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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Awakening EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 728
Excited State EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 336
Past Tense EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 135
Paranoia EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 111
Purgatory EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 78
Palakiller EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 77
Entropy EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 76
Yahiko The priest EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 75
Mijorc EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 57
Opulence EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 54
PathFinders EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 54
INCUBUS EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 49
Release and Run EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 48
Daves logs! EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 47
Tranquility EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 42
Unwise elders EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 40
Serenity EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 38
Moribus Adultus EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 34
EAT MORE CAKE None Alliance 0 32
Nexx EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 32
Immortal Sunrise EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 25
PUGs & LFR EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 24
The Elders EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 22
G&E EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 21
mordekaisurs EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 21
Valhalla Rising EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 21
Solace EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 20
WRATH2 EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 19
Bunta's Logs EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 14
Reincarnation EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 14
Reunited EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 14
BloodBrothers None Horde 0 13
Hadas de la noche EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 13
REUNION EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 13
zzzzzzzzzzzzz EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 13
MeineGeheimeNichtExistierendeGilde EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 12
Crescent Dawn EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 10
Private EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 10
The Demonic Horde EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 9
LFR Skills EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 8
reinc EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 8
Serce Wiatru EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 8
Xeralogs EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 8
Reincarnation EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 7
Seriously Casual EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 7
shadows of Darkness EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 7
Orzologz EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 6
Aurora EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 5
Dianthus EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 5
Fatal Hilarity EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 5
Remember my Name - Fame EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 5
SAGA EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 5
Tolerance EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 5
Fingertricks EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 4
Galke + n00bs EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 4
The Elite Squad EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 4
Trojans EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 4
Uwotmeight EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 4
Fortune EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 3
Hellguards EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 3
Random lfrs EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 3
S W A T team NL EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 3
TATTOO EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 3
The Irregulars EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 3
The Sanctuary EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 3
Xeno-Fusion EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 3
XenoFusion EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 3
Alzan's Logs EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 2
Ashes of Wrynn EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 2
Chimera EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 2
Entropy alts EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 2
Ereskigal EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 2
General Bank EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 2
Hellbent EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 2
Knights legion EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 2
Legacy Of Heroes EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 2
Moogle EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 2
reunion EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 2
Vida EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 2
Alone EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Arktinen Banaani EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Condemned to Death EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 1
Core EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 1
Council of Valhalla EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Energy EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
gioo and hammer EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Guardians of Hell EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Guide Dogs EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Hairyslogging EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Inquisition EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Insomniacs EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Kaizen EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 1
LFR Log EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 1
Milky EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
More Wine Less Whine EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Nelphael EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Odyssey EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Pwn Stars EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Saga EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Saga's EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Serenity EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Shadows of Darkness EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Sils Logs EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Source of Divinity A EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 1
Sublimity EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Synced EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
Tasteful Pain EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
temp EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
The Burning Blade EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
The Divinity EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
The Elite Squad EU-Bronzebeard Alliance 0 1
The Forgotten EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
The Unseen EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
Valhalla Rising EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 1
..... None Alliance 0 0
Agony None Alliance 0 0
Agrack None Alliance 0 0
Altruism None Alliance 0 0
Arktinen Banaani None Alliance 0 0
ASDF None Alliance 0 0
Bad None Alliance 0 0
Bearpaws Logs None Alliance 0 0
Beilar None Alliance 0 0
Benediction None Alliance 0 0
BigBanker None Alliance 0 0
Celles None Horde 0 0
Champions of Asgard None Alliance 0 0
chilosa None Alliance 0 0
Clownshew None Horde 0 0
Dark Serenity None Alliance 0 0
Day Four None Alliance 0 0
Day Four None Alliance 0 0
Death Dealers None Alliance 0 0
Death Dealers None Alliance 0 0
Deepblue None Alliance 0 0
Delicate Human Peeps Two None Alliance 0 0
Desperate Murlocs None Horde 0 0
Destabilise None Alliance 0 0
dezray None Alliance 0 0
dim None Alliance 0 0
Divined None Alliance 0 0
Divined None Alliance 0 0
Divined None Alliance 0 0
Don't Ask None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Anihiliation EU-Aerie Peak Horde 0 0
Dragonslayers None Alliance 0 0
DutchGlory None Alliance 0 0
Echo Death Squad None Alliance 0 0
Element None Alliance 0 0
Elle's logs None Alliance 0 0
Elusive None Alliance 0 0
Elusive None Alliance 0 0
Elusive None Alliance 0 0
Emibelle None Alliance 0 0
Energy Trial None Alliance 0 0
Entropy None Alliance 0 0
Entropy Social raids None Alliance 0 0
Epiktetos None Alliance 0 0
Evil Inc None Alliance 0 0
Exception None Horde 0 0
Exclusive None Alliance 0 0
ExtraOrdinaire-B None Alliance 0 0
Fake DC None Alliance 0 0
Focus None Alliance 0 0
FORTUNEX None Alliance 0 0
foxyness None Horde 0 0
Fred's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Frigit None Alliance 0 0
Garrosh Normal None Alliance 0 0
Garv None Alliance 0 0
Gaz's Logs EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 0
GentlefistPrivateStash None Alliance 0 0
Gimpkrew None Alliance 0 0
Group therapy None Alliance 0 0
Halo None Alliance 0 0
Hoeski None Alliance 0 0
holyken None Alliance 0 0
Hounds Of Annwyn None Alliance 0 0
hozkeloggs None Alliance 0 0
I Feed Pies With Dragons None Alliance 0 0
in the name of beatrix None Alliance 0 0
Incubus EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 0
jacekowski None Alliance 0 0
jober's guild None Alliance 0 0
Just Logging None Alliance 0 0
Just PUG None Alliance 0 0
Kingdom of Rust None Alliance 0 0
Kjeska's Logs None Horde 0 0
KNUTI None Horde 0 0
Last Ingquisitors None Alliance 0 0
LFR25 None Alliance 0 0
Mad Kings None Alliance 0 0
Mad Kings None Alliance 0 0
Magic Mushroom Men None Alliance 0 0
Magic Mushroom Men None Alliance 0 0
Malixe's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Marc None Alliance 0 0
Meep Meep None Alliance 0 0
MemorySorrowThorn None Alliance 0 0
Mercier None Alliance 0 0
Mermidonen von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
My own stats None Alliance 0 0
My personal logs EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 0
Myrmidones None Alliance 0 0
médéa None Alliance 0 0
NERKAMUDGUILD None Alliance 0 0
New Era None Horde 0 0
No Quarter None Alliance 0 0
Nobody None Horde 0 0
Nosferatum None Horde 0 0
ominouslatinnoun None Alliance 0 0
ORL None Alliance 0 0
Pandemic EU-Bronzebeard Horde 0 0
Past Tense None Alliance 0 0
pegleg None Alliance 0 0
pegleg logs None Alliance 0 0
prophecies None Alliance 0 0
Proto None Horde 0 0
Psych Ward None Alliance 0 0
Pure Venom None Alliance 0 0
Radeon None Alliance 0 0
Radeon None Alliance 0 0
Razia's Logs None Alliance 0 0
reinc None Alliance 0 0
release and run 2 None Alliance 0 0
Release and Run team2 None Alliance 0 0
REUNION None Alliance 0 0
ROA None Horde 0 0
Roy`s logs EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 0
Sadistic Saints None Alliance 0 0
Serenity None Alliance 0 0
Seriously Casual None Alliance 0 0
Seriously Casual None Alliance 0 0
Set to Heroic None Alliance 0 0
SG Knights Templar None Alliance 0 0
Shadows of Titans None Alliance 0 0
Shandrala None Alliance 0 0
Shinetra's logs None Alliance 0 0
Smurfys Logs None Alliance 0 0
Social Society None Alliance 0 0
Solace None Alliance 0 0
Solace None Alliance 0 0
Soldiers of Fortune None Alliance 0 0
Special None Alliance 0 0
Stash None Alliance 0 0
surfed too long None Alliance 0 0
Surfed Too Long None Alliance 0 0
SYNTAX ERROR None Alliance 0 0
Tasteful Pain None Alliance 0 0
Temporarily None Horde 0 0
test logs None Alliance 0 0
test123 EU-Aerie Peak Alliance 0 0
Testing None Alliance 0 0
Thaddeus None Alliance 0 0
The Belonging Kind None Alliance 0 0
The Divinity2 None Alliance 0 0
The Scholars of Light None Alliance 0 0
The Undecided None Alliance 0 0
The vault hunters None Alliance 0 0
The Vinco Army None Alliance 0 0
TheSancLFR None Alliance 0 0
Tommy's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Tosin None Alliance 0 0
Triumvirate None Alliance 0 0
Vice None Alliance 0 0
Vice None Alliance 0 0
Virus None Horde 0 0
Walhalla None Alliance 0 0
Walhalla None Alliance 0 0
When we are Kings None Alliance 0 0
Zero Tolerance II None Alliance 0 0
ßunny Stats None Alliance 0 0
эриниия None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

,mnb , 11 Meters per Second, 111, 12, 1234, 222, Abad, Abbraccio2, abc123, abra, Act of Aggression, adlwad, adsf, AeoN, Aeternus Veritas, aether, aether, Aether, Aether, Aether, Aether Guild - Aerie Peak, Aether1, Affinity, AffinityII, Agony, Ahhh, All Down, Altruism, AndurilKeepers, andythebold, Angelus Mortifera, Angelus Mortifera, Anonymous, AOD, AoE, aoeu, Aola, Aperture Science, Apotheosis, archaón, As Long as the Boss Dies, Ascendance, Ascended, Ascendo Tuum, Asdas, asdasd, asdf, ASH, Asylum, Asylum, Asylum, Asylum, Asylum, Asylum, Asylum CW, AtlanticGaming, Atrox, Atrox, Atrox, AtroxAP, Atychiphobia, aurora, Autonomy, Autonomy, Avenger Shield, Avenger Shield, Avengers, Avius Anima, Avius Anima, AW, Awzm is awzm, Azagal, Azora, Bad Influence, Bad Karma, Balkan Expres, Balkan Express, Barval, BBownz, Be quick or be dead, Berggg, Best of Sala, Betrayed, BL, Blablabla, Blackhearts, Blacklight, Blacklight, Blackprince, Blacksun, blades of the alliance, bleepbleep, Blood of Vengeance, Blood Shadows, bloodline1, BoB, BoB, BoD, Borderline, Bound by Blood, Boxers, Brazilian Lords, Brazucas, Brazucas, Brothers of War, bubble gum, Buh Da, Bushido, Butenzar, Cadrachs Randomraid, Caedo Omnis, Calamity, campeones de la luz, Cartoon Heroes, Cartoon Heroes by Herdas, cartoon killers, Casa da Mãe Joana, Casual Raiding, Cataclysm of the Horde, Cataclysm of the Horde, Cause and Effect, CH-, chaingang, Charmed Alliance, Charmed Alliance, Chicken Littles, Chim, Chivalry, Chivalry, Chivalry, Chorkpop, chuckiedude, Circumflex Accent, Clan, Clan de la Media Luna, clickers of bb united, clivensis, ClivSodPug, Clownshew, Cobra Kaj, Cold Fusion, Colossus, Communio, Communio, Communio, Compos Mentis, Condemned to Raid, congert, Convert to Raid: Savage Cherry Tomatoes, Conviction, COOLasasdf, CratoseAP, Crazedone, Crescent Dawn, Crimson Dawn, Crimson Dawn, Critical Mess, Croatia, CrosSers, CrosSers, Crowleys Crusaders, Cruel Intentions, Crusaders-Reborn, CRVJohnsno, Crystal Knights, Custodes Avalonea, Cute Cuddly Cows, Cutting Edge, Cutting Edge, Cutting Edge, Cutting-Edge, Cyanide and Happiness, Cynical, czk, da, Daius, Daius - Group R, Daius Nùmeri, Dark Drifters, Dark Nova, Dark Serenity, Dark Serenity, darkninjatest, DarkReality, dasda, DD, DE, death dealers, Deathwings gaze, Defiance, Dehl, DERAILED, Deranged, Desktop Heroes, Desperate Murlocs, Desperate Murlocs, Destructive, Dishonored, Disillusioned, Disposable Heroes, Divine Legacy, Divine Legacy, Divine Legacy, Divine Legacy, Divine Legacy, Divine Legacy, Divine Rights, Divined, Divined, Divined, Divined Reformed, dm, Dokie, Dom, dominium, dominium, Dominium, Dominium, Dominium, Dragon Riders OD, Dreamweavers, DS, Dssst, Dummy, Eastcoasters, Eat more cake, Eat More Cake, Echo stabbers, Echoes of Eternity, element, Element, Element., Eleven meters per Second, Eleven Meters per Second, Eleven Metres Per Second, Elusive, Elusive Logs, Elysium, Emerald Dreamers, EmiPersonal, Emorage, Empire, Endure, Enraged, Ensum, entwood, Epica, Ereboen's Dps Meter , erereyeryery, Essentail, Essential, Eternal Darkness, Aggressive Goats, Agony, Alliance Cruisers, Alliance knights, Anima, Ascendo Tuum, Atrox, Audacity, Balkan Express, BarraCudA, Be Quick or Be Dead, Beast, Beep Beep Im a Jeep, Blink Blocks, BOLT, Brothers In Anarchy, C H A M P I O N S, Camertem Aquilonis, Cataclysm of The Horde, Celestial Being, Clownshew, Cold Fusion, Collectors, Cool side of the pillow, Core, Crab hands, Creatures Of The Night, Dark Knights, Dark Nova, Dark Presence, Darker Nights of Azeroth, Dead Parrot, death from above, Deranged, Destroyer of Worlds, Destructive, Divine Angels, DKA, Dominium, Dont forget to wipe, DRAENOR WARRIORS, Dreamweavers, Druid Dudes, Drunken Ninja, DutchGuild, Empire, Energy, Eternium Pact, Evil Inc, Excell, External, Fade, Fallen Legion, Farmer, FIX BLUTDURST, Forlorn Crusaders, Frozen Waffles, GAUDIUM, Gebon Company, Golden Army, Grand Elite, Guardians of Azeroth, Guardians of Northrend, Hallucination, Halo, Hard warriors, Hardnend, Has A Schite Server, Holy Warriors, HolyCows, Horde i Byxan, Hunters Of Azeroth, I wanna be pro, Illustrious, Immersion, Inndependence, Is Illidan Stormrage, Jeesusteippi, Knight Crusaders, Knights Of The Elune, Knights of the Highway, Kram, Lack of Empathy, League of Explorers, LionClan, Lupii Carpatinii, Lvling For Life, Malevolence, Mists of Pandaria, Modus Vivendi, More Wine Less Whine, Mortal Guardians, Mortality, Motherland Aerie Peak, my bank, NaughtyNightwatchers, Neaturewalkers, Neotor, No Quarter, No Risks, Orde Of Brave Soldiers, Order of The North, Origin, Pandaria, PATRONUM, people of the night, Perptual Motion, pirates of wow, PRIMETILT, Prism, Prophecies, Proto, Purgatory, Rageborn, Reckless Souls, Rehab, Relentless, Remnants Of The VoidBorn, Respire, Returned, REUNION, Reunited, Rhubarb and Custard, Riders Of The Storm, Root, Seven Nation Army, Shadow Army, Shadowatch, Shatter, SHOW ME THE MONEY, Soul Guard, Starbucks, Stellar, Stormpeak Warlords, Stormwood, Sunshine, Surfed Too Long, swordsoul rage, Synapsis, Tainted Blades, Team Flingan, TeaTimeAfterSchool, the bad boys, The Betrayer, The Bob Job, The Brave Three Hundredd, The Corrupt, The Danish Knights, The Dark Below, The Desolate One, The Flemish Lions, The Forsaken Elders, The Gaming Phoenix, The Homeless, The Killer Mob, The Legion of Hellscream, The Library, The Lion and the Rose, The Lost Guild, The Onslaught, The Peak Experience, The Recycle Players, The Rise Of The Phoenix, The scourge of azeroth, The Social Guild, The Storm Exiles, The Tempest, The Tyrus Order, The Unseen, TheThreeFrozenKings, Third team Kings, Thunder Storm, ThunderCats Ho, Tolerance, Tranquility, True, Tsunami, Uncensored Fury, Underground Army, Unwanted, Unwritten, Valhalla Rising, Velócity, Volfram, We Are The Alliance, whay aye bird u reet pet, wolverines, WoW Raiders, WRATH, Zero Tolerance II, ßughaßoo, A Bunch Of Loners, Adept Or Die, Adventure Time, AGB Guild, ALLIANCE CRUSADERS, Alliance Glich, Alliance Vanguard, Amaranthine, Ancient Protectors, Army of Fate, army of one, Assassins, Asylum, Atychiphobia, Audacity, Aurei Serpentis, Aurora, Aurora Boréalis, Awakening, Bacchus, Bahdonde, Bank of Koira, BankwithBoxes, Barone, Battered Murlocs, Bedlam in Goliath, Benediction, Beware the Feral Charge, Blackram Trading Inc, Bleeker Inc, Blood Bound, bloodbank, Bottomless Bag, Brilliancee, Brothers of War, Bumbibjörnarna, Cartmania, Cartoon Heroes, Casual Pizza Cats, Character Storage, Chimera, Chosen Few, Chronicles of Chaos, Circle of Trust, Commanders of the earth, Council of Valhalla, Crescent, Crescent Dawn, Cruelty, CSI Orgrimmar, Custodes Avalonea, Cutting Edge, Day Traders, Days Of Our Lives, Dds guild bank, Dead Poet Society, defender of denmark, Defenders of the Light, Defiance, Dei, Delusion, Demonic Archangels, demonology, Dimethyltryptamine, Divine Madness, Divined, dog, Dragons of Summer, Echo, Elementals, Emerald Dreamers, Entropy, Enyalius, Eternal Agony, Euphoria, fake DC, Fifty Shades of Gamon, Fire And Ice, Focuz, For the Love of Pets, Forgotten Legions, Forsaken World, FTA, Gehenna, Ghost Council, GLADIATØRIUM, Gods Of Aesthetics, goldfarmers, GrandTheftKodo, Group Therapy, Guild Master, Hailstorm, Happy Time with Horace, Heal like a boss, Hellbent, High Times, hitman, HOGS, Hollands Glorie, Holy, Horde of War, HàKúNá MaTaTa, i like turtles, I sell my body, IF WE DIE ITS LAG, INCUBUS, Infliction, Invisible Elephants, IronClan, Josefs Basement, Jydske Bank, Jín Monastery, Kalimdor Killers, Keepers Of The Light, Kingsmen, knights from heaven, Knights Legion, Knights of Ebon Blade, Knights of Sweden, Knights of Teagan, Last of the Mo Edens, Laughing at you, Lazarus, Legacy, Legacy Of Heroes, Legendary Twinkz, Legion Of Friends, Legion of Reckoning, Leigon of the Horde, liféless, Lights Hope Titans, Lionsden, Look Left, lost legion, Louie Spence Dance Club, Loyal Blood, Lupi Neri, Makgfak, Mao, marvel, Masters of Disaster, Ministry of Silly Walks, Murder of Crows, Mythologicals, Naked Noobs, NIEZE, No Retreat No Surrender, Nosferatum, Notri Dofus, Nuclear Fallout, Offended and Suspended, Operation BlackShield, Orde der Trappisten, Order Of Alliance, Order of the Golden Lion, Over Lords, Pandemic, Pandorica, Paralyze, Part Time Legends, Parthenon Knights, Past Tense, PathFinders, Perpetuum Mobile, Perverted Justice, Pinguin Tag Team, Plague, Precious, Prestige, Prosperous, Punks Of Azeroth, Purgatory, Pwn Stars, Rabobank, Radiance, Respect Gives Victory, Rising Blood, Roadhouse, Rude Awakening, Sacrament, Salvation, Sample Text, Serenity, servants of hell, Shadow Conspiracy, Shadow Whispers, Shadowblades, Shadowmoon Clan, Shadows of Darkness, Shadows of Titans, Silent Treatment, Skull Crusher, Snodige Folk, SnS Bank, Solo, Special, spèrmbank, Stormpike, Stormwind guards, StormwindOldSoldiers, Sub Zero, Sunfury, Superb Memes, Sword Art Online, Szlachta, Tek, The Blades, The Blood Elf Guild, The Brethren, The Breêd, The Bronzebeard Clan, The Care Crew, The Chemists, The Children of Warcraft, The Clan of Sin Dorei, The Dark Vault, The Death Lords, The Dedicated Few, The Defiant Sorrow, The Demonic Whoared, The Dispicables, The Divinity, The Elders, The Elite Squad, The Fallen, The Fire and Flames, The Game, The Grey Council, The Haunted, The legendary horde, The Ministry of Love, The New Ebon Knights, The Paladins Prophecy, The Phoenix Generation, The Rat Pack, The Red Eye Of Shadow, The Rejects, The Silent Lake, The Souls of Deathwing, The Three Hundred, The Vinco Army, The Wicked Order, TheDutchCommanders, Thirteenth Warrior, Thrill Kill Cullt, Tiny Grasshoppers, Total Devotion, Trojans, Uber Flying Ham Monsters, Underworld Legazy, Unforgiven Souls, UNIQUE PLAYSTYLE, Valar Morghulis, Viridarium, Virtus, Wanderers, warcraft gladiators, We CC u QQ, Wedding Crashers, Within, Wrath of the Penguin, You Should Run Away, Young Elders, Your Mothers a Horde, Yølø, Even Flow, Evolution, Excellence, Excellence, Excellence, Excellence, Excellence, Excellence, Excellence-AP, Excellence-Ebola, Exclusive, exploradores, Extraordinaire, Extraordinaire, Eyebox Inc, Faithless Vanguard, fake DC, Fake dc, Fake DC, Fallen Angels, Fat Kids IRL, Fatal Hilarity, Fatal Hilarity, Fatal Hilarity, Fatal Hilarity, Fatal Hilarity, Ferek, ffafa, ffafsdfdas, Focuz, foo, For myself, For The Overmind, Forgotten Kingdom, Forgotten Redemption, fread, fuerza bruta, Fuerza Bruta, Fury Of Norgannon, Fusion, Fusion, Fusìon, fwefwewfe, fyhbfkbnb, Galke, Gentlemens Club, gfsdfg, gg, gg, Ghost Rider, Ghost Zone, Gladius Mortis, Gladius Mortis, Gladius Mortis, Gladius Mortis, Gladius Mortis, Glassbilen, GnomesHavePinkSun, Good and Evil, Greater Silence, Greater Silence, Grey Council, Grey Council, Group Therapy, GroupTherapy, Guardians of Hell, Guild of Tree, gygax, Hailstorm, Hairyslogs, Happy Time with Horace, Harmless Shrimps, Hawaiian Nabs, HC#1, hdfg, Healtools, Helix Logs, Hellpriesto, Hellscream, Heroes Ascent, Heroes Ascent, Heroes Ascent, Heroes Ascent, HEX, hiiiii, hollaatchboyz, Hollow, holy of holie, hootee, Hotel Babylon, Hotel Babylon, hounds of annwyn, Hounds Of Annwyn, Hrbi i Srvati, Hysteria, I R HERE, Idpsrealhard, Illuminatii, Iluminati, Iluminati, Immortal Outlaws, Immortal Outlaws, Immortals, In the name of Beatrix, Inappropriate, Incendia Proeliator, Incendia-Proeliator, Infamy, Inkwizycja, Inndependence, Insomniacs, Insomniacs, InsomniacS, Instinct, Intensity, intent, Intent, Intent, iost, Ira Deorum, Ira Deorum, Ira Deorum, islogfile2, Jacus koksik logi, Jager's Logs, Janssons Loggar, JEP, jerry, john, KabahTemp, KackNoobs, Kagz, Kaizen, Kaizen, Kaizen, Kaizen 2010, kamu, Kanikalore, Kaza log's, Kazag, kaze, Keepers of Northrend, KG, Khenzo's logs., Killermob, Killing time, kintol, Knight's Legion, Knights of Sweden, Knights-Legion, KOKSY, Krewni i Znajomi Krolika, Kuda Logs, kupa, la horde du chaos, lah, lala, Last Inquisitors, Last of the Mo Edens, Last Orders, Last Stand, Last Stand, Lawliet, Lazarus, Lazarus, Lazarus, Lazarus, Lazarus, LdLL, Legacy of Heroes, Legio Suprema, Legion of Reckoning, Legions of the horde, LFR, LFR Skills, Light up the Darkenss, Link Achievement, Liquid Minds, LLogs, Loathers of the Lich, Logg, logs, logs for g, LogsOfMine, lol k randy guild, Lolguild, lollogs, Lorekeepers, Lost, Lost Voyage, LTS, lucylab, Ludas Logs, Ludicrous, Lux, Lux Aeterna, Lux Aeterna, lycanth, Madhouse Inmates, magseed, MAIS PK TU RAJ, Malicious Intent , Mary jane fan club, McRaiding Pack, Measure of Faith, Measure of Faith, Meatspin, medialuna, Melodrama, Melodrama, Melons Test Guild, mersy, Midnight, MiH, mine, Miscommunication, Misdirect to healer, Mmmm, moar ghost n stuff, Modulation, MoF, moribus adultus, Murinn's Super Guild, Murphys Prophets, Mutated, My guild OmG DPS ), My Little Raiders, My logs, My own guild, myguild, myowntesting, mypersonal, Myself, Mystery, mystic, Myth, Màni, nacientos, Nefarious, Neggh, New Dawn, New Era, New Generation, New Generation, New Halcyon, New Outcasts, New World Order, New_Era, Next Chapter, No Drama, No More Wipés, No Quarter, No Remorse, No Risk no Fun, Noahs pack, Noch eine, Nocturnal, NoGuild, Nosferatum, Nosferatum, Not Enough Rage, nothing to see here, Nova, Nova, Nullus Anxietus, Nullus Anxietus, Nutters, Obsydian, Obsydian, Obsydian, Oceansoul, oHai, Om Nom Nom, Ominous, One For All, One Percent 1%, Oo, oof, Oompa Loompas, Oppressum, Order of the Light, Order Of The Light, organised chaos, Panda Army, PandaMonium, Pandemic, Pandemonium, Pandemoonium, Pantheon, paragon, paragonV2, Paramnesia, Paranoia, Parthenon Knights, Partyvan, Past Tense, PathFinders, PathFinders, Pathogen, Paulc, Pave, Perdition, Performance, Personal, Personal, Personal Logs, Personal Stats, Pirates, placeholder2, Plan B, Pohjola, Pooptown, Prevail, Pride of Africa, Pride's Logs, Primal, Primal, Primal, Primal, Primal, Private Mike, privete, Pro Guild, Profanity, Progression, Prophecies, Provehito In Altum, Proxima, Proxima - AP, Prímígenía, Psych Ward, PsychWard, pt, pug, Puggie, PugLog, Pugpowah, pugsrus, Punishment, Pure Venom, puyi is here, qqqproverka, Quantum, Quantum, qwerasdf, Radeon, Radeon, Radeon, Radeon, Radeon App Guild, Radeon Recruit, Radeonx, Radiance, Radiance, Raid Projekt C&A, Random, random cabbage, random logs, Random Logs, randomness of H-ap, RandomRaids, randomz, Rapid Descent, Rapid Descent, rawr, Raymie, Razora, Razora, Rebels, Rebels, Reborn, Reckless PTR, Reckoning, Reflex, Reflex, Reflex, Reformed, rehab, Rehab, Rehab, Rehab, Rehab, Rehab, Reign Apart, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Release, Release and Run 2, Relentless, Relentless, Relentless, Remission, Remnants of chaos, Remnants of Chaos, Resiiraa, Resolution, Respite, Respite, Respite, ReuCrew, REUNION, REUNION, Reunited, Reunited, Reunited, Reunited, Reunited, Reunited, Reuniteds, Revelation, Ri, Riders, Riders of Rohan, ROF, 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