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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Dead Center EU-Kargath Alliance 4 31
Orden der Verdammnis EU-Kargath Horde 0 167
AlfiraLogs EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 133
Starlight EU-Kargath Alliance 0 86
Stern von Kalimdor EU-Kargath Horde 0 75
Blacksnow EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 59
nOOb EU-Ambossar Horde 0 58
Himmelsstürmer EU-Kargath Alliance 0 57
Club Êlfinê EU-Kargath Alliance 0 56
Geni´s Logs EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 53
Ugly Ducklings EU-Kargath Horde 0 39
Sons of Destruction EU-Kargath Alliance 0 36
Access All Areas EU-Kargath Alliance 0 32
Fast and Deadly None Alliance 0 30
Mannisch Depressiv EU-Kargath Alliance 0 30
Lol206 EU-Ambossar Horde 0 28
Illuminos EU-Kargath Alliance 0 26
DieGilde EU-Ambossar Horde 0 24
rnds EU-Kargath Alliance 0 24
Kasuri and the Gang EU-Kargath Alliance 0 21
The Nameless EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 20
Mortifera EU-Kargath Alliance 0 18
Souls of Death EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 18
New Aman Shan Re EU-Kargath Alliance 0 17
Bad Taste EU-Kargath Alliance 0 15
Monochrome EU-Kargath Alliance 0 15
InProgress EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 14
Wölfe des Krieges EU-Kargath Alliance 0 13
Archi-Logs EU-Ambossar Horde 0 11
Mighty Magic EU-Kargath Alliance 0 11
Thoregon EU-Kargath Alliance 0 9
Aversio EU-Ambossar Horde 0 8
blacksnow - schnappelpower EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 8
böhse hordelz EU-Ambossar Horde 0 8
Lembertz EU-Kargath Horde 0 8
Nástrandir 10er EU-Kargath Alliance 0 7
Wachen der Gerechtigkeit EU-Kargath Alliance 0 7
Espento EU-Kargath Horde 0 6
Grenzwert EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 6
Paggim EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 6
Pro Fuchs EU-Kargath Horde 0 6
Twinksruns EU-Kargath Alliance 0 6
Ultoris Silvestris EU-Kargath Alliance 0 6
Der Magische Bund EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 5
Die geächteten Bewahrer EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 5
insert scary name here EU-Kargath Alliance 0 5
Aversio-Rebooted EU-Ambossar Horde 0 4
Debuff EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 4
Die geächteten Bewahrer EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 4
Doom EU-Kargath Horde 0 4
NASR EU-Kargath Alliance 0 4
Ragnarøk EU-Kargath Horde 0 4
sonnenrabe EU-Ambossar Horde 0 4
Sons of Destruction EU-Kargath Alliance 0 4
Tempelritter Orden EU-Kargath Alliance 0 4
Thug Life EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 4
ACD Operation cold winter EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 3
Allianz der Schwerter EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 3
Das TRIBUNal EU-Kargath Horde 0 3
Enraged Revolution EU-Kargath Horde 0 3
Opus Bellum EU-Kargath Alliance 0 3
Paggimm EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 3
Piranjas EU-Kargath Alliance 0 3
Prime EU-Kargath Alliance 0 3
Primrose Path EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 3
Shady Business EU-Ambossar Horde 0 3
Uhrwerk EU-Kargath Alliance 0 3
Venom/Azeroth Security EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 3
Wega EU-Kargath Alliance 0 3
#tbc EU-Kargath Alliance 0 2
ASGARD EU-Kargath Alliance 0 2
Auctoritas EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 2
Bloody Angels EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 2
Divide et Impera EU-Kargath Alliance 0 2
End of all Hope EU-Kargath Horde 0 2
Gargantuana EU-Kargath Alliance 0 2
LasstmichArztichbinDurch EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 2
Scattered Dream EU-Kargath Alliance 0 2
Sushka´s Rnd - Raids EU-Kargath Horde 0 2
Circle of the Sacred Oak EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
12345 EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
Abyssum EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Attacke Pînguin EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
B L O O D P A C T EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
Bad Taste EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Bad Taste EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
blacksnow-doppel-d EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
blacksnow_andaar EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
böhse hordelz None Horde 0 1
Chapel of Rest EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
Concordia EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Dctwø None Alliance 0 1
Die geächteten Bewahrer EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
Die Kesselflicker EU-Kargath Horde 0 1
Die Nacktmullen EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Elysium EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
encore EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
Gönn Dir EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
Hordcores EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
KnightsOfTheCoconut EU-Kargath Horde 0 1
LFR Test EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
Lootcamp EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Mindcraft EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
Mortalgirl EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
Nifelheim EU-Kargath Horde 0 1
Nos Exilium EU-Kargath Horde 0 1
Nástrandir EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Operation Opossum(Aversio) EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
PhilippBang EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
Sacrifice EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
SpiritsAbroad EU-Ambossar Horde 0 1
The Avalanche EU-Kargath Alliance 0 1
The Untouchables EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
Vani Brothers EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 1
... None Alliance 0 0
10er HM DPS None Horde 0 0
A Perfect Circle None Alliance 0 0
acd None Alliance 0 0
Addict None Alliance 0 0
Aelions None Alliance 0 0
Alcatraz None Horde 0 0
Alekay None Alliance 0 0
amboss EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 0
anonym None Horde 0 0
AnotherColdDay None Alliance 0 0
AnotherOldGay None Alliance 0 0
Antîpathie None Alliance 0 0
Armadillo None Alliance 0 0
asd None Alliance 0 0
Attacke Pinguin None Horde 0 0
Aversio (Challengers) None Horde 0 0
Aversio (OpOp) None Horde 0 0
Aversio (Woogi Logs) None Alliance 0 0
Aversio / Tomb Raiders None Horde 0 0
Aversio [OpOp] None Horde 0 0
Awesome None Horde 0 0
Bad Taste None Alliance 0 0
Big Kahuna None Horde 0 0
blabla None Horde 0 0
Böhse Hordelz None Horde 0 0
CAPSLOCK None Alliance 0 0
Cassidy's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Chaoslogs EU-Kargath Horde 0 0
chapter II None Alliance 0 0
Church of Violence None Horde 0 0
ClubElfine None Alliance 0 0
confidemus in veritas None Alliance 0 0
Consortio Contineo None Alliance 0 0
Cowadins Logguild None Horde 0 0
Darkphoenix None Alliance 0 0
Decerto None Alliance 0 0
Defender of the Weak None Alliance 0 0
Desti None Alliance 0 0
Desti2 None Horde 0 0
Die HottenTotten None Alliance 0 0
Die Liga der Gerechten None Alliance 0 0
Die Verstoßenen None Alliance 0 0
draconispewpew None Alliance 0 0
duama None Horde 0 0
EnlusiO None Horde 0 0
Enlusio/Operation Opossum None Horde 0 0
Erben der Macht None Alliance 0 0
Erben EldreThalas None Horde 0 0
Evolution of Hate None Horde 0 0
Exento None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Angels of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Angels of Azeroth Test None Alliance 0 0
ferox None Horde 0 0
FightClub 10er None Alliance 0 0
Finistere EU-Kargath Alliance 0 0
For the Light None Alliance 0 0
FTHandFriends None Alliance 0 0
Gebt uns Tiernamen None Alliance 0 0
Goldener Drache None Alliance 0 0
GR None Alliance 0 0
Grabarze EU-Ambossar Horde 0 0
Grauer Rat None Alliance 0 0
Gschaftlhuaba None Horde 0 0
Havoc None Alliance 0 0
Heimdalls Mannen EU-Kargath Alliance 0 0
Helden der Gasse None Horde 0 0
holy randoms None Alliance 0 0
Illegale Party None Alliance 0 0
inHonor None Alliance 0 0
inHonor None Alliance 0 0
inHonor None Alliance 0 0
InProgress None Alliance 0 0
InProgress None Alliance 0 0
InProgress None Alliance 0 0
insert scary name here None Alliance 0 0
Kenies None Horde 0 0
Kessel None Alliance 0 0
La Tropicana None Alliance 0 0
Legio Invicta None Alliance 0 0
Let´sTwink None Alliance 0 0
Logs of Challangers None Horde 0 0
Lost None Alliance 0 0
Lucretius Curate None Alliance 0 0
LUNARES EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 0
McGreen ACD None Alliance 0 0
Meyas-Loggs None Horde 0 0
Midi None Alliance 0 0
mo None Horde 0 0
Moonlight of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Märtyrer Azeroths None Alliance 0 0
Nex 2013 None Alliance 0 0
Nex-Kargath None Alliance 0 0
Nos Exilium None Horde 0 0
nos-exilium None Horde 0 0
Nástrandir None Alliance 0 0
olol None Horde 0 0
Orcestra EU-Kargath Horde 0 0
Passion Cookies None Alliance 0 0
Random None Alliance 0 0
randomraids None Alliance 0 0
rare None Horde 0 0
Rare Elite None Alliance 0 0
Rare Elite Twink None Alliance 0 0
RareElite Raid II None Alliance 0 0
Rat von Simbala None Alliance 0 0
RiSe None Alliance 0 0
Rush None Horde 0 0
Sacrifice EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 0
Sacrifice EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 0
Sacrifice None Alliance 0 0
SanctaRaid None Alliance 0 0
Schwarze Garde None Alliance 0 0
SoloKrieger None Alliance 0 0
Sons of Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Soulblades of Nightmare EU-Kargath Horde 0 0
Soulblades of Nightmare None Horde 0 0
Spott Immun None Alliance 0 0
Squeezle Logs None Horde 0 0
Stereophonics None Alliance 0 0
Sternenflotte None Alliance 0 0
Test Droganox None Alliance 0 0
Test4321 None Horde 0 0
Test54321 None Horde 0 0
the avalanche None Alliance 0 0
The Avalanche None Alliance 0 0
TRaid EU-Kargath Alliance 0 0
Triangulum None Alliance 0 0
Triangulum + Friends None Alliance 0 0
Unkind None Horde 0 0
Vanquish None Horde 0 0
VipeR None Alliance 0 0
VipeR EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 0
Vogel-Frei None Alliance 0 0
Warlords of Azeroth None Horde 0 0
WoA None Horde 0 0
Wunderhöhle EU-Ambossar Alliance 0 0
Wächter der alten Könige None Alliance 0 0
zarriktestguild None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

0815, 9Th's logs, , A Legendary Collection, Abglanz vom Licht, Abyssum, ACD Gruppe 1, ACD Gruppe2, Addict, Addict, Addict, Adeptus Astartes, Advisor of legends, Advocates of Insanity, Advocates of Insanity, Aequitas, Aevum, Aevum, Aevum, albert, Amazing, AMD, Anarchy Inc (Aversio), AnarchyINC(Aversio), And Friends, And Friends, anhsgilde, Annexion, AnotherColdDay, aoijwd, Aotfc Blutrausch, AR, arcania, Arcania, Arcania, Arise, AttackePinguin, Auctoritas, Autogramme gibts später, Ave Converti, Aversio Interlopers, Aversio twink, Aversio/Challengers, Awesome!, Awoken Kites, Awoken Kites, Awoken Kites, Axis of Anarchy, Azeroth Chopper Club, Bad Phrenology, Bad Taste, Bad Taste, Barbarians of Chaos, Barf, basdadadasda, Beren Tir Sidh, Bergsteiger, Bewahrer des alten Codex, Bewahrer des alten Codex, Bewahrer des Guten, Bewerbungen, Big Kahuna 1, Big Kahuna 2, BigKahuna, blaa, blabla, blablub, Blackbutcher & Friends, Blackcrows, Blacknights, blacksnow, blah, Blubb, Blâck Dragon, Bo's S3D + WdG Raids, Bo's S3D + WdG-25er & oom-10er , Boogie Knights, Brotherhood of War, Brute Force Methode, BSV, BUGS, BUGS, BUGS, bulletproof, BurnMC, Bäm's, Böhse Hordelz, Capslock, Casual Gimps, CASUALty, Chapel of rest, Chapel of rest, Chapel of Rest, Chapel of Rest, Chapel Of Rest, Chapel Woelfe, Chapter II, Chapter II, Chapter II, Child Services, Church of Violence, Church of Violence, Citius altius fortius, CiV, Classic Gaming, Club elfine, CNK-Raid, Confoederatio Helvetica, Conspiracy, Cor at Anima, Cor at Anima, Corvus Corax, Cowabunga, Crematorium, Crudo, Cruentus Legatus, Cruentus Legatus, crít happens, Crít Happens, Cunis Irae, Cunis Irae, Cunis Irae, Cursed Souls, Cursed Souls 2, Cøre, D e s t i n a t i o N, D e s t i n a t i o N, D e s t i n a t i o N, Da Twink, Dark Crystal, Dark Knights of Azeroth, Dark Revenge, Darkphoenix, Darkphoenix, Darnassus Guard, Darwin's Logs, Das Ultimatum, DaTwink, Dead Bloody Angels, Defender of chaos, Defender of chaos, Defenderofchaos, Der Ritterorden, Destiny, DestructionFlyer, devious, Die Bergsteiger, Die Besserwisser, Die Dachse des Bösen, Die geächteten Bewahrer, Die geächteten Bewahrer, Die geächteten Bewahrer, Die Geächteten Bewahrer, Die Gotei, Die guten Ritter, Die hotten Totten, Die Kuhle Herde, Die Macht der Naaru, Die Smaragdenklave, Die Smaragdenklave, Die Tafelrunde, Die Verstoßenen, Die Wilde Dreizehn, Die Zuflucht, Die Zuflucht, Digital-Frenzy, Divid eth impera, Divide eth Impera, Djinies, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Drachenglut, Draco Excubitor, Dragon Clan, Dreaming DiVus, DSfarmer, Dunkle Schatten, E n l u s i o, E n l u s i o, E N L U S I O, E n l u s i o , Elvó's Log, Elysion, Elysion, Elysium, Elysium, en-core, encore, encore, enjoy, Enlusio, Entropy, Epos, eqr, essential, ACD LIKES IT GOOFYSTYLE, Adeption, Allianz der Schwerter, B L O O D P A C T, Bank and Trading Company, Bankchars, Bazinga, Bewahrer des Guten, blacksnow, Boerse, Boot Camp, Chapel of rest, Chosen One, Church of Violence, Circle of Light, Clan of Wargods, Corvus, Cunis Irae, D e s t i n a t i o N, Dark Army, Dark Mousy, DDs, decode, Der Gummientenclub, Desperados, Destination Darkness, DestructionFlyer, Dharma Initiative, Die Arge, Die Bîerwächter, Die Eisdrachenritter, Die eisigen Reisenden, Die Goldstückchen, Die Ich AG, Die Kuschelecke, Die neue Sitzordnung, Die neue Weltordnung, Die Nibelungen, Die Schildwache, Die Zwergenschubser, Diese Gilde ist besser, dsawr, E n l u s i o, Elicitors, Endless, Enrâge, Erben der Dämmerung, EvilTwinks, Evolution, Ex Propriis, eXperience, F R E A K S, Fallen Angels, Famerama, Fiamma della Morte, Fight Club, Flying Circus, FoxisFoxen, Furcht, Go To Negril, Hades Erben, Howd Up Ear High Knees, Iceborn Immortals, Illuminates, In Flamare, in flamaré, Infernale, is awesome, ist ehrfürchtig bei Mc D, Jockers, Katastrophenschutz, Killing Dreams, Kobayashi Investment Ltd, Kopfnuss, Krieger der Todesmine, Le Équipe, LEIDER SUPERGEIL, LifeStalkerz, los illuminados, loves Mobbing, Lunatic Knights, Mein Server ist down, MeinServerIstDown MIMIMI, Nebel von Avalon, Neureich, Nightmare Fighters, NoobZ im Blutrausch, Nordmänner, Old Spice, ONE, Onlinewarsnetwork, Orcestra, Pentagon, Pitchblack, PsYcHo AtZeN, Reforge, Ritterorden, Roots of Madness, S T A R S, Saint Clarines, Sanctuary, Schlümpfe, Sentinel, Silencio, Silent Death, Social Network, Solaika Fanclub, Spirit of Nature, Spirit of the Death, Sucide Club, Survive, Söhne TalRashas, Ten, The Bloody Resistance, The Clan of Dragons, The Medis, The Môneymakérs, The Relikt, The Stand, The Untouchables, Toxic Touch, Troops of Darkness, twitch tv LucasophieTV, VAE VICTIS, Venom, Violencia, WACKEN, weil wirs können, WowIstAuchNurEinSpiel, zieht Aggro, A Team, Abyssum, Ad Astra, aLto beLLi, Anelito, ARENA BOOSTER, Ascadia, Asche des Phönix, Babyduriechst, Bad Taste, Bangster, Bank of Nordend, Bash a no falor talah, BDw, Beuteltier Schutzverein, Blood Ravagers, Boobay Smugglaz, Box der Pandora, Breath of Fire, BUGS, ButterBrot vs KampfKeks, Castra, Clan der Hammerfäuste, Classic Gaming, Club der Millionäre, Confidemus In Veritas, Cool Runnings, Cor at Anima, Cross, Cryogenische Bank AG, crít happens, Das Bank, Das Kampfkeksgeschwader, Dead Bloody Angels, deluXe, Der Bankier, Der Drachenorden, derLetztemachtLichtaus, Devourer of Souls, die bankies, Die guten Ritter, Die Heldenfabrik, Die Hinterbliebenen, Die kleinen Kämpfer, Die Schwarze Garde, Die Sesamstraßengang, Die Zicken, Divinity, Doom, Dorina, Drachenherz, Easy, Elendils Erben, Elysium, End of all Hope, Enraged, eXpeditus Cetra, F Bank, Fallen Angel, Fallen Angels of Azeroth, Feel The Wicked, FG Inc, FireWarriors, firma rast und ruh, For the Light, Fortes fortuna adiuvat, Freundeskreis, Friends Of Oma Boskop, Friends with Benefits, FU Tang Clan, Geh Ma Bier Holn, Geiz ist geil, Germania, Gildenboni, GildenLager, Heimdalls Mannen, Helden der Welt, Honesty, Horden GmbH, Hordenzipfler, Höllenhunde, Illuminate, Infected, Inferno, infestus, insert scary name here, Invincibles, Just a Store, Just Cause Project, Kartell der Vergeltung, Kinder Des Lichts KDL, Klein aber Oho, Klingen des Ordens, KnightsOfTheCoconut, KRACHBUMMENTEN, La Unidad, Liberty, Liga der Gentlemans, lnFamous, Lordaerons Erben, Lucretius Curate, Lux Immortalis, Mc bánkíng, mein Freund ist Pala, Melfrods Eck, Miezekatzen Enraged, Mogits Stuff Bank, Moonlight of Darkness, Moonlíght, Morgenmuffel, muckibude, Mythisch, Nero, Nextrusar, No Limits, Nordstern, Nos Exilium, Odem of Hell, Old Nicks Heirs, OldStars, ordis recher, out of mind, Ownage Incorporation, Palanoid, pewpewlazer, Phalanx, Pink Peaches, PLS MTV P I M P MY FACE, POSSIBLE, Primus Omnium, Princeton Plainsboro, Pro Fuchs, Ragnarøk, Red Pirates, Republic of Gamers, Reunited, Rheingauner, Ritter der Hoffnung, Rush, Sacred Fists, SaleByAuction, SangRéal, Schatzkiste, Schurkenhandel GmbH, Schätzeleins, Sierra Six, Sikkes Bank, SkiLL oF EpiX, Slaughterhouse, Sons of Destruction, Soulblades of Nightmare, Starlights, Stiflers Mom Club, Studio Braun, Suchtlappen, Sycker Than You, The Avalanche, The Crazy Hunters, The Dark Raiders, The Iron Dwarfs, The Legend of Apocalypti, The Legendary Warrior, Theoretisch Imba, Thoregon, Thunder of Light, Trinity of Azeroth, Twist of Fate, twitchTV, Uhrwerk, Ultoris Silvestris, Unter uns, Vengeance of Azeroth, Ventus Novus, Ventus Orientalis, Vision, Wachen des Lichts, Warriors of Worgen, Wolfpack, Wombat Fanclub, WoW Verband Schweiz, Wrath, WÀAÁGH, Wächter Der Kirin Tor, Wölfe des Krieges, Evolution, Evolution, Exception, Excubitor Luminis, Exepted, Exilihum, exordium triados, eXperience, eXperience, eXtreme, Extreme, Fallen Angels, Fallen Angels, Fallen Angels, Fallen Angels, Fallen Angels, Fallen ANgels, Fallen Angels Ambossar, Fallen Angels of Azeroth, Fast and Deadly, Fearless, Feral Organisation, Feuerring, Feár, FeáR, feâr, Feâr, Feâr, Feâr, Feâr, Fidei Defensor, FIDEI DEFENSOR, FIDEI DEFENSOR, Fightclub, Fightclub, Fightclub, Fightclub, Fike, Fischtheoretiker, Flammenkranz, For the Light, Fortes fortuna adiuvat, Fortes fortuna adiuvat, Freundeskreis, Friends Corporation, Friends Corporation, Frozen, Garde des Königs, GEHT ZIEMLICH STEIL, Ghost of Darkness, Glorious Stars, Glorious Stars, Godlíke, Godmode, Godmode, Goldener Drache, Gorthors Stammgruppe, GuardsOfOldcastle, GuildRotlung, Gurziownage, Göttlicher Pakt, Hades Erben, Hallowed Eclipse, Hampelmänner, Hasentruppe, hdl10, Heart mode only, HeartsFear, Heimdalls Mannen, Heimdallsmannen, Helfende Hände, Heroes of silvermoon, Heroes of Silvermoon, Heroes of Silvermoon, Heroes-of-Silvermoon, HighVoltage, Holy Knights of Azeroth, Honesty, Horde Power, Horde Super Models, Horden GMBH, Hordenhaufen, Horizon, Horizon, Hurrr Durrr, HydroxLogs und co., Hyomi, Hüter von Sturmwind, Hüter von Sturmwind, I am so Hordy, I am so Hordy, I n v i n c i b l e, Illuminare, Illuminate, Illuminates, Illuminos, illuminos a, Ilustria, immortalis, Immortalis, Impact, in Honor, Incensio, Infected, infestus, InPanîc, InProgress, Insert scary name here, Interlopers, Interlopers, INXS, is on a boat, Jesus had a Soulstone, just loot it, Just skill for epix , Just4fun, kA, Kador, Kargaht Stamm, KDT, keine Gilde, Kesselflicker-Doom-Twinkraid, killed Kenny, killed Kenny, Kinder des Zorns, Klartext, Klingen der Zeit, Klyren, Knuddels, Kody-Stamm Ambossar, kokitos, KotIF, Krautfabrik, Kreuzzug der Dunkelheit, Kreuzzug der Dunkelheit, Kreuzzug der Dunkelheit, Kreuzzug Der Dunkelheit, KungFuPandas, Kämpfer der Hoffnung TR, Kämpfer des Mönchs, LasstmichArztichbinDurch, Legacy, Legaten des Lichts, Legend of Kargath, Legenden der Horde, Legenden der Horde, Legion of Hell, Lethal Injection, Lethal Injection, Liga of Faliviens, Los Tarbarnakos, Lost Vikings, Lost Vikings, Lucretius Curate, Lucretius Curate, lukdemon, Lumiére, LUNARES, Lunatic, Lunatic, Lux Immortalis, Lysiien, Macht des Schicksals, Macht des Schicksals, Magna Carta, Maiduna, massive face, Meins, Melrise, MemoStats, MENTAL ASYLUM, Mercur, Methodical, Mevix Healing, Mightymatzu, Minty fresh death breath, Minty Fusion, Minty Fusion, mogry, Mogry Inc, Mogrys Gone Wild, Moira, Moira, Moira, moischaun, monopoly, Mordlust, Mordlust, More Fun, MotU, My Mom called me special, myLog, MyLog, mylogs, mystic circle, Mystic Circle, Mystic Circle, Mystic-Circle-Guild, MyTest, Märtyrer Azeroths, N E P H I L I M, Naaaa, Nachtrausch, Nacktbar, Nathaira, Nd, Nellys Eleven, Neri Twink Logs, New Aman Shan Re, New Aman Shan RE, Nex, Nex, Nex, Nex, Nex, NEX R1, Next Level, Nightmare, No Quarter 2, noctu, Nos-Exilium, NotSuchtElend, Nova, Nova, Nova Twinkraid, Novum, Nástrandir, Nástrandir, Nástrandir, Nástrandir, Obscuratio Luminis, Ocean Souls, Odem der Ewigkeit, Officium Destitutorum, Onemanshow, Opus Bellum, Orcestra, Orcestra, orcestra's WILL, Orden der Verdammnis, Orden der Verdammnis, Oscurita, Oscurità, Oscurità, Others, Out of Range, Pakt der Uralten, Pakt des Blutes, Pala pride!, Pandorum, Pandorum, Pantheon, Pantheøn, Parabellum, Paradox, Passion, Passion, PB, PB on Tour, Personal Testing, PewPew-Raid, PewPew10ner, Phoenixflügel, PiratS, Pitchblack, Prieuré de Síon, Primrose Path, Primrose Path, Primrose Path Random Raids, Private, probe, Project C, Pros never die, Proud, Pug, Racheéngel, Ragna, Ragnarøk, RagnarØk, Raid Diablos, Random IOO, Random Raids, randomIDK, Rare Elite, rare-Test, Ready fôr War, Real Enemy, Rebirth, Reforge, Regnum Veneratio, Reins of Destiny, Restinpeace, retarded, Reunited, Rinova, Rioxar's Logs, Rise, Rising Sun, Rising Sun, RisingThunder, RisingThunder 10er, Ritter des yggdrasil, rnd, Rotzfrech, RT, Rush, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sahneschnittchen, Sancta Lux, Sancta Lux, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, SangRéal, SangRéal + Friends, Sanguine, satisfaction, Satori, Scattered Dream, Schlafes Bruder, Schlafwandler, Schlafwandler, Schwarze Engel, Schwarze Garde 2, Schöner wär ne Warze, Search and Destroy, Segen der Ewigen, Sensro, Sentinel, Sentinel, Sepsis, Sequel, Sequel, Shadow Angels, shadowstyle, Shockwave, siam, Siam, SkiLL oF EpiX, Skillcapped, Snoozz, Snugglz's Logs, Snôw, Snôw, Sod/Elysium, Soft Enrage, Sombra de la Muerte, Sonnenwanderer, Sons of Destruction, Sons of Odin, Sons/Elysium, Soulblades of Nightmare, Souls of the Fallen, Souls of the Fallen, Source of Unity, Spirastoski, Spirit of Destiny, Spott Immun, Spott Immun, Stella Nova, Stella Nova, Stereo Twinks, Stereophonics, Stereophonics, stoper reports, Strong Spell & Steal, Strong spell and steel, Sturmfalken, SvK/Tribu Hartmut, sweet revenge, sweetyhoney78 , Swiss Made, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, Taaboo, tarary, Team Chaos, Tears of Heaven, Tears of Heaven, Templer des Sturms, Templer des Sturms, Ten, Ten, test, Test, Test, Test, test 1234, Test Droganox, test10, testguild, Testicious, Testing, Testitest, Testo, Testraid Joho, The Avalanche, The Avalanche, The Blacknights, The Core, The Crazy Hunters, The Crazy Hunters, The Dark Moon, 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