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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Pâranoid EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 49
Equilibria EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 41
Uprising EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 36
Die Knatzl Fiddler EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 34
Kenseiden EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 33
Heiliges Blut EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 32
Pain of Life EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 32
Twist of Fate EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 30
Magellan EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 28
Arch Nemesis EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 27
Hype EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 24
choke even harder EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 22
Insane Souls EU-Dalvengyr Horde 0 19
Ewige Macht EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 17
Crit Happenz EU-Nazjatar 0 15
Vision of the Sun EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 15
Young Guns EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 15
LetsPlayDrunken EU-Anub'arak 0 13
Rising Chaos EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 13
Merciless EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 13
Primal Instinct EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 13
styx EU-Zuluhed 0 12
Der kreuzende Brennzug EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 11
Sodali EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 11
Übelste Koggegn EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 10
on the fly EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 9
Wiedergänger EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 7
Lets fetz EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
Heroes EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 6
Virtus et Fides EU-Anub'arak 0 5
Orgrimmar Outlaws MC EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 5
PETA EU-Nazjatar 0 5
Project X EU-Nazjatar 0 5
Coven EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 4
Wall Street Co KG EU-Nazjatar 0 4
Downfall EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 4
illusion of time EU-Zuluhed 0 4
Servants of Light EU-Zuluhed 0 4
Ember EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
useless EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
Custodes Umbráe EU-Frostmourne 0 3
Krieger der Allîanz EU-Frostmourne 0 3
Break the Ground EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
Disturbed Equilibrium EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
LE KERN EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 3
Old Crowns EU-Nazjatar 0 3
Enklave EU-Anub'arak 0 2
Khaz rokk ahn EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
rabidus et rebus EU-Anub'arak 0 2
KERN EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
no more play EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 2
Insolvable Puzzle EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
Thralls Erben EU-Nazjatar 0 2
Army of Darknesz EU-Zuluhed 0 2
Die Legionäre EU-Zuluhed 0 2
Dachse des Bösen EU-Anub'arak 0 1
Ist Am Stizzle EU-Anub'arak 0 1
Pray EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Immortal Inc EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Jainas Pride EU-Frostmourne 0 1
Alternate EU-Nazjatar 0 1
Booty Bay Bikini Babes EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
DuffeD EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Huhurans Hort EU-Nazjatar 0 1
Malfunction EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
mess with me EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 1
Muh Tang Clan EU-Nazjatar 0 1
PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Streitsüchtig EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Immortal Fist of the Sun EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Remember The Titans EU-Zuluhed 0 1
Rising Core EU-Zuluhed 0 1
Semper Fidelis EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Immortal Core EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 0
Pumper EU-Nazjatar 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Auatisten EU-Frostmourne Horde 41 324
Eclipse EU-Frostmourne Alliance 17 58
Exile EU-Frostmourne Alliance 13 78
Hi Ping Lo Mein EU-Frostmourne Alliance 12 68
Goonsquad EU-Frostmourne Horde 10 67
Isomorphic EU-Frostmourne Horde 10 30
decent af EU-Frostmourne Horde 10 19
Broomstick's Logs (:! EU-Anub'arak Horde 10 17
Life logs EU-Dalvengyr Horde 9 134
Chillout EU-Frostmourne Alliance 9 16
Refugee EU-Frostmourne Alliance 9 13
No dad not the belt EU-Frostmourne Horde 8 12
bruder muss los EU-Frostmourne Alliance 8 10
UniteAndFight EU-Frostmourne Alliance 7 102
lmao EU-Frostmourne Horde 7 36
Sekte EU-Frostmourne Alliance 7 7
Horizon EU-Frostmourne Alliance 5 5
Midgard EU-Frostmourne Alliance 4 14
No dad not the belt EU-Frostmourne Horde 4 5
Chimp Out EU-Frostmourne Alliance 4 4
Core II EU-Frostmourne Alliance 4 4
Outlaw EU-Frostmourne Alliance 3 123
Late Night NA EU-Frostmourne Horde 2 77
Darchou EU-Frostmourne Alliance 2 49
Watschman's Logs EU-Frostmourne Alliance 2 40
Huh EU-Frostmourne Alliance 1 51
Isomorphic EU-Frostmourne Horde 1 42
ArraSis EU-Frostmourne Alliance 1 12
Asediadores de la Luz EU-Frostmourne Alliance 1 1
No Names EU-Frostmourne Horde 1 1
Sadsoul Fanclub EU-Frostmourne Horde 1 1
Dignity EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2540
le baguette EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 400
Utopie EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 345
Hakalai EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 284
Licht des Morgens EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 245
| Exodus | EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 176
pashion EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 158
Redhands EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 155
Hideout EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 145
Orden der Zeit EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 137
Asperity EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 136
For the Horde EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 126
Paraphrase EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 126
Custodes Umbráe EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 119
Next Week Boss EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 112
HIV EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 107
Purified EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 106
THM EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 94
Autofocus EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 92
Jainas Pride EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 90
Brotherhood EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 88
Exodus FM-WoW EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 78
Novus Ordo EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 72
eVolution EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 69
NomoraLogs EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 69
The Raids EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 68
Pan EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 67
Corruption EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 65
Mosh and Go EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 62
Scavengers EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 62
Sons of Stormrage EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 57
ULTRAS EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 57
Die kritische Masse EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 56
Die Flammenschreiter EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 53
Diary of Dreams EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 52
Purified EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 50
Disturbed Equilibrium EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 48
owN EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 48
Casual EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 44
IncipiT EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 44
The Awesome EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 44
Oblivion EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 42
Rising Core EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 42
Unique EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 42
UPRISING EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 42
Bromes EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 41
DdD EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 40
Light Infusion EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 40
FM-Elysion EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 38
Equivalence EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 37
Malfunction EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 37
DirtyBoiz EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 36
enrâge EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 36
Tranquility EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 35
Downfall EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 31
Rotbarsch's Aquarium EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 31
Slashers of Destiny EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 31
Steves Guild EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 30
Not good enough EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 29
Operation Blue Rose EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 29
quiet pool EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 29
Uprising EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 29
Beers with The Boys EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 28
nur so EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 28
Sedativa EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 27
Vandals EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 27
Effective EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 26
Hype EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 26
Whoop EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 26
Albion EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 25
Arras SIs EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 25
Kekse der Verdammnis EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 25
Requiem EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 25
Third Echelon EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 25
Titans EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 24
Elysion EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 23
Gambit EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 23
Wenn Luck Gewohnheit ist EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 23
Asti der Nacht EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 22
Ever Dream EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 22
Hi Ping Lo Main EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 22
Learn2Play EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 22
lmao EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 22
Fidelity EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 21
Risen EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 21
Sýndicate EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 21
Vision of the Sun EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 21
Behold EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 20
Expiration None Alliance 0 20
Gravity EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 20
Offline EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 20
conspiracy EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 19
JumperJunior#2 EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 19
Läuft bei uns EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 19
The Wings EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 19
Unbowed Unbent Unbroken EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 19
Altraid EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 18
Einzelgänger EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 18
eXquisite EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 18
OhNoes EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 18
Rising Sun EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 18
SneakyLogs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 18
Aldebaran EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 17
CALVOS EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 17
Equilibria EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 17
Exodus EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 17
Outplayed EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 17
Wiedergänger EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 17
Chaotica EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 16
Homerunners EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 16
Peaky Blinders EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 16
Souls Council EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 16
Acumen EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 15
Rude EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 15
skay EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 15
Boten des Wahnsinns EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 14
Chromatic EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 14
Die Gummibärenbande EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 14
Easylogs EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 14
Heathens G2 EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 14
Twix EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 14
Asrayalogsxfm EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 13
Evoke EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 13
Inferno EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 13
Less Talk More Go EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 13
PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 13
Serenity EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 13
Showtimes EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 13
Solo Action EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 13
Die BlutRache EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 12
Entropie EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 12
Gambit-Neandru EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 12
NinjaPull EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 12
The last Samurais EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 12
Theken Proleten EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 12
»[•]« Neverland »[•]« EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 12
Adept EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 11
BlameTheMage EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 11
Casual EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 11
Der Drache EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 11
Enuma Elish EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 11
Fury EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 11
leeqzlogs EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 11
Nisiar EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 11
popuoh's pug EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 11
Walhall EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 11
Guardian of Doom EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 10
Insanity EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 10
mmmhy None Alliance 0 10
Raging Hordes EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 10
Solid EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 10
DarkigniterGuild EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 9
Fletchii Solo EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 9
Hordnungsamt EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 9
Momentum Ultio EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 9
smoothbrains EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 9
Ultraviolet EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 9
Arven en Aske EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 8
BetaCraft EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 8
Blank_logs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 8
Die Drei Lustigen Fünf EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 8
Drakhul EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 8
haloha EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 8
LX EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 8
Marsprivate EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 8
Phistalogs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 8
Semper Fidelis EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 8
Stormtear EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 8
Twix EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 8
victrix EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 8
Affenarmee EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
Allied Enemies EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 7
Darxtar Solo EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 7
Decent AF EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 7
Der stehende Ast EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 7
Die BlutRache EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
die glorreichen Halunken EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 7
Downfall EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 7
HA EU-Dalvengyr Alliance 0 7
Hauptsache keinen Spaß EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 7
Innocent Hearts EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 7
Invictus EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 7
LWR EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
Mayhemwotlk EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 7
New Era None Alliance 0 7
Nox EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 7
Resurrection EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 7
Rising Cookies EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 7
Serenity EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 7
Agôny ôf Feâr EU-Dalvengyr Horde 0 6
Aiden EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 6
Allo EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 6
Aléa Iacta Est EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 6
Ambitious EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 6
eskaliert zeitnah EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 6
Forsaken Heroes EU-Dalvengyr Horde 0 6
Indecent EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 6
Krieger der Allîanz EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 6
LaFa EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 6
Miracel Wipe EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 6
OSR EU-Dalvengyr Alliance 0 6
Servants of Light EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 6
Spear of Destiny EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 6
VEGAZZ EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 6
Baschatie EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 5
Dark Destiny EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 5
Die Anonymen Wiper EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 5
Die Vergessenen EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 5
Dunkles Blut EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 5
FAnG EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 5
Jibblets EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 5
Lords of Terror EU-Dalvengyr Horde 0 5
Nerezza EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 5
Network Knights EU-Dalvengyr Horde 0 5
Per Aspera Ad Astra EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 5
Refugium EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 5
Release EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 5
Samoorai meets Traílblazer@Night EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 5
Schattenpakt EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 5
Selbsthilfegruppe Azeroth EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 5
Skyy EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 5
Streitsüchtig EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 5
Talk to me mon EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 5
Warzone Warriorz EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 5
-MTS- EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 4
Aija_Logs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Aliance Hordelols EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Beat of Death EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Blaze EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 4
Der kreuzende Brennzug EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
FM Brotherhood of Kain EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Gerstensaftkommando EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 4
going ham EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 4
Helion EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 4
I Cavalieri Templari EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 4
Impressive EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 4
Irradiated EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Neltharion EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 4
New Nisiar EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Nightrunner EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 4
nostradammus EU-Dalvengyr Alliance 0 4
Obscurìtas EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Owned EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 4
pokutny ulduar 25 EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 4
Problem Solved EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 4
SaøulPlayers EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 4
Schlächter des Wichts EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 4
Shadowsider EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 4
ToA EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 4
Verräter des Lichts EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 4
Chilled R2 EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 3
Cruzados de Arathia EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 3
Deep Ground EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
Defile EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 3
Dementum EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
Doomhammer Clan EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
Exxor EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 3
Fenolasworld EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
GECEKONDU EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 3
hier und da EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 3
Hordemode EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
Illusion of Time EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 3
Karma Kontrol EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 3
konron1 EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 3
Leyv's Testgilde EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
Monkeypull EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
Nightfulls Stamm EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
NoSkillJustEpixx None Horde 0 3
NwK EU-Dalvengyr Horde 0 3
patro private logs EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
refresh EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 3
rush hour EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
Samsung Knox EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 3
Simply Logs EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
Simply the Best EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 3
Skeviltum Raid 1 EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 3
SoloNo EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
team happy EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 3
The crazy Brains EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 3
Uncreative EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
We are Legends EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 3
WOL TEST EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
a grain of salt EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
Addicted MoP EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
Al'ars Asche None Horde 0 2
Ascardia EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
Ashbringer EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
awww guild EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 2
Basaran´s Logs EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
BBTC EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 2
Cuba Liebre EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
Der wütende Mob EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
Disturbed Equilibrium EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
Einzelgänger EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 2
El mapa EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
Ember of Hope EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 2
Evil-Freaks EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
Farnsielogs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 2
Fire and Frost EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
Glorious EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 2
Guantanamo BootyBay EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
helion3 EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 2
Insanity EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 2
INSERNITY EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
its me EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
Kaltmacher EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
Langeweile EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
LFR EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
Liga der Legenden Stammgruppe 1 EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
Liga der Legenden2 EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
Logs EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
Mechanics EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 2
Powerhouse EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 2
Rache der Horde EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
Satanophobia EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
Sethry EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
Skeviltum EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 2
Soloque EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 2
SPERRFEUER EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 2
The crazy Brains EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 2
Ösis inc EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 2
1338 EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
a guild apart EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
achja EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Acumen EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Behelias EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Beltaine EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Blood For Blood EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Brotherhood of Pain EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Calm Down EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Capped EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
CARNAGE EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Carpe Noctem EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 1
Chilled EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Chilled Random Logs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Circle of Death EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
côrnholio EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 1
daraku EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
DIE BART DIE EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Die grauen Wächter EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Dps Auswertung EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Efflatus Obscurus EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
El Toupé EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Encore EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Erzbarone EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Ewiges Chaos EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
ExodusFM EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
exy's logs EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
FettesNeed EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
First Blood! EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
firststepps EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Fort Knox EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Frozen Empire EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Guardians of Nazjatar EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
hatred EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Helden der Schatten EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Herrschaft des Chaos EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
HIVE EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
HKR EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Hordcore Gaming EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
im afraid EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
indecent EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Intent2 EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
iXera EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Just for Fun EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Kikat EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Klodlogs EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Le Diable Est Ma Raison EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Legends of Hell Frostmourne EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Legion der Flamme EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
nur so EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
on the fly EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
ONSEN None Alliance 0 1
Pax Draconis EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Primal Instinct EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Ragnarok EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Raumzeitkrümmung EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
rePlay 2 EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Risen Insanity EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Robot Unicorn Attack EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Salvation EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Sauna EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
SDMG EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 1
Semper Fidelis EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
shizzle EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Siege of Stormwind EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Sklaven des Blutrausches EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
Slizzurp EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
stRAID ahead EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 1
styx EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Sunrìse EU-Dalvengyr Horde 0 1
Takin Care of Business EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Tales of Azeroth EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
TBMM EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
The Enlightened EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
The last Samurais EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Thugs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 1
Tras ist doof! EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Twix's Mars EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
vortex EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Waidwerk EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Wasiwasi EU-Dalvengyr Alliance 0 1
We Are Electric EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Will nur Kuscheln EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Xilllie'slogs EU-Dalvengyr Alliance 0 1
You cant fool owls EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 1
Zulu stamm EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Aafenbande None Horde 0 0
Absolute Teamplay None Horde 0 0
Absolution None Alliance 0 0
Activity Analysis None Horde 0 0
Addicted None Horde 0 0
Advocati Diaboli None Horde 0 0
Aenema EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Aeterna None Horde 0 0
aiive None Horde 0 0
aIive None Horde 0 0
Alohavera None Horde 0 0
Amazing Random None Horde 0 0
Ambitious 10ner None Horde 0 0
Anarchy EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
And Amazing Friends None Alliance 0 0
Angry Birds None Alliance 0 0
Arch Nemesis None Alliance 0 0
Arsenyk None Alliance 0 0
Ascan None Horde 0 0
ascensîon None Horde 0 0
asdasd None Alliance 0 0
Asleep Random Logs None Horde 0 0
Asrayalogs EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
aSSi aber SKILLed None Alliance 0 0
Asuras None Alliance 0 0
Asuras None Alliance 0 0
Aufstieg des Bösen None Horde 0 0
Aurea Acanthus None Horde 0 0
Be Positive None Alliance 0 0
Beauvrye None Horde 0 0
Beschützer von Niribu None Alliance 0 0
Blackcurrant None Horde 0 0
Blaze None Horde 0 0
Blood None Horde 0 0
Blood for Blood None Horde 0 0
Bob der Baumeister None Horde 0 0
bonbogobo EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
bottlesultra None Horde 0 0
Brain Disconnected None Alliance 0 0
broetc None Horde 0 0
CathalusLogs EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 0
Cesek EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
CG None Horde 0 0
Chaosraid None Alliance 0 0
ChaosRaid FM None Alliance 0 0
Chilled R3 None Horde 0 0
Chilled Raid 1 None Horde 0 0
chosen few None Horde 0 0
Chronos None Alliance 0 0
Cocoprivat None Horde 0 0
Confused None Horde 0 0
Convictio None Horde 0 0
Cooby EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
CrYstaliZe None Alliance 0 0
Cyraxee`s Logs EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Dachse des Bösen None Horde 0 0
Darki Raid None Horde 0 0
Darksun EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Das Spiel ist das Ziel None Horde 0 0
DD infinitie None Horde 0 0
DeathBringers None Alliance 0 0
Delirium None Alliance 0 0
Departed None Alliance 0 0
Derisory None Horde 0 0
Derrick None Alliance 0 0
Determined None Horde 0 0
Die Ahnen von Kirin Var None Alliance 0 0
Die Anonymen Wiper None Horde 0 0
Die another Try None Horde 0 0
Die Bierokraten None Horde 0 0
Die BlutRache None Horde 0 0
Die Knatzl Fiddler None Horde 0 0
Die Legionäre None Alliance 0 0
Die Spezialisten None Alliance 0 0
DieTrying None Alliance 0 0
Disturbed Equilibrium None Horde 0 0
DoodleGun None Horde 0 0
Downfall None Alliance 0 0
Draconis Extinctor None Alliance 0 0
Dragonskull Clan None Horde 0 0
dreiZehn None Horde 0 0
Dunkles Blut None Horde 0 0
Duped Twinkstamm None Horde 0 0
Dämonen der Nacht None Alliance 0 0
Döledl None Alliance 0 0
easy None Alliance 0 0
EDT Echt Dufte Typen None Horde 0 0
EENU None Horde 0 0
Ef Bie Ei None Horde 0 0
eineuro None Horde 0 0
Elysîum None Horde 0 0
Ember of Hope None Horde 0 0
Ember of Hope None Horde 0 0
Enklave None Horde 0 0
Enklave None Horde 0 0
Enrâge None Horde 0 0
Enrâge None Horde 0 0
Enwor None Horde 0 0
Epidemie None Alliance 0 0
Equilibrium None Horde 0 0
Equivalent Exchange None Alliance 0 0
Eradicate None Alliance 0 0
Eradicate None Alliance 0 0
Ewige Macht EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 0
Exalted - FM Horde EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Exilia None Horde 0 0
Exodus None Horde 0 0
Exodus None Horde 0 0
Expelled None Horde 0 0
Faintallogs None Horde 0 0
Feel the difference None Horde 0 0
Fekung EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 0
fghfghfghfgh EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
Fire of Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Flashguild None Alliance 0 0
fledderCrew EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Fluxxfall None Horde 0 0
FM Achiev 10er None Horde 0 0
Focused None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Heroes None Horde 0 0
FOX None Alliance 0 0
Fox Hound None Horde 0 0
Frostmourne EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Funbirds None Alliance 0 0
Für die Horde None Horde 0 0
Galla Super Galactic President McAwesome Ville None Alliance 0 0
Gambit Casual None Alliance 0 0
Gefallene Engel None Horde 0 0
GehtNichtGibtsNicht EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
Gib uns dein Milchgeld None Horde 0 0
Gliefz WOL None Horde 0 0
Glorious None Horde 0 0
glrs None Horde 0 0
GOBONAUTEN None Horde 0 0
Grupa Trzymająca Władze EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
Gwenstar None Horde 0 0
Gôdzillâ None Horde 0 0
Hard Times None Horde 0 0
Hell-Rise None Horde 0 0
Hells Bears None Horde 0 0
Hells Bears None Horde 0 0
Heroes None Horde 0 0
Heroes None Horde 0 0
Heros None Horde 0 0
Hexenzirkel None Horde 0 0
Hit Crit DOWN None Alliance 0 0
HitmarKlogs None Horde 0 0
Hmmm None Alliance 0 0
holydefender pug EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Hopeless None Horde 0 0
hype None Horde 0 0
Hypo None Horde 0 0
Hypolipsys None Horde 0 0
Hysteria None Alliance 0 0
Immortal Eyes EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 0
Immortal Power None Alliance 0 0
Impress None Alliance 0 0
Inc un so None Horde 0 0
Infuriation None Alliance 0 0
InglouriusBasterds None Horde 0 0
inno None Horde 0 0
Inquisition None Horde 0 0
Instant Reloaded None Alliance 0 0
Inter Pares None Horde 0 0
Iron Raiden None Horde 0 0
Ironic None Horde 0 0
is EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Isologs None Horde 0 0
jfts raid 2 None Horde 0 0
joolz123 None Alliance 0 0
JumperJunior EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
Just Awesome None Horde 0 0
Just for the show None Horde 0 0
Kaltmacher None Alliance 0 0
Kenseiden None Horde 0 0
Kernseiden None Horde 0 0
Khanzo None Horde 0 0
Kirisute Gomen None Horde 0 0
Last Solution None Horde 0 0
Last Sénse None Horde 0 0
Late Night None Horde 0 0
Laughing Skull Clan None Horde 0 0
Licht des Morgens None Horde 0 0
Lies and slander None Alliance 0 0
Little Whoop None Horde 0 0
LochNessMonsterCrew None Horde 0 0
Los Papas None Horde 0 0
Los Papas None Horde 0 0
Loudness None Horde 0 0
Love for all pandas EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Lunatic Pandora None Horde 0 0
Magellan None Alliance 0 0
Magellan None Alliance 0 0
Mainraids None Horde 0 0
Malia None Horde 0 0
Me Troll None Horde 0 0
Mightythree None Alliance 0 0
Mindhunters None Horde 0 0
Miracel Wipe13 None Horde 0 0
Mixed Twinkraid None Horde 0 0
Moist None Alliance 0 0
Muffinlog None Horde 0 0
Nachtschattengewächs None Horde 0 0
Nardensheim None Horde 0 0
NDNTB EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Nedda Testlogs None Horde 0 0
Nicht die Mama None Horde 0 0
Night Hunters of Phobos None Alliance 0 0
Nihilum None Alliance 0 0
NO DIPS IN HERE None Horde 0 0
no ragrets EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
No Ragrets EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
NoMatterWhat None Horde 0 0
Noraf None Horde 0 0
Novus Ordo Mundi None Alliance 0 0
Novus Ordo Mundi None Alliance 0 0
Novus Ordo Mundi None Alliance 0 0
Noxn guild None Alliance 0 0
Nur Spielen nicht Hauen None Horde 0 0
Nônne None Horde 0 0
oDio None Horde 0 0
Omerta None Alliance 0 0
oNe None Alliance 0 0
Onyxias Erben EU-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Oops i crit it again None Horde 0 0
Order Sixty Six None Alliance 0 0
Orgrimmars Cowboys None Horde 0 0
OSR None Alliance 0 0
Over-Private None Alliance 0 0
OWSLA None Horde 0 0
Pearls None Alliance 0 0
PewpewLog None Alliance 0 0
PHGP None Horde 0 0
Phiblogs None Horde 0 0
PiTbulls der Horde None Horde 0 0
Power of Justice None Alliance 0 0
Praetorians None Alliance 0 0
Presentiment None Horde 0 0
Prophecy None Horde 0 0
PuG EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
PuG-Mania None Horde 0 0
Purplz None Alliance 0 0
Quark Up None Alliance 0 0
qwertq None Horde 0 0
Ragefire Survival Crew None Horde 0 0
raizuhh None Horde 0 0
Random Raids EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Rebørn EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Reflection None Horde 0 0
Reisbällchen None Alliance 0 0
Reisbällchen Inc None Alliance 0 0
Renascence None Horde 0 0
Renascence None Horde 0 0
rePlay None Horde 0 0
Retter der Bierkultur None Horde 0 0
reverentia None Alliance 0 0
Revertigo None Horde 0 0
riot None Alliance 0 0
Riot None Horde 0 0
Risen Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Rising Gods Randoms EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 0
Rising Phoenix None Horde 0 0
Rising Sun None Alliance 0 0
roffel79 EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
Ruffneck EU-Nazjatar Alliance 0 0
Sanctum des Zwielichts EU-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
Sangue d oro None Alliance 0 0
Scavenger None Horde 0 0
Schergen des Schreckens None Alliance 0 0
Schlächter des Wichts None Horde 0 0
Search of Truth None Horde 0 0
Secret Service None Horde 0 0
Sema/Scrootch Raid None Horde 0 0
Shade None Horde 0 0
Shadow Swords None Alliance 0 0
Siane's None Alliance 0 0
SieUndEr None Horde 0 0
Sjg None Horde 0 0
Sklaven des Blutrausches EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 0
Skyy None Horde 0 0
SMD None Alliance 0 0
Smiled Bandits EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 0
Sololinger None Horde 0 0
Some logs None Alliance 0 0
Somewhere None Horde 0 0
Sona None Alliance 0 0
Soulbound None Alliance 0 0
Southern Guardians EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 0
Starlight EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
Status None Alliance 0 0
Still in Progress EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 0
Still Infected EU-Anub'arak Alliance 0 0
Supreme Justice EU-Nazjatar Horde 0 0
Supreme Justice None Horde 0 0
T2Rage EU-Frostmourne Alliance 0 0
Teelon Log None Horde 0 0
Templers of Doom None Horde 0 0
tesetsets None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
test 1234 None Alliance 0 0
testaton EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Thats Hurt EU-Anub'arak Horde 0 0
Thats it None Horde 0 0
The Catacylsm is a myth None Horde 0 0
The Ordinary Madness None Horde 0 0
The Pain of Infinity None Alliance 0 0
The Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
The Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
Thermamores Elite Garde None Alliance 0 0
Trolltok Logs None Horde 0 0
TrolltokLogs None Horde 0 0
Try Again None Horde 0 0
Twinks Inc None Horde 0 0
Twist of Fate None Alliance 0 0
Ultimate Ðownfall None Horde 0 0
Umbrella Corporation EU-Frostmourne Horde 0 0
Under Construction None Alliance 0 0
Unsterblich None Alliance 0 0
V0llkontakt None Horde 0 0
Valeah Logs None Horde 0 0
VALID None Horde 0 0
Vantage None Alliance 0 0
victrix None Alliance 0 0
We Are Electric None Alliance 0 0
What None Horde 0 0
WhoPulled None Horde 0 0
WiseSun None Alliance 0 0
yalayala None Horde 0 0
Ällikillä None Horde 0 0
Ö M E N None Alliance 0 0
Лолкал None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Encaged, Ambitious!, Ambitious2, Amicorum Causa, AmruhsLogs, AN, Ancients, and the sunshine band, Angel, Angma, Angma, Animositas, Apo, Apocalypse Riders, Apocalypse WoW, Apostel der Apokalypse, Apostel der Apokalypse, Apostel der Apokalypse, Arcanum, Arctic Cycle, Arived of Devils, Arlox, Armagedón, Arras SiS, Arras Sis Grp3, Arrived of Devils, Art of Retribution, Arthas Did Nothing Wrong, Artifice, ArtificE, Arven en Aske, Ascardia, Ascardia, Ascardia, Ascendence, Ascension, ascensîon, ascensîon, asdf, Asesinos, Asgards Elite, Ashbringer, Ashbringer, Ashbringer, Ashbringer, Ashbringer, Ashbringer_tmp, Astraea, Asuras II, AT-Frostmourne, Athropos Guild, Auatisten, Aufstieg, Aufstieg des Bösen, Aufstieg des Bösen, Aufstieg des Bösen, Aufstieg des Bösen, Aufstieg des Bösen, Aufstieg des Bösen, Aulo, Aurora, Aurora, Aut ohit, Avalos' personal log, Avalyn, awesome, Awesome, Axiom, Axt nicht da wo gestern, Ayeah, B l u t s B r ü d e r, B Liga, Bads, Bagugu, Balance of Power, Bam, Bam, Bane, Barad ne Valesh, Barad ne Valesh, Barad ne Valesh, Barad ne Valesh, barný, Bavarian Barbarian Clan, BAZINGA, BDD, BDD SG1, BdH-FF, be water, beat you down, bebop's healing, Becoming Insane, Becoming u. Deathday, Beefs Back, bei Aldi ehrfürchtig, Beltaine, Beltaine, best guild ever, Bestfriends, beta logs, Beyond Heaven and Hell, Bierdurschd_Entertainment, BierdurschdEntertainment, Bierokraten, Bigsteak, Bikini Battle Babes, BIO HAZARD, Blabla, Blabla, Black Revenge, Blackheart Scarabs, blackjackundnutten, Blacklisted, Blacklisted, Blacklisted, Blackmoon Shield, Blackmoonshield, Blackrock n Roll, Blackwatch, Blackwolf Clan, Blackwolf Clan, Blade of the Horde, blasphemy, blasphemy, Blayise, Blaze, bliblablbubb, bliblablub, Blood Diamonds, Blood Nightmare, Blood Nightmare, bloodline, Bloodline, Bloodskulls, Bloodskulls, Bloodskulls, Bloodskulls, BloodWolve, Blood´s, blub, Blub-de-dadel, blubb, blubb, Blutrausch, bluttäufer, Bluttäufer, Bluttäufer, Blutwölfe von Sturmwind, Blutwölfe von Sturmwind, Blutwölfe von Sturmwind, Blutwölfe von Sturmwind, boblog, Bock auf Bashen, Bodi, Bom Chicka Wah Wah, Bomberia, Bone, Bone, Boondock Saints, Born to Kill, brainAFK, BrekkiesTest, Broken Angels, Brotherhood, Brotherhood, Brotherhood, Brotherhood, Brotherhood 2, Brotherhood of Pain, Brothers in Arms, Brouls Guild, Bruderschaft der Söldner, BTM-CREW, Bucketslogs, bumbel, bumbelraid, bumburimbu, Bund der ewigen Flamme, BUnd der Hoffnung, Burst of Flame, Bursting with Flavour, bänkchen ag, Cachet lo rhun Gardh, caedes magnifica, Calypso, CARNAGE, Casuals at Work, Casuals at Wort, cataclysm, Cattlebruiser, cattledebruise, CaW, caw 10man, Celestia, Celestial Sphere, Cellia @ Doomhammer Clan, censored, Cest la vie Cherie, Cest la vie Cherie, Cest la vie Cherié, CF, Chains, Chaos Company, Chaos Theory, Chaosblade, CHECKMATE, Chemical Crew, Cherubim, chilled, Chilled, Chilled, Chilled, CHILLED, Chilled R3, Chilled und Kreuzug, ChilledTwo, Chilleeeeeeeeen, choke on this, choke on this, Choose, Chromatic, Chronicles of Time, Chronicles of Time, Cidoc, Circle of Damnation, Clan des alten Blutes, Classic, Claw, Clockwork Orange, Cocoon, Collateral Adversity, Collateral Adversity, Collateral Adversity, Communitas ex Decem, Comunità del Amici, Concilium Ultoris, Conclusion, Conflict, Conquerors, Considerate, conspiracy, Conspiracy, cool as ice, Corpse, Corpse Grinders, Corrupted, Cosmo, CoT, CoVen, Co|lateral Adversity, Crackheads, Crazy Factory, Crazyfreakz, Crescent, Crixx the Wixx, Cromson's Raid, Cruor Draconis, Crusaders, Crypted, Crystal Blue, Crystals, Cuba Libre, Curse, Custodes Umbrae, Cøsmø, DaltonBros, Daraku, dark descent, Dark Elements, Dark Elements, Dark Moon Rising, DAS BOOT, Das ewige Eis, Das Spiel ist das Ziel, Das Spiel ist das Ziel, Dead End, Dead Rabbits, Death's Demise, Deathday, DeathDay, deaths omen, Decadence, Decent AF, Deeply Disturbed, default, defiance, dejaneiro73, Delicious Torment, Delictum, Delirium, deliverance, Delírium, demesias, demiron, Demolished, Dennis gruppe, Departed, Deppschlauch, DEQ, Der abgebrannte Kreuzzug, Der abgebrannte Kreuzzug, Der abgebrannte Kreuzzug, Der blutige Pfad, Der blutige Pfad, Der blutige Pfad, Der Blutige Pfad, Der dunkle Kreis, Der dunkle Orden, Der Skill jagt uns, aber wir sind schneller!, Der wütende Mob, Der wütende Mob, Derrick, Desecration, Deseros, Desperate Nature, Después del Trabajo, Desthing, Determined, deterrent warning, Deterrent Warning, Deviant, Deviant 10er, deviant mind, Devil's Twinkraid, DevilishDaft, DevilishDaft, DevilishDaft, Devinitas, Devinitas, dgh, Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds, Die Alten, Die Alten, Die Alten, Die Alten - Jenkins Logs, Die Alten - Raid 2, Die Alten aF, Die Alten Ner, die anonymen wiper, Die Anonymen Wiper, Die Anonymen Wiper, Die Anonymen Wiper, Die Anonymen Wiper, Die Armee der Toten, Die Armee der Toten, DIe Blutklingen, Die glorreichen Halunken, Die Glorreichen Halunken, Die Grauen Wächter, Die Grauen Wächter, Die Grauen Wächter (Blau), Die Grauen Wächter (Grün), Die Harrisons, Die Horde, DIE HORDE, Die Knatzel Fiddler, Die kritische Masse, Die Legionäre, Die Legionäre, Die Letzten Legenden, Die Maurers, Die Omanen, Die pwner, Die Trunkenbolde, Die Trunkenbolde, Die Trunkenbolde, die Vergessenen, Die_another_Try, dify, Dirty Bastards, Dirty Circus, Dirty Devils, Dirty Devils, DirtyDevils, Dishonored, Dispatch, Disposable Heros, Dissida, Distillus_Temp, disturbed equilibrium, Disturbed Equilibrium, Disturbed Equilibrium, Disturbed Randoms, Disturbed Souls, Divine Premonition, Divinity, Divinity, Divinus Manus, Divus Agema, Donlod analyzing, Donnermanns lustige Nachmittagsnerds, Doomhammer Clan, Doomhammer Clan, Down, DPs, DPS, Dps is my Religion, Dps is my Religion, DPS is my Religion, Drachen der Dämmerung, Drag Queens, Drag Queens, Dragonriders, Dream, Dreamscapes, Dreamscapes, Dreh den swag auf, droppt nix, drowning cosmonouts, dukb, Dunkelziffer, Dunkle Asatru, DWM, Dynasty, Dynasty, Dynasty, Dämonen der Nacht, E L E G A N C E, easy, easymode, easYplaY, easYplay10, Eat Crit an die, Echoes, echoes twinks, Echøes, Eclipse, Eden, EF BIE EI, EF BIE EI, EF BIE EI, EF BIE EI - Liga, Effective, Effective, Effective, Effective, Effective, Effective, Effective 10er Catafriends, Efflatus Obscurus, Efflatus Obsurus, EHA, Eine Horde Allianzler, Eine Horde Allianzler, Einfach nur IMBA, Einfach nur IMBA, Einzelgänger, Einzelkampfcrew, Eishasenbaener, Eishasenbaenger, El Toupé, El Toupé, El Toupé, El Toupé, El Toupé, El Toupé, El Toupé, el's guild of awesomeness, Elation, Eldorarockz?, elegance, Elementar, Elite Garde, Endless, Endless Hope, Endless Rage, Endstation, Endstation Geistheiler, Endzeit, Endzeit, Endzone, Energy, Enklave, enLightens, Entitled, Entrophy, Entrophy, EnTrophy, EnTrophy, EnTrophy Raid2, Entropie, Entropy, Entropyy, Enyalos, ep at ff, Epidemie, Episch, equilibrium, Erí, Estelliesandaltz, Eternal flame, Eternal Flame, Eternal Flame, Ad Victoriam, Aiden, Allies im Wunderland, Amazing Randoms, ANG, Angels of Sun, Apachen Pub, Arctic Hawks, ascensîon, Avalyn, Battalion of Fear, BestBankEU, Betrunken und Bewaffnet, Big Boss, Blackshadows of Death, Blackwolf Clan, Blaze, Blazing Brood, bOOsn, Born Confused, BurningWheels, BUTTERFLY, Bösê Mädels, CARNAGE, choke on this, chosen few, CloudDragon, Club der dichten Töter, Cogito ergo gummel, conglomerate, Corpse Grinders, Dangerous, Darksteel Demons, das Legat, Dead Rabbits, Defcon One, Diamonds, Die Anonymen Wiper, Die Borki Bank, Die Grabnebel Legionäre, Die Krumbirn, Die letzten Helden, Die Levelgilde, Die Lootolfs, Die Niveaulosen, Die Vorboten der Geißel, Divine revelation, dont cry, Doomhammer Acumen Clan, Doomsday, Draenor Elite, Drunk and Dangerous, Dynamo Dosenbier, Ebenerzpakt, Echøes, Eine Bankgilde, Einzelgänger, Einzelkampfcrew, El banquero, Elite Garde, Epinephrin, Equilibíum, Eternal, eVølutiøn, Ewiges Chaos, extase, Fast Forward, Fejn Kaszabi, FettesNeed, FF, Fist of Zen, Floris Legend, For The Sheep, Forsaken, Fraggels, Frozen Flame, Gamers of War, Gestört aber geil, Gilde zum LvL, Gladbank, Göttlicher Pakt, Hasenclub, Heartbreaker n Lifetaker, Hell Angel, Herrschaft des Chaos, HIVE, Hordies Supreme, Hort of the Horde, Hüter des Glaubens, Idem ius omnibus, Imperial Order, In Memory of All, Infinitely, intensity, Invictus, IT, Jenkins, Jäger der Schatten, Kamikaze, Klingen der Ehre, Knights of Ni, Knüppelköppe, Krypt, La Ultima, Last Solution, Leechers, Lichtscheu, Liquid Death, luna milites, Magnum, Mechanical Dragons, Mein Gildenbankfach, Mortíferus, no entry, no joke, Nordend, Novus Ordo Mundi, Nozzar, Oblivion, oDio, once upon a time, Optik Boom, Orgrimmars Cowboys, P R O J E C T, p y t, Panic aG, PIRATEN, PUMUKEL, Pure Insanity, PvP Wárriórs, Rache des Blutes, Real Estate Holding, Reborn, Red Bull, RedFlag, Redhands, Refused, Remix, Renegades of Dragonmaw, Retro, Revival, Revolution, Rott n Roll, Sang Noir, Schattenpakt, Schlächter des Wichts, Schmoblivion, SchwarzeGarde, Schwerter der Horde, Secret Service, Semper Fidelis, Shadowflame, Shinigami, Simply the Best, Sklaven des Blutrausches, Solid, Stardust, Stille Helden, Stormcatcher, stRAID ahead, Sua sponte, Syn, Sýn, The Big Wipe 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Hellfireangels, Holy Sheep, Hordcore Gaming, In Sorte Diaboli, Interriti Stultissimi, is a wonni, JadeFalken, K R U P P S T A H L, Klingenbrüderchen, Knights of the Republic, Krummhondgenossen, KuhSchubser, Legends of Azeroth, LORDS OF PWNAGE, Magic Of Rock, Mein C tut W, Millionairs Club, Most Wanted, Near Ðeath Experience, Network Knights, Old Age, Oops I Crit It Again, Ossi, PipeLine, Raid X, Rent a Paladina, Ritter der Apokalypse, Sahne Muhmuhs, Schwarzer Phönix, Sepsis, Shadow Swords, SICKNESS, Something Real, Stahlnetz, Technobase, Templers Of Doom, The Blood Crusade, ThE DArk SHanDY, The Deathlords, The Down Servers, The Unleashed, Udder Chaos, Unitas, Voodoo und Kannibalismus, will nur spielen, Zerg teh mine, Affenjungs INC, And Justice For All, Argumentenkreuzzug, Art of Retribution, Aspirants of Flame, Asuras, bamboocha, Bartolomähnen, be Water my Friend, Beschützer von Niribu, BeWaterMyFriend, Bikini Battle Babes, Blood Crying Angels, Bloody Vengeance, Booty Bay Banana Crew, 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n d, Sacrum Imperium, Saints and Sinners, Sakrileg, Salfas, Samoorai meets Traílblazer, Samsung Knox, sb2, Scavemgers, Scavenger, Scavenger, Scavenger, Scavenger, Scavengers, Scepsis, Schatten der Zeit, Schattengarde, Schattenlegion, Scherbatzsky, Schlächter des Wichts, Schlächter des Wichts, Schlächter des Wichts, Schlächter des Wichts, SchwarzeGarde, Schwarzherz, Scum, SdD-Reloaded, SdDR, SdW, Seavus Angelus, Second Soul, seductive, Seele der Horde, Seelengebunden, Seelig, Selbstmord, Semmel_Logs, Semper Fi, Semper Fidelis, Semper Fidelis, Semper Fidelis, Semper Fidelis, Sense of Existence, Sense of Existence, Sense of Existence, SephAndFriends, Seraphim, Seraphim, Servants of Light, Servants of Light, Servants of Light, Servus Potentia, Shadopan, Shadow Swords, Shadow Swords, Shadow Swords, Shadow Swords, Shaguar, Sharding your Pupselz, Sharding your Purplez, Shaving your Ballz, shen an Calhar, Shen An Calhar, Shift, Shining Wind, shinroti, shintori, shizzle/chilled/droptnix/lka, 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