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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Chaotenteam EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 70
Hauptsache Möp EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 35
Old Rabbits EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 19
Sacer Ordo Draconis EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 12
EliteNerds EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 11
Harlequin Crest EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 11
Stormraiders EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 11
Konzept EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 10
Pakt des Lichts EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 10
Legions of Ultima EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 9
Pain and Pleasure EU-Aman'Thul 0 8
Bregan D aerthe EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 7
Der Drachenpakt EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 7
Gestört aber geil EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 7
Noricum EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 7
Weltendämmerung EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 6
Crew des Königs EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Unleash the Hounds EU-Aman'Thul 0 5
Veritas Immortalis EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Gummibaerenbande EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Its a trap EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
RageTroops EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Capud Draconis EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 3
Moriturí EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Phoenix Cohortis EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
The Order of Death EU-Aman'Thul 0 3
Celestial Dawn EU-Aman'Thul 0 2
DragonHeart EU-Aman'Thul 0 2
Exclusive EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
First Try EU-Aman'Thul 0 2
Good Old EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Guardians of Honor EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 2
Sanguis Bonitas EU-Aman'Thul 0 2
Schatten Kämpfer EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Wannabe Challenger EU-Aman'Thul 0 2
Wipe Resistant EU-Aman'Thul 0 2
Custodes Noctis EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Erwachen des Phönix EU-Aman'Thul 0 1
Flames of Crystal Dragon EU-Aman'Thul 0 1
From Dusk Till Dawn EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Heldensturm EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Immortal Sanctum EU-Aman'Thul 0 1
Infécted EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Lights of Darkness EU-Aman'Thul 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Anorya EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 185
From Dusk Till Dawn EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 135
Wipe Club EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 133
Desertas EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 129
exilium EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 60
Celestial Dawn EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 58
stroke of genius EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 51
Krähen EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 50
Todesgruppe EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 41
Medivhs Erben EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 38
Blood Raven EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 36
Impulsive EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 34
Excubitoris ex Lucerna None Alliance 0 29
Scars & Friends EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 29
Panda EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 28
The Golden Dawn EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 28
Böhse Orkelz EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 22
Destiny of Life EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 21
unleash EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 21
Hiswif EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 20
Lights of Darkness@Aman'Thul EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 19
Essential EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 17
Phoenix Cohortis EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 17
Amazing EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 16
Asçension EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 15
Drachensturm EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 15
Impulsive EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 15
Under Çonstruction EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 15
Illuminatis EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 14
The Circle of Trust EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 14
aXia EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 13
Nastrand EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 13
Phobia EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 13
OdemMortis EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 12
The RatPack EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 11
BlackEmpire EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 10
Fire Fighter EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 10
Infécted EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 10
DPS Roq EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 9
Not Dead Yet EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 9
Rat der Horde EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 9
dreckiges dutzend EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 8
Wipegefahr-Inc. EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 8
Confused Psychotics EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 7
Engel in Zivil EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 7
Pro Salute Omnium EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 7
Schwert der Vorsehung EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 7
Bavarian Barbarians EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 6
Cataclysm EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 6
Pastagrande EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 6
rush EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 6
Wipe Resistant EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 6
ATAT Parsers EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Cherubim EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Elite der Unterschicht EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Its a trap EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
LokTar EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 5
Alaní-Test EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Der Rat der Weisen EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Essential EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Good Old EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Legions of Ultima EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Lunar Sphere EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Meisterjäger EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Noch ein Raid EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Tempest EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
TG EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 4
AoD Lästerschwestern EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Delusions of Lunacy EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Der alte Bund EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 3
DIE FREUNDE EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Enflicto EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Orden der Wächter EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Pakt der Freundschaft EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Samtige Stubentiger None Alliance 0 3
10SGGD EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Defender of the Crow EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
DesertStorm EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Götter in Schwarz Gelb EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Hooray EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Last Chance EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Noricum None Alliance 0 2
testzeugs EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Titanen EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Böhse Orkelz EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Capud Draconis EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Decuria EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Der dunkle Pfad EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Dunkle Herzen Azeroth's EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Fizzy Bubbele EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
For the Record EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
iwanttoseemydamage EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
konzept EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Kü EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Legendarys EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
LokTar b EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Lords of Light EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Meaningful Name EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Might of the Scourge EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Mors Draconis EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Mortem Angelus EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Nightraider EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
No Need EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Sanguis Bonitas EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Tempest EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Test-Guild EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Wipe to Wonderland EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
WoW-Gang EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
3 leaver None Horde 0 0
amanthul EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
Arisen from Darkness None Horde 0 0
Be positive None Alliance 0 0
Bhibas Logs EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
blacklisted None Alliance 0 0
Bofhang None Alliance 0 0
Bofhang2 None Alliance 0 0
Broderhood of Blood None Alliance 0 0
CD None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Damage None Alliance 0 0
Chaotenteam None Alliance 0 0
Cherubim None Alliance 0 0
Confused None Alliance 0 0
Crossroad Bande None Horde 0 0
D.P.S. None Horde 0 0
Decuria None Horde 0 0
Decuria None Horde 0 0
Der Drachenpakt None Alliance 0 0
Der Dunkle Pfad None Alliance 0 0
Der Mythos None Alliance 0 0
Der Mythos None Horde 0 0
dergeiger None Alliance 0 0
Die Bänkler EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 0
Die Hexer von Riva None Alliance 0 0
Die Ritter der Sonne None Alliance 0 0
Die Suchtis None Alliance 0 0
Different Raid None Alliance 0 0
Dungeon Grinders None Horde 0 0
Elysium None Alliance 0 0
Ensiferum None Alliance 0 0
Ensiferum None Alliance 0 0
Ensiferum None Alliance 0 0
Ensiferum@Aman'Thul None Alliance 0 0
Evil Evolution None Horde 0 0
Excubitoris ex Lucerna None Alliance 0 0
Executionx3 None Horde 0 0
Exhumiert None Horde 0 0
eXsolvo None Alliance 0 0
Fellowship of the Bug None Horde 0 0
Flames of Crystal Dragon None Alliance 0 0
FleetfootWoW None Horde 0 0
Fortis Anima None Alliance 0 0
Fortitudo None Alliance 0 0
Ghost Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Glory of Hammerfall EU-Aman'Thul Horde 0 0
Happy Basher None Horde 0 0
Incoming None Horde 0 0
Infeced Mojo None Horde 0 0
Inner Circle None Alliance 0 0
Is a Movementkrueppel None Alliance 0 0
KK None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Oldschool None Alliance 0 0
Last Chance SG1 None Alliance 0 0
Legion of Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
Legionär None Horde 0 0
Light of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Lights of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Lion Warrior None Alliance 0 0
Lordaerons dunkle Ladies None Alliance 0 0
Lost cause None Alliance 0 0
Lumpi EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
Lästerschwestern None Alliance 0 0
mellyn None Alliance 0 0
Mellyn None Alliance 0 0
Mortem Angelus None Alliance 0 0
mostly harmless None Alliance 0 0
Nastrand None Horde 0 0
Nibelungen EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
No Monkey Business None Horde 0 0
OMG None Alliance 0 0
Oresteia None Alliance 0 0
Outtakes None Alliance 0 0
Pakt der Freundschaft None Alliance 0 0
Phobia None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Cohortis None Alliance 0 0
Prätorianer Garde None Alliance 0 0
Rat der Horde None Horde 0 0
Rat der Weisen None Alliance 0 0
Rat der Weisen None Alliance 0 0
Sadoria None Alliance 0 0
Schwert der Vorsehung None Alliance 0 0
ShattraLogsHC None Alliance 0 0
Sons of Anarchy None Alliance 0 0
Sons of Anarchý None Alliance 0 0
Synæsthesia EU-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
Taken1981 None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
The unbreakable terror None Alliance 0 0
Todesgruppe None Horde 0 0
Trust None Alliance 0 0
Trust[schwarz-rot] None Alliance 0 0
Twinks of Dschin None Alliance 0 0
Tyo None Alliance 0 0
UpRise None Alliance 0 0
Wipegefahr Inc None Alliance 0 0
Wolfsrudel None Horde 0 0
wusa None Horde 0 0
ZdK None Alliance 0 0
| Team Yolo | None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

aaaaa, Above and Beyond, Absit Invidia, Abzock GmbH, Achelan's Test, AD-Raid, Adime, Aegis, aeon_tryout /die freunde, Aerixz, Aflico, After Life, Against Hogger, alcopops, Alesto, All for One, alwaysnothreat, amanthul neela, Amazing, Amo Vitam, Amunrah, andres, Angel Eyes, Angel Eyes, Angel with Blooyface, Angels of Espardo, Angerfist, Annasguild, Anorya, Anorya, Another Cold Day, Apocalyptica, Apocalytic Dragons, arise, arise, arise, arise, Arise, Arise, Arise SG1, Arpotheker, Ascension, Ascension, aspixe, Astusly, Asçension, Auris Arenam, Avalon, Barbequeque-Test, Bathory, BDT Donnerbalken SG1, be, BEERBEER, bei DEN Teichen, bellator, Bencid, Beta-Test, bis einer weint, bis einer weint, Blabla, BlackEmpire, Blades, Bloodyderps WoL, Blutlinie, Bob, born to skill, Braam, braams logs, Breaking Bad, Campnoulog, Capud Draconis, Carpe Amicitia, CarpeNoctem, Causa Mortis, Causa Mortis, Causa-Consilia, cavdog, CD Nebelhorn, Celestial Dawn, Celestial Dawn Test, Celi vs. World, Chaos, Chaos Quartett, Chaotenteam, Charlie Logs, clawtoface guild rawr, CoEx, CoExistence, cold fear, CoT, Crew des Königs, Critical Damage, Critical Damage, Cursed, Custodes Noctis, Damagelogs, Danani, darklordpqy, DarkPhoenix, Das Auge Azeroths, Das Auge Azeroths, Das Auge Azeroths, Das Auge Azeroths, Dawn has broken, ddfdgr, deathswords, Defender of the Crow, Defender of the Crow & Friends, Defender of the Crow 2, Defender2, Delirium, Delta Force, Delta Force, Delta Force, Delusions Test, Der alte Bund, Der Alte Bund, Der Drachenpakt, Der dunkle Pfad, Der Dunkle Pfad, Der Mythos, Der Mythos, Der Mythos, Der Rat der Weisen, DesertStorm, DesertStorm, Diabolica, Die Asgard, Die Befrieder, DIE FREUNDE, DIE FREUNDE, DIE FREUNDE, DIE FREUNDE, Die Freunde (SG1), Die Goldene Garde, Die Herren Der Ringe, Die Kunden, Die Macht der Allianz, Die Macht der Allianz, Die Schwarzen Engel, DieBänker, Dis Iratis Natus, Dixie Normous, DoG, Doinks, DotC&Friends SG 2, Drachenpakt, DrachenreiteR, DragonKnights, DragonKnights, DragonKnights, DropptNix, Drunken Heroes, dsdaw, Dummyguild, Dunkle Herzen Azeroth's, Dusk till Dawn, Dying Roses, Echte Helden, Einzelgänger, Elements, Eltorium, Eluveitie, Elysium, Enrage, Enraged, Enraged, enráge, Epically Challenged, Equilibrar, Esjo, Essential, Essential, Essential, Essential - NWO, Etana, Acnologia, affen hassen waffen, Ailde, Aix, Alarmstufe Rot, alcholics, Angel Eyes, Angel with bloody Face, Angels of Destiny, Angels of Espardo, Angels of Light, Angry Nerds, Anorya, Apocalyptic Dragons, Apple, Arisen from Darkness, Armed and Angry, Arthas Warriors, Aurøra, Avatars, Back in Time, Baneors Bande, Bankenvereinigung, Bash, Bayern LB, Beasts of Midnight, BiG MaMa, Bikini Bottom Beach Boys, bis einer weint, BlackOut, Blackrock Warriors, Blessed by the Bloodmoon, Blood Hound, Blood Raven, BloodHunt, Blutbande, Boneshunters, Boten des Zorns, Briefkastenfirma, Brotherhood in Arms, Bruderschaft des Blutes, Bundesbánk, Bänki, Bündnis des Falken, Castle Of Diamond, Champions of Damnation, Chaos, Chaos World, ChaosDamage, Clolumbia, Cocoon, Consilium, Conspiratio, crazy hero, Crazy Monkeys, Crew des Königs II, Cry of Pain, Crystal Ðawn, Custos Liberorum, DarkPhoenix, Darkseed, Das Auge Azeroths, Das Konzil, DasMythentor, Dawn of Imperium, Dead Zombies, Death is my life, Death Row, Debauchery Tea Party, Dein Mein Unser, Delusions of Lunacy, Deponia, Depression, Der alte Bund, Der Drachenhort, Der Hartekern, Der Rat Asgards, Der Rat der Weisen, DesertStorm, Desperate Bid, Destiny of Life, DevilBlood, Die Blaue Garde, Die Blutritter der Horde, Die Blutrünstigen, Die Blutsbande, Die dem Tod Geweihten, Die Diddas, Die Dunke Horde, DIE FREUNDE, Die Gefährten der Horde, Die Heldenhafte Allianz, Die Hilfselite, Die Legendären der Horde, Die Levelgilde, Die Prokuristen, Die zwei lustigen drei, Different, Disneyland, Division Enigma, DrachenreiteR, Dunkle Krieger, Dynastie der Uralten, Dîvision Enigma, Echelon, Ehrenbund der Allianz, Elegy, Empire of Lights, ENCHANTED ARMS, Encore, Engel der Nacht, Engel in Zivil, Envoy of Death, Essential, Etana, Eternal Sunrise, Euphoria, Exodium, Fairplay Heroes, Faithful Souls, Fat Chicken Team, Fellowship of the bug, Fighter of the Light, Final Code, FireFighter, Flawless, flieht vorm Raidleiter, Flodders, flying duchman, Flying Mangos, FlyingCircus, Freche Früchte, Freigeister, Frigus Mortis, From the Inside, FrozeSwords, Fruity Pirates, Fun Gamer Altersheim, Furor et Sanguis, Fállen Angel, Ført Knøx Allstar Inc, G o l d t h r o n, Gefallene Engel, gehört mir nicht, Get Out, Ghost Brigade, Gilde der Lästerer, Gilde für Erwachsene, Gladiatores Sanguinês, Glory Bank of Aman Thul, Glory of Hammerfall, Glücksritter, Gone, Hakuhna Matata, haloman, Ham Fritten an Zalot, hats drauf, Helden der Ehre, Heldenkreis der Horde, Heldenschmiede, Heldenwacht, Hells Anglers, HexenKessel, Holyguys, Honoris Et Pacis, Hope n Despair, Hopfentee, Hordenkita, Höchst, I Kult des Chaos I, I need Money, Idiots At Work, Ignis Tempestas, Illuminatis, Im so cold, Imba X, Immortâl, Impel Down, Impulsive, In Dark Faith, In Vinum Veritas, Insanity Inc, Joint it, Just Loot It, Justice League, kackt Kanonen, Kalamaas, Karma Sutra, Kawai desu ka, Kings and Vagabonds, Klinge der Legiøn, Kraftwerk, Krieger von Pandaria, KuhSchubsKlan, La Discordia, Last Chance, Last Try, LastTry, Legendary, Legendarý, Legion of Dawn, Legion of Unity, Lemniscate, Lichtritter der Horde, LokTar, Lords of Darknéss, Lords of FU, Lords of Moonlight, Los chicos malos, LOW DPS, Lumos, Lâ Familia, Lîon Warrîor, Machtversprechen, Manaholics, Mascarade, Medivhs Erben, Mein C tut W, Meister der Elemente, Meister des Lichtes, Menschenjäger, Militarius Primani, Mondkrieger, Mortiferum, Mos Maiorum, Moxxis Bar, Murloc Militia, Muschelschubser, my mum is a gladiator, Mystik Boys, Nachtklingen, nanananananaBatman, NANOIDS, Nation der Freibeuter, Native Mercury, Necris, Negotium, never walk alone, New Sacer Ordo Draconis, Nihil verum omnia licita, NipzZ, No Gain Without Pain, NoMads, Nur eine Bankgilde, Nägel mit Köpfchen, Obscura luna, OdemMortis, OneGuild, Orden des Phönix, Orden des Weissen Lotus, Organized Chaos, Outbreak, Pakt der Freundschaft, Pandora, Paradigma, Part Two, Partisanen Rudel, Path øf Darkness, Pentakill, PG sucht RL Freundin, Phobia, Portalsteinschwalben, Proidan, Promos, Pursuit of Mightiness, PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN, Ragnarock Bank, rar killers der horde, Rat der drei Monde, Rat der Horde, Rationem Trium, Real Estate Agency, Refuge, Reigns of Fate, RelaxX, Renegade, Retribution, Revengers, Revolution, Richtige Rabauken, riders on the storm, Rising Phoénix, Ritter von Aman, Rohtenburger Bund, Royal Assassin, Satisfaction, Scars, Schattentänzer, Schattenwächter, Schergen Armee, Schildwache, Schlecht aber Glücklich, Schneedrache, Schwert der Vorsehung, Schwertbrüder, Senju, Servitor of Angmar, Shadowlords, Showtime, Silent Hell, SillaInstinkt, Soldiers of Silence, Sons of Chuck Norris, Source, StaticX, SteinKrallenPakt, Stern von Kalimdor, Sternenwanderer, Stevengers, Stiegl, Stormtroopers, stroke of genius, Sturmfeuer, Sweet Kittens, Synæsthesia, Sòvéreign, Tasspe enleve tes pessas, Tea, Templer Azeroths, The Band of Brothers, The Bláckhand, The Dark Dawn, The Dark Defender, The Golden Dawn, The Last Resistance, The Legend of Cata, The Wolfgangs, TheHordekiller, TheHuntersOfDeath, Thocals Army, tinka shoots feddex, Todesgruppe, Torrastor, Triumph and Agony, Trust, Tuckerland, turn around and run, Twinks of Capud Draconis, Uchihå clan, Unbroken, Unfassbier, Unicorn Warriors, Unity, Unleashed Shadows, Untamed Panic, Untóuchable, Usual Suspects, uws, Valhalla, Velvet Paws, verwöhnte Einzelkinder, Victory, Vigil Nocturnus, VoidZone, Vênom, Waldgeister, Walhallas Helden, Way to Darkness, We aRe óNe, we can move, Whý so Seriøus, will nur Bier, Wipe N Go, Wipegefahr Inc, Wir warns nicht, World Bank of Azeroth, WoW Samariter, WoWBank, Wuusaa, Wächterorden, Wählscheibe, XII Legion, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED, ZornDerHorde, zum gluecklichen messi, Zum glücklichen messi, Zünd den Knaller, àshen ia, íLLumínatí, Eureka, evoked, ewq, Ex Aequo, exalted, excelsus, Excelsus, Exilium, eXsolvo, Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame, fdsff wef, Fellowship of the Bug, Fentanyl, Fentanyl, Feâr and Loathing, Firbies Alcove, Fire and Flame, Flaga, flames of crystal dragon, Flammender Zorn, Flammender Zorn Twinkraid, Flodderer der Allianz, Frères de Sang, Frères de Sang, Fubar, Full Damage, Full Damage, Fun Gamer Altersheim, Gan, Gefallene Engel, Genesis, Get Out, Get Out, Get Out, Get Reaped, Gilde für Erwachsene, Glory of the Phoenix, GravDPS, Grex Luporum, Gruppe, Guards of Honour, Guestacc, Gurke, Heilsarmee, hexodus, HoA, Hoard, Hollow, Holy, Honour and Strength, Hope'n'despair, Hordentliche Sterbehilfe, Hordentliche Sterbehilfe, huat, Hysteria, Hüter des neunten Buches, Illius, Improved, Impulsive 2G, In Dark Faith, Incipit, Incipit, Incoming, Incoming, Incoming, Incoming, Incoming, Incoming, Infernia's Guild, Infàmous, Infécted, Innuendo, insanity, Intensive, Intensive, Intensive, Intensive, Internet Predators, Is a Movementkrueppel, joni13, Just Another Guild , just awesome, Just awesome, justified defiance, Karma Sutra, Kazum, Keepers of dawn, Keepers of Dawn, keine Gilde, Kekskrümel, Knights of Oldschool, Knights of the Alliance, knights of the horde, Kollektiv der Horde, Konzept, Kungfupandas, Lailolaleli, Last Hope, Legacy of Trust, Legendarys, Legion of Prophecy, Legion of Unity, Legions of Ultima, Legions of Ultima, Legionär, Legionär, Legioär, Lemniscate, Leo, Les Magnifiques, Lesponeysasthmatiques, light of Azeroth, Light of Azeroth, Light of Azeroth, Lights of Darkness, LIKEABOSS, Limited Addiction Gamers, Limited_Addiction_Gamers, Limitless, Lion Warrior, LoA, Logs Raga, Logtest, Loktar, Loktar, loldown, Lordaerons dunkle Ladies, LøsT SøulS, Macht der Allianz, Malevis Test, manaholics, Manaholics, Manaholics, Manaholics, Manaholics, ME, mellyn, Mellyn, Menschenjäger, miae-testing, Minders of the Keg, Mira's Logs, Miradon, MJ, More Blue Blood, Mors Draconis, Mors Draconis, Mors Draconis by stevmj, mostly harmless, Mugomogu, mytest, need2play, Negotium, Negotium, NemesisPunisher, New Revenge, New Revenge, Night of Sadness, Nightraid One, Nightshift, No Idea, no larifari, no larifari, no larifari, no larifari, No Limits<, No Need, No-larifari, NoBadz, NoMads, Noname, Noodles, Not Dead Yet, Offtap, Oh well, okitraz, oldschool, OOO, Orden der fünf Aspekte, Orden der Wächter, Orden von Azeroth, Ordo Ab Chao, Pain and Pleasure, Pakt der Freundschaft, Pakt der Freundschaft, Pakt der Freundschaft, Pandarias Inferno, PHGP, Phistomefel, Phobia, Phobia, Phobia, Phobia, Phoenix Templars, Platinum, Potestatum Tenebrarum, PR, Praga, Primevil Instinct, pug run, Raid Report Aman'thul, RaidJuice, Raidless, Raidless, Raphaels WoL Guild, Reckoning, Red Crayons, Relinquished, rerolled on bankchar, RetroRaiders, Rettungstruppe!, Rider on the Storm, Rise of Fire, Rise of Fire, Ritter des Grals, rnd logs, robore animorum, rofllolkopter, ROGOER, rogues stole my bike, Rogues stole my bike, rush, Rush SG2, Ráwr|Râwr, Sadi, Samstagsraid, Sandkasten, Sanguis Bonitas, Schatten Kämpfer, Scions, Seelengebunden, Selelogs, Serpentine, Shadow Devils, Shadow Devils, Shadow Hunters, Shadow of darkness, Shadow of Darkness, Shaken not Stirred, Signum Tempestatis, Sneedle, Socially Unacceptable, SoD Test, Souls of Destiny, Spam 'n' Eggs, Stairway to hell, Staiway, summit, supnerds, synergen, Synergen, syogrus, SâCred, SâCred, Tagesabschnittsgefährten, Tasi-Logs, Tempest, TEN GOTO END, test, test, test, Test, Test, Test Guild 001, Test Logs, testacc, testbass, Tester Log, TestfürBewerbungen, testing, testing, Testing , Testme, Tests, The Avenger, The Circle of Trust, The Circle of Trust, The European Treaty, the final stand , The Foundry, The Golden Dawn, The Nubs, The Rat Pack, The Shaders, TheCore, Thekenzocker, through the ages, Thrulls Shadowhunters, Thrulls Shadowhunters 10er, Timeless Legends, TimRaid, Todesgruppe, Uber Scrubs, Und Freunde, Und noch ein Raid , under construction, Unicorn Warriors, United four, United Fruits, Unleashed, Unleashed, Unleashed, UnlimiteD, Vae Victis, Venatra, Victory, Viribus Unitis, Viribus Unitis, Viva, Víribus Unitis, W i p e o u t, who ran zone, Wipegefahr Inc, wir sind die Elite, Wir sind irre, Witchlords, wooster logs, wrtzw6z, WyrdNZ, Your Mother is my Epic Mount, ZdG / TAoP, Zirkel der Erlösung, Zomos Freunde, Zwergenbund, Zwielichtige Händler, Ðecide, ÐØØMHAMMER

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