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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Volcano Legion EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 212
Slow Children At Play EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 50
Heroes of Independence EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 23
BTYG EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 20
SPACEMENT EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 18
Rappio EU-Darksorrow 0 17
Twisted EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 15
Vehemens EU-Darksorrow 0 12
Reforged Heroes EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 12
Conciliatrix EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 11
Nordic Syndicate EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 11
Mile Hyjal Club EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 10
FURY EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 9
All Kinds of colors EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 8
Beta Tested Your GF EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 8
Parodia EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Abbynational EU-Neptulon 0 7
Equinox EU-Darksorrow 0 6
Dumbledores ármy EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 5
Wanted EU-Darksorrow 0 5
Dragonsoul Reapers EU-Darksorrow 0 4
Final Evolution EU-Darksorrow 0 4
Serious Raging Effort EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 4
You are Fired EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 4
BAYLIFE EU-Darksorrow 0 3
Pregnant Pony EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 3
sorry team EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 3
VIIKATE EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 3
Half Empty EU-Genjuros 0 3
Sunrise EU-Neptulon 0 3
The Ðark Covenant EU-Neptulon 0 3
Firelord EU-Darksorrow 0 2
Okkultismi EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Silent Screams EU-Darksorrow 0 2
Smakar det Mango EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Team Special People EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Cross Of The Alliance EU-Genjuros 0 2
izybdpficybfpnqouwndpuia EU-Genjuros Horde 0 2
Esq EU-Darksorrow 0 1
Hungry And Homeless EU-Darksorrow 0 1
Pandamonium EU-Darksorrow 0 1
Perception EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Ruumiit Pinoon EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 1
SCRUB NATION EU-Darksorrow 0 1
Teddybear Club EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
The Mythic Delegates EU-Darksorrow 0 1
Valar Morghulis EU-Darksorrow 0 1
Víva la Cheeseloaf EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
zoctai EU-Darksorrow 0 1
Inner Sanctum EU-Genjuros 0 1
Death And Glory EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Fenrir EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 0
Wicked EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 0
CTSamurai EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Phantomblade EU-Darksorrow Alliance 13 106
Volcano Legion EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 540
Sydäntalvi EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 303
CTSamurai EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 272
GDKP Infinitum EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 206
Gummi Guerrilla EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 162
Outlaw Immortalz EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 107
Ninjapartio EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 102
VIIKATE EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 98
The Dark Templars EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 97
Uncensored EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 78
I Stab Your Face EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 75
Lorekeepers EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 69
The Nephilim EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 54
Ronín EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 49
Declalogs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 46
Solis Rise EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 46
Gnomeland Securíty EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 45
That's Hurt EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 44
Paranoía EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 38
WH EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 31
Crybaby Raiders EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 29
Noc's logs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 29
Muffin Militia EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 28
Work in Progress EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 25
RG EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 22
Vanity EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 21
Wicked EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 21
KynnsLogs EU-Genjuros Horde 0 20
Visio EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 20
Sweet Retribution None Alliance 0 19
Kobayashi Maru EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 18
Stress Management EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 17
At Least We Took Stables EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 16
One Spot EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 16
Steel Alliance EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 15
CR EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 14
FURY EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 14
PowerHouse EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 13
Blood Pressure EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 12
Gigabyte EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 12
The Haunted EU-Genjuros Horde 0 12
AoC&Visio EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 11
Paranoía EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 11
Logs of Candice EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 10
Perfect Circle EU-Neptulon Horde 0 10
Underdark EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 10
Alt Infinitum EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 9
LFR pewpew EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 9
Nutz EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 9
The Aunans EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 9
Decimation EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 8
Pure EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 8
Abused Immortality EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Celebrities of DS EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Faceless EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Fatal Lag EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Fox Force Five EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Livonia EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 7
logforfun EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 7
Reggy logs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Rumatlapset Ry EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 7
What Nossa? EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 7
Brainstorm EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 6
DaD EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 6
Final Evolution EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 6
Zavislaci EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 6
Крас Легион EU-Genjuros Alliance 0 6
Aenemalogs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 5
Brainstorm/social EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 5
Crevan's personal EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 5
Divine EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 5
Flame of Valour EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 5
Gnomet halaa söpömmin EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 5
Hostile Foragers EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 5
overload EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 5
stupid Wol rule. EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 5
Aequitas EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 4
Anvil of Crom EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 4
Brainstorm EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 4
Final Evolution EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 4
Get Got EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 4
Last Hope EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 4
Liliee's Logs EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 4
Loot FTW EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 4
Manowar EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 4
Poppin Molly EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 4
PuG EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 4
Awoken EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 3
CTSamurai EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 3
Dbs Logs EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 3
Endless Night EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 3
Hafa Adai EU-Genjuros Horde 0 3
Liquicity EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 3
Sayath EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 3
teststuff EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 3
Titan EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 3
A D O R E EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 2
Alliance of Finland EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
aNc EU-Genjuros Horde 0 2
Cheese EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Don't we have a soaker? EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 2
Dreamstate EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Ensuna EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Horizons EU-Genjuros Horde 0 2
Last Hope EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 2
Millenium EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Nuck None Alliance 0 2
Outcast EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
PROVOKED EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Randa EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Semper None Alliance 0 2
Sequence EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Seriously Casual EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Sidos EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
TakieTam EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 2
Tea Party EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 2
The Dark Templars EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 2
Aevus EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Alf Svensson Robotics EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Alliance pugs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Blackout INC EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Blood Rain EU-Neptulon Horde 0 1
Chancres EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
ChaosTheory EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Chubby Rain EU-Genjuros Horde 0 1
Chubby Rain EU-Genjuros Horde 0 1
Convergence EU-Genjuros Horde 0 1
Daunted EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Deathnicuz EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
DeathSkulls EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Disbanded EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
disbanded AFRICA EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Disce aut Discede EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
duumloks EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Eventyrernes Klub EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Exiled Rise EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Flyin solooooooow EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
FrameWalkers EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 1
Humisen's Logs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Humisen's Logz EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Hypnotic EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Infestation EU-Neptulon Horde 0 1
Ionia EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
karhu's logs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Khorneflakes EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Kickapoo EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Kings of Norway EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 1
Kotimaa EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Last Hope EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 1
Lawma loggs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Lithium EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Livonia EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Lollipop Crusader EU-Neptulon Horde 0 1
Lorem Ipsum EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Maligned EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Nerubian Hunters EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Prime EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Random logsy EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Reggy logs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Renata EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Rigor Mortis EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
RixthelocksPersonalLogs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Sicktouch logs EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Silver Lining EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
SlashTurtle EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
sockiireports EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
SockzorThenephilim EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
SoulsDPSWhoring EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Sympathy EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
TDT EU-Neptulon Horde 0 1
Test Velvela EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
The Haunted EU-Genjuros Horde 0 1
the Im better then Armadyl guild EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
The Legendary Armadyl EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Thunderbirdy personal EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Unforgettable EU-Darksorrow Horde 0 1
ValgoLogs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
vertigo EU-Neptulon Alliance 0 1
Wipefest EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 1
Эскалэйт EU-Genjuros Alliance 0 1
111111111111111 None Alliance 0 0
Ad Isogi None Alliance 0 0
Addendum None Alliance 0 0
Addiktio None Horde 0 0
Aegis None Alliance 0 0
Affliction None Alliance 0 0
Affliction Group2 None Alliance 0 0
AFK Playing Minesweeper None Alliance 0 0
Aggrotech None Alliance 0 0
Ambivalence None Alliance 0 0
Amputations None Horde 0 0
Anvil of Crom #2 None Alliance 0 0
Arachnida None Alliance 0 0
AscensioN None Alliance 0 0
asdasdasdasd None Alliance 0 0
Ateam None Alliance 0 0
Axiom of Warzone None Alliance 0 0
Balls None Alliance 0 0
Bandymas None Horde 0 0
Bangbros None Alliance 0 0
Barney Stinson None Horde 0 0
BAYLIFE None Alliance 0 0
Bengt-hans specialare None Alliance 0 0
Berryp None Alliance 0 0
Beta Logs None Alliance 0 0
Beta Tested Your GF None Alliance 0 0
BG None Alliance 0 0
Blå Stue None Alliance 0 0
boom None Alliance 0 0
Bosseslogsxd None Alliance 0 0
Braelan None Alliance 0 0
cgd None Horde 0 0
Chaostheory None Alliance 0 0
Clean Up Crew None Alliance 0 0
CLEAN UP CREW None Alliance 0 0
CLG None Alliance 0 0
Combined None Alliance 0 0
Completely Cake None Alliance 0 0
Corrupt None Alliance 0 0
Crackinxo None Alliance 0 0
Crunchi best shaman EU None Alliance 0 0
CTSamurai None Alliance 0 0
CTSamurai None Alliance 0 0
Dalogs None Alliance 0 0
Dark Artists None Alliance 0 0
DARK DOGS None Alliance 0 0
Darra None Alliance 0 0
Daunted None Alliance 0 0
Decimation None Alliance 0 0
Delightful Raiders None Alliance 0 0
desert hawks None Alliance 0 0
Destabilise None Alliance 0 0
Destined None Alliance 0 0
Dezis None Alliance 0 0
die by mace None Alliance 0 0
Dirty Sons of Liches None Alliance 0 0
Disbanded None Alliance 0 0
Distinction None Alliance 0 0
Divided We Fall None Alliance 0 0
Divine None Alliance 0 0
Dungemat None Alliance 0 0
Empowered None Alliance 0 0
Empowered None Alliance 0 0
Enha burst pew pew None Alliance 0 0
Enyo None Horde 0 0
ess None Alliance 0 0
eternal legion None Horde 0 0
Exavia None Alliance 0 0
Exiled by Fate None Alliance 0 0
Face Palm None Alliance 0 0
fakelol None Horde 0 0
Fatism's Logs (Final Evolution) None Alliance 0 0
Fauni's Private Logs None Alliance 0 0
Final Evolution None Alliance 0 0
Final Evolution None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Fox Force Five None Alliance 0 0
From the Ashes None Horde 0 0
GameOn None Horde 0 0
Grave Illusion None Alliance 0 0
Greener Grass None Horde 0 0
Guild Over None Alliance 0 0
Hairygoingferal None Alliance 0 0
Hanska Hemmot None Alliance 0 0
Harrys Katrineholm None Alliance 0 0
Hate None Horde 0 0
Heist None Horde 0 0
hekguild None Alliance 0 0
Heroism on Trash None Alliance 0 0
Hoilen None Alliance 0 0
Idill's logs None Alliance 0 0
IGNORE None Alliance 0 0
iiota None Alliance 0 0
Improvecharacter None Alliance 0 0
Inception None Horde 0 0
Incognìto None Alliance 0 0
Insignificant None Alliance 0 0
InTeam None Alliance 0 0
JustMyLogs None Alliance 0 0
Kamarene None Horde 0 0
Kjellbarne None Alliance 0 0
Korruptio None Alliance 0 0
KoS Guild None Alliance 0 0
Krambjörnarna None Alliance 0 0
Kuono bis logs None Alliance 0 0
Laco logs None Alliance 0 0
Laryth's den of worgens None Alliance 0 0
Legion of Lunatics None Alliance 0 0
LFRoossom None Alliance 0 0
Livonia None Alliance 0 0
Ln 13 None Horde 0 0
Loot Patrol None Alliance 0 0
Lost Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Luminary None Alliance 0 0
Luminous None Alliance 0 0
Luminous None Alliance 0 0
Lumé quenta None Alliance 0 0
Lumé Quenta None Alliance 0 0
male nelf sup None Alliance 0 0
Maryjane logs None Horde 0 0
Me None Alliance 0 0
Mentality None Alliance 0 0
Mile Hyjal Club None Alliance 0 0
Mobi's Logs EU-Darksorrow Alliance 0 0
Mursa None Alliance 0 0
MVP None Alliance 0 0
MySql None Alliance 0 0
Mystk None Alliance 0 0
Nefarious None Alliance 0 0
Neurotoxin None Alliance 0 0
New Wórld Order None Alliance 0 0
Night Stalkers None Alliance 0 0
Noppapartio None Alliance 0 0
Not a Clue None Alliance 0 0
Ohneeslogs None Alliance 0 0
Okkultismi None Alliance 0 0
Oldschool Vikings None Alliance 0 0
Omega None Horde 0 0
Ossian None Alliance 0 0
Outlaw Immortalz None Alliance 0 0
Overkillz None Horde 0 0
Overkillz None Horde 0 0
Pack Of Wolves None Alliance 0 0
Parental Advisory None Alliance 0 0
Perpetuum Mobile None Horde 0 0
Personal Corrupt None Alliance 0 0
Pew Pew Gamers None Alliance 0 0
pewpew None Alliance 0 0
Pikkehoer None Alliance 0 0
Point of No Return None Horde 0 0
Provoked! None Alliance 0 0
Qezi None Alliance 0 0
Quartermaster None Alliance 0 0
raissalog None Alliance 0 0
Randoms None Alliance 0 0
Reanimation None Alliance 0 0
Regrowth None Alliance 0 0
resurrectum None Alliance 0 0
Revenant None Horde 0 0
Revenant None Horde 0 0
Revenant GRP2 None Horde 0 0
Routa None Alliance 0 0
Routa None Horde 0 0
sanctity None Alliance 0 0
Sarastus None Alliance 0 0
Scorched None Alliance 0 0
SEFII VOSTRI None Alliance 0 0
Seriously Casual None Alliance 0 0
Shaolin and wudang None Alliance 0 0
Sheldonc guild None Horde 0 0
Sheldonx guild None Horde 0 0
Shenanigans None Alliance 0 0
Shenanigans None Alliance 0 0
Shin bushido None Alliance 0 0
Sin None Alliance 0 0
Smackhammer None Alliance 0 0
Solis Rise None Alliance 0 0
Soothing Kiss None Alliance 0 0
Sossupartio None Alliance 0 0
Sponde None Alliance 0 0
Status Error None Alliance 0 0
Steel Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Studhunks None Alliance 0 0
Swag None Alliance 0 0
sín None Alliance 0 0
TEAM AMITTY None Alliance 0 0
Team Beast None Alliance 0 0
Teddybear Club None Alliance 0 0
test app guild None Alliance 0 0
Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
Testguild None Alliance 0 0
TESTING GUILD None Alliance 0 0
The Arctica None Alliance 0 0
The Scarlet Crusade None Horde 0 0
TOGA None Alliance 0 0
Torment None Horde 0 0
towel None Horde 0 0
TrickLog None Alliance 0 0
TroggsAndLogs None Alliance 0 0
TryHarder None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Unholy Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Unrest None Horde 0 0
Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Uprising None Alliance 0 0
ValgoPrivate None Alliance 0 0
Velority None Alliance 0 0
Vertigo None Alliance 0 0
Vindicatum None Alliance 0 0
Vindicatum None Alliance 0 0
Vindicatum* None Alliance 0 0
Vindicatum_G2 None Alliance 0 0
Visions None Alliance 0 0
Vodka personal :D None Alliance 0 0
Vudaks logs. None Alliance 0 0
Warforged None Alliance 0 0
wenG None Alliance 0 0
winrawrs angels None Alliance 0 0
World of Lyxan None Alliance 0 0
Wrath None Horde 0 0
wtfguild None Alliance 0 0
Wólfmother None Alliance 0 0
Yoh None Horde 0 0
You are not prepaid None Horde 0 0
Zarm private None Alliance 0 0
ZeriacLK None Alliance 0 0
ZintariosLogs None Alliance 0 0
zoctai None Alliance 0 0
Zooma logs None Alliance 0 0
Ðestabilise None Alliance 0 0
Нифелхейм None Alliance 0 0
Проба Пера-Горнунни None Alliance 0 0
Святое Возмездие None Alliance 0 0
† Powerhouse Romania † None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

.., 000000, 12 inc unbuffed, [25] Disbanded, aa, AAA, Abused Immortality, Acaliptus, Ad Astra Per Aspera, Ad Astra Per Aspera, Ad Infinitum, Ad Infinitum, Ad Infinitum, Addendum, Addendum, Addiktio, addmen26, Adore, ADORE, ADORE, ADORE, ADORE, ADORE, ADORE, Aequitas, Aesthesis, aevus, Aevus, Aevus, aggrophobia, Aggrotech, Aggrotech, AH Bank, alameda, Almost Imba, Alt Livonia, Altomar, amnesias, amplified, amplified, Amplified, Amplified, Amplified - new, Amplified , Ancestral, Annoyed, Antipathy, Antisocial, anxiety, AoD, AoD, Argatha of Worcest, Arkunkantajat, Ascendance, asdasdasd, Ashwind's logs, Assasinio, Asylum, Asymetric, Asymetric, At Wits End, At Wits End, Avarice, Avarice, Avarice, Avarice, Avarice, AvariceDarksorrow, Avatar of Fear, AVATON, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken, Awoken, Awoken, Awoken, Awoken, Awoken Lincoln, Awokenten, AÐrenaline, B r e a t h e, bananowe lato z jojo, Bank of Norbley, Barney Stinson, Barracudas, BB, Bedfellows, Benethor, Beta Tested Your GF, BG, bias, Blackout INC, Blackout INC, Blaze, Blazt, Blood Rain, Blood Rain, Blood Rain, BloodPressure, BloodPressure, blubit, Blå Stue, Blå Stue, Bobs WoL, Brainstorm, Brasans Bröder, BreakingBad, BreakingBad, Bridgeburners, Bridgeburners, Brilliance, Brilliance, Bring the Bloodshed, Bring the Bloodshed, BROGRIP WHEN BAD, Broken, Brute Force, Brute Force, BUGS, Bulgarian , Bunica, Buravoz, Bustacap, By Strength of Arms, Cake or Death, Call To Arms, camel, Candice Logs, Cartographers, Casuaali grouppi, Casually Hardcore, Casuals, Celelith's Personal Guild, Celestial Decay, cellestials, Censored, Censored, Cereal, Champions of Alliance, chancres, Chancres, Chancres, Chancres, Chaos Theory, Chaoslogs, Cheoos Privat, Chimaera, Chubby rain, Chubby Rain, Chubby Rain, Chubby Rain, Chubby Rain, Citius Altius Fortius, clarityzarmis, CLEAN UP CREW, Clueless, CnS Elites, Coffedrinkers, Combat Bunnies, Complely Cake, Completely cake, Comrand, Concentration, Conclusion, Constellation, Convergence, Cornulia, Corrupt, Corruption, Covert Ops, CoX, CoX, COX, CR, Crimson Glory, crusade, Crusade, Crusaders, Crypteia, CT Samurai, CTSamurai, Cult Of The Void, Cóòkie, DaemonicEntities, Danish Bacon, Dark Artist, Dark Covenant, Darkness Descends, DD, De Opresso Liber, De Vrienden en Matthi, Dead to Rights, Dead to Rights, Deadly Boss Logs, death and glory, Death Skulls, Death Skulls, Death Skulls, Decaff, DEFECT, Defect Circle, Defect Circle, Defiance, Defianced, deleted, Deliríum, Dena Lagu, Descolada, Desert hawks, Desert Hawks, desten temppi, Destinct, Destined, Deus, Deus, Deus, Deus Ex Machina, Deverenian, Deverenian, Deverenian, Devernian, Digital Brutality , Digital brutality1, Diim Squid, Dilemma, Dilemma, dirty sons of liches, Dirty Sons of Liches, Disbanded-10, Disce Aut Discede, Distinction, Distortism, Divas, Divine Intervention, Djargologs, do everything and lose, Doomstick, Dorfs R US, DORFS R US, douche, dragon blood, Dragon Blood, Dragon Blood, Dragon Blood, Dragon Blood, dragonsoul, Dragonwarriors, Drama, Dream and Wench, Dreams of Desolation, Dreams of Desolation, Dreamstate, Dreamstate, Drissypersonal, Drizzie, Drow, Drunken Mutiny, DT, DUS, DustyDaggers, Dwarf Girls Gone Wild, Déjàvu, Einherjar, Einherjar, Elite guard of Terramin, ELscorcho, Elskov i Lunden, Elysium, Endgamers, EndGamers, Endless Night, Enlightenment, Enlightenment, Ensuna, Enyo, Epätoivo, Equal Rites, Equinox, Erehdys, Erehdys, Erehdys, Erehdys, Españdaria, Eternal Blood, Eternal Serenity, Ettan Lös, A Touch of Class, ABN Amro, Absølution, Abused Immortality, Achievement, Achievement Horse, ad Mortem, Addiktio, Aegis, Aequitas, Aeternum, AFK Playing Minesweeper, After Hours, Akkatsuki, Aliquid, All Naked And Lubricated, Alliance soul, Almost Imba, Alpha, Ambivalence, Amnesia, Ancients, Angelmoor, Anima, Anointed, Anvil of Crom, AppleBottoms, Aquintix, arbatronicle, arbetsförmedlingen, Archetype, Artificial Intelligence, Ascendancy, Asphyxia, Astral Imperium, Atom, Autrocity, Avoid Eye Contact, Awaken, AwezomeCrew, AwezomeCrew II, AwezomeCrew IV, backpeddlin to africa, BACON, Bakfull, BALL O FET O TUFF, Bankaltu, Banked, Bankers inc, Banzaii to you my friend, Battle of Auction House, BEEP BEEP IM A JEEP, Benknäckargänget, Beyond Oblivion, BIG money BABY, BigBlue, Bilgewater Mafia, Blink, Blizz Spamming Marks, Blood Guards, Blå Stue, BOOM, Boop, BP, Brightshade And Lowis, Broken Tribes, Bromands, BrothersInArms, BTYGF, Burning Flames of Fire, Bäverhyddan, C O N C O R D I A, Cantankerous, carbon, Carolingians, Casually Hardcore, Ceh, Chaos Theory, Charming, Chuck and Boogieman inc, Civilian, Clarkes Challenges, Clearly Boosted, Clearly Maddz, Clearly Unimpressed, Clockwerk, club money, Clueless, CnS Elites, Coffee break, Combined, Companions, Condemned Brothers, Core, Corehounds, Corrupt, Corsair, CR, Cresento, Crimson Dawn, Crimson Scarab, Crimsonlight, Critical Brotherhood, Crusade, CSI Gnomeregan, Ctrl AIt Defeat, Cult of the Golden Orb, Cult of the Void, Cóòkie, Da Booty Poppers, Dark Stars, Darkness Incarnate, Darksorrow Syndicate, Dawn Of The Alliance, Dawnbreaker, DE BA RINNER, de mørke ridder, De vrienden en Matthi, Dead Kodos Cant Run, Dead Naga Storage, Deadly Panda Squad, Deal With It, death from above, Debatable faktiskt, Decaff, Deceived, Deceptive, Deeply Disturbed, Defenders of Orgrimmar, Deine Mudda Inc, Deleted, Demise, Den Lukkede, Deo et Patriae, Descolada, Destabilise, DG Gladiators, dignity, Discord, Divided we Fall, Divine, Divine Council, Do It On Life, Dollhouse, Dominus, Dont Make Me Get My Main, DoomBringers, Doomkin Kill Squad, DOVE, Dragon Blood, Dragonslayor, dragonwarriors, Dramatis Personae, Dreamdust, Drow, Dräparna, Dunder Patrullen, EarnMoney WasteMoney, Eat My Crit, Eclypsia, Edge of Eternity, Edge of Insanity, Ei Vaan Osaa, el conquistadores, Elite Of The Talon, Elites, Emo Pandas, Empowered, Endless Brutality, Endless Night, Enhanced, Enough, Enraged Hybris, Equilibríum, Equis Viris, Erehdys, Essence of Destruction, Ett Stycke Värsting, Eventyrernes Klub, Evident, Evil Empire Jr, Exavia, ExHorde, Eximius, Faceless, FakeTaxi, Familia, Fat Balls Final Release, fgds, Final Resistance, Fists Of Thunder, FLADDERFLAGGISH, Flintstones Kebab, Flying Circus, Flying Spaghetti Monster, For Aslan, Forbidden Path, Forsaken Mysteria, Forsaken Skills, Fox Force Five, FrameWalkers, From Heaven, From The Ashes, Frost world, Frostbitten, Full House, Fågel, Fångad av en Stormwínd, G A N K S Q U A D, Game Over, GameOver, Gank Squad, Gazhrul the Insane, General Goods, Genesís, Gentlemens Gathering, Get Honor Or Die Tryin, GetRealGamers, GGWPNORE, Gift of Insanity, Globex Legion, Glory Raiders, Gluten Free, GM ninjaed my Guild Name, Go Fund Yourself, Gods of Warsong, Going Nowhere, GOLD, Grave Illusion, Greed, Grindtegels, Grynets Hjältar, Guardians, Guardians of Azeroth, Guild Of Sertrus, Gummi Guerrilla, HardCore, Hate Crew, Heia Bortelaget, Heimdall, Hello the Mushroom, Hellrazers, Hells Light, hey, hey im challenger, Hinaajat, hit the showers, Honorable Humanoids, Horde Hit Squad, HordeLords, HordePower, Hordes For Breakfast, Horisontti, Horungepartio, HTML, Hyde Park Corner, I Critted In My Pants, I Like Turles, I Stab Your Face, I WEAR TRUKFIT FCK GUCCI, Illuminaughty, Imbalanced, Immortal Vengeance, Impulse, Infamous Friends, Infernal Council, Infinite Warriors, Inner Chaos, Innominate, Insane Old Carpet Crew, Insidious, Insignificant, Instìnct, Ironforge Gents Club, Jaded Phoenix, Jailbait, Jake, JAR, Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs, joeys guild, jordanstreet, Just A Delusion, Just Do It, Just Nuke, Jynkän Katu Tappajat, Kamarene, Kamatari, Kapow, Karibisha, Katuma, keepin it hest, Kesäkaverit, Kill Me And Meet My Main, Kings of Redemption, Kipu, KnickerBlocker Glory, Knights of Valor, Knîghts of Blood Oath, Konnaliitto, Krambjörnarna, KUNTOKALASTAJAT, Käsityöläiset, Kæmpecontainer, Latua Perkele, Legalize It, Legendaries, Legion IV, Leite Mimosa Guild, Like a Boss, Linkoonsbank, Lorekeepers, Lorem, Luminary, Luminous, M and M, Macro Game, Madlight, Magnitudo, Malpraxis, Man Ska Vara Seriös, Manager Of Sales, Manligt Initiativ, Marshals, Marvel, Marys Lambs, Megalomania, Mentality, Mercury, MEW MEW KITTENS IN TREE, Migrationsverket, Min Guild bank, Minions of Thunderous, Ministers of Mayhem, Miscellaneous, Moo, Moulin Rouge, Muffin Militia, Murloc Hitsquad, Musculi Cremaster, MussumMussum, Mustalainen MC, MUSTARD MONKEY MAYHEM, MVP, MVP Stole my Rating, Myponyisred, Mystic, Máeve, Mä Rakastan Sua, Mölndals Ligan, Mønster, Mønsters, Naked, Naked Turtle, Nallekarkit, Nasty, NAV, Needs More Cowbell, Neitsytsaaret, Neurotoxin, New Crit, Next Generation, NG, Nightwalkers, Ninjapartiet, Ninjapartio, Nocte Eterna, Non Solus, NordicBattleGroup, Norrøn, Nothing Work Related, Nova, Officer, Oh no you didnt, OK WHO PULLED, Old classic, Old Skool, oldpain, Oldschool Vikings, Olympus, One Spot, Onyx Contro, Onyxia tog min cykel, Opa Gangnam Style, Orgasmic Power, OstFabriken, Outlaw Immortal, Outlaw Immortalz, Overload, Pagans, Pain, Pang På, Pannuhuone, Paradiset, Paradox, Paranoia, Paths of Prophecy, Peace or Agony, Pendulum, Pengar, peppa pig, Perfectly Insane, Perpetuum Mobile, PewVPew, Phantom Troupe, PhD, PHISSE, Piggybank, Pink Fluffy Bunnies, Plenty, Point of No Return, Powerlvling, Prayer, Pretentious Latin Name, PRO, Professional Gankers, Propeller Motion Squad, Protectors of Moonglade, Provoked, Public Enemíes, Pure Brutality, PURES, PURP FM, Purple Lotus, PvE Of DARKSORROW, Quebabbarna, R E F L E X, R E V E N G E, R.I.P, Radioactive, Rageaholic, Raid before Laid, Rankaisee ja Orjuuttaa, Rated R, Rebels Nation, Rectores Illuminati, Redbullz, Redux, RElNCARNATED, Reluctant Allies, Renata, Restless, Revenant, Revolt, Rockstars, Role ModeIs, Role Models, Ronín, Rotterdam, Royal Apothecary Society, Rune, Ryhmä, Räikkäjengi, Räkä Klubi, Saber Thooth, Sabertooth, Sagoland, Sanctity, Sanguine Venus, Sanity, Sannas Angels, Sauna Klubben, SAVAGESQUAD, Scammers inc, Scorpio, SCRUBCLUB, Sealed Away, Seek and Destroy, Semper Versa, Seriously Casual, SERVER HERO, Setox, Seventh Legion, seventies, ShadowRulers, Shadows, Shake and Bake, Shaolin and Wudang, Shin Bushido, SHREDDED IRL, Sidos, Silat, Silver Force, Skovvang, Slake, Slash Langefinger, Smeagols Army, Snarky Puppies, Snøsokk, SocialPvPvE, Soikeat Sotaurhot, Solis Rise, Soul Control, Sour Berry, Speechless, Speedy, Stay Chill, Stealthy, Still not bankaltsDK, Stockholm, Stone Roses, StormLords, Stormshield Legion, Stress Management, Style, Superheroes, Superstition, Susurrous, Swags of Azeroth, Sydäntalvi, Sylvanas, Tabula Rasa, Tamers, Tastes Like Death, Tastylicious, TBC KINGSLAYER LOL, TDA, Team Hellscream, Techno Vikings, Tehdas, Tempus Fugit, Tenacity, That Tasted Purple, The Angry Sadface, The Asylum, The Aunans, The Bane of Evil Soldier, The Bank, The Big Ones, The Brawlers, The Brothelhood, The Bánk, The Cavaliers, The Danish Brigade, The Deatheaters, The Emerald Order, The Equilibrium, The Eternal Sorrow, The Five Percent, The Forsaken Crusade, The Frozen Vanquishers, The Guild of Lol, The Horde Executor, The horde killer, The Kindergarten, The Knights Who Say Ni, The Left Hand, The Legionares, The New Beginning, The Paradox, The Purple Mushroom, The Raising Blood, The Rothschild Family, The Scarlet Crusade, The Scarlet Tearooms, The Seraphim, The Silent, The Snow Boys, The Stormcloaks, The Ultimate Seduction, The Umbrella Corp, The Vanguard, The Wrath of Legends, TheBrotherhood, THG anragäjeduJ, Thunder, Titans, ToBeDiced, Torment, Total Bankerz, Trolling Babies, True Crusaders, Try Harder, Try Us, ttu mikä kilta, Turks, Twink, Two Jacks inc, Työttömät, Umbrella Corp, umop apisdn, Uncle Dolans Daycare, Underdark, Unforgettable, UNIFIED, Unreal, Untamed, Untouchable, Utopa, Vad Händer, Vae Victis, Vanquísh, VAULTS R US, Vendetta PvP, Vi farmar Epix i DM, Victis Honor, Victum, viistuhatta, Vikings of Valhalla, Vilttiketju, VIP Gaming, Virus, Visio, Von Tawast, VwD, Walkers of Legend, Want To Fight, Wardens Of Eternal Light, Warriors Of Faith, Wasted Seals, We Are not BankaltDK, We Eat Fire, We Eat Taurens, We Got This, WeAreDanish, Weathered, WH, WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD, Wipe Club, Wiping as Intended, Wise Men, WoW Mafia, WTB Old Naxx, WTS, YOLO, YOLO SWAG LIFESTYLE G, YOLOSWAGYOLO, You No Take Candle, YOUNG MØNEY SWAG MØNEY, Zephyr, ZerØ Tolerance, Zordo the twink bros, Zychion, ßEST HØMUS ASIA, Är Vi Svenskar Så Är Vi, Åttabitars, Ascendancy, Assian Teens, AWESOMENIST PEOPLE SRSLY, Backfire, Bankiers, Brutal Twinks, Brute Force, Call To Glory, CAlts, Cariad, CliFF, Crimson Glory, Crimson Glory Junior, Crtl Alt Elite, Cursed Donut Conspiracy, Dark Tranquility, Decieved, Deverenian, diethnes nomismatiko tam, Distinction, Do Not Disturb, Dynasty Destroyers, Dyrievel, elementall world, Endless Saga, epic chuck norris club, Eternal Legion, Evil Bananas, Ex Nihilo, Exothermic, Fantazia, FLOGISMENA PEH, Fly High, G e n e s i s, Gangbank, gnomes aloud, GoldDiggers, Happy Burstday, Hell Striders, hey im classic, Highbornes, Horde Core, Horde May Cry, Horizons, I am Bank, Ian Beardens Henchmen, iEroLoxiTes, IlIdan maker, Immørtáls, Invincible, Jolly Rogers, K I N G S, League of Corinth, Legendary Titans, Legends of Might, Lordaeron Partisans, Loremaster, Los Poulos Amigos, Lucky Number Thirteen, Mauro Margaritari, Meet Your Makers, Mind Blast, NaVaGoi, O Tolmwn Nika, Oh No More Pandas, Old Skool, OpTical, PARAGAN, Persistence, Pirate Crew, Prophecy, Raising Sun, realize, Reborns, Reign in Blood, RocknRoll, ROYAL WARRIOR, Salvation, Sand, Seven, Seven Sins, Shock Parade, Sol învictus, Sons Of Zeus, SRSLY L TO P ISSUES, Status Error, Ston Fourno Me Patates, Supernaturals, Sveas Hjältar, Ta Drosera Agoria, Tauren Ate My Hamster, TELXINES, The Alterac Deviants, The Crimson Order, The Dark Slayers, The Deathcallers, The Defiant, The Dragon Ball Z Leader, The End of Time, The Haunted, The Others, The Paranoia, The Thrashbringers, The Uninvited, TheBansheeHunters, Three Hundred, TouRio, Turbo Cricket, UMBRA, Warsong Raiders, WATCH OUT, Welcome To Lovecraft, Whipe, Wrath of the kitten, Xronos, You Are Not Prepaid, Äventyrargänget, Ad Infinitum, Affliction, Against The Odds, ALL STAR TEAM, Ambitious Idiot, Angels Of Heaven, Arena Flunkers, Armageddon Blades, Arte Et Marte, Asalames, Ascendance, Asgaroth, Assassins of War, Asymetric, Asymmetric, avicularia, Awoken, Backpacker Machmud, Bank of Banks, Bankassist, Bare Skills, BEEP BEEP IMA JEEP LOL, Beerform, BG, BG Heroes, Bingobanden, Botev, Brainstorm, BrakingBad, Brilliance, Broken, Bunkbed Elites, By Strength of Arms, Call to arms, Caverneux, Chaos, ChaosTheory, ClubCool, CONDEMNED, Conditionzero, Conquerors of Pandaria, Conscious Insanity, Corrupted Blood, Crybaby Raiders, CSKA SOFIA, Ctrl Alt Elites, Cypher, D N D, Daunted, Dawn of Glory, De Oppresso Liber, Death Scale, Death Skulls, DeathlyHallows, Decímatíon, Deep Sorrow, Denices, Descendants Of Darkness, Desert Hawks, Disbanded, divas, Domini, DontMoveInFlameWrath, DoubleRainbow, Eastlane, Efface, Einherjarene, Enthyii, Enthynrahasäästö, Enthyntgcmountit, Enzoned, Epidemic, Errtime, Everlasting, Exiled Rise, Fair Play, Fairy Taïl, Flame of Valour, For Freedom, Forbidden Elements, Forgotten Dynasty, Four Roses, FromHell, Funky Fruit, Furious, Gangnam, GET TO DA CHOPPA, Ghost, Giefmoneyplx, Glorified Horses, Glory of Heaven, Gnomesquad, Gnomish gigolos, Green Relentless, GrimSoul Legion, Guild rahaa, Guildassists, GuildBank, Guschan, Hammer of Justice, Hangar, Happy Slapping, HAZARD, HEARD YOU LIKE MUDKIPZ, Heaven, Helghan, HemBränt, HighTech Shepherds, Horde Secret Services, House Mizzrym, IlúBanks Incorporated, Im With Noob, In Dinosaur Hell, Infernal Scourge, Infestation, Infinity Ward, Insaníty, INSERT AWESUM GUILD NAME, Invaders, Ira Procuratio, IS NOT AMUSED, jaffanheittotaulukko, Kings Of Azeroth, Kings Of The Crown, Kondio Style, Last Cookie Defenders, Lead The Fools, Leaving Jesusland, Legends Never Die, Legio Mortis, Legion of Jasamdruid, Legion of Light, Legit Identity, Lilyhammer, Liquicity, Lithium, Livonia, Lobster BoB, Looney TuneZ, Loot Hunters Inc, Lost Insanity, Lönnmördarna, Mactone is my god, Made by Swedes, Magnus, Makaveli, Maligned, Manowar, Midnight Dragons, Milites Argentum, Milli Vanilli, MIST FITS, MMO, Moargoldz, Modermodemet, Molten Knights, Mourlokomio, Mushroom Kingdom, MyBank, Nefarious, Never lucky only skilled, Night club, Night Stalkers, Nightmares Asylùm, Nolifers, Northrendérs, Norwegian Wolves, Nyckeln Till Frihet, nördcentrum, Nøddepatruljen, Obliteration, of the Apocalypse, Ordo Draconis, OUST, Out of Glory, Outlaw, Over The Top, PackOfWolves, Panathinaikos FC, Para Bellum, Parental Advisory, Peppermint Crocodile, Perfect Insanity, Pick Up Guild, Pink MonkeyS, Placeholder, Power Rangers, PowerHouse România, Praenuntius, Praetorian Guards, Prelude, Prodigy, Project Bank, Punked Twinks, Raging Knights, Rahabankki, Rakastammepalloja, Rawr, Rebels Call, Red Squadron, Regrowth, Revelation, Righteous, Rigor Mortis, Rise of the Kings, Rising Rage, RO United, Rotum, Royal Banks of Azeroth, Salvation Army, Saorsa, Scrubs Inc, Servant of Death, Shadow Reapers, SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT, Shh TUKA, Sjätte Våningen, Skill Trainer, Sklad, Sky Power, Smallbank, Smash, Smôke, Solace, Somnium, Sons of Fallen Heroes, Sophisme, Sparbanken, Spetznaz, Spider Pride, SPQR, Stalemate, sure help, Tauren Stole My Bicycle, TCGmounts, The Alliance, The Cleaners, The Dark Templars, The Divine, The Door, The Fearless, The Hand of Strahd, The Hangar, The Irishbank Business, The Moonshiners, The Nephilim, THE NEW ORDER, The New World, The Night Watch, The One, The Pathfinders, The Shadowblades, The Unknown, The Unspoken Legends, The Walkers, TheNewOrder, Three Crowns, Thunderßank, Too Many Buttons, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Tragedy, Tranquillity, Twinkermann, Twinks from heaven, U WOT MATE, Uncensored, United and Strong, unserious, Vandalism, vargflocken, Vault of Sheik, Vengeance, VeniVidiVici, Verdict, Vespa club, Victores Di, vikakilta, We Drink Drank Drunk Hic, Why Not, WHY SO SERIOUS, World Tree, WowAndChill Squad, X A H O B E T E, X mens, XOXO, Xtortion Fan bois, evasîon, Eventyrernes Klub, Eventyrernes Klub, Eventyrernes Klub, Exiled Rise, Existenz, Exothermic, Explicit Content, Exposure, Extract, Face Palm, Face Palm, Fahren lfr, Faith No More, FaLLeN, Fallen from grace, Fallen From Grace, Fallen From Grace, Fallen From Grace, Fatal Justice, Fatal Justice, Fatal Lag, Fatal Tendencies, FBI Agents, FE - SASK, Fellowship of the Light, Ffswol, fgf, Final evolution, Final Evolution, Final Evolution, Final Evolution, Final Evolution, Final Evolution, Final Evolution, Final Fortress, Final Fortress, Final Resistance, Final Resistance, Firebreathers, Firelord, First Blood, First Blood, Fists Of Thunder, Flaus Pug Guild, FlippindotsLogs, Floating Auditorium, Floating Auditorium, Flying Circus, 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Pakolaiset , Kesäkaverit, Khaos, Khaos, Khaos, kherbn, Kickapoo, KickApoO, kill, kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi, Knights and Dames, Konnaliitto, Korpen, Korruptio, KoS, Kotimaa, Kotimaa, Kronkorken, Kuje i Laseri, Kuolemattomat, La Familia, La Familia, Last Hope, Last Hope, Last Wish, Last Wish, Latowi, Latua Perkele, Legends Never Die, LEGENDS NEVER DIE, Legion of Lunatics, Legion of Lunatics, Legion of Lunatics, LFR, LFR is a big deal, Lifetime, Lifetime, Light Of Dawn, Like a Boss, Liluri, Livonia group 2, Lobster BoB, Lockdown, Lockdowns, Lodge Of Vengeance, Log Analysis, logs, Logs, Looney Tunez, Looney TuneZ, Loot Hunters Inc, Loptai, Lorekeepers, Lorekeepers, Lorem2, lorgokshowdownrandomlogz, lost innocence, lowsert, LpxPadding, Luck And Desperation, Lucky Number Thirteen, Lucky Number Thirteen, Luminary, Luzzerent's, malm, Man Ska Vara Seriös, Maramusa, Maramusa Dps Checker, MardtGuild, Marys Lambs, Marys Lambs, Matinulfr, Me Gusta, Me Gusta, Melodia, Mentality, Mercury, Mercury, Midian, Milites Argentum, millenium, Minimalism, minsitersofmayhem, Mira, mob inc, Mobbade Barn Med Epics, moj gild, Morituri Te Salutamus, MpeK, Mpeklogs, Mrlolzor, Muffi's Mojo, Murder inc, Murderer Inc, Murderer-Inc, murderinc, Mutio's, My guild, MyLog, myownlogs, Nakenklubben, Nakors Guild, Namayara, Naughty Night, NB, nefarious, Nefarious, Nefarious, Nelion, neptulon, Nerf US, Nesorrett Slaves, nestehukka, Nestehukka, Nestehukka, Nestehukka, nev, Nevermind, Nex immortalis, Nichtalf's logs, Nightmare, Nightmare, Nightshift, Niki prai DPS, Ninja, nino family, Nium, No name, No Regrets, No Regrets, No Regrets, No Remorse, No!, Nocte Eterna, Noggenfogger Anonymous, Noggenfogger Anonymous, Nolifers, Nollapiste, Nonforma, NOPEisDOPE, Nordic Syndicate, Noregs Vikingar, Northrenders, Northrenders, Northrendérs, Not Afraid, Not Exactly, Not Exactly, Not Prepared, Nothin', Nothing Special, NURS, Nuttzzzzzz, Nutz, Nych, Nøddepatruljen, O A V S E T T, Oddmaker, Odeproxpowns, Oeflulu, Of The Apocalypse, Oldemor, OMG a Dragon, OMG A Dragon, OMG BEARS, Out of Order, Outcast, Outlaw, Outlaw Immortalz, Overload, Overload, Overload, Overload, Overload( G2), P A I N, P G D A, P G D A, Pandas in Disguise, Panjobanaanit, Paradox, Paranoia, Parliament, PaSB, Pelastusarmeija, penispenispenis, Perfect circle, Perfect Circle, Perfect Circle, PerfectCircle, Personal, Personal Logs, PhD, Phoenix Gaming, Phoenix Rising, Piece of Cake, pippelinimu, Ples me no habel, Pollo insane squad, Pow, Power's logs, Powerhouse, Powerhouse, PowerHouse, PowerHouse, PowerHouse, Praemium Sanctum, Prime, proactive logs, Profectum, Project Winter, promisedaegis, Protou's logs, prova, Provoked logs, Provoked logs., Provoked logs., psycedelic's private recordings, Pug, pug123, puggers, Pwnanza, Pwnanza [Mack's 10], PWRGLV, Påvermajs, Qerix, Querulous, Quowylogs, qwe, R.I.P, RA, RAAA, Radiance, Raging Knights, Ragnalogs, Raiders on the Storm, Rajapinta, Rajapinta, Rajapinta, Ramp, Random pugs, Random Pugs, 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Solis Rise, Solis Rise, Solis Rise, Solis Rise, Solis Rise, Solis Rise, Sons of Fallen Heroes, Sons of Thunder, Soqa's logs, SoulClaim, SourBerry, Source, Source, Sovietsky Soyuz, Speechless, Speechless, Sphere, Spirit of Nansen, SPL, Star Children, Star Children, Star Children, Star Children, StarChildren, Status Error, Stavan hianot logsit, Steel Rats, Stigmata, Stonebeard, Stormlords, Stormlords, Stormrage, stuff, Superia, Susperia, Susperia, Susperia, Susperia, Susperia, SVEA, Sveriges Pinglor, SWAG OF SWEDEN, Sweet Retribution 2, Swifts logs, Sydäntalvi, Sydäntalvi, Sympathy, Sçräntúlåp, Sín, Tabula Rasa, Tappituntuma, Tarantula, Tazmoo, TDA, TDT, Team Beast, Team Beast, Team ßeast, teddybear club, Tempus Fugit, Terokkar Terrorists, test, Test, Test, test123, TEST123, Testingguild, testsimrath, thd, The Angry Sadface, The Anonymous Alts, The Cleaners, The Cleaners, The Council, The Creepers, The Curse, The Danish Brigade, The Dark Templars, The Dark Templars, The Devastating Throng, The few ones, The Horde Guards, The Immortality, The Increment, The Knights Of Cataclysm, the likely lads, The Likely Lads, The Lumberjacks, The Mournival, The Mythic Delegate, The Mythic Delegates, The Mythic Delegates, The Mythic Delegates, The Mythic Delegates, The Mythic Delegates, The Nephilim Social Pugs, The Paradox, The Paradox, The Pew Pew Crew, The Scarlet Crusade, The Scarlet Crusade, The Sin Gamers, The Undutchables, The Unknown, The Unknown, The Victorious Rêign, TheHealingStick, Themightynerds, Theory, Thingspug, Thirst, Three Hundred, Three Hundred, Tiggies Logs, TipTop, Too much rage, Too Much Rage, Troll Inc, True Faith, Try Harder, tututut, tututut, Twisted, Tähtisumu, Ultraxion, UMBRA, Umbrella Corp, Uncensored, Uncensored, Uncle Dolan and Friends, Undefeatable, Underestimated, Underestimated, Unfaithful, Unfaithful, Unfeithful, united realanched, Unity Inc, Unknown Immunity, Unknown Immunity, Unlike's logs, Unmasked, Unrest, Untouchable Faith, Uprising, Utopia, Vandalism, Vandalism, Vargflocken, Varjosoturit, vealing, Vehemence, Vehemens, Vehemens, Vehemens, Venture Co Ruffians, Veritas, vertigo, Vertigo, Vertigo, Vertigo, Vertigo, Vertigo, Vertigo, VI ET ARMIS, Victis Honor, Vigil Frigoris, Vigil Frigoris, vildadjoor, Vilohemmet, Vindication, Vindicatum, Vintage, Visio, Visions, VisionsLogs, Vitality? Midgard? Spaceballs the Guild!, vkbeg, Volcano Legionz, Volturius Industrius, Volturius Industrius, vourkos, Vox Opprimo, Wales, Wales, Wanna Cookie, Wanted, Wanted, Warbound, WarCouncil, Warcrafttest, Warcrafttest, Warriors of Wrath, Wathne, WAZZA, WeakBurst, weathered, Weathered, Why Ñot, Wicked, Wielkimuu, Wild Crew, Win, WiP, Work in Progress, Wrath, wroom, Xaen's Raids, Xahpies, Xcided, Yeti Inc, Yoh, you are not prepaid, Zephyr, ZnieLFR, zoctai, òÓ, òÓ, Øverçløçked, Đestabilise, Быстрота и натиск, Сатори, ЭПИГ

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