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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
FiLTH EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 103
Remnants of Valhalla EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 70
Relic of Zeus EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 33
The Harpers EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 29
Origin EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 22
Cistembolaget EU-Frostmane 0 21
Classeh EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 21
Durability Unknown EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 21
Times are a changing EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 21
F A D E EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 20
Mojawi EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 17
Quelling EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 15
Spaceship EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 15
The Rift EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 15
Deus Vult EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 14
Naga Stole My Mount EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 14
Warlords of Apocalypse EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 12
ThatGuild EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 11
Desperate Sabotage EU-Frostmane 0 9
Consilíum EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
D M G EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
Ekipa EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 7
The Late Late Show EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 7
Fearless Ambitions EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
Frozen Flame EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
OK Who Pulled EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
STRUGGLE EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
Tribe of Protagonists EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
Veo EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
Swedish Syndicate EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Almost Skilled EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Arc EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Att leva med skammen EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Brutalizer EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Dude where s my mount EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Epicklubben EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Limited Edition EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Mythics EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Synergy EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Adept EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Dial M For Dyslexia EU-Frostmane 0 3
Exiled Champions EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Fortunate Endings EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Galvanized EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
mad cuz bad EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Minut EU-Frostmane 0 3
Silverblade EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Simplicity EU-Frostmane 0 3
The Wake of Gods EU-Frostmane 0 3
Alla talar svenska EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Calibre EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Lone Wolves EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Mutiny EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
North Star Gaming EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Nowaste Bananas EU-Frostmane 0 2
Reunion EU-Frostmane 0 2
Stacked EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
tweet holinka EU-Frostmane 0 2
Warlords of Dark Portal EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
AnV EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Bankomatic EU-Frostmane 0 1
birthady EU-Frostmane 0 1
Catalyst EU-Frostmane 0 1
Datorspel EU-Frostmane 0 1
Eat the Meek EU-Frostmane 0 1
ETT JÄVLA DANSBAND EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Fidelis EU-Frostmane 0 1
Frostmane Conquers EU-Frostmane 0 1
Ghostclass EU-Frostmane 0 1
Gold EU-Frostmane 0 1
Harambe Reborn EU-Frostmane 0 1
Havøk EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
I Like Toast EU-Frostmane 0 1
Job Seekers Alliance EU-Frostmane 0 1
Labyrinth EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Legends of Legion EU-Frostmane 0 1
Myst EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Night Legion EU-Frostmane 0 1
Nightowls OvO EU-Frostmane 0 1
Operation Distract EU-Frostmane 0 1
Security EU-Frostmane 0 1
Shinra Inc EU-Frostmane 0 1
Stoneface EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Swedish Hotdogs EU-Frostmane 0 1
Team EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
The Division EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Trygdekontoret EU-Frostmane 0 1
Znoikas Pojkar EU-Frostmane 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Ascension EU-Frostmane Alliance 1 26
Security EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 948
Valkyrie EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 487
Adept EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 452
Infinite Eternity EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 163
Inept EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 143
Guinness EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 133
Drena's Pugs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 131
Tea Time Gladiators EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 94
Lights Out EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 81
Immersion EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 79
Forgotten Guardians EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 60
Dude Where s My Mount EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 55
Epiphany EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 54
drbono EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 53
GoodGame EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 48
Syndicate EU-Frostmane Horde 0 38
Remnants Of Valhalla EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 37
Templários EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 33
The Returners EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 31
Swedish Syndicate EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 30
Ninth Order EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 29
veo EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 29
Order of Avalon EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 24
Death Pact EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 22
Starscream's Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 22
Transcendence EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 22
kevin EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 21
BEEP BEEP IM A JEEP EU-Frostmane Horde 0 20
First contact EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 20
Ryfari EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 20
NemesÍs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 19
Pagonys EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 19
Simplicity EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 18
HIMLEN EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 17
Notorious EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 17
Nova Blackout EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 17
Void EU-Frostmane Horde 0 17
Ninth Order (2) EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 16
Shattered Hand EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 16
The Division EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 16
Faculty EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 15
Gnomie's Fanboys EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 15
Gaijin EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 14
GoodGame EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 14
Stoneface EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 14
Turbo EU-Frostmane Horde 0 13
Epic Temptations EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 12
EXQ-tupek EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 12
Kaylogs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 12
Zhiyana None Alliance 0 12
Controlled Entropy EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 11
meat and two veg EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 11
Nightcraft EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 11
Pretorianie EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 11
Ekipa EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 10
Exq - Idk EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 10
The Unleash EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 10
Warlords Of Denmark EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 10
Death Pact 2 EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 9
Dude where's my mount R5 EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 9
Lafton Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 9
Ninth Order (Backuplog) EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 9
Revenants EU-Frostmane Horde 0 9
Style EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 9
Allacess Private Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
foxinsox EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
Memento Mori EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
Pantheon Guard EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
Saaky Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
Transcendence EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
War Torn EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 8
Egocentric Bias EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 7
Holy Warriors EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 7
Nemesis EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 7
Nemesis EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 7
Non Phixion EU-Frostmane Horde 0 7
STYLE EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 7
Aydar_logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
Maze EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
TheEnd EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
yurriko EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 6
Angry Wolves EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
BadCrew EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Beliebers EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Clarity EU-Frostmane Horde 0 5
Dqlogs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Drama EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Grey Dye EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Legoko EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Operation Cupcake EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Public Enemy EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
Side Effect EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 5
AnV EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Chillmode EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Durkolicious Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
ekipa EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Enira i jej pety EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Logalol EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Lydus logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
miracly rogue EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Nanque EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Optimus EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Quarantine EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Rolnik EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Skutt EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
tsukostyle EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 4
Waffle House EU-Frostmane Horde 0 4
Ataxus Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Bootyllama EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Deceiver of Fools EU-Frostmane Horde 0 3
Duumsy EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Ecology EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Faculty EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Forgotten Heroes EU-Frostmane Horde 0 3
Galvanized EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Ghostclass EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Job Seekers Alliance EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Kaizen EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Kapaya's Angels EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Kevlar EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Knight of the Temple EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Notorious EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
pyto EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Snowflakes EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
test 123 EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
The Retaliation EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
TheEnd EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Tripp's Runs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
ulti's logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Vajkura EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Vyia EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Warrior Fury/Arms EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 3
Zhellie EU-Frostmane Horde 0 3
All Guts No Glory EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Apocalyptic Eskimos EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Ascended EU-Frostmane Horde 0 2
Babbs Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Bask in the turbulence of my magnificence EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Closed Beta Testers EU-Frostmane Horde 0 2
Crysis EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
F A D E EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Fat pandaz EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Genesis EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Hanna EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Imrama EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
In Excelsis EU-Frostmane Horde 0 2
In Excelsis EU-Frostmane Horde 0 2
In Omnia Promptus EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Indestructible EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Inglorious EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Jyx's Derp Log EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
mad cuz bad EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
matume EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Meow's slaves EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Morose Delectation EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Munksunds Finest EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Neptic EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Nereria EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Nineteen Forty Five EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Roiyaru None Alliance 0 2
Sequence EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Showbiz EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Tauren Took My Gnome EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
Test69 EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
The wolfpack EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 2
vi EU-Frostmane Horde 0 2
Whipe EU-Frostmane Horde 0 2
adél EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Alla Talar Svenska EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Angry Wolves EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
arvi logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
breakout EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Bulankulan EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Candusishawt EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Carls Logs! EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Confederation EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Contingency EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
CORE EU-Frostmane Horde 0 1
Corpus Vile (Arad logs) EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Dawn of Ashes EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Del EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
DPS TESTS Right Here EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Ek logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Elders at Play EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Enfeeble EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
EQX25 EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Exsurge Domine None Horde 0 1
FML EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Joneylogs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Kulkowa dycha EXQ EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
lfr test run EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
lillninth EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Loch modan Yacht club EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
LOGI-BPS EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Merciful None Alliance 0 1
MM EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Muppets EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Nazgul EU-Frostmane Horde 0 1
Neriona Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Nova Blackout EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Pantata EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
PartyCrashers EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
peanut REALITY EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Personal Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Phased EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Polymorphed EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Poontah EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Powerlime EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Powerlime EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
pugzy EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Rebellion EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Rebellion EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Restaurang Mångkultur EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Showbiz EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
SillyLogs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Simple EU-Frostmane Horde 0 1
Snowflakes EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
sugoi EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
SVS EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Test DPS Guold EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
testtest EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
The Blue Oyster EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Turbo EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Turbo10M EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Two Guys One Pug EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Unleashed Fury EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Vacuity EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Verktygslådan EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
wzfell EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Zelenas test loggs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Zyx Logs EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
нарекаю EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 1
Brownies for Breakfast None Alliance 0 0
2211 None Alliance 0 0
A Few Good Fellas None Horde 0 0
Ad Interim None Alliance 0 0
AEP None Alliance 0 0
Akrenite logs None Alliance 0 0
Aldrig tur None Alliance 0 0
Alexya None Alliance 0 0
AlgomaLogs None Alliance 0 0
Alla Talar Svenska None Alliance 0 0
alonee None Alliance 0 0
Anathema None Alliance 0 0
Angry Birds None Alliance 0 0
AnomisTestGuild None Alliance 0 0
Arc None Alliance 0 0
Arc None Alliance 0 0
Ascent None Alliance 0 0
Asgard FM None Horde 0 0
AshintoLogs None Alliance 0 0
Asylum None Alliance 0 0
Ave and Slap's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Avid None Alliance 0 0
Awakened None Alliance 0 0
Bakfylla None Alliance 0 0
Balanced None Alliance 0 0
Bellum Letale None Alliance 0 0
Beyond Gold None Alliance 0 0
Birthady None Alliance 0 0
bla bla None Alliance 0 0
Blank None Alliance 0 0
Blightrise None Alliance 0 0
Blood Pressure None Alliance 0 0
Boomkin Inc. None Alliance 0 0
BRB Slaying Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Brotherhood of saints None Alliance 0 0
Brown Eyed Joe None Alliance 0 0
Brush Control None Alliance 0 0
Calamitatis Consequat None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Diem None Horde 0 0
ChromeonWoL None Alliance 0 0
Clever None Alliance 0 0
Club Arne None Horde 0 0
Collusion None Alliance 0 0
Contingent None Alliance 0 0
Contrafeth None Alliance 0 0
Convergence None Alliance 0 0
Corpus Vile None Alliance 0 0
Council None Alliance 0 0
Council 2 None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Blood None Alliance 0 0
D M G None Alliance 0 0
DaC Peon None Alliance 0 0
Daemonicus None Alliance 0 0
Daemonicus None Alliance 0 0
De Nada None Alliance 0 0
De Vlaamse Borstel None Alliance 0 0
Death Pact None Alliance 0 0
Deazy None Alliance 0 0
Dekyla None Alliance 0 0
DELYOLO None Alliance 0 0
Denied None Alliance 0 0
Diligence None Alliance 0 0
Disrespect None Alliance 0 0
Distortion None Alliance 0 0
Dominita None Alliance 0 0
Dpscheck None Alliance 0 0
Dude Where s My Mount R4 None Alliance 0 0
Dude wheré s my mount raid4 None Alliance 0 0
Duplicated None Alliance 0 0
Dèmo's logs None Alliance 0 0
Déjà vu None Alliance 0 0
EA EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 0
Egna Logs None Alliance 0 0
Elf Preservation Society None Alliance 0 0
Ellundei None Alliance 0 0
Emerald None Alliance 0 0
EmptyPromises None Alliance 0 0
Enfeeble None Alliance 0 0
eom None Alliance 0 0
Essence None Alliance 0 0
Eureka None Alliance 0 0
Euriti's logs None Alliance 0 0
Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit None Alliance 0 0
Exq None Alliance 0 0
Fatale Logs None Alliance 0 0
Faust None Alliance 0 0
Fearless skills None Alliance 0 0
Fearless Skills None Alliance 0 0
Fearless Skills None Alliance 0 0
fellowship of frisk None Alliance 0 0
Filthy Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Freaksoul None Alliance 0 0
From Ashes Rise None Alliance 0 0
FrostPug None Alliance 0 0
Gindamslam None Alliance 0 0
Gladiator EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 0
Gnomelet None Alliance 0 0
GodMode None Alliance 0 0
GoS None Alliance 0 0
GoS - Core None Alliance 0 0
GoS - Soft None Alliance 0 0
Happy Test Logs None Alliance 0 0
Hardcore Casual Squad None Alliance 0 0
Hardcore Casual Squad None Alliance 0 0
Harmony None Alliance 0 0
Haste's test guild None Alliance 0 0
Havoc None Alliance 0 0
Havøk None Alliance 0 0
Health None Alliance 0 0
Herm's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Hero Avenger None Alliance 0 0
Hipsters of Somalia None Alliance 0 0
hklhjkl None Alliance 0 0
Holy Warriors bckup None Alliance 0 0
Hombres None Alliance 0 0
Homesick Aliens EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 0
honey singh None Alliance 0 0
Hurrdidurr None Alliance 0 0
HW Backup None Alliance 0 0
HwoaarangsLogs None Alliance 0 0
Hypnosis None Alliance 0 0
I am awsome None Alliance 0 0
IFA None Alliance 0 0
Immersion 10 man group None Alliance 0 0
In Omnia Promptus None Alliance 0 0
inept None Alliance 0 0
Inept Backup None Alliance 0 0
Inkongnito None Alliance 0 0
Inner Order None Alliance 0 0
Inquill None Alliance 0 0
Insane Vikings None Alliance 0 0
Intolerance None Alliance 0 0
Iron Hand None Alliance 0 0
Irrelevant None Alliance 0 0
Iterum10 None Alliance 0 0
Joe's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Joe's Logs None Alliance 0 0
jojjan private guild None Alliance 0 0
joka_new None Alliance 0 0
just login None Alliance 0 0
Kirikou None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the temple None Alliance 0 0
Knutsons Koriander None Alliance 0 0
Laranja Mecânica None Horde 0 0
Lethal Sources None Alliance 0 0
Libra None Alliance 0 0
Limited Edition None Alliance 0 0
Lissas logs None Alliance 0 0
Llonie's Logs None Alliance 0 0
ln x None Alliance 0 0
log4fun None Alliance 0 0
Logging @ Frostmane None Alliance 0 0
Logs and shit None Alliance 0 0
LpxLogs None Alliance 0 0
LpxPers None Alliance 0 0
Mageinc None Alliance 0 0
Makjamegaguild None Alliance 0 0
mamoh None Alliance 0 0
Marb None Alliance 0 0
Maze None Alliance 0 0
Megaguilds None Alliance 0 0
Merciful None Alliance 0 0
MethHood None Alliance 0 0
Moonglade None Alliance 0 0
Mordazz Guild None Alliance 0 0
mortus Immortalis None Alliance 0 0
MTAP None Alliance 0 0
Muskelklubben None Alliance 0 0
Myriná None Alliance 0 0
Myst None Alliance 0 0
Naeun logs None Alliance 0 0
Nazgul None Horde 0 0
Nemesiis None Alliance 0 0
nemesiss None Alliance 0 0
Neogeo Privat (Ninth Order) None Alliance 0 0
Nerf us please None Alliance 0 0
Nevermind None Alliance 0 0
Nevermind None Alliance 0 0
New Dawn Fades None Alliance 0 0
Nexxtar None Alliance 0 0
Nightborn None Alliance 0 0
ninth order None Alliance 0 0
NO Compromise None Alliance 0 0
NO Compromise None Alliance 0 0
NO Compromise None Alliance 0 0
Nodoa None Alliance 0 0
noidealol None Alliance 0 0
Nollatoleranssi None Alliance 0 0
Nolouploads None Alliance 0 0
Non Phixion None Horde 0 0
Noon None Alliance 0 0
Notorious None Alliance 0 0
Nox Incurro None Alliance 0 0
NoxIncurro None Alliance 0 0
Nínth Order None Alliance 0 0
Of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
ofdttyuio None Alliance 0 0
OK who pulled None Alliance 0 0
OK Who Pulled None Alliance 0 0
OK Who Pulled None Alliance 0 0
OK Who Pulled None Alliance 0 0
OK Who Pulled None Alliance 0 0
Only's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Option X None Alliance 0 0
Origin None Alliance 0 0
Otri- Awakened None Alliance 0 0
Paklydeliai None Alliance 0 0
Pandamonium None Alliance 0 0
Pandashan None Alliance 0 0
Paprika None Alliance 0 0
paratis None Alliance 0 0
Paratus None Alliance 0 0
Partially Digested None Alliance 0 0
PEKACZOLANDIA None Alliance 0 0
personal None Alliance 0 0
Personal guild EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 0
Phalanx None Alliance 0 0
Phalanx None Alliance 0 0
Phantastic None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Pixel's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Plain Lazy None Alliance 0 0
pnau None Alliance 0 0
Polymorphed None Alliance 0 0
PowerballPug None Alliance 0 0
Practice None Alliance 0 0
Pretorianie GR2 None Alliance 0 0
Private dps logs. Zonzie. None Alliance 0 0
Prodigy None Alliance 0 0
Projectilelogs None Alliance 0 0
Public Enemy None Alliance 0 0
Public Enemy None Alliance 0 0
Pure Adrenaline None Alliance 0 0
pytoo None Alliance 0 0
qM Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Rabidus Cattus Era None Alliance 0 0
Raetan None Alliance 0 0
random logs None Alliance 0 0
Ranexs logs None Horde 0 0
Recruit Me None Alliance 0 0
Rejected None Alliance 0 0
Relic of Zeus None Alliance 0 0
Repution None Alliance 0 0
Resonance None Alliance 0 0
Respawned None Alliance 0 0
Retaliation None Alliance 0 0
Retards EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 0
Revenge of the Fallen None Horde 0 0
Rightful Shitstains yo None Alliance 0 0
RoB's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Rogues anonymous None Alliance 0 0
Rothliduuk None Alliance 0 0
Ruffnecks None Horde 0 0
ryfari None Alliance 0 0
Ryfari None Alliance 0 0
Ryfari None Alliance 0 0
S C U M None Alliance 0 0
Sample Log None Alliance 0 0
Samsnug Logs None Alliance 0 0
Sanity Before Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Santilom None Alliance 0 0
Sasorilogs None Alliance 0 0
SCUM None Alliance 0 0
Se Ipsum Explicare None Alliance 0 0
Seriously Casual None Alliance 0 0
Sethica's personal WOL None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Ryders None Alliance 0 0
Shinra Inc None Alliance 0 0
Shroomed logs None Alliance 0 0
slayer None Alliance 0 0
smultron None Alliance 0 0
Solace None Alliance 0 0
solidus'pug None Alliance 0 0
Solveigd None Alliance 0 0
Somewhere I Belong None Alliance 0 0
Somewhere I Belong None Alliance 0 0
Somewhere I Belong v2 None Alliance 0 0
Spark PTR None Alliance 0 0
Splendour None Alliance 0 0
Splendour (Epic Power Team) None Alliance 0 0
SPlendour! None Alliance 0 0
SPrivateLogsMuch None Alliance 0 0
SRaidingLogs None Alliance 0 0
Stor Hest None Alliance 0 0
Strategy None Alliance 0 0
STRUGGLE None Alliance 0 0
Sunmist None Alliance 0 0
Supernova None Alliance 0 0
Sustained None Alliance 0 0
Swedish Syndicate None Alliance 0 0
Switch Over None Alliance 0 0
sylvestralog None Alliance 0 0
Synducaty EU-Frostmane Horde 0 0
Synthesis None Alliance 0 0
Tabardman logs None Alliance 0 0
TardisHardis None Alliance 0 0
Taxels None Alliance 0 0
Tekir Kedisi EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 0
Tembo LFR None Alliance 0 0
Templariusze None Alliance 0 0
TemplariuszeYs None Alliance 0 0
Terra Firmas None Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
Test logs None Alliance 0 0
TESTa EU-Frostmane Alliance 0 0
TestPotatosack None Alliance 0 0
Thchytry None Alliance 0 0
The BlackHand Order None Alliance 0 0
The Expatriats None Alliance 0 0
The Lions Blaze None Alliance 0 0
The Lions Blaze None Alliance 0 0
The Lions Blaze None Alliance 0 0
The Retaliation None Alliance 0 0
The Returners None Alliance 0 0
The Returners None Alliance 0 0
The Returners None Alliance 0 0
The Trinity None Alliance 0 0
TNS None Alliance 0 0
TR None Alliance 0 0
Tribe of Protagonists None Alliance 0 0
Trixianna's logs None Alliance 0 0
Troll vikings None Alliance 0 0
Tryoutortryhards None Alliance 0 0
tsupasland None Alliance 0 0
Turbo None Alliance 0 0
Two Guys One Pug None Alliance 0 0
Uncorrupted Inc None Alliance 0 0
Undan För Pundarn None Alliance 0 0
Unept None Alliance 0 0
unparalleled None Alliance 0 0
Unparalleled None Alliance 0 0
Unparalleledd None Alliance 0 0
uploading a pug None Alliance 0 0
Vajkura None Alliance 0 0
Valdaalogs None Alliance 0 0
valkyriesdestination None Alliance 0 0
Vex None Alliance 0 0
Villmark None Alliance 0 0
Vindicate None Alliance 0 0
Vivians guild None Alliance 0 0
Vocatus None Alliance 0 0
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"РиА", < Atic Atac >, A Few Good Fellas, A Few Good Fellas, AA, Ab Initio, Abellio is awesome, Abo, Ace, Acta non Verba, Acta Non Verba, Ad AstrA, Adayla, Adepto, Adequately Aggressive, ADHD, Aeolas private, Affliction, Affliction, AFGF, After Effect, Aggressive, Aggressive, Airbenders, Airbenders, Alexya Logs, All Guts No Glory, Allydia, Almost skilled, Almost Skilled, Almost Skilled, Almostguild, Alysium, Ambition, Amicorum Sodalitas, Amicus, And an Imaginary Friend, Angered, Angry Wolves, Angry Wolves, Anguished, Anguished, Animus, Animus, Another Cunning Plan, Anseis, Antria, AnV - Omega, Aquila, Arc, Armatu, Ascended Exile, asd, asdasd, Asgard, Asgard, Asgard's angels, Aspire, Atic Atac, Atic Atac, Atic Atac, Avengers, Awesome, B D N, Bad News, Bada Bing, Balach, Balanced, Balanced, Begåvningsreserven, Bespoke, beta testing, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond Gold, Big Natural Crits, blackcrow, Blank, BlazingStreak, Blue Oysters, BobLoblawLawClub, Boomroasted, Bounded, Bractwo Mortiferu, Bractwo Mortiferu, Brain Damage, Brandog, BRB CAT ON FIRE, Breakdownn, BreakOut, Breeze, British Bulldogs, Bronzebeard, Bronzebeards, Brotherhood of Saints, Bruno, Brutal Intellect, Burner, Butle, Bäverdammen, C O R E, Caedes, Canibals, Canibals, Capii the Trial, Caprice, Carly, Carpe Ðiem, Casually Addicted, Challenge Accepted, Chill Mode On, CK, Classeh, CLOWNS, CLOWNS, Consequences, Consilíum, Convicts, Cordis Gravitas, Cordis Gravitas, Cordis Gravitas, Core, Corpus Vile, Corpus Vile, Crimson Blood, Crimson Fellas Utd, CSI Stormwind, CTE, CTRL ALT ELITES, Cubic, Currahee, Czarna Kompania, Czarna Kompania, Czarna Kompania, Czarny Legion, D E A, Daggerwolf, Dark Alignment, Dark Alliance, Dark Insanity, Darnassus Logs, Dawn of Ashes, Dawn of Ashes, Daxster, Death Pact, Death Pact, Death Pact, Debris, Decimus, Decimus, Deck of cards, Deep Blue, Deep Blue, Defiance, Defiant, delete, Deliverance, Dem logz, Demonic Tutor, Deneme, Descendants of Ilúvatar, Desecrate, Dexly, Disco, Disco, Disco, DISCO DISCO, Discrucio, Dissonance, Diviciacus Pug Raids, Divide & Conquer, Divide and Conquer, Divine Gamers, Do it like a Lady, DokiDoki, Domci, Domci, Doqmaster, Double Rainbow, Dragonvälters, Drama Sheep, Drama Sheep, Drama Sheep, Drama Sheep, Dresscode Underwear, Duckfoot's Log, Dude where s my mount, Dude where s my mount, Dude Where's my mount, Duplicated-alt, Dura Praxis, Dycha, Dyma DPS Logs, Dyngstryk, e bay, E bay, EATS CRAYONS, Edge, Efra, Elders At Play, Elementum, elite is leet, Elite Legion, Elusive, Elysium, Elysium, Eneias, Enfeeble, Entering Combat, Entropy, Entropy, Epic Temptations, Epic Temptations, Epiphany, erzal, Etcha, Eternal misery, A Bunch of Gankers, A C C O R D, A Dwarf Stole My Epix, A Few Good Friends, A Generous Guild, A Kodo Ate my Homework, A S K A, A ty fujarke, Absolute Horde, Absolution, Absorbed, Ace Ventura, AcePipes, Ad AstrA, Adagio, Adequately Aggressive, Adieu, Aevum, Affinity, Afforion, After All, Aged to Perfection, Aggressive Authority, Aggressive Brothers, Aggro My Own Vegetables, Aidsfest På Donken, aika hc, Airbenders, Akta Hajen, Albatraoz, Alican HAMAN, All Guts No Glory, All In Balls Out, All inn, Allans Wolfpack, Alliance Dragons, Alliance Vanguard, Allierade Östkompaniet, Almost Easy, Alter, Alterac Snowboard Club, altguild, Alysium, AMBIZLAR, Anarchy Sentence, Angelical, Angry Birds, Angry Rabbits From Space, Angry Wolves, Anguish, Anguished, Annorlunda, Anonymous, Antrum, Anubis Shadowguards, Apans mästerverk, Apex, Apox, Appetitus Exacuerunt, Apricity, ApsiouGitses, Arc Angels, Arch Enemy, Arena Lurkers, Argent Novella, Aria, Arisen, Armageddon Bros, Armored Core, Army Of Hardcore, Artic Grim, Ascendance, Ascension Gaming, Asgard, Ashes to Ashes, Aspire, Assassins League, Asymmetry, AthawBank, Atoms For Peace, Aureus, Aviation, Avid, Awakening, awesome guild pérks, Azores, Back In My Days, BACKPEDAL ADVENTURES, Bacon is good for me, BadCrew, Balanced, BallsSoEpicTheyNeverDrop, Balok De FugFug, Band of thieves, Bane, bangbrosor, Banished Legion, Bank Alts Ltd, Bankarot, Bara Gött Snack, Barrskogen, Basic Synergy, Batman is awesome, Bazinga, Be Chill, Beast, Beast Mode ON, Beast of War, Beep Beep Ima Jeep, belieberS, Below the Radiance, Berzerk, Betongen Represent, Betrayers Reunited, Beyond Harmony, BG Killers, Big Bad Mojos, Big Mac Crew, Billy and friends, Bits N Bytes, Bits Please, Björnstammen, Blackened, Blank, Blessed By Old Gods, BloKuP Inc, Blood Brothers, Blood Drinkers, BloodMates, BloodPact, Bloodthirsty Clan, Bloody Legion, Blue Man Group, Blue Whales, BODY of WAR, Bombardier, Bond, Boomsquad, Born to be alive, Born To Wipè, Borta Bojn, Brave Companions, Brazzer, BRB CAT ON FIRE, BRB Dreaming Sweet, Brb Microwave Dinged, Breakout, Brewmaster, Brimstone, Bring it to the Bank, British Bulldogs, Bro Army, Bronzebeards, Brotherhood of Saints, Brown Eyed Joe, Brush Control, Buklau, Bunny Death Squad, Bunnykids, Burning vanilj, Butterfly, Bäs, Bäst of Elena, Båtklubben, Calamity, CANT TOUCH ME, CasualCraft, Celerity, Celest, Certified, CH Gaming Bulgaria, Challenge Accepted, Champion of the Dawn, Chan, chasing spirits, Chill Mode On, Chilled and Skilled, Choice Mates, Chop Naga, ChopChop, Chrome Leaves, Chuck Norris Army, Cinder, Citius Altius Fortius, Click Click Boom, CLOWNS, Clutch, Coca cola, Coca Cola Crew, Codex, Cold Fire, Cold Virus, Collusion, Concerted, Conquerers, Conqueror, Consecratio, Consummation, Contingency, Contrafeth, Conundrum, Convergence, Cookiedough INC, Corporation, Corpus Vile, Corrupt, Corrupt Living Water, Corrupted Nova, Cousin Jeffs Mansion, CQK, Creative Captivity, Creed, Crimson Blood, Crimson Dawn, Crimson Fellas Utd, Crimson Retribution, Crits Over Hoes, Critz or GTFO, Crumbs, CTRL ALT DESTROY, Cylons, D I A S P O R A, Daemonicus, Dag, Damage Control, Dances with Wolves, Dangerous Zone, Dark Alignment, Dark Alliance, Dark Guardian, Dark Heaven, Dark Knights, Dark order, Dark Raven, Dark Ressurection, Dark Sides, Dark Templar, dark world, Darklight, Darkness of Light, DarkSouls, dat wipe, Dawnlight, De Koekkoeksklok, De Korta Tjocka, de nada, De Nederlandse Bank, De Vlaamse Borstel, Dead Cell, Dead Line, Deadline, Death Angels, death of a dream, Death Pact, Death Zombies, DeathLegion, Deceiver of Fools, Deep Blue, Definition of Insanity, Deliver Us, Demerged, Dennise Pojkar, Dereliction, Descendants of Ilúvatar, Deserved, Desolation, Desperados, Destiny, Det Lite Finare Folket, Diligence, Dirt Nasty Low, Disciples Of Ares, Disco Bar, Disco Gaming, Discworld, Dishonesty, Dissonance, Distortion, Distract, Divide and Conquer, Divinum, DO IT FOR THE HORDE, DO IT LIKE A LADY, DO IT LIKE THE HORDE, Do not join, DOGE, Dolan Squad, Dominus Vitae Necisque, Done the Impossible, DONT PANIC, Dont Stand In The Fire, Double Helix, Dragons Lair, Drakar med stakar, Drama, Drama Break, Drama Sheep, Dread Legacy, Dream Drop, Dreamtale, Droidz, dubbel trubbel, Dude Where s My Bank, Duplicated, DYNAMITE, DyngStryk, Dyst, E X A, Eat A Beaver Save A Tree, Eat My Crit, Echo, Eclipse, Ego, Egocentric Bias, Elders at Play, Elf Preservation Society, Elite Army, Elite is leet, Elite Players, Elite Swords, Elusive, eMazing, Embers Rising, Emerald, EmptyPromises, EN KULA, End of Time, Enfeeble, Enigmatic, Enochian, Entering Combat, Entropy, EPBanksix, Epic Cuteness, Epics är gratis, Epiphany, Episode, Equinøx, Erect, Eternal Dynasty, Eternal Vigilance, Ether, Ethereal, Euphoric, Everbody like epic, Eversio, Evil Dominion, Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, exalted with mc donalds, Exceptionally Mediocre, Exer, Expendables, Expensive Occupation, eXplain, Exq, Exsurge Domine, Extinction, Exíles, Ezira, Faculty, Fahrenheit, Faint, fairydust, Fairytales, Fall of azeroth, Fallout, Fanatic, Fapattack, farmérs, Fat Critters, fat girls cant los, Fatality, FatalRiders, Faust, Fearless Skills, Feckaff, Felix ketchup, Feral Claws, Fifteen Elements, Filthy Dreams, Filthy Gaming, Final Resort, Finale, Finally Famous, Firebomb, Firemane, Firestorm, First Contact, First Try, Fishermans Friend, Fisto, Flames of Eternal Agony, Flamous, Fluffy Ninjas, FOR THE HORDEE, Foreseer, Forex, Forgotten Faction, Forgotten Guardians, Forgotten Hords, Forgotten legions, Forsaken Vengeance, Fourtwenty Snus It, fourtwentyblazeit, Freemasons Guild, Freeze, Freezee Gaming, FriendZoned, From Ashes Rise, Frostmain, Frostmane Casual Guild, Frostmane Furies, Frostmanes Vittne, Frozen Arrows, ftwbank, Fun Hunters, Furious Few, Fury Of The Sun, FUSE, Fusion, fyratjugi kaffe it, Fæle Fyra, FíLTH, Gaijin, Game Of Thornes, Game On, Game Øver, GameEatSleep, Gaming After Eleven, Gamon for warchief, Gamé Over, Gang n Roses, Gank Spit and Repeat, GanksterZ, Geek Squad, GenerationX, Get Rich or Die Grinding, Get Stoned or Die Trying, GetStoned, Ghost the Merciless, Gibbarna IF, Gief Pie Or Die, Gillet före Jaget, GLAD HE ATE HER, Glasbanken, Glory By Blood, Glory In Vengeance, Gnome Exterminators, Gnomelands security, Gnomer Finns Inte, Gnomeregan Security, Go Hard Or Go Home, Godfather, Godlîke, Gods, Gods of the Arena, Godz Of War, Goetia, GoH, Going Down, Golden Dynasty, Golden Eagle, Golden Lotus, Good Life, GoodCrew, GoodGame, Gordicks Guild, GoS, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL, GOVERNMENT, graveyard, Greatest Hits, GreedIsGood, Greedy Gnome, Grey Dye, Grim Dawn, Grotesco, Growing In Darkness, Guardian of Frostmane, Guardians of Darkness, Guardians of Draenor, Guardians of Stormrage, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guards of Eden, Guerilla Method, Guidance, Guided By Voices, Guild Drama Inc, Guild of Coconutdream, Guild of Dragonhëll, Guild of Iroarnet, Guild of Masupawamii, Guild of Nicolas Cage, Guild of Shazamn, Guild Perks, Guildy McGuildface, Guinness, Går med swag i skogen, GØDMØDÉ, had a pie, Halfblood, Hallucinations, Hamartia, Hammer of Light, Han ha skjudet etter far, Hangover INC, Happiness, Happy PvP Friends, Hardcore Casual Squad, Hardcore Levelers, Harlem, Harmony, has a pie, Has Diplomatic Immunity, HashtagYoloSwag, Haunted Memento, Havoc, HeadHuntersHangover, Hear me Roar, Heart Of Frostmane, Hell Reavers, Hellion, Hellscreams Fury, HemBrant, Henchmen, Herbal Essence, Hermanos, Heros Of The horde, Higgs, High Overlords, High Warlords, Highcloaks, Hollands Glorie, Holy Avengers, Holy Legion, Holy Warriors, Hombres, Homesick Aliens, Hooters, Hope of Honor, Hope of the Forsaken, Horde Diplomacy, HORDE INC, Hordecore PVP, Hotz Dotz Kidneyshotz, House Lannister, hrbank, Hugo den Allsmäktige, Hustlers Hideout, Hyat, HyperGuild, I am just here for the G, I believe I can fly, I Donut Know, I N C E P T I O N, I N V A S I O N, iCAPS, Icy and Frosty, ID, iHANGPANG, iLLiDaNz LeeT KrEw, Illidari Council, IM A MUTANT NINJA TURTLE, Imbeciles, Immersion, Imperial Horde, Impreza, Imrama, In Aeternum, In Excelsis, In Excelsis Horde, In Omnia Promptus, Inbetweeners, Incursio, Independent contractor, Inferno, Infinite End, Infinite Eternity, Inglorious, Ingrids Köttbullar, Insania, INSATIABLE, Insidious, Insomniacs, Institutionalized, Intentio, Intolerance, Invictum, IRL is overrated, Iron Hand, Irregardless, Irrelevant, Is The Man, Is Watching You, Ishacka, Iterum, Iunctum Iunxi, Jefferson Starships, Jew of Azeroth, JnC Bizz, Judas Tauren, Juicy Pt Two, JunkBank, Just Do It, Just Kíddïng, K A R M A, KA E DET EG GJØR, Kaffe Drickare, Kaizoku, Kalle Ganka, Kalles Knölar, Kassarlos Homies, Katla, keepers of walhalla, KILLER BRIGADE, Killuminati, Kingdom of Madness, Kings Of Star, Kings of the North, Kings Under The Mountain, Knight of Honor, Knight of The Temple, Knights of Chaos, Knights Without Banners, KNIVEN och PÅGARNA, Knøttliten, Kodokan, Korso Kingdom, Kränkta vita män, Kult, Kushandwizdom, Kääpiöyhteisö, Köttboden, Lack of Cupcakes, Lankompaniet, Lantus, Laranja Mecânica, Last Kings, Latin wild, League of Assassins, League of Azeroth, Legacy Of The Squirrel, Legalise Felweed, Legally Blind, Legends Legion, Legends of Apocalypse, Legio Excisio, Legio Lusa, Legion of Bunnies, Legion of Gods, Legion of Lunatics, Legions, Legosoldaterna, Lejon, Lethall, Levande Rollspel, Lexicanum, Lights Vengeance, Like A Dungeon Dragon, Line, Line Em Up, LIONS TASTE GOOD, Liquid Courage, Little Guild of Beers, LittleBigAlchemy, Loathsome, Lodbroks, Lorem Sanctum, Los Pollos Hermanos, LosTacosPantalones, low lvl noobs, Lower City Locals, Loyalty, Ludus Frostmane, Luminosity, Lunacy, Lungs for sale, Lusitanos, Lutraphobia, Lux Aeterna, Lá Résurrection, Läppäkomitea, M a N i a C z, Maelstormtroopers, Magic of Mescalito, Magma, Magni Nominis Umbra, Majestíc, Malice in Murderland, Malmskillnadsgatan, Malta qties, Malung Snusers, Malus Morium, Mammon, Many Potatoes, Marillion, Massive Killing Capacity, mastergear, MASTERS, Mayhem Over Kalimdor, Me Inc, Medeltidsveckan, mEIGHT, Mellow, Memento Mori, Men of Honor, Men of Mayhem, Menace of the Society, Mentally Disordered, Merciless Angels, Mercout Cheers, Metal Fist, Method to the Madness, Midgard, Midnight Mafia, Midway, Mike on a bike, Mina Vackra Krigare, MINAKO, Minas Tirith, Mind Games, Minimum Wage, Minionerna, Minions of LarsRunke, Minority, Mobbade Barn Med Epics, Modern Dwarfare, Modus operandi, Moist Pagans, Molten, Molten Core Surf Team, Mom Get The Camera, Moon Wrath, Moonriders, MoonShìne, Morfix, Morior Invíctus, Morose Delectation, Mortality, Mortar Comeback, mortus Immortalis, Mother Of Dragons, Motivation, Mudbloods Only, Murloc Ate My Babies, Murloc Stole my Bicycle, Murlocs go RAWLRLARGU, My Beard Was In The Way, Mysik, Mystikal, Mythology, Naga, Nagas In Da Hood, Nagas with Attitudes, Naked Gaming, Naked Sundays, Natural Grace, Nazgul, Nemesis, Nemesís, Nerds, Nerf Us Please, Netflix and Chill, Never Do That At Home, Nevertheless, New Dawn, Next LvL, Nhyx, Night Shadows, Night Watchers, Nightborn, Nightmare On Elf Street, Nightmares of the past, Nine In The Afternoon, Nine Inch Unbuffed, Nine Inches Buffed, Nine Years Later, Ninjas ín Pyjamas, Ninth Order, No, No Comment, NO Compromise, No Remorse, No Social Life, Nollatoleranssi, Nomadic, Noobs with Sandwiches, Nordlyset, Nordéa, Norm and Prot Co, Northern, Northern Darkness, Northern Strangers, Norwegian Heroes, not afk just chillin, Not Sad Honest, Notch Top, Nova Blackout, Nova prospekt, Novus Initium, nox aeterna, Nox Incurro, Noxdie, NTI, Nu äre Fest, Nulli Secundus, Níghtfall, O N E, O o O, Obvious, OddWorldMellowHigh, Old Ascended, Omen, OMG LAZERS PEWPEW, OMGICECREAMTRUCKBRB, Omni, Omnia, Omniscience, OMNOMGANKINGGNOMZ, One And Only First, One More Game, One of the Mons, One Percent, One Trick Pony, OneShot OneKill NoSkill, OnyxiaSlayers, Operation Cupcake, Operation Impending Doom, Operation Steel Rain, Oppa gank em style, Optimus, Optimus Rhyme, Order of Chaos, Otorí, Our Sick Story, Ourbank, Outplayed, Overraided, Page Not Found, Pagonys, Pagønys, Painted World, Palacium regium, Palacium Regium, Panda Inc, Pandamonium, Pandora, Panthers, PaRaDiSe InSaNiTy, Paratus, Patera, Pathogen, Pawn Banker, Pax Romana, peanut REALITY, Penguins, PENTAGON, Perkfiction, Perkomania, Perky, Perkz, Persistence, Perversa Påfåglar, Phalanx, Phantasmic, Phoenix, Picnic Of Love, Pie shop, Pieflavor, Pink Fluffy Unicorns, Pinkspear Tribe, Pixel, Plain Lazy, Platoon of Honor, play hard go pro, Playboyz, Players not Found, Pokémon, Polymorphed, Pontus Slavar, Poontah, Portal, PORTUCALE, Portugal Legion, Post Banken, Post Mortem, Power Rangers, Powerpuff Girls, Praise The Sun, Praktiska Pojkarna, Precision, Pretty Pink Pirates, Primo Victoria, Prince of Persia, Pro Doter, Proclaim, Prodigy, Professional twinks, Proffesionsskill, ProFound, Progress, Promethium, Promoting Time, Propane Nightmare, PROPHECY, ProSpeCt, Protagonist, Protection, Protectors of Karabor, Psykologerna, Public Enemy, purchase me, Pure Adrenaline, Purify, Purple Haze, Purple Nurple, PURPOSE, PVE Failure, PvP Uncensored, Pwners of Azeroth, PwnGold, Pwny Slaystation, Pøwnøgraphy, Quarantine, Quell, Quit, R E D, Rabidus Cattus Era, Radeon, Rage Against Mechanics, Rage Army, Ragnarók, Raiders From Sweden, Raiders of the Weak, RaidLegand, Rainstorm, Rank one, Rapscallions, RavenTail, ReaperZ, Rebellion, Rebirth of Faith, Reborn, Red Alert, Red Conflict, Red Flags, Redline Crew, Reflex, Regenerate, Regenesis, Regnbågsfabriken, Rehabilitation, Rejects, Relativity, Reliance, ReLOG, Remnants, Remorce, Remorse Is For The Dead, REMY MARTIN, Renegadezz, Resolved, Resonance, Respawned, Revenge, revengers, Revolution, Revolution Gaming, RFC on farm, Riders of Brohan, Right click to gank, Rise of the Inquisition, Risen, Roiyaru, Rosenthorns Bank, Royal Alliance, Royal Bank of Arluun, Royal Danish Brotherhood, Ruffnecks, Ryfari, S Maffia, Sacred Ashes, Sacred Azeroth, Sacred Dynasty, Sad, sad face, Safety Ðance, Saltgruvan, Salvation Army, Samurai Hipster Cats, Sanctification, Sanctity, Sanctity Of Brothers II, Sanctuary Gaming, Sand and Stone, Sand in your Vashj, Sanity Sanctum, Sap Before You Tap, Savage Reborn, Save A Kodo Ride A Cow, ScandalBeauties, Scandinavia, SCHWFF AROUND THE CORNER, Scoia Tael, Screamworks, scrilla villa, Scuta, Se Ipsum Explicare, Seasons, Second Nature, Secret Sanctum, Self the one, SemperFi, SENPAI NOTICE ME, Sequence, Serbian Legion, Serendipity, Serenity, Sereníty, SERIOUS NAME, Set Sail For Epicfail, Sha of Pleasure, Shadow Company, Shadow Stalker, Shangri La, Shatterarrows, Shattered Hand, Shattered Legion, Shenanigans, ShenLung, SheSaidSheWasLvlEighteen, Shroomerite, Side Effect, SilenceFour, Silent Assassins, Silver Lotus, SilverHawks PvP, Sin and Serenity, Sine Nomine, six Inches Unbuffed, Skill Capped, Skill Upgrade, skulls crashers, Sky Angels, Slazenger, Snowflakes, Snowfury, SoA, Social Playing Guild, Socially Awkward, Solace, Soldiers of Strength, SOM EN CHEF, Something very Offensive, Somewhere I Belong, Sort Your Grid Out, Soul of the Fire, Soulless, SoulNidus, SoulRippers, Souls of Betrayal, Soulstone, SoulTaker, south will rise again, Space Bound, Sparta, Special Needs, Spectral Raiders, Splendour, Squash all night, Stalwart, Starliege, Stars Of Elune, Status, Steppum, Stoned Muffin Dwarves, Stoneform, STONEHEART, StorageWars, Stord, Stormwind Defenders, Stormwind Elites, Stormwind Knights, Stormwind Trade Company, Stormwind Warriors, Stormwinds Elite Guards, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTOÑ, Stronghold, Style, Styrelsen, Suicidal Optimists, SuicideSquad, Sunmist, Super Phun Thyme, Superannuated, Supernova, Supreme, Supreme Kings, Supreme Voodoo, Susen, Svensk Drake, SVENSKA LANDSLAGET, SWAG NATION, Swagbankxd, Swagby, SWAGHETTI YOLONAISE, Swedish Vikings, SweSub, Switch Over, Sábados Felices, Sóns of Anàrchy, Tabasco, TABOO, Tabula rasa, Tainted Blood, Talent, Tapout, Tatsujin, Tauren Stole My Cookie, Tauren Took My Gnome, Tea Time Gladiators, Team Agency, Team Annihilation, Team Insanity, Team LEGIT, Team QQ, Teetoo, Tekkers Bank, Temmo, Temp Faust, Templários, TenManGuild, TerraNova, the alliance, The Ballers Club, The Bankyz, The Big Shtutz, The BlackHand Horder, The Blood Stalkers, The Brocode, The Burninators, The Cloud Serpents, The Collective, The Covenant, The Crusaders, The Deathwish, The Destroyerz, The Doki Doki Group, The Drunken Sailors, The East Trading Company, The Elders, The Eleteus, The Elit Mailboxservice, The Elite Angels, The Encore, The Exiled, The Exiles, The Fabolous Vikings, The Forgotten, The Forgotten Rage, The Forsaken Circle, The Four Aces, The Frostmane Elite, The Frozen Heart, The Full Power of Gods, The FuTure Is Ours, The Garrison, The Gentlemens club, The Golden Gliders, The Golden Guild, The Guardians, The Horde Republic, The Hyborians, The Illuminatus, The Infamous Grouse, The Inferno, The Last Shadow, The Legionnaires, The Liberators, THE LINE, The Lions Blaze, The Lorewalkers, The Lost Legion, The Lunar Dragonflight, The Lycans, The Majs Eater, The Mentalists, The Miracle, The Night Shift, The Nightmare, The Nights Watch, The nordic defenders, The ones you seek, The Pastries, The Perfectionists, The Phillips, The Pride, The Prodigy, The Promised Ones, The Påintråin, The Rage, The Returners, The Sacmoro, The Secret Defense, The Seekers, The Shadow Retribution, The Sickest Squad, The Singing Sunflowers, the sons of rastafari, The Stargazers, The Strangtun Wolf Pack, The Sweden Bank, The Thieves Guild, The Tone Rangers, The Triple Threat Triad, The Trouble Makers, The ugly Ducklings, The Unguilded, The Vanguard, The Vanguard of Justice, The Witchcraft Gypsies, The Wolfpack, The World Is Mine, The Xtreme Control, TheEnd, TheVikingSaga, Thirteen Inches Unbuffed, Thunder Cloud, Time of legends, Tiny Plaid Ninjas, TipTip, Titan Vanquishers, TOLERANCE, Tomb of the Past, Tomsbank, Touch of Hades, Toxic Veins, Trade Federation, Trade Goods Corporation, Trade Supplies, Transcendence, Trasiga Leksaker, Treason, Trenquility, Triad, TRIFECTA, Trinitý, Triumphatóri, Trocadero, Trolling In The Deep, Trolls, True Blood Brothers, True Kings, Truly outrageous gems, Trumps Authority, Tsibibinia, TT IFA and DI are NUBS, TUGA MMO, Turbo, Turbo Horde, Twerk It Like U Mean It, Twink Cap, Twinkz of Azeroth, Two Guys One Pug, two orcs one cup, two palas only, Two secret union, Typical, U L T I M A, u mad bro, Ubi Capilli Ingredimini, ULPIA VICTRIX, Ultraviolence, umadBRO, Umo, Uncorrupted Inc, Undying, Undying Wish, unforgiving, Unholy Tribe, Unidentified, United Relaunched, Unity, Unleash, Unnecessary Flame, Unspoken, Unstable Alliance, Untamed Fury, Unwanted, UpNDown, Uranium, Ursinhos Carinhosos, Usual Suspects, Valar Morghulis, Valkyrie, Vanisha, Velocity, Velvet Haze, Vendetta, Venture, Veritas, Verktygslådan, Vestige, Vi Köper Epics På Ica, Vi Veri, Vices and Virtues, Vicious Outlaws, vigilant, VII, Vikings of Midgard, Vikings of WoW, Villmark, Vindicators of Azeroth, Vintage Magic, Virginity Intact, Virgins of Azeroth, Viribus, Vis Sit Vobiscum, Vision, Vivere Est Vincere, Vocatus, VoiD, Volatile, Vrede, Väktarna, W E P, W H O, W I P, W R A T H, Walk Alone ALT, War channel, War Torn, Warboars, WarcraftTheWorld, Warnei, WARSONG, Wasp Enterprises, We Are The Chosen, We Are The Horde, We Are The Strategy, We beta tested your GF, We Do Not Back Pedal, We Got This, We Made Fox, Webcamboyz, welcom to the darkside, Welcome pTolv, Western Union, What Is Sap, Whatever, Wheelchair Quartergoats, When in Sodom, WHERES MY SANDWICH WOMAN, Whipe, Who Dares Wins, Whos Your Daddy, Winkeepers, WinRAR, winteriscoming, Wipe Em All, Wipe Fest AB, Without honor, Wolves of Azeroth, Wonderful Weather, Wonka Donka, Woodhill Squad, WORLDSTAR HIPHOP, Worthless, Wow Fegs Wet and Wild, WoW Perk, WoW Perks, Wrath of The Gamers, Wrath of the Norsemen, Wrong Turn, WsG Prø Twiïnks, Wu Tank Clan, WWF, xD, XII, xoxo gossip girl, Yanacocha, YEAH BUDDY, YGGDRASILL, You are not repaíred, Your Argument Is Invalid, Zapped Girls Dont Say No, Zenith, Zero Control, Zlatan in Pyjamas, ZOMBIE SQUAD, Zomg Bankers, Zooitje Ongeregeld, Zux, Ðelirium, Ømega, Eulogy, Everburning Passion, Everlast, evolutíon, 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