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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Cârpe Nôctem EU-Arygos Alliance 0 259
Mystic Dragons EU-Arygos Alliance 0 159
ohne plan b Mikosa EU-Arygos Horde 0 148
Elitepoebel EU-Arygos Alliance 0 116
Dark horizon EU-Arygos Alliance 0 115
Ritter EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 115
ARAS EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 81
Morgenstern EU-Arygos Horde 0 80
Templer von Arygos EU-Arygos Horde 0 62
nakama EU-Arygos Alliance 0 52
Slayers Company EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 50
EinmalMitProfis EU-Arygos Alliance 0 48
ToB EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 46
Second Try EU-Arygos Alliance 0 45
no average EU-Arygos Alliance 0 44
Tortuga EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 44
Purity EU-Arygos Alliance 0 42
Shining EU-Arygos Alliance 0 41
Useless EU-Arygos Alliance 0 41
Droli EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 40
viribus unitis EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 38
Phoenix EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 37
Fünf Freunde EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 35
Dunkle Schreiter EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 33
aequinox EU-Arygos Alliance 0 32
Computerspielfreunde EU-Arygos Alliance 0 29
Wolfsrealm EU-Arygos Alliance 0 29
Easy Raider EU-Arygos Alliance 0 27
Pantheon EU-Arygos Horde 0 25
Rising EU-Arygos Alliance 0 25
Rising EU-Arygos Horde 0 24
Ðøtî EU-Arygos Alliance 0 22
Feder und Schwert EU-Arygos Alliance 0 21
Frontline EU-Arygos Alliance 0 20
Noir Raid EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 20
Noodled EU-Arygos Horde 0 18
Schattendrachen EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 18
Die Horde trägt Rosa EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 17
Die Wanderer EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 17
Mokrah Toktok EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 17
Tears of Goddes EU-Arygos Alliance 0 16
Gold Inc EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 15
in Paradise EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 15
insight EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 15
A R A S EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 14
Faceroll EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 14
Rising Blood EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 14
UA EU-Arygos Alliance 0 14
Weltenbummler EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 14
Knorke EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 13
Nullachtfünfzehn EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 13
Gimmlies Raids EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 12
Solo Action EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 12
Die Kelten EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 11
Tafelrunde EU-Arygos Alliance 0 11
Warriors of honour EU-Arygos Alliance 0 11
Zergschwarm EU-Arygos Horde 0 11
Izar Elhaz EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 10
mYstixHeRos EU-Arygos Alliance 0 10
noxa EU-Arygos Alliance 0 10
Mahssu EU-Arygos Alliance 0 9
Nerdend EU-Arygos Alliance 0 9
sNu EU-Arygos Horde 0 9
SSC EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 9
Ajo´s Club EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 8
Amici EU-Arygos Alliance 0 8
Brut des Verderbens EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 8
Clan der Leithian EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 8
Die Kelten EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 8
Im Niveau flexibel EU-Arygos Horde 0 8
Noobs forever EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 8
timeless EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 8
VoiD EU-Arygos Alliance 0 8
aTw EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 7
Exsolutio EU-Arygos Alliance 0 7
Orden des Lichts EU-Arygos Alliance 0 7
SoM EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 7
EasyGoing EU-Arygos Alliance 0 6
Parabellum EU-Arygos Horde 0 6
PersonalLogs EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 6
Tribes of Sora EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 6
Ultimative Allianz EU-Arygos Alliance 0 6
Die Rächer der Allianz EU-Arygos Alliance 0 5
For the beerflask EU-Arygos Alliance 0 5
increase EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 5
Invictus XV EU-Arygos Horde 0 5
Legion of Doom EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 5
Mylogz EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 5
ohne Plan B EU-Arygos Horde 0 5
Omoroka EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 5
Schwarze Brigade EU-Arygos Alliance 0 5
Adrenalin IV EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 4
Blutnacht EU-Arygos Horde 0 4
BoB EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 4
Glücksbärchis EU-Arygos Alliance 0 4
Harbinger of Doom EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 4
Jincsguild EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 4
Pantheon EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 4
Phönixorden EU-Arygos Alliance 0 4
Ritter aus Leidenschaft EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 4
The Dark Devil EU-Arygos Horde 0 4
Adrenalin EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 3
Chosen Legacy EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 3
ColaBola None Alliance 0 3
detective boys EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
Die Graue Horde EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
Dominus Aurora EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 3
Gruft der Verdammten EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 3
Inoe EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 3
ira dei EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
meh EU-Arygos Horde 0 3
Milites Nexum EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 3
nakama Twinks+Rnd EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
Pacalis Matara EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 3
Purity EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
Second Try EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
The Hidden EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
TheSigShow EU-Arygos Alliance 0 3
abyssus abyssum invocat EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Carpe Diem EU-Arygos Horde 0 2
Censored EU-Arygos Alliance 0 2
cruz EU-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Custodi Oculi Obscuri EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Drive Angry EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Fußgänger der Apokalypse None Alliance 0 2
Glory Bound EU-Arygos Horde 0 2
GnomisRaids EU-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Heiligesblechle EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Killing with a Smile EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Lesura EU-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Mementó Mori EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
More Dots EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Nox Aeterna EU-Arygos Horde 0 2
Rising EU-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Serenity EU-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Shafted EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Solid Serenity EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
Tertia Excubitor EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 2
The Maniacs EU-Arygos Horde 0 2
Alive EU-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Amigos EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Angels EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
bounceblackrock EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Dead Poets Society EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Der Bund von Ironforge EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Der dunkle Stern EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Desman EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
dfzehnohrs None Horde 0 1
Die Hüter von Azeroth EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Die Illuminaten EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Die Schwarze Rose EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Die Seelensammler EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Donnerwölfe EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
Drölf Minis EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
E Nomine EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Fraternals EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Gimmlies Raids EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Harmony EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Inception EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
ist am Stisi EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Kety's Dreamland EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
Kurzschluss EU-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Mementó Mori EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Merciless Maniacs EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
MurlocStoleMyGuildname EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
MurlocStoleMyGuildname EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Nominated EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
Nominated EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
proven EU-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Raidrunners EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
renascor EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Rios grp EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Rising Sun EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Sanctuary EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Schwarze Brigade EU-Arygos Alliance 0 1
SnotsPrivateGuild EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
Storabamse EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
SuperAwesome EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 1
Tempelritter EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
test EU-Arygos Horde 0 1
Titan EU-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Vicious EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 1
0815 None Horde 0 0
124567 None Horde 0 0
Abvectio None Alliance 0 0
Accept your Fate None Alliance 0 0
Aegwynns Erben None Alliance 0 0
Age of Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Alunja None Horde 0 0
Avalon None Alliance 0 0
Band of Brothers None Alliance 0 0
Band of Brothers None Alliance 0 0
Bembelfriends None Alliance 0 0
Blocksberg None Alliance 0 0
bloodhunters None Alliance 0 0
bloodylicious None Horde 0 0
bosvruchts cave of numbers None Alliance 0 0
Bra Logs None Horde 0 0
Breakpoint Zaor None Horde 0 0
BrokodeX None Horde 0 0
Burning Empires None Alliance 0 0
Bämm None Alliance 0 0
Celu araN None Horde 0 0
chaos Lässt grüßen EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 0
Chaotic army None Alliance 0 0
Cian None Horde 0 0
Cis Dalaran None Alliance 0 0
Complete Fun None Alliance 0 0
Crit happens None Alliance 0 0
Daemacil None Alliance 0 0
Dark Horizon None Alliance 0 0
Darkforce None Horde 0 0
Darkpower None Horde 0 0
Das kleine Leben None Alliance 0 0
Dead Poets Society None Alliance 0 0
Deathsdemise None Alliance 0 0
DeFacto None Horde 0 0
Deviance None Alliance 0 0
Die Horde trägt Rosa None Alliance 0 0
Divine Devils None Alliance 0 0
Dominus Aurora None Alliance 0 0
Driven to Conquer None Alliance 0 0
Ebenherz Pakt None Horde 0 0
Elitepoebel None Alliance 0 0
Elo None Alliance 0 0
Embassy None Alliance 0 0
Equinox None Alliance 0 0
Escape Reality EU-Arygos Horde 0 0
Execute None Horde 0 0
Execute_Alvaris None Alliance 0 0
Eximo None Horde 0 0
eXodus None Alliance 0 0
Exsolutio None Alliance 0 0
FENIER None Alliance 0 0
FlexyHexy None Horde 0 0
Fraternity None Alliance 0 0
Frontline Katará None Alliance 0 0
furious None Horde 0 0
Gefällt mir Instant None Horde 0 0
Ghulrain's Random None Alliance 0 0
Glory Bound A None Horde 0 0
GMT Plus 8 None Alliance 0 0
GNB None Alliance 0 0
GogasGuild None Horde 0 0
Gold Inc None Horde 0 0
Gold Inc None Horde 0 0
Gronf-test None Horde 0 0
Guardians None Alliance 0 0
HAG None Alliance 0 0
Handelskontor None Horde 0 0
Heraches None Alliance 0 0
Herrschaft der Elemente None Horde 0 0
High Noon None Alliance 0 0
hIGHMAUL EU-Arygos Alliance 0 0
horiizon EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 0
Hrafnhildur None Horde 0 0
HUNTER CLAN None Horde 0 0
Hüter der Flammen None Alliance 0 0
Ikke særlig kloge None Alliance 0 0
in aeternum None Alliance 0 0
Kaknubs None Horde 0 0
kallama None Alliance 0 0
Karpkar None Alliance 0 0
Kazoku None Alliance 0 0
Keep Cool None Alliance 0 0
Kim None Alliance 0 0
Lehman Brothers None Alliance 0 0
LFR Test None Alliance 0 0
Looggss None Horde 0 0
Lords of hopeful Wings None Alliance 0 0
ludex None Alliance 0 0
Lux in Tenebris None Alliance 0 0
Made in Azeroth Red None Alliance 0 0
Maniacs None Horde 0 0
Mixxed None Alliance 0 0
mokam None Alliance 0 0
Mokasu Personal None Alliance 0 0
Morgenrot None Horde 0 0
Motivationslos EU-Arygos Alliance 0 0
mYstixHeRos None Alliance 0 0
no Names None Alliance 0 0
Noiseful hunters None Alliance 0 0
NoobsGG None Alliance 0 0
Nope None Alliance 0 0
nova EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 0
Nox Aeterna None Horde 0 0
Nullachtfünfzehn None Horde 0 0
ohne plan B None Horde 0 0
ohne Plan B None Horde 0 0
Orden des Lichts None Alliance 0 0
OSG None Horde 0 0
Primo Victoria None Horde 0 0
Purity None Alliance 0 0
QuadratischPraktischLoot None Horde 0 0
Ragnaroshand EU-Khaz'goroth Horde 0 0
Raserei None Alliance 0 0
refragged None Horde 0 0
Rest in Peace None Alliance 0 0
Rest in Peace None Alliance 0 0
Rest in Peace None Alliance 0 0
Rising Sun None Horde 0 0
Ritter der Tiefe None Alliance 0 0
Ritterorden des Phönix None Alliance 0 0
Royal Flush None Alliance 0 0
Rusinka None Alliance 0 0
Römsis Logs None Alliance 0 0
s/a-iv None Horde 0 0
Secrets of Mana None Alliance 0 0
Seelensammler None Alliance 0 0
Smørrebrød None Horde 0 0
solyaris None Alliance 0 0
Staubler/Abaton EU-Arygos Alliance 0 0
Steel Arsenal None Horde 0 0
Sternenstaub None Alliance 0 0
Stolzes Herz None Alliance 0 0
Strammewaden None Horde 0 0
Sup None Alliance 0 0
Team SvP None Horde 0 0
Terra Nova None Alliance 0 0
The Art None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Brood of Horde None Horde 0 0
The Dark Devil EU-Arygos Horde 0 0
The Devil Reject None Alliance 0 0
The Maniacs None Horde 0 0
The Survivors None Alliance 0 0
Thê last Revenge None Horde 0 0
Thê last Revenge EU-Arygos Horde 0 0
TLS None Alliance 0 0
ToB None Alliance 0 0
Tpolemos None Horde 0 0
uMad Bro None Alliance 0 0
unforged None Horde 0 0
Vaila None Alliance 0 0
Vaila None Alliance 0 0
Vivere militare est None Horde 0 0
W A N T E D None Alliance 0 0
WARRIOR None Horde 0 0
Warsong Inc None Horde 0 0
Westwind None Alliance 0 0
wtf None Alliance 0 0
Yeti Brothers None Alliance 0 0
YOT None Alliance 0 0
YOT None Alliance 0 0
Ðusky Ðragons EU-Khaz'goroth Alliance 0 0
Хунну None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

...., 00, 0815, 10er Spezial, 10er Stamm, 123232pug, 14, 25 Saturdays, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss, Accept your Fate, Accept your Fate, Acid, Acid, ACID, AcJoker, Addicted, Aesta Draconis, Aevum, Age of Alliance, Age of Destiny, Aggronauts, aIea iacta est, Airborne, Airborne, Aki, aLiVe, Allianz der Asgaard, Allianz der Naaru, Alnea, alpat, Alt ef Fear, Alt ef Fear, Altera Pars, Altera Pars, Alu, Amici, Amigos, Anarchy Ninjas, anomalié Privat, anomaly, Aod, Application Guild, aras, ARAS, ARAS, ARAS, Arygos Goldstücke, Arygos Goldstücke, Arán, AscRyo, Atrilium, Avast, Avatars of Light, Avij Power, azeroths angels, Azeroths Angels, Badboys, Band of Gamers, Baptism, Bataillon der Finsternis, BdB, bdf, be quiet, Beast, Beastrogue, Begleiter von Feberdin, Bembelritter, Bernd, Beschützer des Feuers, Bestien der horde, Bieriger, Big Counry, Bizewka, blablalb, Black Eagels, BlackHawk, blank promis, Blizzard Mentor Horde, Blood Diamond, Blooddragons, BloodNBone, Bloodrage Clan, Bloody Angels, Blub, blubb, blubb, BoB Logs, Bobby88, brace of knaves, Bromance, Brother of Destruction, Burning Cookies, Bäähm, Canibals, Carnivores, cataclysm, Cesda, Chosen Few, Chosen Legacy, Chosen Legacy, Chosen Legacy, ChosenLegacy, CiS Dalaran, Clan der Leithian, Clan der Leithian, Complete Fun, Conspiracy, Cordlol, core, Core, Coronae Creationis, cowwdude, Crazy Bong, Creature, Crusade, cruz, Cruz, Cunnilingus, Cyntix, Cârpe Nôctem, Dallas, Damned Pussies Society, DamnIngloriusBasterds, Dark Children of CHU CHU, Dark Children of CHU CHU, Dark Children of CHU CHU, Dark Cloud, DD, Deadly Passion, deathdragons, dedmans, Defacto, DeFacto, DeFacto, DeFacto, DeFacto, default, Densetsu, Der Orden des Erwachens, Destroy, Deviance Raid 2, Dextars guild, Die Erben der Macht, Die Horde trägt Rosa, Die Hüter von Azeroth, Die Hüter von Azeroth, Die Illuminaten, Die Illuminaten Azeroths, Die Kaknubs, Die Kolonie, Die kopflosen Reiter, Die Schattenkrieger, Die Schwarze Brigade, Die Seelensammler, Die Seelensammler, Die Teufelsküche, Die Teufelsküche, Die Varden, Die Wanderer, DieletzteHuerde, Dignity of Kings, Disconnected, Diss The Noobs, Divine Devils, Divine Devils, Dominus Aurora, Dont Panic, Doraels Guild, Dozarian, DPS, DPS REPORT, DPS-Grummli, DrawnTogether, DrawnTogether, DREIHUNDERT, Drhealsu, DummeNussAroma, Dungeon Keeper, Dunkan´s 10 & 25, Dusky Dragons, Dúnedain, Eclipse, Eclipse, Ehrliche Hand, Ehrliche Hand, Eismond, Eismond, Elbkrieger, ElisLogs, Elite der Nights, Elitepoebel, Elitism, EM, Embassy, Encøre, Endless Chaos, Endless Rage, Endzeit, Endzeit, Endzeit, Endzeit, Endzeit, Endzeit, enforce, Enrage, enraged Murlocs, Envisage, Envisage, Envy, Ephedrin, Erben des Phönix, Etana, Eternal Rage, A Tribute to Aganor, Achétia, Against the Iron Horde, All or Nothing, Alles Mein, Alnea, Amicorum, Armagedon, Arygos Lords, Asyra, Auri Sacra Fames, Backpaddle chiefs, Bank of Sionnach, Bladers, Blue Rose, Blutnacht, Blutritter Tirisfal's, Bodyguards, Bois, Breakpoint, Breitseite, Brotherhood of the Tree, BUBUBANK, Burning Eyes, call to arms, Carpedown, CashMoneyBrothers, Chill Capped, Chilling Freaks, Châos, Clarity, Computerspielfreunde, Confused Monkeys, Corehound Pakt, Cowboýs from Hell, Crazy Dragon Pirates, CSI Under City, Cârpe Nôctem, Da Gröztn und Da Beztn, Dark Ministry, Dark Ruffnecks, dark souls of dragon, Darklegends, Deathangels, Deivelchens Gilde, Deorum, Depravity, Der Glanz der Allianz, Der Muschu Clan, Destroy, Devil inside, Die Allianz trägt Rosa, Die Gotschenfiddler, Die Grüne Meile II, Die Hüter der Wälder, Die Könige der Horde, Die letzte Hürde, Die Nords, Die Ruhelosen Seelen, Die Rächer der Allianz, Die Toten Mimosen, Die Vernichter, Die Welteroberer, Die Wölfe der Finsternis, Die Älteren, DieAlteGarde, Disconnect, Disturbed, Divine Rapier, Divinus, Do not try to eat me, Drachenfeuer, Drachentränen, Dragon Warrior, DragonForce, drakdog, Druckwelle, dsungarbank, Dunkle Brut, Dârksôûls, Ehrengárde des Lichts, EindeutigZweideutig, Eiskalte Allianz, Elitepoebel, Energicer Blader, Epos, Escape Reality, Etana, Eternal Sonata, eXitium, Expulsos, Extremess, F Lawless, faith, Fallout, Feder und Schwert, Fiamma della Morte, Fidem, Fighter against Darkness, FOTM, Freelancers, From Ashes, Get Rekt, Good Girls, Gordos Revenge, Gummiebärenbande, HamburgSauerland, Hammer Battalion, Handelskontor Arygos, HandsUp, Heaven or Hell, Hello Kitty, Herrschaft der Elemente, High School DxD, Hikedaya, Hordentreter, Hunted, Händler Verein, I dont heal u, I sNu I, II Project Chaos II, Illidans Bezwinger, Iltis bank, Im Auftrag des Herrn, Imbär, Imperium Romanum, in aeternum, in Enrage, In Memory of, Infînîty, Intero é Liberté, Invictus XV, Is better then you, is cool, Kaelthas Leibwache, Karnage, Kreuzzug des Templer, Krieger der Nacht, kuschelig, Kämpfer des Lichts, la ira, Legend of Allianz, Legio Caedes, Letum et Excidium, LittleEmpire, LOOT FTW, Lost Memory, Lux Aeterna, Lâ Famîlîa, légion étrangère, Mactatores Infernales, Make Love Not Wârcraft, Malleus Maleficarum, MC Juniors, Mental Madness, Mo cafe, Mojo Madness, Monster You Made Me, Muttis liebste Lieblinge, My own Way, mYstixHeRos, MystixHordis, MónstérOfUniversúm, Nachtwächter, nakama, Nightborne, no average, nope, Nordlandbank, noxa, NuggetGmbH, null plan, ocrana, ocTra, ohne Plan B, One, Onkelz, Orden des Lichts, Organisation EX, Outsider Area, Pantheon, Parabellum, Phänomenon, Pirox, Plan C, Plutos, Plüsch Phalanx, Poros, Postamt, Premiumnutzer, Premonition, proven, Pure Gaming, Purity, PvE Gear gives me Skill, Pwning Noobs, QuantumX, Rafaelo, relaXed, Rest in Pease Department, Retro Raiders, Return, Risíng, ritter der twinks, Rohtenburger Bund, Royal Pain, Sando, Satz mit X, Schamyexpress, Schatten der Krieger, Schattendestiny des Wals, Schattengeist, Schattentanz, SchokoDrops, SchwabbelBabbel, Senseless, Sephirax, Shattered Souls, Shining, Skillrex GmbH, Sniffsniff, Sons of Draenór, SoulReaver, Soulslayer, Starfox, Sternenstaub, Stormbringers, Stormraiders, Streiter der Allianz, Stéák Hóúse, Subjekt, síx feet under, Tausend und ein Wipe, Tears Of Heaven, Terra Nova, Terrornoobz, The Angels of Darkness, The Core of Pain, The Devil Reject, The Gathering, The Guardians of Hópe, The Hidden, The Maniacs, The Resurrected, TheCentral, TheLawOfAttraction, Thori dal, Thralls Erben, ThunderCatz, Thé Wanderers, ToastiToast, top kek, Trade Duck, Traumstern, Treasury, Tsunami, Turtelly Nerdy, Twilight Clan, Ultimate Light Hunters, Unerbittlichen, Unforgiven, Vagabonds, Valaina Mordo, Valhallas Erben, Vechter van eer, Verus Amicitia, Vindicate, viribus unitis, Visíon, Voimasta Ja Kunniasta, Vorhut von Murky, Vírí Fortes, WARRIOR, Warriors of honour, We are fine, weist du einen namen, who cares, WiCkEd SiCk, Wings of Fire, wirft mit Wattebällchen, Wombat Combo, World Bank of Azeroth, Würstchenbude, Yucatan Gang, ZDF Critparade, Zirkel des weißen Tigers, Zutritt nur für Mitglied, Ðemons øf Hell, Aeternitas, Amnesia, and Friendz, Armee der Geißel, Auf Gute Freunde, Bankiers von Sturmwind, Bloodcore, Blut und Prada, Brut des Verderbens, Buy em, BänkerMafia, Carinthian, Carnivores, CDP, Cest la vie, chaos AG, Comapatzienten, Complete Fun, DARF ICH DEIN AUGE LECKN, Dark Experience, Das Wolfsrudel, Dead Poets Society, Deadly Passion, DeFacto, DemonicPenguinsFromHell, demons of insanity, Die Büchsen von Azeroth, Die Erben der Macht, Die Kelten, die Knusperflocke, Die scharlachrote Latenz, Die schwarze Rose, Die Unbelehrbaren, Die Untherapierbaren, Drachendämmerung, Dunkle Schreiter, E Nomine, Echo von Lordaeron, EMOtion, Endzeit, Epic, Erdbärtörtchen, Eternal Twilight, Extinction, Falaysia, Fallen Drakes, Feuer und Flamme, fortuna, Fortune Hunters, Fortus Amicus, Fraternity, FunClan, furious, Fünf Freunde, Gaming Insight, Geierwallies, gloria mundi, Go Fast, GoblinBankingSolutions, Goldhai AG, Green Street Elite, Greifengarde, Gruft der Verdammten, guardian of justice, Guardians of Tirisfal, Hackbraten Kartell, Hordînær, horiizon, HorriBly SloW ApeS, Hrafnhildur, HUNTER CLAN, Höllen Krieger, Hüter der Wälder, Hüttenhämmer, increase, Infinite Twilight, Innocent, Insomnii, InvisGoldbunker, is Hantig, ist am Stisi, ist KEIN Twink, iste spiritus, Jadedrachen, JustRaid, Keine Arme keine Kekse, Kendo Shima, Kinder des Lichts, Klinge des Blutmondes, Knorke, La Vendetta, le incredible, Legion der Vergessenen, Les Soldats, Lords of hopeful Wings, Lost Destiny, Luna Sanguinea, Lúzifers Réich, maligne salve, Mangekyou Sharingan, Massacre, Mementó Mori, Mokrah Toktok, Monster AG, Morality, Mulaheys Pflanzenraid, Mystical of Pandaria, Nightraiders, Novaminsulfon, Noxx Aeterna, Only Adults, Orden der Titanen, Pain inc, Primus inter pares, Project, QuadratischPraktischLoot, Rabenwache, Rare Diamonds, rayearth, refragged, Rising Sun, Samuels Wächter, Schattendrachen, Schattengarde, SHADOW INSTINCT, Shinju, Slayers Company, so herzlos, SocksSucks, Stille Helden, Sturm und Drang, Sub Noctem, System of a Wipe, the marvels, The Unbreakables, the usual suspects, Tigers and Dragons, Totmons Gedöns, Toxicator, Umbralunae, Uthers Söhne, Vergessene Schatten, Verlorene Wanderer, Vicious, Vincere aut Mori, Warsong Inc, Wattebausch des Todes, Windlichter, Wächter der Kirin Tor, evil, Ex Inferis, Ex Inferis, Excubitor Aequilibrium, Excubitor Aequilibrium & Friends, executeguild, EXIT, Exitus Acta Probat, eXodus, eXodus, Expire, Expletio Excidium, eXsolutio, Exsolutio, Exsolutio, EXSOLUTIO, Exuro, face , Fallen Phoenix, False name, Fatal, FaultLess, feels the love, Feets on Fire, Fenris, Fenris, Ferro Ignique, Feuer und Flamme, FHA, Fiamma, Fiamma della Morte, Fire Ants, Flamma Ferroque, Flammen des Phoenix, Flammen des Phoenix, Flemeth The Shapeshifter, Fortune Hunters, Fortune Hunters and Friends, fragged, Fragments of Faith - for Syth / 99, Fraternitas, From Hell, Frontline Durin, Ftl, furious, Furious, fuzzy pirates, Fußgänger der Apokalypse, Fußgänger der Apokalypse, Fußgänger der 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Reclusive, Recruitment, Reflection, reign, Relonia, Remember, Remembrance, Reminisce, Reqiuem, Rescue Angels, Rest in Peace, Rest in Peace, resurrechted, Revolution Moon, rising, Ritter aus Leidenschaft, Ritter aus Leidenschaft - Factorine, Ritterorden des Phönix, RnF, Rocks, RoE, Rothis, Royal Flush, Ruf der Horde, Rächer der allianz, S P Q R, Saexy Raids, Sammies, Samuels Wächter, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctum Officium, Sanctums, SandosRaids, Saxe's guild, schalalalala, Schattendrachen 2, Scherbenschreddaz, Schnaps Hamster, Schweizer Grenadiere, Section Nine, Semper Paratus, Sensus communis, Seo a niS, Seo a niS, Seo a niS, Serenity, Shadow of Light, shammee, Shayakar & Mushku, shop, SiLK SCuMM, Sime's amazing peeps, Simply Legendary, Simply Legendary, Sin Nombre, Sin Nombre, Skill Procct Nicht, Skill Procct Nicht, Slayers Company, Slayers Company, SlowStudentsCrossing, sNu, soap on a rope, Societas Deca, Soleah's WOL, Solid Serenity, Solidarity Raids, soloic, Souls of Armageddon, 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Resurrected, The Resurrected, The Rèsurrection, TheResurrected, Threat Signal, ThreeTen, ThunderCatz, Thyrestean, Titans of Kalimdor, Tod oder Lebendig, togayther, Toodwart, Torch of Eternity, Torch of War, Tortuga, ToW, Triarii, Triforcia, Trugschluss, TrümmerWelten, TrümmerWelten, Tsunami, Turins Blog, Ulyss, Umbralunae, Umbralunae, undead allstars, Unforgiven fate, Unforgiven Fate, Unforgiven Fate, Uniguild, United Alianz, United Knights, United Knights, United Legends, United Legends, United-Raid, Unleashéd, Untotenschutzverein, Untouchable, Vagetarians, vain, Varulv Orden, Vaya con Amigos, Velkarya's WOL, Vendettâ, Vendettâ, Vendettâ, Vendètta, Venom, Verlorene Seelen, Verlorene Wanderer, Versuch, Verteidiger des Blödsinn, Verteidiger des Blödsinns, Verteidiger des Blödsinns, Vicious 10, vincere aut mori, Vintage, Vintage, Viri Fortes, Vivûs, Vox Dei, Vynedori, Warriors of honour, Warriors of honour, Warriors of the Darkness, Warsong Inc, Was guckst du, WdG, westernis, what am i doing?, WhiteDragons, WipeOut, WoL Reports, Wächter der Sonne, Wüstenwühlaz, Wüstenwühlaz, XanisRebels, Xanmeron, XGuide, Yaypie is sex? , Yes We Can, Yeti Brothers, Yeti Brothers (MoP), Yetibrothers, Yodguild, YoT, Youll Need A Tray, yumi, Yumi, Yumi, Yumi, Yumi, Yumi, Yumi Gruppe 2, Zeitsturm, Zenzo, Zidaya, Zirkel des weißen Tigers, ZitronePlantage, zod, Zoltrix Event, zomfga, Àyerâ, Ðøtî, Øne Poison, Крепышхд, Неудержимые, прожималы пыщ, Северобайкальск, хатабёнок

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