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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
I N S I G H T EU-Dragonblight Alliance 13 20
I N S I G H T 1 EU-Dragonblight Alliance 6 175
The Enlightened EU-Dragonblight Alliance 4 15
AAR EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 822
Ambassadors of Truth EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 392
Raiders of the Lost Orc EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 188
Prelude EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 136
Pandemic EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 126
Danish Raiders EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 90
Insurrection EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 73
Ambassadors of Truth EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 70
Shadow Wolves EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 69
Fusion Storm EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 42
Pandamonium EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 36
Apotheosis EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 34
KaiserTodosi EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 30
The Forsaken EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 30
Monsters Inc. EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 29
Exit EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 26
Xinti's EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 23
Pandemic EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 20
Clearly Boosted EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 17
Journeys End EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 17
Solar Wind EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 16
Friends only EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 14
The Dirty Dozen None Horde 0 14
Tivoli EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 14
Shift EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 13
Dragonsoul EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 12
Reunion EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 12
The kingslayers EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 12
Entity None Alliance 0 11
Last Stand Defenders EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 11
Legion Estland EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 11
Temptation EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 11
Black Adder EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 10
Mortis EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 10
Serpent Fury EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 10
D A R K S I D E - EU EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 9
The undertakers EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 9
AO None Horde 0 8
Cookies EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 8
Pencilpusher EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 8
Ascended EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 7
Brotherhood of Danes EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 7
Notorious EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 7
The Khalasar EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 7
YourMumIsMyEpicMóunt EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 7
Censored EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 6
Devilish Intentions EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 6
Eternals EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 6
Rise of Myrianis EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 6
Blood and Honor EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 5
Korsbaek EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 5
Solo EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 5
Vintage EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 5
BRB EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 4
Fusion Storm EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 4
Lyelogs EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
Oblivion EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 4
Raid Inc EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 4
SNEAKYBEARS EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
tesf EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 4
Whats in the boX EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
AA CAPA AA EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 3
Afterdawn EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
Ashen Dawn EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Celestial EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 3
Dirty Scrubs EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 3
E A S EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Legion EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
Lost EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 3
Mattywowlee EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
Primo Victoria EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Shadow Forest EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
Sons of Agony EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Tenacity EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
Well Played EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 3
Whats in the Box EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
Ad Infinitum EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Archangels EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Archangels EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Archzan's guild EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Critters EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 2
Dolce and Banana EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 2
Faith EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Kebab EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
No Quarter EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 2
Oena EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 2
Paradise in Hell EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 2
Rise Of The Horde EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 2
Shadowforest Brotherhood EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
the khalasar EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 2
Tranquility EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
123456 EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Alter Ego EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
Awakening Spartans EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Beau EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
Chill EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Critters EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Cydonia EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Damaged EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Danish Raiders EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
e_Q EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Fit Otters EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
frigginriggin EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Gasten Zonder Grenzen EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
Gets all the girls EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
gianofclolx EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Imagine Dying EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Legio Solaris EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
Limix's EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Lyelogs1 EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
malfurions militia EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
NERDGASM EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Owean EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Prophecy EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
QxL's Logs EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Rise of the Horde EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
Sentenced EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Shins JB luvSQUAD EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Sub Rosa EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Synesthesia EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
T2 EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
TEAM BOSSEN EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
The Khalasar EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
The nuthouse EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
The Silver Raven EU-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
tmptmp EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Voltage EU-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
Zy Personal Logs EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
A Perfect Murder None Horde 0 0
Ad Victorem Spolias None Alliance 0 0
Aeon None Horde 0 0
Aeternus None Alliance 0 0
Afflicted Souls None Horde 0 0
After dark None Alliance 0 0
Afterdawn None Alliance 0 0
Alpha None Alliance 0 0
Amers log None Alliance 0 0
Anarchy None Alliance 0 0
AndSomeDrunks None Horde 0 0
Angelic OutKasts None Horde 0 0
Archius Land None Horde 0 0
atleast we tried EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 0
Avant Garde None Alliance 0 0
Avant Garde Agro None Alliance 0 0
Az EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 0
Bane None Alliance 0 0
Beat Box None Horde 0 0
Blackday None Alliance 0 0
Blank None Alliance 0 0
BoD None Alliance 0 0
Boreus Vicingi None Alliance 0 0
Bound for Glory None Alliance 0 0
Brotherhood of Danes None Alliance 0 0
Brotherhood of Steel None Alliance 0 0
Cake None Alliance 0 0
cb None Alliance 0 0
Censored None Alliance 0 0
Cheesecake Vendor None Alliance 0 0
Circus of Damnation None Alliance 0 0
Clockwork Orange None Horde 0 0
coffee and cakes None Alliance 0 0
Corrupted Angels None Horde 0 0
Crico None Horde 0 0
CrimsonGuard None Alliance 0 0
Cube None Alliance 0 0
Cydonia_Evening None Alliance 0 0
Danish Legends None Alliance 0 0
Dark Argonaut Clan None Alliance 0 0
dark sun None Horde 0 0
DBW Zajęte None Horde 0 0
Deadliest Catch None Alliance 0 0
Deniss None Alliance 0 0
derpstef None Horde 0 0
Destiny EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 0
Deus Ex Machina None Alliance 0 0
Devils Say Die None Horde 0 0
Dragonsbane None Alliance 0 0
Dragonsoul None Alliance 0 0
Drullen None Alliance 0 0
E M B R A C E None Alliance 0 0
Endeavour None Alliance 0 0
epitome None Alliance 0 0
Esseriah None Alliance 0 0
Evect's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Evilinme None Alliance 0 0
Exonlogs None Alliance 0 0
Fallen None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Saints None Horde 0 0
FauTestLol None Alliance 0 0
Felixarns PUG Guild None Alliance 0 0
Fifth Element None Alliance 0 0
fistycuffs None Alliance 0 0
Flame of Anor None Horde 0 0
Flames on the Side None Alliance 0 0
Flawless Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Forces of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Forces of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Bloodlines None Alliance 0 0
Fula Loggar None Alliance 0 0
Fusion None Alliance 0 0
Fusion Storm None Alliance 0 0
Fusion Storm None Alliance 0 0
geuzen pub punt nl None Alliance 0 0
Ghost Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Gragasstest None Alliance 0 0
Guidelines to Prediction None Alliance 0 0
Harvest Moon None Alliance 0 0
HattoryRogue None Alliance 0 0
Hybrid Theory None Alliance 0 0
Icerus None Alliance 0 0
Imperium None Horde 0 0
Incarna Mortis None Horde 0 0
Intolerance None Alliance 0 0
Jpp's logs None Alliance 0 0
Just for the lolz None Horde 0 0
Just looking at stats really None Horde 0 0
Kabaret None Alliance 0 0
KaiserTodosi - Alliance None Alliance 0 0
katekate None Alliance 0 0
Kebab Night None Alliance 0 0
Keyzer logs None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Elindur None Alliance 0 0
Knights Who Say Nih None Alliance 0 0
kongfukick None Alliance 0 0
La Fasah Mohall None Alliance 0 0
Legion None Alliance 0 0
Lights ire None Alliance 0 0
Lightsire None Alliance 0 0
Logs None Alliance 0 0
Mayhem Brotherhood None Alliance 0 0
Mea Culpa None Alliance 0 0
Milwaukee Logs None Alliance 0 0
MINI None Alliance 0 0
Minilogs None Alliance 0 0
Mirkovius None Alliance 0 0
ModuloPersonal None Alliance 0 0
Momentum None Horde 0 0
Monsters Inc None Horde 0 0
MortalBoobs None Horde 0 0
mstissense None Horde 0 0
mydudes EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 0
Novus Ordo Seclorum None Alliance 0 0
Omnishambles None Alliance 0 0
Pandamonium Team Bacon None Alliance 0 0
Pirates of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Pony and the Gang None Alliance 0 0
Praylin None Alliance 0 0
PrimeDragonblight None Alliance 0 0
Provocation None Horde 0 0
Psychotic Bunnies None Alliance 0 0
Pulled Pork None Horde 0 0
Pwnies None Horde 0 0
Random logs None Alliance 0 0
red dragon None Alliance 0 0
Resolute None Alliance 0 0
Rise Of The Horde None Horde 0 0
Roundup None Alliance 0 0
Sagira None Alliance 0 0
Sapped Cows Cant Moo None Horde 0 0
Sequence None Alliance 0 0
SFB Strike team None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Forest (Krixus) None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Forest - Krixus None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Penance None Alliance 0 0
shagy's fluffy friends None Alliance 0 0
Shobe Dragonblight None Alliance 0 0
Short Assassin Society None Alliance 0 0
Soul Haven None Alliance 0 0
Soul Syndicate None Alliance 0 0
Soul Syndicate Weekend Raid None Alliance 0 0
Soulswap None Alliance 0 0
SPACEGOAT None Alliance 0 0
SpazLogs None Alliance 0 0
Splintered Souls None Horde 0 0
tdoraid None Horde 0 0
temptation EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Tezlogic (Personal) None Alliance 0 0
The Argent Slayers None Alliance 0 0
The Argent SLayers None Alliance 0 0
The Fallen Angels None Alliance 0 0
The Goodfellas None Alliance 0 0
The Inscrutables None Alliance 0 0
The Light of Justice None Alliance 0 0
The Mayhem Project None Horde 0 0
The Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Themuny None Alliance 0 0
Tired of Being Awesome None Horde 0 0
Tiri HT None Alliance 0 0
Toy Soldiers None Horde 0 0
Turd Burglars None Alliance 0 0
TwentyFourSeven None Alliance 0 0
uberlogs None Alliance 0 0
Under Construction None Alliance 0 0
United in Death None Horde 0 0
Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Vi Veri None Alliance 0 0
Vortex None Alliance 0 0
Vortex None Alliance 0 0
Vortex [alt] None Alliance 0 0
Warrior's Shield EU-Ghostlands Horde 0 0
We are Just Us None Alliance 0 0
Whatever EU-Dragonblight Alliance 0 0
worldwide choppers None Horde 0 0
WSI None Alliance 0 0
You No Take Candle None Alliance 0 0
Yzeraam None Horde 0 0
Zy Personal None Alliance 0 0
Zylle None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

...and the Wheelies, A Band Apart, A Multitude of Sins, AAH, Abbysal, Abyss, Abyss, Aces Logging., Ad, Ad Astra, Ad Infinitum, ADINF, Adrenaline, Aeolia, Aeon, Aetiuslogs, AFK, After Hours, After Hours, Afterdawn, Akassan, All Pugs Are Bad, Alpha, Alt Raids, Alter ego, Alter Ego, Alterior Motives, Ambassadors of Truth, Amnesia, Amor Fati, anarchymasters, AnarchyMasters, Ancient Aeons, ancient justice, Ancient Justice, Ancient Justice, Anelic OutKasts, Angels of Darkness, Angels of Darkness, Ante Mortém, AnythingButSerious, Aot, AOT_1, Apollyn, Applesnatchers, Aquavit, Archangel Squadron, Ascended, Ascension, asdas, ashen dawn, Ashen Dawn, Avant Garde, AwesomeMcawesome, Azeroth Alliance Heroes, Azeroth Alliance Raiders, Balanced, Balanced , Bane, BaT, Batar, BawlersTesters, Beep Beep Im A Jeep, Beerform, Bershakov, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond Warfare, bizzar best mage eu, BIZZAR BEST MAGE EU, Blablub, Blood and Tears, Blood and Tears, Blood and Tears, Blood hawks, Blood Hawks, Blood Hawks, Blood Prophecy, Blood Stained Savages, bloodhawks, Bound for Glory, Brb, BRB, BRB, BRB, BRB Ghostlands, BSS - Blood Stained Savages, bubblicious, Bugg, bunnies, Burning Phoenix, BWEG, Cainin, Casual, casual raiding, Casual Raiding, Cave Canem, CB alts / trials, Celestia, Centurion, Chaosphere, Chateau's Log of logging logs, Chill, Chill Your Beans, CinqFoisDeux, Clearly Boosted, Clearly boosted!, Clockwork Orange, Clockwork Orange, Complexity, Complexity, Concept, Consecration, Consensio, Control, Cookies, Cookies, Corrupted Angels, Corrupted Angels, Corrupted Angels, Corrupted Angels, Corrupted Angels, Cosilthius, Crazy Vikings, Crimson Guard, Crimson Guard, Crimson Guard (X), Crisis, Critter Killer Squad, Critters, Critters, Critters(TEMP), Critterz, Crozz, Cult of Avari, Cydonia, D A R K S I D E, D A R K S I D E, D A R K S I D E, dalriada, Danish legends, Dark Argonaut Clan, Dark Argonaut Clan, Dark Legion, Dark Legion, Dark Legion, Dark Legion, Dark Legion, Dark Saga, Dark Slayers, Dark Star, DarkFlame, Darkness, De Danske Tempelriddere, death proof, Death Rides, Decus et Veritas, Defenders of the crown, Defile, Demise, Derpness, Descendants, deti, devilish intentions, Devilish Intentions, Devilish Intentions, Devils say die, Devils Say Die, Diabolic, Diabolic, Die With Honour, Die With Honour, Dildhat, Dirty Scrubs, Discipline, Discipline, Divine Sanctuary, Divine Sanctuary, DL, Dominate, Don't Drink and DPS, Downtime, Draco Elysium, Dragon Bait, Dragon Raiders, Dragon Spirit, DragonglightPUG, Dragonsbane, Dragonsbane, Dragonsbane, DragonsBane, DragonsBane, dragonsoul, Dragonsoul, Drastic Measures, Drifters, Dungeon Devils, Dynamic, E A S, EAS, Egregor, Egregore, Eira, Elder Guardians, Elder Guardians, Elder Guardians, Elders of the North, Eminents, Empire, End of the Rebellion, Endowed Vision, Endowed Vision, Enigma, Enochlophobes, Enrage, Epics, epics inc, Epics Inc, Epics Inc, Epileptisk Elg, epitome, Epitome, Equiliibrium, Equiliibrium, Equiliibrium, Erpel, Eternals, Eternals, Eternals, Etherium, A Perfect Murder, Abracadaver, Ad Infinitum, Aeon, Aeternus, Afterbirth Souffle, Afterdawn, Aftermath Reborn, Alterior Motives, Ambassadors of Truth, Angels of Death, Apocalypto, Aquavit, Aqueous Cream, Archangels, Archers Paradox, Armageddon, Army of the dreams, Ascended, Aspire, Asylum, At Least We Took Farm, Avant Garde, B A R D S, Bakku Shan, Banana Powered, Band of the Sacred Fates, Bank Box, Bankalts, Banker Dwarfes, Best Hunter EU, Beyond Warfare, BG HERO, blaydofdeth, Blood Garnet, Blood Hawks, Bond of the Phoenix, Border Reiver, Brack Friday Bunduru, Buttons, Clearly Boosted, Concept, Control, Cookies, Crazy Clan, Criminal Minds, Crimson Legion, Crits and Giggles, Cult of the Unholy Cow, D A R K S I D E, Darebank, Dark Demise, Dark Knights Of Agony, Dark Nova, Dark Slayers, Dark Society, De Danske Eliter, Deadly Sorrows, Demons, Demonslayer INC, Devils Say Die, Differently Sane, DISABLED, Disciples of The Horde, do u even lift, Downtime, Draco Elysium, Dragon Brood Reborn, Dragonmaw Clan, Dragons Elysium, DragonsBane, Dreadnought, Duck Sauce, Dynasty Of The Void, Edge of Darkness, Egregore, Embrace, Endeavour, Endgame, Enlightened, Entity, Epitome, eternity, Evil Empire, Evil Minds, Explicit Content, fairy dreams, Faith No More, Fallen, Ferocity, Filthy Pigeon Force, First Person View, FishyFishy, Flagged For PvP, Flame of Anor, Fluffy Kittens, Forces of the Alliance, Forever soulbound, Forge of Warlords, Frozen, Full Metal Epics, Full Mithril Jacket, glory, Gnomes Inc, Golden Bank, Gravity Dawn, Grim Tale, guardians from valhalla, GuardiansOfElements, Guild of Kamelot, Guild of Xelerion, Guildduds, Guilty Pleasures, Hammerfell, Hellraiders, Hex Files, High skills, Highly Original, HOLYCRIT, I Had A Life, Immersion, Imperium, IN IT FOR THE TABARD, Incarna Mortis, Infected, Inferior, Inner Sanctum, Insurrection, Investec Bank Plc, Invisus Curator, IRATA, Jar of Hearts, Justice League, Jyske Dollars, Kabany, Kebab, Kentucky Fried Gnome, Kings Of Justice, Kiss My Ace, Klingons, Knights of Might, Knights Who Say Nih, Last Stand, Le Brotherhood, Leaders of the blind, Legendary Crusaders, Legion Estland, Legion of Andorhal, Legion of Doom, Legion Of Mischief, Legion Of Steel, Legions of Valour, Lost Champions, Lux Mundi, Made of Love, Magista Draconis, Maiko, Marvellous, Mask, matbankoflove, Max Payne, Maximum Effort, Mayhem Brotherhood, Melancholy Hill, Metalliliitto, Might of Thor, Minions All The Way, Ministry Of Midgets, Monkies, Moolah, Murlocs Ate My Shoes, Mystic Squad, Natural Born Retards, Nephilim, New Vanguard, NFN, Nicotine, no guild, Numb, Number One, Nyalotha, O Brother Where Art Thou, Oldschool, One Piece, Origin Unknown, Overpowered, Paradise in Hell, Peace, Perseverance, PiLS, Pink Fluffy Unicorns, Pita Tzatziki, PLKtoo, Prelude, Pride of Creation, Prime Nemesis, Pulse, PURE, Pvp Flagged, Queens of female, Raiders Arc, Ratatouille, Realmwalkers, Rise Of The Horde, Risen Guardians, Rising Angels, Royal Bank Of Orgrimmar, S a i n t s, Salty Yoghurt, Sanctuary, Savage Crusaders, ScorgeArmy, Serpent's Fang, Shadow Forest, Shaman Trainer, Silent Zombies, SilverDragon, SNEAKYBEARS, Socks with Sandals, Solar Wind, Soul Haven, Soul Syndicate, South West, Stature of the Gods, Stormwind Police Dept, Stuttibar, Team Buddies, Team Winning, Temple Knights, Temptation, Tenacity, The Art of Warfare, The Beasties, The Betrayer, The Blacksun, The CA, The Cash Cow, The Chaos Engine, the devils horde, The DutchCleavers, The Fading Shadows, The Far Side, The Golden Company, The illuminknights, The invincible Knights, The Khalasar, The Mateys, The Muffin Vendor, The Nameless Order, The Natural Selection, The New Time, The Nights Watch, The Outsider, The Pwnshop, The Reliquary, The Revenants, The Sabbat, The Shadowriders, The Social Network, The soul punishers, The Special Bus, The Tempest Rage, The Templars, The Ugurs, The Undying, The Wrath, TheTinyOnes, They Might Be Giants, Thunder Of Skulls, Tivoli, Toll booth, tranquil, Trash Mob, Tribal Fusion, Under Da Sea, Vikings of the North, Warchiefs slave, Warriors Of Light, We are the girls, We Dont Raid We Get Laid, We Love Scooby Snacks, Why The Fock Do We Pug, Wikings of Lajet, Worst Guild Ever, WRAP, Wrath o War, Wu Tang Clan, You Are Not Repaired, You buy Cat, Zenrolls, Access Denied, Amazing, AnarchyMasters, Annihilation, AnyThingButSerious, Arctica, Art of Fighters, Ashen Dawn, At Least We Tried, Avalanche, Avast, AVATARS, Awakening Spartans, Awesome, Azeroths Guardians, Bada Bing, bank of light, Bank Of Sparta, Big Dan, Blink, Blood For The Sin Dorei, Blood Money, Bloodigles, bloodylove, Blue Flames, Blue Rockstars, Brain Splinters, BRB WORK OUT, Bright Jades, Brilliant, Brother In Arms, Bulgaria, Bum Me Gently, Celestial Divinity, Censored, Centurion, Chocolate Soup, Clampzonia, Clockwork Orange, Cookies, Cool Beans, Crazy warriors, Crimson Guard, Crisis, Critters, Dandelion Murloc, Danish Raiders, Dark Argonaut Clan, Dark Jades, Dark Legion, darkprime, Darude Bladestorm, De Bende van Ellende, De Danske Købmænd, Dead Parrot, DeathAndTaxes, DecepTion, Defenders of Light, Dienasty, Discipline, DLC, Dragon Lords, Dungeon Team, E N I T Y, E N I T Y playbox, EAS, Element, ELEMENTAL CHAOS, Elves Of Eversong, Enter Shikari, Entropy, Epics, Epics Inc, Eternal Twilight Academy, Eternals, Ethereality, Etherium, Etymology, Exalted with your GF, Excalibur, Exceed, Exiles Of The Shadow, Expensive Guys, Fallen Pandas Of Azeroth, Fighters of Troy, Fighting The Darkness, Fish for Tea, Flawless Faceroll, Flea Circus, Frantic Vengeance, Freemasons, Frogs of Doom, Fudge, geuzen pub punt nl, Ghost of the Sun, GhostRíders, GOT RIPPED IN TWO WEEKS, Grimreaper, Guild master, Happy Ninjas, Hashtag Cya, Head Hunters, Heroes for the Horde, Het Fonds, House of Batiatus, House of Erebos, House of Holland, Hungarian Alliance, Hurricane, Hybrid Theory, i am undefeatable, I Guardiani, Iberian Storm, ICABANKEN, Ice Crown, Impunity, Innocent Bystanders, INSANE, Just for the lolz, KAF, Knights of Azeroth, Knights Of Luna, Kublai Khan, League Of Bugs, Lineage, Lochamim El, Lost, Love my monkey, Lunar, Mages of the Alliance, Malfurions Militia, Material, MeMeMeAndMe, MINI, Misiaki Przeklinaki, MizzMeMeandMe, Mizznutz, Monty Python, Murlocs ate my granny, Mythos, Nature Tribe, Neogenesis, Nerd Basher, NERF, Night Shift, No Quarter, Norwegian Woods, Not Amazing Just Horde, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Now its personal, Old School Rebels, Omnishambles, Orcland Raiders, Order of Perfectibilists, Pantheon, Para Bellum, Passion Power and Glory, Pie Cake Waffles, Pokémart, Professions Bankers, Prophecy, PvP Legends, Quaggen an Boffa Co, Raidemption, Raiders of Hope, RaidersOfTheLostArchavon, Raiding Geekz, Rain, Reborn, Release The Kraken, Righteous Veterans, Rise of Myrianis, Sanctuary, Santa Is Real, Sapphiron, Sentenced, Serenity, Serious Rebels, Shaolin Warriors, Shinola, Short Assassin Society, Skrzydla Smierci, Skullsplitters, Skystep, Slash Try, Smurfies, SoL, Sons of Agony, Sovereign, Steampunk Revolution, Sucric Aelf, SwordArtOnline, Sylvaliax, Tagged, Targaryen, Taste For Blood, Team Fluffybums, The Argent Slayers, The Blood Hawks, The Brethren, The Dark Paladin, The Defiant, The Empire Strikes First, The Exiles of Cataclysm, The Fórgótten, the godfathers, The Goodfellas, The Hereos, The Hordes fear, THE HORNS, The Ice Wolves, The Irish, The Kingslayers, The Legend of Ghostlands, The Lost Expedition, the nightmare, The Piggy Bank, The Prince of Darkness, The Risen, The Shadow Guard, The Silver Raven, The Strong Guys, The Twisted Souls, the uzmin, TheLostProphets, Three Fiddy, Three Lives Left, Titanic Swimming Team, Trade Federation, Treasure, Triple Dot, Triturate, UNDISPUTED, United in Death, Unknown Glory, Valkiria, viva la wow, Warcraft, Wasted, We are Just Us, WE LIFT, Welcome To Family, World Of Warcraft, wowbazi only us, Wrath of the Aliens, Wrath Of The Rebels, yaman, You 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