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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Les Incorruptibles EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 420
legion templiere EU-Krasus Alliance 0 207
Werra of Sakina EU-Krasus Alliance 0 114
Chubb Chubbs EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 73
Refuge EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 45
Ghosteam EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 30
Luci Family EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 28
Nøt Same EU-Krasus Horde 0 25
United EU-Krasus Alliance 0 13
Elendil EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 12
snøwblind EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 11
Lux Aeterna EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 6
zooltima EU-Eitrigg 0 6
FaKe EU-Krasus 0 4
les maitres du temps EU-Krasus Horde 0 4
Apøløgie EU-Eitrigg 0 2
Cynwälls EU-Eitrigg 0 2
Hëaven EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 2
Les Papys Hors d Eux EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 2
Triumphalis EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 2
Les Protecteurs du Temps EU-Krasus Alliance 0 2
Les Purs Uurs EU-Krasus 0 2
Prophets of the Dawn EU-Krasus 0 2
Titania EU-Krasus 0 2
Exceed EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
HørÐe Oeuvre EU-Eitrigg 0 1
The cocted EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
solidarity EU-Krasus Alliance 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Spice EU-Eitrigg Horde 5 24
Os Fofos EU-Krasus Alliance 0 245
Lpdh EU-Krasus Alliance 0 163
Anciens X I I I EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 98
Horadrims EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 93
FaKe EU-Krasus Alliance 0 89
Concordia EU-Krasus Alliance 0 58
les évadés EU-Krasus Alliance 0 42
new warrior EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 38
Carmina Bourina EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 37
Les Prophanateurs EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 29
Utopia EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 29
vanguard EU-Krasus Alliance 0 29
Cynwälls EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 28
Même pas peur EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 28
Teufels Beitrag EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 27
MADNESS EU-Krasus Horde 0 26
REFUGE EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 25
Nightmares Asylum EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 24
Prométhée EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 23
les gardiens du styx None Horde 0 22
Awakening EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 21
Ømega EU-Krasus Alliance 0 21
La Main Blanche EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 20
the Real World EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 20
BlackPearll EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 19
exceed EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 17
S o u r c e EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 16
GhostTeam R2 EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 15
les lapinses occultes EU-Krasus Horde 0 15
Divine Hope EU-Krasus Alliance 0 14
Jeanmichèl-Michel EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 14
Spark EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 14
French Kiss TF None Alliance 0 13
Luci Family EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 13
Oxidya EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 13
Le cri du hibou EU-Krasus Alliance 0 12
Horsatz EU-Krasus Alliance 0 11
In Nomine Honoris EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 11
Ca loft en Azeroth EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 9
Helios EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 9
Rip *bufu* EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 9
Carmina Bourina EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 8
Feu-Sacré EU-Krasus Alliance 0 8
Joker EU-Krasus Alliance 0 8
Cynwälls by Gogo EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 7
Gloria EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 7
Asylùm EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 6
CATACLYSME EU-Krasus Horde 0 6
Elendil EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 6
Follow Me EU-Krasus Horde 0 6
Envy's Wrath EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 5
Les stars du neuf trois EU-Krasus Alliance 0 5
Parøxysmes EU-Krasus Horde 0 5
UTOPIA_pt EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 5
Azura EU-Krasus Alliance 0 4
Fury EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 4
Horadrims EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 4
Prima nostra EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 4
season of mist EU-Krasus Horde 0 3
the cocted 2 EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 3
Valhöll EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 3
Artefact EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 2
hérøs EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 2
JJ EU-Krasus Alliance 0 2
Knights of Cruxis EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 2
Logs EU-Krasus Alliance 0 2
Magnae Mammae EU-Krasus Alliance 0 2
R25 by micro None Alliance 0 2
Refuge EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 2
Responsive personal log EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 2
WhatElse EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 2
Ad eternam EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
Band Of the Hawk EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
Blacked EU-Krasus Alliance 0 1
Blood Brother EU-Krasus Alliance 0 1
Blöödy Angêls EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
Cristallinà EU-Krasus Alliance 0 1
Cynwälls EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
Defile on Me EU-Krasus Horde 0 1
eklesia EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
exodüs EU-Krasus Horde 0 1
Follow Me EU-Krasus Horde 0 1
Genesis EU-Krasus Horde 0 1
Insomnie EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
Le Chouettard Vicieux None Alliance 0 1
Le clan Ogrim EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
Les Enfants de Bacchus EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
Les Messagers EU-Krasus Alliance 0 1
nønáme EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
Pandora EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
Retry None Alliance 0 1
RIP EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
Rising Darkness EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
Solaris EU-Krasus Horde 0 1
Spark EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
Switch EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
The cocted EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
The Cocted EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
United EU-Krasus Alliance 0 1
Wü tang clan EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 1
Ætna - Eitrigg EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 1
Access Denied None Horde 0 0
Addict EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 0
Addict None Alliance 0 0
Anarchy None Alliance 0 0
Anciens X I I I None Horde 0 0
Angels øf Death None Horde 0 0
Apostrophe None Horde 0 0
Artefact by biloue None Alliance 0 0
Artekÿs None Alliance 0 0
attack None Alliance 0 0
Autonomy None Horde 0 0
band of the hawks None Horde 0 0
Blacklisted None Horde 0 0
Bruub None Alliance 0 0
Cercle des Initiés None Alliance 0 0
Claymore None Alliance 0 0
Cocted R2 None Alliance 0 0
Crazykillers None Horde 0 0
Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Death Star None Horde 0 0
Denied None Alliance 0 0
Doomsday None Horde 0 0
Drakemm None Horde 0 0
Dust None Horde 0 0
Déjà vu None Alliance 0 0
elendil None Alliance 0 0
Elendil None Alliance 0 0
Elendil None Alliance 0 0
Elendil None Alliance 0 0
Enfer et Paradis None Horde 0 0
Erelim None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Excla None Alliance 0 0
EvoliA None Horde 0 0
Existenz None Alliance 0 0
Eywa None Alliance 0 0
ezqeqe None Alliance 0 0
French Kiss TF None Alliance 0 0
Frranky Familly None Alliance 0 0
furyous brothers None Alliance 0 0
Gaia None Alliance 0 0
Ghosteam None Alliance 0 0
ghosteam_old None Alliance 0 0
hardcore None Alliance 0 0
Hardest None Alliance 0 0
Horde Sweet Horde None Horde 0 0
Horde Sweet Horde None Horde 0 0
Hordeoeuvre None Alliance 0 0
HornyHeadHunters None Alliance 0 0
Héritage None Horde 0 0
Héritage None Horde 0 0
Illuminaties None Alliance 0 0
in thê end None Alliance 0 0
In Thê End None Alliance 0 0
Kalh None Alliance 0 0
Kerag None Alliance 0 0
kâli None Horde 0 0
Kâlii None Horde 0 0
La Main Blanche None Alliance 0 0
La Rose Noire None Horde 0 0
La Résurrection None Alliance 0 0
Les esprits des ombres None Alliance 0 0
Les gardien d'azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Les Inséparables None Alliance 0 0
les pharaons de la mort None Alliance 0 0
Les Purs Uuurs None Horde 0 0
log perso None Alliance 0 0
Logperso None Horde 0 0
luci family None Horde 0 0
maguildeamoi EU-Eitrigg Horde 0 0
Millenium None Alliance 0 0
mpp None Alliance 0 0
Même pas peur None Alliance 0 0
Nawak and Co. None Horde 0 0
New Warrior None Alliance 0 0
nienna None Alliance 0 0
Nienna ancalimon None Alliance 0 0
Nienna Ancalimon None Alliance 0 0
Nightmare None Alliance 0 0
Nightmare of the orcs None Alliance 0 0
Nimesha DK None Alliance 0 0
Nomana's logs None Alliance 0 0
Norr's logs None Alliance 0 0
Nøt same None Horde 0 0
O D C None Alliance 0 0
ODC None Alliance 0 0
Olympia None Alliance 0 0
Oxa None Alliance 0 0
PersoThao None Alliance 0 0
Privi R2 None Alliance 0 0
Privilège None Alliance 0 0
Privilège None Alliance 0 0
Privilège 1 None Alliance 0 0
Prométhée None Alliance 0 0
prototype None Alliance 0 0
Prototype None Alliance 0 0
Radis Shake None Horde 0 0
ReMaKe None Horde 0 0
Rename None Alliance 0 0
Restez Zen None Alliance 0 0
Rezurexion None Alliance 0 0
sagesse entraide None Alliance 0 0
Seven Nation Army None Alliance 0 0
Shade None Horde 0 0
Shade None Alliance 0 0
Shadøw Chrønicles None Horde 0 0
Silence of Time None Alliance 0 0
Stat-M None Alliance 0 0
Stormbringer None Alliance 0 0
Størmbringer None Alliance 0 0
Sw None Alliance 0 0
Symbiose None Alliance 0 0
Symbiose None Alliance 0 0
Synapse EU-Krasus Horde 0 0
sàtiva None Alliance 0 0
Sélélogs None Alliance 0 0
Sørt de l'Aøe None Alliance 0 0
The crusade misslouna None Alliance 0 0
The Crusade R2 None Alliance 0 0
The Real World None Alliance 0 0
triumphalis None Horde 0 0
Two Steps From Heaven None Alliance 0 0
unchained None Alliance 0 0
Unchained None Alliance 0 0
Veni vidï vici None Horde 0 0
veni vïdi vici None Horde 0 0
Vintage None Alliance 0 0
Werra of sakina bis None Alliance 0 0
wol None Alliance 0 0
Woldemichou None Alliance 0 0
Wrandral Les gardiens d'Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Wrath None Horde 0 0
xXXXx None Horde 0 0
Ydrano None Horde 0 0
zooltima+ None Alliance 0 0
°°Acide°° EU-Eitrigg Alliance 0 0
Øxygen None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Ace-Eitrigg, acro, ACRO, Addict, Addict, Addict, Aggro tout hom, Alerte à Malygos, All in, Almèria, Alone, Amalgame Consorcium, amnésia, Amnésia, Amphétamïne, angel sanctuary, Angel Sanctuary, Angels of Death, ANGES ET DEMONS, ANGES ET ÐÉMØNS, Aphrodite, Apocalypse, Apply the strat, ApplyThe Strat, Apéro, Art øf War, Artefact, Artefact, Artefact, Artisans du Chaos, Ashûra, Ashûra test..., Asylùm II, asylûm, Asylûm, Asylûm, Asymûm by Purk, ataraxie, Ataraxie, Ataraxie, Ataraxie, ATeam, Athéna, Avalon, Azeroth's Most Wanted, azerty, Azura, AÐ vitam æternam, Bad Karma, Bisounours De la Mort, Blaze, Blaze, Blood Anarchy, Blood Steel, BoB Family, Brume, Burnin, Buttkickers, BøBfamily, CallMeForAFunTime, carpe noctem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Noctem, Carpediem, cataclysme, Cataclysme, Cave Canem, chubb chubbs, Clan Asgard, Clan Nightwolf, Cob, Cocted, Communauté test, Concept, concordia, Crazy Eighty Eights (Moon), crazy killers, Croisade, Cynwälls, Cynwälls by Wym, Darkanubis, Darkness For Poulpi, Darkness For Poulpi, Darnassien, Day Of Mourning, De Bois, Death Star, delirium, Delirium, Demi Gods, Deus Lacrima, Dirty Faces, Divinïty, Dust, Dust, Dust, Défenseur de Kalimdor, Eat Fresh, Eclips, Eclipse of chaos, Eden, eklesia, Elendil, Elendil - Gr1, Elégia, Elégia, Empathie, Envy's Wrath, EnÐ Øf life, EnÐ Øf Life, Eo Sum, Epsylon, Epsylon, Est un alt moisi,, Etoile Eternelle, aAe, Académie Magnificent, Access Denied, Ace La Grande Expédition, Addict, Adrénaline, alliance demoniaque, alliance puissante, Amas Banquas, Angels and Devils, ANGES ET ÐÉMØNS, Aquin Jar, Arcadium, Artefact, Ashûra, Autonomy, Avalon, Avengers, Awakening, Band Of The Hawk, bankark, Bankasous, bankcham, Best of Kebab, Between friends, BlackList, BlackPearll, BLACKstar, Blaze, Bonobo et ses françois, BoomOfBlasters, Bran Ruz, CaLoftEnAzeroth, Carmina Bourina, Chasse Pêche et Picard, Chrysalide, Clan Cambel, Clan des allianceux, Comté de l Alliance, Croisade, Crédit du Nord, Cynergie, DARK PHOENIX, DarKneS, Destiny, dieux de la guerre, Dionysos, Draenor Aeternalis, Droukspered, Därks, Dæmonix, Eclipsia, Ecureuils et crustacés, Empire Ixion, Equinox, Eva, Exøde, Fairy Tail, Fatal fury, Five Magic, FIX BLUTDURST, Fleaux Ware Power, Focus Us We Are Famous, fortknøx, foucnous, FoX Compagnie, Fruitella, Frøst Angels, Full Life, Fury, Furyous Brothers, gardien de la pandarie, Gloria, Gluty, Go Pex, Go Pve Noobs, Gryffondors d Eitrigg, guerriers de l espoirs, guilde des anciens, Guilde Ultime, Hadra, Harakiri, HarDCore Forever, Helios, High Killer Skill, Hobbiton, Holy smoke, Horde Sweet Horde, Hunger Games, Hyrule sur l or, II Sang pøur Sang II, In Nomine Honoris, incudiam aserota, Insomnie, Ipnotika, Irøn Pyrite, L Arbre Pourpre, La Bénédiction Des Dieux, La Company, la furie du dragon, La Grande Expédition, La Horde, la horde des loups, La ligue des super zéros, La Main Blanche, La Secte du DONG, Last Try, Le POINT rose, Le pouvoir de l argent, Legio Tenebrae, Les Affranchis, Les Anges du Lys, les carabistoules, Les combatants du roi, Les connétables, Les diamants dazerøth, les dieux du ciel, Les Dragon D argent, Les Enfants de Bacchus, Les flammes n co, Les fruits d Albator, les gardiens d azeroth, Les incos, les louploups, Les Loups du Ragnarõk, Les loups sombres, Les Maîtres de la Nature, Les NostalGeek, Les pharaons de la mort, Les Prophanateurs, les rois de lalliance, Les secrets du cataclysm, Les Sultans d Elune, Les tontons flingueurs, Les zozios alcolo, Lionheart, Lollibank, Lord of Ouik, Lords of War, Lorefang Begins, légendes de Nikaia, madoffs empire, Manuia, Midnight Raiders, MiÐNights ChAØS, Monastère du mont Song, MortSure, Même Pas Peur, Never Give Up, Nightwishes, No pain No Gain, NoLife, noob, Novae, Nyx Prophetiae, Nø Limits, off tank, Old Horde, On est pas chez Mémé, Oo La Légion Ecarlate oO, Oo Miss Warcraft oO, Oo Seriously oO, oO Snake Of Shadow Oo, Oxidya, OxyGéne, Pathfinder, Peace and love, pierre papier ciseaux, Privilège, Prométhée, Purify, Quebec Sources, Rain, reborrn, Renegade, Reverse Rerolls, RIP, Royal Bank of Elsass, RT, S o u r c e, sages dragons, Sanctûm, Sarcasm, Sayans, Seigneurs et Maîtres, Serious Engineering Crew, Shadows and Dust, Soriankha, Sorïankä, Souaraï, Spark, Strategia, Suïvant, Symbiøze, Sømbre Azerøth, TartineProd, The Darkness Council, The fabled knights, the failed, The GanG, The Last Guardians, The Playboys, The Real World, The rebirth angels, TigerWorld, TrollBanania, Trust in Yourself, Ultimatum, union family, Universal, Ush, Vox Mortem, Warriors of the death, warzazatecity, We Are Born For Pvp, whatzephoque, Wild Rebørn, Wrath, Wãnted, WôOT, Zipal, Âstrïum, Aeternium, AFK Strat, Age of Dragons, All Way Down, Alliance Krasus, Angel night, Angels of the Alliance, Anthraxx, Armée du Québec, Ascensiôn, Asgardiens du Québec, Ava, Azura, Bancomat, Banque du Québec, banquecentrale, Barbapapa, BaToS LoCos, blacklist, blanche colombe, Bleedings Hordes, Blue Paradise, Buttkickers, BzH, Caliandra, CarpeÐiem, Carthage, CATACLYSME, Chouquette, Club Kamogawa, ConcorNoob, Delirious, diabolo, Divine apocalypse, Divine Hope, Doomsday, Dragons Et Licornes, Dungeons Brothers, Dust, Déjà vu, Délirium, Eklesia, El Pueblo Unido, EnÐ Øf Life, Erased, est Muské, fantome, feu sacré, Games of trône, Genesis, Ghøst Death, gondor, Guardians of Asgard, guerilleros, guilde secret, GøødNight, Hades Spèctres, Hermetica Rosae, Home sweet Home, HometriX, Honéamisé, Hordeux ma vue, In thê End, infusiøn, Joker, Judgment, Just for Bank, Kaameloot, Keeper of the Light, L Envol d Alexstrasza, La Confrérie, La Deathkorp, La Déroute du Rhum, la force vive, La Garde de l Ours, La Kompagnie, La Légion Du Crépuscule, La légiøn, La Rose de Sang, La Sliph, la Taverne de Druss, Lard de la guerre, Le Poney Qui Tousse, Le Rêve d Emeraude, LEGION OF AZEROTH, legion of warriors, Legiøn Øf Warriør, Les Avatars Légendaires, Les Bretons Sobres, Les Bébés Dragons, les callinou, Les Chevaliers Bleue, les dingwow, Les Enfants de Dune, Les Gardiens du Phoenix, Les Griffes Rouges, Les Hayssassins, Les Loups Hydrobloquants, Les Maitre du Québec, Les Maîtres Templiers, Les Moriquendi, Les Papayoux Lélé, Les poutreurs de lapins, les semi croustillants, Les serviteurs d Hypnos, les vampires, les évadés, Liberté Egalité, libertée, life, Lonely, Lunargent, Meet your Makers, Mon Coffre, mysttic, New Divide, Ninoue et Bilou, No Fleas, No Guild, Nox Arcana, Oaks, Olympia, Ombres Et Lumières, OnePieceFamily, Only for Geek, Oo Acide oO, Ordo Novem, Over the rainbow, Progress, Prometheus, Realm First Bye, Rerolls, Restez zen, Retry, Rezurexion, Rézurexion, Sacred Union, Sauveur d Azeroth, Season of Mist, SemperFidelis, Shadow Wings, Shiver, SkwizZ, Speculos, Synapse, Sørt De L Aøe, Tek Down, The Beaver Conspiracy, The Hord Angels, The Lords, The one, The Québec History, the wind, Toutafay, Triumphallys II, Unchained, up and down, Vade Retrø, Væ Victis, War Machine, ward of démon, Werra Sensing, Wipe Spire hit, world of enaxor, World Of Mimic, Yggdrasil, Zul Aman, ßlackWãlls, Écoutes moi, Euh ouai, Evolia, EvoliA, Ex nihilo, Exceed, Exceed, Extremis, Exïstenz, Exø, Exøde, Exøde, eywa, Fata Morgana, Fatal Focus, fatrasie, fatrasie, Fear Play, ffa full dps, Fimland, FK, Flawless, French Kiss TF, Frranky Familly, full lyfe , fury, Fury, Fusiøn øf Infernø, Gaoga Team, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gods of war, Gogogorush, Gothen, Guild of Hero, Guild of Tess, Guilde de Petitgrigou, Guilde Empathie, guilde of Hero, guilde of hero2, Gïve me Møre, hadra, Hardest , Helios, Hestia, High Latency, HipS, hoh, Horde sweet Horde, Häkunä Mätätä, héritage, Héritage, Héritage, Héros de la taverne, høpe, HørÐe Oeuvre, imperium illuminatus, Imperium Illuminatus, infinitium, Infinitum, Inotropie, Inquisiteur, Insight, Insight, Insomniacs, InTenebris, intenebris.eitrigg, Invictus, Ishiida's Wrath, Je me souviens, Je propose que non, Joker, jolorrai, Joue Nue IRL, Juste pour Rire, juxraposed, kalhaar, kali, Kalyia, kiss cool, kisscool, Knight Rider, Knight Rider, Kujia, l arbre pourpre, l arbre pourpre, L Arbre pourpre, L Arbre Pourpre, L Arbre Pourpre, l etoil du destin, L'arbre pourpre, L'Envol d'Alexstrasza, la colére des titans, La Déroute du Rhum, La Déroute du Rhum, La fin, La Garde, la legion, La Main Blanche, La rose noire, La Rose Noire, La Rose Noire, La Tribu Kiloottout, Lando, lard de la guere, le clan asgard, Le Clan Shiva Nataraja, Le Destin du Cercle, Le Peuple de l'Herbe, Le senat, legion templiere, Legion Templiere, Les As Pros, Les Axurits, Les Axurits, Les bronzés, Les Bronzés, les carabistoules, Les cendres du phénix, Les cendres du phénix, les dunedains, Les déesses de la guerre, Les déesses de la guerre, Les enfants de bacchus, Les Enfants de Bacchus, Les Esprits des Ombres, Les Esprits des Ombres, Les Fils de Thrall, les fondateurs d'azeroth, Les fous droyants, les incorruptibles, Les incorruptibles, Les Inséparables, Les liens du temps, Les messagers, Les Messagers, Les Nomades, Les Ombres du Phénix, Les orphelins du chaøs, Les prophanateurs, Les Prophanateurs, Les Prophanateurs, Les Protecteurs du Temps, Les purs Uurs, Les Purs Uurs, les raideur de wow, LES REALISTES, les rois ténébreux, Les Rois Ténébreux, les seigneurs de wowes, les évadés, Les évadés, lesprophanateurs, lioguild, Lixy, LmB, LOG PROSORPINE, Log&Apply, lolobreizh, Lolofora, Lorefang Begins, louislouis, Love LI, Love LI, Luci Family, Luci Family, Luci Family, Lunargent, Lunaria, Lunaria, lux aeterna, Magnae Mammae, Magnae Mammae, Malekite, Martyr, massaggro, Meakk Test, Mercurochrome, Mi anges Mi démons, Misc. take, mist, Mist, moon, MoukGuilde, muletest, Murloc Corp, murløc cørp, Même pas peur, mødus vivendi, Mødus Vivendi, Narska, Nawak & co, Nawak and co, Nawak and co, Nell aria, Nell aria, nemésis, Nemésis, Nemésis, Nienna Ancalímon, Night Angels, nightmare of the orcs, Nightmare of the Orcs, Nightmare on Elf Street, Nightshift, nightwishes, Noctis Aeternae, NoRush, Nothing To Loose, Novae, novæ, Nøt Same, Ode to joy, Ode to joy, oisdnbfgobansdolf, Old School, Ombres et Lumières, omsode, one more guild, One more guild, One More Guild, oob, Os Fofos, Os Fofos, Ouroboros, Ouréa Nýx, Pandemonium Legacy, Pandora, Pangée, papapandaa, Para bellûm, Paro, Perfectly Violent Player, Persownages, PersOwnages, Phantom, Philia, Pigs Pex and Fun, PrimaNostra, prometheus, Prometheus, Prometheus, Prophanateurs, PU de la semaine, PUG, Pugged Progression, Purgatoire, Purs Uuurs, QS, Quebec Source, Quebec Source grp1, Quebec Sources, Quebec Sources, QuebecSources, Radis Shake, Rafen, Rain, RandomGuild, rayahell's adventure, Rayouk, Reckless Abandon, refuge, Refuge, Refuge², rename, Requiem Reborn, Requiem Rebørn, RerollCLA, Resistance is Futile, Retry, Revenged, RhonaTeam, RIP, RIP, Rising Darkness, RNG hero, RuasPersOwnages, Révélatiøn, S o u r c e, S o u r c e, Sagesse Entraide, Saints of War, saiori, Sanctuaire, Sanctuaire.r10, Sanctuaire1, Sanctuairer10, saucisson, Seal Team Six, Season Of Mist , Seigneurs de guerre, Semper Fidelis, Shade, Shadows Rhapsody, si vis pacem, Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Six Feet Under, Sky_Test, Smites, snøwblind, So GøøD, Sokal, Sorïankä, Sorïankä, Speculos, SPQR, Storm Insidious, Strength and Honor, Switch, Switch, Symbiose, Symbiose, Symbiøse, Sëlkÿs, Tapo, Tears Of Hell, Tears Of Hell, Terror Nova, test, test_guilde, Testrankedallboss, THAPA, The Bluepunx, The Bluepunx, The BluePunX, the cocted, the fate of azeroth, The real world, The real world, the wall, tibhar, Tissa's Logs, TooffyLFR, Tooffywol, Tranquillité, Tranquillité, Tranquillos, Triumphalis, Turmoil, Typhon, Typhon, Unalive, UNITED, Unknown, Up sow liz, Up sow liz, Utopìa, Utopìa, Valandil, Valhöll, Valkyries, Veni Vidï vici, Veni vïdi vici, Venoxis, Vindicare, vintage 2, Vox Mortem, Wafre, Wardogz, We are legends, Werra of Sakina, Werra of Sakina, World of Frangya, WOS, Wrath, Wrath, Xperia, Xperia, Xunoyah's Guild, Yggdrasil, Yllen Faelehun, yougo, yrïss, Zooltima, Zooltima, Zooltima, Zug, Zul jin and co, ømega, Ømega, ørîgîne, Øsiris, Øweraz's Logs, Без пафоса

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