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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Time Lords EU-Ulduar Alliance 2 27
Symphony of War EU-Ulduar Horde 1 110
Casual EU-Ulduar Alliance 1 1
CLeA EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 225
InPanic EU-Ulduar Horde 0 225
Wicked Ways EU-Ulduar Horde 0 202
Analysis EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 166
Radiance EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 129
Helidos EU-Gilneas Horde 0 107
Synced PUG EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 98
Lucky Looter EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 75
Transcendentia EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 69
noir EU-Gilneas Horde 0 56
Holy Spirit EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 54
Dataminer EU-Gilneas Horde 0 52
Antiheros EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 51
Einmal mit Prôfis EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 51
cryptic entertainment EU-Ulduar Horde 0 50
Circle of Eternal Light EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 49
RG EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 48
RGmaster EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 47
Drakons Log EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 45
Reaver EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 45
Resurrection of Honor EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 45
Pakt des Lichts EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 44
Empress EU-Ulduar Horde 0 42
DerFlexTest EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 41
Kapakka EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 41
Undead EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 36
Nufici EU-Ulduar Horde 0 34
Sunwell Riders EU-Ulduar Horde 0 32
Orden der dunklen Flamme EU-Ulduar Horde 0 30
Der Weisse Baum EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 27
Sin and Sacrifice EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 27
Old Boys Alliance EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 25
AdS EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 23
Codex EU-Ulduar Horde 0 23
Last Exit for the Lost EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 22
Furor Draconi EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 21
Fighter of the cohesion EU-Gilneas Horde 0 20
Genesis EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 20
Sanctuary EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 19
Be the Raid EU-Ulduar Horde 0 17
Rising Sun EU-Ulduar Horde 0 17
GrabarzeLogs EU-Ulduar Horde 0 16
Ceîra EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 15
Daizyduke Entertainment EU-Ulduar Horde 0 15
enraged EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 14
Emerge EU-Gilneas Horde 0 13
Samstagsraid EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 13
Shades of Misery -[H]-Ulduar EU-Ulduar Horde 0 13
Unlimited Salt Works EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 13
DieMichis EU-Ulduar Horde 0 12
Nuffle-Logs EU-Gilneas Horde 0 12
SIN EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 12
TZURA LOG AIR GmbH EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 12
U N I C EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 12
Heaven on Earth EU-Gilneas Horde 0 11
DilailaProduction EU-Ulduar Horde 0 10
Last Men Standing EU-Gilneas Horde 0 10
Obscenity EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 10
Renaissance EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 10
Drunken Masters EU-Ulduar Horde 0 9
JustForTheLulz EU-Ulduar Horde 0 9
The Seekers EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 9
Defenders EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 8
Edge of Infinity EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 8
Gloria Victis EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 8
Kinder der Sterne EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 8
Singletreff EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 8
UltimaRatio EU-Gilneas Horde 0 8
Auge des Sturms EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 7
Death n Decay EU-Gilneas Horde 0 7
Immortal Sunrise EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 7
Langeweile EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 7
Obscurita EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 7
Amentia EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 6
crypTic EU-Ulduar Horde 0 6
cuz we can EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 6
The Guild EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 6
Thrive EU-Ulduar Horde 0 6
Wild and Dirty EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 6
Bulbah´s EU-Ulduar Horde 0 5
Feuersturm EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 5
FSK EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 5
Gilneas Random Runs EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 5
The Conquerors EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 5
Whîte Drágons EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 5
bl4f4sel EU-Ulduar Horde 0 4
crypTic EU-Ulduar Horde 0 4
dû tirith EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 4
Geibix and tha Fiesotechz EU-Gilneas Horde 0 4
ISO EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 4
Nordlichter/ADS EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Nordmeer EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 4
Overgeared EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Smokin Aces EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Test1905 EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Twinkraids und eigen EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Wahnsinn und Methode EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
BloodHorde EU-Gilneas Horde 0 3
Bubbels Inc EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 3
Cry Baby EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 3
Epos EU-Ulduar Horde 0 3
Ereniel EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
Ice Claw EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
IX Legion EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 3
LaVidaLoca EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
LIBERTY EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 3
Never Ending Rage EU-Gilneas Horde 0 3
Nihil Interit EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
Obscurita EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
Prestige EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
Shootingstars EU-Gilneas Horde 0 3
The frost decade EU-Ulduar Horde 0 3
The Raven's Sanctum EU-Gilneas Horde 0 3
TTseins EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 3
Yenad EU-Ulduar Horde 0 3
Ancients EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Auge des Sturms EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Azeroths Erben EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Bongo EU-Ulduar Horde 0 2
Boxing Eagles EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
crypTic 2.0 EU-Ulduar Horde 0 2
Defender of Faith EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Defiler EU-Ulduar Horde 0 2
Die Verwegenen EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Eliteraids EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Elricc EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Furianer EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Genesis EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Haeygn EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Hasibasi EU-Gilneas Horde 0 2
Inzing EU-Gilneas Horde 0 2
Legends EU-Ulduar Horde 0 2
Mathi EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Memoria Nostra EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Nemo EU-Ulduar Horde 0 2
noname EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Old School Keeper EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Particle EU-Gilneas Horde 0 2
Per Noctem EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Sanctuary EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Splinters EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
The Highlanders EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Tranquillity EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Umbra Inferi EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 2
Viribus Unitis Umbrae EU-Gilneas Horde 0 2
zZZZzzz EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
[SRG] Schamaros Random Groups EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Advancement EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
aftermath EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
All or Nothing EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Auge des Sturms EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
betatest EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Blood Horde EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Blutige Dämmerung EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Böse Engel EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Cohesion EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
cryptic EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
crypTic EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Dark Knights None Alliance 0 1
Deep Silence EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Deminutiv EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
DerZonk EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Die Triarier EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Freeway EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Full Eradicate EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Fusion EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Föderation EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Germanen EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Hehler & Co GmbH EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
inFAMOUS EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Innocence EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
IX Legion EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Jounta EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Kapakka EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Memorix EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
moderated EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Monks Raids EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
moQbara EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
mäkka EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Märtyrer EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Nordsol EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
O m e n EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Old Boys Alliance EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Orden von guldan EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Out of Range EU-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Pakt des Lichts EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Panta Rhei EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Rising Sun EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Shades of Misery ! EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Siddharthá EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
Spooky EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Supréme EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Team Hühnerstall EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
The endless nightmare EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 1
The Keepers of Lore EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Tides of Darkness EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Time Walkers EU-Ulduar Horde 0 1
Val Madra EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
123 None Horde 0 0
Ac11 None Alliance 0 0
Andy None Alliance 0 0
Angeles Caidos GPLP None Horde 0 0
Arboris Amplecti None Horde 0 0
Ashes to Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Basics None Alliance 0 0
Behüter der Horde None Horde 0 0
Blade Sliders None Alliance 0 0
Blood Horde None Horde 0 0
Blut im Auge None Horde 0 0
Brothers of Destruction None Horde 0 0
Böse Engel None Alliance 0 0
calox None Alliance 0 0
Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Eternal Light None Alliance 0 0
Circle of the Rising Sun None Alliance 0 0
Cohesion None Alliance 0 0
CRUDELIS None Alliance 0 0
Cry Baby None Alliance 0 0
crypTic None Horde 0 0
crypTic None Horde 0 0
czxcz None Horde 0 0
Darkside None Horde 0 0
Deep Silence None Alliance 0 0
Defender of Faith None Alliance 0 0
Deitas None Horde 0 0
Der Atem des Phönix None Horde 0 0
Deus None Horde 0 0
Deus misereatur nobis None Horde 0 0
Die Ehemaligen None Alliance 0 0
Die Flammenschreiter EU-Ulduar Horde 0 0
Die Ordensgemeinschaft I None Alliance 0 0
die pudelmützen None Alliance 0 0
Divine None Alliance 0 0
Dracon Heri None Alliance 0 0
E Nomine None Alliance 0 0
effect None Alliance 0 0
effect - Nyma None Alliance 0 0
Ehrengarde None Alliance 0 0
Ehrengarde None Alliance 0 0
Endless None Alliance 0 0
Enraged 10er None Alliance 0 0
enraged 25 None Alliance 0 0
enraged logs by stoorm None Alliance 0 0
Eos None Alliance 0 0
Epos None Horde 0 0
Etchy None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Wish None Alliance 0 0
Euphoriâ None Alliance 0 0
Ex Oriente Lux None Alliance 0 0
Exception None Alliance 0 0
Farben der Magie None Horde 0 0
Fire and Ice der Horde None Horde 0 0
Friends with Benefits None Alliance 0 0
frostkillers None Alliance 0 0
geBufft & EntSicherT None Alliance 0 0
Gerwena None Alliance 0 0
Ghost Town EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 0
Gilde None Alliance 0 0
Gold-DKP-Run None Alliance 0 0
GoW None Alliance 0 0
Grupa Trzymajaca Wladze None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Steel None Alliance 0 0
Gwardia Przymierza None Alliance 0 0
Head Hunters None Horde 0 0
Heiligernexx None Alliance 0 0
Heroic None Alliance 0 0
Humpalumpa None Alliance 0 0
hüter der zeit None Alliance 0 0
ihl EU-Gilneas Horde 0 0
II None Alliance 0 0
Ilya Privatlogs None Alliance 0 0
Immolate None Horde 0 0
Immortal Outlaws None Horde 0 0
Incoming Fail None Alliance 0 0
Inferi Stamm 2 None Alliance 0 0
Inimicus Erebus None Alliance 0 0
Initium Novum None Alliance 0 0
Initium Novum Grp 1 None Alliance 0 0
Insomnia Squad EU-Gilneas Horde 0 0
Kajira None Alliance 0 0
Knights Panther None Alliance 0 0
kustik None Alliance 0 0
les phenix de l'ombre None Alliance 0 0
logiJakPierogi EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 0
Magic Affairs None Alliance 0 0
Malleus Maleficarum None Horde 0 0
Monkadin None Horde 0 0
Mortal None Alliance 0 0
Nature Hell None Alliance 0 0
Nebel Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nerdrage None Horde 0 0
nevermind None Alliance 0 0
Nightraiders None Alliance 0 0
noctum draconis None Alliance 0 0
noname EU-Gilneas Alliance 0 0
Nuda Verîtas None Alliance 0 0
Numbers None Alliance 0 0
Nyktophobie2 None Horde 0 0
nYte None Alliance 0 0
nYte None Alliance 0 0
nYte None Alliance 0 0
Old School Keeper None Alliance 0 0
Olf School Keeper None Alliance 0 0
OoR/DnD None Horde 0 0
Out of Range None Horde 0 0
Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
PrivateDataFromUnknown None Alliance 0 0
Privatetest EU-Ulduar Horde 0 0
Providence None Alliance 0 0
Psy None Horde 0 0
Psychadelics None Horde 0 0
Raining Blood None Horde 0 0
randomtod EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 0
Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Recollection None Horde 0 0
Recollection None Horde 0 0
Renovatio None Alliance 0 0
Renovatio None Alliance 0 0
resurgence None Alliance 0 0
Rumtreiber None Alliance 0 0
Searing Pain None Horde 0 0
Setts One None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Souls None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Souls None Alliance 0 0
Shadowless sword EU-Ulduar Horde 0 0
Shadowsheeps None Horde 0 0
Shoheis Logs None Alliance 0 0
Signum None Horde 0 0
sonnynick None Alliance 0 0
Sons of Liberty None Alliance 0 0
souky None Horde 0 0
Stadtwerke Sturmwind None Alliance 0 0
Sunday Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Tears of Tyr Tairngyr None Alliance 0 0
Tears of Tyr Tairngyr None Alliance 0 0
The Revenge None Alliance 0 0
The unique None Alliance 0 0
TheMasteryX None Alliance 0 0
timbex drag EU-Ulduar Horde 0 0
tipsy's research None Horde 0 0
Trigardon None Alliance 0 0
Ulduar Connection None Alliance 0 0
VarTesting None Alliance 0 0
Vis Animae None Horde 0 0
Vis Animae None Horde 0 0
Waechter des Schicksals None Alliance 0 0
WdH EU-Ulduar Alliance 0 0
WDS None Alliance 0 0
Whine Wipe und Gesang None Alliance 0 0
Wipe it Out None Alliance 0 0
WorldSmiler None Horde 0 0
Wächter des Schicksals None Alliance 0 0
xClosed_Rebellious None Horde 0 0
XIV None Alliance 0 0
Yaa None Horde 0 0
yeti logs None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

10 man, 10StammUlduar, 123,, , _sunburst_, AAA kevo riecht, ABC, Abilità porta vittoria, absencé, ad arma, ad arma, Ad infinitum, Addicted, Addicted, Adoria, Adoria, Adoria, ADS, ADS 10er, Adv, advancement, Adventure Time, agad, Agiade, Aimed, Alapas, Alara`s Raids, Alaric, All or Nothing, Alliance honestum virum, ALT F IV, ALT F4, ALT F4, Amici Ludentes, Amicus Verus, Ancients, Ancients, Ancients, AnDoRaX, Anorexium, Another cold day, Another Cold Day, Antique Rage, AnubisBoten, ANV, Apocalypse, Apolly, Arcanum, Arleston, Army of the Light, Ascenison1, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension25, asder, asethsguild, Ashes to Ashes, Ashes to Ashes, ashes2ashes, Atomgnomfreunde eV, Atzenjoes, Auge des Sturms, Auge des Sturms, Auge des Sturms 10er, Aurora, Autogramme gibts später, Avatar, Aveum, aXia, B Team, Balrog Black Warriors, Bam, Band of Brothers, basement gate, Bazinga, BBW, BdaS 25er, BeatyBay BeachBoys, BeautyBay BeachBoys, BeautyBay BeachBoys, Behüter von Sturmwind, BetaTesting, Bewahrer von Ulduar, BFR, Blabla, BlaBlaBla, Black Dagger, Black Thorn, Black Widow Brood, Black Widow Brood, Black Widow Brood, Blackdagger, BlackDagger Group X, BlackDeath, Blackhands, Blade Slíders, bloham, Blood Horde, Blood Horde, Blood Horde, bloodstained, Bloodstorm, Blub-de-dadel, Blubb, Blubb, Blut der Verdammten, Blut für die Horde, BlutEngel, Blutiger Pfad, Boon & Bane, Boons United, Boten vergangener zeiten, Boxingeagles, brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Bund fieser Gartenzwerge, Bund fieser Gartenzwerge, BWB, By the Way, Böse Engel, Cannix, Capricious, Cataclym warrios II, Cataclysm Warriors, Cataclysm Warriors, Catogilde, Cayrons Armee, Cayronsarmee, cayte, CeL, Celestial Dawn (H), Ch, Circle of Eternal Light, Circle of eternal Light (omega), Circle of Frieds, Circle of Friends, Circle of Friends, CLeA, CNM, Coffeeholics, Cohesion, Cold as Ice, Cold as Ice, Cortex, Cortex_, Cortexzwo, Cosmetic Wipes, Counterweight, Counterweight, crit happens, critololol, cry for salvation, Cry Later, Cry Later, crypTic, crypTic, crypTic, crypTic, Cryptic, CrypTic, cryptik, CSI Goldhain, cT, Cube, Cube, Cube, Cube + Friends, cx, Cørtex, D n D, D n D, D n D, Damage Chaoten, Daok-Random, Dark Ascension, Dark Legion, Darnassus Finest, Darnassus Finest, Darth Raidaz, Das Alte Bündis, Das Omega Protokoll, DasDing, Dead or Alive, Death befor Defeat, Death n Decay, DecurseD, Deep Breath, Deep Breath, Defender of Faith, Defender of Faith, Defiler, deNovo, Der graue Rat, Der Kern, Der pechschwarze Traum, Der Tod von Unten, Der weisse Baum, Der weisse Baum, Destiny Keepers, Detupsidnu, Deus misereatur nobis, Die Ehrenhaften, Die Engel des Schicksals, Die Engel des Schicksals, Die Freilooter, die Kleinen von Ulduar, Die kleinen von Ulduar, Die kleinen von Ulduar, Die kleinen von Ulduar, Die Kleinen von Ulduar, Die letzte Bastion, Die letzte Bastion, Die lEtzten Helden, Die Macht der Horde, Die Macht der Horde, die Ordensgemeinschaft, Die Ordensgemeinschaft, Die Ordensgemeinschaft, Die Prätorianer, Die Raben, Die Raben, Die Weissen Wölfe, dieweisew, Dismissed, Dismissed, disturbed, Divine, Divine, dont panic, DpT, Dracma, DragonLords, Drendo, Dummy, DummyGilde, Dunkler Packt, Dunkler Pakt, Dynastes, dû tirith, Echoes, EchØes, Effective, efi, Ehrengarde, Ehrenmember, Eight Burst Nebula Inc., EightBurstNebula Inc, Einherier, Einmal mit Pôfis, Elfenfeuer, Elite Main People, Elite Raids, Elites, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium Raidgruppe 3, End of Days, End of Line, Endless Challenge grp, Energy, Enraged, Enraged, Entenschwarm, EOOII, epidemic, epiphany, Epohammer, Equilibria, Aaslans Wächter, ad arma, Ad Astra, Ad infinitum, Agema Phlegethon, ALL IN, Allianz des Lichtes, Ancients, Anger of Light, Angry Angels, Anniviers, Army of Darkness, Auge des Sturms, AWAKE, Awakening, Azeroth Schlauch Kombo, Balrogs Black Warriors, Bankprofi, Bauarbeiter INC, Bazinga, Behüter der Drachen, Behüter Von Azeroth, Berserker aus Azeroth, Bewahrer des Reliktes, Blackrock Knights, BlackSoul, Blackteufels, Blade Slíders, Blood for Honor, Blutige Dämmerung, Brainstorm, Bund fieser Gartenzwerge, Burning Legends, Bärenmarke, Casuals, Cattis Elitetruppe, CF Believers, Circle of the Rising Sun, Coerced Coexistence, Coexit, Commerzbank, Confidemus In Veritas, Congeniality, Crank Chaos, Crazy Devils, Cruel and Insane, Custodes Luminis, cuz we can, Darkness of Lights, das Böse hat einen Namen, Das DreamTeam, Delicious, Deluminate, Der Alte Rat, Der innere Zirkel, Der Rat der Greisen, Der Todeskeks, Die Bärtigen Bräute, Die Flammen des Drachens, Die Helden Der Garde, Die Horde rennt, Die letzte Bastion, Die Nation von Lordaeron, Disñeylañd, Division, Drachenclan, Drachensturm, Dragon Fighters, Dragonspirit, Drift, Dunkle Bestimmung, Dynamo Durotar, Edge of Infinity, Ehrengarde, Eimuhl EV, Einmal mit Prôfis, Elemente des Lichts, Elfas Bank, EliteOneShot, Emerge, enraged, Eos, ET CURABITUR, Eternal Legends, Ewige Wacht, Ex Oriente Lux, Exohil, FairyTail, FAPS ON HIS EPIX, Faveta Linguis, Feuer und Stahl, Finanzexperte, Fundgrube, Furianer, Furor Draconi, Föderation, Ghost Of War, Gilde der Zwerge, Gildenstar Galactica, Ginkou, GoDLike Wonders, Grand Theft Aldor, Greenpeace, Guardians of Steel, Gucken nicht anfassen, Guild of Psychos, Götterboten, Götterdämmerung, Heavenly Creatures, Helden der Urzeit, Helden der Welt, Herren der Winde, Herrschaft des Feuers, Hidden Secret, Howl of the Abyss, HôrdCore, I see you, Im Zeichen des Drachen, Immolate, Immortal, Immortal Sunrise, In nomine, Inferno, Inner Circle, inPaníC, Ist ein Agomier, ist eine Killermieze, ist lieb zu Vögeln, Kampfgnome, Kill mich und ich Log um, Kinder des Zornes, Kinder des Zorns, Kingglaives, Knights of the Darkness, Kodex, Last Exit for the Lost, Legion der Horde, Legion der Verbannten, Legion of Silbermond, Lerina engië, Lilliputs, Lords of rising Darkness, LoreAffen, Lost and Found, Macht der Drachen, Mad Minions, Melba, Men in Epic, mit Kind und Kegel, Mortal, Mysterium, Nachtschwärmer, Nein Miez böse Miez, Never Ending Nightmare, nicht der echte Gerock, Nicht Therapierbar, nihil interit, noir, Noob Can Do, Nordlichter, noxa, O m e n, Oh its a Feh, Old Boys Alliance, Omerta, Orcbräterei IF, Orden der Templer, Orden des Lichts, Orkisch für Anfänger, Out of Range, Pandamonium, patria pellere, Pfeile des Lichts, Phoenix, Pogona, Portsteinschwalben, Praetorians, Precious, Radiance, Rehab, resurgence, Rheinkönige, Rubbel die Katz, rush hour, S Y S T E M F E H L E R, Sakrileg, Scavenger, Sententia Mortifera, Seraphims Kinder, Silverstar, Soulmates, Stadtkind, Stalwarts of Sargeras, Status Quo, Sternenläufer, Stumpf ist Trumpf, SYNDlCATE, Terrorwolflegion, The Apostate Angels, The Color of Paradise, The Dark Pact, The Dusk, The Faceless, The Gothic Rose, The Hazards, The Keepers of Lore, The Monkey, the other side, The real Trollcoffee, The Rising, The second Chance, The Unique, The Untouchables, TIME To Grow, Tranquillity, Transcendentia, trinkt aus Regenrinnen, trOlls, U N I C, UltimaRatio, UNDERCOVER, unleashed, Val Madra, van Cliff, Violator, VoidZone, Wild Flamez, WILD RATS, Wipe it Out, Wir werden Alle sterben, Without me, World Domination Group, Wächter der Zeit, Wächter des Schicksals, Zum Glück in die Zukunft, Æconomic Crisis, Æternitas, Îlluminati, ü dreíßig, Allianz Bestattungs GmbH, Allianz des Nordens, Arm aber Glücklich, Avatar, Bacon of Light, BadBank, Battle for Zendikar, Beef Army, Behüter Von Sturmwind, Beschützer der Elite, BeYourself, Big TittZ High CrittZ, Bines und Frankys Banki, BlackDagger, Blackhells, Brothers, BänkerSound, Böse Engel, Carpe Diem, CASH, Centre of Chaos, Club der alten Säcke, Cohesion, Commanders INC, Cry Baby, crypTic, Cube, Cutie Company, Dangerous and Moving, deNovo, Die Minions, Die Neue Horde, Die neue Macht, Die SchlappeSeppel GmbH, Die Todesengel, die Unbeugsamen, DrugStore, Dungeon Keepers, Dunkelfürsten, Equilîbrium, Exception, eXecûte, Fellvoll, findet DKs unsinnig, Freunde deiner Feinde, Funny Guild, Fusion of Forces, Gauloises, geBufft und EntSicherT, Gloria et Honoris, Goldbörse, Goldgrube, Goodlife Crew, HeadHunterz, Himmelsstürmer, Hotzenplotz, I Think My Pig Whistles, inFAMOUS, InPaníc, invicta fidem, IstGanzKomisch, Kaara Bank, Kaleidoskop, Kapakka, kings from ulduar, Klan, Kore, Lamas mit Hüten, Legend from Cannae, Legion des Schicksals, LoTs of LeVeL, Lucky Looter, many LeVeL UPs, Misery, Mop Funny Level, Môdus Vivendi, nicht nehmen gold, Night and Day, Nightwalker, Nordstern, Numquam Desperare, Oldies but goodies, One piece, Onyxias Brut, Orden der Blutsritter, Orden der dunklên Flamme, Orden des heiligen Gral, Order Of Nephilim, RawR, Reaver, Rebel Inside, Rebels of Ulduar, Requiem, Restless, Rise of Gods, Sanctoran, Sanctuary, Scavengers, Schattenläufer, Schattenwolf, Schwert der Wahrheit, Seniorenresidenz, serox home, Server Down Again, Shadow Night Warriors, SHW Reaver, Sine Dubio, Skilled, SPANISH REVOLUTION, Special Force, Stormcrows, Strong World, Supréme, Team LuS, Tephra, The Bank of Frank, THE DOCTOR, The Dragons End, The Saints, The Silver Sword, TheSamurais, Tides of Darkness, tiger der horde, Touch of Death, Unctura Ultima, Unheil, Union of Sanctity, Vorboten der Dunkelheit, Waldläufer der Horde, Warehouse, Warpax, we hate rnds, Wieder Wartungsarbeiten, WipeClub, Wolfsrain, XIV, Zeitlose Wanderer, EV Twinks, Eventide, Evoked, Ex tenebris, ExLex, exploited, exSolvo, Faceroll Monkeys, Fame, fatifer, Faust des Rämses, Fekete Sereg, Feuer und Stahl, Feuer und Stahl, Feuersturm, Fighting Skull, finanzkrise, Firlefanz-Märt., Fluffy Bunnies, fox, freelogs, Freunde deiner Feinde, Friends for Life, Friends for Life, Friends with Benefits, Frühraider, FSKXVIII, FSKXVIII, Furious Excellence, Furor Draconi, Fâtalíty, Gabber Schweiz, Gandeald, Garbage Collection, geBufft und EntSicherT, Gell, Germanen, Germanen, Get Worse, Get Worse, gibts bei EbaY, gilde xiv, Gildenname, Gladiators of War, Gloria Mundis, Gnampf, gnaseg, 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