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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Vindication EU-Aggramar Horde 0 45
The Chuckle Clan EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 21
E N I G M A EU-Aggramar Horde 0 19
Unleashed Chaos EU-Aggramar Horde 0 18
Clique EU-Aggramar Horde 0 17
Imbalance EU-Aggramar Horde 0 15
The Emerald Knights EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 15
Crimson Perm Assurance EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 15
Casual EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 13
Mistborn EU-Aggramar Horde 0 13
Evil Dead EU-Hellscream Horde 0 11
Army of the Horde EU-Aggramar Horde 0 7
Becky Lemme Smash EU-Hellscream 0 7
Dreamweavers EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 5
The Ascension EU-Aggramar Horde 0 5
Deeprun Pest Control EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
E X O D U S EU-Aggramar Horde 0 3
Insanity EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Light Knights EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 3
Putrid Legacy EU-Hellscream Horde 0 3
Shattered Entities EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 3
Wings of Icarus EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 3
Auditor Fortuna Juvat EU-Aggramar 0 2
Rising EU-Aggramar 0 2
Shadow Raidérs EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Soldiers of Azeroth EU-Aggramar 0 2
Aurë Entuluva EU-Hellscream 0 2
Immature Kiddies EU-Hellscream Horde 0 2
Phoenix Uprising EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 2
Rampage EU-Hellscream 0 2
Bring Out Your Dead EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Easily Distracted EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Ex Oblivione EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Resonance EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
ShadowNova EU-Aggramar 0 1
Spoons EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Strawberry Tigers EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Sundered Horizon EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Warhawks EU-Aggramar 0 1
Devour EU-Hellscream 0 1
Eat Sleep Raid Repeat EU-Hellscream 0 1
Guardians of Destiny EU-Hellscream 0 1
Hand of Aphrodite EU-Hellscream 0 1
Masters of Light EU-Hellscream 0 1
Nominal Interest Rate EU-Hellscream 0 1
OTLWS EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Primordial EU-Hellscream Horde 0 1
Safe Haven EU-Hellscream 0 1
The Toothless Donkeys EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
Morte Et Dabo EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
F E A R EU-Aggramar Horde 10 28
Nagra EU-Hellscream Alliance 3 3
Carantina EU-Hellscream Horde 1 32
Einherjar EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1013
The Obsidian Order EU-Aggramar Horde 0 947
Continental Drift EU-Aggramar Horde 0 928
Warseeker Tribe EU-Aggramar Horde 0 820
Sempher Fi EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 668
Madness within EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 230
Knights of Sparta EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 181
Shorty EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 167
Ascendo Tuum EU-Aggramar Horde 0 164
The Norwegian Vikings EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 163
Origin None Alliance 0 144
Immortal Guardians EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 142
Promise EU-Hellscream Horde 0 121
Sundered Horizon EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 116
Dreamweavers None Alliance 0 114
Nulla Questio EU-Aggramar Horde 0 111
Corpse Run EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 107
Nevermind EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 97
The Exodus EU-Aggramar Horde 0 90
Bloodlust None Horde 0 86
Casual - Aggramar None Alliance 0 77
Insurrection EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 76
Symbiosis EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 68
Aurora's Adventures! EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 55
E X O D U S EU-Aggramar Horde 0 54
The Garrison EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 50
Proximity EU-Aggramar Horde 0 43
Play EU-Hellscream Horde 0 39
Insanity EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 33
Immature Kiddies EU-Hellscream Horde 0 31
soulboumd EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 31
Aloise EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 28
Fallen Soldiers EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 26
Egotism EU-Hellscream Horde 0 25
Klott (Non-Guild Runs) EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 24
Auditors of Unreality EU-Aggramar Horde 0 23
Grey Dawn EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 23
ETHOS EU-Aggramar Horde 0 22
VoTM EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 22
Reinvented EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 21
Sundered Horizon None Alliance 0 16
Happy Slackers EU-Hellscream Horde 0 15
Last Crusaders EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 15
VoD EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 14
Forgotten Souls EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 13
LyrixLogs EU-Aggramar Horde 0 13
Сибирское княжество EU-Aggramar Horde 0 13
An Fianna EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 12
Dob's Dumps EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 12
Xilens EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 12
Carpe Noctem EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 11
Statistics EU-Hellscream Horde 0 10
LFR logz EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 9
sadfasfafasf EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 9
Spoons EU-Aggramar Horde 0 9
The Clique EU-Hellscream Horde 0 9
Mellow Fellows EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 8
Slayers of Chaos EU-Hellscream Horde 0 8
VoiD EU-Hellscream Horde 0 8
dogs EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 7
for teh logs EU-Aggramar Horde 0 7
Logs None Horde 0 7
PrivateLogsDerp EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 7
Revival EU-Hellscream Horde 0 7
Aquila EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 6
Final Step EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 6
Pure Perfection EU-Aggramar Horde 0 6
Stinki Monki Finger EU-Hellscream Horde 0 6
The Dominion EU-Aggramar Horde 0 6
Vis Honor EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 6
Asesinos EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 5
Echoes EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 5
FotH EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 5
Need more Lemon Pledge EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 5
Scaar loggs EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 5
The Demonic Reverants EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 5
Tigersgora EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 5
Blackmoonz EU-Aggramar Horde 0 4
Eccentrics EU-Hellscream Horde 0 4
Final Equilibrium EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 4
MyRaidMambers EU-Hellscream Horde 0 4
No Life EU-Hellscream Horde 0 4
Safe Haven EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 4
Seal of Fate EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 4
Soldiers of Azeroth EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 4
Symbiosis EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 4
Dreameavers EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Elysium EU-Aggramar Horde 0 3
Ethos EU-Aggramar Horde 0 3
FRED EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Jeler EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 3
The Toothless Donkeys EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Unknown Entity EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Vis Honor EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Anbhas EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Dreamweavers EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Escapism EU-Hellscream Horde 0 2
farrartime EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
ForgottenSouls R2 EU-Hellscream Horde 0 2
I N F E R N O EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Nominal Interest Rate EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 2
One More Try EU-Hellscream Horde 0 2
PJ EU-Aggramar Horde 0 2
Placeholder EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 2
Sunti-Aggramar EU-Aggramar Horde 0 2
VIS HONOR EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
VIS HONOR EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Voice of the Many EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Zhel's logs EU-Aggramar Horde 0 2
Aggramar Alliance account for tests and pugs EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Ankh EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Aq EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Ara log EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Aurae and alts EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Björnbröder EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
BloodRage EU-Hellscream Horde 0 1
Bloodshed EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Clarity EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Corporation EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Cows Gone WIld EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Cult of the Old Ones EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Deeprun Pest Control EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Disciples of the Watch EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
djfqwdww EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Edge of Fear EU-Hellscream Horde 0 1
Eff EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Findass EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Grey Dawn EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Incontinence EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
LFR AF EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Maelstrom EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Mature EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Objective EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Old n Wise EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
One Winged Ninja's EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
outplayed EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Proping EU-Hellscream Horde 0 1
puggingpower EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
royal night elfs None Alliance 0 1
Safe Haven EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Sundered Horizon EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
The Emerald Knights EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
The Expedition EU-Hellscream Horde 0 1
The Magisters EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
The Returners EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Threw toys out his pram EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Twilight Reality EU-Hellscream Horde 0 1
Tyrande's Spirit EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Ulduar EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Unbroken EU-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Vanquish EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
vendredi EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
Yeah this one EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 1
AFJ None Alliance 0 0
Ahoy World None Alliance 0 0
Anal Vomit None Horde 0 0
Anger Management None Alliance 0 0
Ankh None Alliance 0 0
Ankh None Alliance 0 0
Ankh None Alliance 0 0
Auditors of Unreality None Horde 0 0
Aurë Entuluva None Alliance 0 0
Bad Taxidermy None Alliance 0 0
Bhagavadgita's logs None Alliance 0 0
Blood Equinox None Horde 0 0
Bmp None Alliance 0 0
Brave Heart None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Noctem None Alliance 0 0
Casual None Alliance 0 0
Casual None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Illusion None Alliance 0 0
ciika None Alliance 0 0
Clarity None Alliance 0 0
Ctrl Alt Elite None Alliance 0 0
Ctrl Overhauled Elite None Alliance 0 0
cynergy None Alliance 0 0
Cynergy None Alliance 0 0
Dan's DPS None Horde 0 0
Deeprun Pest Control None Alliance 0 0
Deeprun Pest Control None Alliance 0 0
Delirous None Horde 0 0
DemoLogs None Alliance 0 0
Despicable Us EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 0
Destroyers Of Azeroth None Horde 0 0
Divinus Mayhem EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
E X O D U S None Horde 0 0
Eccentrics None Horde 0 0
Edge of fear None Horde 0 0
Eliasblack's Logs None Horde 0 0
Emerald Knights EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
Escapism None Horde 0 0
Ethos private None Horde 0 0
F L A R E None Alliance 0 0
F R E D None Alliance 0 0
F R E D None Alliance 0 0
FE None Alliance 0 0
Fearless Tugas Claw None Horde 0 0
Fellowship of the Ding EU-Aggramar Horde 0 0
Fezada Guild None Horde 0 0
Final Chapter None Alliance 0 0
final equilibrium None Alliance 0 0
Four Zero Four None Horde 0 0
GAR None Alliance 0 0
get your logs here None Horde 0 0
Ghorun EU-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
Grey Dawn None Horde 0 0
Grimreaper None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Hand of Aphrodite None Alliance 0 0
Hera None Alliance 0 0
Imamagician's logs None Horde 0 0
Imbalance None Horde 0 0
Immodest None Alliance 0 0
Ironcrime None Alliance 0 0
Kitty Deeps None Alliance 0 0
Koma None Alliance 0 0
Light Knights None Alliance 0 0
Loltown None Alliance 0 0
Masters of Light None Alliance 0 0
Merged None Alliance 0 0
Mithras None Alliance 0 0
MMO ADDICTS None Horde 0 0
Mock None Alliance 0 0
My Guild None Horde 0 0
My Little Pwny None Alliance 0 0
Mysterious mind None Alliance 0 0
NatalieGuildLogs None Horde 0 0
Nattpartiet None Horde 0 0
Nefarious None Horde 0 0
Nightshade None Horde 0 0
Nominal Interest Rate None Alliance 0 0
Ololo None Horde 0 0
Omega Chapter None Alliance 0 0
Paradise Is Here None Alliance 0 0
Prox None Horde 0 0
pug None Alliance 0 0
Pure (RG) None Alliance 0 0
Ranking None Horde 0 0
Rescart None Horde 0 0
Ronde None Alliance 0 0
Shadows Reprisal None Alliance 0 0
Shmong None Horde 0 0
Sigma None Alliance 0 0
Sniffu's Log None Alliance 0 0
Sound of war None Alliance 0 0
Sporran EU-Aggramar Horde 0 0
srazshmash EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 0
STRONGHOLD None Alliance 0 0
Sundered Horizon None Alliance 0 0
TeamSexy None Alliance 0 0
Tempest Wrath None Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
TEST123 None Horde 0 0
The Awakening None Horde 0 0
The Chapter None Alliance 0 0
The Chapter None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Blood Gods None Horde 0 0
The Dedicated Few None Alliance 0 0
The Dominion None Horde 0 0
The Lion Rampant None Alliance 0 0
The Nursery EU-Hellscream Alliance 0 0
The Toothless Donkeys None Alliance 0 0
TOO Flex/LFR/Test None Horde 0 0
TOO T4 None Horde 0 0
Touko None Alliance 0 0
TwentyTwo None Alliance 0 0
Unbroken None Horde 0 0
UnleashedChaos None Horde 0 0
Unrelenting None Alliance 0 0
Vertigo None Alliance 0 0
Viking Berzerkers None Horde 0 0
Wipe In Progress None Horde 0 0
wogaco None Horde 0 0
Wogaco None Horde 0 0
Wogaco None Horde 0 0
Zerglings None Alliance 0 0
Zeyzo None Alliance 0 0
Союз триумфаторов None Alliance 0 0
Стопхил ложимся None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

, 137, aa, aaaa, AaAa, abc, above and beyond, Above and Beyond, Above and Beyond, Absit Invidia, Absit Invidia, Achilleus, Ad Infintum, Aether, AFI, After Hours, After Hours, Aggra pug, Ahhjay, Almost Heroes, An Fianna, anarchy inc, Anathemas, Ancient Prophecy, anduins legacy, anfianna, Anima Nocti, Anima Nocti, Animus, Ankh, Ankh, Ankh, Anour, Anthology, Anthology, Aolias, Apophasis, Aquila2, Arachnid, Arcadia, Arcadia, Army of the Horde, Army of the Horde, Art of Death, Art of Death, Ascendence, Asga, ASGA, ASH, Ashes, AT temp, Attack and Pillage, Auditor Fortuna Juvat, Auditor Fortuna Juvat, Auditors of unreality, Auditors of Unreality, Auditors of Unreality, Auditors of Unreality, Auditors of Unreality, Aurë Entuluva, Austere, Austere, Austere, Avix, Back In Business, Bad Choices, Bad Choices, Bad Choices, Bad Choices, Bad Choices, Bad Choices, Bad Company, Bad Company, BadChoices, Basian, Battle of Serenity, Baz Logs, BC, BiB Range, Billy goats, birds of prey, Bispo, Bistouflex, 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Darkness and Disorder, DAT, Dawn, Dc's guilde, Deadly Momentum, Deadly Momentum, Deadly Momentum, Deadman Inc, Death Kisses, Deaths Decree, Decepticons, Deception, Deceptions, Deeprun Pest Control, Deeprun Pest Control, Deeprun Pest Control, Delirium, Delirium, Demons From Heaven, Demons From Heaven, Demons of War, Deronis, Deserters repreve, deserters reprieve, Deserters Reprieve, Deserters Reprieve, Deus Ex Machina, DEVESTATION UNLEASHED, Devils Advocate, Devils Angels, dfasdf, dfdfsfsfq, Dimas, Diminishing Returns, dis, Disciples of The Watch , Divine Grazers, DoA, Doft, Dom, DPC, DPS, Dracon, Drahkon, Dreadlords, Dreadlords, Dreadlords, DreadLords, Dreamweavers, Dribblers, Driveby Vikings, Driveby Vikings, DTM, Dudemeister, dzqd, E D E N, E X O D U S, Ebon Phoenix, Edge of Panic, Edge of Panic, Einherjar, Einherjar, Einherjer, Elune et les slips, Elysienland, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, End Effect, Endless Rage, Endless Rage, Enigma, Enlightened Crusaders, Enlightened Crusaders, enthiontest, Entropia, Epäreilukerho, Escap, Escapism, Escapism, Escapism 2, Escapism test, ABN AMRO, Above And Beyond, Achieved, AD INFINITUM, Addicted, After Hours, Altaholics Anonymous, Anbhas, Anger Management, ASH, Aspire, Astral Bloodlinks, Axis Mundi, Bank Me Hard, Bank of Dabest, Bios, Blackmoonz, Blizzard All Stars, Blood Burners, blood deception, Blood Equinox, bloodandthunder, bloodmist bank, Bloodwing, Bludgeoned to Death, Blue Maggots, Brothers In Arms Unite, But Mom I Want Enchants, Buttery Biscuit Base, Carpe Noctem, cashnroyalty, Celestial Spirits, Challengers, cheese, Children of Thrall, Chubby Chick Inc, Cookies, Courageous Lions, cows knights, Crank, Crazy Rogues, Criminally Insane, Crimson Moon, Crisis Comittee, Crusaders of the Kingdom, Ctrl Alt Defeat, Cult of the Alt Ones, Cult of the Old Ones, Cult of the Tiger Hammer, Cunning Plan, cynergy, DaDaDaah, Dark Disciples, Dark Légion, Dark Society, Dawn Of Terror, De Danske dyr, Death In The Shadows, Deatheaters, Deception, Despicable Us, Destroyers Of Azeroth, Disciples of the Watch, Dragon Lords, Dragontears, Dub, E D E N, Echelon, Elite Mailbox Service, Elysium, Endless Rage, Enigma, Eternal Darkness, Eternal Dreams, Ethos, EVIL DEAD, F R E D, F U G I T I V E S, Facebook Famous, Fairy Tail, Fairy Tales, Fallen Soldiers, Farside, Fellowship of the Ding, Final Chapter, Final Equilibrium, Final Reckoning, Fishes of Aggramar Horde, Flexible, Fluffy, Fluffy Gold, Forgotten Few, Forgotten Legion, Forgotten Tribes, Fun Loving Ex Murlocs, Funky Unique Camel Kebab, Fury, G O T E, GAME OVER, Giant Enemy Crab, Gnome Punters, Gnome Stompers, Golden Peecocks, good job dave man, Grimreaper, Guardian Angels, Guild with Benefits, Guildvault, Hello friends i am back, Hells Grannies, Hera, Hetaeria, Highland Knights, Honors of the Musketeers, I Nuovi Eroi, II AXIS II, Im too Flexi, Immortal Guardians, Immune, Imortalis Eternia, Incursion, Infínite, INSPIRE, Invictus Lords, Iron, Iron Alliance, Iron Horde, IS GUILDLESS, Jaded, Japan lovers, Jatés slaves, K H A O S, Kill Loot Repeat, killer team nr one, Kindred, Klean, knight of moralian, Knights of Cydonia, Knuckles and Bones, Kung Fu Raider, Lamia Scale, Last Crusaders, Last Of The Mo Edans, Legends of Chaos, Legion Hunters, Legion Of The Fallen, Lost in Trade District, Lost Legacy, Légion, Mabinogion, Machinimeaow, Master, Masters of the Universe, Men of Mayhem, Miami, Momentum, moonshadow, Must Farm or Family Dies, Narr rr, Need More Cowbell, Nefaríous, Nevermind, New Divide, No More Tickets For You, No Pressure, Northenlore, Not A Loser, Objective, Okay time for plan B, Omega Chapter, Omg i Crit my Pants, Origin, P A N D A S, P E R S E V E R E, Padonki, Phoenix, porkchopexpress, Prophylactic Control, Protocol, Provenance, Proximity, Raiding Dead, Random Noob, Rareblood, Ravenholdt Reborn, Ravenous, Reapers, Rebscum, Redemtion, Retaliate, Righteous Order of Tbag, Righteousness, RIP, Rise Against, Royal bank of joey, Royal Night Elfs, Royalty, Run You Fools, Same Score Different Day, Santas helpers, Saurfangs Elite, Scions of Azeroth, Seal of Fate, Seraphic Deviltry, Sha Touched, Shadows in the Dark, Shadowslug, Shizz Just Got Real, Sick At De Gamez, Silence of the Void, Sine Cura, Sins of the Twisted, Skandia, SL, Slottmachine, SmacherZ, Snatz, Sound Of War, SSDD, Stiff Little Fingers, Stormwind Investigators, STRONGHOLD, Sunken Temple Pilots, SWAG, swords and spells, Symphony, TDET, Team Frank, Tears Of Abaddon, Tempest Wrath, Tenacious Defenders, TenaciousD, The Alliance Centurions, The Ancient Heros, The Apparent, The Bank of Ankle, The Brave Three Hundredd, The Brittas Empire, The chosen onez, The Company, The Crusaders, The Crusading Avengers, The Dawnguard, The Deathriders, the disiplus of babalon, The Dread Company, The Elit Mailbox Service, The Exodus, The Fallen Whisper, The Firm, the frost knights, The Galactic Warriors, The Harvest Farm, The Heroes Of Goodness, the heros of the horde, The Highland Legion, The Horde Reapers, The Iron Price, The Legends Insane, The Lost Titans, The Mad Clan, The Magisters, The New Empire, The Obsidian Order, The Ordinary, The Original Knights, The Peacekeepers, The Plutonium Core, The Praetorian Guard, The Raiding Dead, The Republic, The Shadow Warriors, The slug of rascals, The Storm Crows, The Syndicate, The Troublemakers, The Untamed, The Valiant Death Blades, thedarkness, Them, Timey Wimey, Too Many Cooks, Total Gridlock, Total Nutters, triggerfinger, Trucido Vulgus, Trànsfer Aborted, Turtles, Twisted Minds, Typical, Undying Alliance, Unholy Justice, Unholy Legions, Unknown Entity, Venni Viddi Vicci, Vertigo, Victoriam Aeternum, VIS HONOR, Voice of the Many, voll beat, Warseeker Tribe, We Have Mankriks Wife, We Have Manriks Wife, WHATPARTAREOFKARAAREU, Whitemoonz, Wild Knights, Wings of Fate, Wipe In Progress, With Open Arms, Wogaco, WOW EMPIRE, Yoga Pants, Your mom and me, Ypograpste Edo, Zplashcore Pwnography, Zung Va, ÆØÅ, A Petals Dance, Alliance Mercenaries, Alliance Removal Squad, And My Imaginary Friend, Ankh, Aquila, Archaea, Ashran Confederacy, Assasination, Bad, Bank of Dempsey, BANNBANK, Bikini Patrol, Bird is the Word, BloodBorn, BlooDy HunteRz, Brave Heart, Busy, CAGE FIGHTER IRL, Carrion, Chest, Conquest Fighters, Conspiracy, Corporation, Corporations Dead Husk, Cowkillers, Dansk guild, Dead Again, Demi Gods, Demonic Deviants, Demons of War, Denied, Divine Grazers, DJK, Draconis Nephalym, Dragonmaw Mercenaries, Dreadlords, Dungeon Fanatics, Easily Distracted, Echelon, Edge of Fear, Egotism, Einherjar, El Emperor, Entropia, EOOD, Epäreilukerho, Equinoctis, Eternal legion reborn, Every Little Helps, Exiled, F U N D A M E N T A L, Fairy Tale, Fallen Hammer, Fallen Throne, FARMER SONG OR RITO, Flying Crusaders, FmD, Forgotten Souls, Gears of Warcraft, Ginyu Force, God Of Maximus, God Save The Queen, Gods Forsaken Angels, Gold digger, Grand Marshals, Grand Theft GoKart, Grand Zero, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hare Club for Men, HashtagGuild, Heart Of Imladris, Heavens Demons, hell hunters, Hellscream International, Heresiarch, Heårt øf Imlådris, Highstreet Till I Die, Holland strongest, Hollands Glorie, hollandse eigen, Horde Hunterz, Horde of Shadows, I Crit You Not, I R GODZILLA, IcePack, Imladris, Imse vimse spindel, IN Memoryam, Infernal Deathbringers, Insert Cøin To Continue, INSOMNIATION, Insurrection, Interest Rate, Into Asylum, Intoxication, Intuition, Ira Infernus, Ironcrime, JANE Gaming, Jesus used a Soulstone, Kakuja, Knights Of Elune, Lack of Ambition, Leader Of The Pack, Leets of Stormwind, Legend Crusaders, Lord Of The Rings, Lost at the moment, Massive, Mellow Fellows, Minions, Ministry of Chaos, Miracle, Mithras, Mithril Knights, Monster, MONSTERR, Montis Insignia Calpe, Moon Wyverns, moonglade finance, My Sack is Gigantique, NattPartiet, Nefarious, Neutral, NightKnights, No life, Nomads of Twilight, Northerend Raiders, Nox, Nuke Macro, Olympus Knights, One More Try, Option, Order of Dawn, Panda, Panty Stealing Pirates, Parental Guidance, Perfumed Aristocrats, PSYCHO, Put Us On Chips, PVP, Pwnïes, Quantum, Rebellare, Reborn From the Flames, Regulators, Reign of Darkness, Reinvented, Res Ipsa Loquitur, Revival, Riders of Valhalla, Rigor Mortis, Rise of the True Horde, Rowdiness, RPness is rising, Rulerz of Justice, Salvation Army, Satans League, Sempher Fi, Seçret Soçiety, Shinobi, Silack Dragon Army, Silver Hand Knights, Silver Ravens, Sons of Hellscream, Soulscape, Stinki Monki Finger, Swedish Empire, Symbiosis, Tauren Butchers, Temporary Guild Name, The Bezerkers, The Clique, The Den, The Dream Chasers, The Eskader, The Expedition, The Guild, The Holy Knights, The Lion Rampant, The Little Critter Mafia, The Little System, The Nut Hut, The One Percent, The Phoenixs, The Pie Club, The Spartans of Caddy, the specialist, The Stormwind Guard, Thralls Pwn Squad, Thulsas Doom, TouchDaBooty, Trash Hazards, Tsunamí, Turalyon Down, Tykistöprikaati, Ultimate Egern 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