Niflheim EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 8
Royal Legion EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Unknown Entity EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
arrabellas guild EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 7
Dark Portal Monkeys EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Godless EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Tempestarii EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
equinöx lovers EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
The Refugees EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 6
Diversus Eminor EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 5
Necronomicon EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 5
Pia Vindex EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 5
Prelude EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
The Leftovers EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
AllianceElite EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Andorhal Fine Foods EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Heroes Return EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 4
nobot konttaa EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 4
The NuGen Reloaded (new) EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 4
Clukclukboom EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 3
Concept EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Dark Defiance EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
DH EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 3
Dragons Breath EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 3
Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
kakkelis EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
polka pug lols EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 3
Prodigium EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Sponge EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
That's What She Said EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
The Crusaders EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
The Hammer EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
Trust EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
antoxa test EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 2
Citadel EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Digital Warfare EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Forbidden Salvation EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 2
FurryOne's Rankings EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 2
Incarnate EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Legacy EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Outlandish EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 2
Prem Pugged EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 2
Team Mayhem EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
testguild EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 2
the rising EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
The Shizzle EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
True Intentions EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 2
Umthahkrh EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 2
Abyss EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Bête Noire EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Carpe Noctem EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Cold Logic funruns EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 1
DERP EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Destructors of Fate EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 1
Di Leva EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
Di Leva (10) EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
divinity EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
DW Social Sunday EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Easy EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Eternal Serenity EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
EVO EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Gathering EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Lanky Pug EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Misfits EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Northern Expedition EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Northern Expedition EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Overexposure Random EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Precognition EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
Protectors Of Mazrigos EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 1
Redox EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
RedoX EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
Six Gnomes Under EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
Soapbox Syndrome EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Synthesis EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
Talathiel EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 1
The Beauties 10man EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
The Illuminatí EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
The New Hordes Of Cata EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
Vin La Cvicek II EU-Mazrigos Horde 0 1
Wrath of Titans EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Independence None Alliance 0 0
Act Of Faith None Alliance 0 0
Adults Only DK None Horde 0 0
Alea Iacta Est None Alliance 0 0
Anwarb None Alliance 0 0
ascent None Alliance 0 0
Asthmatic Assassins None Horde 0 0
Auaeo None Alliance 0 0
BarrigaPug None Alliance 0 0
Braaivleis - Nova None Alliance 0 0
Braaivleis-Vortex None Alliance 0 0
Braaivleis/Oblivion None Alliance 0 0
BrewmastersAgain None Horde 0 0
Bunch of Logs None Alliance 0 0
Buramooerufu None Horde 0 0
C O R E None Horde 0 0
Cassiopeia None Alliance 0 0
Concept None Alliance 0 0
Coup de Grace None Horde 0 0
Crayola INC None Alliance 0 0
Creation None Horde 0 0
Creation None Horde 0 0
Creation None Horde 0 0
Dark Legion None Alliance 0 0
De Danske Barbarer None Alliance 0 0
Demigod None Horde 0 0
Descension None Alliance 0 0
Dhanir's Logs None Horde 0 0
diipadaapa None Horde 0 0
Divine Retribution None Alliance 0 0
Diyu None Horde 0 0
Druso's Logs None Horde 0 0
duce(seducing) None Alliance 0 0
Durotards None Horde 0 0
Duurrrr None Alliance 0 0
Endeavour GR3 None Alliance 0 0
Evolution of Old EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Fail Protocol None Horde 0 0
Faithful None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Sanctuary None Horde 0 0
Fawlks None Horde 0 0
Furious EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Gathering None Alliance 0 0
Gathering None Alliance 0 0
Hellsings Army None Alliance 0 0
Honest None Alliance 0 0
Hordivores None Horde 0 0
Impulse Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Infliction EU-Mazrigos Alliance 0 0
Ipit None Alliance 0 0
JamandbreadLogs None Horde 0 0
Kallos EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 0
Lanky's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Lethe None Horde 0 0
LFR None Alliance 0 0
LOGZZ None Alliance 0 0
Luvßytes None Horde 0 0
Mad Dogs None Horde 0 0
maldido None Alliance 0 0
Mathematical Distorion None Alliance 0 0
Mazrigos Makers None Alliance 0 0
Meteorax - Dps Logs None Alliance 0 0
Moonlight M. None Alliance 0 0
Munq's guild None Horde 0 0
Møtiøn None Alliance 0 0
Navaras None Alliance 0 0
New Found Glory None Horde 0 0
No frooks given EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 0
Non Disclosure Agreement None Alliance 0 0
Northen Expedition None Alliance 0 0
Nuthouse None Horde 0 0
OE None Alliance 0 0
Outcast None Horde 0 0
overdrafts None Alliance 0 0
Overexposure None Alliance 0 0
OverExposure-3K None Alliance 0 0
Overexposure/Oblivion None Alliance 0 0
Pacemakers None Horde 0 0
Personnal None Alliance 0 0
Peter None Horde 0 0
Proving Paradox None Alliance 0 0
Raised by Murlocs None Horde 0 0
Rawr None Horde 0 0
rawrr None Horde 0 0
Reanimation None Alliance 0 0
Restofaari None Horde 0 0
Rising Fury None Horde 0 0
SaltiesLFR None Horde 0 0
Samsara None Horde 0 0
Sanctity None Alliance 0 0
SECURITY None Alliance 0 0
Serendipity None Horde 0 0
Seths Own Dressing None Alliance 0 0
Severance EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 0
Signature None Alliance 0 0
Snafu None Alliance 0 0
sponge None Alliance 0 0
Sponge None Alliance 0 0
Stand's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Stealth None Alliance 0 0
Sublime Chocolate None Alliance 0 0
SuperHappyAdventureClub2 EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Symphony None Alliance 0 0
Temozarela EU-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Test 1234 None Alliance 0 0
The Betrayed None Horde 0 0
The Hammer None Horde 0 0
The Legacy None Horde 0 0
The Niskalaukaus None Alliance 0 0
The Order Of The Light None Alliance 0 0
The Order Of The Light None Alliance 0 0
The Rising None Alliance 0 0
The Xth Legion None Alliance 0 0
There Is No Plan B None Alliance 0 0
Third Time Lucky None Horde 0 0
Time Is Money None Horde 0 0
Time of Rebirth None Alliance 0 0
Tjuvnyp None Alliance 0 0
Toony's logs None Alliance 0 0
True Intentions None Horde 0 0
Trust None Horde 0 0
try hards None Alliance 0 0
töttöröö None Horde 0 0
Ubiquity None Horde 0 0
Unknown Entity None Horde 0 0
V í R U S None Horde 0 0
V Í R U S None Horde 0 0
Veritas None Horde 0 0
Vigilance None Horde 0 0
Vintage None Alliance 0 0
WoWLegacyThourzenx None Horde 0 0
XeromusLogs None Alliance 0 0
Yet Another New Guild None Alliance 0 0
Yolo EU-Lightbringer Horde 0 0
Ángeles de la Muerte None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

A Select Few, Absinthia, Access Denied DK, Access Denied DK, AeloVera, All Ways Good To Moo, Almogavers, Almost Famous, Almost Famous, Almost Famous, Amatius, Ancient Fury, Ancient of Moo Moo, Ancient of Moo Moo, Ares, Arise, Army Ants, Art of War, Ascent, Ascent, Ashes of Myrianis, asmosreports, Assassins, Asylum, Aura Of Supremacy, Auroram, Avanta, Avanta, Avidity, Ayerna, Ayerna, Beerpongs, Belly Dancers, Berggtracker, beschermers van weleer, Better than Life, Bhorisas, Big Fish, BJAARKE, Blight, Blitzkrieg, Blood Aligned, Bloodserpents Order, Bloody Useless, Braaivleis, Braaivleis, Braaivleis/General, BraaivleisRaid1, BraaivleisRG1, BraaivleisVortex, Brewmasters, Broderskab, Broderskabet DK, Bête Noire, Bête Noire, C O R E, Cake or Death PTR, Cake or Death random runs, Capitalism, captive sanity, Captive Sanity, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Noctem, Chaos Theory, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Good, Cheiie, Chernoland, Cloak And Dagger, CluelessWonders, CN, CN, Cold Logic, Cold Logic, Cold Logic, Cold Logic, Cold Logic, Cold Logic, Colony-test, Concept, Cookie, Corpserun, Corpserun, Corpserun, Corrupted, corruptions world, Count to Ten, Coup de Grace, Coup de Grace, Coup de Grace, Cowmoo's logs, Crash test Dummies, creation, crits and giggles , ctrl alt del, Curse, CuTh, CuzWeCan, Dalaran Brownie Company, Danish Kingdom, Danish Kingdom, Dark Defiance, Dark Defiance, Dark Defiance, Dark Defiance, Dark Defiance, Dark Fusion, Dark Legacy, Dark Moon Chronicles, Dark Moon Chronicles, Dark Nightfall, Dark NIghtfall, Dark Portal Monkeys, Dark Portal Monkeys, Dark Portal Monkeys, Dark Portal Monkeys, Dark Portal Monkeys, Dark Wolves, Darkness of Azeroth, Dawn, DE-Mord, Deadly Sins, Defiancea, Demonic Resolve, Deranged, Descent, deset, Destructors of Fate, Devastation, DEVOZION, Di Leva, Di Leva, Diipadaa, Dirty 10 VLC, dirty group, Diversus eminor, Diversus Eminor, Divine Retribuition, Divine Retribution, dkguild, Don't Break the Oath, Donguri-Qi, Dont Panic, Donut, Dragons Breath, Dragons Breath, Driven, Driven, Dunadain, Dust N Bones, Dutchrevolution, Dèlta, Easy, Easy, Easy G, ECC, Electus Pauci, Elite Noobs, Elv, elva log, Elysíum, Elysíum, Endeavour, eqraid, Erratic, Et Lux in Tenebris Lucet, Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet, Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet, Et lux in Tenebrnis lucet, Eternal Corpse Council, Eternal Corpse Council, Eternal Corpse Council, Eternal Corpse Council, Eternal Legacy, Eternal Serenity, Eternal Serenity, Eternal Serenity, Eternal Serenity, etlux, A Devious Little Guild, Abaddon, Abhorrence, Alliance Removal Squad, Alpha and Ømega, Apexis, Arch enemy, Ardent Defenders, Ariet Fanclub, Artificial Effort, Asylum, Attero Dominatus, Auction House Co Ltd, Avarice, Awakened, Azeroth Elites, B B Q, Bacon Bits, Bank of Kill, Bank of Pandas, Battalion of Orgrimmar, BBT, Beschermers van Weleer, Blacklisted, Blood Alliance, Bloodbank, Bloodthirsty Crusaders, Bloody Useless, Blue Fury, BombonSRO, BoozeCruise, Braaivleis, BRB Wife Aggro, Broderskabet DK, BUCK DICH, Butterfly effect, By the Holy Light, Carpe Jugulum, Carpe Noctem, Cash and Money, Cassiopeia, Cataclysmics, cataclyzm lizzom, Cattle Decapitation, Cease Fire, Cereal Raiders, Chaotic Good, Clerics of Equilibrium, Coalescence, Cobra X, Compendium, Coup de Grace, Cownage, Crayola Inc, Credendo Vides, Crimson Dawn, Crimson Rangers, Crits N Giggles, Crusaders Of Hellsing, CuzWeCan, Dalaran Resistance, danish assasins, Dark Company, Dark Defiance, Dark Fusion, Dark Legion, DarkMoon, Darkmoon Eye Society, Dawn, Daybreakers, De nihilo nihil, De Twensche Banck, Dead by Sunrise, Deadly Shadow, Deadly Shadow Clan, Deadly Shadows, Death Sector, Dedicated Noobs, Dedication, Defenders of Lost Hope, Destination, Destinys Desire, digital LiberatioN, Dioses y Demonios, Divergent, Divine Army, Divine Union, Dracula, Dragons Lineage, Dragons of Fate, Durban Poison, DutchRevolution, Easy Living, Echoes, Elite Four, Empire, Enforced, Enrage, Envied by Devils, Equalize, Everlást, eviltwins, ExCaliber, Execution, Exiled Brotherhood, Eyes of Death, Fail Protocol, Fairy Taíl, Fallen Templers, Fame, feels Purr, Fellowship of the Mounts, Fenix, Fidelity, FIERCE TRAVELØERS, FIERZE TRAVELØERS, Forbidden Salvation, Forever Alone, Foundation, fracture, Free Men, Freedom, Furions, gambit, game of thrones, Gatvol, Geuzen van Holland, Ghost Hunters, Gnome No Squishy, GodHelpUs, Godless, GoldenWolves, Goldless, Goldshire Sauna Club, GoonSquad, Grace and Dignity, Great Minds, Great Minds Twink Alike, Grinderz, Guardians Of The Light, Guardians of the Ocean, Guild Perks, Halo, Hapiegbanker, Happy Little Accidents, Harmonia, HatedButRated, HEAVENS FALL, Heirloominati, Hellsings Army, Heroes For Hire, hey im mvp, High Hopes, High Voltage, Hollands Glorie, Hooligans of Honor, Horde For Life, Horde Killas, Horde Raiders, Hordes fury, Hordivores, IHQU, illustrious, Imba But Cba, Immortal Guard, Impulse Gaming, Incantation, Incarnate, Indomitable Nebula, iNERDRAGE, Infinity Spectrum, Iniquitous, Inmortalium, Innovo, Insulted, International killers, International Premier, Internationale, Ipit, Iron Illusion, Irony, Just the Two of Us, Jáckazz, Kika Keta Squad, Kingsguard, Kiss My BoomStick, Knight Of Glory, Knights of Justice, Koinonia, kombardu, Koskenkorva, Kunssinnige Kluisenaars, Kíss My Axe, Lake of Rage, Lava, Le Family, LegacyOfClanBattleNight, Legion of the Beast, Leviathans, Light Wolves, Lightning Strikes Twice, Little Blood Angels, Loottirekka, Lords of the War, Lovci Lebek, Lähimetsän Pako, Mailbox Heroes, MaKeS, Mentals minions, Metallica, Midgård, Might of The Alliance, Most Unwanted Ones, Mutorcs, My Little Dragon, Nasha Rasha, Nasty, Navaras, Nerf Me IRL, nightmare on elfstreet, NightWalkers, Norske Vikinger, Not A Cannibal, Nothing Else Matters, Novaz, NRG, Oathsworn, Off With Their Heads, Oikosulku, Old Trust, Olympus, Oppa Gank Em Style, Opus Capulus, Order of Aegis, Order of the Spoon, Other Realm Alts, Ottomans, OverAchieved, Pandora, Party Animals, Phased, Pie Flavour, Ping, Pipsqueaks, Porodica, Prevail, prima reign, Prodigium, Prophecy, Proximity, På Nye Eventyr, Qi, R E V E N G E, Ragnarok, Ragnarök, Red Devils, Reforged, Republic, Requiem Reborn, Restricted, Revontuli, Riders of Death, Rogue Faction, Rose Of The Red Dragon, Royal Division, Ruthless Twinks, Sanity Lost, Save the Murlocs, Scarecrows, Schweinegirls, Secularity, Severance, Shadow Allegiance, Shadow Genesis, Shadow Of Pain, Shadow of the Mist, Shadow of the Phoenix, Shadowflames, shadows of silvermoon, SHIMMS GOT BEEF, Shooting Stars, Show us your Crits, Silent Assassins, Silent Ninja Cows, size doenst matter, Soldiers for Hire, sonofabeach, Spectrum, Strength in Numbers, Stuffed Animals, SuperHappyAdventureClub, Sustained, Swag Millennium, The Angelic Hordes, The Argonauts, The Ashen Verdict, The betrayers, The Community, The Dark Order, The Dark Renegades, The Dark Shadow Dragonz, The Dungeoneers, The Exiled Legion, The Fearless, THE FIRIVI, The Fog Of War, The Following, The Guardian Warriors, The Horde Reaper, The Knights Who Say Icky, The Leftovers, The Leviathans, The Lightbríngers, The Lost Army, The Lost Souls, The Lost Soulz, The Mighty Alliance, The Muffin Men, The Mystic Shadow, The New Beginning, The Nighthawks, The Order, The Order of the Light, The Pantheon, The Prestige, The Reunited, The Revenants, The Rising, The Second Sons, The Shining Stars, The Spartan Horde, The Sunguard, The Twinks From Warcraft, The Uber Crusade, TheHellHounds, Time Lords, Timeless, Titanium Jacks, Toffee Sundae, Together Reborn, toxic bank, Trinity, Triníty, Tu Quoque, Twilight, Twilight Family, Twilight Reborn, UE, Unknown Entityz, Unrated, Vanilla Ice, Vanity, Vicious and Delicious, Vicious Circle, Vindicetis, Virtute et Armis, Vision, Void, Wanderers, Warlords of Draenor, Watchmen, We Are HýpEs, We Blame The Greg, We Dont Raid, Weekenders, Whispers, Why cant we skin taurens, Wings of Dominance, Winter Is Coming, Wolves In The Forest, Wrath of Titans, Wyvern Takes Flight, Wólf Pack, Yet another new guild, Zombie Chow, Énigma, Ðisbanded, Afrikaans is baas, Ahbotters, Allegiance, Alliance of WoW, Amon Amarth, Angels Of The Horde, Angry Gamers, Arena Knights, Army of Cownage, Army of Justice, Ars Moriendi, As Embers Dress the Sky, Ataraxia, Battle Heroes, Bendova, Bleach Third Division, Blitzkrieg, bulls of thunder bluff, Bærum Soss, C O D E X, Chaos Theory, Crits and Giggles, Dandelion Murloc, Danish Devils, Dead Legs Resurrection, Deadheads, Death Wish, Defenders Of Mazrigos, Descent, Devastators, Di Leva, Dirty Mike and the Boys, Dominos, dragonstone, Elite Hordee, Emigranti, Eneqvists, Envy, epicness, EverLast, Fallen Edge, Fallen Legion, Federal Reserve, FeelMyWrath, Fellowship of Light, Fep Aden, Fire Pony Blasters, Fish and Chips, Forsaken Crusaders, Freestyle, Frostwolf Clan, Full Metal Panic, Get A Life, Glory, Gnomophobians, Gods Of The Underworld, Greenville Massive, Guardians of Asgard, Guardians of Death, Guild For All, Guild Of Elders, Harbingers of Darkness, Heavy Rotation, Hero League, Heroes of Draenor, Heroes Return, Honor Keepers, humanhaders, Immenent Demise, Infliction, Intellect, IRON WOLFPACK, JQQBcake, Kage Bunshin, Karjala, Knights Devastation, Knights of Trixsster, Kokosja moc, Lawless Outcasts, Leet PVP, Legions of Kalevala, Martyrs of Mordheim, Merciless, Mighty Midgets, Mischief, Moonlight Mystery, MyBankers, Mysterious Knights, Møtiøn, No BullShietters, Nokturnal, Northern Rock Brigade, NorthernDefenders, Nuclear Dawn, One Inch Buffed, One Piece, Origin, Our Redemption, P L A T O O N, Pantheon, Perfect Evil, Pizza Deliveries, Praestantia, Prism, Professions inc, Profit, Pullava, PvPwners, Pyah, Rawr, RedoX, Relentless, Retards R us, Revolutionary Raiders, Rise of Darkness, RopeTown, Rude Awakening, Sanctum, Scarlet Vindication, Secret Servìce, SecretCandy, SECURITY, Seek and Destròy, Serendipity, Shadows of Azeroth, Sigma, Silent Advisory, Silvermoon Sentinels, Silvers of Azeroth, sissor sisters, Six Gnomes Under, Skilled Pandas, SLO Tajkuni, Snafu, Soul Cake, Sublime Chocolate, Such Guild Very Warcraft, Sweet revenge, Symphony of Destruction, Team Rambo, Tectonic Shift, The Alt, the ancient blade, The Beauties, The Bloody Mercenaries, The Cartel, The Chosen, the Darker Brotherhood, The Disbanded, The Garden Gnomes, The IT Crowd, The Logical Cube, The Magic of Stormwind, The Magic Pony, The Refugees, The Twink, The Usual Suspects, The Vanquished, The Void, Thralls Secret Service, Twisted Spirit, V Í R U S, Vengeance, Vercity, Veterans of Northrend, Viicious Delicious, Vin la Cvicek, Vulpes, Wardogs Of Darkness, Warriors of Azeroth, Watchers of Azeroth, We are Supremes, We Are Your Destiny, Windfury Waffle Cones, Wolverines, wow XD, WSG Dream Team, Xcellence, Xeon, You Will Never Go Alone, ZAVISLACI, öppen gylf, ØVERLOADED, Everdream, Everlast, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Exiles of Alaris, Exiles of Alaris, Exiles of Alaris, face, Fade, Failure, Fallen Angels, 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