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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
C T P A X EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 69
Konflikt EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 37
Keepers of Northrend EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 26
Momentum Mori EU-Dunemaul Alliance 0 26
Typhoon EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 24
Strategic Wipe EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 23
Dawn EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 20
Prestige Squad EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 18
The Failboat EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 18
Deeprun Tram Security EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 17
Disciples of Honor EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 16
Apertus EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 12
Raiders Of Glory EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 11
Blade EU-Auchindoun 0 8
Kaizen EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 8
Bad EU-Auchindoun 0 7
Crimson Fury EU-Auchindoun 0 7
Noisy Ninjas EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 7
Siq EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 7
Cave Drillers EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Kickass Unicorns EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Klubhuset EU-Auchindoun 0 5
The Mahalos EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Mayhem Control EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 4
Mega Team Awesome EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 4
Pink Monkey EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
The Highgardens EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
The Secret Society EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 4
Practically Thirty EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 4
AAHH EU-Auchindoun 0 3
Corrupted EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Determination EU-Auchindoun 0 3
Dungeons and Dragons EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Heroes of the Alliance EU-Auchindoun 0 3
The Cult Of Personality EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
The Sin EU-Auchindoun 0 3
Circle Of Nine EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 2
Harlequins EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 2
High Performance EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Opus Dei EU-Auchindoun 0 2
Singularity EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
The Covenant EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Unstable EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Bladestorm EU-Dunemaul 0 2
Shadow Legacy EU-Jaedenar 0 2
With Honor EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 2
Avis EU-Auchindoun 0 1
Disaster Party EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Fierce EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Flatline EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Hope EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Légend EU-Auchindoun 0 1
Neptun EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Niflheim EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Old Soul EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 1
One EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Packrat Inc EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
PewPew EU-Auchindoun 0 1
Popolupo EU-Auchindoun 0 1
Psychotic EU-Auchindoun 0 1
Tappad som Liten EU-Auchindoun 0 1
Thralls Legacy EU-Auchindoun 0 1
Vindicate EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Dealer EU-Jaedenar 0 1
Guardians Clan EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Guild of Ramox EU-Jaedenar 0 1
iCore EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
MVP EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
S I O H EU-Jaedenar 0 1
The Other Guys EU-Jaedenar 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Black Ravens EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 632
Vilianda's logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 391
adult swim EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 383
SPQR EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 320
Flare EU EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 300
Lucky Seven EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 205
Whatever EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 182
Adrastos EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 101
iCore EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 85
Team Potato EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 84
Raiders Of Glory EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 61
The Covenant EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 55
maat EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 53
Coldforged EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 46
Aphire 10man None Horde 0 37
Persbrandt EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 36
Extacy EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 35
T J P F EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 33
Heroes of the Alliance EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 32
Whatever (Arvo logs) EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 26
Buraan logs EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 25
Dubious EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 24
Lucifera EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 22
Old Soul EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 22
Mega Team Awesome EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 20
Apathy EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 18
Guardians Clan EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 18
I Need a PvE Guild EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 16
Malicious Intentions EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 16
Warcry EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 16
Wiping as Intended EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 16
Prophecy EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 15
Riders of Honor 25 man EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 15
Ancient Circle EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 14
P R E M A D E EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 14
Profound EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 14
Gramby's logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 13
Sanctum EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 13
Almost Famous [Jadetea Logs] EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 12
Psychotic EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 12
Social Reject EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 12
Ænema EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 12
Gadtor EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 11
VildaBrax EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 11
Badgardeners None Horde 0 10
Brigate Rozze EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 10
Humble EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 10
The Burning Council EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 10
Blade EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 9
Clarity EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 9
Pyllero Logs EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 9
The Wolves Brotherhood None Horde 0 9
Vertax's whoring EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 9
Warcry EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 9
BH EU-Dunemaul Alliance 0 8
Dark Ritual EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 8
devious EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 8
Divine Storm EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 8
dps test 123 EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 8
End of Days EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 8
High Performance EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 8
Ma'at EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 8
Nissebanden EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 8
Synergize EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 8
Trigoy's Minions EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 8
Anero EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 7
Binarry Glow EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 7
Misfortune EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 7
Revitalize EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 7
Smile Youre On Stream EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 7
TAUREN I SKETAN EU-Jaedenar Alliance 0 7
With Honor EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 7
Agustkri log EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Archangel EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Ashes of the Phoenix EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Blade EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Defenders of Valor EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Divine Rejects EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Lethe EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 6
Phaawrs showcase EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 6
Quisat's Guild EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 6
Undercover EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 6
Ad Mortem EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Brogre EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Frostings' 25 Man Raid EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Last Bastion EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Methods of Madness EU-Dunemaul Alliance 0 5
Mutation Team EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 5
PuGs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Räyhä EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 5
simply the best EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Umad EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 5
we love it EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 5
Adrastus EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Apathy EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Basic Vision EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Basic Vision EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
CleaveCore EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Defenders of Valor (Raid B) EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Endless EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Fleurs De Mal EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
greedyfox EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Iceglor EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Order of the Light EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Under The Influence EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
vampiiric EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
Vastarinta EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 4
Warcry EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 4
With Honor EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 4
With Honor Qrwa EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 4
Amon's logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Apathy EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Ascent EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 3
Couldnt Care Less EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 3
CrimsonDawn EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 3
Dominium[twee] EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Erus EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Exactly EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 3
Iron Edge (A-Raid) EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 3
Just a Scratch EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Me EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Nessarien's Happy Logs EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 3
Nogreyolo EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Pure EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
Raider Infami EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 3
Red Star EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 3
Vis Comica EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 3
With Honor EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 3
With Honor EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 3
A state of trance EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Abomination EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 2
Access Denied EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 2
Angel Reich EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 2
Angels EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 2
Awaken EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 2
Bigs logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Claymore 25m EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 2
Cold Blooded EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 2
dabearslogs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Deliverance EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Elitests Legion EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 2
Equilibrium EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 2
Flare EU EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 2
Fool Fighters EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 2
Hilarity EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Insinity EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Klubhuset EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
My Logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Order of the Blood Oath EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 2
Owny's 25man FL Sat Pug EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Perfect Vision EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Pug EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
putka EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Rikkuuu EU-Dunemaul Alliance 0 2
Sajos' logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
the Unhallowed EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 2
Tokidoki EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Vendetta EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Wings of Light EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Wiping as Intended EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Xanders guild EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 2
Absynt EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 1
Afigs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
After Life EU-Dunemaul Alliance 0 1
Aggressive Authority EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Apathy EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Avis EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Batteries not included EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Blame Faith EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Boesboes EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Bonehunters EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Bonehunters EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Boosting Vertax EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Buzzinski's EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
CalePuG EU-Dunemaul Alliance 0 1
Carlsberg Factory EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Carlsberg Factory Test EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Cat'a EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Celestia EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Codia EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Cohesive EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
CopyPaste EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Deadmine on farm EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Delirious EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Deliverance EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Devine Beings 10 EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Dominium EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Dubious Social EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Dzone EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Entropia EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 1
Epilogue EU-Dunemaul Alliance 0 1
eqizia's log for perfect vision EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Extacy EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Extinction EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
FDM EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Fifthdawn EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Flare EU Pugs EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Flawed EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Gramby's logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Guild Imbalanced EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Hebelebölebe EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Insinity EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
iNvert EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Iron Edge (A-Raid 25) EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Iron Edge Graid EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Jarglogs EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
KiegoRaiding None Alliance 0 1
Konki EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Labre EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 1
Lucky Seven EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
mariland EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 1
Martyr EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Misanthropy EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Morbid Manta EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
My logs EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
MyLogz EU-Jaedenar Alliance 0 1
MyOwnLog EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Neo Fusion EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Nullus Anxietas EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Quantum EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Random Puggers EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Ravenous EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Recap EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Renegados EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Rondguild EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 1
Royalknight EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Räddi's logs EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Shadow Legacy EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Sole Survivors EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Tenacious EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
The Perfect Circle EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
The Real Quantum EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 1
Triv EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
Vanquish EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Víndiction EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Was Here Gaming EU-Dunemaul Horde 0 1
What is this EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Whorrash EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Wine or Wipe EU-Jaedenar Alliance 0 1
Wiping as intended EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Work in Progress original EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Worldsbest EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 1
Yaspresents EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 1
A Deo et Rege None Alliance 0 0
Acta non Verba None Alliance 0 0
aesthirr None Alliance 0 0
Aeterna None Alliance 0 0
Aldinas Myshörna None Alliance 0 0
AlennixsLogs None Alliance 0 0
Alexis logs None Alliance 0 0
Amplexus None Horde 0 0
Ancient Circle None Horde 0 0
Annabet None Horde 0 0
Annabet None Horde 0 0
Art of War None Alliance 0 0
Arvoo None Alliance 0 0
asdad None Alliance 0 0
aseewqe None Alliance 0 0
AsianRicepickers None Horde 0 0
Asylum 2 None Horde 0 0
Auchindoun puggers None Alliance 0 0
avarice None Alliance 0 0
Avarice None Alliance 0 0
Bishnake None Alliance 0 0
Bladestorm None Horde 0 0
BoneHunters None Alliance 0 0
Broken Courage None Horde 0 0
browni EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 0
Bulwark IX -G None Horde 0 0
Cake None Alliance 0 0
Can YOU Eat a Seal None Horde 0 0
Cebren None Alliance 0 0
Censored None Alliance 0 0
cheaters None Alliance 0 0
Clanus None Horde 0 0
Claymore None Horde 0 0
CMs None Alliance 0 0
Cookie Power None Alliance 0 0
Crab None Horde 0 0
Crane Poole and Schmidt None Alliance 0 0
Cry me a river None Alliance 0 0
Dark Ritual None Alliance 0 0
Dark Ritual None Alliance 0 0
Dark Wonder EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 0
De 10 på tur None Alliance 0 0
De Tibetanske Munke None Alliance 0 0
Deeppans fake guild for WoL None Alliance 0 0
Defenders of Valor None Alliance 0 0
Defenders of valor (Luke logs) None Alliance 0 0
Deliverance None Alliance 0 0
Deliverance None Alliance 0 0
Deliverance None Alliance 0 0
Deliverance None Alliance 0 0
Destuct None Alliance 0 0
Determination None Alliance 0 0
Devine Beings None Alliance 0 0
Devlol None Horde 0 0
Disbanded None Alliance 0 0
disciples of honor None Horde 0 0
Divine Storm RT2 None Alliance 0 0
Divine Storm RT2 None Alliance 0 0
Dreamslack Origins None Alliance 0 0
Dreoras None Alliance 0 0
drnmaten None Alliance 0 0
Dubidubidubdubdub None Alliance 0 0
Dungeon Cleaning Service None Alliance 0 0
Dure Logs None Horde 0 0
Dyslectic Defnenders None Alliance 0 0
Détox None Alliance 0 0
Earthan's logs None Alliance 0 0
Eat More Cake None Horde 0 0
Eat more cake None Horde 0 0
Ekstaz None Horde 0 0
El Psy Congroo None Alliance 0 0
Elite Casuals None Alliance 0 0
Embrace None Alliance 0 0
Eminence None Horde 0 0
emojockes gäng None Horde 0 0
Empowered Rabbits None Alliance 0 0
Enlightenment None Alliance 0 0
Equilibrium None Horde 0 0
Equilibrium None Horde 0 0
Equlibrium None Horde 0 0
Eramoon None Alliance 0 0
EraRainbox None Horde 0 0
Ergo None Alliance 0 0
Euphoric None Alliance 0 0
Euphoric Blue None Alliance 0 0
Extenso None Alliance 0 0
Extenso None Alliance 0 0
Falken's Randoms None Alliance 0 0
Fifth Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Fifth Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Flare EU None Horde 0 0
Flare EU None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Furious None Alliance 0 0
Fusion None Alliance 0 0
Gbags logs None Alliance 0 0
Gbags Logs None Alliance 0 0
Gbags logs mop None Alliance 0 0
Gizzmoes logs None Alliance 0 0
Goldman Sachs None Alliance 0 0
GOTTAGOFAST None Horde 0 0
Guardians Clan None Horde 0 0
Guardians Clan None Alliance 0 0
Guardians CLan EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 0
Guildless None Horde 0 0
Guildlotte None Alliance 0 0
Guilds None Alliance 0 0
Handpicked None Alliance 0 0
Hasioms logs None Alliance 0 0
hjhgj EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 0
Honorr None Alliance 0 0
Hoof's Logs None Horde 0 0
Horsie None Alliance 0 0
Horsie Altraidstuff None Alliance 0 0
Hunter Stole My Bike None Horde 0 0
icecream None Alliance 0 0
icecream None Alliance 0 0
Icecream None Alliance 0 0
Imperium None Horde 0 0
in vain None Horde 0 0
Insane Asylum None Horde 0 0
iNvert None Alliance 0 0
Invictus None Horde 0 0
Irrelevant EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 0
Irrelevant None Alliance 0 0
Iveso logs \o/ None Alliance 0 0
Jackk's Logs None Alliance 0 0
jaylisa's guild None Alliance 0 0
Kapteinkake None Alliance 0 0
Kasai None Alliance 0 0
Kickass Unicorns None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Led By A Girl None Horde 0 0
Lethe None Horde 0 0
LFR SRS BSNSS None Horde 0 0
Liquid Courage None Horde 0 0
Lyrov None Alliance 0 0
Légend None Alliance 0 0
Légend None Alliance 0 0
Maat None Horde 0 0
Madness Breeds Madness None Alliance 0 0
Malicious intentions None Alliance 0 0
Manuella logs None Alliance 0 0
Mental None Horde 0 0
Mentally Challenged None Horde 0 0
mia None Horde 0 0
Mnmlsm None Alliance 0 0
Mozzgimp Pugs None Alliance 0 0
Mïsery None Alliance 0 0
Naragoth's Logs None Horde 0 0
Naragoth's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Narcolepsia None Horde 0 0
Niflheim None Alliance 0 0
No brain no gain None Alliance 0 0
NoeNoe None Alliance 0 0
Nordlys None Alliance 0 0
Norrlands Guld None Horde 0 0
Old soul EU-Auchindoun Horde 0 0
Olympus None Alliance 0 0
Omppulogi None Alliance 0 0
One Eyed Rat None Horde 0 0
Only Friends None Alliance 0 0
Oooh look, something shiny! None Alliance 0 0
ostarin takaa None Alliance 0 0
Outplayed None Horde 0 0
Pantslogs None Alliance 0 0
Paradigm Shift None Alliance 0 0
PBJT None Alliance 0 0
Phalanx None Alliance 0 0
Phalanx None Alliance 0 0
PrivateFanatic None Alliance 0 0
Proclaimed None Horde 0 0
Proclaimed None Horde 0 0
Proclaimed None Horde 0 0
ptr test dps None Horde 0 0
Pure. None Alliance 0 0
Pyppa None Alliance 0 0
Pärons Pajer None Horde 0 0
RaidersOfGlory None Alliance 0 0
Random None Alliance 0 0
Rank=Skilll None Alliance 0 0
Reaving None Alliance 0 0
red Angels None Horde 0 0
Red Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Regal None Alliance 0 0
Respite None Alliance 0 0
return the disturbed None Horde 0 0
Reverence EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 0
Revolution of Lemmings None Horde 0 0
Riders of honor None Horde 0 0
Riders Of Honor None Horde 0 0
Riders of Honor 10 man None Horde 0 0
Riders of honor 2 None Horde 0 0
Riinex None Alliance 0 0
Rise from the Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Rise From the Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Rise From The Ashes None Alliance 0 0
runak None Horde 0 0
Rymdpatrullen None Alliance 0 0
Räyhä None Horde 0 0
Santa's logs None Alliance 0 0
Scrub Club None Horde 0 0
security None Alliance 0 0
Semper None Alliance 0 0
Seniz None Alliance 0 0
Sephya None Alliance 0 0
Serafiel's logs None Alliance 0 0
Severance None Horde 0 0
shadowdancex None Horde 0 0
Shendelzare None Horde 0 0
Silent Lucidity None Horde 0 0
SimunMartin None Horde 0 0
Sin None Alliance 0 0
Singularity None Alliance 0 0
Sliths logs None Alliance 0 0
Snowblind None Alliance 0 0
Snowblind None Alliance 0 0
Solipsism None Horde 0 0
Stands Apart None Horde 0 0
stands in fire None Horde 0 0
Stayin Alive None Alliance 0 0
StormsLogs None Alliance 0 0
struggletime None Alliance 0 0
Sublime_ EU-Jaedenar Horde 0 0
Super Mega Awesome Guild None Alliance 0 0
Sutra None Alliance 0 0
Sutra None Alliance 0 0
Sutra None Alliance 0 0
Synergize None Alliance 0 0
TeasexoxoLogs None Alliance 0 0
Technical Difficulties None Alliance 0 0
Ted None Alliance 0 0
Telluria None Alliance 0 0
Temp None Horde 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
The Black Fury (Jacinto's group) None Horde 0 0
The Casuals None Alliance 0 0
The Covenant EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 0
The Covenant None Alliance 0 0
The Covenant None Alliance 0 0
The Covenant None Alliance 0 0
the creeping death None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Embrace None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Templars None Horde 0 0
The Edge None Alliance 0 0
The Great Znusk None Horde 0 0
The Jellybean Factory None Alliance 0 0
The Other guys None Horde 0 0
The Other Guys None Horde 0 0
The Sherwins None Alliance 0 0
The Sherwins None Alliance 0 0
The Sherwins None Alliance 0 0
The Vigilantes None Horde 0 0
thebawses None Alliance 0 0
Theo None Horde 0 0
Theodin None Alliance 0 0
TnT None Horde 0 0
Turox None Alliance 0 0
Twisted None Horde 0 0
Tyrs Kämpar None Alliance 0 0
Tyrs Kämpar None Alliance 0 0
Ulefoss None Alliance 0 0
Unofficial None Horde 0 0
Unoptimistic None Alliance 0 0
Unstable EU-Auchindoun Alliance 0 0
Upinsmoke None Alliance 0 0
Vanguard None Horde 0 0
Vector None Alliance 0 0
Vector None Alliance 0 0
Veil of Shadow None Alliance 0 0
Vexed None Alliance 0 0
Viklunds skola för magi och trolldom None Horde 0 0
Vogon Poets None Alliance 0 0
Volcanos None Alliance 0 0
Vox Stellarum None Horde 0 0
Waielzone Guild None Horde 0 0
Whatever None Alliance 0 0
willempie None Alliance 0 0
With Honor None Horde 0 0
WOKINCRAZT None Alliance 0 0
WTFlux None Alliance 0 0
Xuili None Alliance 0 0
XxX None Alliance 0 0
Zaiterias Logs None Alliance 0 0
ZethGuild None Alliance 0 0
Zirtox None Alliance 0 0
Zizak's Trivial Logs None Alliance 0 0
крем None Alliance 0 0
Орбис None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

Kung Fu Superpower, (A) Ambiguity, .l., 10ICC, 11, A New Hope, A State of Trance, A State of Trance, A2D, Abomination, Abso, Absolution, Absolution, Acces Denied, Access Denied, Access Denied, Access Denied, Ad Victorium, Addiction, Addiction, Addiction, Addiction, Adrastos, Adrastus, Adult Swim - mïsery, Aedryn's logs, Aelimeth logs, aeterna, Aeterna, Aeternus, Aevy's, AFAOUCE, Affinity, After Life, Agents of demise, Agents of Demise, Aggro Union, Aggro Union, Aggro Union, Agitha, akayou, Alexisegenguild, all stars, Alltimenoob, Ally slayer ITA, Alma Lusa, Alma Lusa, Almost Awesome, Alt/Fun, Alts and PuGs, Alías, AM alt runs, Amalies Verden, ambiguity, Ambiguity, Amnesia, Amnesia, Amnesia Haze, Amrodis, Amused to Death2, amyleé, Ancestral, and the Heartbreakers, and the Heartbreakers, and the Heartbreakers, and the Heartbreakers, Angel, angel reich, Angel Reich, Angel Reich, Angry Face Gamers, ANKA, ANKA, Antaeus, ANV, Aphire, Aphire, Aphire, APOCALYPSE, APOCALYPSE, Apoel, ApplicationHelperGuild, Araa, Arcanum, Archaic, Arcian, Argento Vivo, Argento Vivo, ArinaxxIsPro, Armentum, articulomortis, Arvo's Logs, As Before, As Shadows Arise, As Shadows Arise, Ascent, Ascent, Ascent, asdasada, asdasd, asdasdasd, Asdf, Asesinatos, Ashes, Ashes of the Phoenix, ashisx, Asphyxia, Asylum, Asylum, Auran's logs, Aurora, Aurora, Authenticrealguildlol, Avatars, Aviria k, Avis, Aweland, AwesomeSauce, AwHoJqY, Awim, Aww yeah, Ayune's Logs, Azerothian Guards, Bad Companý, Baku logs, Balt, Balzar's Logs, banaözel, barry's funlogs, Batteries not included, Batteries Not Included, beri, Berzerkers of flame, Berzerkers of Flame, Berzerkers of Flame, Berzerkers of Flame, Berzerkers Of Flame, Bewbzz, Big Bad mojos, Big Bad Mojos, Big Bad Mojos, big bang, Big Bang, Binary Glow, BinaryGlow, BioHazard, Black Ice, Black Ravens, Black Ravens (alt), BlackIce, blacklisted, Blade, Blade, Bleeding Skulls, blondelogs, blood, Blood for Blood, Blood Legion, blood ravens, Blood Ravens, bloodandashes, Bloodbath and Beyond, Bloodfang, BloodLust, Bloodseeker, Bloodseeker Inc, Body Count, Bonehunters, Bonzi, Bonzi, Border Community, Border Community, Border Community, Border Community 2, Bridgeburners, Brigate Rozza, Brill funeral service, Brogre, Broken Courage, Bruna Skatter, Bulwark ix, Bulwark IX, Bulwark IX, Bulwark IX, Bulwark IX, Buraan, buttsniper logs, bwuch on bro, Calibre, Californication, Callous, Can YOU Eat a Seal, Carlsson EU, Catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catastrophé, Cave Drillers, Celestia, Celestial Encalve, Celestial Enclave, Celph Titled, Cenas, Champions of Wrath, Champnificent, Chillout, Chz's log, Circus, Circus, CIRCUS, Clandestine, Clannads Lolicorner, Clarity, Clarius' logs, CLEAVE BRITNEY ALONE, Clouds of Darkness, Coalition, Code, codia ranking, Cohesive, Cohesive, Cold blooded, Cold blooded, Cold Blooded, Cold Blooded, Cold Blooded, Cold Blooded, Cold Fusion, Compasses, Complexity, Confined, Confined, Confusion, Coniuncti fortes, Consensus, Consilium, Consilium, Consilium - test, Constellation, Contemplators, ControL, Convert To Tauren Kebab, Cookie Power, Copyfarm, core of insight, Core of Insight, Core of Insight, Core of Legends, Core of Legends, Core of Legends, Corn, Cornucopia, Corrupted, Coup détat, Crabfish Realityboat, Crescendó, Croce Rozza, Cruelty, Cruelty, crusaders of the night, CU IRL, Cutie, Cvstodes, damn pugs, Damnation, Danish Crown, Dark Crusaders, Dark Fate, Dark Wonder, Darkteapot's Guild, DaVoodooMons, DaVooDooMons, Dawning, Dawning, DCStest, DDaR, DDAR, deadlys, DeadRat, Dealer, Death Angels, Death As Trademark, Death Knight Trainer, Deathez, Decimation, Deeprun Tram Security, Default, Defiance, Defiance, Defiance, Defiance, Defiance, Defiance G2, Defiant, Deja Vu, Delirious, Delirious2011, Delirium, Deliverance, Delusion, Delusion, Delyrium, Deprivation, Descortes, Desmodus Beta, Destruct, Determination, Devine beings, Devine Beings, Devine Beings, Devine Beings, Devine Beings, Devine Beings, Devious, Devious, devito, Devito, DI, Di Levas Änglar, Dimension, Dimension, Dimension, Dimension (official), Dirty Pugs, Disable, Disbanded, Disciples of Honor, Discipline, Disclosed, Divine Salvation, DnD, doesnt exist, Doktor doom, dom kastade spjut på oss, dom kastade spjut på oss, dom kastade spjut på oss, dom kastade spjut på oss, Dont drink and raid, Dont forget to Wipe, DoS Bteam, Double Effort, DpsBossDummy, Drama, Drasp, Drasp, Dreamers, DSA, DSCLogApplicationStalked, Dubious, Dungeon Cleaning Service Alts, Dutchdealer, Dyslectic Defnenders, Dziergi, døgnfluen, DøGS, DøGS, Eat more cake, Eat More Cake, Eat More Cake, Eat More Cake, Eat More Cake, Eat More Cake, Eat More Cake, eBuddies, Eeze, Eeze, Eeze, Eeze, Efe, Efe, Eight, ekstaz, Ekstaz, Ekstaz, Ekstaz, EKSTAZ, El Psy Congroo, Element Dental, Elemental Spirits, Elemental Spirits, Eligh, Elitest Legion, Elizian logs, Embrace, EMC, EMC, Eminence, emojocke's gäng, emslol, Endeavour, Endeavour, Enigmatic, enlightenment, Enlightenment, Ensis, Ensuba, Entity, Entity, Entropia, Entropy, Entropy, Envisage, envy, Envy, Envy, Envy, Envy, Epiclogging, Equilibrium, Equilogs, Equivalence, Eradication, Eradications, Erupting Fury, erwer, ESPEN'S LOGS XD, Eternals, Eternals, A Hac PaTb, A n n i h i l a t i o n, A State of Trance, Absynt, Access Denied, ACHiEVE THiS, Acta Est Fabula, Ad Victoriam, aDarma DK, Addiction, Aeon, Aeterna, AFAOUCE, Affinity, AfterShock, Agents of demise, agrmyh, All you need is kill, Alter Ego, Altropia, Altrus Momentus, Amalies Verden, Amnesia Haze, Ancestral, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Circle, Anomaly, Anonymous, Aperture Science, Apocalypse Rising, APPROX, Arbetsförmedlingen, Archangel, Art of War, As Shadows Arise, Ascendance II, Ascendence, Ashes of the Phoenix, ATTITUDE, AUDENTiA, Avengers Assemble, Aversion, Avidity, Awaken, Awakened, Awesome John, Awesome Pwnstars, AXE, BackPedal To McDonalds, Bad Blood, Bail out plox, Baka, Bank Nation, Bank of China, Bank of Defender, Bank of Orgrimmar, Banken IIX, Barbarian, bare bank, BeardandGaming, beast Squad, Beatdown, Best Friends, Best Tank EU, Beyond Belief, Big Peewee Club, Bite the pillow, Black Ops, Bliss, Blood for Blood, Blood Pact, Bloodwolf Tribe, Bloody Warcraft, Bohica, Bonehunters, Born Legend, BRB Wife Aggro, Brotherhood of Blood, Bruna Skatter, Brutal Getrainiert, Brutality, bumbibjörnarna rl, Bäng, Caffy in the Mornin, CageFighters, Californication, Calm Ur Titss, Canus Maxímus, Captured, Carrion Fields, Cataclysm Levellers, Censored, Champion Of The Horde, Champions of the Arena, Chaotica, Chapter I, Chapter of Doom, Cheesysteakjimmys, Chosen, Circle Of Dudes, CleaveCore, Club Zenzyg, Cocio og Ritter, Coco jambo and forward, Confined, Coniuncti fortes, Coola Klubben, Creels Army, Crescent Moon, Crimson Dawn, Crit Happens, Cronus, Crossfire, Cruelty, Crusaders Of WOW, Ctrl Alt Del, Cumhuriyet, CupCake Squad, Czech Elite, Daffy and the Aliens, Dance of the Death, Danger Zone, Dania, Danish Horde, Danske TV værter, Danskebank, Dark and Stormy, Dark Inception, Dark Ritual, DaVooDooMons, Dawn of Dragons, Dawning, Dawning of new ages, Death and Honor, Death As Trademark, Decimate, Dedicated Rejects, Defenders Of Eternity, Defiance, Defiant, DEI JUDICIUM, Delirium, Deliverance, Depravity, Descendants of Gods, Desert Eagles, Desolate, Destination, Deth, Devils Fools, Devine Beings, Dice, DirtyPwn, Disbanded, Discipline, Dishonored, Divine Rejects, Dodgy Dealers Reborn, DOGS OF WAR, Dominatus, Dominium, Done, Dont Run Away, Dont Want No Ravioli, dostdaraneholick, Double Effort, Downing Of New Ages, Dragon Kins, Dragon Shout, Dragonborns, Dragonfire, Dramoria, Dreamslack, DTF, Dude Wheres My Kodo, Dyslectic Defnenders, Døgnfluen, Eeze, El Psy Congroo, Elite Casuals, Emo Elf, Emperors Children, Empowered Rabbits, En kaffe på de då, Endeavour, Endless, Energy, Enlightenment, Enmity, Entity, Entropi, Envisage, Envy, Epic rules, Epic Vikings, epicfail, Epoch, Equanimity, Eradication, ES in Training, Españoles, Eternal Alliance, Euphoric, Ex Favilla, Ex Favillas, Exceed, Exiled Vikings, Exotic Goods, Explode, Expose Weakness, Express Leveling, Extreme, F E A R, Fairy Tail, Falling, Farmers Inc, Fat Boy Strikes Again, Fat Chicks Cant LoS, FatKidsCantHide, Favourite Martyrs, Fellowship, Female Body Inspector, Fifth Dawn, Firaes boat crew, Firefly, Firehound, Flame, Flame of Azeroth, Flawless Thugs, Fling, Flower, For Love Of The Game, Force, Forever Alone, ForTwenty, Fracta Mundi, Freelance, Friction, Fury, Futility, Future, G A N K S T E R S, Gank Or Die Trying, Gankers Paradise, Gankgnome Style, Gdubz, GEK, Genetic Exile, GEOS, Get Banned Or Die Tryin, Get Gold or Die Tryin, GGWP, Glads N Dropouts, Global mvp, GM, Gnomish Insanity, Gnomish Oil Company, Go Lumbermill, Gods Of The Arena, Gods of War, Golden Lotus, Goodlookin, goofy, Goonies, Goonsquad, Grand Theft Auction, Grandmas Elite, Gravity, Grenzsteins bank, GRUPPEN, Guardians of Auchindoun, Guardians of Death, Guardians of Lordaeron, GuardiansOfAsgaard, Guild, Guild Perks, Hammers of Locust, Handpicked, Hardcore Fishing Guild, HardStylerZ, Headshot, HEATED, Hellfury, Hello yes this is dog, Heroes of Auchindoun, Heroes of the Horde, Heroes of Time, High Council, Hindsight, Hoilers Angels, Holy Of Life, Hope of Honor, Hording for the Future, Horsie, How do I even look like, HubbaBubba, Humble Justice, Humping pandas, Hyper, Héresy, I AM A JOKE, I am ur epic mount, I Touch My Guildmates, Ice Drakes, icecream, idd, Illuminatium, Illvilja, IM HUGE IN JAPAN, Image of Immortality, Imagine, Immersion, Immortalîty, immune, Impact, Imperial Guards, Imperium, In Flames, Incicus, Infinite Eternity, Infused Souls, Inner Circle, Inno, Innovative Gaming, Intent, Invalid, Inverse, iNvert, Invicta, Invictum, INVINCIBLE, Invisium, Irae Dei, Irrelevant, IS THIS REAL LIFE, Iskall, It Hurts When I PvP, It Should Be Timmy, Itinerant, Jakobs Änglar, Jeg sværger ved Allan, Jehovas Jew Crew, JGS, Just a Flesh Wound, Just a Scratch, Just Smoke a Lot, Justica, Kabaret, Kappa, Kazzak Rejects, KFC, Kills for Thrills, Kingdom Of Death, Kings of Scandinavia, Knife Party, Knights of Dawn, Koe Koeks Clan, Krav Maga, Kukringens Brorskap, Kung Fu Superpower, Kupo, Kush, Kverneland Eggkoging, Kylin, Lannisters, Lappjevel, Last slot, Legendary Warriors, Lemuria, Lethe, Lets Improve, Levanger Mannskor, Leveling Hub, Leveling Squad, life, Life and Death, Little Sluggers, Lobotomized, Log Horizon, Loli Guild, Lollipop Squad, Lorekeepers, LotionTV, Lucky Seven, Luminosity, Lunatic Asylum, Lycen Fél, Madness Breeds Madness, MadSkillz, Make Love Not Warcraft, Malaxnytt, Malicious Intentions, Manucians, Master Puppies, Max Tarr Fan Club, Maximum, Mayhem, Megalomani, Message In Blood, Metal Gods, Mfahy, Mightynuts, Mindstorm, Miner og Herbs, Miss Tang, Missundaztood, MOJO MADNESS, Momentium, Mootang Clan, Moroklubben, Murloc Protection Group, MushroomSquad, My Little Pwnies, MYEYZZEGOGGLEZDONOFFINGZ, Mysteria PvP, Mythology, Møns Bank, Necrosis, Nefarians, Neo Fusion, Never Again, Nibiru, Nine Minutes, Nitrous Pugs, No Brain No Gain, No Holes Barred, no names, No Stress, no trinkets no damage, Noia, Noir, NoM, NooN, Nordlys, Norske Talenter, Northen Alliance, Norwegian Mafia, NoT YourS, Nova Headquarters, Novaz, Now or Never, Nuclearpowered Chipmunks, Nuke it Hard, Nulli Secundus, Numenor, Nyckeln Till Grottan, Oblivium Sempiternum, Octivarium, Of doom, Of The Gods, OG Raiding, OMG BRB ICE CREAM TRUCK, Omnia, Only Friends, Open For Business, Order of the Blood Oath, Order of Thrall, Our Lord and Savior, Outdated Meme, Overrated, panda exp, Pandaren Vindication, Pandaria Leveling Guild, Pandarian Levelers, Pandemonîum, Paradigm, Paradox eSports, Paranoya, Parks and Recreation, Particularly Spiffing, Party People, Parádox, Path of Destruction, Path Of Salvation, Pegasus, Pegleg Ponies, PEOPLE, Perfectly Incorporated, PerfectStorm, Persbrandt, Persian Bax, Perunamuussia, Phóenix, Picknick in Outlands, Pigeon Boys, Pirkka Olut, Pissed, Pixels that Kill, Point Blank, Pokerface, Pokémon Master, Port Vintage, Post Mortem, Potato, Preserved, Prime Legacy, Primo Mundi, Prototype, Providence, Providencé, Punished, Pure, Purple Dreams, PVE Rejects, PvP Enforced, Pwn squad, qew qew, Quantum, Quasar, Quis Lectus, Rage Addiction, Rage Quit, Ragnarök, Raidshackers, Rascals In Pants, Re Spec My Authority, Recap, Reckléss, Recognition, Red Crystal, Red Dawn, Reflection, Reforged, Regroup Therapy, Reign of the Wanderers, Relinquished, Remember The Name, Republic of Meryn, Requiem Aeternam, Resonance, Reunion, Reunited, Revelations, Reverence, Revival, Revolution World, Right up his Jacksie, RIP in Peach, Rise from the Ashes, Rise of the Fallen, Rising Heroes, Rock Paper Shotgun, Roflkartoffl, rommelmarkt, Royal Wings, Rude and Crude, Running with Scissors, Ruthless, RW Brigade, Rymd, Räyhä, Saboteurs, Sanctum, Sanity by Choice, Sapped Sheep Cant Béhéhé, Sauna, Sea Turtles, Seal Clubbing Club, Second Suns, Secrecy, Semper, Sentinel, Sentinels of the Horde, Serious Jerks, Seriously We Need GF, Set Sail For Epic Fail, SHADY, Shameless, Shattered, Shatteréd, Shinobi, Showtime, SicK N TwisteD, Simply The Best, Sin, Sista Bossen, Sixth House, Skeptic, Slackwares, Smiling Toilet Seats, SMS, Smussel, Sniff My Finger, Sniffs, Snow, Snowblind, Social Reject, Sparebank, Sphear, Spirit of Pandaria, SPQR, Squiggly Squid Squad, Stand United, Stayin Alive, Steaks on a Plain, Stjärnkraft, Stoned pvp, stormwind brie, Stormwind Clan, Stormwind Crusade, STORMWIND RANGERS, Stratagem, Street Dance, Sublime, Suit and Tie, Suit Up, Sukka Jumala, Sushi, Sutra, Svolvær, SWAGETTI YOLOGNESE, Swordfish, Swords of fire, Symphony of Destruction, T J P F, Tager Lige En Morfar, Tattooed Gangsters, Team Action Force, Team FAIL, Teamwork, Technical Difficulties, Tee and Cees Apply, Terror Storm, The Akatsuki, The Art of Losing, The Barbarians, The Blazing Prince, The Blessed souls, The Bloodpact, The Bookstore, The Brave One Thousand, The Brave Three Hundred, The Burning Council, The Cake is a Lie, The Coca Cola Company, The Crimson Rebels, The Crusty Crab, The Dark Guard, The Dark Legíon, The Dark Nobles, The Dark Wonder, The Dead Bananas, The Dead Shall Rise, The Dominion, The Edge, The End Of Days, The Entourage Part II, The Force of Horde, The Forgotten Unit, The Gankers, The Gnometrotters, The Golden Goose, The Goon Squad, The Hammer, The Holy Twinks United, the hurricanes, The Jellybean Factory, THE JINX, The Kansas City Shuffle, The Knights Who Say NI, The Legionnaires, The Lone Wolves, The Memory Remains, The New Beginning, The New World, The Northern Lights, The Norwegian Alliance, The One n Only, the perfect alliance, The Providence, The Real Pisvlekkers, The Remained, The Seven, The Shadows, The Sherwins, The Treasure Keepers, The Underdogs, The Uninvited, The Vanguard, The Venue, TheDeathlyCrusade, Theory, They see me trollin, Thornfuel, Titanium, Tokidoki, TOP OF THE FOODCHAIN, Topper McNabb Fanclub, Trinket YOLO, TuRkS, TurkuaZ, Turmoil, Turnip Crew, Turquoise, Twilight Rumorers, Two Trolls One Cup, Twínkz Of Orgrimmar, Tyrions Knights, Tyrs Kämpar, U N I T Y, U WAT MATE, Udby Pirates, Ulefoss, Ultimate Winzards, Under The Influence, Undercutters of Doom, Unforgettable Heroes, Unholy Tribe, Unicorn Wizards, Unique Gamers, Unknown Error, Unleashed Legion, Unoptimistic, UnreaL, UnSocialVisionarys, UpInSmoke, Urge, Usso Taunta, Valiant, Van God Los, Vanity, VeniVidiVipe, Venom, Verdensbanken, Victorious, Vihassa Siitetyt, VINDICATION ELITE PVP, Violence, Violent Meat, Virtus Favent, Visualize Gaming, Vita Nova, Vogon Poets, Votaries of Anvilmar, Vox Populi, W A R M A R E, W R A T H, Waiting on Warhammer, War Legends, Warcry, Warlord Kings, Warlords of Draenor, Wasa, We Are Farmers, We Are Farmérs, We are legion, WE THE BEST, Welcome, were dat gold at nigg, Westeros, Whatever, WHATEVER IM AWESOME, Whisperfarts, Wildhammer Clan, Woah Shiny Charizard, WOLOLO, Worgen Nine to Five, worgens to wolfs, Work In Progress, World, WoW Boets, Wrath, Wrath of Neophyte, Wrynn Royal Guard, WTFlux, Xcrossfire, Xen of Onslaught, XP Bonus, Yes Im Really Mad, Yes We Can, You are not repaired, You Know Nothing, Ywaq Ma Phgwa cul Hnakf, Zen Powa, Zion, ZOMBIE SQUAD, ZOMG Premade, ßaddies, Älg Bröderna, Çapulcular, Ðare, Ðeception, Abomination, Absolutum, Acta non Verba, Aggro Union, Alliance Most Hated, Anti Alliance, APOCALYPSE, Arctic Moon, Armed and Dangerous, Ascendance, Ashes, Asylum, Band Of Potato, Bank, Beach Please, beksjenoob, bezstur, Bloodfang, Boardwalk Empire, Brazen Syndicate, Broken Privileges, Burning Down The House, C A M E L, Chaoz Legion, Coalition, Cold Minded, Coldfusion, Core of Legends, Cute, Da lux, Damnit Tyrone, Dark Horde Leveling, Den Svenska Björnstammen, Dimsal Fanclub, Dimsal Hateclub, Dirty Cows, Doom Maidens, Dot n Kite, Dragon Breath, Dragonmaw, Dreamers, Dunemauls Leveling Guild, Ekstaz, Elitests Legion, Eminence, Equilibrium, Eregia, Escaper, Espada, Eternal, Evil Intentions, ExorioR, Faroese Vikings, Fatkidsarehardtokidnap, Few Good Men, Fidelis, Fight Clúb, For The Light, Foreseen Consequences, Gemenskapen, GODsaveUS, Gold makin, Goosewolf, Grandiosity, Guardian Spirit, Guess whats in my box, Guild Bank, Hammer of Dumbo, Hearthstoners, Heman Hunters, HG Gaming, Horde, Horde Brothers, Horizon, HoTwinks, Ikari, Im naked under my gear, Immortal, Influence, Iron Edge, is pretty much awesome, J N A, Junaci, Kahpe Bizans, Katastrof, Last Bastion, Lejyoner Tayfa, Lethe, Level one Twinks, Level Ten Twinks, Leverage, Liquid of Eternal Life, lnsanity, LoktarOgar, Lost Raiders of Kalimdor, Lowlands Tactical, Magnificent, Meh, Men of Sparta, Methods of Madness, Mind Blast, Monster Twinkz, Mootants, More Dots, Mutation Team, Neuron, NoBigDeal, NoMercy, Ok Who Pulled, Order of the Sun, Outplayed, Panda Leveling Guild, Perfection, Platinum, Play Hard, PRISMA, Pure Blood, Pwnd, Pârdon, Ragnarok, RAKIBALIK, Re Birth, Revolution Baby, Rickest Ricks, Risen, Rolling Submarines, Ryfari, Réspect, S u l t a n S, Sad but True, Scrub Club, Simple and Clean, Sisyfos, Social Club, Solaris, Squash Buddies, STARS, Started From The Bottom, Stature of the Gods, Stercus Accidit, StrawHats, Talent, Templars of Vojvodina, Tenacious, The Black Fury, The Cake Is a Lie, The Crew, The Deadly Gaurdians, The Disturbed, The Famous GSE, The Firm, The Forgotten Warrior, The Homeless, The Horde Rock Café, The Legacy, The Legendary Hope, The Lifeless, The Lone Hunter, The Swedish Alliance, The Trendkill Coterie, The Türk, The Vermins, TnT, Training Dummies, Turk pwp, TWO INCHES BUFFED, umop apisdn, United We Stand, UNIVERSAL, Untankables Fan Club, Vesselam, Vodels group, Warlords of Orgrimmar, Warsong Warriors, We Going On, We Love Guildperks, Wicked World, Wonderland, Wrathful, Yakuza, A New Hope, Ab Initio, Academy, Aktiv, AllYourAltsAreBelongToUs, and the Dancing Teapots, Angry Birds, Apex, Aphire, Armored Core, Art of Warface, Bankhole, Barbarians of KhazGoroth, Barda, Basement Warriors, Batteries not included, Beige Einstape, Betsafe, BLOODZ, BrokendruM, Cadre, Can YOU Eat a Seal, Cardinal Sin, Circus, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Claymore, Cold Fusion, CONCORDIA, Crusalters, Cry me a River, Dauntless, Deadmine on farm, Decline, Defenestrate, Dench, DERPY DERPY DERP DERP, Deviate, dolan pls, Dramatic Night Knights, Dubious, Eat More Cake, Endless Legacy, Exactly, Excaliboar, Exit Strategy, Failed, Far Warparty, Fission, Flawed, Fnatic, Free fail, Fresh, Fullmoon, Gainile ninja, Game of Thrones, Ghost Division, Hades, Hard Like Horde, HAVE A STROLL, Heir to the Demon, Hell Group, Hellspawn, Hogwarts School of magic, House of GG, Humble, I didnt Sign for this, I Falchi, I n v i n c i b l e, Ice and Fire, Imbalanced, Immortal Guardians, Incandescent, Infirmorum, Innocence, inquisition, Invicta, Iron Killers, Just a Flesh Wound, Just Business, Keepers of Righteousness, kiNDAHIGH, Knights of Honour, Konsum, League of Shadows, Legion, Levelheaded, Liquid Courage, Living For Cake, Looks Good in Spandex, Los El Duncos, Lovecraft, Mayhem, MDK, Me Tauren, Mercenary, Mix Run, Moo Tank Clan, Mouseover, No place like Gnome, Not a Goldseller, NOT NICE, Odsidan Killers, OMG, Omgwtfugotpwned, One Eyed Rat, Oops My Soap, Optic Might, Panda Express, Pepes Bodega, Phobaphobia, Phobes Pet, Phoenix Order, Placeholder, Plague, Plain Casual, Plan Casual, PVPNess, Quantum, Quru, Raiders, Rainicorns, Ratchet Tea Party, Realitysucks, red Angels, Rescue, Riders of Honor, Rioters, RussianVodka, Sacred Omen, Sanction, Satan Gone Soft, Satirical, Seven Secrets, Sgt Of The Arena, Shop smart, Silk Road, Simple Math, Sinner nor Saint, Skelett, Slaughterhouse, Sleeping Forest, So Casual, Something Else, Sons Of Thrall, Special Optics Tactics, steik, Success, Sworn to a great divide, Tangra, Team Oberst, Team Rocket Science, terrormisstänkt, The Ancient Legion, The BenchSquad, The Bro, The Demigods, The Hangover Sessions, The Jugglers, The Lock Box, The Overlords, The Sea Org, The Sons of Gosu, The Stoned Age, Theory of the moebius, Twinkz In Pinkz, Underestimated, united night elves, Universe, Unknowns, Untergang, VildaBrax, War Stomp, We Do The Weird Stuff, WHACK A GNOME, Where is my money, Wroogn, YaxaMats, You Mad, Eureka, Evernight, Ex Imperator, EX IMPERATOR, Exactly, Exactly, Exactly, Exactly (unofficial), Exactly1, Excilum, excistance, Excistance, Exiled, Exordium, Exorior, Exorior, Expedidtion, Express Yourself, Fac ut Vivas, Facesmashery Inc, Failpugs, Fake Adrastos, Fallen, Fallen From Grace, Fallen Lords, Fashionably Late, Fasten the Seatbelts, FastenTheSeatbelts, FatKidsCantHide, FC, Fearsome war engine, FictionalReportGuild, Fiddletiddle, Fidelis, Fidelis, Fiireball's Logs, Firefly, firstbank, Firt Blood, Fitch making dem parses, Flamecicle, Flare EU, Flare EU, Flare EU (casuals), FlareEu, FlatlinerS, Fluffy, Flux, For lulz, forgotten champions, forloguploadpurpose, 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