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EU-Area 52
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Homies Holding Hands EU-Area 52 Alliance 9 22
Per Ardua Ad Astra EU-Area 52 Alliance 8 22
Salty Sailors EU-Sen'jin Horde 7 71
Thirst EU-Sen'jin Horde 3 36
Panichka's tests EU-Area 52 Horde 1 10
Reiter der Zerstörung EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 778
Bonnie and Clyde EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 622
PlanQuadrat EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 350
Panicfraggers EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 283
Anivia EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 115
Ilias EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 111
planB EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 110
Paralysm reloaded None Horde 0 93
Sen'jins Finest EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 82
Endless52 EU-Area 52 Horde 0 64
Have Fun EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 55
Fumpel EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 52
stole your bike EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 45
Browary EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 40
Arras Sis EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 33
Bloody Cross EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 33
Watchcats EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 32
random pugs EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 31
Suspect EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 31
twelve EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 30
Forever as One-Sunwell EU-Area 52 Horde 0 28
Legio immortalis EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 28
Violent by Design EU-Area 52 Horde 0 25
Wurstpolizei EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 25
Novaszune EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 23
noXXon EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 21
UCanStandUnderMyUmbrella EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 21
Eterníty EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 20
Order of Revenge EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 20
abstracT EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 19
Purple Rain None Alliance 0 18
Nature EU-Area 52 Horde 0 17
tanitja ´s log EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 17
Askeria EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 15
Pink Mongoose EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 15
Timebandits EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 14
Die Möhren der Allianz EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 13
Fels in der Brandung EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 12
Gottkönig der DK und Warr EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 12
Mutti ist die Beste EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 12
Grüne Medizin EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 11
Less QQ more PewPew EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 11
Bloody Cross EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 10
Obscuritas EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 10
Black Mamba EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 9
escadia EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 9
probando EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 9
SoL EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 9
Armee der Finsternis EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 8
FORCE EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 8
Lumina EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 8
olympians EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 8
The Awesome EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 8
Vs Evil EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 8
Avalanche EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 7
Das Tribunal EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 7
Enjoy EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 7
Ours is the Fury EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 7
Schwarzgeld EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 7
Buschbeerenbande EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 6
Exalted Reputation EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 6
Exitus EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 6
Infected Reflex EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 6
internet dragon slayer EU-Area 52 Horde 0 6
NO MAAM EU-Area 52 Horde 0 6
Privat EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 6
BierHunterZ EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 5
BontaBonta EU-Area 52 Horde 0 5
Dum Spiro Spero EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 5
Infernum Ocularis EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 5
Kein Zufall EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 5
Merci Private EU-Area 52 Horde 0 5
Nergol 52 EU-Area 52 Horde 0 5
Pestilence EU-Area 52 Horde 0 5
Reunion EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 5
Time For Jokes EU-Area 52 Horde 0 5
Voldana EU-Area 52 Horde 0 5
Ability EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 4
Can't touch this EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 4
eXalted EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 4
Have Faith in Me EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 4
Klingen EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 4
Lost Legends EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 4
SWAT EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 4
Anima EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 3
Awaken EU-Area 52 Horde 0 3
Death Night EU-Area 52 Horde 0 3
Es war einmal EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 3
Exodus EU-Area 52 Horde 0 3
Force EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 3
Invictus EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 3
Is Legêndary EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 3
Paraphrase EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 3
Priv EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 3
RdzRndRaid EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 3
Recourse EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 3
Severity EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 3
The Heros of Crusade EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 3
... EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
ahjo EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 2
Amazonen von Azeroth EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Bloodpack EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 2
Crazy Devils EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Death Roll EU-Area 52 Horde 0 2
DejaVue EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Die dunkle Macht EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 2
freezer´s log^^ EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Hellwarrios EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Infenum Ocularis EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 2
Insanity EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Just some reports EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Klinge und Krug EU-Area 52 Horde 0 2
Legio immortalis EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
newline grp 2 EU-Area 52 Horde 0 2
Order of the Templars EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Outsiders EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Plagegeister EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 2
Purgatory2 EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Reiter der Zerstörung EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Saurons Erben EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 2
Selected EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Sensi Star EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Seska's Logs EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Sin EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 2
Testos EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
The Mighty EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
The Pride EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
TheLegend EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Twilight EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
weil sera es vergessen hat EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
Wie Mord und Totschlag EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 2
xyz EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 2
Adrenaline EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
ads EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Amanacer EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Amaya EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 1
Badeverein Berator EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
Black Mamma EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Bloody Cross None Horde 0 1
Casually Serious EU-Area 52 Horde 0 1
Crowd Control EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 1
Dadi EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Dark Phönix EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 1
Darksider None Horde 0 1
Der dunkle Turm None Alliance 0 1
Erben der Nachtkrieger EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
Fairytails EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
fidelis ad mortem EU-Un'Goro Alliance 0 1
Game Face EU-Area 52 Horde 0 1
Harmony EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 1
In Extremo EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Invicta Sanguis EU-Area 52 Horde 0 1
Lá Familia EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Naphalin EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Night Muppets EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 1
NudgeTest EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 1
planB EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
raids und so EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 1
Schatten und Licht EU-Area 52 Horde 0 1
Signs of Empire EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
SuperRandom EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Suspect One and Only EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
Taski's Force EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
TEST EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
Ursu's Logs EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
Whitemamba EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
Wild Horde Inc EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 1
wurst EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 1
yesArjan EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 1
--Timebandits-- None Alliance 0 0
10er Stammraid None Horde 0 0
1234 None Alliance 0 0
EU-Area 52 Horde 0 0
_Brombrax_ None Alliance 0 0
_Elfrieda_ None Alliance 0 0
Abjéctio None Alliance 0 0
Adeptus Astartes None Horde 0 0
Advocati Diaboli None Horde 0 0
Alles Liebe None Alliance 0 0
Alsterbande None Horde 0 0
Alte Nachtwache (Mara) None Alliance 0 0
Amazonen von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Angel of Night None Horde 0 0
Angel of Night None Horde 0 0
Angel of Night - Razihel None Horde 0 0
Angels of Destiney None Alliance 0 0
Anima Dura None Horde 0 0
Antarsia EU-Area 52 Horde 0 0
Arikara -- SenJin None Horde 0 0
Arta Amicitia None Alliance 0 0
asdfasdf None Alliance 0 0
aTTaX None Alliance 0 0
Avalanche None Alliance 0 0
Beritos None Alliance 0 0
Bitter & Divine None Horde 0 0
Bitter Core None Horde 0 0
Black Fire None Alliance 0 0
Black Mamba None Alliance 0 0
Black Mamba ( Twinkraid ) None Alliance 0 0
Blaze of Glory None Alliance 0 0
Blaze of Glory None Alliance 0 0
Blood Empire None Horde 0 0
Bobs52 None Horde 0 0
Boondocks None Alliance 0 0
CarpeDiem None Alliance 0 0
Cat says Meow None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Theory None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Monuments EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 0
closed None Alliance 0 0
CoF None Horde 0 0
Cool Runnings None Alliance 0 0
CrazyDevils None Alliance 0 0
Critcrater None Horde 0 0
culprits logs EU-Area 52 Horde 0 0
Custodes Opis None Horde 0 0
Dadi None Alliance 0 0
Dakyne None Horde 0 0
DAN None Alliance 0 0
Danalux None Alliance 0 0
Dara Mactire None Horde 0 0
death night None Horde 0 0
Degard None Alliance 0 0
Destiny of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Die anderen Gefährten EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 0
Die anderen Gefährten None Alliance 0 0
Die Entenschubser None Horde 0 0
Die Garde None Alliance 0 0
Die Garde von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
DisGuild None Horde 0 0
DmgInC!!! None Alliance 0 0
Drachenreiter des Lichts None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Storm None Alliance 0 0
Dreissig Plus None Alliance 0 0
duddi None Alliance 0 0
Dungeonkeepers None Alliance 0 0
DzCrew None Horde 0 0
edt None Alliance 0 0
Einhunderteinundzwanzig EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 0
Eisern und Kompromisslos None Horde 0 0
Exodus None Horde 0 0
Exsolutio None Alliance 0 0
Falling Angels None Alliance 0 0
favorlfr None Alliance 0 0
Felicitas None Alliance 0 0
FiB None Alliance 0 0
Formation Igel None Horde 0 0
Freedom Call None Alliance 0 0
Gladius et Arcus None Alliance 0 0
Grenzwölfe None Alliance 0 0
Hegemony None Horde 0 0
Hordish what else None Horde 0 0
Illusion EU-Area 52 Horde 0 0
Infestation None Alliance 0 0
insanity None Alliance 0 0
Jaderider None Horde 0 0
Junas Allianz None Alliance 0 0
Katharsis None Alliance 0 0
KdL52 None Alliance 0 0
Keledor on Tour None Alliance 0 0
Kuschelwürfelchen None Alliance 0 0
Kuschelwürfelchen None Alliance 0 0
las leyendas None Horde 0 0
Leerenlager None Alliance 0 0
Legio Nona None Horde 0 0
Less QQ More PewPew None Horde 0 0
Liahm EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 0
Lightning Sword None Alliance 0 0
Little Diamonds None Alliance 0 0
Lumen Azerothii None Alliance 0 0
Mexy´s logs None Alliance 0 0
Mindzone None Alliance 0 0
mit Gemütlichkeit None Horde 0 0
Moist None Alliance 0 0
mrantocaido None Alliance 0 0
Muco None Horde 0 0
Muppetshow None Alliance 0 0
MyOwnLog EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 0
Neferuras Gilde None Alliance 0 0
Nereya None Alliance 0 0
New Balance None Alliance 0 0
New Era None Alliance 0 0
NewLine None Horde 0 0
NightHardDay None Horde 0 0
no comment None Alliance 0 0
Nordends Drachenjäger None Alliance 0 0
Not For Sale None Alliance 0 0
novus None Alliance 0 0
Novus Principium None Alliance 0 0
Old-Bones None Alliance 0 0
Outrageous None Horde 0 0
Owlnation None Alliance 0 0
Pestilence EU-Area 52 Horde 0 0
Pudel des Todes EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 0
Purple Rain None Alliance 0 0
Quasardama None Alliance 0 0
Rainy None Alliance 0 0
Rat Azsharas None Alliance 0 0
RDZTest None Alliance 0 0
Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Renovatio None Alliance 0 0
Ritter der Kokusnuss None Alliance 0 0
Schlummschuetze EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 0
Senjins Finest None Horde 0 0
Shen an Calhar EU-Sen'jin Alliance 0 0
Shogun None Horde 0 0
Signs None Alliance 0 0
Signs of Empire None Alliance 0 0
Soeldner None Alliance 0 0
Soupis Guild None Alliance 0 0
Special Parses None Alliance 0 0
Sprits logs None Alliance 0 0
stardust None Alliance 0 0
Stardust None Alliance 0 0
Storage None Horde 0 0
Sturmwinds Rächer None Alliance 0 0
Sukela None Alliance 0 0
Suspect_Family&Friends None Alliance 0 0
Söldnerbund von Nordend None Alliance 0 0
Tacita None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
The Lost Children None Alliance 0 0
The Walking Dead None Horde 0 0
theLegend None Alliance 0 0
Thralls Hammer None Alliance 0 0
tralllalala EU-Un'Goro Horde 0 0
Triarii Anunak None Alliance 0 0
Triarii Anunaki None Alliance 0 0
Tsk EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 0
Twilight 2012 None Alliance 0 0
UmkoW EU-Area 52 Alliance 0 0
Undying None Horde 0 0
Unicon None Horde 0 0
UnriValed None Alliance 0 0
Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Venom None Alliance 0 0
Venom None Alliance 0 0
Venture None Horde 0 0
Vereinte Kräfte None Alliance 0 0
Vicious None Horde 0 0
Void None Horde 0 0
Vøid None Alliance 0 0
WaNted None Alliance 0 0
Wie Mord und Totschlag None Alliance 0 0
Wild Horde Inc None Horde 0 0
Wächter Azeroths None Alliance 0 0
Xenos None Alliance 0 0
Yammy None Alliance 0 0
Yeees EU-Sen'jin Horde 0 0
yoshi None Alliance 0 0
Zirkel der Macht None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Bankis, basickill, BAXPOWA, BdF, Beauty_12, Behüter der Finsternis, Bewerberstatistiken, Bewerbungslog, Bikini Bottom, Bing, Bitter-Core, Black and White, Black Mamba, BlackDreams, BlackEagle, Blacklist, Blacklist, Blacklisted, Blacklisted, Blaze of Glory, Blaze of Glory, Blaze of Glory Stamm, bliblablub, Blood Vendetta, Bloodshed, Bloodwrought, Bloody Cross, blub blub, blubbla, Blueline, Blutlinie, Boehse ONkelz, Brainstorm, Brotherhood of Heros, Brotherhood of Noobs, bugzybest, Bully Beatdown, burkin, Burnout, Butterfly Effect, BázinGa, Bäm, Bäreya, Bülent Başgan Fan Club, Cairnes Wrath, camgirl guild, Cant touch this, Cant touch this, CarpeDiem, CarpeDiem, Carried By Canada, Casually Serious, Celmage, Champions, Chaos Company, Chaos Theory, Chaos Theory, Chocchips, Circle of Monuments, Circle of Unity, Circle of Witches, Circle of WItches, Claws of Night, Clegane, Climax, CoE2, Cojones jausa, Combative, Confuséd, Converge, Cool Fighters, Cool runnings, Cool Runnings, Cool Runnings, Core of Vengance, Coroner, Coroner, Coroner, Coroner, Corrupted, Critkrater, Critkrater, Crusader, Crusader, Cryptiç, CSI Orgrimmar, Cutie Mark Crusaders, cøRe, D E U S, D E U S, Daelwon rnd, Daikoku, Dakyne, daragona, daragona, Dark Empire, Dark Fathom, Dark Phoenix, Dark Revolution, Dark Side of Elune, darkphoenix, DarkSouls, Das Pandarenkloster, Das Sakrileg, Das Sakrileg, Das Zweite Ich, Das Zweite Ich, Das Zweite Ich, Dawn, DeadlyEnemies, Deadlytales, Deadlytales, death night, Decisions of Truth, Dedicated, Deja vue, Deja Vue, Der Blutige Pfad Azeroth, Der Harte Kern, Descartes, Destination Calabria, Destinatus, Devils Rejects, Devotion, Dexter, DIAR, Die alte Nachtwache, Die anderen Gefährten, Die anderen Gefährten, Die Bahnhofsmission, Die dunkle Macht, Die Garde von Azeroth, Die Garde von Azeroth, Die Gemeinschaft, Die goldenen Drachen, Die Hüter der Flamme, die inquisition, Die Inquisition, Die Irren vom Zombiehof, Die Irren vom Zombiehof, Die Irren Vom Zombiehof, Die Irren Vom Zombiehof, Die Krieger von Azeroth, Die lustigen Tomaten, Die Mehandor, Die schwarzen Schafe, Die Seperatisten, Die Sturmreiter, Die Unbeugsamen, die Verfluchten, Die verlorenen Seelen, Die Verrückten, Die Wahren Helden, Diedas, DieIrrenVonZombiehof, diesdas, Dillenbergus Sapientia, dmg, DOA, dominicus arai, dominicus arai, Doomhammers Erben, Dragon Storm, Drhealsgood, Druids, DS, Duality, Dunkelwelplinge, Dunkelwelplinge, Earthdawn, Easy Mode, eGolution, Einzelkämpfer, Einzig aber nicht Artig, Eisbrecher, El Locos, El Locos, Elements, Elements52, eleven, Elfe, Elite GmbH, Elite GmbH, emotion, emotion, Emotion, Empire of Honor, Endgegner, endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, enrage, ENRAGE, Enraged, Ensidia, entropy, Entropy, Entropy, Epikopter, eploited, Epos, Epos, Erebos, Erfolgsjäger, Eri´s Gildöö, Es war einmal, Es war einmal, escadia, escadia, escadia Fam&Friends Raid, escadia Family & Friend Raid, abstracT, ALEX OFF, Alli im Wunderland, Am Ende des Weges, Angel of Alliance, Apôkalypse, AudioCircus AG, AuÄÄ, Ave Mordum, Azeroth`s Rache, bad schmerlap, Biene Maja, Black Mamba, Bleck Lady, Bloody Cross XL, BRB Cat on fire, Burnout, CarpeDiem, Chingisnevia, Chipsi, Clan der Barmherzigen, Controlled Chaos, Cool Fighters, Cool Runnings, Crazy Devils, Crow, Dark Cornflakes, Deathies, Deathwarriors, Deja vue, Der harte Kern, Die anderen Gefährten, Die Babos, Die drei lustigen zwei, Die Geduldigen, DIE HORDEN WG, Die Mächtigen Paladine, Die Titanen, Die Warteschlange, Die Wächter der Horde, DieSauReiter, Dunkelwelplinge, El Locos, el Tigre, EnRágé, Eptyc, Equilibrium, Exovors Jünger, Ez first Try Gaming, Familien im Brennpunkt, Far Dareis Mai, Firefighter, Forever as One, Fremdbesatzung, Frosttide, Fullmetal alchemisten, Fun Player, Geh weg ich drop nixx, Goldener Lotus, Goldspeicher, hat ne Monobraue, Herzblut, Honestas, Hopeless, hoppel, Hueco Mundo, Hypnøtize, Hühnerliebhaber, inSane, Insomnia, Invicta Sanguis, ist kniepig, JoinTheDarkSide, Junas Allianz, Kivenkantaja, Kleine nackte Gnome, Kuscheltierkommando, Lass mich Arzt bin durch, Legacy of Kings, Legion der weißen Wölfe, Les Freaks, LightningThunder, Lost Angels, MCore Babes, Mein Server ist down, Meine Posse, Mir so egal, MonsterElite, MrKrabsBankHaus, MysticDragons, Nerv net oder ich log um, Neue Generation, New Balance, New Horizon, Nie ohne ein Kampf, Nightwatch, No more EncorE, Nordketten Bionic, Notgroschen AG, Orden der schwarzen Rose, Outsîders, Paws of Death, PeeWePee, PhoenixSK, PlanQuadrat, Purple rain, Rasselbandé, Rebirth of Fear, Rectum Patricius, RIP Wonder, Rockstars, Scabies, Secret Treasure, Serenity, SERVER DOWN, Serverlosen Rächer, Sieger der WôW Forscher, Skill and Bones, Sons of Patriots, Strom of devastation, Sturmwinds Rächer, Swarmaliance, Syncroniced, Sângúînâns, tastes like rainbow, The Black Champions, the dark side of insane, The Fair Players, The Frøzen Fire, The Gothic rose, The Heart of Dragon, The Incredibles, The Pride, The Save, This is Spartaa, Thousand Sons, ThugLífe, ThunderArms, Tresor IIXX, Troja, Trödelmarkt, TyrHialm, Ultima Ratio Regis, Under Control, UNICON, uniTy inc, Until the End, Valhallas Garde, Vehu, Vengeance, WaNtEd, Warriors of the Dark Sun, Weekend, WIR KRIEGEN EUCH ALLE, Wørld at War, XII Points, ZappZapp, Øbsession, A Light in the Darkness, Adrenaline, Aeterna Crudelitas, Akuma no mi, aLions, alles zu Hack AG, Antilopen Gang, Arras Sis, Ascend, Askeria, Avalon, Battalion der Verrückten, Beste gilde ever, blutdurst, Brainlagger, Butterfly Effect, Centurio, chili BANG, Come Honor Face, Cowelenzer, CSI Darnassus, Dark Phoenix, Dark System, Darkness of Souls, Das Tribunal, Dead or Alive, Der Bund der Horde, Der Clan der Wölfe, Deutschländer Würstchen, Die Bahnhofsmission, Die dunkle Brigade, Die ENGEL, Die Garde der Hoffnung, DIe Garde der Luschen, Die Grüne Flut, Die Legionäre, Die Schattenklinge, Die Sonnenwanderer, Die Sterblichen, Die Sternenritter, Drachenwacht, Dreissig Plus, dritte art, Ehrenwache Ash Amans, escadia, Eterníty, Europe, Excidium Draconis, F A I L, Favismus, Finanzverwaltung, Fist of Steel, Focus me Im famous, Formation Igel, für die Katz, Gilde des Aurin, GoDHanD Community eV, GranniesCrunch, Guardians of Glory, Guardians of Stormwind, Guardians of the Ocean, Helvetica, Hexer des Grünen Feuers, Hunted Wolves, I Fenris I, Imperials, in Action, In Medias Res, In Utero, INC, Initium, is all for me, ist unschuldig, Jesus was soulstoned, Just for fail, Just For Fun Guild, JustForFun, kaffee in de kopp, Kaffee in de Kopp H, KdE and Friends, kingdom, Klan von Draka, Knights of Hell, Kreuzritter der Ehre, l Sapere Aude l, Last Try, Lazarus, Lenged Hordeler, Lost in Undercity, LoZ, Lumen Azerothii, Mach kein DMG tue nur so, Madde Beach Boizz, Mc Donalds GmbH, Myrmidons, Naughty Office, Nebelgeister, Nochnoi Dozor, Nonstop Nonsens, Nordends Drachenjäger, Northern Lights, Notice me Senpaii, Novus Ordo, Novus Principium, 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Borealis, Away from Keyboard, Banktauren OHG, Baumschmuser AG, Bellator de Lumine, Big Inc Company, BlackEmpire, BlackRainbow, Bloody Cross, Blutwurstbande, Bright Hope, Charlies Engel, Chilldren of Boden, Chrønicle øf War, Clan der Wikinger, CREDE IN TE, D E M O N, Dark System, Darknéss, Darksider, Das Destinyum, Das Elementiumkartell, Das Legat, Das Lied vom Tod, Deception Rising, Die Auserwählten, Die drei lustigen fünf, Die Faust der Dunkelheit, Die Fünf Hämmer, Die Geisterkrieger, Die Kasse mit dem R, Die Radioaktive Gilde, Die schwarzen Wölfe, Die Sterblichen, Die Sturmreiter, Die Todesboten, DieKuhboys, DieSchwarzeGarde, Division, Do dem Progress, Dunkelfürst, EarthBound, EDNAKZED, EinHerzFürAlle, Eldunari, EndlessWorlds, Enemy killed in Action, Ex umbra in solem, Exbrosion, Excalibur, Exceptions, Falling Angels, Famous Outsiders, Farbenspiel, Fight for Allianz, Finstere Sonne, Flaminghaze, Fu und So, Funny Sky Riders, Für den Moment, Gasthaus zum Lotus, GEBC, Gegen die Legion, 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