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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Bocadillos EU-Azshara Horde 0 65
Girls United EU-Azshara 0 46
wins EU-Azshara Horde 0 41
Honey Bunnies EU-Azshara Horde 0 39
Red Ribbon Armee EU-Azshara Horde 0 35
Havana Club EU-Azshara Horde 0 22
Unreal Infected EU-Azshara Horde 0 20
BlackMoon EU-Azshara 0 18
cervisia libere EU-Azshara Horde 0 18
RefresheD EU-Azshara Horde 0 18
Sleepless EU-Azshara 0 18
Das Hordnungsamt EU-Azshara Horde 0 16
DRUCKWELLE EU-Azshara Horde 0 16
eVisium EU-Azshara Horde 0 16
Lootbagger Inc EU-Azshara 0 16
Paralyzed EU-Azshara 0 16
curse EU-Azshara Horde 0 15
Pures Chaos EU-Azshara Horde 0 14
Knock Out EU-Azshara Horde 0 13
The Fallen Legîon EU-Azshara 0 13
null EU-Azshara Horde 0 12
Tempest EU-Azshara 0 12
Sunrise EU-Azshara Horde 0 11
eXiLiûM EU-Azshara Horde 0 10
Fluxus EU-Azshara 0 10
The Cold Answer EU-Azshara 0 10
Amazing Randoms EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
inire EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
Ascending EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Beta EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Decapitated EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Die Verurteilten EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Riot EU-Krag'jin 0 8
Avalon EU-Azshara 0 7
Hordenpack EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Rising EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Sign EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
U only Sief once EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Vanilla EU-Azshara 0 7
Ich komm über Rampe EU-Azshara 0 6
The Undertaker EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
AB EU-Azshara 0 5
DeadlyMinds EU-Azshara Alliance 0 5
Invicta EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
Reallife exe not found EU-Azshara 0 5
The Gate EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 5
Dps und andere Saucen EU-Azshara 0 4
Is a NerD EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
Necrome EU-Azshara 0 4
Purple Haze EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
Bad Luck Protection EU-Azshara 0 3
Die Dachse des Bösen EU-Azshara Alliance 0 3
Dæmentis EU-Azshara 0 3
ExnoB EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
Metal Warriors EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
EasyPlaY EU-Azshara 0 2
Hominii Nocturni EU-Azshara 0 2
Los Cojones EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Nightlife EU-Azshara 0 2
Reforged EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
syNergy EU-Azshara 0 2
Victrix EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Wölfe des Krieges EU-Azshara 0 2
Ablaze EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
AURA EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
BlackDagger EU-Azshara 0 1
eXistence EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
headline EU-Azshara 0 1
improved EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
initium novum EU-Azshara 0 1
NAGAS IN PARIS EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Obscurus Sol EU-Azshara 0 1
Prisoners of Alcatraz EU-Azshara 0 1
Sanguis Appotus EU-Azshara 0 1
Sidewinder EU-Azshara 0 1
Spring Break EU-Azshara 0 1
The Jury EU-Azshara 0 1
Thousand Suns EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Transfergesellschaft EU-Azshara 0 1
True Elements EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Vienna Hunters EU-Azshara 0 1
Wodaniens Krieger EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Zeal EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
noìr EU-Krag'jin 0 1
moonbear squad EU-Azshara 0 0
sunce EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Insomniacs EU-Azshara Horde 1 18
Wächter von Walhall EU-Azshara Horde 0 391
Black Rock Clan EU-Azshara Horde 0 360
Advance EU-Azshara Horde 0 314
prywatna strefa EU-Azshara Horde 0 246
SyNergy EU-Azshara Horde 0 198
Blutrache_RG EU-Azshara Horde 0 164
Lost Destiny EU-Azshara Alliance 0 134
Guards of Time EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 125
Erste Liga EU-Azshara Horde 0 116
Halb so Harmlos EU-Azshara Horde 0 108
ladylike EU-Azshara Horde 0 99
WiPeSPoRTs EU-Azshara Horde 0 97
Caedes EU-Azshara Horde 0 71
The Devils Toys EU-Azshara Horde 0 69
High Skill Musical EU-Azshara Horde 0 68
roOXx EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 65
afterlife EU-Azshara Horde 0 63
Disciples of Malfurion EU-Azshara Alliance 0 63
Violence EU-Azshara Alliance 0 61
Cuties EU-Azshara Horde 0 60
Varia EU-Azshara Horde 0 56
Lord Give Me A Sign EU-Azshara Horde 0 52
surrixxlfr EU-Azshara Horde 0 51
Combined Effect EU-Azshara Horde 0 45
noìr EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 42
core EU-Azshara Horde 0 37
Old and Classic EU-Azshara Horde 0 37
Broken Mind EU-Azshara Horde 0 35
Inception EU-Azshara Horde 0 35
rated EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 35
BlackDagger EU-Azshara Horde 0 34
Blutrache EU-Azshara Horde 0 34
Einfach mal so None Horde 0 33
Insomnis Equitatus EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 33
Sign EU-Azshara Horde 0 32
Ultimate Sacrifice EU-Azshara Horde 0 32
Blutrache Rg 4.1 EU-Azshara Horde 0 31
True Elements EU-Azshara Horde 0 31
SmashBrôthers EU-Azshara Alliance 0 29
Havana Club EU-Azshara Horde 0 28
Hordenpack EU-Azshara Horde 0 26
Ultimate Sacrifice EU-Azshara Horde 0 26
Bla EU-Azshara Horde 0 25
Obscurus Sol EU-Azshara Horde 0 25
Moonzlinge EU-Azshara Horde 0 24
Nightlife EU-Azshara Horde 0 21
Silentwalkers EU-Azshara Horde 0 21
Zeal EU-Azshara Alliance 0 21
DRUCKWELLE EU-Azshara Horde 0 20
Artemus EU-Azshara Alliance 0 18
Demadesco EU-Azshara Horde 0 18
Dissonans EU-Azshara Alliance 0 18
Hominii Nocturni EU-Azshara Horde 0 18
Kirbys Dreamland EU-Azshara Horde 0 18
10inches EU-Azshara Horde 0 17
Dark Mojo EU-Azshara Horde 0 17
Pure Mind EU-Azshara Horde 0 17
I blame lag EU-Azshara Horde 0 16
Impression EU-Azshara Horde 0 16
lw loggs EU-Azshara Horde 0 16
Fluxus EU-Azshara Horde 0 15
curse EU-Azshara Horde 0 14
Lost Destiny EU-Azshara Horde 0 14
Reincarnation EU-Azshara Horde 0 14
Vinyamar EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 14
Booty Bay Surf Team EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 13
Madness EU-Azshara Alliance 0 12
Pwnstars EU-Azshara Horde 0 12
BlackMoon EU-Azshara Horde 0 11
Improved EU-Azshara Horde 0 11
RefresheD EU-Azshara Horde 0 11
Team Sheriff EU-Azshara Horde 0 11
weakend EU-Azshara Horde 0 11
Beta EU-Azshara Horde 0 10
Mayhem Second Group EU-Azshara Horde 0 10
Victory EU-Azshara Horde 0 10
Acta est Fabula EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
Akazuki EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
Akazuki EU-Azshara Alliance 0 9
Aus der Asche EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
Cassinis Logs EU-Azshara Alliance 0 9
eXistence EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
got talent EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
Lootbagger Inc EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
Predicted EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
S E K Pandaria EU-Azshara Horde 0 9
TNG EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 9
Decapitated EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Guild Info EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Inglourious Molibaron EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Kappas World EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Moo Fighters EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Reforged EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Unleash the Sky EU-Azshara Horde 0 8
Illumínate EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Los Cojones EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Sign EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Sunrise EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
The Cold Answer EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Vanilla EU-Azshara Horde 0 7
Abis-Raid-Log EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 6
Alte Schule EU-Azshara Alliance 0 6
Ars Mðriendi EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
Blood Lotus EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
Dialyse EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
F wie Fogel EU-Azshara Alliance 0 6
Frühstücksfernsehen EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
Mente Captum EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
Mythen of Silence EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 6
Niteip EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
No One EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
SunRíse EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
Tiranne EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
Umad EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 6
Warlords EU-Azshara Horde 0 6
Bollwerk EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
OmaLan EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 5
SeelengebundenerWahnsinn EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
solid EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
Undefeatables EU-Azshara Alliance 0 5
unheilbar EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
upperClass EU-Azshara Alliance 0 5
Warlords of Draenor EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
Xylem EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
z-logs EU-Azshara Horde 0 5
Der innere Kern EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
Elusive Dreams EU-Azshara Alliance 0 4
Evolved EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
Fameless EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
GATE DIETER EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 4
Hordlinge OA EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
Lantyr EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
Maurtun (Private) EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
OrgrimmarCentauri EU-Krag'jin Horde 0 4
Waffenbrüder EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
We Never Clear HC EU-Azshara Horde 0 4
Allvatar Battle of the Best EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
Armîca EU-Azshara Alliance 0 3
Casuals at Work EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
eNPe EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 3
Enîgma EU-Azshara Alliance 0 3
Epion EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
Hallo Werner EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
Honoris Causa EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 3
Intense EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
RammosLogs EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
Reincarnation EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
Slam n Slay EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
suited EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
surrealism2 EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
Vitez Logz EU-Azshara Alliance 0 3
X Factor EU-Azshara Horde 0 3
alles easy EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Barditus EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Bitte weiter gehen - es gibt nichts zu sehen EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Cow and Curry EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Cut EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Die Verurteilten EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
DieBängels EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
duality EU-Azshara Alliance 0 2
EDToasties10er EU-Azshara Alliance 0 2
GB EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
guildless EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
High Skill Musical EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Hordenhaufen EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Hordenhaufen EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
inFamous EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 2
Lost Templars EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 2
Maligne EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
mdps EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Mean Ugly Punx EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Nemesís EU-Azshara Alliance 0 2
Novus Random EU-Azshara Alliance 0 2
Obscuri Sol EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
omnomnom EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
penis dominator EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 2
Pleaguee EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Plebs and Cuties EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Prodigium EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Rank one without Lony EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Serenity EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 2
Shyvex EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Skubidus EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Stormtrip EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
sweet EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
syNergy EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
teh eastereggs EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
testing EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
To the Limit EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Tomorrow Reloaded EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
whatafork EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Wächter von Asgard EU-Azshara Alliance 0 2
Wächter von Walhall 2 EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Zols Logs EU-Azshara Horde 0 2
Advance LFR EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Arma Dei EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Aura EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Aura Cruoris EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Band øf Brothers EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Bank of Brachland EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
BCP EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
BestHunterEU EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Blurkh None Horde 0 1
chocolate side EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Chronos_25er EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Chual EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Critz INC EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
curse EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Dhjingis EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Die Turbobande EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Eine Horde Allianzler EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Elusive Dreams EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Elusive Dreams GRP2 EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
emerge EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Execute EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
eXistence EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Feral Stat Logic EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Fight Night None Horde 0 1
Hammerburgs Erben EU-Krag'jin Horde 0 1
hexicsguild EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Hominii Nocturni EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Honoris Causa EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Independent Gaming EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Iron Flag EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Kadaj Logs EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
l Roots l EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Lost 2 EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Mad Turtles EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
MiauMiua EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Myguild EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Nemesis EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
NemesisThemis EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Nephalem EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Nordlicht EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Nordlicht EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Nothing Special EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
obscuri EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Pride EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
RokDakor EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
roOXx EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Schlachtenbummler EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
SdE 2 EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
started as random EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Sturmreiter EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Sunrise EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Sunshine Heroes EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 1
Symbolic EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Tempest EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Tempest-EU-Azshara EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Texxi EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Thinktwice EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
triVial EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Trololol EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
twinkraid EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Vengeance EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Vita Nova EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
Vitality EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
WvW 10er EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Wächter von Walhall EU-Azshara Horde 0 1
Zacery EU-Azshara Alliance 0 1
None Horde 0 0
A B S O L U T None Horde 0 0
Aaaaabbb None Horde 0 0
Acta est Fabula None Horde 0 0
Adestria None Horde 0 0
Advance Slacker None Horde 0 0
Advance* None Horde 0 0
Aegwynns Erben None Alliance 0 0
Afterhour None Horde 0 0
Alacrity None Alliance 0 0
Alptröim None Horde 0 0
Anubis only None Horde 0 0
Aquaknarre None Horde 0 0
Aquaknarrengang None Horde 0 0
Arcadian None Alliance 0 0
Asatru None Horde 0 0
Ashes of Empires None Alliance 0 0
AsthinaLogs None Horde 0 0
Avalania None Horde 0 0
Avila None Horde 0 0
Awesome Twinks and other None Horde 0 0
Axina None Horde 0 0
Azeroth Astronauts None Horde 0 0
Azeroth puGoNauts None Horde 0 0
Back to Hell None Horde 0 0
Bad Selection None Horde 0 0
Bamboucha None Horde 0 0
BestHunterEU None Horde 0 0
Black Dawn None Horde 0 0
Black Rock Clan None Horde 0 0
BlackBooks None Horde 0 0
Blackfinger None Horde 0 0
Blazed Redemption None Horde 0 0
Blood Haze None Horde 0 0
Branded None Horde 0 0
burnout None Horde 0 0
bwort None Horde 0 0
Calippoqt None Horde 0 0
Candystorm None Horde 0 0
Candystorm None Horde 0 0
casual None Alliance 0 0
Casuals at Work2 None Horde 0 0
CathiaFlaws None Horde 0 0
cervisia libere EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
Chalonka None Horde 0 0
Chromatische Kolibris None Horde 0 0
Chronicle None Horde 0 0
Châos None Horde 0 0
Comida´s Gilde None Horde 0 0
Cookie Pirates None Horde 0 0
Core None Horde 0 0
CutiesDE None Horde 0 0
Cynetic None Alliance 0 0
Dark Source None Horde 0 0
Darkbreed None Horde 0 0
Demadesco None Alliance 0 0
DenerocAdv None Horde 0 0
DenerocLogs None Horde 0 0
Der Heal war eig. durch None Horde 0 0
Desiderium None Alliance 0 0
Destruction None Horde 0 0
Die 2 Lustigen 3 None Horde 0 0
Die Titanen der Endzeit None Horde 0 0
Die Titanen der Endzeit None Horde 0 0
Die Titanen der Endzeit None Horde 0 0
Die Waffenbrüder None Horde 0 0
dimebâg None Horde 0 0
Dirty Laundry None Horde 0 0
Disoriented2 None Horde 0 0
Djudelogs None Horde 0 0
DoomRaiding None Horde 0 0
DoomRaids None Horde 0 0
Dr.Boss None Horde 0 0
DrNomNom None Horde 0 0
Drridl None Horde 0 0
EF BIE EI None Horde 0 0
EF BIE EI None Alliance 0 0
Einmal mit Profis (relaunched) None Horde 0 0
Elite Söldner None Alliance 0 0
Elusiv None Horde 0 0
Elusive None Horde 0 0
Elusive Dreams None Alliance 0 0
Elusive Dreams None Alliance 0 0
enrâge None Horde 0 0
Entropie_Amnesiahick None Horde 0 0
EQ-Random None Alliance 0 0
Evoke None Horde 0 0
Evoke None Horde 0 0
Evoke-2 None Horde 0 0
Excision None Horde 0 0
Execute None Alliance 0 0
eXiLiûM None Horde 0 0
eXtinct None Horde 0 0
Facepunch None Horde 0 0
FacePunch None Horde 0 0
Fame Factory None Horde 0 0
FameFactory None Horde 0 0
Fat Kidz are hard to CC None Horde 0 0
Fat Kidz are hard to CC None Horde 0 0
FBI Twinks None Horde 0 0
Feed Club None Horde 0 0
Feierabendhelden None Horde 0 0
FF None Horde 0 0
Fight Night None Horde 0 0
finellalogs None Horde 0 0
Flynn Effect None Horde 0 0
Fochlac None Alliance 0 0
For The Harmony None Horde 0 0
formyfans None Horde 0 0
Gaaguu Logs None Horde 0 0
GibbetNet None Horde 0 0
Girls Generation None Horde 0 0
Girls United None Horde 0 0
Glory Bound None Horde 0 0
Goygoy None Horde 0 0
Grim Reaper None Horde 0 0
Grmmppff None Horde 0 0
Guardians of Shadows None Horde 0 0
Guards of Time None Alliance 0 0
Gumus Finest None Horde 0 0
Haaqoo n Banilla None Horde 0 0
HardCoreCasual None Horde 0 0
Helden der Apokalypse None Alliance 0 0
Hirnkeks None Horde 0 0
HonorisCausa None Alliance 0 0
hoot hoot None Horde 0 0
Horde von Tirisfal None Horde 0 0
Horde von Tirisfal None Horde 0 0
Hordecore Pwn None Horde 0 0
Hordentlich aufs Maul None Horde 0 0
Hordentlich bestückt None Horde 0 0
Hordimus Prime None Horde 0 0
Hordlinge DroelfPunktNull None Horde 0 0
HvT None Horde 0 0
I Minui Erthad None Alliance 0 0
Igai None Horde 0 0
Immer ein Bass im Ärmel None Horde 0 0
Immer ein Bass im Ärmel None Horde 0 0
impudence None Horde 0 0
In flagrantí None Alliance 0 0
Ina None Alliance 0 0
Inception None Horde 0 0
Inception None Horde 0 0
Inner Core None Horde 0 0
Inquisition None Alliance 0 0
Insomnia None Alliance 0 0
Invictum None Alliance 0 0
IProdigyI EU-Krag'jin Alliance 0 0
Iron Flag None Alliance 0 0
Irreversal None Horde 0 0
KAUTILOL None Horde 0 0
Keelhauled None Horde 0 0
Keksmachine EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
Kollektiv der Tagträumer None Horde 0 0
Krabbelgruppe None Horde 0 0
krachboombäng None Alliance 0 0
Krisby logs None Horde 0 0
Krrish Logs None Horde 0 0
Köpi Krieger None Horde 0 0
laggt episch None Horde 0 0
Last Chance None Horde 0 0
Last Chancé None Horde 0 0
lehnar_logs None Horde 0 0
Lemminge None Horde 0 0
LFR Logs Warri None Horde 0 0
LFR Superheros None Horde 0 0
Liquid. None Horde 0 0
LogMe None Horde 0 0
lol rankings gg None Horde 0 0
LoonysLogs None Horde 0 0
Lucky Stricker None Horde 0 0
Lululu None Horde 0 0
Lunatix None Horde 0 0
Lôst Souls None Horde 0 0
Makabre None Horde 0 0
Mali None Horde 0 0
manus irae None Alliance 0 0
moonbear squad None Horde 0 0
Motschekiebchen None Horde 0 0
muerto juramento None Horde 0 0
My little Pwny None Horde 0 0
Nacktmullen Gaming EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
Nagares None Alliance 0 0
Naralogsyo None Horde 0 0
Narub None Horde 0 0
Near Death Experience None Alliance 0 0
Near Ðeath Experience None Horde 0 0
Nemesis None Horde 0 0
Nephalem None Horde 0 0
nerfmagepls None Alliance 0 0
Nightlife None Horde 0 0
Nightlife None Horde 0 0
Noaxx-WoL None Horde 0 0
noctus aeterna None Horde 0 0
noir None Alliance 0 0
noìr None Alliance 0 0
noìr None Alliance 0 0
noìr None Alliance 0 0
Old and Classic None Horde 0 0
Old and Classic None Horde 0 0
Old Rabbitz None Horde 0 0
Old Rabbitz None Horde 0 0
OldRabbitz None Horde 0 0
oldschool None Horde 0 0
One None Alliance 0 0
One Winged Angel None Horde 0 0
PennaRaid None Horde 0 0
PewPew's Ballerspiel None Horde 0 0
Phenomena None Alliance 0 0
Phenomena None Horde 0 0
Plague None Horde 0 0
plays naked EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
Predicted None Horde 0 0
Primitive Motive None Horde 0 0
Primitive Motive None Horde 0 0
Prodigium None Horde 0 0
Projekt X None Horde 0 0
Proximity None Horde 0 0
purge None Horde 0 0
PvP round the clock None Horde 0 0
Pyrite None Horde 0 0
Qtraids EU-Azshara Alliance 0 0
Radiance None Horde 0 0
raid another day None Alliance 0 0
Raikh's Logs None Horde 0 0
Rainbowzombies2013 None Horde 0 0
Randoms on tour None Alliance 0 0
Reckless United None Horde 0 0
Redemption None Alliance 0 0
Redemption None Horde 0 0
Replica None Horde 0 0
Replica None Horde 0 0
Revolutìon None Horde 0 0
RfQ None Horde 0 0
Rharbarbar Barbar None Horde 0 0
Rising None Horde 0 0
Rising None Horde 0 0
rndlgs None Horde 0 0
roOXx None Alliance 0 0
rude None Horde 0 0
rude EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
Sarithus Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Scepsis None Horde 0 0
Schnurrlogs None Horde 0 0
Scrætch None Horde 0 0
Secret None Horde 0 0
Severity EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
Shîmîgamî None Horde 0 0
Sign None Horde 0 0
Silentwalkers None Alliance 0 0
sinlos inc None Horde 0 0
Sinziger Test None Alliance 0 0
Stamm2 None Horde 0 0
Stark Industries None Alliance 0 0
Sturmreiter None Horde 0 0
styx None Horde 0 0
Summit None Horde 0 0
Sun Tzu None Alliance 0 0
Sunkizz None Horde 0 0
Surrix loggs None Alliance 0 0
syNergy None Alliance 0 0
Söldner des Schattens None Horde 0 0
Söldner in Rentê None Horde 0 0
Tartarus None Horde 0 0
TeamSheriffRankings None Horde 0 0
Tempest None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
Test EU-Azshara Alliance 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
Test12 None Horde 0 0
TGZSX5Z None Horde 0 0
thco None Horde 0 0
The Cold Answer None Horde 0 0
The Gate None Alliance 0 0
The Gate None Alliance 0 0
The Pride of Alliance None Alliance 0 0
The Ultimate None Alliance 0 0
The Undertaker EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
To the Limit None Horde 0 0
TR_1 EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
Trishna EU-Azshara Horde 0 0
True Elements None Horde 0 0
try again None Horde 0 0
Twinks mit Logs None Horde 0 0
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UnnameÐ None Alliance 0 0
Unraidbar None Horde 0 0
Ununquantium None Horde 0 0
Vengard None Alliance 0 0
Vicious None Alliance 0 0
Vinyamar None Alliance 0 0
Vinyamar None Alliance 0 0
Vinyamar None Alliance 0 0
Vinyamar 2.0 None Alliance 0 0
Virnael None Horde 0 0
Vitality None Alliance 0 0
vitra None Horde 0 0
Vollkontakt None Alliance 0 0
Vênk's Raidlogs None Alliance 0 0
Warlords None Horde 0 0
Warlords None Horde 0 0
Warmonger None Horde 0 0
wasdwasd lol cant move None Horde 0 0
Wasserpfeifengeister None Horde 0 0
Watch Out None Horde 0 0
WhattehfuK None Horde 0 0
whine wipe und gesang None Horde 0 0
Whispering Shadows None Horde 0 0
Wie Duhm None Horde 0 0
Wie Duhmm None Horde 0 0
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Wipelash None Horde 0 0
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X Factor None Horde 0 0
XcellencE None Horde 0 0
Yo None Horde 0 0
Yuvie's Logs None Horde 0 0
Zentrum des Wahnsinns None Horde 0 0
Zonk None Horde 0 0
zrkrehwragg None Horde 0 0
Àllyz im Wunderland None Alliance 0 0
Мое Производство None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

E n C o r e, ..., ...., .at was sonst, , , _infla, A R E N A L I N, Able Companie, Abused, Abused, Abused, Abused, Achchazu, Achchazu, Achchazu, Achchazu, Achchazu, Addicted Gaming, Adeptus Luminis, Adrenalin, Adrenalín, Adrenalín, Advent Children, Aegwynns Erben, Aegwynns Erben, afterhour, Afterhour, Afterhour, Alacrity - WoW - Azshara, Algorithmus, Algorithmus, Allys im Wunderland, Alte Horde, Alternate, Alu's Logs, AM, Amicita, ANALyse, Angelfreunde Booty Bay, Anouk, apac, Apocalyptic Vision, Apolog, archen, Arctic Monkeys, Arctic Monkeys, Arctic Monkeys, Argent Dawn, Arise, Arise, Arise, Armica(Twink), Armistice, Armîca, Armîca, Armîca, Armîca grp2, Articom, Articoms WOL, asdf, Ashes of Empire, aurora raids, Avalon, Azeroths Sturmtrupp, AZSHARA HATETRAIN INC, AZSHARA HATETRAIN INC, AZSHARA HATETRAIN INC, Azshara rnd stamm, Azshara Terror Force, Azshara's Finest, B.Lotus, Backup, Bad Reputation, Bad Reputation, Bad Reputation, Bad Reputation, Bad Selection, Bankis, Barad ne Valesh, Barad ne Valesh, Barditus, Basic Instinct, Bastárdos in Fame, Bastárdos In Fame, BB2k, Bcp & Vinyamar & Tc, Be Kind Rewind, Behueter der Ehre, Behüter der Ehre, Behüter der Ehre, BestHunterEU, BEW, bionic six, Black Dagger, Black Listed, Black Rock Clan, Black Rock Clan, Black Rock Clan, BlackBlood, BlackFraternity, Blackout, Blackout, Blackout, Blackrock Allstars, Blood Champions, Blood Empire, blood of trysty, Blublol, Bollwerk, BraininSane, BraininSanE, BraininSanE, Branded, Brewsli_private, bro von mikex, Brooklyns Finest, BRR MOONFIRE, Bröcksche, BSH, Bund der Rechtschaffenen, Bund der Rechtschaffenen, burnout, BV, Béé, Bündnes der Ehre, C o N s O r T i O, Caladrius die Todesboten, Calamity, Calamity, Carefulone, casualpower, Cause We Can, Cause We Casual, cervicia libere, Champions Of Alliance, Chaos Pur, Chicken Checkerz, Chills, Chosen, chromatic, Chromatic, Chromatic, Chronos, Chronos, Chronos, Chronos, Chronos, Chronos, Chronos, Chronos, Chronos_, Clan of the Nightstalker, Cleaveland, clicx, cloudsend, COCCOCABBANA, COCCOCABBANA, Communitas Draconis, Communitas Draconis, Communitas Draconis, Concubium, Concubium, core, core, Core, Cow And Curry, Cow meets Lordaeron, Cow meets Lordaeron, Cow meets Lordaeron, Cow meets Lordaeron, crap crap crap, Credo, Credo, Credo, crit it, Cruentus, Cruor, Cruor, Cryptic, Crystal, Crystal, Cucumis Guild, CUT, Cutie´s Random Raid, Dachse des Bösen, Daementis, Daermon Nazeshbaernon, Dark Curse, Dark Curse, DarkChocolate , Dawgs of War, Dawgs of War, Dawnseekers, DdE, Dead Reckoning, Death n Decay, Death n Decay, Decapitated, Decuria, DefiancE, DefiancE, DefiancE, dejavu, Delusion, Delusion, Der innere Kern, Der innere Kern, Der Weiße Rat, Destination Infinity, deviance, Devoured, DHARMA Initiative, Diabolica, Die fröhlichen Wanderer, Die Fröhlichen Wanderer, Die Hordlinge + Random, Die Hordlinge 5, Die Kuh & Du, Die letzten Helden, Die Letzten Helden, Die tollkühnen Männer, DieStamm, Disvayed, Disvayed, DoA, DoA, Dogma, Domdon, Donner der Erdenmutter, Dont call it Schnitzel, Draconia, Draconia, Draconis, Drakonius, Drei Wurf Zwei Mark, Dreiviertel , DRUCKWELLE, DRUCKWELLE, DRUCKWELLE, drôpdôwn, drôpdôwn, duality, duality, duality, duality reloaded, dudemaster's deluxe, E n C o r e, E n C o r e, EasyPlaY, EAT YOU ALIVE, ebola, Eclipse, ED, ED, Einherjer, Einherjer PVP, Einmal mit Profis, El Inmortal, Elite Söldner, Elitäre Arroganz, Elusive Dreams, Elusive Dreams, Elusive Dreams, Elusive Dreams, Elusive Dreamz, Elysium, Elysium, emerge, endurance, endurance, energY, eNPe, eNPe, enráge, Entropie, EpiSch, EQ, Equable, Equilibrium, Equilîbrium, Equilîbrium, Equinox, Era Vulgaris, Eradicate, Eradicate, Erbe von Lordaeron, Erste Liga, Estreya, Estreya, Eternal, eternitas, A n i m a, ABC, above, Abtrünnige Aegwynns, Achtunddreißigfünfzig, Acta est Fabula, ad Mortem, Addictive, Adeptus Astartes, Advance, Again, Aggregatio, Akazuki, AKK, All about Money, All Random All Mid, Alle für Einen, AllStars, Allîanzversichert, Alte Schule, Always Roll, amazing randoms, Amentía, Ancestors Circle, Apocalypse, ArbeitsamtEhrfürchtig, Arme Schlucker, Armed and Dangerous, Ars Vivendi, Arthas Revenge, Ascordia Imperialis, Asylum, Auktioneers of Orgrimmar, Aus der Asche, Avalania, Ave Morituri, Awesome, Awoken Legends, Axina, Azeroth Astronauts, AZSHARA HATETRAIN INC, B A B A, Babylon, Bad Voodoo, Baenker, Bamboucha, Banana Squad, BangGang, Bank and Trading INC, Bank Incorporated, Bank von Victory, Bankkonto, BankofFist, Baroque Firma, BattleBunnies, Bauschuttmulden, BEAST MODE, become Loremaster, Behüter der Ehre, Berserkertum, Betray your own, Betrayed, Beutelratten Ogrimmar, Black Listed, Blackout, Blazed Redemption, Bleak Basilisks, Blood Háze, Blood Lotus, Bloodstorm, Bloody Elf Rage, Blutbad Inc, Blutschwur, Blutsengel, Blutsturm, Blâck Dragon, BlôôdyMônday, Bones, Boom Chicka Woah Woah, bossmrlu, Brainwashers, bro von mikex, Brutality, Burning Elephants, Butter bei die Fische, Böse und Gemein, C a e d e s, cackhanded, Caelo demissa, cant see blood, Chaos Elite, Chaos Theory, Chaotic Rangers, Chipmunkz, chocolate side, Chronos, Clan Invictus, COCCOCABBANA, ComeToTheDarkSide, Communitas Draconis, Contralegem, core, CRIT GmbH, Critical, Crusader, Cry of Eternity, Cut, Cuties, Cóntrà legem, Cøre Inc, CútThrôats, D n D, Daermon Nashezbaernon, Dampfnudeln, Dark Mojo, Dark Source, DARK ÁNGELS, Darkroom, das Wort ist Nukular, Dawn Reloaded, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Death and Decay, DeathAngel, Defenestration, defile, DeinstallierMalBitte, Demadesco, Der Heal war eig durch, Der innere Kern, Der Neuanfang, Der schwarze Drache, Destruction, Devil my Cry, Diamonds are for ever, Die Beschützer Azeroths, Die Blutelfenfront, Die Blutrünstigen, Die Bois, Die Boten des Todes, Die Eiserne Horde, Die Entspannten, Die Gengster, Die graue Horde, Die Gummelbären, Die Gummelbärenbande, Die Kunst des Krieges, Die Niveaulosen, Die Spielverderber, Die tollkühnen Männer, Die Unglaublichen, DKH, Doc Lef and Doc Gress, dont PANIC, DownUnder, Draconis, Draconum, Dragon Brigade, Dragonriders, Drinkingdor, Drunk Together, Dóngsi Dängsi, E P I C F A I L, EasyGoing, EAT YOU ALIVE, Ebay Chars mit Skill, EF BIE EI, Eidgenossen, Einherjer PVP, Einsame Wölfe, EinsZweiSam, Elite Schurken, EliteTR, Elusive, End of Silence, Endless Mania, Enragé, enrâge, Erbe von Lordaeron, Escaflown, eSio, Espadas Legacy, eSport Talents, Eternal Darkness, Eternity of evil, Everything, Excusion, eXiLiûMs Nachhut, eXploit, faceroll monkeys, Faithful, fallen ângel, Fallobst, Fameless, FANATiC, Farmdirwas, FarmerBank, FaRmInC, Fat Kidz are hard to CC, Fat Kïtz Easy to Kïte, Fear Gewinnt, Feed Club, ferox, Fight Night, FischiFischi, Flasche voll Fritten, Fontaine La Jolie, For the Horde, For the Legion, For the Win, Forever Love, Fratzengeballer, Freaks, FROM ZERO TO HERO, FRONT, Frøzen Justice, Fun for All, Galeria Schlachthof, geh weiter ich drøp nix, geht steil, Geisteraffen, Gesellschaft mbH, Get Ready, Gildenbank von Jalaska, Gildenlos glücklich, Glory Bank of Azshara, Glory Bound, Gnomerzbank, Golden Lotus, Goldgrube Reloaded, Goodbye, GorillaZ, Gornovas Söldner, Gralsritter, Grand Pubahs, Graue Schar, Grave Encounters, Grimoire Law, H I G H R A T E, HabbitStrike, Handelskontor Azshara, Hands of Nagash, Happy Amnesia, Happy Hippo, Haribo, HarlekinZ, Hartz Fear, HBMG OLREN NETTUN, Head Hunters, Hell of Fame, Hello Kitty Inselspaß, Hello Kitty Kartellamt, Hi OK, High Art, High Skill Musical, HIGH SOCIETY YOLO, Higher for Hire, Hino Rei, Horde Bang Theory, Horde ist afk, Horde von Tirisfal, Hordenhaufen, Hordentlich, Hordentlich Fresse voll, Hordimus Prime, hype, Hyperion, Hórdeversichert, Höllen eV, Höllenmaschinen, I Badezimmer I, I blame lag, I need a Raid, I went outside today, Ich bin doch nicht blöd, iLoot, Impossibru, impress, Impression, In Between, In dA hOuSe, In Madness, In Media Res, iNetworkz, Infernal Chaos, Infested Terrans, inflammatory, Inglourious B, Inner Core, Insomnia, Insurge, Inteam, Intense, Inter nos, Invictis Victi Victuri, Invîctus, IronAngels, Is A LoSeR, is Chual, ist afk, ist ein Flauschi, ist hordinär, ist ziemlich kühl, iterum, Jetzt wirds Dunkel, Joes Laterne, JoKers, Just kidding, Justice League, Kamikaze Kaoten, Katzenkorb AG, Kavuk Gmbh, Keelhauled, Keeper of Dragonsoul, Kesich, Killswitch Enrage, Kirbys Dreamland, Kitty Cats, Klappstuhlkommando, Kleine Miezekatzen, Knockout, Kollektiv der Tagträumer, Kölsches Bloot, La Vendetta, Lachender Schädel, Lantyr, lass mas explodiern, Last Chancé, Last Judgement, LastTry, lauf Hordi lauf, LavaOcean, Lazy Ass Hunters, Leap of Faith, Legendary Enforcers, Legion, LEGION DES ZORNS, Legion of Chaos, Legion of Thor, LehmanBros, Leìder Geìl, Liberty, Licht Konig, lineup, littledragon, Living in Agony, LogHorizon, lolpatrol, Los Dropsos, Lost Destiny, Lost Dreams, Lunatix, Luporum Duces, LuxAeterna, Lûcký Strîkê, M und M, Mainstream, Make You Hate Me, Maligne, Maniax, Mean Ugly Punx, Medicide, meinebankgilde, Meow Miau Nyan, Metalheads, Minatory INC, Mondklingen, Moo Fighters, Moonzlinge, more deeps, Mors creta hora incerta, MS Thirteen, muhakaschaka, MUTANT, MUTED, MØST WANTEÐ GÆNKER, Nachtwache, Naggas in Paris, Near Ðeath Experience, Nebukadnezar, need Storage, NEIN wir Zergen, Nemesis Conspiracy, NemesisThemis, Nephalem, Nerve Gaming, Neurotics, Never Die, New Azerothian Abwehr, Nexum, Nie genug, Nightmare inc, Nightwings, No Chance in Hell, nonsense, NoSleep, Novus Exordium, Nvidia, obscuri, Offensive Hammerschlag, Oh Achso GmbH, Ohne Pull geht da Nix, Ohrgrimmars Ohrenärzte, Old and Classic, Old Rabbitz, oldschool, OM NOM NOM DELICIOUS, ONLY ONESHOT MACRO, Opportunity, Orbis Terrarum, Organisation XIV, Orion, Out of Control, Over The Hord, Over the TOP, oz, P A N D A R I A, Pakt der Luden, Para, para bellum, Parabellum, Paramore eSports, Paranoia, Pink Animals, Pitbulls der Horde, Placidus Omega, Plague, PlattHaunGang, Play Lame get Fame, Players Choice, Plushy Inc, PogChamp, Ponyfleischerei, Powerpuff Girls, Prieuré, Primordial, ProgressivGaming, Projekt X, Prophecy, pueblo, Pure Hate, Pure Mind, push it to the limit, PvP FrEaKz, PvP Like a PanDa, PWD, Pwepwe, Rache der Unsterblichen, Radiance, Rage Quit, Raising, RamteiD, Randgruppen eV, Randoms of Aszhara, RANK ONE KLAPPTE NICHT, Reaction, RedSoul Virus, Regelwerk, RESIDENT EVIL, Retaliation, retired, RetiredExtremelyDangerus, rien ne va plus, RIP GmbH, rising moon, Roadtogoldcap, ROCCAT, Rock n Bob, RofL U LoLz, RokDakor, RoOXx, Royal Digníty, rude, Rumpel Kammer, Sacramentum, Saurfangs Army, SAW, Scar, Schicksalswende, Schnitzel United, Schwarze Division, SchwarzeSonne, Schwertbrüder, Scion, Secret of Uúhk, Secrêt, Seelensturm, Semper Fidelis, semper fidélis, Serious Concert, seven, Shades of Phoenix, Shadow Bears, ShadowArmy, Shattered Ice, Shokata, Si vi pacem para bellum, SiffLordz, SixFeetUnder, Slam n Slay, Slaughters, SmashBrôthers, Snapbacks and Tattoos, SoMuchCrap, Sons of Destruction, Sons of Liberty, Souljahs, SPERRFEUER, Squirrel Reign, Starfire, Staubkind, Steroid BrainS, STORM, STROHHUTBANDE, Størmwînd United, suited, Summit, Sunkizz, Sunrising, suspect, sweet, Synatic, Syndikat der Entehrten, Söldner in Rentê, Tardigrades, Team OeTTINGER, Team Paradise, Team Sheriff, Tears of Darkness, Tears of Destîny, Tempést, ten inches unbuffed, TetraHydroCannabinol, The Blacklist, The Boys of Choice, The Chøsen Ones, The Dancing Bloodelf, The Dragon Sword, The First Army, The Furious Angels, The Horde Couture, The Illusion, The Invincible, The Invincibles, TheHoschis, there will be cake, Thorn, Thunder of Tristania, Tiger and Dragon, Tomorrow Reloaded, Toutou tut es, Traditionsmetzgerei, Traeumer, Trashmob, Traumschiff Sombreros, Trefo, TrinitY, Trinity Force, trisoboys, triVial, TriVolution, Troupe of Azeroth, Tryforce, Tríníty, Trîbutê, Tsunamí, Twentyfive, TwentyFourSeven, Twercs Bank, Twinky und Brain, Ultima Ratio Regis, ultraStorm, Unbreakable, Unforgeable, UnicornsUnited, UnXpected, Urlaub auf Keta, UrMacht, V E T O, Vale, ValheroN, valued, Venceremos, Vengeance, Venom, Veritas Aéquitas, veritas invicta, Verklingende Stimmen, Victory, Vindicem Mortem, Violence, Void, Vollkontakt, Vomitus, VòóV, Warlords, Warmonger, Warrior Azeroth, Wasserpfeifengeister, watch out, We are Legend, We Made Awake, WeArrPirates, wegmetern, when its done, whine wipe und gesang, who cares, Wings of Aurora, Wipe GmbH, Wipelash, wirft Gnome, Would you like to DIE, Wächter von Walhall, WÆRCRAFT, Xqlusive, xzxz, Yordle Snap Trap, Your Destiny, Ypsilon, Zeal Alliance, Zeit ist Gold, Zentrallager, Zentrum des Wahnsinns, zerø, Zodiac, Zorn der Rebellen, Ørcarina of Time, Ørdo Malleus, A few good men, Achchazu, Aegwynns Erben, AMK, Another Way To Die, Anubia, apokalypsed, Ar Punkt fünf, Ashes of Empires, Atrox Regis, Bad Fairy Tale, Bank Inc, BLooD In BLooD Oút, Carrier, Council of Azeroth, Das Herz der Allianz, Der Scheiterhaufen, Die Letzte Legion, Divine, E x e c u t e, Eclipse Bank, Eclipse Moon Passport, eXid, Faust der Vergeltung, flair, Fusion, Geh weiter ich dropp nix, Gold GmbH und Co KG, Guards of Time, Göttin der Bank, Hammerburgs Erben, Hauptlager, Herren des Untergangs, HonorisCausa, hosoi ihm seine gilde, I PRODIGY I, Iarwes Minion, Imperiale Armee, In flagrantì, Infinitý, infusion, Insomnis Equitatus, Invictus Gaudium, Ist Drei Tage Wach, ist halb so schlimm, J A W O H L, Kitty Cat Club, Kölsch, l Roots l, Laughing Coffin, Legion of fallen Hope, Lithium, Lost Unicorns, Mad Turtles, Mondwächter, MortalTeamWork, Much To Yearn, Never Back Down, NeverForget, Opas Bande, origin, Psychoaktiv, Requiem of Illuminati, Rise Of The Phoenix, RMH, Rønin, Satans Elite Kommando, Schattenwache, SchwarzeRose, Schwarzpulver, Semper Fidelis, semper fie, Server Down, Silvermoon Guard, Skyfall, Soul of Azeroth, Strohhutbande, Sun Tzu, Søldnerschwein, The Pride of Alliance, TheLastRide, TheLastSoldier, Toastbrot, Twink Union, Umad, Vault of Sages, Vinyamar, Vírus, Warforged, Weißer Rabe, WOLFSBLUT, Zodiac, Zwieback, Evil Satisfaction, Evolutions, evolved, Evolved, Evolved, evolved_caehit, Evolved_Issyl, Evolved_Issyl, evolved_mackash, Excision, Execute, Execute, EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE, eXiLiûM, eXiLiûM, eXiLiûM, eXiLiûM, eXploit, eXtinct, F wie Fogel, FacePunch, FacePunch, Fallobst, Fame and Honor, Fame and Honor, Fame and Honor, Famehoez, Fameless, FamelessEU, Fantastic, Faíth, FCON, Feed It, Fencheltee, FimoPria, Finninge, For Pony, For the Harmony, For The Harmony, For the win, Forca, Forever Love, Forever Love, Fort Knoxx, FoxForceFive, Freakzone, Fresh Cup of Mothermilk, Frostie, Frostie, Frozen Haze, Frozen Haze, Frozen Sun, Furor, Furor, Furor, Fürstenbank, gadreel25, Geisteraffen, Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready, ghjgfh, Girls United, GnomeUndAndereWurfwaffen, Goldrush, Gore Device, Gore Device, Gore Device, gralsritter, GrünewieseTwinkruns, Guards of Time, guild of xhypre, guildless, Guilty, Gummibær, Halb so Harmlos, Hallöle, Hammerburgs Erben, Hardcore fast n deadly, Haters gonna hate, HC Live, HD, Head Breakers, Heilige Ritter, Helden der Urzeit, Helden der Urzeit, Helden der Urzeit, Helden der Urzeit - Grp 3, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hells Logs, hemansworld, Heretic, Heretic II, Herzblut, high Density, High Society, Highland Warriors, Holographic, Hominii Nocturni, Honoris Causa, HonorisCausa, HonorisCausa, HonorisCausa, Horde von Tirisfal, HORDECORE Pwnstore, Hordecore Pwnstore_Azshara, Hordentlich, Hordentlich Bestückt, Hordimus Prime, Hordnungsamt, Hordnungsamt, Hueco Mundo, huehuehue, HUFFLEPUFF XD, Hugmeifyoucan, HugMeIfYouCan, Hundetruppe, HvT 10er, i am with stupid, I Cynetic I, I Dynasty I, i lulzed, I PRODIGY I, I Rasselbande I, IDDQD, IF /HC Twink, Igelchen, Ignis Draconis, Ignis Draconis, IKK, illusion, Immortal Rage, Imperfect harmonies, Impression, Impulse, In Aeterno, In Aeterno, In Aeterno, In Between, In flagrantì, In Flagrantí, In Harmony, inaktiv, Inception, Inception, Inception, Inf., inFamous, Infected Gaming, infest, Infested Terrans, infinite pain, infinite pain, Infinitum, InfUSioN, Inner Core, Inquisition, inRage, inRage, Insert Random Guild Here, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomniacs, Insomnis Equitatus, Insurge, Insurge, Insurge 3., Invictum, Iron Flag, Irreversal, Irreversal, Irreversal, Irreversal, IxXxI, Izpally, jadores gilde, jamaicaClub, Je mehr Testo besser, Jo, JoKers, JoKers, Joline private Raids, Jolschens's Logs, Jovial, Juggernaut, just logging, Just try, justmadethisupplsignore, Kaatsching, KacKnoObInc, Kadaj Logs, Kadajlogs, Kane, kareka, Kavar Grunas Bar, Kaviar, Keelhauled, Kellerkinder e.V., Kiionaslogs, Killing things that don't exist, kinsadf, Kirby, Knights of Good, Kollektiv der Tagträumer, komani, Konterbier, KoroTwink, Krabbelgruppe, Krag PUG, Kragnoobs, Kreuzritter Lordaeron, Kreuzritter Lordaerons, Kreuzritter Lordaerons, Kulturbanausen, Kutschurft, Kêron, Köpi Krieger, La Vendetta, La Vendetta, La Vendetta (real :>), ladylike, lala, Lanista, Larô, LassMichArztBinDruch, Last Dawn, Last Stand, LaVendetta, LayOut, Leci's Raids, Legion, Legion of the Dark, Legion of the Dark, Les Halles, levitation, lewknations, leìder geìl, LFR Logs j4f, LFR Logs j4f, LFR-, Lhysana, Lights od Aurora, Lights of Aurora, like a baws, lineup, lineup, lineup2, LinomiTest, lkaskdlakdsl, Logarchiv, Logstest1, lol, Lollerskates, lollipop, LOLLOGS, LookingforRaid, Lost and Found, Lunatics Inc, Lunatics Inc, luporum duces, Madness, Madness, Magehalt, Magic is Real, Magic is Real, Makken, Mala, Mandar, Maniax, manus irae, Matthias Raid Guild, Me Myself and I, Mean Ugly Punx, Mean Ugly Punx, Mean Ugly Punx, Mean Ugly Punx, MeanUglyPunx, Meecherr's Logs, Meins, Meins, meviz, Mile of Style, Minazu Private, Minazu Private, Minazu Private, Misogyne, mlodziwilcy, MMOS befor Hoes, MODI-Stamm, Money Inc, Monsters, Motley Crew, Motschekiebchen, mouseover, mouseover, mouseover, mouseover, mouseover, Mouseover, MUCHACHOS, Murlocs Elite, mushroom INC, My own, myguild, myownshiat, Mythen of Silence, Myths of silence, Mândar, Mîssyo, möp, Nacktmullen Gaming, Naiyana Guild , Nartalia, Narub_test_gilde, Naturburschen, Nayz, NCBERNDS, Near Ðeath Experience, Nebelfels, Nefacio, Neltharion, Nemesis, Nemesis Projekt, Neocron, Nephlogs, Never Die, NexNorushen, NexNorushen, Next, Next Pls, Next Plz, Nightrun, No EgOs, NO SKILL BUT GEARSCORE, NohealsNOHEALGUILD, noir, Noir 10er , Nordlicht, Norushen_Only, nothing special, nothing special, Nothing Special, Nothing Special 1, Novum ViVo, noìr, noìr, noìr 2, noìr 25ger, Nuked, Null, Nuroto, Nuroto, O.0, obscuri, obscuri, Obscurus Sol, Obscurus Sol, Ohne Spaß kein Fun, Old Rabbitz, Old Rabbitz, Olim, One Ziwibl, One Ziwibl, opalal, Opis Pretium, Opis Pretium, Oraculum, orcs, orgin, out of ashes, Out of Control, OxidAzshara, PAAR, Pandemic, PANDEMiC, pantheon, Pantheon, Paradigma, Paradigma, Paranoîd, Patricia Logs, personal, Placidus Omega, Plus und Minus, Plüschî, Point of no Return, poster, Predicted, PreFail, prieurê, Prime, Prime, Primordial, Primordial, Primordial, Primus, Primus, Prinzenrolle, prisoners of alcatraz, Prisoners of Alcatraz, Prisoners of Alcatraz, Prisoners of Alcatraz, private, Prodigium, Prodigium, Prodigium 3, Prodigium Gruppe 2, Prodigy (Raidgrp 2), Progress Ten, psychatrie, Psychoaktiv, pug, Puggedriad, PURE, Purple Haze, Qjú, QQ, Raid123, Raiders, Rainbowzombies, Rainicuses, random, random 1, Random Raid, Random-Grp(14-18), Random1, Randomraid, RandomRaids, randoms, Randoms of Aszhara, Randomzeugs, Ratisbona, rdmrun, ReaL, Realrush, Rebellion, Rebirth, Rechts vor Links, Reckless, Reckless, Reckoning, Redans Pro Logs, Redeemer, Redeemer, redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption2, redrum inc, Redrum Inc Raid 3, refreshed, RefresheD, Regabo's QT, Reign, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, replica, replica, REPORTS, Requiem of Illuminati, Requiem of Illuminati, Respektlos, restart, Resurrectiøn, Resurrectiøn, retired, Retired, Revelation, Revelation, Revelation, rewind, Rhylthars TnG-Logs, RIP, Rising, Rising, Rising, Rising Moon Random, Ritter des Cenarius, Riven College of Azshara, Rnd, RND-Raid, Robdroid, Robin, Royal Dignity, Rush Hour, Sacramentum, Sacrifice, Saintavanger, salida del sol, samma gehts noch, Sanguis Appotus, Say Goodbye, SB, Schatten der Dämmerung, Schattenwache, Schattenwache, Schicksalswende, Schicksalswende, Schicksalswende, Schicksalswende, Schicksalswende, Schicksalswende, Schlachtenbummler, Schlafwandler, Schwarzmähnen, Sebbohr, Secret of Uúhk, Secundani, Seelenbezwinger, Selatrevo, Semper Fi, Semper FI, Serial Panty Thief, Serious Business, seven, sfhfd, Shades of Phoenix, Shattered Souls, Shattered Souls, Shattered Souls, Shattered Souls, Shexals Random Grillung, ShockX, Shot Caller, Siama & Twinks, Sign, Sign, Sign, Silentwalkerrs, Silentwalkers, SKY IS THE LIMIT, Sok Private, Solution Ten, Soul Bouncer, Soul of Azeroth, 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los , watch out, Way to the glory of the shadow priests, waza, Wegen Sicherheit, Wegen Sicherheit, Weil ichs kann, Westwind, When Its Done, Windhorn, wins, Wipelash, Wipesports, WiPeSPoRTs, WoD, Wolftribes, Wolololo, wowlogs, wvw, wvw, WvW, WvW - Test, Wächter der Hölle, Wächter von Walhall, Wächter von Walhall, Wächter von Walhall, Wächter von Walhall, xaxas, Xcite, Xcite, Xeria, Ximaro , XxX, Yggrasils Orden, Ypsilon, ysk, Yudaya Jinz, Zeal, Zeal, Zeal Alt, ZED, Zentrum des Wahnsinns, Zentrum des Wahnsinns, ZerG, ZION, zlogs, Zonk, ZonK, | PRODIGY |, | PRODIGY | Gruppe2, || k0s || R4ND0M ||, Ânìs I Cynetic I , 手綱

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