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EU-Grim Batol
Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Shawshank Renegades EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 77
Incentive EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 64
Convenção de Barbas EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 42
Extant EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 35
URO EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 34
Entropy EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 30
Frostbite EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 26
Kabda Bil Jubun EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 23
Oblivion EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 22
Senhores da Guerra EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 21
Order of the White Tiger EU-Grim Batol 0 14
Pappa Nelsons Kittenz EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 14
Almighty Sisters EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 13
Justified Hubris EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 13
The Nightwalkers EU-Aggra (Português) 0 12
Apprime EU-Grim Batol 0 12
Solidarity EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 12
Guardians of Time EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 11
Portugal Lda EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 11
Two Faced Jokers EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 11
High Priest Ninjas EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 10
Overcome EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 10
Philosopher Kings EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 10
Sand EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 10
Sentenced EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 9
MORTE OU GLÓRIA EU-Aggra (Português) 0 8
Tropa de Elite EU-Aggra (Português) 0 8
momentum EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 7
Mistas da Padaria EU-Aggra (Português) 0 6
Not Now Baby Im On CD EU-Aggra (Português) 0 6
Omerta EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 6
Shoryuken EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Soul Sworn Seven EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Memento Mori EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 5
PORTUCALE EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 5
Tranquillum EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 5
Disturbia EU-Grim Batol 0 5
Ice Cream for Hellscream EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 5
Spirit Of Elders EU-Grim Batol 0 5
Nehahra EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 4
Conundrum EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 4
Norrøn EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 4
Order of the Horde EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 3
Utöpia EU-Aggra (Português) 0 3
Artificial Talent EU-Grim Batol 0 3
Excelsior EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 3
Armada Lusitana EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 2
Darksoul EU-Aggra (Português) 0 2
Fúria EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 2
Paradox EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 2
Angrenost EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
B Klikken and Adds EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 2
Computer Says No EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Got Issues EU-Grim Batol 0 2
Neodym EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Nimbus EU-Grim Batol 0 2
Dark Times EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 1
Electronik Generation EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 1
FOR THE INVICTA EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 1
Placeholder EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 1
RazorPT EU-Aggra (Português) 0 1
To Valhalla EU-Aggra (Português) Horde 0 1
Bromma IRL EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Crymogaea EU-Grim Batol 0 1
Da Bomba EU-Grim Batol 0 1
DeadlyPantherSquad EU-Grim Batol 0 1
Dream EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Gooftroop EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Icon EU-Grim Batol 0 1
Nidaros EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Poro Avengers EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
RATTLEHEAD EU-Grim Batol 0 1
Tempest EU-Grim Batol 0 1
Veneficus Ex EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Filthy Casuals EU-Aggra (Português) 0 0
Wrathion Legion EU-Aggra (Português) Alliance 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Legacyyy EU-Grim Batol Horde 22 37
Aurora Borealis EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 710
The Forsaken Dominion EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 194
Tors Hammare EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 193
Velocity EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 97
Refusion EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 78
Nikhedonia None Horde 0 48
Order of the White Tiger EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 43
singirl EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 39
Knights of Glory EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 38
Veneficus Ex EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 30
Inquisition EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 29
PelopsLogs EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 27
Dimensional EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 25
Got Issues EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 24
Disciples EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 22
Nebulous EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 22
Gypsy River Boat Band EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 19
Phoenïx EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 19
Booty Bay Surf Club EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 18
Nurse Joy Fanclub EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 18
Balance EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 17
Two Faced Jokers EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 17
Project Hollywood EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 15
Lowlands United EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 14
Missunderstood geniuses EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 14
Wreckingballs EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 12
Angrenost EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 11
Verokk's logs EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 11
dimensional EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 10
Always EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 9
EASYLYLEZ for the hell of it EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 9
Karma Krew EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 9
Vel's Personal Log EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 9
Entropy EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 8
Nobody Cares EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 8
Aggressiva EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Deviants EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Family Legion EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Nebulous EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Order of the white tigër EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Pellebambus EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Pony SIaystation EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Tempest EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 7
Discourage EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Entrails EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Mood SwingZ EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Morpheus EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Posteriori EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Ress Plz EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 6
Sentenced EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
SeyFert Gaming EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 6
Bizzare Stories EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 5
Corruption EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 5
justforranks EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 5
Labyrinth EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 5
Onlyanalt EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 5
Simplicity Reborn EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 5
Soul Sworn Seven EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 5
SubZero EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 5
Chloey Logs EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 4
Conspiracy EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 4
D-Mixup EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 4
Eternal Dream EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 4
GBpugs EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 4
Imperius EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 4
WhitePower EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 4
Aggressiva EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
Archangel EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 3
Benzikura EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
For the Invicta EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
Immigrants of Twilight EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
LucidumGuild EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
Mavvi's Raid Log of Doom EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
Rebels in Control EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
Riders on the Storm EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
Showtime EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
XupaKabra EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 3
Aspect EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Bizarre Stories EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Bizarre Stories EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Club Cava EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Gelu Angelus EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Lesser Gods EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Lethal Industry Gaming EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 2
Nobody Cares EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Proxima EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Psir EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2 EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
soul sworn seven EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Stellar EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Tectum EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Veritas EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Vex Thal EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 2
Balance EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Balance Alt run EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Beyond EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Bravery EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
CMC EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Complexity EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Dubium EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Endless Twilight EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Eventyr EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Fun EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Gameon EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Good Times EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Guardians of Time EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Heaven can Wait EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Hymnet EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Iams Logs EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Illuminators EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Juggernaut EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
klifftest EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Konoha EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Lesser Gods EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Let None Escape EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
M D S EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
mahna mahna EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Miralibaen EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Moddé's logs EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Monkeystunintofrosttrap EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Navheim EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Norrøn EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
OOTWT EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Overcome EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Phantomm EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Regret EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Sand EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Shoryuken EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
Usurper of Misery EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
virtual effect EU-Grim Batol Horde 0 1
Wielkie Baty EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 1
123 None Alliance 0 0
:) None Alliance 0 0
AB None Alliance 0 0
Absolutum Dominium None Alliance 0 0
Alexandra Udinov None Alliance 0 0
alle vil ha! None Alliance 0 0
Anagrama None Horde 0 0
Anything None Alliance 0 0
Archani's log None Alliance 0 0
Arsenyk None Alliance 0 0
Ascension None Alliance 0 0
Atrocity None Alliance 0 0
Atrøcity None Alliance 0 0
Aurora Borealis None Alliance 0 0
Bane None Alliance 0 0
Blarg None Alliance 0 0
Boolg Warlock None Alliance 0 0
Bravery None Alliance 0 0
Brewskee Logs None Alliance 0 0
brutalskallebambus None Alliance 0 0
Chain Reaction None Alliance 0 0
Chain Reaction None Horde 0 0
Christen None Alliance 0 0
Clearly Boosted None Alliance 0 0
Clearly Boosted None Alliance 0 0
Cold Logic None Alliance 0 0
Conundrum None Alliance 0 0
Cytadela None Alliance 0 0
Deliverance None Horde 0 0
Deus Ex Machina EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 0
Dimensional None Alliance 0 0
dishfaces None Alliance 0 0
Divas None Alliance 0 0
Dress Code Purple None Alliance 0 0
E m p i r e None Alliance 0 0
E m p i r e None Alliance 0 0
Elysium None Alliance 0 0
Elysìum None Alliance 0 0
Eon None Horde 0 0
Epiphany None Alliance 0 0
ErghoLogsTime None Alliance 0 0
Escare None Alliance 0 0
EX None Alliance 0 0
Eximius None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Lords None Alliance 0 0
Fel Works None Alliance 0 0
Fishing Log None Alliance 0 0
Fracture None Alliance 0 0
Gavve spelar warlock None Alliance 0 0
Gnomes have small DKs None Alliance 0 0
Got Issues None Alliance 0 0
Great's Logs None Horde 0 0
Greenpencil None Alliance 0 0
Hellrime's logs None Alliance 0 0
Horg None Alliance 0 0
Hymnet None Alliance 0 0
IMAGOATYOLO None Alliance 0 0
imba None Alliance 0 0
Insane Disciple None Alliance 0 0
Jupiter Mining Corp. None Alliance 0 0
Just Testing None Alliance 0 0
Katonus Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kavick's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Konoha None Horde 0 0
Last Try None Alliance 0 0
League of Dusk None Alliance 0 0
League of Dusk None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Saga None Alliance 0 0
like a boss None Alliance 0 0
Limo None Alliance 0 0
Limo Wreck None Alliance 0 0
LlaarrsTestReports None Alliance 0 0
Logsareforkidz None Alliance 0 0
Lucky Seven None Alliance 0 0
maxdps EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 0
Memento Peccavi None Alliance 0 0
morituri te salutamus None Alliance 0 0
Near Extinction None Alliance 0 0
Nefarious None Alliance 0 0
Neverdown None Alliance 0 0
Neverending Glory None Alliance 0 0
Nhero WOL None Alliance 0 0
Nibba Logs None Alliance 0 0
NikhedoniaPug None Horde 0 0
No gear EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 0
noobz None Alliance 0 0
NORGamers None Alliance 0 0
nothing None Alliance 0 0
Old ironforge Brewery None Alliance 0 0
Old Ironforge Brewery None Alliance 0 0
olololol None Alliance 0 0
Onyxia gave epic head None Alliance 0 0
ootwt EU-Grim Batol Alliance 0 0
Panic None Horde 0 0
Pantera None Alliance 0 0
Partyzanci None Alliance 0 0
Peccavi None Alliance 0 0
Perception None Alliance 0 0
Perfect Nine None Alliance 0 0
Pieces None Alliance 0 0
PiEzRus None Alliance 0 0
Pirate None Alliance 0 0
Powerpuff Pinglorna None Alliance 0 0
Proxima None Alliance 0 0
PTwars None Horde 0 0
Pure Blood None Alliance 0 0
Region Arctica None Alliance 0 0
Regret Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Reign None Alliance 0 0
Relgs logs None Alliance 0 0
Repeat Offenders None Alliance 0 0
Response None Alliance 0 0
retardos None Alliance 0 0
Revenant None Alliance 0 0
Revengeance None Alliance 0 0
Revengeance None Alliance 0 0
Royalty None Alliance 0 0
Rubï None Alliance 0 0
Rulian None Alliance 0 0
running empty None Horde 0 0
sand None Alliance 0 0
Sand None Alliance 0 0
Sand None Alliance 0 0
Sanitas None Alliance 0 0
Scripta manent None Alliance 0 0
Sentenced None Alliance 0 0
Sentenced None Alliance 0 0
Sentenced None Alliance 0 0
Shake and Bake None Alliance 0 0
Showtime None Alliance 0 0
skalleptr None Alliance 0 0 None Alliance 0 0
Survivors None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Disaster None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Failure None Alliance 0 0
Tehboss None Alliance 0 0
Tell Em None Alliance 0 0
Thats How i Roll None Alliance 0 0
The Dambusters None Alliance 0 0
The Exorcists None Alliance 0 0
the ntelirio show None Alliance 0 0
The Phoenix Project None Alliance 0 0
The Symbol None Alliance 0 0
The Valour Legion None Horde 0 0
The Warriors Code None Alliance 0 0
Thrift Shop Epix None Alliance 0 0
Time None Alliance 0 0
Tomslogs None Alliance 0 0
Trollstigen None Alliance 0 0
Trollstigen None Alliance 0 0
Twizted Reality None Horde 0 0
Undead Knights None Alliance 0 0
Unstable Connections None Alliance 0 0
Urge's Private Logs None Alliance 0 0
vad some helst None Alliance 0 0
Veneficus Ex None Alliance 0 0
Vex Thal None Horde 0 0
Virtues None Alliance 0 0
xikaguildtest None Alliance 0 0
Yolo Logs None Alliance 0 0
Zaiteria's Logs None Alliance 0 0
zalashowdown None Alliance 0 0
Äventyrargänget None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

1234, A New Dawn, Achievemaker, Aedificium, Aegis Fang, Aesir, After Life, Against the world, AkatsukiClan, AkatsukiClan, Akatsüki Clan, Algars fan club, Alla får diplom, Alliance Guardians, Alo kako e, Alpha Souls, Alter Ego, Alter Ego, Alter Ego, ALTRUN, Alyne, Amazing Ten, Anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy, And an Imaginary Friend, Anger, ANGER, Angrenost, Angrenost, Anphibiouz, AnphibiouZ, Anti Social, Apoka's Bitch, Archangel, arisguilden, Artificial Talent, asdf, Ask Mrrobot, Ask Mrrobot, Atrøcity, Aurora Borealis, Avatar, Avatar, Avoid Fire, awdawd, Awkward Moment, Awkward Moment, Ayune's logs, Balance, Balance, Barksdale Crew, Bazingaa, BBQ LORDS, Beacon, beiken, Beltaine, Beyond, Beyond, Bjørneligaen, BLABLA, Bobze, BOLERGNOMSA, boombastic, Booty Bay Fishing Club, Bravery, BRB WC, BRUCELEÊ, Burning Angel, Bushwookie, C Is For Cookie, candsilva, Carebears, cartel, Cavaleiros do Apocalipse, Cerwin's Followers, Chain Reaction, Chain Reaction, Choà's imba dps, Chromatics 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Encøre, Encøre, End Of Days, Ensidia, Enswidia, Entrails, entropy, Eon, Equilibria, equilibrium, Equilibrium, escaping reality, Essences, eternal dream, Eternal Dream, Eternity, A Cow Ate My Candy, A Irmandade Lusa, abovethesun, AFTERMATH, Aki nao Entras, Aliança do Kaos, Alliance Guardians, Alliance Knights, Alma Mater, Almost Famous, Anguish, Anjos do Apocalipse, Anomaly, Anonimous, ANUNNAKI, Assassins, Asylum, Atlas, Audacity, Avarice, AvEnGeR, Balance of Judgment, Balls of Steel, Banco da Morte, BancoInterno, bankpags, Battlelords of Azeroth, BestDeal Gaming, Blood Dragons, Blood In Hell, Blood Pact, Boys Next Door, BPP, Braapaholics, Brujah, Caixa Geral, Cannon Fodder, Casa das Antas, Caustic, Cavaleiros do Zodíaco, CCM, Celëbrity, Champions of Stormwind, Chapel of the Dead, Cheesy Poofs, Companhia Limitada, Copyright, Corrupted Origins, Cortex, Couves de Bruxelas, Critoris, CThun à lagareiro, Ctrl Alt Elites, Dark Angels, Dark Requiem, Darkside, Deathsoul, Default, Deus Ex Machina, Devils, Devils Dealers, Divine Fury, Divine Shield, Divinus Mayhem, Do Not Release, Dragons Of The Horde, Drama, Dream Theater, E q u i l í b r i u m, Elite LegiÖn, Empty Brains, Encøre, Epic Loot, Etherium, Extant Enmity, Exul Asylum, Fairy Tail, Favas Com Chouriço, Favela, Faz esse mano, Feast, FINALMENTE, Firelords, Forceful Entry, ForSaken, Forty Six and Two, Frindzoned, From Ashes, Frostwolf Clan, FTC, FTW eSports, FTW MYTH, Fênix, GAMESENSE, GANDA PEDRA, Gang das Bolachas, Gangue do esqueleto, Gestifute SA, Glory of the Betrayal, Governo Portugues, Governo português, Guardiões Da Luz, Guerreiros, Guerreiros da Justiça, GUERRILHEIROS II, Guild Chat, Hashshashin, HEAVEN, Heroes of Draenor, hey im LFW, Hey im mvp, High Council, Holic, Hollow Crown, Honor Hunters, Horde Crusaders, I Hate Horde, I N F I D E L S, I Pain, I SAW IT COMING, I Sons of Anarchy I, Imago Mortis, Immiti, Imperium Portucale, Imperium Satanae, Infinite Tsukuyomi, Insurgency, Into Oblivion, INVICTUS DISBAND, Irmãos Metralha, Iron Bank of Braavos, Iron Hammer, Kermit, Kill Loot Repeat, Kingsguard, Last Whisper, Legalize Herbalism, Legends Never Die, Legends of Azeroth, Legion of Azeroth, Leveled Up, Lithium, LntG, Local Drunk, Lok Tar Hogar, Lok Tar Ogar, Lordaeron Royal Guard, LORDS OF WAR, Lords Of War PVP, Lost Legion, Lusitania, Lusitanos, Lux Æterna, Ma Nada, Magna Andromeda, Malefic, Marginais, Mata Bicho, meubanco, Mind Tricks, Moontang Clan, Mucking Furlocs, Murlocs, Murphys Law, MX Legends, Nao Gosto nada, Navegantes da Lua, Nemesys, NERV, Never Surrender, New Lordaeron, NewWorld, Next Level, NEXTLEVEL, Night Shift, Ninjas In Pijamas, No Nerds Behind, Noctis, Nocturnos, Noturnos, Nyx, Não fui eu, Obsolescence, Old Legend, Old School, OMG GOT MAIL FROM AH, Omnis Ruina, One more Bank, Oracle, Ordem dos Mortos Vivos, Os Duques, Os Guardioes Das Trevas, Os Lusos, Paga o que deves, PARAGON, Patrões, Peneu Furado, Perception, phobia, phøbïa, Plano B, Plot Twist, PrEmIuM, PSYCHOSIS, PTRevolution, Purgatory, Putxyz e vinho verde, Quinto Império, Ragnarok, Raiders of Honor, raVen, Rebels Rise, Reileao, Reis do Palheiro, Rejected, ReVeNgE, Ricbank, Rise From the Ashes, Rune, Sanctum Nocturnos, Sanctum On Alliance, Second Round, Shadow of Mohegans, Shadowstep, Sin, Skillers, Skullcandy, Skumbag, Slakers, Snakes, Soldiers Of Jah Army, Something Original, SONS OF ANARCHY, Sons of Anarchy, Sons of Horde, Stables, Suit up, Survivors, Symbol, T B A, Tactical Supremacy, Team haZard, The Avengers, The Cake is a Lie, The Comrades, The Crimson, the Exalted, The Olympus, The PowerPuff Friends, The True Iron Horde, THE TRUE OMNIUM, The Tuga Legion, TheAvengers, theconclave, Thugs, Time Continuum, Titan Legacy, Toxic Slayers, Trustless, TRYHARÐS, Tuga Element, Tuga People, Tuga Power Leveling, Ultimate End, Ultïmate, Unbreakable, Underestimated, underground paradise, Undivine, Unidos, unknownSociety, Unlikely Heroes, Vaya Con Dios, Vibe Raiders, Vitória, Warlords, Warlords of Azeroth, Warlords of Draenor, WarmHogs, warsong, WaveClear, We Love Cookies, Weekend Army, Wrath Of The Horde, youMAD weGLAD, Z E R Ø, Zau Zau, Ðemøn HunterS, A ginger stole my soul, A sala de estar, A Verdadeira Legião, aas, Absolutum Dominium, Abstract, Acheron, Ad Fundum, Addicted gaming, Advanced Douchebags, AFK Facebook, After Life, AfterDark, Afternoon Tea Party, Agent of Nozdormu, Aggro, Aguild, Aiwa, Alcatraz, All About Lvling, All about the Benjamins, All Guild Perks, All Heil Willymonka, Alliance Brigade, Alliance of Evil Sect, Almost Famous, Alpha Souls, ALT under CTRL, Amazing Ten, Ambivalent, Anagrama, Anarchy Angels, Ancient Twinks, Ancient Wrath, Angels of Glory, ANGER, Animus, Annoyed And Confused, Anonymous, Arab Defense System, Archangel, Arctic, Arctic Chill, ARLA, Art øf War, Ascendents, Ashes to Ashes, Ashes to Dust, At Least We Took Stables, Atlantic Raiders, Atlantis, Atrøcity, Aurora Borealis, Aww Yeaahh, Bacchus Taste, Back To Hell, Bacon, Badge 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