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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
NF EU-Durotan Horde 7 114
testguildpleaseignore EU-Tirion Alliance 2 202
Effect EU-Durotan Alliance 0 226
Noire 2 EU-Tirion Alliance 0 208
Dystopia EU-Tirion Alliance 0 159
Die Kinder Teldrassils EU-Durotan Alliance 0 97
Wächter des Lichts EU-Tirion Alliance 0 96
Fenrir EU-Durotan Alliance 0 88
SoullesS EU-Tirion Alliance 0 86
Legion of the Ghosts EU-Tirion Alliance 0 70
Not Enough EU-Tirion Alliance 0 50
critical luders EU-Durotan Horde 0 48
Face The Rage EU-Durotan Alliance 0 45
SinLeeSaints EU-Tirion Alliance 0 44
Milch RISES EU-Tirion Alliance 0 41
eXcubitor EU-Durotan Alliance 0 32
Infinitas EU-Durotan Alliance 0 29
Ayahuasca EU-Durotan Horde 0 25
cookie pirates EU-Tirion Alliance 0 25
Hawkes Logs EU-Tirion Alliance 0 20
Hejlla's World EU-Tirion Alliance 0 19
NecroRaids EU-Tirion Alliance 0 19
Miracle of Resurrection EU-Tirion Alliance 0 17
Moefina Raids EU-Tirion Alliance 0 16
Unbound EU-Tirion Alliance 0 16
random EU-Tirion Alliance 0 14
Sweetdevils EU-Tirion Alliance 0 14
Tertium Sancio EU-Tirion Horde 0 14
Thralls Garde EU-Tirion Horde 0 14
Aepix EU-Durotan Horde 0 12
Equilibrium EU-Tirion Alliance 0 11
Das Tribunal EU-Tirion Alliance 0 10
Deathproof EU-Tirion Alliance 0 10
Jormungarfarm EU-Tirion Alliance 0 10
Last Chapter EU-Durotan Horde 0 10
The Lone Gunmen EU-Durotan Horde 0 10
WdL EU-Tirion Alliance 0 10
Drankan EU-Tirion Alliance 0 8
Face the Rage EU-Durotan Alliance 0 8
Sick and Twisted EU-Tirion Alliance 0 8
Tronic Reloaded EU-Durotan Alliance 0 8
VL EU-Durotan Alliance 0 8
Homeless Dudes EU-Durotan Alliance 0 7
Guardians of Fantasy EU-Durotan Alliance 0 6
LFRguild EU-Tirion Alliance 0 6
Malfunction EU-Durotan Horde 0 6
Memyselfmine EU-Tirion Alliance 0 6
prodigy EU-Durotan Horde 0 6
Ten Monkeys EU-Durotan Alliance 0 6
Bathaqar EU-Durotan Alliance 0 5
Blutschwur reloaded EU-Tirion Horde 0 5
Die Macht EU-Tirion Alliance 0 5
Jin's Random Logs EU-Tirion Alliance 0 5
KD EU-Durotan Alliance 0 5
LB EU-Tirion Alliance 0 5
Noire EU-Tirion Alliance 0 5
PoWWoW EU-Tirion Alliance 0 5
Rnd Name EU-Tirion Alliance 0 5
ThE HorDiGaNs EU-Durotan Horde 0 5
Verlorene Legion EU-Durotan Alliance 0 5
Advocati diaboli EU-Durotan Alliance 0 4
Bergfrieden EU-Durotan Alliance 0 4
Carpe Diem EU-Tirion Alliance 0 4
Deja vu EU-Tirion Alliance 0 4
Effective EU-Tirion Alliance 0 4
Ironfists of Ironforge EU-Durotan Alliance 0 4
ISA RAID EU-Tirion Alliance 0 4
Thralls Garde EU-Tirion Horde 0 4
Allies im Wunderland EU-Tirion Alliance 0 3
Heresy EU-Durotan Horde 0 3
Kakuriyo EU-Durotan Alliance 0 3
Nocne Marki EU-Tirion Horde 0 3
Sunarlogs EU-Tirion Horde 0 3
The Forsaken Ones EU-Durotan Alliance 0 3
Allies im Wunderland EU-Tirion Alliance 0 2
Bund der Drachenklaue EU-Tirion Alliance 0 2
Celembris EU-Durotan Alliance 0 2
Dalaran Dragons EU-Tirion Alliance 0 2
Emotionaalprivate EU-Durotan Horde 0 2
Guardina of the Sun EU-Durotan Alliance 0 2
Kakuriyo EU-Durotan Alliance 0 2
La Cosa Nostra EU-Durotan Horde 0 2
Legendary EU-Durotan Alliance 0 2
Nyratic and Dytonic Alts EU-Durotan Horde 0 2
reflection EU-Durotan Alliance 0 2
RND EU-Durotan Horde 0 2
Stamm raid EU-Tirion Alliance 0 2
Twinky EU-Durotan Alliance 0 2
Whateva EU-Durotan Horde 0 2
Ad Fontes 2.0 EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
AEON EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Angriff des Drachenclans EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Audi et alteram partem EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Aurea Arcantus EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
corvus mortis EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Der Drachenclan EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Dero EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Devils of Apocalypse EU-Durotan Horde 0 1
Dsôn Aklan EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Event Horizon EU-Durotan Horde 0 1
Holunderbuschfeencrew EU-Durotan Horde 0 1
Holunderbushfeencrew EU-Durotan Horde 0 1
I am Batman EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Just Do It EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Kekse EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
KULT EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Käsekuchen Gaming EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Legendary EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Lost Eternity EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
mädchen sind doof EU-Tirion Horde 0 1
Nordlichter EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Omerta EU-Durotan Horde 0 1
pity the fools EU-Durotan Horde 0 1
Privatetest EU-Tirion Horde 0 1
Respawn EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Rhonin-Raid's (npng) EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Surge EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Teast EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
twinktown EU-Durotan Horde 0 1
Unikate Rahien Sorei EU-Durotan Alliance 0 1
Wächter des Lichts EU-Tirion Alliance 0 1
Ad Fontes None Alliance 0 0
AdD None Alliance 0 0
Affinity None Alliance 0 0
Agent Orange None Alliance 0 0
Agent Orange 1 None Alliance 0 0
Akademie des Chaos None Horde 0 0
Allies im Wunderland None Alliance 0 0
Amici Noctis None Alliance 0 0
arome None Horde 0 0
Ars Moriendi None Alliance 0 0
Awenasa None Alliance 0 0
Axis of Awesome EU-Tirion Alliance 0 0
Behüter Umathums None Alliance 0 0
bEquieT None Horde 0 0
Betterwipe / United Legion None Horde 0 0
Bhikkhu's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Bjelken None Alliance 0 0
Black Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Blood Brother None Alliance 0 0
Blutschwur Reloaded None Horde 0 0
Blutwölfe None Horde 0 0
Blâck Phoenîx None Alliance 0 0
BotD None Horde 0 0
BP-Poeh None Horde 0 0
BP-Tirion None Horde 0 0
Bulldon EU-Durotan Alliance 0 0
Castiel´s Logs None Alliance 0 0
Cead mile Failte None Alliance 0 0
Cheveyo None Alliance 0 0
Chibby and friends None Horde 0 0
Chromylogs None Alliance 0 0
Chuck Norris Fanclub None Alliance 0 0
Concept X None Alliance 0 0
Contineo None Alliance 0 0
CSI Orgrimmar None Horde 0 0
Dai Hab sun EU-Tirion Horde 0 0
death None Alliance 0 0
Deathproof None Alliance 0 0
Deathproof None Alliance 0 0
Deathwings None Horde 0 0
Der Blutige Pfad Gottes None Horde 0 0
Der Drachenclan None Alliance 0 0
DevilDogs None Alliance 0 0
Devils of Darkness None Horde 0 0
die lustigen 4 None Alliance 0 0
dly None Alliance 0 0
Drago's 10er None Alliance 0 0
dread None Alliance 0 0
Dumb ways to die None Alliance 0 0
Elta None Alliance 0 0
Equitatus None Alliance 0 0
Event Horizon None Horde 0 0
exalted None Alliance 0 0
Excluded None Horde 0 0
Federal Reserve None Horde 0 0
Fenrir None Alliance 0 0
Fenrir None Alliance 0 0
Fenrir 2 None Alliance 0 0
Frozen Legion None Alliance 0 0
Garde des Lichts None Alliance 0 0
GoDzArMy None Alliance 0 0
Grabarze EU-Durotan Alliance 0 0
Gruzykanci EU-Durotan Horde 0 0
Guardian of Light None Alliance 0 0
Hand of Midas None Alliance 0 0
Helios None Alliance 0 0
Heronath Dúath None Horde 0 0
Holy Shit None Alliance 0 0
iLLusiOn None Alliance 0 0
Infinitas- None Alliance 0 0
Inkasso Reloaded (Soulless) None Alliance 0 0
InPanik None Alliance 0 0
InPanik None Alliance 0 0
Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Iron fists of Ironforge EU-Durotan Alliance 0 0
Just Do It None Alliance 0 0
Just Nacht None Alliance 0 0
kardo None Horde 0 0
Kneipentour None Horde 0 0
Kreis der Freiheit None Alliance 0 0
Last Refugium None Alliance 0 0
Legionnaire None Alliance 0 0
Les Saints None Alliance 0 0
Liberty None Alliance 0 0
Littlefears None Horde 0 0
Lords of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
maverek None Horde 0 0
memento None Horde 0 0
Misc Pug None Alliance 0 0
Miðgarð None Alliance 0 0
Moasda None Alliance 0 0
NekoRaid None Alliance 0 0
New Revenge None Horde 0 0
No pain no gain None Alliance 0 0
No Pain No Gain None Alliance 0 0
no pain no gain 2 None Alliance 0 0
Nocebo None Alliance 0 0
Nur Affen mit Waffen None Alliance 0 0
NòObZ None Alliance 0 0
Omerta None Horde 0 0
Ordo Satanas None Alliance 0 0
Origins None Alliance 0 0
Orkspalter None Alliance 0 0
PalimPalim None Alliance 0 0
Private Log`s None Alliance 0 0
Protectors of Moonglow None Alliance 0 0
Protectors of Moonglow None Alliance 0 0
Purged None Alliance 0 0
Reboot None Alliance 0 0
reForged None Alliance 0 0
renovatio None Horde 0 0
Reunited None Alliance 0 0
Roots None Horde 0 0
Royal Knights None Alliance 0 0
Seelenverwandte None Alliance 0 0
Serious & friends None Horde 0 0
Serious Bizz None Alliance 0 0
SeriouZ None Alliance 0 0
Shadowgaming None Horde 0 0
Solid Core None Horde 0 0
Soul Assasins None Alliance 0 0
soul assasins @ EU-Tirion None Alliance 0 0
Sparfüchsle None Alliance 0 0
SpectatorZ EU-Tirion Horde 0 0
Statistik None Alliance 0 0
Stella Draconis None Alliance 0 0
Stella Draconis None Alliance 0 0
Stukas's Raid None Alliance 0 0
Sueezee None Alliance 0 0
TeamBRUTAL None Alliance 0 0
Ten Monkeys None Alliance 0 0
Teroo's Logs None Alliance 0 0
The Break of Dawn None Alliance 0 0
The united Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Tronic Reloaded None Alliance 0 0
Tronic Reloadet None Alliance 0 0
UnBound None Alliance 0 0
Unlimited Vision None Alliance 0 0
Verlorene Legion None Alliance 0 0
warriors of fate None Alliance 0 0
Wayne Inc None Alliance 0 0
WipeocalypseNow None Alliance 0 0
Wisdom None Alliance 0 0
Woodhead None Horde 0 0
Wyb None Alliance 0 0
XoodaLive None Horde 0 0
Xrelamraiders None Alliance 0 0
yolo EU-Tirion Alliance 0 0
Zirkel der Ehre None Horde 0 0
Белая стая EU-Tirion Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

..., 12, , Ad Fontes, aeon, aeon, aeon, Aeon, Against, AgaiNst, AgaiNst, Aggrodisiakum Logs, Alien, Alles wird gut, Alles wird gut, Alles wird Gut, amnesia, An Mellon, An Mellon ( since 2007 ), Andragil, Angriff des Drachenclans, Apokalyptíka, Arch Enemy, asd, asda, asda, asdfiiilo, Askeria, AsskickingAssassins, Auferstanden aus Ruinen, Auld Lang Syne, Aurea Arcantus, Avent, Avinity, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken, awesome, Baba Gump Shrimp Company, Baba Gump Shrimp Company, BabaKonkrass, baBäm, Babäm, baldum, Baltarsa, Band der Freunde, Baptism by Fire, Bathaqar, Bathaqar, Bathaqar, BDK, Behueter Umathums, Behüter Umathums, Belatucadrus, bEquieT, bEquieT, bEquieT, Bergfrieden, Bergfrieden, Bergfrieden, beste wo gibt, Better Wipe GmbH, bIG bANG, bigshock, blabla, blablubb, Black Phönix, Blacksheep, Blind Guardian, blink, blink, blink, Blink, Blink, Blood, Blood Revenge, Blood Revenge, Bloodlust, Bloodpact, Bloodpact, Bloodpact, Bloodpact, Bloodpact, BloodPact, Bloodwings of Darkness, Blub123, Blut der Verdammten, Blutrobsen, Blutschwur, Blutschwur reloaded, Blutschwur Reloaded, Blâck Dragon, Blâck Phoenix, Blâck Phoenîx, Blâck Phoenîx, Blâck Phoenîx, bobos, BoE, Booty Bay Beach Boys, Booty Bay Beachboys, Booty Bay Beachbunnies, BootyBayBeachBoys, BotD, bp, Breath of the Dragons, Breath of the Dragons, Breath of the Dragons, Breath of the Dragons, Breath of the Dragons, Breath of the Dragons, Breath of the Dragons, Breath of the Dragons, Bright's 10 man raid, brotherhood of elfez, Brotherhood of Elfez, Brotherhood of Elfez, Bruderschaft des Lichts, Bruderschaft von Azeroth, Bund der Allianz, Bund der Bruderschaft, Bund der Bruderschaft, Bund der Bruderschaft, Bund der Drachenklaue, Bund der Drachenklaue, Bund der Drachenklaue, Business As Usual, Böldölderöm, Bündnis der Krieger, calad en elin, calad en elin, calad en elin, Carpe Diem, Carpe Diêm, Carpe Diêm, Celembris, Celembris, Celembrîs, Celembrîs, Celiathus, Chilled, Clan der Drachenjäger, Clan der Wölfe, Clan of Adventure, Club der toten Wichte, CM2, Concept X, Concilium quae novem, Conflac, Conflac, Conflac, Confusion, Consilium Lunctum, Conspiracy, Conspiramus, contineo, cor illustrata, Core, Corvus Mortis, Cradle of fear, Cradle of Fear, Cradle of Fear, Cranesh´s Logs, Crazy's Logs, crescendo, crippled and insane, Crispy Chickens, CriT hAppEn, critical error, Critter der Kokusnuss, Cruel IntentionS, Crystal Blue, Customize, CustomiZe, Custos Luminis, Cøre, Daeves, Dalaran Dragons, Dark Circle, Dark Circle, Dark Circle, DarkVision, Das ewige Licht, Das Hordnungsamt, Das Tribunal, DefQon, Dem Himmel so Nahe, Dem Himmel So Nahe, Dem Himmel So Nahe, Der Blutige Pfad Gottes, Der Blutige Pfad Gottes, Der Blutige Pfad Gottes, Der bultige Pfad Gottes, Der Bund der Rune, Der Clou, Der Hohe Rat, Der Schamane, Dero, Die alte Garde, Die alten Herren, Die goldene Armee, Die goldene Armee, Die Kinder Teldrassils, Die Kinder Teldrassils, Die Macht, Die Macht, Diel Nor Andu, Diel Nor Andu, Diel_Nor_Andu, Digital blasphemy, Divinity, Dnalrednowa, Docs gilde, DPSTest, Dragons of Fire, Dragons of Fire, Dragons of Fire, Dread, Dreamland, Dropp nix, Durotan, Durotan Raidpakt, Dämätsch Takke, Dämätsch Takke, EhreUndStärke, Eldragorn, Elites, Elta, ELTA, Elunes Elite, Elunes Return, emerge, Entfesselt, Entfesselt, Epslyon, Epsylon, Epsylon, Epsylon, Epsylon, Epsylon, Epsylon, EQ, Equilibrium, Equitatus, EquitatuS, equity, Erben der Klinge, erdna1281, Ered Wethrin, eroding prophets, Eternity Ends, EternityEnds, Etnica, Absolutely NOT, AG Industry, AgaiNst, Against All Authority, Akademie des Chaos, ALL CAPS, alonè, ALPENJUNGS, Amici Noctis, Amistosa, Animosity, AnOrmAL, Arche der Blutseelen, Arkarner Bund Silbermond, Auld Lang Syne, Auxilium Vocare, Avantasia, AWESOME, Babywölfe, BaCa, Bad Blue Boys, Badonkadonks, Bank der Sturmdrachen, Bathaqar, Bergfrieden, bIG bANG, Big Brothers, Blood Lotus, Blood Revenge, BootyBayBeachBoys, Breath of the Dragons, Brigade of Twilight, Bunnys on Tour, Burden, Cead mile failte, Celembris, Challenge Accepted, chaostrupp der Horde, Checkmate, Children of Liberty, Confused Monkeys, Crossing Blades, Crystal Legion, Crîts on first Date, Dark, De Nobo, Der Blutige Pfad Gottes, Dernegor andTikiWarriors, Devils of Apocalypse, Die Dunklen Stürme, Die Kreuzritter, Die Nachtreiter, Die Nixxer, Die Rabauken, die Rockenden Bänker, Die Söhne Hodors, Die Tollkühnen, Drachenreiter von Pern, Dragons of Fire, e Sache, Effect, elfenlicht, Elgreckos Twinklager, Elite, EmeraldDragons, Empty Souls, Enrâged, EPICFAIL, Estel dorei, Evil Angel Empire, eXcubitor, Exiled, eXperienced, Face The Rage, Fairy Law, Fire Emblem, FlipStyle, Friends with Benefits, FsKachtzehn, Fus Ro Dah, Garde der Allianz, geh weg ich dropp nix, Ghostwolves of Death, Gleich wirds Dunkel, Glorreiche Halunken, Gnome sind Gauner, Guard of Hope, Guardian of The Sun, Guardians of Eternity, Guardians of Fantasy, Halle des Licht, Hateful Strikes, Hateful Twinks, Honeyfairys, Ich bins nur, idc s, Iltisse, Im Zeichen der Sonne, Inkognito, InPanik, Insania, Insanity, Institut of Azeroth, ist ein Held, Jesters Armed, keine Details, Killer Bienen, Kneipentour, Krieger Kalimdors, Kölsche Kniesköpp, Lack und Leder GmbH, LagerhausBimBim, Last Chapter, LAST TRY, Legends, Legion der Klinge, Leichenhaus, Level Exoten, Levelgilde, Life in slaughter, Lillianum, Lionhearts, Lions Clan, Loot AG, Malfunction, memento, Memories of Darkness, Minority, Murdocks Freakshow, Never Ending Pain, NITEZ, noFear, NoXx, Nur Affen mit Waffen, Nyratic and Dytonic, ObsidianSancTum, Omerta, One Second To Enrage, Orcisch Empire, pity the fools, PLeS, plundra, Ponzius Eleven, Prôphecy, Pummeliges Lila Pony, Pure Ownage GmbH, PvP Nineteen Durotan, pwnd u, Pímpin Sixtys, Pîrates of Kalimdor, Queens of the Pwnage, RebooT, Republic of Gamer, Rest In Pieces, Roots, Salvation in Destruction, Sanguis Draconis, Schattentíerchen, Senseless Violence, SHE LOOKED SIXTEEN, Shít Happens, Silverwing Schildwache, snickers, Sparkasse Azeroth, Staub und Schatten, SupaFly TNT, Suu itodebiru, The curse of life, The last Fighter, The Unforgiving Blade, The Unforgiving Twinks, Thunderbirds, Timestealer, Tuonela, Twinks of eXilium, Ultima Ratio, Ultimate Monkeys, Unicorns of Love, Veritas Maximus, Vernichter der Allianz, Vigilia, VivereMilitareEst, Vom aufgehenden Mond, von nix kommt nix, Wall of Durotan, Warriors from the Dawn, was du wollen, Wipeocalypse Now, WithFullForce, World Bank of Azeroth, WOW Deadrider, Wrath of the Horde, WòóT, WóòT, Xtreme Dynasties, Zielattrappe, ÆPIX, Abtrünnige, ALG II, AlphaNex, Amenti, Amun, ARKTISCHE HAIE, armory me I am famous, Atra Societas, Aurea Arcantus, AwêSomê, Babylon Circus, Back to the Roots, Banktards, Battle Knights, Beats GmbH, betörend verstörend, Bewahrer von Durotar, Blood of Heroes, Brotherhood of Elfez, Bulletproof, Bund der Allianz, Bund der Freundschaft, Bund der Gerechtigkeit, Calaquendi, Cause Blizz Said So, Chaoten on Tour, Cherish an Illusion, Chimera Gaming, CV Gaming, Dalaran Dragons, DarkForce, Darkworld, Das Bataillon, Deathproof, Der kleine Rat, Der Kreuzritter Orden, Der nackte Wahnsinn, Der Untergang Naht, Die Bruderschaft, Die for Fun, Die Kriegsmiliz, Die Macht, Division, Donnerbräu Legion, Ease, Effective, Eisfürsten, Elunes Elite, Entfesselt, Equilibrium, EternìtyEnds, Etêrnal Guard, Etêrnal Gûard, Execute, Fatality, Fear, Finynoobs, Forsaken, FOWL, Freundeskreis, fritzis geruempel, FunClub, Gnôménlícht, Grillfreunde Dalaran, Guardian Angels, Hardcore Cupcakes, Hauerrangers, Heinzibank, Heronath Dúath, Heul doch, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Hunting Party, Hurricane, Hyporealestate, HârdRockEvolutiôn, Hüter der Dunkelheit, Hüter der Finsternis, IchGoldDuNix, ILLEGAL, Immortal, Insight, Insolvenz, Invidia, Koramibank, Krieger des Lichts, Kuchengeschmack, lebt allein, Legend of the Seeker, Liebe, Lords of Chaos, Luftschutzbunker, Mass Defect, Meep Meep i am a Jeep, mich will keiner, Nihil fit sine causa, no pain no gain, Noire, Not Ease, npng, NPNG HUHN SUPPERT, Oblivion, Orgrimmar Sturmtruppe, Out Of Mind, Out Of My Way, Paulchen Panther, Pik Sieben, Pirates of Dungeons, Power of War, Pride, Primus Inter Hordes, Priori Incantatem, Prison Break, PrOpheCies Wings, Pueschel, Reborn, saugt hart, Schattenmacht, Schicksalsschlag, Sick and Twisted, Siegelwächter, Sin and Sacrifice, Stella Draconis, Stressfrei, Stundentenharzer, Sunshine, Suphoria, SweetDevils, Synatic, Tearful Power, The Break of Dawn, The Bunnys, The Cookie Mons, The Grey Warden, The Lost Boys, The Most Wanted People, THE WARLORDS, THE WOW KNIGHTS, THIS IS SPARTA, Thralls Garde, Thunderstorm, Turteltauben, UnicornBacon, Vae Victis, Viva Los Tioz, Warriors of Ancient Time, WerDasLiestIstTot, Winniepuh Task Force, Wächter des Lichts, Wächter Innos, Zaster GmbH u Co KG, Zirkel der Ehre, Zock die Horde ab, Zum güldenen Faß, Înpanic, Evoss, Excalibur, Excluded, eXidium, eXidium, eXidium, Existenz, eXperienced, eXpulsor, FadeToBlack, FamesStars, Fenrir, Fenrir, Finalc, Finalcore, First Strike, First Try, FirstTry, FirstTry, FisT oF inHaLaToReN, Five, Flatlíners, Folterknecht GmbH, Foolish, For the Deaf Kids, Freakz, Freakz, Freie Radikale, Freundeskreis, FRONT, FRONT, fsck, FsKachtzehn, FunforFamily, G Bäm Polybäng, Geheimbund der Kokosnuss, Get rekt, Gewittergurken, Gildenlos, Glacialis, Gods of Chaos, GoDzArMy, GoE, GoF, Goll, good to be me, GTW, Guardian of Light, Guardian of the Sun, Guardians, GUARDIANS OF FANTASY , Guardians of Wisdom, Guess Who, Guild of the Archmage, Guildless, Gurdian of Eden, Gurdians of Asgard, Hab ich net , Hadit goes wild and welcome to the world of rnd, Hand of Midas, Hand of MIdas, Hasenklaue, Hasenklaue, Hateful Strikes, haterslol, Helden auf Zeit, Helden auf Zeit, Helios, Helioss, Hell's Kitchen, Hybridz, HYPE, Höllschreis Wille, Hüter des Lichts, Hüter des Lichts, IAgony, Ikis Randoms, Illusions, Immortal, In Agony, IN AGONY, IN AGONY, Infinitas, Infinitas-2, Infinitas_2, Infinitas_2, 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