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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Dragoon Of Jade EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 404
Renouveau EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 97
Bløød EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 69
Cocobongo EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 65
Fate EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 46
ßlackList EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 45
MétroBoulotWoW EU-Dalaran Horde 0 40
Matëria EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 30
Stigmates EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 30
Les Irreductibles EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 28
Border Line EU-Dalaran Horde 0 27
Raid is Dead EU-Dalaran Horde 0 26
La Garde EU-Dalaran 0 21
eXe EU-Dalaran Horde 0 20
Semper Umbra EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 20
Path of Rebirth EU-Dalaran Horde 0 18
manticore EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 18
Exil EU-Dalaran 0 17
Lions de Kalimdor EU-Dalaran 0 17
Adage EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 17
la Bratva EU-Dalaran Horde 0 16
Nec Deus Nec Dominus EU-Dalaran Horde 0 15
Ombre Phoenix EU-Dalaran Horde 0 15
Edelweiss EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 14
EndLess EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 14
Les Dk Potables EU-Dalaran 0 13
The StIcK HoUsE FaMiLy EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 11
Fate of Blood and Glory EU-Dalaran Horde 0 10
Epic meat time EU-Dalaran 0 9
Søul Søøciety EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
Adamantra EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
Heroes Vanilla EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
Triad Infinite EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
The North Remembers EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 8
BubleStack EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
LostWolf EU-Dalaran Horde 0 7
La Fin Des Temps EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 7
Aho Matsuri EU-Dalaran 0 6
Neterya EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Ragnarök EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Les Tontons Zingueurs EU-Dalaran Horde 0 5
Maëlstrøm EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
Children Of Darkness EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
hammerfall EU-Dalaran 0 4
Is Stupidz EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Les Vrykolakas EU-Dalaran 0 4
Paranoïa EU-Dalaran 0 4
Sunshìne EU-Dalaran 0 4
øbsession EU-Dalaran 0 4
Venom EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 4
Les Intøuchables EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Noyaux Dur EU-Dalaran 0 3
Paradize EU-Dalaran 0 3
Rock Elite Crue EU-Dalaran Horde 0 3
ZonarisK EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Belaros ô Nagas EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 3
Bad Blood EU-Dalaran 0 2
Corsairs of Azeroth EU-Dalaran 0 2
DreamWorld EU-Dalaran 0 2
Elite EU-Dalaran 0 2
La Confrérie des Noobs EU-Dalaran 0 2
Nervous Breakdown EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
No Poney No Glory EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
NoStress EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Omnia Licit EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
omnium EU-Dalaran 0 2
PatatOS EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Pull to Wipe EU-Dalaran 0 2
Røse noire EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Unhøly EU-Dalaran 0 2
Atom EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 2
Hørde and Cømpany EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 2
Les Myrmidøns EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 2
Absolutes EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Andraste EU-Dalaran 0 1
Angels Of Death EU-Dalaran 0 1
Aube EU-Dalaran 0 1
Azeroth Asylum EU-Dalaran 0 1
Dystopie EU-Dalaran 0 1
eDreamZ EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Guilde Of Renegades EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Hørïzøn EU-Dalaran 0 1
La Tribu de Dalaran EU-Dalaran 0 1
Larmes de Hadès EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Les Sans Visage EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Maëlstrom EU-Dalaran 0 1
Menzoberranzan EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Møonlight EU-Dalaran 0 1
OMG they killed Murky EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Pendragon EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
RapturGuild EU-Dalaran 0 1
Ravens Worgs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Rush n Wipe EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Shiby EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Silk EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
The Originals EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Whoops Clumsy Hippos EU-Dalaran 0 1
Øbliviøn EU-Dalaran 0 1
Alive EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 1
For Gladitus EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Phoenix des Ombres EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 1
umbra army EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 1
War Drums EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 1
Adasträ EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Hatred EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Alter Ego EU-Marécage de Zangar 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Axtus EU-Dalaran Horde 23 23
Good Runs EU-Dalaran Alliance 16 67
Cursed Crew EU-Dalaran Horde 14 228
Höllenhunde-RG EU-Dalaran Horde 13 229
Majula's logs EU-Dalaran Horde 8 239
Jarq's Logs EU-Dalaran Horde 8 160
Godlike Rolz EU-Dalaran Horde 8 8
Random Shit EU-Dalaran Alliance 7 24
Madventure Bros EU-Dalaran Alliance 7 22
Paralogxic EU-Dalaran Horde 3 78
Wyz Logs EU-Dalaran Horde 2 307
Fan de Pierre Bellemare EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 333
Eternalys EU-Dalaran Horde 0 321
Asthiria EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 302
Rampage EU-Dalaran Horde 0 286
Höllenhunde EU-Dalaran Horde 0 258
Azureal EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 235
øbsession EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 212
TUS EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 183
Royal Bloodline EU-Dalaran Horde 0 181
Scurty EU-Dalaran Horde 0 172
Legion of chaøs EU-Dalaran Horde 0 142
Chirugiens de la mort EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 139
Wretched EU-Dalaran Horde 0 106
Dùn Atan EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 104
Wype EU-Dalaran Horde 0 96
Squad EU-Dalaran Horde 0 93
Transfuge EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 93
Natural Job EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 84
Hammerfall EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 82
Le Clan Thamanos EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 79
Heäven EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 78
Sunshìne EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 77
Easy Raiders EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 74
Exøs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 74
Absalon EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 67
Maelstrom EU-Dalaran Horde 0 65
Larmes de Hadès EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 64
Rebøøt EU-Dalaran Horde 0 64
Scale EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 63
Prend un curly EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 62
Les myrmidons EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 59
Phénicée EU-Dalaran Horde 0 58
Phoenix Ascendant EU-Dalaran Horde 0 55
Aire Vanda EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 54
Folivora EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 54
Dawä EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 47
Grendan EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 43
Raid is Dead EU-Dalaran Horde 0 43
Ameno EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 42
Nouvelle Aube EU-Dalaran Horde 0 42
The Emerald Dream EU-Dalaran Horde 0 41
omnium EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 39
Eclipse EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 38
Cursed Crew EU-Dalaran Horde 0 37
pouvoir superieur EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 36
L'ordre de Numenor EU-Dalaran Horde 0 35
Myze et al. EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 35
PANZER EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 35
Malsamamind EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 32
Ombre Phoénix EU-Dalaran Horde 0 31
The Fire Clan EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 31
Until Dawnsssssss EU-Dalaran Horde 0 30
Gloria victoria EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 28
Legacy of the Ancients EU-Dalaran Horde 0 28
Légion Elfique EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 27
Probe EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 27
Stop DPS2 EU-Dalaran Horde 0 26
nostalgeek EU-Dalaran Horde 0 24
Stigmates EU-Dalaran Horde 0 24
Cult of Forgotten Shadow EU-Dalaran Horde 0 22
dolce vita EU-Dalaran Horde 0 22
Andraste EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 21
La Horde de Dalaran EU-Dalaran Horde 0 21
Pull to Wipe EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 21
Donjon EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 20
Pouvoir superieur EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 20
The Unnamed EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 20
Epic Meat Time EU-Dalaran Horde 0 19
Insights EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 19
legion EU-Dalaran Horde 0 19
Les protecteurs de dalaran EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 19
Skyre Hordalis EU-Dalaran Horde 0 19
NostalGeeks EU-Dalaran Horde 0 18
Nothing Else Matters EU-Dalaran Horde 0 18
Prestige EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 18
Emerald EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 17
eXample EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 16
Kick EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 16
Madventure Bros EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 16
Pinkfloyd's log EU-Dalaran Horde 0 16
Immørtels EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 15
Moya EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 15
Otherwise we get angry EU-Dalaran Horde 0 15
Xylià-solo EU-Dalaran Horde 0 15
Allégeance EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 14
Cosmetic Wipes EU-Dalaran Horde 0 14
Divinum Spiritus EU-Dalaran Horde 0 14
La Røse noire EU-Dalaran Horde 0 14
Elyzion EU-Dalaran Horde 0 13
Greed EU-Dalaran Horde 0 13
Hypérion EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 13
nextGen EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 13
Soul society EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 13
Stop DPS EU-Dalaran Horde 0 13
TFJ x2 EU-Dalaran Horde 0 13
Borderline EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 12
Edelweiss EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 12
Hijos de Azeroth EU-Dalaran Horde 0 12
Little Flower Of Carnage EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 12
Pure Chaos EU-Dalaran Horde 0 12
Unicorn EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 12
La Garde EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 11
Lost in Sauce EU-Dalaran Horde 0 11
Quantum EU-Dalaran Horde 0 11
Two Minutes To Midnight EU-Dalaran Horde 0 11
WoCoMoDeS EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 11
ZEN EU-Dalaran Horde 0 11
Eternïum None Alliance 0 10
LOGS EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
M O N D A Y S EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
Myst EU-Dalaran Horde 0 10
Ravens Worgs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
Shinsen EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
Aggro Anonyme EU-Dalaran Horde 0 9
Elendil EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
Epic Meat Time EU-Dalaran Horde 0 9
Equilibrìum EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
MétroBoulotWoW EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
not so famous EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
Oryon None Horde 0 9
Vent Detta EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
Amazing EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
bibi EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
Bloody Tearz EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
Keltia EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
LN EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
Néphilims EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
Probe EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 8
Scyphum Aquae EU-Dalaran Horde 0 8
Endgame EU-Dalaran Horde 0 7
Ephina EU-Dalaran Horde 0 7
Hatred EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
me EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
Rebelion EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
Sanctuary EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
secret of mana EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
STF EU-Dalaran Horde 0 7
Apøthéøse EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Jinx EU-Dalaran Horde 0 6
knockout EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
les maîtres des âmes [LMDA] EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Mattiskings EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Pendragon EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Red Wedding EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Crescendo EU-Dalaran Horde 0 5
furious riders None Alliance 0 5
harmonia EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
knockoutlove EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
Maëlström EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
nø name EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 5
Spectres EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
Alter Ego EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 4
Anárion EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 4
BloodReverse EU-Dalaran Horde 0 4
Ezcri EU-Dalaran Horde 0 4
Hug a bunny EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Ombres du crepuscule EU-Dalaran Horde 0 4
Stÿx EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 4
Sw EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Wretched EU-Dalaran Horde 0 4
You No Take Candle EU-Dalaran Horde 0 4
Blades Of Thunder EU-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Decadence in Progress EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Elípse EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 3
Fusiøn EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 3
I love pineapples EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Les cendres de Vordrassil EU-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Lost in Sauce EU-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Omnipotent EU-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Pulp Friction EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Quorum Sensing EU-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Revølutiøn EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 3
Øne Shøt EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Adamantra EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Anthølogy EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 2
Astera EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Ballanwøll EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Bifröst EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Burn It EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Chaøs Theory None Horde 0 2
Daybreak EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Dazing EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
EluX EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
EndLess EU-Marécage de Zangar Horde 0 2
Fire EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Hammerfall None Alliance 0 2
Invincible EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Klone EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Larmes Nébuleuses EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Legends Of Légion LQE EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
locklogs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Mad Devils EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Neterya EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Nø Name EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 2
Outlaw EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Outsidersss EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 2
Projekt Thronsturz EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Relic EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Schlice EU-Dalaran Horde 0 2
the illidari EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
TäunT EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Vortex EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
A la bonne Chopine EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Absolutes EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Abyss EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Aho Matsuri EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Amandralog EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
AN EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
anarion None Alliance 0 1
Aries EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
AÐN EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
BBB EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Beyond horizon EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Bifröst EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Bløød EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Brainstorming EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Caramels bonbons et chocolats EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Cercle EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
chez wouam EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Clan PluieDeCoups EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Contrepeteries Inc. EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
cool EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Dazing BIow EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
EarthQuake EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Eternel EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
eXe EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Extinction EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Extorris EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Heeding the Call EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Holylight EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Hord Rock Café EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Hørïzøn EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
infamous EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Invictus EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Isilanie EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
La Brigade de l Aube EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
LDH EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
legende EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Les gentilhommes EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Les Kipiks EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
LMDA EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
LonjoNora EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Lostwolf EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
LPP EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Lüne_noire EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Magic Gamers Team EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Malsamamind EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Mbwow EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
MEA CULPA EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Memento EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Mibs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Mudzzlogs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
natural affinity 1 EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Ordre du cristal EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
OreManaMou EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Pandemonium EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Personal_Logs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
PICK UP OR THE DEATH EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Piloww None Alliance 0 1
Placeholder EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Renaissance EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Roumains et gitans EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Scrymslogs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Secret øf mana EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Silence EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Skyah EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Somni EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Squirrelium EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Stop DPS2 EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
The X Back EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
third legend EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Topaze celeste EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Total Fracass EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
tsingtaø EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
VDT EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Venøm EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Warior EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Wicked Ways EU-Dalaran Horde 0 1
windfury EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Øo Ðynasty oØ EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 1
Les Faucheurs d'âmes None Horde 0 0
Les Nomades de Kalimdor None Alliance 0 0
11 None Horde 0 0
ab origine fidelis None Alliance 0 0
Abc None Horde 0 0
ABC None Alliance 0 0
Ad Astra None Alliance 0 0
ADAMANTRA None Alliance 0 0
adasträ None Horde 0 0
Agat EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
amnesialogs None Alliance 0 0
Amändra None Alliance 0 0
Anarion 2 None Alliance 0 0
Anatheme None Alliance 0 0
Anatheme None Alliance 0 0
Angels Of Death None Horde 0 0
Anges et Démons None Alliance 0 0
Anonymousse None Alliance 0 0
Apotheose None Alliance 0 0
Apothéøse None Alliance 0 0
Appleseed None Alliance 0 0
Apøthéose None Alliance 0 0
Aspélogs None Alliance 0 0
Astral None Alliance 0 0
Astral None Alliance 0 0
avalanche None Horde 0 0
Avalanche None Horde 0 0
Bad Seed None Horde 0 0
barakka EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Baroque Works None Horde 0 0
Bear Force One None Alliance 0 0
Best Little Pony None Horde 0 0
bibifoc None Horde 0 0
BiPolar Bears None Alliance 0 0
Bière et Flammekueche None Horde 0 0
Blood and Burst None Horde 0 0
Bloodreverse None Alliance 0 0
Bublestack None Alliance 0 0
Buraja None Alliance 0 0
Bénédiction None Alliance 0 0
C'est la fête ici None Alliance 0 0
carebearos None Alliance 0 0
Casus Belli None Alliance 0 0
Cercle None Alliance 0 0
Cercle EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 0
children of anthares None Alliance 0 0
chrysalid None Alliance 0 0
Clarense Logs EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Clarity None Alliance 0 0
Connection Lost None Alliance 0 0
Connection Lost None Alliance 0 0
Connexion lost None Alliance 0 0
Cookie Thumper None Alliance 0 0
Creep None Alliance 0 0
Croissance Sauvage None Alliance 0 0
Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
Dark Limbs None Horde 0 0
Dark Limbs None Horde 0 0
DB None Horde 0 0
deepforest None Alliance 0 0
Demonstare None Alliance 0 0
Dernier Rempart None Horde 0 0
Dess neh None Horde 0 0
Dess Neh None Horde 0 0
Divinum Spiritus EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
DL EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Dust None Alliance 0 0
E M T None Horde 0 0
E Pluribus Unum None Alliance 0 0
Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
eerrrww None Alliance 0 0
Elaia None Alliance 0 0
Electrons Libres None Alliance 0 0
Elevation None Alliance 0 0
ellildh None Alliance 0 0
Elípse None Alliance 0 0
Elípse None Alliance 0 0
Endless Agony EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Enjoy None Horde 0 0
Enjoy2 None Horde 0 0
entrepotes None Alliance 0 0
Entrepotes None Alliance 0 0
Equilibrìum None Alliance 0 0
Esprit-Ivalice None Alliance 0 0
Eternitÿ None Alliance 0 0
Exceed None Alliance 0 0
eXe None Horde 0 0
eXe None Horde 0 0
Exil None Alliance 0 0
Exium None Alliance 0 0
exordium None Horde 0 0
Fresh None Alliance 0 0
Furious Riders None Alliance 0 0
Gaïa None Alliance 0 0
Goteî None Alliance 0 0
Groumpf None Alliance 0 0
Gymble None Alliance 0 0
HDD None Horde 0 0
Heart of Courage None Alliance 0 0
hidden None Horde 0 0
Hidden None Horde 0 0
HoldYourbreath None Alliance 0 0
Holy Horders None Horde 0 0
Horde de Dalaran None Horde 0 0
Hybris None Alliance 0 0
Hymn Of Rebirth None Horde 0 0
Hyperiøn None Horde 0 0
hâdes None Alliance 0 0
Härmønia None Alliance 0 0
Hørd møde None Horde 0 0
Immersion None Alliance 0 0
Immørtels None Alliance 0 0
Insigna None Alliance 0 0
Insynia None Alliance 0 0
invincible None Alliance 0 0
JunetteLogs None Alliance 0 0
Just for Raid None Alliance 0 0
jûstice None Alliance 0 0
Jûstice None Alliance 0 0
Kaji_Test None Alliance 0 0
Keltia None Alliance 0 0
Kiss N Run II None Alliance 0 0
kotorep None Alliance 0 0
L appel des Cthulhu None Horde 0 0
la blanquette est bonne None Alliance 0 0
La blanquette est bonne None Alliance 0 0
La blanquette gaming None Horde 0 0
La congrégation None Alliance 0 0
La Croix du Sud None Horde 0 0
la guilde None Horde 0 0
La Horde OccO None Horde 0 0
ldd None Alliance 0 0
LDH - Reroll None Alliance 0 0
Le clan des Emishi None Alliance 0 0
Le portail sombre None Alliance 0 0
le souffle du zëphyr None Horde 0 0
Legende R10 None Alliance 0 0
Legends None Horde 0 0
Legion of chaøs None Alliance 0 0
Les Bichons None Alliance 0 0
Les Butchers Rabbits None Alliance 0 0
Les combattants céleste None Alliance 0 0
Les Copaing None Alliance 0 0
Les dk potables None Alliance 0 0
Les Eternels Guerriers None Alliance 0 0
Les Gardiens de l Ombre None Alliance 0 0
les gardiens des enfers None Horde 0 0
Les Larmes du Phénix None Alliance 0 0
Les Moines gourmands None Horde 0 0
Les Nomades de Kalimdor None Alliance 0 0
les Phénix de Sigmar None Alliance 0 0
Les Pingouins Crétins None Alliance 0 0
Lexy None Alliance 0 0
Lions de Kalimdor EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Log flexx None Alliance 0 0
Loko None Horde 0 0
Lolilol EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
LOLZ None Alliance 0 0
lucifer soul None Alliance 0 0
Lumi None Alliance 0 0
Lyr None Alliance 0 0
Lïmïtless None Alliance 0 0
Mad Devils EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Made in fun None Alliance 0 0
Masterpuppet None Alliance 0 0
Mortifera None Horde 0 0
Mortifera None Horde 0 0
MrtfrOp EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Myguild None Alliance 0 0
Myst V2 None Horde 0 0
Måster Lòóter None Horde 0 0
MétroBoulotWoW None Horde 0 0
Nameless None Alliance 0 0
Nameless None Horde 0 0
Naylzor None Alliance 0 0
nem None Horde 0 0
NEVER RANKED None Horde 0 0
Neväe None Alliance 0 0
Nightlog None Alliance 0 0
NightShade EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
No Burst None Horde 0 0
No Focus None Horde 0 0
NoraBis None Alliance 0 0
Norabiss None Alliance 0 0
Nïx éternalys None Alliance 0 0
ODN None Alliance 0 0
Old Legend None Alliance 0 0
opus eponymous None Horde 0 0
opus eponymous None Horde 0 0
Ordre de sparte None Alliance 0 0
Pacte Eternel None Alliance 0 0
Pandaria None Alliance 0 0
Parlons peu None Alliance 0 0
Perso None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Pierre de Foyer EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Pierremouth None Alliance 0 0
Pochtrons et Dragons None Alliance 0 0
pouvoir sup None Alliance 0 0
Praetorians None Alliance 0 0
Prestige None Alliance 0 0
Prestige EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Primo Victoria None Alliance 0 0
Primo Victoria None Alliance 0 0
Probe None Alliance 0 0
Projekt None Alliance 0 0
Projekt None Alliance 0 0
Pukette None Alliance 0 0
Purged None Alliance 0 0
Purple Stuff EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
R10 - Casu - LDH None Alliance 0 0
R2 None Horde 0 0
Rage Inc None Alliance 0 0
RandomLog None Alliance 0 0
Ravens Worgs EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Rebelion None Alliance 0 0
Reburst None Alliance 0 0
Rebusrt None Alliance 0 0
Reclear pu None Horde 0 0
Red Wedding None Alliance 0 0
renaissañce None Alliance 0 0
Rising None Alliance 0 0
ROYAL None Horde 0 0
Ruines None Alliance 0 0
Run away None Alliance 0 0
Sako Personal Logs None Horde 0 0
Semper Umbra EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Shaa None Alliance 0 0
Sim None Alliance 0 0
SIMOUA None Alliance 0 0
sindrak None Alliance 0 0
Skant-BrewMaster None Alliance 0 0
Skyre Hordalis None Horde 0 0
SPchecking None Alliance 0 0
Steelguild None Horde 0 0
Thanatos None Alliance 0 0
The Bloody Night None Horde 0 0
The Dark Stalkers None Alliance 0 0
The Fifth Element None Horde 0 0
the KILLMASTERS None Alliance 0 0
The Last Expiation None Horde 0 0
The New Opportunity EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
The Sharks None Alliance 0 0
The Spectres of blood None Alliance 0 0
Throw None Alliance 0 0
Throw 1 None Alliance 0 0
Thunder Kings None Alliance 0 0
Thunder Kings None Alliance 0 0
Toppe EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Touche pas à ma banane EU-Marécage de Zangar Alliance 0 0
Try Agaîn None Alliance 0 0
Unicorns are Sexy None Alliance 0 0
Utopyst None Alliance 0 0
Utopyst_Cata None Alliance 0 0
Utopyst_MOP None Alliance 0 0
Vade retro None Horde 0 0
vanaheim None Alliance 0 0
virus None Alliance 0 0
Virus EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Vrätzlog None Horde 0 0
Wipe Theory EU-Dalaran Horde 0 0
wÍld None Alliance 0 0
Wøw en pire None Alliance 0 0
Xou None Alliance 0 0
xxx EU-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Yeonhee None Alliance 0 0
Yop None Alliance 0 0
zetlana None Alliance 0 0
~Symbïøse~ None Alliance 0 0
ßlack Destiny None Alliance 0 0
ßlack Høle None Alliance 0 0
ävalon None Alliance 0 0
Ävalon None Alliance 0 0
Ðigitalis None Horde 0 0
Ðigitalisr2 None Horde 0 0
Ôxyde None Horde 0 0
Ørigine None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

, "Neterya", ---, 123, a la bonne chopine, a la bonne chopine, A La Bonne Chopinne, Ab nihilo, Ab Origine Fidelis, Ab Origine Fidelis, abso, Absolutely Fabulous, Absolutes, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss Secours, acrien, Ad Honores, Age of Anarchy, Age Of Ancestral, Aggro Anonyme, agøny, Agøny, aho matsuri, Aho Matsuri, Aho reroll, akrffs, Alerion, Alerion, Alkyss, almariade, Almariade, Almariade, Alpha, Alérion, Alérion, Alöne, Amnesiash, AmStramGram, Andraste, Andraste, Angels Of Death, Anges et Démons, Anonymous Heroes, antichambre, antichambre, antichambre, Antichambre, Antichambre, Antichambre, Anxiety of Blood, Anàrion, Anárion, AoB, Apogide, Appleseed, Aquila, Arcade, Area vendetta, Ars Necis, asfc, Ashes, Asmodeus, Asmodeus, Assedic beach club, At Least We Tried, Athélas, Athélas, Atom, Atomic Mushroom, Authentic, avalanche, awakenedsouls, Azerys, azna, azureal, Aïre Vanda, AÐN, Babacar, Bad Seed, Bad Seed, Behemoth, BJHZF, Black Death, blasphemes, Blood and Beers, blood and burst, Blood and Guts, Blood and Guts, BloodReverse, bloody raiders, Bløød, boua, Bring your own blight, Broceliande, BubleStack, buffallo, Busy, Bäänk, camelot knights, Camelot Knights, Camelot Knights, Camelot Knights, casus belli, CB, cerberus, cercle, cercle, Chaos Theory, ChaøS, Chaøs Theory, Chevalier de Darnassus, ChezMae, Children of antharès, Chosen Few, chrysalide, Clan A, Clan Lochwood, Cola, confrérie du thalion, Contrepètries Inc, Cool, Copenhagen Girls, Copyright, COSMIC GIRL, CounterMeasures, creeperz, cucumber clan, Cursed Dynasty, dalaran asylum, Damage Inc., Damage Inc., dance of deayh, Dao De Jing, Dark Limbs, dark of leguen, Dark Side On The Moon, Dawn of era, Dawn Of Era, Dazing Blow, Deadly, Deadly, Deadscared, decadence in progress, delete, Dess neh, Digerdöden, Disturbia, Divinum Spiritus, Division Avalon, DND, Dosto, draco slayers, draco slayers, Dragoon Of Jade, Dragoon Of Jade, earthquake, Eclat, Eclats de glace, eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, EclipseR10, Eclipses, Electrons Libre, Elevation, Elipse, Elite, Elux, Elyndralol, en voiture simone, Endorphines, Enjoy, Enjøy, Entrepotes, Equilibre, ErEstel, ESCALIBUR, Eternel, Eternel, Eternel, Eternel, Eternel R1, eternitÿ, Eternya, A La Bonne Chopine, Abråxas, Absølutes, AbsØluTion, Actionna, Ad honores, Ad Lucem, ADVBHR, Afkafe, Age of Ancestral, Aggro Anonyme, albiøn, Alchemia, AliceBloodyGuilde, Alium, Allegeance, Alliance des Vétérans, Alone, Amazøne, Amazønes, Amen mes culottes pleine, Amitié et plaisir, Amitié et quiétude, AmStramGram, Anatheme, ancien dazeroth, Angels Dead, Angry Birds, Anomalies, Anonyme, AntalGeek, Anthology, Antigony, Apex, Apothéøse, Apøcalipse Wøw, Aquila, Armaggédown, Armonïa, art of war, Arès, Astral, Atchiu, Attractivity, Aube Lunaire, Authority, AvAlOnE, Avec Karfour je positive, Avengers, AWoL, Azureal, Bad Seed, Band of Brazzers, Bankaszul, Bankya, Banque de Camelot, Bear Force One, BetaTest, BICHON, Bifröst, Big Rock Guilde, bill gates, BlackOmen, BlackShield, Blasphèmes, Blood and burst, blood of dragons, Bloody bones, Bloody Tearz, BlâckDrâgøñ, BløødHdeux, Bon augure, brüder, Burst, ButterFly Effect, By Heàrt, Béhémoth, Carbone XIV, Carter Family, CastØy Settlers, Chaos Origins, Chargement en cours, Charmed, ChaseurAndDemon, Chickens Wraith, CHIMO, Chirurgiens De La Mort, Chrysalide, Chèvres et Blaireaux, Cimiez, Clan Marchenuit, Clean Project, Coeur des abysses, COMMUNAUTE DU STRIP, Confrerie des Assassins, Creche derniers rebelles, Crystal Sword, CsB, Cursed Dynasty, Cyclone, Céphéide, Dalaran Twink Corp, Damoclès, Dark Shadows, Dark Soul, Darlurgrim, Dawn and Dusk, DBM PULL, Dead Meat, Decadence In Progress, Dentes Stagnum, Digadigadoo, Disturbia, Divided We Fall, Divinum Rerollitus, Divinum Spiritus, DNs Guild, Dolce Vita, Dolor Sit amet, Domynion, Dostluk, DrackoByte, Draco Slayers, draenoria, DragobyTeam, Dragoon Of Légend, Dream, DreamGate, DrâGon Hell, Dua Corporation, Dànny Corporation, Déguildés Déglingués, Dùn Atan, Earth Light, Earthquake, Echøs, Eden Prophecy, Effervescence, el Vatos Locos, Elementary, Elendil, Elite Legion, Elyzion, empire du roi, EN MODE TCK, Endless Dream, ENFER SUR TA MAISON FILS, ephemere, epsilon, Equilibrìum, Erased, Eternalys, Eternitÿ, Ethernity, Etoile morte, Ever dream, Exagora, Exaltés au cimetière, Extinction, extro, Fairy Taiil, Fait chier Nick, Fait de la Haute Couture, Faith, Fan de Pierre Bellemare, Fanatics, feeding intentionnel, Fnatic, Forever, Forever Is A Long Time, Forsaken, Forward Ever, Free Hugs, Freljord, From the Void, FULL WIPE, Furious Bisounours, Furoncle Sam, G C B C, Galadh Celebren, Game Of Wow, Gangsta, Gangsta crew, Garde Lame, Glorify, Grand malade, Grendan, Grumpy Cat Gank Squad, Guardian Infinity, Guardians øf Azerøth, Guardiens, H Orus, Hall Of War, Happy Family, Hard Push, Harmonie Horizons, Haute Comme Trois Pommes, Haute société, Hell, Hemoglobine, herO of Cataclysme, Hidden, Hide, hiips, Hijo De La Luna, Holy Crusade, Honorem vitae, Horde and resistance, Hordeux Contr All, Horion, Hors de controle, Hvreload, Hyjal by Night, Hypnose, Hypnøse, Härmønia, Idiomes, iFun, II Go Delete II, II iPvP II, II Under world II, Illidan request, Illumînation, Impulse, INCA, Inferno, Inferno Caelum, InSights, Into The Groove, Invictus, Invincible, Is Loving It, itake, IwoJima, J ai glissé chef, Jinx, Jufuku ji, Jusqu à Shadowland, Justîce, KAAMËLÖTT, Kanabank, Kathovar, Khalessars, Kick, Kill ør be Killed, Kiss N Run, Klone, Knockout, KuNg Fu PanDa, Kybadashy, La banque Tdc, La Brigade Du Lion, La communauté de lanno, La Communauté de Tura, La Compagnie Banquaire, La confrérie de la terre, la Cønfrerie, la garde ardente, La guilde de bras cassés, La Guilde des Loups, La Hire, La Horde de Dalaran, La Horde Des Flammes, La Horde Euroquebec, La Horde Nomade, la legende de wow, LA LEGION DE L HYDRE, la Légion de la mort, La Légion Du Sang, la légion hordeuse, La marche impériale, La Sephirah, la team IODA, La Team Rocket, Labankàtune, Last Legacy, Last Quest, Last Whisper, Last Ørder, Le Clan Akatsuki, Le Marteau de Fer, le pacte des ombres, Le Petit Ecureuil, Le Sanctuaire Antique, Le Sang Du Jacobin, Legacy, Legende, Legion of chaøs, les aigles noire, Les Ailes de la liberté, Les Beazy Boyz, Les boulettes, Les Braves, les brokens arms, Les Casseurs Poisseux, Les chiens des enfers, Les Colosse de Crøm, les confreries, Les Disciples de Rexxar, les Dragons noirs, Les Dunedains, Les démonistes du néant, les enfants de la terre, les enfoirés en folie, Les Fanatiques du Cuir, Les FarFadets, Les Fils de Hodor, Les flammes de l espoir, les fous furieux, Les Furax, Les Fées Néants, Les Guerrier Du Temp, Les Guerriers du Lotus, Les Lions, Les Maîtres des Âmes, Les Nuages, les ombress, Les Petites Mains, Les poneys sanguinaires, Les protégés du phøenix, Les Sauveurs de Dalaran, Les Sources, Les super madbros, les survivants, Les survivants d Ysondre, Les Templîers, Les Terreurs des ombres, Les Tristes Sires, Les Virus, les vizus, Les Âmes au Nimouss, Les âmes égarées, Liberty, Liberty Of Troll, Licorne Noire, Lions pride, Little Flower Of Carnage, ll Moon ll, ll Møøn ll, Lords of Twilight, Los Petos, Lucifer, Läst Try, Légion Ardente, Lørds øf War, Ma Meute, Macaria next, MafioNarZ, MaGeek System, Mamytwink TV, Marioule, Marmity, menbati, Miserik Hord, Moon, MoriAdRenascendumMelius, Multifruits, Murlok, My Legend, Myst, Mythologie, nanouke TV, Nec Principem, Nephtys, Nerd, Never be alone, Neverlight, NightShade, NightVision, No Dispel No Time, No Name, No Wørries, Nocturne, NoNewFriends, NostalGeeks, novâ, Nox, NPFU, Néphilims, NøFaTe, Octopus Knights, Okama Way, Omega Reloaded, On en Aggro, Only the Brave, only the strong, oO Bløødy Fever Oo, opus eponymous, Ordalie, Ordalïe, Ordre Sin Dorei, Orisque et Péril, Othornassë, pandaria, Pandarium, Paradox, Paradyse, Past of Memory, Pañdora, Pendrãgøner, Per Aspera Ad Astra, Per Sempre, Phoenix noirs, Phénicée, Pipo, PiX Be LOVE, Pixel, Po por favor pour bébé, Pochtrons et Dragons, Populi Victoria, Posey, pro destiny, Projekt, Promethée, Protecteurs de lumière, Prélude, Prõphecÿ, Prøfanation, Prøtectør øf Azérøth, Psygnosis, Pulp Friction, PVP Dala, Père Lachaise, Péridot, Quut, Rabid Rabbits, RadioActiveBurgers, Raize, Rampage, Rarissime, Ravage, Rebøøt, ReLaTiviTy, Renaissänce, Renewal, Republic Of Fear, Reroll Sanctuary, ResNovæ, Rising, Run Away, Résonance, Røxx N Røll, S M O C K, Second Souffle, secret socièty, Secret øf Mana, Semper fi, Sentence, Seraphim, Shamanic Power, Shingeki no pantsu, ShinSekai, Simple, Sin Ora, Sindragosa, Sire on en aggro, Skyre Hordalis, Slayer, Smart Bastards, Sois pas trop deg David, solaris, Soul Sorcerers, Souls of Cinder, Souriez vous êtes farmés, SpiceDiCounace, Spiritus Daemonius, Spiritus Noctem, Squartz, Stigmates, stormbeast, Subversion, Sun Shine, Swallow, Sweet Origin, Sylk, Syndicat Gøbelin, Syndrôme, Sõldïer õf the Devïl, Tapage Nocturne, TARDIS, Tears, TEKAS EST A BIKINI BOTOM, The Amazing Knel, The Blood Brothers, The Chips ikings, The Death Surgeons, The drake of force, The Geek, The Jarls of Valhalla, The Keepers, The Last Excuse, The legion of hero, The Privat Bank, The Rough Riders, the shadows of twilight, The Shadows Øf Ice, The Simplicity, The Skankers, The Slayer Of Enemy, The Starving Murlocs, The Walkers, TheBlackBird, third legend, Thunder, Thunderblast, thunderdome, Thunderstørm, TNT, Toi Tu creuses, TOUCHE PAS A MA BANANE, Tourbilol, Traderskill, Transfuge, Treponema Pallidum, Triggered, U N D E R G R O U N D X, Ultima Ratiø, Ultimatum, Uncrowned, unguilded, Unification, Universia Vague de Mort, Uthopie, Uzis, vendettas, Viral, Virus, Vogue Merry, VoxCordis, wall street, Wasted time, We are the Fun, WeaK, Why Nøt, Wick family, Wild, Win Or Die, Winterfell, wip wip hourra, Wipe Tentation, Wired, WoCoMoDeS, WonderMyst, WoW Family, WoW GI, Wrath, WypeAndGo, WÅNTEÐ, Wøw En Pire, Xirtuk, You are Legionary, You Can t See Me, You No Take Candle, Zamal effect, Zen, zero, Zodíac, Zoltan Army, ßanque des Miniøns, ßerzerk, ßlack Destiny, À base de Jorgette, À la memoire de Liam, Âmes Eternelles, Ânkh, Åsgard, Ðigital, Ðivinum Spiritus, Ðreamz, Ô petit Péon, Adwilaand, Agence KapitalRisk, Ambition, Angels of Hell, antichambre, Anárion, Apéro, Arkham Asylum, Ash Karath, Atlanta, Atriom, Aïre Vanda, Blackrax, Bloub bloub, Blåck, boost factory, BouffeMonBoeuf, Brotherwoods, Brutality, Burning Alliance, Camelot Knights, Casus Belli, CaVaEtreToutNoir, Cave de Ghislaine, Cercle, cerclemule, Chaton, Chimæra, Clan Lochwood, Clan øf immortal bloods, Confrérie de la Taverne, Conquest, Continuum Q, Cøløsale, Dark Crawlers, DeathRøw, Depths Of Devil, Dinde au curry, Disconnected Player, Dulcis Insania, Ebon Hawk, Echoppe du Mithril, Edens, Eklyps, Elysïum, Elípse, Errantes Animas, Eurythmics, Exitøsus, fagethen, Failed, Fallen Angels, Fatality, Faucons des enfers, five magic, Focus TDM, Foraisis, four magic, frères d'armes, Full Metal, Fusiøn, Føcus me im famous, FørtKnøx, Gaia, game wøver, Genosis, Genøva, Gloub gloub, Gnoman Industry, Gotta Go Fast, Guilde de Botchanie, Guilde de Gaabi, Guilde Du Routard, Génesis, haribo, Heeding the Call, Hells Angels, Hellscream Guardians, Heritium, I Have A Dream, I Love You, Impakt, Incarnation, Insane Committee, Involved, Just One Fix, Kisscøøl, Knight of the dead, L armée des mort, L ordre du dragon, L øeil de l éternité, la bad compagnie, la comunoter de wow, La Familia Corleone, la légions, La Meute Enragée, La Nouvelle Aube, La secte du feu, la Team Rocket, La vie tranquile, le berry enchanté, Le Cercle d Elune, Le cercle de Malygos, Le Clan Thamanos, le monde sauvage, Le sanctaire du sang, Le Shield, Legacy of Azeroth, les amis de coeur, Les anciens d'Azeroth, les anges, les anges de wow, les anges des tenebres, Les anges éternels, les arcade, Les castors ninja, les chevalier dor, Les chevaliers Célestes, les demons des cryptes, les destructeur du fléau, les dieux de l Olympe, Les Démons du Futur, Les Fantomes du Nord, Les Farmeurs Antique, les fort, les franchouillards, Les gardiens des ombres, Les Gueux d Hyn, Les Hamsters Masqués, Les historiens d Azeroth, Les Héros De Wow, Les incontournables, Les Justiciers du ciel, Les Kipiks, Les myrmîdøns, Les Protecteurs d Hyjal, les shatons, Les Vanupieds, les zindestructible, Les Zinvincibles, Les Épée Céleste, LogHorizon, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, Lumière Phoenix, Lüne noire, Made In Fun, Maestorm, Mass Rez, Materia, Mercenaries, Mindstar, Morsures Sanglantes, Multifruits, Multinova, Måde In Fusiøn, NeoPhyteS, NeverWipe, New Begins, Nexus Bleu, Night infernø, Ninde Isilra, Nunchaku, Odysseüs, oOPvP GamersOo, pandashan, Pandémie, Pannam star, Parot, Pathos, Per Manum, Petite bourse poilu, PewPewGankingCrew, Picsou, Pleine lune, power of wîcca, PowNeDtaFacE, Princes of Chaos, Probe, Projet X, PWNWOWGRAPHY, Quantum, Québec Étermel, Rasorback, Reapers, Rerølls and Cømpany, Return To Ørigin, Revelation, Rezor TV, ROUX, Rævølutiøn, Rëvölution, SALUUT, Semper Fi, Shadows Keeper, Skull Trash, Slash Gquit, Slytherin crew, Snake Mamba, So What, solaris, Sombre Animisme, souverain, SpaceTrader, Sun Guild, swat, Sword Birth, Symbïøse, Symphonia, TAIM BIAN KAN MM, tapioca, tawi lija, TEAMZOUZE, The Evil Withing, The Heavens Door, The Usual Suspects, TheBugsBunnyFarmingCiee, Tonyz, Totentanz, Tuleen, tyrannicide, Ultima Ratio Regum, Undiscovery, Ungløriøus, Vade Retro, Wallalah, WAR of Twink, We Are Nakama, wemloo, whineLess, WindFury, WipeOut, World Of Legend, Ystralia, Zen Attïtude, Zerph, ßØX ØN, Ârchange, Âssassïnø, ÖrcGrôLanD, Evil Apokalyps, ex nihilø, Ex Nihilø, Ex Nihilø, Ex-Nihilo, Exceed, Excidium Arthas, excédentia, Execution, Execution, Execution, Execution, Executionn, exeltium spirit, exodia, Exordium, Exsulis, Exsulis, Exsulis, Exsulis-MDZ, Extinction, Extinction10, ExtinctionR10, Extorris, Extorris, Exxordium, Exøs r10 retraité, Faithful, Fallen Angel of Antharès, Fatality, Feeding Intentionnel, Fellowship, Fervens Excidio, Find Us, Find Us, for gladitus, For Gladitus, fox horde, Fraternalys, Fraternlys, freebole, Frère d arme, furious riders, Fusion, Fusiøn, Fusiøn, gaia, Galaxy Rangers, garaktar rank, garde lame, Garde Lame, Garde Lame, Garde Lame 10, Garde Lame r10, Gaïa, Geek Inside, Gentilhommes, GnomeLauncher, Gp Backstab, Grabarze, Grand Malade, Guild Of Renegades, Guilde Of Renegades, Guilde Of Renegades, Guilde Of Renegades, hammerfall, hatred, Hatred, Hatred, HBO, HDD, Heaven, Heaven Punisher, heaven rain, Heaven Rain, Heaven Rain, Heaven Rain , Heroes Of Night, hidden, Hidden, Hilarious Bastards, Hiryuu, HmcAV, Holy beer Order, Honor, hope, HoR, Hord Rock Café, Hord Rock Café, huhu, Hymn of Rebirth, hymnOfRebirth, Hãll øf Fãme, Hädes, Härmønia, Härmønie, Héliüm, Héritage de Saurcroc, Hørd Møde, I Have A Dream, Immersion, Immørtels, in finé, incarnation, Incassable, Independance, Insights, Insights, insights 10, interférence, Invaders, Invaders, invincible, Is a Meuporg Player, isa's report, Isilanie, IZO, Jazzpha, jopa, Jules, just one fix, Jöozu, Kalevala, kathovar, Kathovar, Kathovar, Kenz, Kestasulpif, Klone, Klone, klones, L'ordre du phoenix, L'øeil de l'éternité, La congrégation, la croisade sanglante, la garde celeste, La garde celeste, La garde céleste, La Horde de Dalaran, La Horde De Dalaran, La horde OccO, La Main Noire, La puissance elfique, La puissance elfique, La Rose des Vents, La Rose Eternelle, La Rose Noire, La tribut, Laleli, Lapin Mort, Larmes de Hadès, LarrabeeGuild1, Last pride, Last Pride, Last Pride, last try, Last Try, lavie, Le bataillon Sacré, Le Bataillon Sacré, Le Clan Thamanos, le pacte eternel, Legende, Lenwë Linwëlin, LenwëLenwëlin, Les amis d'azeroth, les anges, Les Anges, Les Anges, Les Branquignoles, Les copaing, les croises, Les Dieux Ancestraux, les dragons de norfendre, Les Dragons De Norfendre, les dépravées, les enfants perdus, Les enfants perdus, Les enfants perdus, les exilés, Les faucheurs d'âmes, LES FRERES DE SANG, Les frères de sang, Les Gardiens des Mythes, les gardiens du savoir, Les gentilhommes, Les irrécupérables, Les Kipiks, Les korrigans, Les korrigans, Les korrigans, Les Lapins Cannibales, Les Larmes de Hadès, Les Larmes du Phenix, Les Larmes du Phenix, Les larmes du phénix, Les Lions de Kalimdor, Les Maitres des Ames, Les Maïtres des Ames, les musclés, Les Myrmidøns, Les Nuttenh Ayms, Les Phoenix Knights, Les Protecteurs de Dalaran, Les Résistants, Les Suppléant d Arugal, Les tocs, Les tontons fragueurs, liberty, Liberty, Libertà, Livet Er Horde, ll Moon ll, lmda, LMDA, Log d'Ahial, Logperso, logshiniga, Loko, Lords of Pwnage, Los subte, LostWolf, LostWolf, LostWolf, LostWolf, Love Shack, Love Shack, Lumi, luminou, Lunaris, lux orbis terrarum, Lux orbis terrarum, Luô, Légion Céleste, Lënwë Linwëlin, LøremIpsum, lücïan, Mabskies, Mad Cows, Made In Fun, Made in funn, madmoizerg, Madness, Maelstrom, Maelstrom Legion, Magic Gamers Team, Makari, maréchal, Matëria, mbw, MBWOW Grom'gol, Mea Culpa Inc, melinnaas, Metastasis, michel, Miserik Hord, Mishell, Misplaced Priorities, Mongays, Moonwalk, Morcar, Mortem, Mortifera, Mortifera, Mosquito, mosquitos, Mosquitos, Multinova, Mute, Mylandra, mYOPE, Myst, myst-ragha, mytho, Mythologie, Mythologie, Mythologie, Mythologie, Mythologie, Ménéziz, Métro Boulot Wow, MétroBoulotWoW, møma, NaGJaR, Nalenwe, Nameless, Narkotek, NarkoteK, Nemesis, Neteraid, neterya, Neterya, Neterya 10, Neterya 10 Temp, Netherium, Neväe, Neväe, Neväe, New Hope, Next Gaymer, Next Gaymer, nierk, Nightwich, nil sine numini, Nil sine numini, Nil Sine Numini, nionlogs, NIRVANA, no guild, No Time To Die, Noctalya, Noctambules, Noctu, nocturnia, Nocturnia, Nocturnia, Nocturnia, Nocturniabis, Nornes, Nornes, NoStress, Notorious, Nova, Novae, Nox Æternam, NTR, Nucleor, Nïx, nø name, nø name, Nø SkiLL, Nøirceur Dïvine, Nøva, Obsi, Odysseum, Odysseus, On the roxx, Onibi, oO No Life Oo, oORequiem for a DreamOo, Ordre de Nùmenor, Ordre du Cristal, Oroshimaru, oryon, Oryon, Oryon, Osef, Osmøse, Out of Time, Pacte Eternel, palaghost, Palindrome, palounga, Pando Guild's, Parlons peu, Paupiettelogs, Paxdei, pendragon, pendragon, Pendragon, Pendragon, Pentagram, Pentagram, Pentagram, Pentagram, Perso Raph, petits wipes entre amis, Pex Toys, PGNøøß, Phantoms, Phantoms, Phantoms, Phénicée, Pick-up, pink elephant, Piou, Pluie de réves, Pochtrons et Dragons, pouvoir superieur , power, Presque Glads, Prodigy's Logs, Projekt, Protoskill, Prélude, PsykoZ, Pu, PU, PU, Pugpug, Pure Blood, PVE-DALARAN, PYXIDIS, pùnisher, Quantum, Quantum, Quantum, Quantum, Rage, Raid is dead, Raid Off, Raid reroll, Rampage, Raven's Nest, Rayd, React, Rebelion, Rebelion, REBELION, Rebirth, Rebirth, Rebirth, Rebøø, Red is dead, Refresh, Regarde Le Ciel, Reign of Nemesis, Reload, reløad, Renaissance, Renaissances, Renouveau, Requiescat In Pace, resurrection du Phoenix, RG Random, Rhôb, Rimiko, RIP, Rose Of Sharyn, royley, Ruines, Run 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