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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
ZeratoR TV EU-Archimonde Horde 0 93
Out Of Order EU-Archimonde 0 69
NoTaG EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 40
Enkarante EU-Archimonde Horde 0 29
Freedøm EU-Archimonde Horde 0 23
Blame EU-Archimonde Horde 0 20
Prøméthée EU-Archimonde 0 19
Gangster et Gentleman EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 17
Reaper of Souls EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 16
ENRAGED EU-Archimonde Horde 0 15
BASH EU-Archimonde Horde 0 13
wïtchcraft EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 13
Isicium EU-Archimonde Horde 0 12
Les Tïtans EU-Archimonde 0 12
DexTerity EU-Archimonde 0 11
Everweak EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 11
EL DIABLO LE DIABLE EU-Archimonde Horde 0 10
Seven Sins EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 10
Thanatøs EU-Archimonde Horde 0 10
Anonymus EU-Archimonde Horde 0 9
La Lignée Sanglante EU-Archimonde Horde 0 9
Les Raleurs EU-Archimonde Horde 0 9
Requiem Of Genesis EU-Archimonde Horde 0 9
TRAP EU-Archimonde Horde 0 9
virtual Team resort EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 9
Hubble EU-Archimonde Horde 0 8
mojito EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 8
Tactics EU-Archimonde Horde 0 8
Absølut EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 7
Far Seer EU-Archimonde Horde 0 7
Jamaïcan Pve EU-Archimonde 0 7
Eclips EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
Eyens EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
Jenova EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Marcel et Fils Toitures EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Révo EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 5
Twisted EU-Archimonde 0 5
cotes de porc EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Hors Charte EU-Archimonde 0 4
Héritage de Durotan EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Les Pétales de Lotus EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
Mon gras est délicat EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
Nø Fear Nø Fail EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Strife EU-Archimonde 0 4
Tesseract Corp EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
The Rising Pack II VI EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
Unagi EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Afk Bio EU-Archimonde 0 3
Appolodia EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Dragon Child EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Gold Légion EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 3
Lilium Gaming WoW EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Madhouse EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Night EU-Archimonde 0 3
No Way Øut EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Nøcturnïum Vïctøry EU-Archimonde 0 3
Pathogen EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
ProfyTrolls EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Sombrecoeur EU-Archimonde 0 3
Tears of dragon EU-Archimonde 0 3
Access Denïed EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
BetrayerZ EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Gank me baby EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Les Accros Du Roc EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Les Brigands EU-Archimonde 0 2
Les Joyeux Wipers EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
NewProject EU-Archimonde 0 2
PEON INSIDE II EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Prophétie EU-Archimonde 0 2
Red Lumberjack EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Schmir Gang EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
Silma Censored EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
Two taurens one cup EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Underrated EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
ßlacklìst EU-Archimonde 0 2
Åvili EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Akatsükï EU-Archimonde 0 1
Basterd Project EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Bladecraft EU-Archimonde 0 1
Cross EU-Archimonde 0 1
Exiledz EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
GoodOlDays EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Hell Brothers EU-Archimonde 0 1
La Folie de Kane EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Last Legend EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Martine fait du Progress EU-Archimonde 0 1
MCDO EU-Archimonde 0 1
Nateron EU-Archimonde 0 1
No Blood No Glory EU-Archimonde 0 1
Noop Conspiracy EU-Archimonde 0 1
Ogaming TV EU-Archimonde 0 1
Prépot Potes EU-Archimonde 0 1
Valkyr EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
WILDERS EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Ðivination EU-Archimonde 0 1
Øutsïde EU-Archimonde 0 1
Merci Jacky et Maddy EU-Archimonde 0 0
West Indies EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Core EU-Archimonde Alliance 6 22
Frozen Moon EU-Archimonde Horde 0 185
EquinoXx EU-Archimonde Horde 0 184
Eyesoul EU-Archimonde Horde 0 176
Rônin EU-Archimonde Horde 0 100
Trinity EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 84
Shinsen EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 72
Jokefacial EU-Archimonde Horde 0 49
Goodparagon EU-Archimonde Horde 0 46
You Touch EU-Archimonde Horde 0 41
Prophétie None Alliance 0 40
Bikini Bottom EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 39
Genese EU-Archimonde Horde 0 39
Another Life EU-Archimonde Horde 0 38
Lost Heaven EU-Archimonde Horde 0 38
An Orc to the Past EU-Archimonde Horde 0 36
Twisted EU-Archimonde Horde 0 34
Zerator TV EU-Archimonde Horde 0 34
DGW EU-Archimonde Horde 0 33
Infamous EU-Archimonde Horde 0 31
Syn EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 29
atlantiss EU-Archimonde Horde 0 27
Sanariah'logs EU-Archimonde Horde 0 27
Og Sitting EU-Archimonde Horde 0 26
Destin EU-Archimonde Horde 0 25
Shinsen EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 25
blblbl EU-Archimonde Horde 0 24
Smart B EU-Archimonde Horde 0 21
ARAtlantiss EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 20
Symphony EU-Archimonde Horde 0 20
Invicted EU-Archimonde Horde 0 19
Infamous Absolum EU-Archimonde Horde 0 18
Armada EU-Archimonde Horde 0 17
Bloodlust EU-Archimonde Horde 0 17
Lux Invictus EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 17
myfuckngcrew EU-Archimonde Horde 0 17
Squàd EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 17
New age EU-Archimonde Horde 0 16
The Crimsong Ring EU-Archimonde Horde 0 15
WhiteGirlsTeamFullofBadBitches EU-Archimonde Horde 0 15
Raven EU-Archimonde Horde 0 14
bläck pearl EU-Archimonde Horde 0 13
Rupture EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 13
bùrst EU-Archimonde Horde 0 12
Imperium Aeternam EU-Archimonde Horde 0 12
Tonixqt EU-Archimonde Horde 0 12
Miss Trésor Logs EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 11
No Name EU-Archimonde Horde 0 11
NoTaG EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 11
Némésis EU-Archimonde Horde 0 11
Absølut EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 10
AlgerianPPL EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 10
Borderline EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 10
Nyxin's logs EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 10
Reboot EU-Archimonde Horde 0 10
Rises EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 10
É L I T E EU-Archimonde Horde 0 10
CBF EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 9
Mechanical Seed EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 9
Neolithic EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 9
Nox Bellum EU-Archimonde Horde 0 9
Promise EU-Archimonde Horde 0 9
Sense EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 9
prétorien EU-Archimonde Horde 0 8
Punish me EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 8
Seven sins EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 8
Arise EU-Archimonde Horde 0 7
WoL Guyz EU-Archimonde Horde 0 7
Anonymus EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
Anyway EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
ARMADA EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
Boss mod EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 6
Exyl EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 6
HomeBoyZ EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
Paqotte EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
Prorata Temporis EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 6
prîus EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 6
Scrub Club EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 6
Vox Cordis EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 6
WarGeekers EU-Archimonde Horde 0 6
Beyond the Darkness EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Brewer Brudda Crew EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Cold Ascent EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
CotCot EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Eastern Legion EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 5
EL DIABLO LE DIABLE EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Fire Templar EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Glouton EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Héräs Gáliä EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Infïnïty EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 5
Les Brigands EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
LX EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
R e S t RI C t E D EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
S y N e R G i E EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 5
Slash EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 5
uni EU-Archimonde Horde 0 5
Wipe Spirit EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 5
Alibaba et les wowiens EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
AnarchiE EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
BASH EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Burning Winds None Horde 0 4
faralol EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
Fist of Halaak EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Kharin's logs EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
Lfr archimonde EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
MaunaKea EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
Natural EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 4
Shøu's log EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Teufels Beitrag EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
thanatos EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Venum EU-Archimonde Horde 0 4
Bobs Corporation EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 3
Dream lvling EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 3
HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
kanthz EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
mécrèant EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 3
Next EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
PNJ EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 3
r e s t r i c t e d EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Squàd EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 3
Strife EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 3
Turflu EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Unskilled EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
War Song EU-Archimonde Horde 0 3
Aozore EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Ashen Vendetta EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Atlas EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
CBH EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
dRu EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
EquinoXx EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
For the Belgium EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
Galaga EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Gold légion EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
Insomnïa - Boîte à Telyndra EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
jet life EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
les heritiers de la licorne EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
LMG EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
Mosh Pit EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Mouarf EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
One Legal EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
PotestasEU None Horde 0 2
Prophetie EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
prophétie EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
Reborn from ashes EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Screen Off EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
strykeced EU-Archimonde Horde 0 2
Witchcraft EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 2
Ambitíon EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Azylium EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Black team EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Céréales Killers EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Dawgzlol EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Desperate EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
EXIL EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Forthelaughs EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Hangøver EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Hero Corp EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Hwalbindang EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Le Roi EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Les WoLs fait maison EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
New Order EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Nilidium EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
No Fail EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
no special guild EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Néfaste EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Nø Lîmît EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Old Rebørn EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
OTRA EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Oxmoz EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
pingouin du chaos EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
reload EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Reload EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Rex Dei Gratia EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
SenSi EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Skulls of Darkness EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Soul Society EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Vincit Omnia Veritas EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
VoV EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 1
Wicked Sick EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
ÑØØßLìsPåsLáStrãT None Horde 0 1
βlacklist EU-Archimonde Horde 0 1
Abs None Horde 0 0
abso EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Absolut None Alliance 0 0
Aftermath None Alliance 0 0
Agøny None Horde 0 0
Agøny None Horde 0 0
Amentia None Horde 0 0
Anonymus None Horde 0 0
Anyway None Alliance 0 0
Arakal_logs None Horde 0 0
Archétype EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Armada None Horde 0 0
Armada EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Ascendant of Archimonde None Horde 0 0
Barbarians None Horde 0 0
BetrayerZ None Horde 0 0
BloodsMoon EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Bouh None Horde 0 0
Bourbe a Brac EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Breakdøwn None Horde 0 0
Burning Winds None Horde 0 0
Burning Winds R1 None Alliance 0 0
BøødMøøn None Horde 0 0
Caps lock crew None Horde 0 0
CarlaSchool None Horde 0 0
Claimed None Horde 0 0
Clan of Bleeding Hollow CBH None Horde 0 0
Cola Bears None Alliance 0 0
Conservative None Horde 0 0
Culte de Tamriel None Horde 0 0
Darn Socks None Alliance 0 0
Dawnfall None Horde 0 0
Dead Rabbits None Horde 0 0
Dead Rabbits None Alliance 0 0
DeaD Rabbits None Horde 0 0
Destiny Awaits None Horde 0 0
Dionx Dalai None Alliance 0 0
Discidia None Horde 0 0
Dust None Horde 0 0
Déadly but calm EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Easy Rush None Horde 0 0
Easy Ðown None Horde 0 0
Eclipse EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
ELERIX None Horde 0 0
elperpett None Horde 0 0
End of Sorrow None Horde 0 0
EquinoXx Founders None Horde 0 0
eredan reports None Alliance 0 0
Ersatz du Temps None Horde 0 0
Ersatz du Temps None Horde 0 0
everweak None Alliance 0 0
Existenzewol None Horde 0 0
Exyl None Alliance 0 0
Fae None Horde 0 0
Fate None Horde 0 0
FireTemplar None Horde 0 0
FlrTrnt None Alliance 0 0
Frozen Moon Paqo None Alliance 0 0
Funraid None Horde 0 0
Gatos None Horde 0 0
GDLH None Horde 0 0
Get sauced None Horde 0 0
Gfunkz None Horde 0 0
gold légion r2 None Alliance 0 0
golfguild None Alliance 0 0
Heickateam None Alliance 0 0
Helgardh None Horde 0 0
Herø Corp None Alliance 0 0
Herø Corp None Alliance 0 0
Hopes Wind None Alliance 0 0
Huna None Horde 0 0
Hurrdurr None Horde 0 0
Hydroponic Gaming None Horde 0 0
IM A UNIICORN None Horde 0 0
Imperium Reborn None Horde 0 0
Indeed None Horde 0 0
inepsy80 None Alliance 0 0
insighT None Alliance 0 0
Insigna None Alliance 0 0
Invicted None Horde 0 0
Iwol None Horde 0 0
Jambon None Horde 0 0
Jigoku EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
käÿshä-Kill None Horde 0 0
le journal de démo None Horde 0 0
Legion LTMG None Alliance 0 0
Les Compères None Horde 0 0
les Dragons d Or None Alliance 0 0
les dragons d'or None Alliance 0 0
Les gardiens des runes None Alliance 0 0
Les gentils Grospexeurs None Alliance 0 0
Les Pétales de Lotus None Alliance 0 0
Les WOLS a Gloùglou None Horde 0 0
Leviktimes EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
LMG None Alliance 0 0
Log Potion None Alliance 0 0
LTMG None Alliance 0 0
Lunatic Asylum None Horde 0 0
Løst soul None Horde 0 0
Marnok Logs None Horde 0 0
Messe Noir None Horde 0 0
MGTMR None Horde 0 0
Millenium None Horde 0 0
Milléwol None Alliance 0 0
Moht WoLs None Horde 0 0
Morfyn EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
Mox EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Neantis None Alliance 0 0
New Age None Horde 0 0
New Dream None Horde 0 0
new-age-R1 None Horde 0 0
Neø LimiT None Alliance 0 0
Nightstalkers None Horde 0 0
Nihil Obstat None Horde 0 0
Nirvana EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
No Frag Go Focus None Horde 0 0
no special guild None Horde 0 0
No wipe just Progress None Horde 0 0
NON AUX WOL CACHE None Horde 0 0
noxyd None Horde 0 0
NPN None Horde 0 0
NWJP None Horde 0 0
obsidia None Horde 0 0
okmec None Horde 0 0
Ombline None Horde 0 0
omega None Horde 0 0
Omega None Horde 0 0
Omega dix None Alliance 0 0
Omniscience None Horde 0 0
OurWay None Alliance 0 0
Out of Order None Alliance 0 0
Outplay EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
Oxydium None Horde 0 0
Participe Tordu None Horde 0 0
Pendragøn None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix wrath None Alliance 0 0
Pifyzzlog None Horde 0 0
pinpinpula None Alliance 0 0
PL CORP None Horde 0 0
potestaseu None Horde 0 0
Profanateurs None Horde 0 0
Progress None Horde 0 0
Projet Dharma None Alliance 0 0
Prøméthée None Horde 0 0
Prøméthée None Horde 0 0
PU CHIMP None Horde 0 0
Punish me None Horde 0 0
Pénitence None Horde 0 0
Qiroar None Horde 0 0
Qui a les plus grosses maracas ? None Horde 0 0
racecar is racecar backwards None Alliance 0 0
ravage None Horde 0 0
Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Red Line None Horde 0 0
ReD Line None Horde 0 0
reGen None Horde 0 0
Repentina Morte None Horde 0 0
ReÐ Line None Horde 0 0
Rupture None Alliance 0 0
Rupture None Alliance 0 0
Rupture None Alliance 0 0
Rupture None Alliance 0 0
Révo EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
Sacrebleu None Alliance 0 0
Salvation None Horde 0 0
Savages EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
sayGG None Horde 0 0
Semper Fie None Horde 0 0
Sense None Horde 0 0
Serenìty None Alliance 0 0
shattered None Horde 0 0
Shit DPS None Horde 0 0
SLASHY None Horde 0 0
Solid None Horde 0 0
Squàd None Alliance 0 0
SubWarZone None Alliance 0 0
Taverne la bute EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
test guilde EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
test log None Alliance 0 0
test opti None Alliance 0 0
Testc1 None Alliance 0 0
Thatinus LFR None Horde 0 0
The Antagonist None Horde 0 0
The awakening EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
the one legal None Horde 0 0
The One Legal None Horde 0 0
The time None Horde 0 0
The untamed bastards None Alliance 0 0
theblackømen None Alliance 0 0
This Is For Us None Horde 0 0
Thunderer EU-Archimonde Horde 0 0
Ti Punch Family None Alliance 0 0
TriAce None Horde 0 0
trolololol EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
Tuceg's DPS None Alliance 0 0
Tír na nÓg None Horde 0 0
Ultimate Circle None Horde 0 0
United X None Horde 0 0
Unskilled None Horde 0 0
Vintage None Horde 0 0
Vox Draconis None Horde 0 0
Weedskill None Horde 0 0
Whatever None Alliance 0 0
Whatever None Horde 0 0
Witchcraft EU-Archimonde Alliance 0 0
Worst None Horde 0 0
youtouch None Horde 0 0
Zog Zog None Alliance 0 0
Ðimensiøn None Horde 0 0
Øsx None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

++, -->Reset, Absolum, Acapelaetsespotes, Ace, Ace, Ad Infinitum, AdrenaliN Gaming, Aegis Guard, Afk bio, afzzegre, Against The world, agøny, Agøny, Akh-Velahr, All in one, Alonê, Alpha Imperium, ALtane, Amnesia, amnësia, Amnësia, Amnësia, Anciens, Angus Ðraconis, Anonymus, Anonymus, Anthology, Apö, Aquarium, Archangels, Archetype, Armada, Asgard, Ashen, Ashen vendetta, Ashen vendetta, Ashen Vendetta, Ashen Vendetta, aspire, atiilz, atiilz, Atmosphere, Attack, Aurore, Aurôre, Authority, axior, Azylum, Barba, basti45, Battleship, Belegurth's Current Guild, BETAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, bigwiz, Bikini Bottom, blablabla, black, Black, black bird, Black of Serenity, black of sérenity, Blackii Test, BlackMöön, BlackMööN R2, BLAST, blazed, BloodlustRR, bloodtista, Bloody Darkness, BloodyBeers, blàck of serenity, Blàck of Serenity, blâck pearl, Blïnd, Bobo, Bodin, BOMBAY POLICE D, bombay police department, Boss mod, Brager, Bulbilog, Burning Winds, Burning Winds, Burning Winds, Bushidan, C o r e, Caern Sidhe, Calcio, Caym, CBH, CBH, CBH, Cehnzas, Chevaliers Démeraude, Comødor, Concrete Jungle, Cosmos, creeÐ, Crépùscule, curbSTOMP, cømodor, d sv, dark, DDK, DeathNote, Dessine moi un péon, Destins, Deus lo Vult, Deus Lo Vult, Devil Hand, discidia, discidia, Divine Comedy, Djînn Raid, Do it on live, DREAM Trinity, DS, dynamik, dynamik, Dàlie, démo, EA SPORTZ TSEUNEYGANE, Easy Down, Easy Going, Element, Elements, Enrage, Enrage, Epic Win, Equinox, EquinoXx, EquinoXx, Ersatz du Temps, Escaflowne, Estaky Associate, esødrevø, Eternam, Eternity, A LE TRINK UNDEAD, A table les enfants, Absolum, Abstract, AcidReniX, AdeptGaming, Aether Zaïbatsu, Ahu Ahu, Akhénaton, Akùnamâtata, Aldei tapis, All Hope is Gone, ALLEZ C EST BON, alliance urbaine, Allégeance, alone of the darckness, Aléa Jacta Est, AMG, An Orc to the Past, Ancien, Angels Wiñgs, Angels øf Night, ANGERFIST, Angry Fat Kids, Annihilus, Anyway, ApOuaL, ApéroTimePvp, Aqua Licorne, Aquarium, aratiel, Arbre dur, Archi Family, Archimonde All Stars, Archétype, Arctique, ArdecheBanque, Arena Legends Of Twinks, ArgArg, Arméé De Mort Vivant, Art of Fighting, Arthas legacy, ASYD, Athens, Atome, AU CALME, Au Kassekroute Joyeux, Auréa, Aventis, Awakening, ay girl whats yo realid, Azeroth Forever, Azura, Azylum, Baban Is A Monkey, Back to the Futur, Backped its Worth it, Backped to Tatooine, Bad Heaven, Bad Puppies, BAH OUAI MON GARS, BAH REKT KWA, Band of Brotherz, Banked, Bankmania, BANLIEUE SUD BRONX, BANQUE FARM, Barbarians, Barbès Rochechouart, BarJeanPatrice, BASH TO THE FUTURE, Basic Gaming, BEEP BEEP I M A JEEP, Belgariade, Berzerker, Berzerkers, Bestial, Bikini Bottom, Bind Backped, BlackSabbat, Blackstorm, Blackøps, BlakYokaî, Blazing Legend, Blizz Corp, Blonde IRL, Blood Addiction, Blood Diamond, Blood Lightning, Blood Sun, Bloodlust, Bloodrage, Bloods Moon, Bloody Asylum, Bloody Crusade, Bloody Republic, Blows uP Gaming, Blue Moon Prophecy, Blàck Hats, bläck pearl, Bløck Øut, Bløodhoof, BløødMøøn, BofB, BOOSTED SQUAD, Borderline, Born of Darkness, Brain drain, BrainOnly, Brandished Fists, Broken Redhead Curly, Broken Souls, Burning Winds, Burst It, Burstless, bønus, bùrst, Bûcheron Maçon Cueilleur, C est pas faux, Ca Rage Sec, Ca roxx du poney, Caged Monster, Can You Feel It, Can Yoù Feel It, Carbøne XIV, Carpe, CBH, Celestial Being, Celestial Dream, Chappa ai, CHARACTER, cheznous, chiken chips, Childrens of Jah, Chinko Wo Shaburu, Chronicles, Chrysanthème, Claimed, Clairière Etincelante, Clan des Aigles de Sang, Clan des Barbes Neige, Clan Forgemort, Click n Kill, Cloud, CoDe, Cold Ascent, COLISEUM, Collapse, Come Get Some, ComeBack, Continuum, Corsicans Ultra, Couvent des Asperges, Cowboy Forever, Crank, Crazy VodkaRed, Crows of Heresy, Cry Army, Culte de Tamriel, Cybile, Cydonîa, Céréales Killers, Cøalition, Cømmunìty, Da Roxxor United, Damasius, Dans la Cage, Dark Blood, Dark Paradise, Deadly end, DeadlyCürse, dear mum, Death Sons, Delmak, Demolition, Destin, Destiny Awaits, Destockages, Disxleskick, DIVA, DIVAZ, Do it like us, Do it on live, Doggy Style, DongerArmy, DontWorryBeHìppy, Donuts et Saucisse, Dora Squad, Doudou fait moi love, Draco Camelus, Draconis, Dragon Assassins, DRAGON DE JADE, Dragons Divins, Dream Of The fayth, DROP A GEM ON EM, Durotar pvp all star, Dust, dynamik, Défenseur de la Horde, Døminatiøn, Dømpteur, E X I L, Easy Rush, EasyGame, Easyy Moneyy, EDN, ELLE EST OU LA POULETTE, Elwynn Pvp Club, Emergency, EMERIA, Emirates, En Møde ßagdaÐ, Enjoy Frags, Epic Loot, EquinoXx, Escadron du Beau Jeu, Escartefigue, Escort girlZ, est un darkdémon, Eternam, Eternity, Ethereal Knights, Ethernia, Ethernìum, Euphøria, Eutopia, Evanescence, Evil Corp, Ex Nihilø, Exilus, Exopa, EXOTIC, Expatz, Extalya, Extrëmë, Exyl, eXîstenZ, Eyes of the ancients, EyeSoul, F E A R, F R Y M, Fail Squad, Failed, Fairy Täil, FAIRYTAILs, Fait tourner les flooz, Faithful Guardians, fallen, Famous, Farmup, Fast Leveling, Fat Slim, Fatum, Fatume, Faut win sinan on perd, Faìth, FC DUROTAR, FC Hurlevent, Feedback, FeederZ, Fiertés de la Horde, FingerInYourNose, Fire Dawn, Fist of Halaak, Fist Pump, Fockus me I am Famous, FOCUS ADD, Focus le Heal, Four Roses, FragClub, Free Hugs Gaming, FRENCH CLEAVE, French Kids, French Kîss, Froggy Style, Frozen Effect, Frozen Moon, Fulgurance, Fulguris, Funaam, Funky Familly, Funky people, FUREUR DE STYCHE, Fureur Sanguinaire, Furynocturne, Galaga, Galaxy PVP, Game Set and Match, Gameplay marche arrière, Games Reach, Gang des miaous, Gangsta, Gank Me Baby Academy, Gankz Crew, Garde Royale, Gardiens dAzeroth, Geek Academie, Geek and Destroy, Geeks Nation, GemTahFam, Genese, Get Gear or Wipe Trying, GG MENTALIITE, Gives You Wings, Glad on banned acc, Gladiateurs, Gladiators Of The Shade, Globalement Grognon, Gloriæ, glory of darkness, Glorïous Legion, Gløire et Hønneur, Gløriøus Spirit, Gløøm, Gold Digger, Gold Members, GRATOS, Gravediggaz, Greed Is Feed, Greedy Goblins, Grenade Punk, GROS PECS IRL, Grös Ghör Squad, Guardians, Guardians of Souls, Guild BJQYR, Guilde de Tehre, Guilde de Vikoroff, Guilty bros, Gundar, Gàthering, Génération Gaming, Génézis, Habitant de Bowerstone, Hagakure, Hammer of the god, Hangøver, Happy Burstday, Hard Glory Challenges, Hardcore Session, HardFarming, HarDZonE, Haters gonna hate, Haterz gonna hate, Hell Zone, Hepcylon, Herø Corp, Hi Shin, HOLEMAKE, Holy Spirit, HOMIES, Hopeful, Horde Control, Horde ma vùe, HorDeMaVuE, Hostylz, Hwalbindang, Hypnøtika, Hyz, Hàppy BürstDayz, Hævn, Héritage du soleil levan, Héritiers de la Licorne, Hëavën, Hørde Øeuvre, Høtonømia, i am a healer, i am survivør, I Empire I, I FARM OR FAMILY DIE, I FARM OR THEY KICK ME, I Wanted I, Identity, II Evoque II, II Vénôm II, IIllII lIlIlIlI lIIlIIll, ILLEGITIMATE CHILD, illidari, Illium, Illius, IlluSion, Immortal Knight, Immortals, Imonium, Impulsion, Impulsiøn, IN RACLETTE WE TRUST, INC DU KAZAKHSTAN, Indeed, Infamous Absolum, Infected Mushroom, Infinity Gaming, Infinity Guardians, Infiníty, Influences, Infïnïty, Inglørious, Ingløriøus, INGRIDestcequetuDEZ, Injury, Innocence, Inquisitiøn, InsighT, Insomnïa, Instincts, Insømniac, Intendant de Thrall, Invade, Invicted, Iron Elite, Iron Horde, is a RockStar, is a Roxxor, is a Singstar, Is Mary Jane, Its Gonna Be Legendary, ITS HAPPENING, Ivy Resistance, Jah bless, Jaime les cacahuetes, Jamaican Gaming, Jamais sans ma touche S, Jardiland, Jaysh al nour, Jesus strikes back, jet lyfe, Jfais du sal, Joséphine fait du PVP, Jud Pamp Mouss, Judge Frip, Jungle, Just the Two Of Us, Juste Pour Le Fun, K A P O R A L, Keep Calm And Go Reroll, Khorium, Kill em All, Kingdom of Kumshot, Kisama, Knight of the scourge, Knights of Alleria, Knights of the Blood, Kopp, koukoukou, Kusobaba, Kønøa, l amour est dans le pré, L arène des neiges, L Esprit Du Wipe, LA BANDE A OUK OUK, La Banque postal, la bavette, La Citrouille Argenté, la confrerie sombre, La confrérie de Thallan, La Confrérie des Aspects, La Confrérie des Radins, La créperie, La Dernière Légion, La Gomme, La Grande Expédition, la legende, La legion Ardente, La Legion Urtrun, La Loge, La Lumière Sacrée, La Légende De PanDõra, La légende des Sboubi, La légion des ténèbres, La légion impie, La main dans le slack, La Maison Mormont, La Marmoud Académie, La Mini Agence Touriste, La Mort Leur Va Si Bien, la naheulband, La prophétie des ombres, La sauce pour les cassos, LA SECTE DE BATEMAN, La Shinra, La Tribz, Ladder Goat Effect, las bandidas, Las Noches, Last Ashes, Last Night, Le Bonhomme, Le club, Le Conseil des Morts, Le glâs du crépuscule, Le Nînja, Le Petit Comité, Le Poney Fringant, Le presse agrumes, Legend s Heroes, LEGENDE URBAINE, Legends Community, Les Anciens du Devoir, Les assoiffés de sang, LES AVENGERS, Les Boguelins, Les Cent Sushis, Les Cent Visages, Les Chevaliers du Temps, Les Chèvres, Les Consanguins, Les disciples de Chi Ji, Les Disciples de Tyr, les Dragons d Or, les démons, Les Enfants De Nathrezim, Les Fils de Babylon, Les Fières de Hache, Les Fleurs Du Maltes, Les Gardiens Du Nord, Les Gentils Grospexeurs, LES GROS BOEUFS, Les Hordeux de Nuit, Les Héraults du Dragon, Les Héros de la Horde, Les Héros Du Temps, Les insurgés, Les Inséparables, Les irradiés, Les Kebabiers, Les larmes de Sélène, Les Larmes du Phoenix, Les Legendaires Déchus, Les Loups Noirs, Les Maitres Quenelliers, Les Marcheurs de Rêves, Les Maîtres de la Horde, Les murmures du Soleil, Les Pandarens, Les Phénomènes, Les Profanateurs, Les Prétøriens, les quebecquois debille, les reroll d azeroth, LES ROUES DE OUF, Les Rustres Rieurs, Les Sindonei Flamboyants, LES SNOUF, Les Stalkers, Les Taurens Pouilleux, Les Templiers Ardents, Les Trois Pistoles, Les Tronpagnons, les tueurs d ally, Les Uzumaki, Les Vengeurs Fou, les vieux de la horde, Leth family, Lex régulûs, Lieutenant Biceps, Life is a Joke, Lify, Lifys, Like A Pedobear, littleflyingpigs, Liveware solution, Lix and Eleu BrøtherS, ll Mama ta curva ll, LMG, lN DA PLACE, Lord Cannibal, Lord of Blood, Lord Of Chaos, Lord of Cumshot, Lords of Azeroth, Los Bastardos, Lunacy, LunacyA, Lux Invictus, Lé CLAY SOUS BOI FRER, Légendaire, Légion Barbare, Légume Salam MA FRERE, Lørd Øf War, Løs Bastardøs, Løst Soul, løsTøxicøs PvP, Ma femme est une murloc, Mafia Tah Bled, Mafioso, Magma, Magøuille and co, MAJ, Make Løve Not Warcraft, Makes them smile, Mamen, Mange ta Banane, Martine fait du camping, Marx et ça repart, Master of Rbgs, Mastery MusQ, MaunaKea, Maybe Nèxt Time, Maybe One Hour, Mechanical Seed, Mechanical SeeÐ, Merci Jacky et Michel, Merci Quï, Mes excuses, MET T SKI YA DLA NEIGE, mhuleogri, miaou and co, MICHEL SARDOU CREW, Midnight Slayers, Militis Ínvictus, Millénium, Modern Gamers, MOH, Money Grows On Money, MoonPie, Moonrise, Mugiwara no, Mushroom Paradise, MY MUM SAID IM SPECIAL, Mystery, Mythix, Mælstrom, Météor, Météora, Mønster, Møøn Walk, Møønwalk, N Ø Ø B s G A N G, Naabs Never Die, Nafyx, NAMELES, Natural Return, Naughty Dogs, Ndrangheta, Necrostalker, Need mon serveur, Nerdz, Nervøus Ð, Never Back Down, Never Fear, never say no to panda, New Age, New Heaven, Neø LimiT, Night Souls, NightCrawlerS, Nightfall, Nihil Obstat, Nilidium, No Brain Full Pain, No Braìn, No Gains Without Pains, No ID, No Skill RPZ, No wype no glory, Nomloth, NomNomNom, Northern Lights, Not Cry, Nothingness, Nougatine, Nouille Orc Gang, NoWHere, NoxiaL, Nuit Eternelle, Number Six, Nydra, Némésís, NéoLithic, NôTorious, NöBraîn, Nø Answer, Nø friends, Nø One LiKes Us, Nø Stress, Nø Time, NøSkillZ, NøVüS OrDuM SeCløRuM, Nøøß ßuster, O Dessus C le Soleil, Obraz, Obsoleet, Obvious, Obélix te roule dessus, Oderint Dum Metuant, Og Sitting, Oh Wait, OKLM MAGGLE, Okokcestbon, Old School Raids, OldSchool, Olympium, OMGWTFBRBMYCATISONFIRE, On raid pas nous, ON TE ZLATAN, One Last Attempt, One shot en deux coups, One wipe to Heaven, Online, Onyxien, Oo Never Die Alone oO, Oo NËxt Oo, Open Legz, Open WoW, Opressiøn, Ordër øf Chaøs, Orphelinat des Glandus, Oslo, Other Time, OurWay, OUT OF MY WAY, OUTLAW, Oxmoz, oXmoze, P L S, Pandøre, Paper Gansta, Parle à ma monture, Patachons et Dragons, Peace Maker, PEON INSIDE, Pew PEw PEw Fire, PewPewGankingCrew, Pile ou Face, Plan B Sheep The Druid, Platipus, Pleure je T dit pleure, PNJ, poids, Pole Emploi, PorcZilla, Poulet Curry, Power Of Segpa, Predatørs, Prelude Gaming MVP, Priceless, ProhibitioN, Présage, Prøphetie, Punish Me, Punition Exemplaire, Purgatoire, Purple Squad, PVPlife, Pwofi Twolls, Pyjama PARTY, Päradøxe, Quantic, Quarante Neuf Trois, Quartier Cørrømpu, R O A R, Radioactive Burgers, Raid Pillz, RAIN MAKERS, Rang XIV, range ta chambre, Rat géant, Ravages, Raven, RazeR, RBG Guilde, Reason, Reboot, reborn the kill, Rebôrn, Red Coffins, Redemption of Twinks, Regeneration, Reiia s Banque, Relampago, Released, Remake Arena, Remember my name, Renewal, Republic Of Gamers, Requiem for a geek, Requiem ønline, rerrolforyøu, Res Novae, RestricteÐ, Resìlìence, Revenge of blood, Rex Dei Gratia, RICH GANG, RINCED, Rises, Rising Souls, Rival Turf, RNG n CYA, Rogues do it from behind, ROWE, rOxS, rOxSyOu, Roxy, Ruins, RUN LIKE A THUG, Rush, Rush and wipe, Russian Bears, Räsh, Rèd Bülls, Rônin, Saguenay Squad, SaladeTomatesOignons, Sang de Gladiateur, Sang et Honneur, santachnekdici bank, Sasuketeam, Savages, SCA, Screaming Face, Second Degré, Secret Of Angels, Seed, Seek and Destroy, seigneur du néant, Seigneur Du Temps, Seigneurs de la horde, Sekhmet, Sekhmet Nightmare, Semi Croustillant, Semis croustillans, Sense, Senseuh, Sereg Alfirit, Serveur Down, Seventy Twinks, Seylan, Shadøw Gaming, ShenYui, Shinra Inc, shotoxic, SHUT UP MOM IM PVPING, SideKick, Silma Uncensored, Silver Hand, sindorei, Sire on en aggro, sisilafamille, Size Check, SkilLnSkin, Skold Farode, Skynova, SkýýzØFrènChh, Skÿline, Slack INC, SlashTaunt, Slow Motion, Smart Bastards, Smorglupe, SoA Gaming, Sojourner, Soldier øf Azeroth, Sons of Maelstrom, Sons Of Titan, SORRY ON Né NUL, Soul of Darkness, Soulmate, souriezvouseteroxxer, Space Monkeys, Sparkling Unicorn, Sparte Legion, Spartz, SpeedX, Spicy Juicy Strawberry, Spirit Moon, Spírítus Sanctí, SRY BRO, Stampers Inc, STARFALL PUBLIC, Stealth, Stömping, sTøø, SubStance, SubWarZone, Suicid Squad, Supra heroïque, Surf with a Murloc, Suteki Da Ne, Swag de Pull, Sword Art Ønline, Symbiøsis, Symbiøze, Syn, Syphnétic Gaming, SYSTEMA, Sàlim Team, Sô Fresh, Sø Wake Me Up, Sølaris, SømbreDestin, Søuriez vous êtes farméS, T MAD, Tabard Noìr, Table Ronde, TaRienVuVennir, Taylor gang, TE PIKE TON GOUTER, Te Pique Ton McDO, Tenebrae, TeXas, TGCompany, The Awakening, The Barrens, The Butcher family, The Crimson Ring, The Dusks Guardians, The Expendables Team, The Fireborn, THE FLAYERS, The Foufléïte, The Guardians of azeroth, The Last Crusade, The Last Hôpe, The Last Legiøn, The Last Living, The Legion of PvP, The Leveling Guild, The Light Bringers, The living dead, The Lost Crusade, THE MONEY TEAM, The Second City Saints, The Shadows Company, The Silent Revengers, The Untamed Bastards, The Vortex Of Vengence, The Woweurs, The élite squadaron, TheBlackømen, Thousand Sons, Throne soldiers, Thunderfury, Ti Punch Family, time to die baby, Time Øut, Timon et Pumbaa, TOASTY, TON KINDER OU JTE TAPE, Touch my Trollala, ToYz, TrankilPosey, Treasure, Trilogie, Trinity, Triste Clan Célèbre, Troll des Tavernes, Trust Bank, Trust in your Dreams, Trïnïty, tu veux un pansement, TWO KINGS, Twothirds Army, Tøxic GameR, U N Ð E R G R O U N Ð, ubiteaM, Uncle and Cie, under the northern star, Undying Rage, Unexpected, Unexpected II, United Alliance, United X, Unleasheed, uNlimit, Unlêashed, Unrivaled, Unskilled, Unstoppablz, UPN, Valar Morghulïs, Valar Mørghuliis, Valium, Valkyrs, Vanish, VaraaM, Venturi Burst, VENUM, VH IS NOT A CRIME, Viens par là, Vikings, Vintage, Violent et Sensible, Virus, Visca Catalunya, Vote For Pedro, Väe Vìctìs, W A V E, Walkers, Warriors PVP, Watch, Watch me on Live, Watch N Learn, We Are A family, We Will Break Uranus, WeedKiller, WeedSkill, WeThePeople, WHAT EVER WERE AWESOME, What The Phoque, Whatsguild, Whisper, Winter is Coming, Wiped, WipeSpirit, WORLD GOVT, World of Lama, WoW Musculation, Wow Paradize, Wow Pirates, Wrath of the Brotherhood, WTB, Xcution, XmS Trinity, XXL RAMPAGE, YENOM, yeti, YopYopp, You Touch, Zahvert, Zero to Hero, Zerø Gamiñg, ZobTeam, Zombies, ZératoR TV, Zéro absolu, ßushido, Âme de glad, Ârmadâ, Åscendance, ÆGNïMå, Ænigma Sanguinem, É L I T E, ÐAMNEÐ, Ðescrìptus, Ðestiný, ÐESTRUCTIØÑ, Ðisturbia, Ðøwn, Ômniscience, øasis, ØH MY GOÐ, Ørdre du Chaøs, Ørigin, øØ ExisTenZ PVP GaMeR Øø, Ûnlimit, Eutopia, Eutopia, Everweak, Evil Swat, evil swats, Evil Swats, Evil Swats, Evils empire, Evils Empire, Exclusivity, Exodus, Explodium, Eyens, eyesoul, Eyesoul, F A C E P U N C H, Fae, Fail, Fake, falkarion, Fall, fallen, fantasm, Fantasm, FANTASM, Fear øf the Dark, FlaironSyn, flrwolsyn, FRESH, Frères d'Armes, full throttle, Fury, Fused, Føroyskir, galdri rank, GANGBANGTHEORY, Gardiens du fût, Gardiens du fût, Gardiens du Fût, garimod, Gbt, GdR, Genese, Genese, Genesis, Get out, Get Out, Glaze, GoFarmYoursëlf, goodomen, Grim Reaper, Guilty bros, GWAR, Génésis, Génésis reloaded, hangover, Happy Wow Friends, Harmony Remains, Hate, Havondor, Heart Of Ice, Helsiing Wol, hero coorp, Herø Corp pu, HIGH PERFORMANCE, Histérià, Hora Mortem, HoSTiLe Clan, Hostile Gaming, Hostile-clan, House Forsaken, Hurrikane Inc, Hurrikane Inc, hypnotyze, hystérià, Hystérià, héritiers de la licorne, , Hørizon, IA GAMING, ICC25/10, Idiot Box, ILLgOttEn gAiNs, illuminatï, Illumiñate, impact, Impact, Imperium Aeternam, in Rage, INDECIS, Infected Mushroom, Infected Mushroom, Infìnity, Insomnïa / Boîte à Telyndra, Insäne, Jambon, Jetaimeluc, Jte vois dans le retro, Justesthiz, Justforfunnn, Kapz, Kinslayer, Kinslayer, Kipikamort, kiss me, Kiss me, knights of alleria, kyokai, kza, Kzu, La famille ©, La prophétie des ombres, Lasapinièrepouettepouette, Lazy, Le pick up ! , Leave absø, Leeroÿ s Family, Leroy Jenkins, Les Comigneaumes, Les Empafés, Les Enfants Terribles, les gardien d'altais, Les Houms, Les Héritiers de la Licorne, Les Lapin de Durotar, les log a dopa !, Les pingouins du chaos, Les pokémons d'azeroth, Les pétales de lotus, Les pétales de lotus, Les réprouvés, Les templiers de théramore, Les Tïtans, Lethargy, Lfr party, LGGP, Lightning, Lightning, Listral, LMG, LMG, LMG, LMG, Logs, Lolicon, Lopmà, Lost Minds, Lux inv, Lux Invictus, Lux Invictus, Lux invictux, LyttaLog, Líñk, Løst soul, Machin, MadhouseR2, Mafia, MaGuilde, Maquisards, marb4, MataiInfoCenter, Maunakea, MaunaKea, Mauves Army, Melody, Metabolic Syndrome, Midgard, Milléwol, Mindz, MoinsTuDorsPlusTesFort, MoinsTuDorsPlusTesFort, Mojito, MOM SAID I AM SPECIAL, MOM SAID I AM SPECIAL, mon compte, Monkeyhutt, MonKeys on live, MSTRKRFT, murloc society, Mushrooms Revolution, My, My Logs., MyGuild, Mëliana, N/A, Nae's logs, Natural, Natural2005, Neantis, Neantis, Neo Limit, Neolithic, Nervous, new age, New Age R1 (fang), Neø LimiT, Nice Try, nigth, Nihil Obstat, No Dad No, No Dad NO, No stress je raid, No Wipe Just Progress, Noble, Nocturnia, Nocturnïa, Nothing Personal, Nothing remains, Nothing Remains, noxyd, noxyd lidzette, Némesis, Néo, Nêxt, Nïght, NïghtFälL, Nø Fear Nø Fail, Nø Stress, Nø Stress, Nøvae, Obscurity, obsidia, Obsidia, Old Reborn, Ombre et Poussière, omega, Omega, Omega X, On tag ton trottoir, One Last Attempt, oO illumination Oo, Ordem Secreta, orKs eSports, OsB, oTp, oTp, OurWay, Outlands Reborn, Overall, Oxmoze, Paka's report, Paradigm, Paradox, Paradox, ParadyZe, Parasites of Paradise, participe tordu, Perso, Person of Interest, Pick-up Nerro, Pickup, Pickup, Pink, Pink Heaven, PirAts, PoP, progress, Progress, prophétie, Prophétie, Prophétie, Prorata Temporis, prøméthée, Puddi Secure, pômmes, Qiroar, Quartier Rouge, Qwall le pgm, r e s t r i c t e d lidz, R Pu Archi, Raid Pillz, randomguild, Randomguild...., Rash, Ravaen, Raw, RAW, RAW, Reach, Rebirth, REBIRTH, Reboot, Reboot 2, REDEEM, Redemptìon, Redemptìon, Regnum In, Regnum In, Released, renewal, Renewal, Renewal, Renewal, Renewal, Renewal, Repentina Morte, report, Reroll cold, Res Novae, Reset, Reßorn, Reßorn, Rien que moi, Rigor Mortis, Rock The Win, Ronin, ROXXOR, Roxy, Rupture, Rupture, Rupture, ruthless, Réprouvé, rônin, Rônin, Rônin, Rônin, S o E, Sai sutato, Sai sutato, san, Sapped girls can't say no, Sarpé, Sarpé, Sarpélog, Savage Sects, SB, scourge, Screen Offz, SD, Sedative, Sekhmet, Semper Fie, Semper Fie, Senior, Sense, Sense II, Sense Melee, Sereg Alfirit, Sereg Alfirit, Serenìty, SGF, Shadow Annihilation, Shadows Divinity, Shadøwmøøn, Shattered, Shinsen, Shinsen, Sigiel test, Silma Censored, Silma Censored, Silma Uncensored, Silman, Silverthorn, Skulls of darkness, Skulls of Darkness, slain your mains, SlashTaunt, Sleepy's logs , Smart bastards, Smart Bastards, Smart Bastards, SMB, SnGi, so hot, Solstice, SomethingSomething, SOP, spqr, spym, Squàd, Squàd, Stepprice, Stormwind Auction House, Strahta, 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WoL de Limon, WOL Limon, World of Symi, Wowmania, Wreck, WTF, WTF, WTF, wz, xxx, ybis, yeti, Zato91, zerator tv, ßlackList, ßlackList, Àsgard, ÑØØßLìsPåsLáStrãTGuild <ÑØØßLìsPåsLáStrãT> EU-Archimonde, ÑØØßLìsPåsLáStrãTGuild <ÑØØßLìsPåsLáStrãT> EU-Archimonde francais cote h2 avant on ete a2 mé maintnan on et h2 car c plus gg et les elfe son trop cooool loool xd, ØBsyLïen, Ýunae PU

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