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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Der kleine Taure EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 100
Sacrificium EU-Destromath Horde 0 49
Psychiatrie Orgrimmar EU-Gorgonnash 0 39
The Born Chaos EU-Destromath Horde 0 36
Panteon EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 33
EmotionS EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 27
Get Baked EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 23
Dark Eternity EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 23
I KAUF DIR ORDEN I EU-Nefarian 0 20
ConPhiMilk EU-Mannoroth 0 19
Cuba Libre EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 19
No Skill Just DPS EU-Destromath 0 16
Ethereals EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 16
Squirt inc EU-Nera'thor 0 14
Ascended EU-Destromath Horde 0 13
Ai Kattach EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 13
epidemic EU-Nefarian Horde 0 13
Twink GmbH und Co KG EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 11
Reloaded EU-Destromath Horde 0 9
Die Sturmgarde EU-Gorgonnash 0 8
JaKdo EU-Destromath Horde 0 7
Hørdmode EU-Nefarian Horde 0 7
Strohhut Piraten EU-Destromath Horde 0 6
Arkanum EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 5
Infernal Creatures EU-Gorgonnash 0 5
Rupture EU-Nefarian Horde 0 5
Regiment des Schattens EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 5
my guild name is too lon EU-Destromath Horde 0 4
Mobstarz EU-Gorgonnash 0 4
Zodiac EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 4
Blutsturm EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 4
Defenders of Nonsense EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 4
GermanicuS EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Die Sithigen EU-Nefarian Horde 0 4
MMOs before Hoes EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 3
Bloodshed EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 3
Patchwork reloaded EU-Mannoroth 0 3
Coop Corp EU-Nefarian 0 3
incognito EU-Nefarian 0 3
Crit It EU-Destromath 0 2
Die Opfer EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Dreadnight EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Ogerhausen EU-Destromath 0 2
Rage of the Blood Fists EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Adonis Maximus EU-Gorgonnash 0 2
Koopa Troopa EU-Gorgonnash 0 2
Therapiezentrum mK EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Blutschwur EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
communis non grata EU-Mannoroth 0 2
Serious Sam EU-Mannoroth 0 2
Bladestorm EU-Nefarian 0 2
Frostbringer EU-Nera'thor 0 2
Destination Immortality EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Geh weg ich drop nix EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Glorious Soldiers EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Nero is Back EU-Destromath 0 1
Diamond Dogs EU-Gorgonnash 0 1
Thanatos EU-Gorgonnash 0 1
Tøxic EU-Gorgonnash 0 1
GenerationX EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Kalimdor fried Kodo EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
MadeMyDay EU-Mannoroth 0 1
We are Unbreakable EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
duality inc EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 1
Rise of the Guardians EU-Nefarian 0 1
Mystery Legends EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
The Ghost Company EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
Die Abtrünnigen EU-Destromath Horde 0 0
Die radikalen Atheisten EU-Destromath Horde 0 0
Hells Bears EU-Mannoroth 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
bumblebee EU-Mannoroth Alliance 16 36
Helden von Sturmwind EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 513
Alucard Privat Log EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 507
Dark Moon Rising EU-Destromath Horde 0 356
empíre EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 241
DevilsRejects EU-Destromath Horde 0 127
Nuti's Personal LOG EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 118
Unic EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 117
Ordo Satanas EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 104
Ave EU-Nefarian Horde 0 103
Agmen Bestiae EU-Destromath Horde 0 90
Nerdmigos RG EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 88
Sinwori EU-Destromath Horde 0 71
Die Gefährten EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 65
Paramount EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 64
The Bro Code EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 62
Moonz EU-Destromath Horde 0 57
Das Relikt EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 56
Core EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 54
Northwind EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 49
CoRE EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 48
Befreit EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 47
tryin EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 46
Arsmorendi EU-Nefarian Horde 0 43
Thanatos Erpetos EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 40
Paracore EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 39
Phi EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 37
Feuer und Eis EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 35
Tranquility EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 34
Night Conquers Day EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 33
Infernal Creatures EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 32
Mojo Madness EU-Destromath Horde 0 30
Plage EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 30
Sleepy Hollow EU-Nefarian Horde 0 30
Петушиная возня EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 30
Evil X EU-Destromath Horde 0 29
United Raid Corporation EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 29
Carbonite EU-Destromath Horde 0 28
pRophecy EU-Destromath Horde 0 28
MoonzReloaded EU-Destromath Horde 0 27
effortless EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 26
Amicitia Vera EU-Destromath Horde 0 25
Cry EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 25
Mercenaries of the Horde EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 25
Wotans Krieger EU-Destromath Horde 0 24
SeniorHunters EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 23
Die Superfreunde EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 22
logs und so EU-Destromath Horde 0 22
Muzykanci z Gruzji EU-Nefarian Horde 0 22
Nocturnis Sanguinis EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 22
Platti EU-Nefarian Horde 0 22
EmotionS EU-Destromath Horde 0 21
Nobody loves Gnimo EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 21
Tempest EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 21
Lùminis InCensús EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 20
Omnis Excidium EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 19
Topper EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 19
communis non grata EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 17
Hells Bears EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 17
Hüter des Kinderzimmers EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 17
Inception EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 17
Dedicated EU-Destromath Horde 0 16
Epicfail EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 16
Lords of War EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 16
A Thousand Suns EU-Destromath Horde 0 15
Ascended EU-Destromath Horde 0 15
Communis Non Grata EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 15
DragsaBärenBande EU-Destromath Horde 0 15
EpiC EU-Destromath Horde 0 15
Warum ich euch nur von hinten Hasse EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 14
WOWSZENE EU-Destromath Horde 0 14
Drehen soll er sich EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 13
Kalimdor fried Kodo EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 13
Therapiezentrum mk EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 13
Ultima Ratio EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 13
Allies im Wunderland EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 12
Betrayed EU-Nefarian Horde 0 12
Cause we Can/Orcish Empire EU-Destromath Horde 0 12
Frøntschweine EU-Nefarian Horde 0 12
Kranker Stolz EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 12
Legion of Shock EU-Nefarian Horde 0 12
Undercover EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 12
What Have EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 12
EmotionS_Gorgonnash EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 11
Inferno EU-Destromath Alliance 0 11
Q_ EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 11
Tecsor EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 11
Die Vergraulten EU-Destromath Horde 0 10
Dilemma EU-Destromath Horde 0 10
duality inc EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 10
El Tupeh EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 10
FLEISCHBRÜHE EU-Destromath Horde 0 10
FlyingShrimp EU-Destromath Horde 0 10
Medium Rare EU-Nefarian Horde 0 10
Oh no, Zysta EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 10
Rise n Fall EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 10
romaholyshock EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 10
Schwarzes Blut EU-Destromath Horde 0 10
The Libertines EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 10
trivial EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 10
Amicum EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 9
Disasterpiece EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 9
Nobody loves Gnimo EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 9
randomraids by sinwori EU-Destromath Horde 0 9
Rhanies Battlelog EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 9
Fallin´s log EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 8
Finilogs EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 8
Phenomena EU-Destromath Horde 0 8
Umbolz3n EU-Destromath Horde 0 8
Mortifera EU-Nefarian Horde 0 7
Severed EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 7
Dragon´s Chars EU-Destromath Horde 0 6
Gruhlum's logs EU-Destromath Horde 0 6
Mondfahrer EU-Destromath Horde 0 6
Warum ich euch hasse EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 6
We are Unbreakable EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 6
who cares EU-Destromath Horde 0 6
Adrenalín EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 5
aVo 4.2 EU-Destromath Horde 0 5
Das Letzte Bataillon EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 5
HanniamStart EU-Destromath Horde 0 5
Mibaa-Logs EU-Nefarian Horde 0 5
ololol EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 5
Omg ich muss mit Mandere Raiden EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 5
relaxed inc EU-Destromath Horde 0 5
Reloaded EU-Destromath Horde 0 5
Toast with Ham EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 5
Tyani EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 5
Anastari EU-Destromath Horde 0 4
Cause we can EU-Destromath Horde 0 4
Evil Inside EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 4
Eyden EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 4
finish design EU-Destromath Horde 0 4
GenerationX EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 4
Genesîs EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 4
GMJD EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 4
Im Huhn EU-Destromath Horde 0 4
KN EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 4
minimal effort EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 4
nSK EU-Destromath Horde 0 4
nursolala EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 4
old but old EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 4
Phenomena EU-Destromath Horde 0 4
PiG inc EU-Destromath Alliance 0 4
Test Gilde EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 4
Ai KAttach EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 3
Aphex EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Brood Berets EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
Clowns EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
Cuba Libre EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 3
Death and Decay EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
Enigma* EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 3
Everything is OK EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
HaufisLogs EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
Juicy EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
KN EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 3
KnackDas EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 3
Kúron EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 3
Less Is More EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
lunacy EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 3
Lunacy EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 3
Milkless EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Murlocs EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 3
Schwarzes-Blut EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
TE-May EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 3
Ten doomed Dudes EU-Destromath Horde 0 3
tssl EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 3
unic EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 3
Wild EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 3
Almans EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Alucard EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 2
Arkanum EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Awake EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
blubber EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Casual Noogie EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Cat alive EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Circle of Death EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Clockwork Pwnage EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Cuba Libre EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 2
Death is Eternal EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
Die Gefährten EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Dominance EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Fidelity EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
for the lulz EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Guardian of Azeroth EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 2
Guardians of Warfare EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
Hero Member EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
I infinitiy I EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Improved EU-Nefarian Horde 0 2
Its about time EU-Nefarian Horde 0 2
KfK EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
Kranker Stolz EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 2
Lenja EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Marsusguild EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
MaryjanesFanClub EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Meet your Makers EU-Nefarian Horde 0 2
MM EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
Moonz EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
morphois EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Night Conquers Day EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 2
NON PHIXION EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
PriLeg EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Rammbock EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Random EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
relaxed EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 2
Rhyia logs EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 2
Rise n Fall EU-Nefarian Horde 0 2
Rising Phoenix EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Splendid EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
Squirt Inc. EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 2
Steinmetze EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Syphos EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
TALENTFREI EU-Nefarian Horde 0 2
test123 EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 2
The Last Of Us EU-Destromath Alliance 0 2
ultima ratio twinks EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 2
undos logs EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Unic EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 2
Wir waren Helden EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 2
XusimoD EU-Destromath Horde 0 2
Xyro´s Gruppe EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
1337 EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
abVart EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Aevum EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
Ai Kattach 10er EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
AJO EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
ARC Logs EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Asa EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Average Joes EU-Destromath Alliance 0 1
awake EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
BBAlog EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Bestîe EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
big tits high critz EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
BitchPlease EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Blackout EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
Blood Sports EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Blutsturm EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
braucht keine Freunde EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Chillum goes Kitchen EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
core EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
CRaaNK EU-Nefarian Horde 0 1
Dark Eternity EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
Dark Sphere EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
Death and Decay EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
decimate EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Decimate EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Deni's Love Logs EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Diabolica EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Die Gummibärenbande EU-Nefarian Horde 0 1
Die Kaknubs EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Dingens Mopetismus EU-Nefarian Alliance 0 1
Distress EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Disturbed EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Dominance EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
Duola EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
dwuutheocraft EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Evio EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Fidelity EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Fl Farmrun EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Gorthak EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Hall of Fame EU-Destromath Alliance 0 1
Hammer of Darkness EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Heaven Shall Burn None Alliance 0 1
Holyskill EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 1
iClick EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Infinite Monkey Theorem EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
Influence EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Insâne Enigmâ EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
InTeNsO EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Iskarioth EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
Jimbai´s Bande EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Judgement EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Klinge der Macht None Horde 0 1
Klumponiden EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Kranker Stolz EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 1
Los Muertos EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Lupus Dei EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
MaGGots EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
maligne EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Midlight EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Moonz EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Murlocs EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Nex EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Nihil EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
NoflexLogs EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Nom Nom Nom EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
northern lights EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Old Memories EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Painguild2 EU-Destromath Alliance 0 1
Parzentny EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
Proof of Concept EU-Nefarian Horde 0 1
proud EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
R2G EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
rabbitpunch EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 1
RandomAndMore EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Rawhide EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Report1 EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
Rest in Pieces EU-Nera'thor Alliance 0 1
RND Raid EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Sacrificium EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Sanktum EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Schattenraben EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
Selection of the Horde EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Seven Drunken Pirates EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Severed 10er Twink EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
sickgaming EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Sickness EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
SLOW MOTION EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
subsurface EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
T... EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
taube nüsschen EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Think EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
ToP EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
true story bro EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
TWINK EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Umpalumpa EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
unification EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Unlimited EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 1
Unsavoury EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
W I D EU-Nefarian Horde 0 1
Was Gilde Man EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 1
yield twinkstuff and more EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
You are not repaired EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
Zuulogs EU-Destromath Horde 0 1
überreizt EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Wins None Horde 0 0
((( None Horde 0 0
Abaddon EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
Acera None Horde 0 0
Active None Horde 0 0
Aequalitas None Horde 0 0
Ai Kattach + evío None Horde 0 0
Aim Makes Game None Horde 0 0
Alt F Fear None Horde 0 0
Ambitious None Horde 0 0
Amicitia Vera None Horde 0 0
Amicum None Horde 0 0
Amicum None Horde 0 0
Anastari None Horde 0 0
ArcainLogs None Alliance 0 0
Ayvit None Horde 0 0
BaseGuild None Horde 0 0
beahrensloggs None Horde 0 0
BlackOrcDown None Horde 0 0
BloodDragon None Horde 0 0
Bloodskulls None Horde 0 0
Bloody Beasts None Horde 0 0
Blutlegion Kalimdors None Horde 0 0
Blutsturm None Horde 0 0
Blâck Sun None Horde 0 0
BoomBaDoomBoomkin None Alliance 0 0
Breit None Horde 0 0
Charry None Horde 0 0
chemiekeule None Horde 0 0
Chillax None Horde 0 0
Clan of Nights None Horde 0 0
ClockWork None Horde 0 0
Communis Valida None Horde 0 0
Concept None Horde 0 0
Conglomerate None Horde 0 0
Conspiracy None Horde 0 0
Contractors EU-Nefarian Horde 0 0
Cool Runnings None Horde 0 0
cornflakes None Horde 0 0
Cptgips None Horde 0 0
Crazy Ivan None Horde 0 0
Cruelness None Alliance 0 0
Curse None Horde 0 0
Dal Marok None Horde 0 0
damnati None Horde 0 0
Dandinga None Alliance 0 0
Dark Eternity None Horde 0 0
Dark Legion EU-Gorgonnash Horde 0 0
DAT None Horde 0 0
dblxxd None Horde 0 0
death None Horde 0 0
DeaTh None Alliance 0 0
DeaTh None Horde 0 0
decimate None Horde 0 0
delinquent None Horde 0 0
DEM EU-Destromath Horde 0 0
Demise None Horde 0 0
deprecated None Horde 0 0
Deprecated 2 None Horde 0 0
Der kleine Taure EU-Destromath Horde 0 0
DerThrallOrden None Horde 0 0
Destilibrium None Alliance 0 0
Destilibrium None Alliance 0 0
Dheloftw None Alliance 0 0
Diclonius None Horde 0 0
Die Opfer EU-Destromath Horde 0 0
Dignity None Alliance 0 0
Dilemma None Horde 0 0
Dilemma II None Horde 0 0
Dilemma Raid 4 None Horde 0 0
Dilemma Raid 1 None Horde 0 0
Dilemma Raid 2 None Horde 0 0
Dilemma Raid 4 None Horde 0 0
Dilemma Raid 4 None Horde 0 0
Dilemma Raid 5 None Horde 0 0
Discordia None Horde 0 0
Discordia None Horde 0 0
discordia2 None Horde 0 0
Dissidia of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Divinus Amiculus EU-Destromath Horde 0 0
Dusk None Horde 0 0
effortless mop None Horde 0 0
EISESGLUT None Horde 0 0
El Pollo Diablo None Horde 0 0
Elfte Feb Null Fünf None Horde 0 0
Elite der Apokalypse : Night Running None Alliance 0 0
Emp2 None Horde 0 0
empire None Horde 0 0
Empíre 10er None Horde 0 0
Engelbert None Horde 0 0
Enigma None Alliance 0 0
Entropy EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
Epicfail None Horde 0 0
essential None Alliance 0 0
Estefania None Alliance 0 0
Eswen None Horde 0 0
Eternity None Horde 0 0
evocati None Horde 0 0
Evoke None Horde 0 0
Exitus Captivitas None Horde 0 0
Exsterno None Alliance 0 0
faceroll monkeys None Horde 0 0
Fiese Logs None Horde 0 0
Flame On None Horde 0 0
Flame On None Horde 0 0
Flippin out mon None Horde 0 0
Fondas Logs None Horde 0 0
Frim EU-Gorgonnash Alliance 0 0
Frontschweine None Horde 0 0
Frontschweine None Horde 0 0
frøntschweine None Horde 0 0
Frøntschweine None Horde 0 0
Frøntschweine None Horde 0 0
Gnackwatschn Kommando None Horde 0 0
Guild#1 None Horde 0 0
Gute Reise None Horde 0 0
Handhaubitze None Horde 0 0
Hasta Muerte Siempre None Alliance 0 0
Haunt'd None Horde 0 0
Hazard Rush None Horde 0 0
Haze None Horde 0 0
Hellokitty None Horde 0 0
Heroes of War None Alliance 0 0
Hirnkekx None Horde 0 0
HKC None Horde 0 0
HKC None Horde 0 0
Horde Corporation None Horde 0 0
hordemode None Horde 0 0
Hordentliche Sterbehilfe None Horde 0 0
Iggi's Logs None Horde 0 0
Iksdeh None Horde 0 0
Imbalanced Squad None Horde 0 0
Immortal None Horde 0 0
Immortal2 None Horde 0 0
Inception None Alliance 0 0
infame None Alliance 0 0
infensus None Alliance 0 0
Influence None Horde 0 0
Influence None Horde 0 0
InglouriousBasterds None Horde 0 0
Insomnia None Horde 0 0
Isca None Horde 0 0
Ist Ja Witzig None Horde 0 0
itamí None Horde 0 0
Jung Und Willig EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 0
Kabas Testguild None Horde 0 0
Kalimdors Bündnis None Horde 0 0
Karma None Alliance 0 0
karnage None Horde 0 0
KFK None Horde 0 0
KIA JUMO None Horde 0 0
Kodex None Horde 0 0
Kraft und Ehre None Horde 0 0
krellmal None Horde 0 0
Kúron None Horde 0 0
La Vida Verde None Alliance 0 0
Lappens Langeweilelog None Alliance 0 0
Legendary None Horde 0 0
Leke None Horde 0 0
Leylogs None Horde 0 0
LFR Logs None Alliance 0 0
logging None Horde 0 0
LogHub None Horde 0 0
lolzone None Alliance 0 0
Lords of Ownage None Horde 0 0
Lords of War None Horde 0 0
Lowtec Testraids None Alliance 0 0
Lucid None Alliance 0 0
Lunatic Pandora None Horde 0 0
LynX None Alliance 0 0
Mannoroth None Alliance 0 0
Meine Rnd Grp None Horde 0 0
Mhaq's homeguild None Horde 0 0
MIlay Guild None Horde 0 0
mit dem roten Halsband None Horde 0 0
Morgukai None Horde 0 0
Morituri EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
Murderous Frenzy None Horde 0 0
MUTED None Horde 0 0
Myguild EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 0
Mystery Legends None Horde 0 0
Mystery Legends None Horde 0 0
Mândar None Horde 0 0
natezz logs None Horde 0 0
Nebel Logs None Horde 0 0
Nemesis Logs None Horde 0 0
Neocortex None Horde 0 0
Nerdrage None Horde 0 0
NerdRagE None Horde 0 0
Neret Logs None Horde 0 0
NG/KB None Horde 0 0
Nidhogur None Alliance 0 0
Night Raiders Elite 1 None Horde 0 0
no-go area None Alliance 0 0
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Northern Lights None Horde 0 0
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On The Top None Alliance 0 0
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Owned U None Horde 0 0
PandarianBears None Horde 0 0
Pantheons Revenge None Alliance 0 0
Pantheón None Alliance 0 0
Parsec None Horde 0 0
Pays Erotikhaus None Alliance 0 0
Pech und Schwefel None Horde 0 0
PEN ISLAND None Horde 0 0
PengPau None Horde 0 0
Per Ulti None Horde 0 0
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Phoenix None Horde 0 0
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Relentless None Horde 0 0
Rest in Peaces None Alliance 0 0
Rest in Pieces None Alliance 0 0
Return to Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Reunion None Horde 0 0
rfk None Horde 0 0
Risen None Horde 0 0
Risen None Horde 0 0
RisingSun None Alliance 0 0
Ritter des Rechts None Alliance 0 0
Royals None Alliance 0 0
Royals None Alliance 0 0
Royals None Alliance 0 0
salami None Alliance 0 0
Savage Reckoning EU-Mannoroth Horde 0 0
SC Nankatsu None Alliance 0 0
Schattenraben None Horde 0 0
Schattenraben None Horde 0 0
Schattenwächter None Alliance 0 0
Schwarze Rose None Horde 0 0
scorch None Horde 0 0
Sebbels Logs None Horde 0 0
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Seraphim EU-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
Seraphim None Alliance 0 0
ShadowWorld None Alliance 0 0
Shamy Ranger Club None Horde 0 0
Showdown None Horde 0 0
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Sindorei 2 None Horde 0 0
Some Easy Living None Horde 0 0
Souljahs None Horde 0 0
Souljahs None Horde 0 0
Spearhead None Horde 0 0
Squirt Inc EU-Nera'thor Horde 0 0
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Steinmetze None Horde 0 0
Swath of Destruction None Horde 0 0
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The Twelve Moonz None Horde 0 0
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Thunder of Draenor None Horde 0 0
Thunder of Draenor None Horde 0 0
TnT None Horde 0 0
TnT None Horde 0 0
TnT1 None Horde 0 0
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Total Annihilation None Horde 0 0
Toxic None Alliance 0 0
Toxic None Alliance 0 0
Tribute None Alliance 0 0
TSB None Horde 0 0
turn of the lights None Horde 0 0
Two and a half Hordler None Horde 0 0
Tøxic None Horde 0 0
Umbras None Horde 0 0
unequaled None Horde 0 0
unleash None Horde 0 0
Van Northrind None Horde 0 0
Vault of Sages None Alliance 0 0
veni vidi willi None Horde 0 0
VindobonA None Horde 0 0
Vision None Alliance 0 0
voll der Brühe None Horde 0 0
We-are-Unbreakable None Horde 0 0
Weltenbrand None Alliance 0 0
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A Dying Wish, Misc Logs, #Notevenpadding, ...., 123, 123456a, 123meins, 13v, A d r e n a l i N, A few good men, A few good men, Ab imo pectore, Ab Imo Pectore, Ab Imo Pectore, absinth, Absinth, Absinth, Absolute Insanity, Absolute Insanity, Accidental Batman, Achchazu, Act of Revenge, AdL, Adoria, AdvesperuM, AdvesperuM_3, Aelinos, Aelinos, Aelinos, aeon, aeon, aeon, aeon, Aes Sedai, Aextase, afflicted, Agentur für Raids, Aggro Culture, Agmen Bestiae, Agmen Bestiae, Agmen Bestiae, AhbL, Ai Kattach, Aibohphobia, AK, Ak , Akasha, Aktenzeichen, Alayah's place, Alianza Destructor, all hell breaks loose, all Hell breaks loose, All hell Breaks Loose, All Hell Breaks Loose, All In, All In, All In, aloafromhell, Aloud, Aloud, Alt F Fear, Alt F Fear, Ambition, Ambition, amelix, Amicum, Amicum, Amicum, Amina, amk, androphobia, Androphobia, Angandi, Angel Inside, Angel Inside, Angelstrike, Angelstrike, ANGELSTRIKE, ANGELSTRIKE, Anxifer, anything, Apex, Apokalyptica, Apollos Logs, Ar Punkt fünf, 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Beyond good and evil, BGE - Krasus Erben - Goodfellas, BHG, BHG, big tits high critz, Bitte nicht füttern, bla, Blabablab, blabla, Blablub, Blackout, blag, Blood Sports, Blood Sports, Bloodhound Gang, Bloodhound Gang, Bloodhound Gang, Bloodhound Gang, Bloodhound Gang, Bloodlust, Bloodshed, Bloody Sun, blub, blubb, Blutige Klinge, Blutige Klinge, Blutige Templer, Blutlegion Kalimdors, Blutonius, Blutsturm, Blutsturm2, Bonito, BonzenVerein, Boom Boom cow, Boom Boom Cow, Boom Boom Cow, BoomBaDoomBoomkin, BOOMKIN, bOOnlike, Boons, Bouncemaster, Brachiale Gewalt, Brachiale Gewalt, Brachlandräuber, Brand der Welten, Brennholz Randoms, Brood Berets, Brood Berets, Brood Berets, Brood Berets, Brotherhood, bumsberts, Bunnies, Burrito Bisons, Buxtehuuuude, BZ, bèelzebub, Bückstücke, C est La Vie, c o r e, cadeyrn, Cadeyrn, cadien, Caedes Caelestis, Caeles Auxilium, Caeles Auxilium, Caldera, CaligatioLegio, Carbonite, Carbonite, Carbonite, caso, Catharsis, cause we can, Cause we Can Twinklogs, cc, CC, CCraid, Cellia, Cerinthya Random, Chaaaaaaaaaaarge, Chaarrrrrrrrge, chains of Honor, Chains of Honor, Chaos Brigade, Charma, Children of Korn, chill out, chill out, Chillout, Chillum goes kitchen, Chronicles of Time, Citrus, Clan Beard, clan of nights, Clearrun INC, Clockwork, Clockwork, Clockwork Pwnage, Clän Schrimp, Co, COE, Combined Effect, Communis Valida, Concept, Confused, Confused, Confused, Congrego, contentfreie Zeit, Contumacia, Core, CORE, Core Twinkraids, Corpsegrinder, Creme de la creme, Creoss Jones Adventures, Crew Random, Crimzon, Crimzon, Critex, Croatoan, Crooks n Castles, Crooks N Castles, CRUE, Cruel, cruel intentions, CruiSaviér, cruisisisi, Cuba Libre, Cuba Libre 10ner, Culiao Curao, Cult of Kur, CultOfKur, CultOfKur, cursed, cursed, Cursed, Curtain Falls, Curtain Falls, CutoTest, CwC-semmE, CwCsemme, Câligo, Cøre, Daetur Raids, Dal Marok, DamageInc, Dangerous Minds, Dark Angels, Dark Angels, Dark Legion, Dark Moon Rising, Dark Rebels, Dark Shadow, DarkAngels, Darkschnäuzer Rollergang, Darkówn, Darký chill area, Das Augenlicht der Engel, DasSchwarzeAuge, Dattebayo, dawei, dazed and confused, Deadliners Part Two, Death, DeatH, DeaTh, DeaTh, DeaTh, Death and Decay, Death and Decay, Death by Snu Snu, Death by Snu Snu, Death by Snu Snu, Death by snuutchi, Death Warrior, deathcores logs, deathstars nerathor, decimate, decimate, decimate, decimate, decimate, decimate, Decimate, Declo, defenders of hogger, Defenders of Lordaeron, deify, Deja Vu, Deja Vu, Deja Vú, Dejavu, Delusion, Delusion, Dem Boss seine Logs, Demande's ICC Wonderland, Dementia, Dementum, denied, Deprecated, Der Blutring, Der kleine Taure, Der Thrall Orden, Der Thrall Orden, DER-Raid, Descent, Desert Nightmare, Destination Immortality, Destinys Rising, Destro-Raid, Detached, deutschrock, Devison Playaz, dewd, Dewds, dezimate10, Deåthstårs, Deåthstårs, Deåthstårs, Deåthstårs , Dia De Los Muertos, Diamond Dogs, Diberius, Dicio Invidus, Diclonius, Diclonius, Diclonius, Die Handwerker, Die Janitscharen, Die Keiner Wollte, Die KuhMuhnisten, Die Neue Wêlt, Die Opfer, Die Sternenwächter, Die Superfreunde, Die Vergraulten II, Die wahren Helden, Die Zwölf, Diegien, DieHordeRennt, Digi, Digilogs, Dignity, Dignity, Dignity, Dilemma, Dilemma, Dilemma, Dilemma Raid 4, Dilemma Raid2, Dingens Mopetismus, Dingens Mopetismus, Dingens Mopetismus, Dingens Mopetismus, Dingens Mopetismus, Dingens Mopetismus, Dingens Mopetismus., Diposal Reunion, Discordia, Discordia, Discordia, Discordia, Discordia, Discordia, Discordia, Distress2, Disturbed, Disturbed, Disturbedone's Logs, Divinity, Divinity, Divinius, dmr, dnd-dow 10er, Domiance, Dominance, Dominance , Dominus Aurorar , Don't Panic, Doomhammers Erben, Doomhammers Erben, Dot Com, dps, DPS, DPShörnchen, droodhord, Drujin, Duality, Duck Fighters, dula casual, Dummy, Dunkler Kriegspakt, Dusk, Dynamic, Dämo, Dèath Mafia, Easymode, Eclipse, eClipse of War, EdA : Night Run, Edge Of Insanity, EE, Effervescent Minds, Effortless, Ego, EGO, Ego-Guild, EgoGrp, Einfach so!, Eisesglut, Ekkelin, el hannebambelz, El Tupeh, Elation, Elevate, Elfilol, Elfte feb null fünf, Elite der Apokalypse, Elite der Apokalypse (blau/schwarz), Elysia, EM | Evermore, Emesso il, EmotionS_Gorgonnash, empíre, Empíre, En Tourage, En Tourage, End to End, endeffect, Endless Rage, Endzeit, Enigma, Enigma, Enigma, Enigmâ, enjoy, enraged, Enthusiastic Daddlers, Entourage, Entropy, Entropy, Entropy, EntropY, EntropY, epidemic, Epidemic, Epiphytum, Esport Hornets, eternal unity, Eternium, Ethereals, Ethereals, A few good men, A Thousand Suns, Aberration, Accept the new Order, Aezeroth, Agmen Bestiae, Aim Makes Game, All hell breaks loose, Amicitia Vera, ANG, Ar Punkt fünf, Ara Agrippina, Army of Immortals, Awesome, Bad Taste, Bad Timing, badcompany, BallZ of SteeL, BAM Productions, Banktwink INC, Banned Souls, Banx, beep beep im a jeep lol, Best of War, BlackSun, bleibt ohne Gilde, Blood Elves do it better, Bloodlords, Blutschrei, Blutwolf Clan, BootyBayBeachBoyz, Boten des Ragnarök, braucht Gold, Burst Angels, c o r e, Carbonite, Chaos Bank, Chaotisches Ende, Clockwork Pwnage, Congrego, contaminated, Crew of Specialist, cRUNch, crunchy, Custodes Caeli, Cøre, Dark Moon Rising, Das Große Lager, DasRudel, Death Metal, Dedicated, Dedicated Gaming, denied, devourer of souls, Die fröhlichen Wanderer, Die Nupsis, Die Platthaun Gang, Die Vielfraße, DieHordeRennt, Discordia, Division Höllenhunde, Doomhammers Erben, Dynamic, Ehre der Gefallenen, Elfenbank, eSuba, Evocati, exploit, Faceroll Monkeys, Feâr, Flame on, FLEISCHBRÜHE, Flying Shrimp, FreakZ CluB, FREE HUGS, From Dusk Till Dawn, Galaxies, Garde der Schwarzen Eule, Get A Life, Gilde von Milfian, Hammerfall, Hangover, Happy Allianz, Headhunters, HexenClan, HighEnd, HomeComing, HordeCore Vibes, Hordensöhne, Hordisch Warlockend, I infinity I, I moveZ inC I, I Sparkasse I, Immortal, ImmortalTeamWork, In vic tus, In Youre Face, Infernum, Infernum Reloaded, Infinite Rebirth, InglouriousBasterds, Insane, iPLAY, is a Raidboss, Juicy, Just Horde, Just you, Kalimdor Holding, Kalimdors Bündnis, killing with a smile, Kingslayer, Konigsmörder, Kraft und Ehre, Kredit, Legends Of Time, Legion Der Horde, LosLocos, LosPollosHermanos, LUXURY, Líquíd Death, Mainstream, Me, Midnight, Mischstück, mm cowcaine ranch, Mojo Madness, Molon Labe, Moneytrain, Mongo im Kongo, MoonFighter, Moonz, mythos, Mächte des Wahnsinns, n W o, Neocortex, New Age Piratez, No Skill Just Luck, NoFear, Nordische Geister, Northern Lights, Noster Via, Notleidende Banker, NTA, numquam perimus, ogog ich hab ein Procc, Ohtrollol, Omen Mortis, OneMinuteSilence, Onred, Out of the Dark, Overjoyed, Overwhelming Cheerdesire, OzStriker, Pain and Honor, Parrotia Persica, Parsec, Per Ultionem, Platt Haun Gang, Postbank, pRophecy, Proteges of the Horde, RAZ QUETSCHT, RecklesS, relaXed inc, reLentless, Rush Inc, RäntaTank, Sacrificîum, Sapped Cows cant say Mow, Schellione, Schwarzer Lotus, Schwarzes Blut, Self Control, Senseless, Shameless, Shin, ShowTime, Sinwori, Son Osmanli, Strohhüte, Sweet Sin, Sword Art, Syndrome, Team RED Rocket, Templerbund, Ten doomed Dudes, the cake is a lie, The Computer Says No, The First Army, The Last Of Us, Thunderstorm, till late, Tonitrus et Requies, Torsion, Tradingmall Ogrimmar, Tribes of Destruction, Twink, Twinks of Primus, Twinks Only Inc, u n t a m e d, Unbreakable, Undefeated, Unerklärlich überragend, Untamed, untouchable, Vera natis Praeda, Vipereus, Volle Trolle, Vuohiliitto, Wasabi, wayne, Why Muh, Whyne Wipe und Gesang, Wipe Club, Wotans Krieger, WOWSZENE, WrittenWithASilentÜlüfü, XelNaga, XOXO, xQlusive, Zabimaru, ZwergenWeitwurfCrew, Ðie Schwarze Klinge, Acid Panda, afflicted, AktionsWare, Allianz zum Frühstück, ArsNecandilol, Azur Rain, BABY, Baelzharon, Bakrogruppe, Bankenclan, Bankfächer, barditus, BattleGroundRockerZ, Beer and Honor, Begleiter von Mylie, blasphemia, Bloody Angels, BobmasteR Twitch, Brothers in Iron, Brust oder Keule, Call to Arms, Chillout, CillerCookies, Circle of Death, CONCILIUM, Core, cynosure, Dark Riders, Dark Vision, Das Wort heißt nukular, Daylight into Darkness, DeaTh, Death Eaters, Death Warrior, DeVir, Die Ganzjahresgriller, Die Superfreunde, Die Wolfshorde, Die Zocker WG, Dominance, Dreamer, Ehrfürchtig bei KFC, Eine Handvoll, Enigma, Epinephrin, Erebos, Esperança, EXITuz, Fallen Spirits, Fat Kidz r easy to kite, Fear the Pain, Festina Lente, FinalSkill, fraggles, Fruchtzwerge, FTS, Fîrêfórcês Fórêvêr, gesichtskirmes, GMJD, Gorgonnash Gladiators, Guardians of Azeroth, Holzköppe, Hüter des Kinderzimmers, Immortâl, impact, In den Staub, Inception, Independent, infame, Inglorius Banker, is over ninethousand, its good to be, Judgement, kann sich sehen lassen, Klein Grün und Fies, La Vida Loca, Levelgilde, Limited, Lords of Ownage, Lumpenpack, lunacy, Lux Aeterna, LYNCH MOB, LynX, lûnacy, Mag keïner, Memento mori, Mesmerize, MTS, Neodym, Night Conquered Day, Night Conquers Day, Nihao, No Monkey Business, NoLimits, non phixion, Norîcum, NullKommaNeun, Old Times, OMG ICECREAMTRUCK brb, Operating System, Osborne, Outerheaven, Over Scored, Paramount, Plage, Protectorate of Azeroth, Prîeure de Sion, PSY Ogri, Quintara Phoenix, RageOfOdin, Rawrpwnzel, Redeemers of Azeroth, Return to Chaos, Riders of Apocalypse, Rot wie Blut, Rothschild Group, Royals, Schlumpfenbande, Schnüffelnasenziesel, Schwarzehand, scorch, sekoya, Sense ôf Existence, Severed, Severedlol, Skulls, smoke or die, sogimA sunA, Spartabank, Spellforce, Steal, Stormborn, Stratos, Such a thing, Synêrgy, Tales of Past, Temetum, the death deala, The Fusion, The Night Riders, The Purge, Thelsamas Army, TheTransporters, This will be a carriage, Thunder of Draenor, Tourists of Terror, Tribute, U VBAD ME BGLAD EHEHE, Unic, Unzähmbar, Vengeful, Vision, Warchiefs Vanguard, Warum ich euch Hasse, was gilde man, wasted, We are Legends, Weltenbrand, who cares, YOU AINT CAUSE YOU NOT, Aicha Im und Export, Alexandersons, ALL HAIL THE MUFFINMAN, Angels and Babys, ASAP Glad, Aurora Borealis, Avalon, Awake, Azeroths Revenge, Babylon Circus, Babylon Survivors, Bad Furday, Banelings, Bank of Stormwind, Bear Grylls Tribute, Berliner Arroganz, bewitchment, Big BlackRock, big tits high critz, Blackcard, Bloodràin, Bloody Sun, Blue Oyster, Bluemôôn, Boandlkramer, Bundesbank Ogrimmar, Bænker, C R Y S T A L, Care Paket, Concept, couRage, Crocea Mors, Cruel, CultOfKur, Câligo, Dark Rebels, dark risen, Dark Ruffnecks, Dark Sunrise, DarkSoldiers, Defenders of Nonsense II, Deliratio, demented, Die Bringer, Die Fremdenlegion, Die kleinen Strolche, die legende, Die LuStmOlchE, Die Rachendrachen, DieKuhMachtMuh, Disasterpiece, Distortion, Disturbed, Eckârt, El Trotos, enraged, Entropy, Evoke, Fatigue, Fatzo, FreeBearFighter, Førgive Me, Gnackwatschn Kommando, GoodFellas Twinkz, Green Factory, Groms Erben, HaRlequinS, Hartz Fear, Hazard Rush, headhunters, HELL YEAH, Hooked, I see Clowns on Acid, Ich bin doch nicht blöd, Ilia Fêon, Illumination, IM SWAGGIN IM SURFIN, Imperial Horde Troopers, Imperium, Influence, Ingenium, Inside The Dark, Insidious, is a Himugüegeli, Is a Movementkrueppel, is a rich Bitch, is watching you, JogiSniff, Kern, Knicklicht Jedis, Krieger des Lichts, Lacht über die Krise, Leo Bären Bande, LeoLager, less QQ more PewPew, Lights and Shadows, LogHorizon, Matrosenboys Inc, Mercenaries of the Horde, Miles Luminis, Militia Orgrimmar, Milkless, minimal effort, MK, MMR Massenvernichtung, Momento Møri, Mondklingen, murderous frenzy, Music is my Lifestyle, Nachtaktiv, Nachtschwärmer, NATIVES, Neon Genesis, New Order, No Panic, No Risk Kein Risiko, Nobody loves Gnimo, Northwind, Nörten Gaming, OdiFariGangstas, oIo, Old No Seven, One Day, oops a cornflake, Para Para Para, Paragonus, Patchwork, People of Umbras, PewPew I got Laserguns, Pfaust, pig inc, Prinzessinnen AG, Protektorat, PvP Junkys Mannoroth, Raus aus meiner Kneipe, Regen macht Nass, Relentless, Rhiga, S u F, Savage Reckoning, Schatzkiste, schlägt wie eín Mädchen, Schneeweisse Wächter, Schwarze Acht, Schwarze Rose, Silvanas Legion, Souljahs, Splendid, Swagstreet Boys, Thanatos Erpetos, Tharin Jarr, The Bro Code, The Crash Families, The dark Revolution, The Frozen Throne, The Iron Giants, The Million Dollar Man, The World XXI, TheDeathFighters, Thralls Streitmacht, Tod und Zuckerwatte, Tollfirin und die Noobs, Two Broke Elves, unbuffed, Unfassbier, Unhøly, Unknown Entity, Vergessene Schatten, WaldfruchtmandarInen, Warcrafts Sturmwölfe, Warglaive, Warriors of Blood, Warriors of Heaven, Warriors of Warcraft, Wegbeaming GmbH, WorldTradeAG, you mad bro, Another Level, Arsmoriendi, Bankchars United, Barad ne Valesh, BellicusConsortio, Bleeding Mascara, Blutiger Stahl, Blutwächter, BOOMKIN, BoyzNHood, braucht keine Gilde, Catz with Rocketz, Clan der Otori, Contractors, Cui honorem honorem, Cócó Bóngó, Dangerous Minds, Darkbladers, Dawn, DER Bibliothekar, Der Thrall Orden, destination failure, Die Drachentöter, Die Gilde, Die Kranke Horde, Die Süchtigen, Die Wächter Dalarans, DieHordeRennt, DieTresöre, Dingens Mopetismus, Divinity, DragonWarriors, Dread Guards, Enfurion Asgaror, Enrâge, Epicfail, essential, Euphoria, Evil Monkeys, Fabulous Freebirds, FearDoTcom, First Shadowclan, Flatliners, freut sich auf dich, Frøntschweine, Gastronomie Gmbh, Geldstube, Gilde von Sasaki, Hord For Life, Hordnungsamt Orgrimmar, I N S A N I S, I Phoenix I, I Schatten I, Ich weiß von nichts, iHorde, In Fidem, Inagi Tabilis, InBuffs WeTrust, InYourFacePvP, Is Insane, isst Mobs zum Frühstück, ist brutal, Ist der Grillmeister, Judäische Volksfront, Kalimdors Völkerbündnis, Kawabanga, Killakans, Knicklicht Jedis, l EnigmA l, lecker Tee, Leechkingz, Legion der Horde, Legion of Darkness, Like a Sir, Lords of War, Løkis Bank, Magier des Lichts, Mein Server ist Down, Mondgeflüster, Multidroelf Raiding INC, Mystical Embrace, MüsliMüsliMjamMjamMjam, Naginata, Nerd Alert, Neue deutsche Härte, Never Lucky, Nocturnis Sanguinis, Noir, Northrends Huskies, Painkiller DE CH, Patchwerk, Pro Newbies, Projekt SK, Risen, Same Shít Díffrent Day, Schattenwacht, Schädelknacker, Signa Relinquere, Slayed, Sleepy Hollow, Sorce, Spandauer Inferno, steht auf Prügel, Stîll Loading, Söhne der Horde, Te quiero, The Cøre, The Dragon Warrior, The last resistance, The Other Way, The Remedy, TheLastLegion, Tintenshop, TooAddicted, Twink von Obstsalat, Twinks from Ashes, Undercity Stormtrooper, Visions, when its done, Wombat Combat, Wächter der Legion, Ðie Auftragsmörder, alia iacta sunt, Allianz Bestattungs GmbH, Angerfist, Audience, AUT Squad, avoîd, Bank and Trading Inc, Bankchef, Bavaria, BAWAG, bequiet, Blood Dragons, Braveheart, bänklerverein, Celtics, Change, changed, Charma, Childs of Redemption, Critfactory, dark angels, Dark Sphere, Dark Warriors, Das wird uns zu Bund, Deadman Wonderland, Death Minds, Defiance, DIe BÖSzen, die crew, Die WuschelBande, Die Überspitzen, Dont Panic, doppelpunkt ugly, Dying Dreams, Dêathstars, Eiserner Ring, Endless Rage, EntropY, Euløgy, Executions, Flying Dragons, Genesîs, Gilde von Steelman, Guardian Forces, Hall of Fame, Happy Amnesia, HEATSEEKER, Heute twink morgen epic, IgnoreTradingGmbH, iMpEcT, Incinerate, Independence, itamí, Just Crank, KÜHE DES LICHTS, lawl, Legacy of Lordaeron, Legion der Nehadire, Leichentanz, Licht Aus, Lidl versus Aldi, Lupus Dei, made my day, Molkerei Donnerfels, Mortuus manus, Night Angels, noRemorse, Nussloch, OmNomNomNom, Orkan Thorwal, Parasite, Pony Slaystation, relaXed enRage, Rest in Pieces, Return of the Fallen, rubbelt dich, Rumpelkammer, Schatten und seine Braut, Schlächter der Horde, Seele, ShadowRaiderZ, Stiftung Warentest, StockingMuh, Stoff Tanks, Streitmacht der Horde, The Alcatraz, The Kings of Metal, triVial, TwentyEight Fails Later, Unfreundliche Herren, Unholy, United Farm Cooperation, unrestricted, Uthers Avenger, veni vidi willi, Vindobona, We dont care, WE GONNA KILL YOU, wins, Xombium, Zakuria, zum vernaschen, 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TheGuild, TheTransporters, TheTwelveMoonz, thewendsdayraid, Think About Us, Think Pink, Think Pínk_monolith, This is Sparta, Thors Erbe, Thunder, Thunder of Draenor, Thus, Tired Minds, TLTC, Tng, TnG Raid, Tng-Raid, TNGraid, TnT, tod, ToD, Tod oder Freiheit, tolle icc 10er, Tonitrus et Requies H, Tonitruum, Toppsy, Total Annihilation, Total Annihilation, Total Nightmare Troop, Touché, Tourists of Terror, toxic, Trade Union, Tradefactory, Trance Nation, TRASH, triallogs, Trip to Hell, TripleA, triVial, Trollhaus, True Story Bro, Try Again, Try Out, Trôník, tt, Turtle Syndrome, Turtle Syndrome, two and a half hordler II, Two Steps From Hell, tYrannY, Tyranny of Evil Men, tøxic, uceolater, Ukina, Ulduar RND raid, Ultimate Ultor, Ultra Casual, Umbra Milites, unbreakable heroes, uncontrolled, uncreative, Undead Legion, Undead Legion, underrated, Undisputed, Unequaled Raid 2, Unfinished, unholyfawk, Unic, Unic, Unic, Unic, Unic, Unic, Unic lol, uniqué, uniquê, United Skunk Brothers, United Syndicate, Universi, Unsavory, Unsavoury, Unsavoury, Unsavoury, Unsavoury, Untamed Flames, untouchable, uploads , Upsurge, Urgut, Urgut Guild, US of Blödsinn, US of Blödsinn, Uschi Club, Uther's Silberne Hand, Valeria Victrix, Van Northrind, vandalism, Vandalism, Vanish, VAnos, Vanrock, Vathras guilde, Vatos Locos, Velatropa, Verange, Veritas, Veritas Aéquitas, Veritas Aéquitas, Verus Amicus, Verus Amicus, Vexatio, vfb001, Vibe Raiders, vicious disciples, Victory or Death, Vile, Vile, Vindobona, VindoLegion, Viribus, Virîbus Unitîs, vision, Vision, Vision, Vision, Vision, Vision , Vollständige Induktion, vooDoo, vooDoo, Voodoojam, Vorsicht Wild, voyager, Voyager, VU, VU, Vureth, Vykina, Vâlhalla, W.i.e.H.T, Walls of Azeroth, wanted, Wanted, Wanted, Wanted, Wanted, Wanted, wantedv2, Warglaive, Was Gilde man Twinks, wasd, wasted, WBC, WBC, WBC, We are Legends, We aRe oNe, We Ball Harder, WE LOVE SNACKS LIKE U, we make it, Well Done, Well Done, Weltenbrand Allianz, wer-das-liest-ist-doof, WET, WET-AEON-ToD, when its done, White Lotus, White Lotus, WhiteXardas, Why Me, why so serious, Whïte Lotus, Whïte Lotus, Wicked Act, Wicked Act, Wilhelma, Will Nicht, wins, wins, wins nerathor, Wiped, Wiped Together What Else, WITZ feat. aeon, Witz meets Aeon, Wookielogs, world of fail, Wotans Krieger, Wotans Krieger, WoW in eXcess, WoW in eXcess, WOWSZENE, Xantens Finest, Xcution, xd Legendary, Xenor, Xiqqqq, Xirou, XLII Die Heilige Suche, xombium, Xombium, Xombium2, Xorro, XOXO, xyz, you are not repaired, You Trolling, Your Last Dawn, Your Last Dawn, Your love is a lie, Yunikon, Zaak's logs, Zahnis, zara at beta, Zentaurion, Zentrum, ZfH, Zinosrndraid, Zuluhed GoodFellas, ZuluhedGoodFellas, Zykloon´s Logs, | EnigmA |, | infinity |, Àaskereia, Æcooguild, Æquilibrium, Æqulibrium, ênrage, Ênrage, Ênrage, ÐevisoN PlayaZ, Überreizt2

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