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EU-Blade's Edge
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Orden der Krempelritter EU-Blade's Edge Horde 2 29
The DMZ EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1938
Alias EU-Eonar Alliance 0 375
after hours logs EU-Eonar Alliance 0 232
Awakened EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 173
Showdown EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 140
Sunlight None Alliance 0 124
Legend of the Alliance EU-Eonar Alliance 0 100
Twierdza EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 87
Solaris EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 75
The Elders None Alliance 0 56
OH HAI! EU-Eonar Alliance 0 55
Death and Destruction EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 53
Flare EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 49
ZugZug EU-Eonar Horde 0 43
Night Shift EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 40
The Logical Cube EU-Eonar Alliance 0 39
sickittoem EU-Eonar Alliance 0 37
Rupture EU-Eonar Alliance 0 30
Inferiority Complex EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 29
Viva la Cata NL EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 25
Immortal Souls EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 20
Violence Reborn None Horde 0 18
Philosophers Stone EU-Eonar Alliance 0 15
The Logical Cube EU-Eonar Alliance 0 15
Critical Mass EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 14
Nubsar EU-Eonar Alliance 0 14
Concilium EU-Eonar Alliance 0 13
Omac EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 13
Furious Gaming EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 10
teamo EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 10
Sisu EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 9
The Expendables EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 9
Bards EU-Eonar Alliance 0 8
Defiant EU-Eonar Alliance 0 8
Dramatic Cure EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 8
Limit EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 8
The Nightshift EU-Eonar Horde 0 8
Unholy Lords of Light EU-Eonar Alliance 0 7
Avengers of Light EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 6
behemothcata EU-Eonar Alliance 0 6
demise EU-Eonar Alliance 0 6
Fabled (TEAM1) EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 6
Furious Gaming Enigmà None Horde 0 6
Persistence EU-Eonar Alliance 0 6
Revolutions EU-Eonar Alliance 0 6
Sinister EU-Eonar Alliance 0 6
BiS EU-Eonar Alliance 0 5
Drubob EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 5
LogAtiilz EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 5
Moherowe Berety EU-Eonar Alliance 0 5
Procrastination EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 5
The Fallen Temple EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 5
Elerian EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 4
Kipu EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 4
MisFits EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 4
The Endless Nightmare EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 4
Empyreal EU-Eonar Alliance 0 3
Mali Leteci Medvjedi EU-Eonar Alliance 0 3
Pandemic EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 3
Restricted EU-Eonar Horde 0 3
revolutions EU-Eonar Alliance 0 3
Special Edition EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 3
Tabula Rasa EU-Eonar Alliance 0 3
test EU-Eonar Alliance 0 3
The Green Moo EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 3
WAHT DO AI TYEP HERE LOL EU-Eonar Alliance 0 3
Agrivation EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
ALIVE EU-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Bad-Blood&Oraculum EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 2
bros in arms EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Casually Serious EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Drama EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 2
Elitism EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 2
Evil Monkey None Alliance 0 2
goa EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
GuiltyChev EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Hellscream EU-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Insane Assylum EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 2
lolololol pugs EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 2
Outrage EU-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Phoenix Reborn EU-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Pyza EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 2
Restricted EU-Eonar Horde 0 2
Shadow Angels EU-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Vision EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
A Cunning Plan EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Agrivation EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Angered EU-Eonar Horde 0 1
ATFAT EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Awakened EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 1
Behemoth EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Behemoth EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Blessed Insanity EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
CE EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Descent EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Descent EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Destinesia EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Disapprove EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
El the druid EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Ethereal EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
Ethereals EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Fabled (Team 2) EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Flemingard EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Fortuna EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Fortuna EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Incen None Horde 0 1
Kobayshi Maru EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
Murder Death Kill EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
New Sanctuary EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
NG EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 1
Nimo EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Northern Horizon EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Nothing Personal EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Path of Wreckage EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 1
Perseverance EU-Eonar Horde 0 1
personal EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Piddly EU-Eonar Horde 0 1
Quality EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Remnants of Valhalla EU-Vek'nilash Horde 0 1
Reunited None Alliance 0 1
Reunited EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Reunited EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Rise of the Moose Gamers EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
Shadowstorm EU-Eonar Horde 0 1
Shadowstorm EU-Eonar Horde 0 1
Stratagem EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
test123 EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
Testing guild EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
The Grass Comapny EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
The Knights Of Nii EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
The Noob Bus EU-Eonar Horde 0 1
Unleashed EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Unyielding EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
VeTzAkSkEs EU-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Vision EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Vote to Kick None Alliance 0 1
ZergosLogz EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 1
Ad Noctum None Horde 0 0
Addiction None Alliance 0 0
After Hours None Alliance 0 0
altteam None Alliance 0 0
Apocalypse Gnome None Alliance 0 0
Apocalyptic None Horde 0 0
Apotheosis None Alliance 0 0
Aqua None Alliance 0 0
Ascendance None Alliance 0 0
asgardians None Horde 0 0
BE None Alliance 0 0
Behemoth None Alliance 0 0
Behemoth None Alliance 0 0
bertaaw logs None Alliance 0 0
Bierbroeders None Alliance 0 0
BiS None Alliance 0 0
Bloodlust None Alliance 0 0
Bound by Blood None Horde 0 0
Burn The Witch None Alliance 0 0
carpe None Horde 0 0
Casually Serious None Alliance 0 0
Cazt logs None Horde 0 0
Chaos Reigns None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Intuition None Horde 0 0
Colossus None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Sanctum None Horde 0 0
Cthulhu None Horde 0 0
Damage Control None Alliance 0 0
Danish Legends None Alliance 0 0
Darktide None Alliance 0 0
DaveyKGuild None Alliance 0 0
Dead End None Alliance 0 0
Deep Impact None Horde 0 0
dem gnomes! None Alliance 0 0
Demise None Alliance 0 0
Devils Own None Horde 0 0
Eclectic None Alliance 0 0
Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
Embers of Trinity None Alliance 0 0
Eminence None Alliance 0 0
Endless None Alliance 0 0
EoT PUG's None Alliance 0 0
Epiphany None Horde 0 0
ethereals None Alliance 0 0
Ethos None Horde 0 0
Facepoker's log None Alliance 0 0
FellowLeague None Alliance 0 0
FIare None Alliance 0 0
Filthy Casuals None Alliance 0 0
Fired Up None Horde 0 0
Firestorm None Alliance 0 0
Foolz None Alliance 0 0
For those who Die Salute None Alliance 0 0
Freedom Elite None Alliance 0 0
Freedom Elite T2 None Alliance 0 0
Full Moon Madness None Horde 0 0
fun None Alliance 0 0
Fízzle None Alliance 0 0
Golden Dynamics None Alliance 0 0
Gothic None Horde 0 0
Gothic None Horde 0 0
Green Legion None Alliance 0 0
grimnco None Alliance 0 0
Grondlogs None Horde 0 0
Gummy Bears None Horde 0 0
Gurimu None Horde 0 0
Happy Ending None Horde 0 0
Happy Ending Rid None Horde 0 0
Heat None Horde 0 0
Heroes of Kalimdor None Alliance 0 0
HHM None Horde 0 0
Horde i magen None Alliance 0 0
Horde i Magen None Alliance 0 0
Incendia None Horde 0 0
Incendia DR EU-Eonar Horde 0 0
Inf None Horde 0 0
inquisition None Alliance 0 0
Inquisition None Alliance 0 0
INQUISITION None Alliance 0 0
Iron Wardens None Alliance 0 0
Ironic None Alliance 0 0
Iz Najs None Horde 0 0
Joe's Place None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Kobayashi Maru EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 0
Le Damàge None Alliance 0 0
Leave No Loot Behind None Horde 0 0
LiA Extreme None Alliance 0 0
Lightly Toasted None Horde 0 0
Los Muchachos None Alliance 0 0
Lucky Ztrike None Horde 0 0
Madidus None Alliance 0 0
metalhammer None Horde 0 0
Mortality None Alliance 0 0
Mythic None Horde 0 0
Natural Born Chillers None Horde 0 0
Night Shift EU-Blade's Edge Horde 0 0
Not An Addiction None Alliance 0 0
NotAnAddiction None Alliance 0 0
Oblliv None Alliance 0 0
ONLY THE BRAVES None Alliance 0 0
ONLY THE BRAVES None Alliance 0 0
Outcasts None Alliance 0 0
Parabellum None Alliance 0 0
Paradigm Shift EU-Vek'nilash Alliance 0 0
Perpetual Motion Squad None Alliance 0 0
Profanum Vulgus None Alliance 0 0
Profanum Vulgus None Alliance 0 0
Protectors of Light None Alliance 0 0
Protectors of Light None Alliance 0 0
Pure None Alliance 0 0
Quality Logs None Alliance 0 0
Quantum None Horde 0 0
Recombobulated EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 0
Restricted None Horde 0 0
Reunited None Alliance 0 0
Revenge of the fallen None Alliance 0 0
rhythm None Horde 0 0
Rise of Warcraft None Alliance 0 0
rng None Horde 0 0
Ruin None Alliance 0 0
rupture None Alliance 0 0
Rush None Alliance 0 0
Sabrac None Alliance 0 0
Safe None Horde 0 0
sakred None Horde 0 0
Sanctum None Horde 0 0
Sceptic None Alliance 0 0
Shuttle Blood Legion None Alliance 0 0
spudros None Horde 0 0
Sunlight None Alliance 0 0
Supernatural None Horde 0 0
Surreal None Horde 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Musketeers None Horde 0 0
The Forgotten Ones None Alliance 0 0
The Hellfire Club None Alliance 0 0
The WOlf Pack None Horde 0 0
Tizali logs None Alliance 0 0
Turbologs None Alliance 0 0
Undefined insanity EU-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 0
Uníque None Alliance 0 0
Usual Suspects None Horde 0 0
Valar None Alliance 0 0
Various None Alliance 0 0
Vicarious None Alliance 0 0
Vote to Kick None Alliance 0 0
We Be Brawlin None Horde 0 0
Winda's misc EU-Eonar Alliance 0 0
WitchCraft None Alliance 0 0
WRATH None Alliance 0 0
yixs dps None Alliance 0 0
Zjednoczeni None Horde 0 0
Øblivious None Alliance 0 0
Мертвые кролики None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

"Reset", *Bards*, *evolution*, 12, 4tuna, , A Cunning Plan, A New Dawn, AAF, addilyne, Aegis Nocturna, Aeon, Aeon, Aeon, Aeon, Afrikaners is Plesierig, After Hours, After Hours, After Hours, AfterHours, Agrivation, Agrivation, Agrivation, Agrivation, Algor Mortis, Alias, ALIVE, ALIVE, Alliance Death Dealers, Alma Lusitana, Alpha Legion, Altrunofeonar, Amnesìa, Angels of Apocalypse, Anxiety, AoT-testy, Apo Gnome, Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, Apostolowie Smierci, Applytest, Approaching Storm, Approaching Storm, Approaching Storm, Archetype, ARDA, Argarnegillet, Armata delle tenebre, Armata delle Tenebre, Army of thunder, Ascendance, Ascendance, Avalanche, Avengers of Azeroth, Awakened, awakening, Awakening, Azorean Blood, AÉQUITAS, Back 2 Basic, Back to Basic, Back to Basic, Back to Basic, Backlash, Backlash, Backlash, Bad Influence, Bad Influence, Bad Karma, Bad Karma 10.2, bahzobguild, Band of Gypsys, Bank of Wannaheal, Bankz, bards, Bards, Bards, Bards, Bards, Bards - 2, Bbart, Beartron, Behemoth, Behemoth, Behemoth, Behemoth, Belgijske Benkarty, betrayed, BigTime, blabla, Blacklisted, Blade Edge Knights, BLAH BLAH, Blame it on RNG, Blame My Guildmaster, Bleeder, Blessed Insanity, Bloodlust, BlueOrange, BOH, bomjac, BoomkinDPS, Bound by blood, Bromance, Bromance, Buncha Crunch, Burn the Witch, Burn the Witch, Burn the Witch, Burn the Witch, Burn The Witch, Calamitous Intent, cant move, Casually Serious, Casually Serious, Casually Serious, Casually Serious, Casually Serious 2, Catastrophe, Cause and Effect, Cavalieri della Luce, Cavalieri della Luce, Cavalieri della Luce, Cavalieri della Luce, Caz, CE, Ceasiums Logs, Celcius, Celcius, Celestial Equinox, Cenarion Circle Jerks, chainfury, Champions of the Dawn, Champions Rising, chaotic enigma, Chaotic Enigma, Chaoticenigma, Charisma, Chemical, Cheshires Crest, Chicken Logs, Chill Out, Chimaera Forever, Chimaera Forever, Chimaera Forever, Chłopaki z Baraków, Circle of Legends, Cobra Kai, Coisan, Cold Logic, concerta, concerta, Concerta, Conos, Contra Mundum, Cool Story Bro, Corrupted Crusaders, cosmos, Crikio's Logs, Crimson Sanctum, Critical Mass, Critical Mass G2, Cruc's Minions, CRYPTIC, Cthulhu, CtrlAltEIite, Cult Da Luna, cure, Cure, Cure II, Curse, Curse, Custard Raiders, Cyfer, Cyrics_temp, D A R K S I D E, DADT, DalkoLogs, dances with worgen, Dances with Worgen, Dances With Worgen, Danish Clover, Danish Clover, Dark Ambush, Dark Ambush, Dark Ambush, Dark Archangels, Dark Guardians, darksun angel cult, Darksun Angel Cult, Darksun Angel Cult, Daz Ferocitas, Dead By Dawn, Dead End, Dead End, Dead End, Dead End, Deadly Intent, DEATH & DESTRUCTION, Death and Destruction, Death Dealers of War, Death RePackaged, Deception, Decimation, Deep Impact, Deep Impact, Defenders of Tirisfalen, Defense of the Ancients, del, Demise, Demise, Demonic Disorder, Demonic Rising, Descent, Descent, Desire, Destin, Destinesia, Destroyer of the lands, Deus Ex Machína, Deus Ex-Machina, Deus Ex-Machina, Devil's Advocates, Devils Advocates, Discipline X, Dismantle the Moon, Disorderly Conduct, Disorderly Conduct PUGS, Divine Comedy, dlog, DMZ, dragon trkisters, Dragon Trkisters, Dragon Trkisters, Drama, Dubito, Dupeczki, Dutchies FTW, E t e r n i t y, Eats shoots and leaves, Echoes, Eclipsê, Eclípse, Eclípse, Eclípse, el, Elaborate Demise, elderdruid's logs, Elfeaterdk, Elitism, Elusive, Elusive, Elusive, Elusive Group B, Elves of Night, Eminence, Endeavor, Endeavour, Endless, Endless souls, Endless Souls, Endless Twillight, Enigmasta, Enrage, Ensidia, EPiC Failing, Epitaph, eSpire, Essential, Essential, Eternal Legacy, Ethereals, Ethereals, Ethereals, Ethereals, Ethereals, Ethos, Ethos, Ethos, Ethos, Ethos, Ethos, A Symphony Of Horror, Addaption, Alerion, Alliance, Alliance Death Dealers, ALLIANZZ, Alts Vaults, Amnesia, Aphelion, Apocalypse Gnome, Apocalyptic, Aqua, Asylum, Backstab, Banana Pie, Banana Republic, Behemoth, Bladez Edge knights, Bleeding Vengance, Blessed By Light, Blood and Guts, Blood And Thunder, Bloodlords, botherhood of might, Bunny Mafia, Camelot, Castle, Chaotic, Charisma, Children of Norris, Chill out, Chimaera Forever, Chosen Ones, Coffee and Cigarettes, Critical Mass, Cult of Tiny Bears, Cure II, Damage Control, Danish Crusaders, Danish Mafia, Darkness Of The Alliance, Darnassus Infantry, Dead on arrival, Deaf and Destruction, Death and Destruction, Deception, Descent, Die U Son of a Lich, Disaster Management, Divination, Doom to Alliance, Dramatic Cure, E t e r n i t y, Elite Gaming, EPiC Failing, Eternal Damnation, Eventus, eXant, Exeo Tribunal, Fantasy Factory, Fiery Weapon, Fluffybank, Forged by Fury, Full Moon Madness, Furious Gaming, Furiously Napping, G h o s t, Genesis, Goa Sviskon, Godless, Grace Of Elune, Grudgebearer, Guesthouse Paradiso, Guild Medieval, Guilty, Hell in Heaven, Heroes Of The Day, Hope, HORDE ACADEMY, I Made Her Ding, Infamy, Infinitum Bellum, Invictus., Iron Horde Crusaders, Ironic, Juked, Khans Of War, kingdom of heaven, Knights Of Vanilla, Kresh Dealers, League of Draven, Leprechaun Protectors, LEPRECHAUNS, Light Of Dawn, Manic, Mercator, MoonClan, Mystety Machine, Nephilim, Night Eternal, Noobdown, Nothing Personal, ONLY THE BRAVES, Onyx Guardians, Oscuro, Over The Edge, Pandaria Guardians, Panic, Pantheon of Azeroth, PAPILLON, Parabellum, Perfect Insanity, Performance, Phoenixs, Piracy, Poland can into space, Procrastination, Project Sixty, Pubic enemy, Queldorei of Azeroth, Raven, Renomeister, Reported for Reporting, Riders Of The North, Rolling Thunder, Safe, Sanctus Espiritus, Saphira, Sceptic, Scissors, Scream Aim Fire, Secutor, seniors sanctuary, Sleep Is For The Weak, Spark, Stolen, stop staring at my noobs, Stormborn, Stormreborn, stormwind troppers, Sunfury Bloodguard, Syndicate, Taari Bank, Team A, Tectonic Knights, The Akatsuki, The Bloodsails Admirals, The Eighth Ale, The Entity, The Fallen Ones, THE FLAME WARRIOS, The Flaming Fist, THE FÍRM, The Gate Keepers, The Grand Knights, The Horde Nut Kickers, The Kingdom Of Heaven, The Legends, The Legion, The New Light, The Old Republic, The Revolution, The Saints Of Azeroth, The Spacegoats, The Stormwind Bruisers, The Stormwind Rangers, The Sáints, The Unique Stars, Thralls Poker Club, Transilvania, TRYHARDS, Twisted Metal, Unknown Legends, UntouchableS, Uprising, Valour, Vatican, Violence Reborn, Vision, Visionaries, Vote to Kick, We dont have plan B, WE HAVE A TABARD, We Have Mankriks Wife, Winning, WTB HEALS, WTB Mercy, You Are Not Repaired, Zjednoczeni, Øblivious, A New Dawn, After Hours, Albuquerque Alchemy, Altbankilibank, Anger Management, Angered, Another Random Clan, Arctic Fury, ARDA, Army Of The Dead, Ascendance, Asgard Warriors, Ashes of Eternity, Azeroth Elites, Backlash, Bank, Bank of Jay, Bank of the Insane, Bankofsema, Bankzoor Storage, Bards, BEAST, Behemoth, Beleth, BiS, Bliz, Blomster, Blood and Thunder, Brutal Nightmare, bunny gods, Burn the Witch, ccd girls dont say no, Chaotic, Cleaving bunnies, coast of darcness, Cohesion, Colossus, Concilium, Cruelty, Crusaders of Lordaeron, Dales Bank, Danish Aggro, Dark Destruction, Demonic Raven, Deus Ex-Machina, Deviants, Distrikt, DNB, DONT CARE, Eclipsê, ELlTE, Endless Twilight, Eternal Nightmare, Evil Twin, Fallen, Fata Morgana, FEAR THE SWORD, Fellows of the Orb, Fellowship, Flemingard, For those who Die Salute, Forgotten Realm, Freelance Raiders B Free, Gamers Connected, GotMilk, Hearthstone, Hell Yeah, Hex Confirmed, HIGGS, HONOUR GUARD, I E L I T E I, Ignus Fatus, Immortal Kings, Imperium Domini, Insignia, Jezdzcy Smokow, Karmakillers, Kindergarten, Knights of IronForge, Knights of the Dark Sun, KnightsOfTheOldRepublic, Kompebompebassen, Kryptonite, League of Shadows, Legend of the Alliance, Lucem, Lux et Veritas, Malicious, Matataki, minder pluz, Mïðvíntër, Near Oblivion, Northern Vikings, Numen, Obscence, Outnumbered, Pandémonium, Paragwaj, Philosophers Stone, Pink bunnys, Poision Ivy, Prefail, Prodigium, Protectors Of Light, Quality, Rabbit Slayer, RANSOM, Rebellion, Rebirth of the Dragons, Requiem Paradisum, Restricted, Reverence, Revolutions, RUFFIES, Ruin, Rupture, Saveastray, Shadowless Breath, spiritbank, Spontaneous Whimsy, Star Holding Stormwind, State of Norrland, Stormwind Bowling League, Stratagem, Stuff of Doom, StôrM, svenska akademien, SwagLords Of Eonar, Tactic, Taste of Vengeance, Tauren Express, TeamAwesome, Templars of The Order, The Anonymous, The Bloody Killers, The Colosseum, The Coven, The Danish Bacon Company, The Disbanded, The Forgettables, The Forgotten Souls, The Golden Alliance, The Harpers, The Legionaires, The Logical Cube, The Metallic Sword, The Noob Bus, the red dragon guild, The Sanctum, The Twisting Vortex, The Undateables, The Vangaurd, Totally PeaNuts, Trade Chat, Trapeza Kyprou, Travellers, Troskliwe Misie, Union, United Peacekeepers, VeTzAkSkEs, VII Legion, Warcraft Took My Life, We are boren to lvl up, What The Deuce, WindHammer Warriors, Without, Zealous, Çursed Legion, Aces with Bad Intentions, Agents Inc, Almost Awesome, Alttikilta, and company, Army of Thunder, Awakened, AWESOMO FANBOIZ, AwokeN, Body Rockers, Brannigans Law, Brotherhood of Immortals, Bump, Buster Call, Casters of the Horde, Cheese Vendor, Children of Malygos, citizens of wow, Core of Infinity, Cracco Clan, Cyanide, Deathwings Dead, Defenseless Old Ladies, Devils Own, Elerian, Elitism, Enmity, Eon, Epiphany, Españøles pør el mundø, Evening Dragon Tea Party, Exiled, Eyes Of The Insane, For The Herd, For The Perks, Fortes fortuna adiuvat, FromTheFlames, Gastly Goblins, gnome hunters, Goldtooths den, Gone Fishing, Gothic, Grace of Elune, Grimoire Heart, Guild of Riptor, Gummy Bears, Hairy Bush Nuns, Hellbourne, Heroes of the Storm, Heroic ßulls, Horde and Seek, Horde Hooligans, Hunger Games, Ignorance, Incowporated, Infamy, Infinita Somnia, Infinite Vengeance, Innovation, Insane Assylum, Inspirit, Jews, Just Keep Going, Karma, Kiss My Axe, Knights of the Cassardi, Kobayashi Maru, Legacy Rush, Legion Knights, Lions Strength, Loathsome, love bfor dis honor, Maledictus equites, Meat the Guild, Mekanik, Mentally Unstable, Midnight Fury, Miscreants, MistyMountain, Mkay, Momentum, MonGoose, Morior, Mortals, Most Awesome Guild Ever, My Main Server Is Down, Mythic, Mythical Vanguard, Nefarious, Nega Nebulus, Neverenders, New Sanctuary, Nightmare on elf steet, Nocturnal Fears, Nomads, Not Now Babe Im On CD, One Spot, Oríon, Out of Space, Pack of Fenris, Pancakes of the Alliance, Pandarineers, Pandemic, Parents of Azeroth, Pariah, Pick Pocket League, pinK, Proven Encounters, Ragequit, Random Vengeance, Reshistanche ish ushlesh, Resurrected Heroes, Revenge Of The Fallen, Rise of the Moose Gamers, ROFLMAO, Rosepaw, Royal Aces, Royals, Sacred Storms, Sarcasm, Savage, Scar, Serenity PvP, Server Down, Shadows øf the past, Showdown, ShowerPower, SiNS, Sisu, Slitz, Smølferne, Socio Onslaught, Solaris, Sparebanken Sør, Special Edition, Stolen, Stormwind Lovers, Sunfury, Sunlight, Termínators, The Alliance Expendables, The Dark Abyss, The DarkWolves, The Expendables, The Flamewardens, The Forgotten Valley, The Frostwolf Clan, The Golden Eagle, The Greywolfs Clan, The Horde Crusaders, The Magicians, The Shields Of Perky Pug, The Spicy Cauldron, The Vanguard, The Wreckoning, Tokyo Ghoul, Total Destruction, Twin Vipers, Two and Half a Panda, United Heroes, Unity Apocalypse, Valar Morgulis, Vampire Cats, Vicarious, Vicious Imported Players, Vindicator, Violent Dawn, We Always Run Silencer, WoWaholics Anonymous, Xynergy, You Survived Catastroph, Euphonic, Eveningstar, Eventus, Everto Ortus, Evident Destiny, Evils, Evocati, Evocati, Evocati, Evocati, Evolution, Evolutions, Existence, Exorsus, Expectation, Explicit, Explicit, Explicit, Expulsing Cinderblocks, Fabled, Fabs Fridge, Faith of the Fallen, Faith of the Fallen, Faith of the Fallen, Faltryd's Logs, Fanatic Four, Fanatic Four, Fannygalore, Fear, Fellows of the Orb, Firestorm, Firestorm, Firestorm, Firestorm, Fishing Supplies, Flare, Flare, Flare, Flare, flemingard, Flipside, Flow, Flow, Fnyski, FoCuMe, Focus, Footprint, Footprint, For Myself, For Those Who Die Salute, ForMyself, Fortuna, Frantic, Freedom Elite, Freedom Elite, Freedom Elite, Frontal Assault, Frostfire, Fuel, Fuluga's Alts, Funkyt, Fury of Hellscream, G Spot, Galaxy Rangers, Gazonkas, Genesis, Genesis, Gifted, Gifted and Talented, Gifted and Talented, Glorious, Godless, Gods of War, gothic, Gothic, Gothic, Greek Chaotic Aliance, GREMIUM, Grimoire heart, Grozmc, Guardian, Guild Of Light, Guildless, guilty druen, GuiltyOss, Hammerheart, Hammerheart, Happy Ending, Happy Ending, Happy Ending, Happy Ending, Hargs, Harsh Generation, hasdasdaf, Hateful, Haven of Sanity, Hearthstone, Hearthstone, Hearthstone, Hearthstone, Hell, Hellscream, Hellscream, Heroes of Kalimdor, Heroes of Kalimdor, Hjemmeværnet, Hjemmeværnet, HoK, HONORBOUND, HORDE ARMY, HORDE ARMY, Horde i magen, Horde i Magen, Horde i Magen, Horde i Magen, Hostilus ut Solentium, Hotfixed, Hottentotten, Icarus, If we die its lag, If We Die Its Lag, if-we-die-its-lag, ignis, illuminati, Immortals Forever, Imperiax, Impetus, Imploded Penguins, impure, Impure, Incendia, Incendia, Incipit, Incipit, Incognito, Incognito, Infernal Machine, infernum, Infernum, Infernum, Inquis, Inquisition, INQUISITION, Insane Assylum, Insane Assylum, Insane Assylum, Insanìty, Insidious, Intolerance, Invictus., Invictus., Iron Wardens, Iron Wardens, Isonomia, Isonomia, Iteration, its an addiction, IWDIL, Iz Najs, Javelin, Jeeze, Jersey Shore, Joint Venture, JPF, judgement, Just a random guild FOR LOGS, Kaizen, kapsel, Katalizatum, Kewties, Kings of Wrath, Kings of Wrath, Kiss my axe, Kiss My Axe, Knights of Fire, Knights of Ironforg3, Kobayashi Maru, La Treizième Légion, Lalonna private, Late night club, Legend of the Alliance, Leo, Les Miserables, Lestana, Leviticus, Lifé, Lightbringer, Linear, liquid, Liquid, Little Phatloot Factory, Loathsome, Logs 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