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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Nightmare on Nelf St EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 12 54
WarmaneGuild EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 2 2
Reign EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 958
Primal Evolution EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 580
Slendrians EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 493
The Wolf Pack EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 321
Reflection of Perfection EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 298
Valhall EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 215
We Blame Bj EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 118
In Wonderland EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 111
Disorderly EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 108
Trivial EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 94
Symbiosis EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 89
Equasion EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 72
Defiance EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 63
Pandemic EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 58
Cartoons EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 53
Nordanvind EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 48
Exiled Champions EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 43
Flare EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 40
Divine Edge EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 39
A Little Bit Random EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 33
Vita Nova EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 29
Veszett Horda EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 24
Loreguild EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 23
The Chosen EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 23
Incinerate EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 22
Dragons EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 18
Pius EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 17
Elysium EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 16
contrax EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 15
Solarium EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 15
Alliance of Light EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 12
Fluffy Lemon Noodles EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 12
Le Bumgeon EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 12
Nomads EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 12
Zug Zug EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 12
Ledenikurcic EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 11
Not Enough Rage EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 11
Apex EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 10
Citizen of Limited Value EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 10
Legacy None Horde 0 10
Eternity EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 9
Legend Reborn EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 9
Flare EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 8
Fusion of Light EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 8
LFRanks EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 7
Quantum EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 7
Requiem EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 7
Kaland Bt EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 6
Ratas Vengadoras EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 6
Semper Fidelis EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 6
Paradox EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 5
Requiem EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 5
The Reborn EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 5
Alliance of Light EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 4
Elitism EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 4
Immortal Legion EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 4
Nox Eternum EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 4
Vegetables EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 4
Act IV EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 3
Dragonlancers EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 3
Offline EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 3
Serventus EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 3
Sladdars guild EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 3
Underachievers EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 3
4Str 4Stam Leather Belt EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 2
Bloodline EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 2
bloodrage_ezui EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 2
BruceClare EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Brutal eat my nuts EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
DeMarcosCave EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 2
Envy EU EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Epoch EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 2
In Aeternum EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Is Guildless EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
LFR raids EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 2
Lonely Kitty EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 2
Offline EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 2
One Piece EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 2
Optimus Profanum EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 2
Pandemic2 EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 2
Purged EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Synergie EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 2
The SnakeEyes EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Utopie 2.0 EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 2
Absolution EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
ACME Inc. EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Acta Non Verba EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Agility EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Alliance Of Light EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Apocolypse EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Atenor EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Coca Coil EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Contains Mild Peril EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Critical Mass EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Disturbed Tranquility None Alliance 0 1
Dusk EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Exi Logs EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Frozen north EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Funkeepers EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Fusion of Light EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Gamblers EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Grimmie EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Hafoot EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Haven EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
i R gUiLdEd EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Illuminati EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 1
Midnight Serenity EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Mist EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Mystic Daggers EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Nox Eternum EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Odyssey EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Ragtag Band of Ruffians EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Refugees EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Simmi EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 1
Simonhowl's logs EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Smoke da Baab EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 1
Templar-Knights EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
The Graveyard Shift EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 1
The Shining Dawn EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Thulghards EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Under Reprisal EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 1
Warpstorm EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Xercz EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
XXX EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
ZZII EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 1
Act IV None Alliance 0 0
Acta Non Verba None Alliance 0 0
Alacrity None Alliance 0 0
Amici Sumus None Alliance 0 0
Anathema Rising None Horde 0 0
As Good As It Gets None Alliance 0 0
Ascendance None Alliance 0 0
Asgard None Alliance 0 0
Ayo None Horde 0 0
Azuri None Alliance 0 0
BACKBREAK None Alliance 0 0
Beyond None Alliance 0 0
blahblah None Alliance 0 0
Bloodline None Alliance 0 0
Bloodline None Alliance 0 0
Catrachos None Horde 0 0
Chaos Inc None Horde 0 0
Chewondis None Alliance 0 0
Chozan None Alliance 0 0
Cold Logic None Alliance 0 0
Consilium None Alliance 0 0
Contains Mild peril None Alliance 0 0
Covenant None Horde 0 0
Crimson Dawn None Horde 0 0
Crocea Mors None Alliance 0 0
Crystal None Horde 0 0
Daera None Horde 0 0
Dark Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
Dead on Arrival None Alliance 0 0
Definitely not Límitbreak None Alliance 0 0
Divine Edge None Alliance 0 0
dragons logs None Alliance 0 0
EBNZ Pugging EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 0
Endeavour None Alliance 0 0
Epic's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Erebos None Horde 0 0
Espresso None Alliance 0 0
Exiled Champions None Alliance 0 0
Failout EU-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 0
Fakirfukara None Alliance 0 0
Feersum Squirrels None Horde 0 0
Finding Emo None Alliance 0 0
Flare None Alliance 0 0
Flare None Alliance 0 0
Flare None Alliance 0 0
FNRR None Alliance 0 0
Foxy Fighters None Horde 0 0
Foxy Fighters None Horde 0 0
Frantik's Private Logs None Alliance 0 0
Fringe None Horde 0 0
Funionz Individual None Horde 0 0
Galakrond None Alliance 0 0
Haven EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 0
Hippie Drum Circle None Horde 0 0
Howls at the Moon None Alliance 0 0
Hyperion None Horde 0 0
ICCMP None Alliance 0 0
Incendium None Alliance 0 0
Insigma None Horde 0 0
Insomnium None Alliance 0 0
Integer None Alliance 0 0
Intensity None Alliance 0 0
Intensity None Alliance 0 0
Iris None Alliance 0 0
kiethkiller None Alliance 0 0
KoN None Alliance 0 0
Koryz Personal None Alliance 0 0
Koryz RF None Alliance 0 0
Lalala None Alliance 0 0
LFRlogs None Alliance 0 0
Logging @ QT None Alliance 0 0
Lolcatz None Alliance 0 0
maggogO None Horde 0 0
Malice Of The One None Alliance 0 0
MeAlone None Alliance 0 0
Mercenary Legion None Horde 0 0
Merlocke None Alliance 0 0
Midgaard None Alliance 0 0
Moose Hoof None Alliance 0 0
motorheads None Alliance 0 0
MrCheese None Alliance 0 0
My logs None Alliance 0 0
MyLogsGuild None Alliance 0 0
Mythology EU-Quel'Thalas Alliance 0 0
Negative None Alliance 0 0
No Way None Horde 0 0
No Way None Horde 0 0
Noble Elite Guard None Alliance 0 0
Omnia None Horde 0 0
Order of Silver blood None Horde 0 0
Pandoras Box None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Arisen None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Arisen None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Arisen None Alliance 0 0
pidj EU-Quel'Thalas Horde 0 0
PR None Alliance 0 0
Project None Alliance 0 0
Quels Finest None Horde 0 0
Rage of Ancients None Horde 0 0
Rage Quit None Horde 0 0
rapers None Alliance 0 0
Reanimate None Horde 0 0
Recruit None Alliance 0 0
Recursion None Alliance 0 0
ReemsGuild None Horde 0 0
Ronakyy None Horde 0 0
Slendrians None Horde 0 0
Smashians logs EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 0
smukkeguild None Alliance 0 0
Stiffyyy None Alliance 0 0
Subrandom None Horde 0 0
Subrandom None Horde 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
The Band None Alliance 0 0
The Blood None Alliance 0 0
The Blood None Alliance 0 0
The Book Of Origin None Horde 0 0
The Circus None Alliance 0 0
The Last Hope None Alliance 0 0
The lost None Alliance 0 0
The Mercenary Guild None Alliance 0 0
The Order of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
The Wolf Pack None Alliance 0 0
tklol None Alliance 0 0
Tranquility None Alliance 0 0
Trotters Traders Ltd None Alliance 0 0
TwentyTwelve None Alliance 0 0
Undercorch None Alliance 0 0
Unforgiven None Alliance 0 0
V's logs None Alliance 0 0
Vengéance None Horde 0 0
Vision None Alliance 0 0
Waffle's are bad, m'kay? None Alliance 0 0
Wazewothian Twading Co None Alliance 0 0
We blame bj None Alliance 0 0
Whisky Drinker's Guild None Horde 0 0
Why So Serious None Alliance 0 0
Without a Doubt None Alliance 0 0
Without A Doubt None Alliance 0 0
Wynadorn's logs EU-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 0
YarlsRaidLogs None Alliance 0 0
Yeyekant None Alliance 0 0
Zal's guild None Alliance 0 0
второй статик None Horde 0 0
эверлес None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

U N I T Y, boxcareracer, A Drop of Rain, A Little Bit Random, A Vita Eternam, Absolution, Acta Non Varba 10 Man, Acta non Verba, Acta Non Verba, Acta Non Verba, Acta Non Verba, Adamantium, Adrael_Quelt, Adustum, Aeolian, Aeonian Order, AFK PLAYING MINESWEEPER, AFKPLAYINGMINESWEEPER, Afrikanizm, Akulina, AkureyriRanks, Alacrity, Alacrity, Alpha and Omega, Alt, alts, AmalricTemp, Amaranth, Amaranth, Amaranth, Amicitia, Amigos, Amigos de Mamuh, Angel's Charlies, Ante Mortem, Ante Mortem, Anxiety, AoKT, Apex, Apex, Apocolypse, Apocolypse, Arakech, Arte et Marte, As Good As It Gets, Ascended, Ascended, Ascensio, Ascensio, asdf, Asgard, Asgard, atropos, Aura, Aurora, Aurora, Avalon, Awaken, awesome, AWOL, Aymonoty, azzpuzeh temp guild, Babylon A.D, BACON, bad habits, BDX, Beddet logs, Berathan's Guild, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond Divine, Bjoaro, BlackPearl, blood roses, Bloodline, Bloodline, Bloodline, bloodykiss, Bollklubben, Bollklubben, Bollklubben, Bollklubben, Bollklubben, Boot Camp, Booyakashaa, Born As Winners, Born As Winners, born to rune, Boyz From the Dwarf, Boyz From The Dwarf, Braxen, BRB CATCHING A ZUBAT, Broadly Offensive, Brotherhood of Happiness, Brotherhood of Steel, Brutal Deluxe, Brutal Deluxe, Brutal Deluxe, Brutal Deluxe 10man, BT is pro, Burning Undead, Bzh demolishers, Carried, Carried, Cartoons, Cassiopeia, Catastrophic, Cats Go Mew, Causes Without Rebels, Celebrity, Celebrity, Celebrity Quel'thelas, Centurions, Chaos Inc, Chaos Inc, Chapter IV, Chapter4, Chewondis, Chewondis, Chewondis Live Logs, Chronicles of Freedom, CK, coal, Coalescence, Cold Logic, Cold Logic, Compiling Shaders, Convergence, Coup de Grace, Coup de Gráce, Covenant, crampz pugs, Cryptic, CrypticVile, ctxjunk, Cydos logs, Cylian, Cynthius, Czech royal knights, Czech Royal Knights, Czech Royal Knights, Czech Royal Knights, daavisgg, Damnedkrt, Dark Crusaders, Dark Crusaders, Dark Intent, Dark Matter, Dark Matter, Dark Matter, DarkRolaj, Darkside, darkvader run, Dawn of the phoenix, DDt, deathrow, Decimate, Deja Vu, DeMarcosCave, DeMons, DeMons, DeMons Unleashed, Depths of Depravity, Depths of Depravity, Derial's Runs, derp, Destroy Erase Improve, Destructive Raiders, Deus Ex Machinae, Devastación, Devastation, Digital Sense, Distant Memories, Distant Memories, div div, Divine Edge, Divine Edge, Divine Reign, doe, dosiak, Dragon Knights, Dragons, Dragons, Dragons, Dragons, Drood Where's My Car, Drood wheres my car, Drood Wheres My Car, Drood Wheres My Car, Drunk shag, Dræbersneglene, Duality, Dusk, Dynamic, Dynamic, Dynamic, Dyrelol, Elder Circle, Elysium, Emnity, Empire, Endeavor, Endeavor, Endless, Endless, Endless, Enigmatic, EnvY eu, Epic fail, Equasion, Equasion_Psimor, A Little Bit Random, Abyssal, Acient, Act IV, Acta Non Verba, Alt Tab Fap, Amicitia, Amigos, Apex Predators, Arbetsförmedlingen, Arnhemse Meisjes, As Good As It Gets, Asgard, AWOL, Bank of Skibz and Dartol, BaraqueWorks, Blessing of Gold, Blood Daggers, Blood Of Innocents, Bloodmoon, bony hands upon my demon, Bratt flaskeføring, Brotherhood of the Light, Brutal Deluxe, Cartoons, Casual Slackers, Catalysts, Cestrumes, ChampionZ, Chaos Inc, Chewondis, Chronicles of Freedom, Citizen of Limited Value, Classic Raiders, Coeur de Lion, Conatum, Coup de Gráce, Crazy Eighty Eight, Crystal, CYCLONE FTW, Dansk elite, Dara Mactire, Dark Matter, Dark Secrets, Dead ving, deadly knights, Defining Moments, Demons Reborn, Devastation, Dirty Tactics, Disappear, Disconnecters, Divine Succession, dkbanker, DoL, Dragonlancers, Dragons Revenge, Duty Bound, Dwarf Högskola, eliminated, Elitistjerks, Ember Dawn, Endeavor, Endless Rage, Enigma, Epicists of Truth, Epox, Exalted, Excretia Concreta, eyes of dread, Facta Non Verba, Finding Emo, Fluffy Lemon Noodles, Fluffy Monsters, Foxy Fighters, Frez, Gentlemens Club, Gnusmas, Gods of War, Goldcap, Gotland FårEver, Grand Line, Graveyard Shift, guardians of cereal, Guardians Of Chaos, HANGOVER, Hearts Of Lions, HeWhoMustNotBeNamed, Holger Danske, Hollands Glorie, HUZZAH MAGIIC, Immortal Soilders, Imperial fire, In Aeternum, In Wonderland, Insane Asylum, Insidious, Insomnium, Interrupt Bar, JediCrew, Junk Box, Just a Fleshwound, Just friends, Jyden, Kah Bankers, Kaihdan Trading Company, Killing Crewe, Kitty Cuteness, Klaufi, knights of citadel, Knights of Good Grief, Knights Of The Old Hill, Knights of the order, KnockOut Gaming, La Patique, LAST HEROES, Last of the Titans, League of the Lightforge, Legion Of Power, Lets get ready to Mumble, Like a BAWS, Little Fury, LockDownz, Lofoten Kill Squad, Lost Society of Masters, Low Red Moon, Lusitania Exiles, make me bigger, Mana Break, May Contain Nutz, Mentally Challenged, Merry Men of Melatoui, Might of Alliance, Monstrous Regiment, Mootage, Mortifera, MotA Elites, Mystic Daggers, Mythos, Nac mac Feegle, Naughtier Hellfire Club, Nerubian, Never Be Overlooked, New Management, Noble suspects, Northern Gamers, Not Enough Rage, not my bank, Nutcase Inc, OMG HEROISM, Order of the Light, Padehat, Pandoras Box, Pariah, Party In The Morgue, Phartnocker, Phoenix Rises, Pius, Primal Evolution, Primal Legends, PROPHECY OF LIGHT, PRÉDÁTÔRs RoMania urBan, Pvpers for the Alliance, Queen Nooks Guards, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Raiding Naked, rash, Realm Last, Rebellion, Reformation, Rizing Horizon, ROMANIA dracul ill be ok, Rosa Gnome, Rotodinamic, Rtards, Réported, SalaLIigan, Sammontakojat, Santander, Scoundrel, Semper Invictus, Serventus, Set Sail To Fail, Sevenfold, Shade of the Moon, Silent Overkill, Skywalkers, SpargatoriiDeBuci, Spiritus Vitae, Stormguard Protectors, Supernatural, Swe Paradise, Tedium, Templar Knights, The Alliance Heroes, the army of the gnomes, The Dark Demons, THE DARK STORM AGE, The Darkwatch, The Dreamteam, The Dwarfers, The Escarcha of Eternity, The Forbidden, The Forgotten Souls, The Friendly Community, The Fuzz, The Grimtor, The Guild, The Life of Eternity, the light of the dungeon, The Lords, The Mercenary Guild, The Moolah Cartel, The Nightwatch, The Outcast, The Penguin Club, The Reunion, The Scarlet Twinks, The SnakeEyes, the troopers, The Well of Eternity, The Wolf Pack, TheFellowshipOfTheRing, Thundercats, Together Alone, troys bank account, Twilight Cult, Valhalla Raiderz, Valkyrie Reborn, Valkyrìe, Venner, Viri Bellatores, Virtus, Vox Populi, Wannabe Superstar, Warlords of Draenor, Warlords of Nature, Waste of Money, Wii Like To Play, Wings of Silver, Wipe It, With Excellence, Without A Doubt, World of Uga, Zindera, Çorrupt, Agility, Alacrity, Amici Sumus, Apex, Araiansu, Are You Dead Yet, Asteria, Auction House, Avalanche, bankadinz, Bankers United, Banter Central, Barbarians, Best Guild in the World, Bloodcrest, Bloodline, Bloodrage, Blítz, Bollklubben, brb wife aggro, brohug army, Brohug Squad, Brutal Gladiators, Burning Hatred, Burning Shadows, Carebox, Carnificum, Carpe Noctem, CasualUK, CENSORED, Chaos Rising, CheBanca, Chesticles, Compiling Shaders, Contains Mild Peril, Convergence, Cream, Crvena zvezda, Cupcake Vendor, CZ Legie SK, Dangerous Animals, Dark Guardians, De va ja o Krona, Dead Beats, Defiance, Demacia, Dementia, Dignity, Divine Edge, Dominance, Dominion, Dragon Knights, DragonFires, Dragons, Dudu pls, Dungeoneers of Justice, Dwarfs Gone Wild, El Diablos, Elite Insanity, Emblem of Twilight, Eternal Glory, Exiled Champions, Exiled Crusaders, Exitium, Eye of Odin, F A C E P A L M, Fairy Tail, Fang Bangers, Faíry Taíl, Feersum Squirrels, Fifteen Ten, Fivehundred Fights, Fjara, For Ríoh, Frog Killers, Frosty Wont Marry Me, Fury, Fusion, Golden, Gone with the Wand, Got a prt scr of WmiL, Got bag space, Great European, Greek Myrmidons II, Grinding To A Halt, Hard Like Heroic, Hardcore Slackers, Haunted Army, hell correspondence, Hello Kitty Adventure, Hells Rising, HEPSI, hey im mvp eu, Hippie Drum Circle, Hordás Betyárok, Hostile Tranquility, I am Legion, If Carlsberg Did Guilds, II Infinity Jr II, IMBLINDIUSETOUCHSCREEN, Imperial Intruders, Indestructible, Infinite Chaos, Infinity, Intensity, Iris, Is a Voodoo Man, Is Lost, Just crit their pants, Kidney, Knights of Dragons, LaMiaBancaèDifferente, Legend, legion of the lost, Legion XVI, Lesser Machinae, Lightning Star, Lions of Holland, Loktar, Lords of Change, Lore, Los Españoles, Lost in Azeroth, Lost Souls Of The Dark, Lynxies Bank, Medicin Skabet, MerCenary Legion, Milk and Cookies, Molon lave, moneymoneymoney, Myst, NeverGiveUp, New Beginnings, Nidhug, Niezniszczalni, NO GS NO ACH LETS RAID, NO PAIN NO GAIN, Noble Elite Guard, Nomads, Noobs in Azeroth, Nordanvind, Occams Razor, Oh Sorry, Order of Silver blood, Order of the Storm, Ordo Draconis, Ordo Hereticus, Paranormal Attack, Parliament, Perfection of Reflection, phoenix arisen, Phosphoric, Physical Empire, Pink Bunny Death Squad, Plan B Sheep The Druid, Pocket Pairs, Prime Society, Purify, Purple Nurples, Purple Reign, Quels Finest, Raidparade, Randomness, Reflection of Perfection, Reign, Reseverna, Rooxx, RTZS, Sacramentum, Sacred Legion, Sacred Shield, Sanitys Last Chance, Scion, Sereniti, Serious Cats, Server Down, Seventh Heaven, Several Sailing Snails, shadowstepop, Sins of Inarius, Skyshatter, Slendrians, Sodavand med Brus, Solid, Solitary, Solution, Special Little Snowflake, Store of goods, Stormcloaks, Symbiosis, Symbolic, Synergie, Sökhjälp Via Yell, Taikaolennot, Team Xtreme, Teh Odd Squad, Tesseract, The Business, The Choosen One, The Defenders, The Front Line, The Frozen, The Herd, The Legendary Alliance, The Matrix, The Mighty Lesus Bank, The Muffinz, The Order of Azeroth, The Rerollers, The Two Hawt Sisters, The Virtuous, The Ä Team, TheGreatestOnes, ThirtySomething, thisone, Titan Knights, Tranquility, Treble Two, Triforce, Trivial, TSB, Twist of Fate, Under Reprisal, Underachievers, Unforgíven, United Justice, UR Horde, Vene Non Vidi Victus Sum, Vicious, Vision, Wanted, War Army, warriorbrothers for life, We be trollin mon, We Blame Bj, we kill you, We miss the old times, Wings Of Force, With or Without You, wow addicts, Wrath of Hungary, Wrath of the Warchief, X ray, Zuan Madman, ßecause you have to, Evade, Excellentum, Exi Logs, Exiled, Exiled Champions, Exiled Champions, Faith, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen - Axe's Logs, Fallmskärm, Familia, Fat Panda, Fat Pandas Die Hard, Fat Pandas Die Hard, Feersum Squirrels, FF, Final Answer, Finding Emo, Finding Emo, Fivefinger deathpunch, FiveFinger Deathpunch, Fivehundred Fights, Flare, Flare, Flare, Flippin Kryptonite, Flush, Fläsket Brinner, FoL, For Queen And Cookies, Foxy Fighters, Foxy Fighters, Foxy Fighters, Freelancing, Friday Night, Friday Night, Frosty Wont Marry Me, Fruit Twist, Fruitplant, ful, FunRaid, Fusion of Light, Fusion of Light, Fusion Of Light, FUsion of Light, G o D s, G o D s, G o D s, Gdkp runs/Quel'thalas EU, Geeks United, Gli illuminati, Gloria Aeterna, Gloria Aeterna, glory, Glory, Glory, Glory, Gloryguild, Golden Dawn, Gormano's Logs, Gowgowgow, Great Dane, Great Dane, Grinding to a Halt, gsgsgsg, Guild Name Pending, guild of fü, Guild of Fü, Hadas de la Noche, HANGOVER, Hanky_test, Happy Kitties [Alt run] 6/7 Hc, Hatar Svennar, HATERS GONNA HATE, Heed logs, Heki logs, Helix, Heratic, Heroes Of Destiny, Heroes Of Destiny, Heróis de Ventobravo, Hexxus, Hexxus, Hippie Drum Circle, Hippie Drum Circle, Hordás Betyárok, Horizon, Hosh's Reports, House of Cards, House of Cards, Hurtin Titans, Hyperion, hypninas logs, I am Sam, ICCMP, ICE, Illuminati, IMBLINDIUSETOUCHSCREEN, Immersion, immoicc25 pug, Immortal Dream, Immortal Dream, Immortal Dream Vile, Immortal Ones, Immortal Ones, In Aeternum, Incarnation, Incinerate, Infinity, Inner Circle, Insomnium, Integer, Intensity, Intensity, Intensity, Intensity, Invictus, Invictus, Irmãos Metralha, Iron Brew, Ironhoofs guild + Kamos' 10 man and such, ironhoofs huild, is a sinner, Is a sinner, Is A Sinner, is Guildless, Is Wow, Jet Force Gemini, Journey's End, journeys End, Just Pull, JUSTICE, kairia's guild, Karma, Karma, Katastrophy, Keepers of Azeroth, kiethkiller, Killing Spree, Kindred Spirits, Kitty Cuteness, knights of good grief, Knights of Honor, Knights Of Ni, Knights Of Ni, Knights of Victory, KnockOut Gaming, kotonaru, Kotonaru, KRAFNA, L2Priest, La Novena Legion, La Patique, lan-logs, Last Ember, Last of the Titans, Leave me alone, Legends, Legends, Legion of Honour, Les Croisés de Lordaeron, Leviathan, Liph, LisL, LoA, Lobsters Dir cut, Logi, lol, Look ma its a cow, Lords of Inquisition, Los Compadres, Lost in Azeroth, Lost Origins, Lost Reality, Lost Wolves, Lusitania Exiles, Lustya's logs, Luz e Vida, macabre, MANIC, Medicin Skabet, medicinskabet, Mercenaries, MerCenary Legion, Misclicked, Miskatonic University, Mist, Mongos united, Monolith, Moonbow, Moose Hoof, Mortifera, Motion, Motion, Motion, Motion, Motion QT, My Usual Pug Run !!, Mystic Daggers, Mystic Daggers, Namespace, Nemisis Devina, Neox, Neox, Neu, Neuron, Nightmare Paragon, Ninth Column, No fear, No Fear, no one you 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