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EU-Earthen Ring
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Elysium EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 1095
Nylaathria EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 342
Dungeon junkies None Horde 0 242
Perpetual Motion EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 206
Reivers EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 108
Fury of the Storm EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 69
Divine Misfortune EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 45
Remnant EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 45
Aeon EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 39
From Valhalla EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 38
Servants of the Deep EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 33
Syntax EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 28
Praetoria Imperialis EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 24
Talisman None Alliance 0 22
Obscura Legio EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 21
Death Watch EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 19
Dragon Descendant EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 16
The SeaWolf Crew EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 16
Time and Tide EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 13
Apex EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 11
Enthusiasm EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 11
ShiERShaman None Alliance 0 10
Imperial of Orgrimmar EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 9
Raven Knights EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 9
Team Cobra EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 9
The Reliquary EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 9
Aegis EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 8
Zamey EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 8
Immortal EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 6
Raidlax EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 6
Perfilogs EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 5
Unholy Dawn EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 5
Daybreak EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 4
Heresy EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 4
Murder EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 4
Thy Flesh consumed EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 4
Unity Path EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 4
Cerberus None Horde 0 3
Rapture EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 3
Starfall EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 3
Trash EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 3
Aegis None Alliance 0 2
Balance of Judgement EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 2
Brara's and brodo's logs None Alliance 0 2
Dark Elders EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 2
Nash Equilibrium EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 2
Real A Team EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 2
saeva EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 2
Team EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 2
The Lost Ones EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 2
WRR EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 2
Aegis EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 1
Arrogance EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 1
Casualty EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 1
Dark Elders EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 1
Destiny of Chaos EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 1
DinG EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 1
DizzyGizmo EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 1
ERROR EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 1
FRAGILE EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 1
Hydra EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 1
Immortalus EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 1
Insomnia EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 1
Pantheon of War EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 1
PRESTIGE EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 1
Saradir's logs EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 1
Sketchy EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 1
Smart Casual Raiding Co. EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 1
Synergy EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 1
TDF EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 1
Team Jetpack EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 1
The Logical Cube EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 1
theanorakguild EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 1
WaW EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 1
WoWSLAGs EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 1
--- None Horde 0 0
Aeon-dumdidum None Alliance 0 0
Aesthetic None Alliance 0 0
AFK kings None Horde 0 0
antimatter None Alliance 0 0
Antimatter None Alliance 0 0
Antimatter None Alliance 0 0
Black Rat Society None Horde 0 0
BoyRacers None Horde 0 0
Brotherhood of the flame None Horde 0 0
Cerberus None Horde 0 0
Chunga None Horde 0 0
CriaCuervos None Horde 0 0
Cupcake College None Alliance 0 0
Dark Elders None Horde 0 0
Darkest Hour None Alliance 0 0
Darkmoon Rising None Alliance 0 0
Dawn of the Night EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 0
Defiance None Horde 0 0
Defiant Requiem None Horde 0 0
DoC None Horde 0 0
Doomhammers Legacy None Horde 0 0
dur dur None Alliance 0 0
Elemental Origin None Horde 0 0
Endeavour None Alliance 0 0
Equinøx None Alliance 0 0
Essence None Alliance 0 0
EXILES None Alliance 0 0
F R A G I L E None Alliance 0 0
Falconherder EU-Earthen Ring Horde 0 0
Flawless None Alliance 0 0
ForceandStyles EU-Earthen Ring Alliance 0 0
Freedom Call None Horde 0 0
Freedom Call None Horde 0 0
Freedom Call None Horde 0 0
Friends United None Alliance 0 0
Goes To Eleven None Alliance 0 0
GRA None Alliance 0 0
Haaz's logs None Horde 0 0
Hamsterz None Horde 0 0
Hanue None Horde 0 0
HaveN None Alliance 0 0
Hegemonia None Alliance 0 0
Hegemonia 2 None Alliance 0 0
Hell Rejects None Alliance 0 0
Honica'sLogs None Alliance 0 0
Hope None Alliance 0 0
Horde of the Night None Horde 0 0
Imaginary None Horde 0 0
Immune to Psychology None Alliance 0 0
is it dead yet None Alliance 0 0
JukzoulLFR None Horde 0 0
Kishi Kaisei None Horde 0 0
Knights of Tirisfal None Alliance 0 0
Last Man Standing None Horde 0 0
LFR Logs None Horde 0 0
Lights of Elune None Alliance 0 0
LiSe None Alliance 0 0
Memory of Storms None Alliance 0 0
Mischief and Mayhem None Alliance 0 0
Narthe None Alliance 0 0
Nash Equilibrium None Alliance 0 0
nazrack None Alliance 0 0
No Progress None Horde 0 0
Omnivore None Alliance 0 0
Omnivore None Alliance 0 0
Orbis Patronus None Alliance 0 0
Pariahs None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix None Horde 0 0
Phoenix Tears None Alliance 0 0
Prestige None Alliance 0 0
Prophecy EU-Darkmoon Faire Alliance 0 0
Qpakland EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 0
Raider of the Last Tier None Horde 0 0
Rapture None Alliance 0 0
Refugees None Alliance 0 0
Risen from the Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Sereníty None Alliance 0 0
Shav None Horde 0 0
Sinners None Horde 0 0
Sona si Latine loqueris None Alliance 0 0
Sona si Latine Loqueris None Alliance 0 0
Spin to Win None Horde 0 0
Synergy None Horde 0 0
SYNERGY None Horde 0 0
Syntax None Alliance 0 0
TA dump None Alliance 0 0
Team Awesome None Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
testikilta666 EU-Darkmoon Faire Horde 0 0
The Asylum None Alliance 0 0
The Coming Curse None Alliance 0 0
The Legacy None Alliance 0 0
The Legion Of Honor None Alliance 0 0
The Origin None Horde 0 0
The P None Alliance 0 0
The Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
The Voice of the Forest None Alliance 0 0
This is not a guild None Alliance 0 0
Ultimate Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Valkfus Logs None Horde 0 0
Vanguard of Valor None Alliance 0 0
Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Warborn None Horde 0 0
We Pew For Whisky None Alliance 0 0
We Pew For Whisky None Alliance 0 0
We Pew For Whisky None Alliance 0 0
Where Murlocs Dare None Alliance 0 0
Xbreak None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

1976, 35 hz, , A Magyar Horda, abscissa avirescit, Abscissa Virescit, Abused Immortality, Advent Knights, Adventurers of the Harp, aegis, Aeon-Fails, Aeon-Fails, Affray, after dark, After Dawn, AIE GUP, AIE Noogie Nights, AIE-ILEOTS, Alias, Alpha, Amazon, Anarchy, Anathema, Ancient Knights, Antimatter, Antimatter, Apex, Apex, Apex, Apex, Apex, Armageddon Test, Ars Invictus, Artifex, Artifex, Ascent, Asylum, Atta Tirini, Aveli, Avenging Dragon, Axiome, Azeroth Bucanneeers, B L A Z E, B L A Z E, b squad, Balance of Judgement, Beeknights, BLADE, Bleak Cabal, Blind faith, Blind Faith, Blood Fist, BloodThistle Cartel, Brides Of Salem, C O R E, Castellum, Casual, Casualty, Cavalieri della Luce, Cavalieri Della Luce, Cerberus, ChainmailTemp, Chaosphere, Chaotic Perfection, Chapter House, Chezadhul ER, Chillout, Cloud Mountain, Cloud Mountain, Comraidery, Court Of Valor, Crazy Horde, CriaCuervos, Crusaders, Danish Casual Raiders, Dark Chaos, Dark Elders, Dark Elders, Dark Embers, Darkest Hour, Dawn of the horde, DE, Deathwings Nemesis, Decay, Decus et Veritas, Defiance, Defiance, DEFIANCE, Despair, dirt, disgrace, Disgrace, District XI, Dizzy Gizmo (10M), DMF Pugs, DMF Vengeance, Dominio Di XXV, Dominio Di XXV, Dominio Di XXV, Dongsquad420, Doodle, Double Edge, Dragonhunters, Dragoren, Drasp, Drinkers Delight, Dritts dumps, drodoo, Dryadne's Personal Log, Dumdi, Dumdidum, Dumdidum, Earthen Alliance, Echo, Eclipse, Elysium, Emerald Vortex, Emerald Vortex, Emerald Vortex, Endangered Species, Endangered Species, Enthusiasm, Enthusiasm, Epics från ICA, Err, Eternal Crusaders, Etron, Etron, Abscido, Acta Sanctorum, Aegis, Aeron, Alter Ego, Ancient Knights, Ancients, Antimatter, Apex, Arathorian Geographic, Armageddon, Army of Angels, Artifex, Ashes to Ashes, Avaritia, Balance of Judgement, Banshee Windrunners, Below Zero, Best Intentions, BestGuildDMF, Blackfang Syndicate, Blackram Trading Inc, Blacktalon Family, Bless my Murloc, Blind Faith, Bloodhounds, Bloodthistle Cartel, Bloody Valentine, Blue Sun, Born Again Hard, Bosses for Breakfast, Canabalistic, Cannonball Runners, Causality, Champions of Lordaeron, Champions Of Scourge, Children of the Night, Colobos The Crab, Contraband, Contract Slayers, Crimson Avengers, CRIMSON FALLS, Crusaders Of The Light, CrYSiiS, Crystal Legion, Czarna Kompania, Dark Elders, Dark Lion, Dark Mythology, Darkshire Guard, Death or Cake, Death's Bane, Defenders, Defiance, Descendants of Deathwing, Deviant Behaviour, Devout, Dragon Circadian, Dragon Descendants, Dragon riders, Dragonfighters, Durins Day, E N I G M A, Eburi Knights, Elemental Origin, Elven Skyguard, Embers of Lordaeron, Emerald Lions, Enthusiasm, Exalted with Repair Bots, Expectation, F A T E, F R A G I L E, Faceless Assassins, Fallen Angels, For The Alliance, Forsaken Soldiers, Fort Knôx, foxy, Freedom Call, frostfire warriors, Fíghters of the Moon, Ghettodacii, Goliathus, Grief of Cenarius, Gryffindor, Gumowa Korona, H a v e N, Hashshashins of the Sun, Heartless, Hell angels, Heresy, Highlander, Holy Pilgrimage, Hope, Hordewood Bound, HSD, Imma not evil Honest, Immortal, Immunity, In hoc signo vinces, Insignia, Instanced, is it dead yet, Jordmors Söner, Kalonia Worldwake, Kingz, Kiss my Murloc, L E G E N D, Leaders of the Jungle, League of Parents, League Of Silent Watcher, legends of the light, Liberated, LIVANELI, Lore and Order, LUPUS IN FABULA, M A N I X, M E N T A L, Madalines Captors, Meep, Meme, Ministry of Silly Walks, Morgans Chase, Murloc Legion, Mystica Reunited, Nab Ltd, Narcotic, Nessys Wrath, New Hope, Nightbreed Of Gilneas, Nightwatch, Nnzndare, North Bears, Northstar, Novamute, ObiWanShot, Obscura Legio, Obsessions, Obsidian Dragonflight, Omnivore, Our server is down AGAIN, Pandas United, Pandémonium, Pariahs, Pirates of the Cold Sea, Pride of the Alliance, Prime Carry, Project M, Project Sixty, PURGATORIUM, Rapture, Red Dawn, Regiment of Stormwind, Reivers, Remembered, Risen From The Ashes, Risen from the Socks, sabertooth, salvation, Scarlet Crusade, Secret of the Phoenix, Shadow of Darkness, Shari Adune, ShowTime, Silver Daggers, Sincerity, Siu Siak, Sketchy, Skies of Arcadia, Slags of Stormwind, SmashSmashSMASH, Smogovci, So long, Sons of Lothar, Starlight Complex, Stormborn, Such a Hassle, Super Best Friends, Swiftmend, Tenacity, The Asylum, The Azeroth Guardians, The Bank Job, The Biggles, The Blood Diaries, The Blood of Victory, The Brawlers, The Brew Crew, The Brotherhood of Arms, The Coven, The Crimson Tide, The Danish Force, The Double Edge, The Echoes of Honor, The Firm, The Golden Coffin, The Golden Order, The Headless Horsemen, The Immortal Dreamers, The Leafmane Clan, The Lionhearts, The Lost Legion, The Lost Ones, The Masquerade, The Mystical Void, the Nameless Ones, The Painful Truth, The sacred crest, the Seer, The Silent Watchers, The Stone Age, The Tiny Machos, The Undercity Bakery, The Vilhan Crusade, The Whitewind Family, THEY SEE ME TROLLIN, Third Street Saints, Thunderhawk Regiment, Troll Ops, Trucido Hostium, Tuga Power, Twilight Haven, Twins, Valhal, Vanguard of Valor, Vanquished Crusaders, Vatoslocos, Vengeance, Vicious, Vikings, Vulnera Sanentur, Weekend Warriors, Wine And Dine, WoW Bank, Wow Im in a Guild, YARR, Yee haw, Young At Heart, Zelazna Korona, Adventurers of the Harp, Aeon, Affys Stash, Ally Power, Amazon, Ancients Of Azeroth, Arabian Nights, Arkham, Ashwood Traders, Astralis, Asylum, Atonement, Azeroths Defenders, Beholders of the Dawn, Black Rat Society, Blood and Bones, Blood and Glory, Blood Guards, Burning cold, Celestial, Cerberus, Chasing Shadows, Check Your Privilege, Cirkus Fanclub, Company of hard nature, CrAzY BuNcH, Crazy Horde, crazyffion, Dark Mercenaries, Dark Rose, Dark Souls of Perdition, Dawn of Corruption, Dawn Of The Night, Death Watch, Decay, Deeprun Tram PokerClub, Defiance, Delmoore Organization, Destiny of Chaos, Doomhammers Legacy, Draco Noir, Dragonic Workshop, Drenai, Eightball, Elgoraths Little Legion, EnThralled, Excessum, Fabulous, FalafelKungen AB, FBV Warriors, Fellowship of the Pony, Fists Of Justice, For the Light, Forsaken Praetorians, Frozen Dawn, Fury of the Storm, Game of Gnomes, Gates of Midian, goblins is frends, Goddess, Goldrinns Pack, Grey Knights, guild of fortitude, Half cut Heroes, hear a lion, Heavens Blade, Hegemonia, Hollands Glorie, Horde of the Night, Horde Pwners, Illuminated, Impending Doom, Imperial of Orgrimmar, Infamy, Kakaobanden, Keepers of Eight, League of the Horde, Legion of Gnomes, Maelstrom Swim Team, Make warcraft not love, Mea Culpa, Memory of the Titans, Might of the Horde, Mighty Outlaws, Minister of Coin, Mistborn, MLP, Muchu Mojo Mon, Mutiny, Mystical, Natural Horde Killers, Nightmare on Elf Street, Ninjas With Attitude, Nirvana, No Emos Allowed, No More Swtor Nightmares, No Progress, NoMercy, Nylaathria, Oestregen Tea Party, Orbis Patronus, Order of Chivalry, Order of the Raven Blood, Ostarim Tel Niasa, Pact of Wolves, Path of the Darkmoon, Perdition, Piratebay, Primo Victoria, Profit and Loss, Project AH, Prophets of the Dawn, Quorum, Raging Thunder, Raven Knights, Ravencrest Knights, Remnant, Revelation Brigade, Rikkad ja Ilusad, Savage Tribe, Savages of Orgrimmar, Seventh Legion, Shadow Moon, Sheldonia, Silver Shields, Silversong Explorers, Sturdy Bank Clerks, Tea for Two, Team Awesome, The Blazing Order, The Chaos Moon Clan, The Dragonfire Warrior, The Edge Of Sanity, The Frostwolf Clan, The Gentlemens Guild, The Hellions, The Kindred Spirits, The Lords of Darkness, The lost Crusader, The Lost Outrunners, The New World Order, The Old School, The Phattening Raiders, The Reluctant Savages, The Rotten Rats, The Stormwind Mafia, The Violent Hangovers, The Wulfpack, Time and Tide, Tormented Ascendant, Unholy Dawn, United by Blood, Unity Path, Untamed, Viva La WoW, void, Vuotin varasto, Warriors of Insanity, WaW, Westfall Brigade, Wicked, World of Economy, Zakon Szarego Wilka, Ztoragyz, Ðuty, eXe, EXILES, Exodus, F R A G I L E, Fable, Facerollers, Fail, Failing Upwards, Fallen Tranquility, Fallen Tribe, Famine, Fear And Loathing, Fire and ice, First Born, First Born, First Born, Flaskamadness, Floor Tanks, Fools, Force of Wíll, Forsaken Soldiers, FRAGILE, Frail Lives, Frail Lives, Freedom Call, Freedom Call (2nd team), Friends United, Friends United, From Dusk Til Dawn, From Dusk Til Dawn, Frozen, Frozen Dawn, Fun Alt ICC, Furr Balls, Fusion, Fusion, Gaftest, GeneXII, GeneXII, Ghettodacii, Ghettodacii, GhettodaciiK, Gladlyn's Raids, Glic, Grace & Glory, Grim Business, GuildRequirementSucks, Halls of Blind, hege, Hegemonia, Heresy, Heritage of Hellscream, Heritage of Hellscream, Hexon Altar, Homicidal Maniacs, Horde of the Night, Horde Of The Night, Horde Of The Night, House of Asylum, House of Asylum, Huntior, Hyde, Hydra, ibothme services, ICCTest, Iftel, illidan, Illidan, Immortal Chaos, Immune to Psychology, Infamy, Infamy, Inglorious Basthordes, Insane Disciple, Insignia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Iron Will, Iron Will, Isovia, Isovia, Isovia, ITP, Its All In The Hips, jerks guild of jerking, Kamehameha, Keepers of Eight, Kings and Aces, Kingz, Kishi Kaisei, Kittehh, Kokiná's Logs, KotO, Küla, Lake of Fire, Legion of Honour, Legione del Tuono, Liberated, Liberated, Liberated, Liberated, Liberty Calls, Lick, Lick&BadLick, Lights of Elune, LIOM, LoA, LoA, Lobotomy, lolski, LoottrainB, Lords of Azeroth, Lost Chapter, Lost Numbers, Lycose, Malfaire, Markus Log, Mazsola, Method to Madness, Midir, Might, mirrorphase, Mirrorphase, MM, Moo!, Moonligh Sonata, Morbid Raiding, Morbid Raiding, MRP, muh, my guild, My Guild, my little pwny, MyHorde, Myra Tyrngaarde Fan Club, Myta inte, N/A, nab ltd, Nanofied, Natural horde killers, Natural Horde Killers, Navy Seals, Nequam, Nequam, New Found Legends, Nex Insisto Nos, Nightbreed of Gilneas, Nightbreed Of Gilneas, Nightfury, Northern Lights, Northern Lights, Nubs, Numberslol, Oath, Obscura Legio, Obscura Legio, obsessions, Obsessions, Obsessions, Obsessions, Old Guild, Old Times, Oldnewt , omglolbah, Omni, Omni, ompalompa, one vision, OneVision, Oomjin's Stuff, Orchidee, Order of the Lion, Order of the Lion, Ordo Sanguinis, Ordo Veritas, Origin, PabloLuigi, Pact of Wolves, Pact of Wolves, Pact Progress, Pact Progress, Paradoxx, Pariahs, Pathfinders, Payitforward, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition, Perpetual Motion, pheonix, Phial of Phail, Phobia, Phoenix Tears, Phoenix Ters, PI , Pink Paw Inc, Pitr goes WoL, plainogg, Plankton Raids, Police, Police of Earthen Ring, Positivity, Positivity, Praetoria Imperialis, Prestige, Prestige, Prevailing Light, PRIME, Privet Logs, Project Dawn, Project Dawn, Prophecy, Provenance, PuG #666, Pugguild, Purple Haze, Purple Haze, rakuen, Rakuen, Random4711, Ravaging Savages, Reborn of the Ashes, Red Panda Army, Red Sun Crusade, Redemption, Reiny, Remnant, Renegades of ToT, Requiém, Restricted, Riders of the Apocalypse, Rites Of War, roguesrus, Ruthless Earth, sandcat, Saos Tera, Savage Tribe, Saélín, Semper Fi, sephiroth, Sere Vala, Serokin, Servants of the Deep, Shadire Sucks, Shadow Exiles, Shadow Wardens, Shen an Calhar, Shivved, Show Gnomercy, Sid's Guild, Silent Wrath, Silver Assension, Sincerity, Sincerity, sine codex, SineCodex, Sinners, Sinners, Skull marks the Treasure, Slayer of Paladins, Smogovci, Smogovci Alijansa, So What, Souls of Sion, spin to win, Splink's Test, Squirrel Legionnaires, Stormshapers, Subliminal Power, Supremacy, Swiffle, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, Synthesis, Synthesis, taco time, tadaaa, Tainted Turtles, Tastes like Burning , Team Awesome, Team Indy, Team Jetpack , Team Laser Explosion, Team Laser Explosion, Team Rocket , Tears of Draenor, Temperance, TempGuild, Templars of Quel Thanas, test, test, test, test, Test, Test, TestByGwyin, Testguild 123, The Asylum, The Betty Horde Clinic, The Brew Crew, The Crew, The Dark Blade, The Dark Stalkers, the Dedicated Few, the Dedicated Few, The Dedicated Few, The Diet of Wyrms, The Double Edge, The Exalted Legion, The Faithful, The Faithful, The Hellions, The House of Smaug, The Illuminati, The Irresponsibles, The League, the legion of honour, The Light Brigade, The Lionhearts, The Logical Cube, The Logical Cube, the mad badgers, The Masquerade, The Mean Machine, The Mutiny, The New World Order, the phoenix lords, The Phoenix Lords, The Raiders, The Reliquary, The Reliquary, The SeaWolf Crew, The Shadow Council, The Torment, The True Flight, The True Flight, TheDannyBoy, TheLegacy, Thordun, Thordun, Thorold<3<3EREU, Thy Flesh Consumed, Tides of Chaos, Titan Alliance, Titan Alliance, TLE, Toxic Avengers, Tracy's Own, Tranquility, TrickyGuild, Troops of Tomorrow, Tsujigiri, Tusks and Horns, Twiglets, twisted tranquility, Twisted Tranquility, Twisted Tranquility, Tyríon, Ultimate Wrath, Ultimate Wrath, United By Blood, United By Blood, Unlimited, unnameable, Unobtainium, Upwards, Upwards, Uranicus vires, Uranicus Vires, Valarr, Validus, Vandroiy's Private Logs, Vanguard, Vanguard of Valor, Vanguard of Valor, Vanguard of Valor, vatos locos, Vendetta, Vendetta, Vengeance, Vengeance, Vengeance, Veriloquus, VI II, Vita activa, Vivus, Vivus, Voice of the Forest, Voice of the Forest, Voice of the Titans, Voodoo People, Voodoo People, Voodoo People, Wardan, Weekend Warriors, weewarrior, Welshie Guild, WhattheF, White rose raiders, Wicked, Wine and Dine, winterhearts guild, WinterKnights Raid Alliance, Wintermane Expedition, Wipex, Woden, WoL testing, WolTest, Xenon, Xereva, xxx, YepYep, Yomatt, Za Cest a Slávu, Za Čest a Slávu, Zenobia, Zexytime, Álthea, Ílluminati, Òrigin, Útrásarvíkingarnir

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