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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Nemesis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 53
SuperBads EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 49
DeadlyMinds EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 44
Blind EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 19
xore EU-Aegwynn 0 19
BeWater EU-Aegwynn 0 17
Grand Theft Kodo EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 16
Dagordacil EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 14
Jörmungandr EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 14
Seems Legit EU-Aegwynn 0 14
Trust in you EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 14
The Iron Brotherhood EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 12
Bluescreen EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 11
Hades EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 11
hated by many EU-Aegwynn 0 11
I Prime I EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 10
Keepers of Lore EU-Aegwynn 0 10
Lustitia torva EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
Underachievers EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
Bleed it out EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
Frisia Magna EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
ist komisch reloaded EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
Acid Rain EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Exitium EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Integrity EU-Aegwynn 0 7
Last Hope EU-Aegwynn 0 7
Vergebung EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
EVatoLoco EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
EyesSetToKill EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
NonPlusUltra EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
all the qt boys and me EU-Aegwynn 0 5
Angel of Apocalypse EU-Aegwynn 0 5
Bananas and Monkeys EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
EODEM EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Insomnia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Intelligence Raid Agency EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Ironforge Unchained EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Legio Noctis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Remember Mee EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
TabulaRasa EU-Aegwynn 0 5
The Rain of Castamere EU-Aegwynn 0 5
Behüter des PhöniX EU-Aegwynn 0 4
DarkPhöniX EU-Aegwynn 0 4
Dwarf needs Food EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Endurance EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Murlocs EU-Aegwynn 0 4
noLimit EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Oppai Pandas EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Returned EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Sticky EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Twinki and the Main EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
A New Hope EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Angelverein Gnomeregan EU-Aegwynn 0 3
aversion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
BulletProof EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Du bist BOSS EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
eBayHeroes EU-Aegwynn 0 3
EVADE EU-Aegwynn 0 3
Friedensstifter EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Gag Order EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Lá Familia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Moven auf CD EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Ritter der Allianz EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
still insane EU-Aegwynn 0 3
The Seven Deadly Sins EU-Aegwynn 0 3
Adrenalin Prime EU-Aegwynn 0 2
Die Erfolgsjäger EU-Aegwynn 0 2
Eiserne Phalanx EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Encryption EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
fresh und unbekannt EU-Aegwynn 0 2
Goon Squad EU-Aegwynn 0 2
Lone Digger EU-Aegwynn 0 2
Lyonesse EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
MobStarZ EU-Aegwynn 0 2
MySolutionz EU-Aegwynn 0 2
Reborn EU-Aegwynn 0 2
Taktlos EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
TeamKnusprig EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Waikiki Beach Girls EU-Aegwynn 0 2
wipeøut EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
équilibrium EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Angst und Geld han i kei EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Authentic EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Broke aber High EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Carnivores EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Crunch Reloaded EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Crystal Pepp EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Dawn of the Dead EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Die eiserne Legion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Die Garde EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Drachenzorn EU-Aegwynn 0 1
ElementS Of PaíN EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Empire of NecroMonger EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Execute Inc EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Hauptsache Epic EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Hayvan Dudes EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Hyped EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
idea of glory EU-Aegwynn 0 1
IsTaNbLuE II EU-Aegwynn 0 1
OverGeared EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
piRATS EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
plays naked EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Post Tenebras Lux EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Put like Vladimir Hardim EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Raze EU-Aegwynn 0 1
SleepingDeath EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Sneakers and High Heals EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Stürmische Zeiten EU-Aegwynn 0 1
Tempelwächter EU-Aegwynn 0 1
The Sacred Destiny EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
TrashCleaners EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Silentium EU-Aegwynn 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Nep EU-Aegwynn Horde 24 815
nijhx EU-Aegwynn Horde 16 209
Remeber my Name EU-Aegwynn Horde 15 26
Laymeslogs EU-Aegwynn Horde 9 288
PropagandaPanda EU-Aegwynn Alliance 9 277
Lightxly - WipeOut <3 EU-Aegwynn Horde 6 45
[oNe] EU-Aegwynn Alliance 2 648
Logs EU-Aegwynn Horde 2 571
Blutrache EU-Aegwynn Horde 2 98
Glordok's Raids EU-Aegwynn Alliance 1 9
Insomnium EU-Aegwynn Alliance 1 8
ReaLife EU-Aegwynn Horde 1 1
Foresight EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 443
Die Hoernchens EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 423
Progenies Infernalis EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 358
Prieure de Sion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 297
F E A R EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 289
Reborn EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 240
Însane EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 233
Heroes of the Alliance EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 226
EODEM EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 222
Nukular EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 220
Loot Dungeon EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 191
Wächter der Titanen EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 185
in progress EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 183
Ohana EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 174
O H B A B Y EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 141
Solaris EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 127
Nightfall EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 126
Fimotisch EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 122
Watchmegate EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 108
third-world EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 106
Deathless Death EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 103
CocoLogs EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 96
Synthesis v2 EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 91
Wir wipen in Kneipen None Alliance 0 87
Wipe Time EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 86
TENWOTLK EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 83
Dark Access EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 70
Nillos EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 69
Outsiders EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 64
Alpha Predator EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 60
Hab ich verstanden EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 60
EVADE EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 56
Crimson Wolves EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 54
Error Thirty Seven EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 50
Eodem EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 48
Pelvic Thrust EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 47
Heroes of the Alliance EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 46
The Gifted EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 46
Collapse EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 43
Foedus Ultoris EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 43
GOOSE LOGS EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 43
Norte del Valle EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 42
Silent Storm EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 42
Cynetic EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 41
Limit-GD EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 41
Best In Slot EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 40
Prophets of Dawn EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 37
zxc EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 37
Abgeschmatzt EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 36
Buqqy's Logs! EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 36
Juggernaut Squad EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 36
nope EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 36
Sneakers and High Heals EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 35
How i met my loot EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 34
Vidia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 34
Quality Time EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 32
Omegalogs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 31
Daé Vagor EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 30
dkw EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 30
How I Got Banned EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 30
Sicherheit EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 29
Ausnahmezustand EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 28
I Vinyamar I EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 28
Equivalence EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 27
Resilient EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 27
Craftility EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 26
Daé Vagor EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 25
Pelvic Thrust EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 25
Scale EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 25
this space is sold None Horde 0 25
Frozen Joghurt EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 24
Project Hellfire EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 24
Wings of Ysondre EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 24
Arnias Arkane Archiv EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 23
Breathtakìng EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 23
Engelskraft EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 23
Trust in you EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 23
Aquila EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 22
Cynar EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 22
Perkele EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 22
Ultio Sanguineus EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 22
WemsAMK EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 22
Crunch Reloaded EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 21
Crysis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 21
Horizons EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 21
Letalis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 21
Purged EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 21
Angst und Geld han i kei EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 20
Dude we should buy a Bar EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 20
Exalted EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 20
Narcotic EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 20
Amazing Randoms EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 19
Hold the Door EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 19
Integrity EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 19
Zinc EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 19
GeSo EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 18
In flagrantì EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 18
Uniques EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 18
VeryPvP EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 18
Defender of the Alliance EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 17
hated by many EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 17
mellaputputomfgululcritz EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 17
Pale Riders EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 17
Purged-RisingGods EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 17
Spechio EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 17
BLANQ-Sunwell EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 16
Caph's Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 16
Effortless EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 16
GeileWüterMaan EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 16
Good Game EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 16
The Sacred Destiny EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 16
Trash Wipe EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 16
Yorks EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 16
accidental jedi EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Aysuna EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Bluescreen EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Blutdurst EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Carnivores EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
cno aegwynn EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Eternal Crusade EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Hunta EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 15
MYM EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Requiem EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Tengu EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Černá Ruka EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 15
Dignity EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 14
Zoo EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 14
asdf EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 13
First Try EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 13
guild EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 13
Rating Blocker EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 13
WT EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 13
Arise EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 12
Hybris EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 12
ignis in nocte EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 12
infusion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 12
My Nie Panimaju EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 12
Sticky EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 12
VDPatlantiss EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 12
Dagordacil EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 11
EternalSymphonia EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 11
Greenlemon EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 11
Modi Vivendi EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 11
Skellogs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 11
Unleashed EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 11
Aenigma EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 10
Buttstallion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 10
Etherion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 10
Saias Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 10
Violencia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 10
Wipe and Go EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 10
Yeknom Fanboy EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 10
Adventure Association EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 9
Borderline Insane EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
Common Ground EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 9
DeadlyMinds EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
Die eiserne Legion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
Dredsguild EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 9
Endurance EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
EVatoLoco EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
gogit EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 9
Signum Tempestatis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 9
AE EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
Anduril Keepers EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 8
Blackwood EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
DDM EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
DisturbiaTest EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
mrcll's logsxy0 EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
OMG Lazorcats MEW MEW EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
Reborn EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
RiP-TestLogs EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 8
Tenjo Tenge EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
Wurzel EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 8
Blackwood EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Cataclysm EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Dwarf needs Food EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Eisenbart Clan EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Excaliburs Erben EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Helden der Gezeiten EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
monsko EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 7
Next Generation EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Order Orbis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
RiP in Pepperonis EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 7
The Gifted EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Well Played EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
Wintervale EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 7
AUSNAHMEZUSTAND EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
Deeps EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 6
Der eine Erfolg EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
Killerhasen None Alliance 0 6
NewDimension EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
noreturn EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
Raid Original Player EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 6
Resolve EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
Result EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
Smoothyy EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
TEN EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 6
Testerin EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 6
Unstable EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 6
Agilogs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Animus Ignis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Blessed EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Bloodline EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 5
Communitas Aurea EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Cynar EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Dhrún EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Flashbang EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 5
Funestus EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
pandora's box EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Pieks EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Santa Nox EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Sneakers and High Heals EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
Vidiaønuk EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 5
aQua EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Bad News EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 4
chaoZ EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Effect EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Eisbrecher EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 4
Harlekinssafe EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Hordnungsamt EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 4
incinerate EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Logs EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 4
lol EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 4
Nali EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Nox Aeterna EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Noxious EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
One Winged Angels EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
OP GG EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Outlaws EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
pandora's box EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Paradoxum EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Personal Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Plato Guild EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Public Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Schwingen des Phönix EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Shilian EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Solitude EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 4
Taktlos EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Tenjo Tenge EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Waffenbrueder EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 4
Aulm01temp EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 3
Be a Pro EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Cele EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Donyx EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Dragonslayers EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
EODEM EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
eternity EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
EXITUS LETALIS EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Friedensstifter EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Hands of Nagash EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 3
I Addicted I EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Lilaleyru EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Nerdish EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Nothing Personal EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Noxious EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
OPSheet EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 3
Reborn EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Reckless EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Reunion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Sicherheit EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
SlyddaXOXO EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Strive EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Tayla's Referenzen EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Team Solo Raid EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Testguildno151 EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Tilted EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 3
Timeane Personal Log EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
TTTester EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
tutu EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
US EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Vintage EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 3
Who Cares EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 3
Abgeschmatzt EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Alea Iacta Est EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 2
Allys Wonderland EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Angelverein Gnomeregan EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Ausnahmezustand EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Avinity EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 2
Betapäta EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Blæck Rock Down EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Cataclysm EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Common - Kritische Masse EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Die Gotei EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Displaced EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
E-Gruppe EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Enîgma EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Execute Inc EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Extreme Aggression EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 2
Fail EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Frisia Magna EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Fubuki Pirates EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Genesis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Good Game EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
How I Laid your Mother EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Illneyalogs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
immortally EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Inkasso Booty Bay EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Laguna Hearts EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
LFR 2.0 EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 2
logs by lyea EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
longschlong EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
MyGuild EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Narcotic EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Ojete Calor EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Picdu EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
PinkDirehorn EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
placeholder EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Private EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Pugnacity EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Rent A Gimp None Alliance 0 2
Slam 'n' Slay EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 2
Soltari EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 2
stresstest EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Sturmwind City Affen EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
swag EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
tasty chick EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
TEST EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
test_aegw EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
The Last Stand EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Togepixoxo on Line EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Vidia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Zora's House of Fun EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
Ðisturbia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 2
10 EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Alhazred Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Alphaomega EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Ancients of Azeroth EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Atrox EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Blackwood EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Bleed it Out EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
chicks n onion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Contagious EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Credo EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Danixp's World of Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Die vergessene Legion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
digäng EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Dire Wolves EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Dolens EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
duality reloaded EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Ensidia EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Eskalation [Nodini] EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Etherion EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
eXecuted EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Exigo EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
ExtremWild EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Fatum EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
fifi EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Filip EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Fires25 EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
flitzpiepen rim-squad EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Genesis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
German Elite Squad EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Grand Pubahs EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
HellTrain EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Hordlinge-Aegwynn EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
ichrasierdich EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
idea of glory EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Impudence EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
In Dubio Pro Reo EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
In Vîno Veritas EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
incinerate EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
InFidem EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
InnerCircle EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
inSideout EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Inspiration Pro EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Jebut Isusa EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
just wiped EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Kag's Logs EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Kenox EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Kkiool EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Kunahn EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
L&M EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
LanzeLogs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
LAS EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Launched EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Lawl EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Lirælia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Listen and Repeat EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
LOL der Heal war durch EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Lone Digger EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
lucalucaluca EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
lulz EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Lunatic Asylum EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Luz de Abaddon EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Madboys EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Mash EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
MisLogs EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Montigo EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Mylina EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Nebula EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Nikuqtguild EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
no way EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
North Brigade EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Noxious EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
on the rocks EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Otherside Returnez EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Pelvic Thrust EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Pruebin EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Qookie's Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Rakinio EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Reflaction EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
RenT a GimP EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Result EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Rhaspody Raid Club EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Rimbo - Narnias EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Rnd Raid EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Safari EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Santhos Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Scepsis EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
secret EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Silentium EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Silentium-eu EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
singularity EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Siquest Parcèm Parabelum None Alliance 0 1
Soranolkaros EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Starcoma EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Starcoma EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
still quite tight EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Suicidal None Alliance 0 1
sup smash bros EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Superior Species EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Team Apex EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
TEN EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Test EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Test EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Testing123 EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Thirsty for Blood EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
TODESKLINGE EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Tollere Randoms EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
Trading Company Inc EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Triumph None Alliance 0 1
Triumph None Alliance 0 1
Trolololz EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 1
txux EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
United we Stand EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Victus EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Vinya None Alliance 0 1
Wächter der Hoffnung EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Zakon Światła EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
Zero Gravity EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
|enrage| EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 1
ElementS Of PaíN None Alliance 0 0
0816 None Alliance 0 0
123 None Horde 0 0
123456 None Alliance 0 0
aa EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Acumen None Horde 0 0
Agalog None Alliance 0 0
AGCs Stuff None Alliance 0 0
All to Arms EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Alley Cat Kings None Alliance 0 0
Alts Logs None Alliance 0 0
Angelverein Gnomeregan None Alliance 0 0
AoD EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Apokalütze None Alliance 0 0
aQua None Alliance 0 0
Aqua 10 None Alliance 0 0
Aquila None Alliance 0 0
Arctic EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Ardecho None Horde 0 0
arma capere None Alliance 0 0
Arma capere None Alliance 0 0
Armee der Finsternis None Horde 0 0
Ascend None Alliance 0 0
asd EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
asdfghjklö None Alliance 0 0
awa EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Bacadi-Feeling None Alliance 0 0
Bagger None Alliance 0 0
Baltha None Alliance 0 0
banished None Alliance 0 0
banished None Alliance 0 0
Berandir None Alliance 0 0
BeschützerDesLichtes None Alliance 0 0
BeschützerDesLichtes None Alliance 0 0
Bewahrer des Schnitzels None Alliance 0 0
blabla None Horde 0 0
blackwater None Alliance 0 0
Blutige Ohren None Alliance 0 0
Bovalolandia EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Breathtakìng None Alliance 0 0
Brekain None Alliance 0 0
Brielovi poskoci None Horde 0 0
Calamity None Alliance 0 0
Candystorm None Horde 0 0
caph None Alliance 0 0
caphs logs None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Noctém EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Castra None Alliance 0 0
Cataclysm None Alliance 0 0
Chabobabo None Alliance 0 0
Chaøs None Alliance 0 0
Chaøs None Alliance 0 0
Chaøs None Alliance 0 0
Chocowings None Alliance 0 0
Circle of the Wisdom None Alliance 0 0
CnO None Alliance 0 0
Code Omega None Alliance 0 0
Communitas Aurea None Alliance 0 0
Corruptio optimi pessima EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Cynar None Alliance 0 0
Cynar EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Cynetic None Alliance 0 0
Daelogs None Alliance 0 0
Dagordacil None Alliance 0 0
DANKE MERKEL EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Daredevil´s Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dark Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Dark Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Dark Guardians None Alliance 0 0
darkar None Alliance 0 0
dddssss None Alliance 0 0
Defender None Alliance 0 0
Demnächst im Kino None Alliance 0 0
Der Heal war eigentlich durch None Horde 0 0
Der Ältestenrat None Alliance 0 0
Dicke Eier in Action None Horde 0 0
Die Rollenden Tonnen EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Die Wächter None Alliance 0 0
Dies und Das None Alliance 0 0
Disturbed Society None Alliance 0 0
Disturbed Society None Alliance 0 0
DOJARNA None Alliance 0 0
Dominatio None Alliance 0 0
Dranos SW EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Dres Log EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Dres Log EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
DvL None Alliance 0 0
Dâgôrdâcîl None Alliance 0 0
EASY CARRY None Alliance 0 0
EasyGame EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Egirio None Alliance 0 0
Eidgenosse None Alliance 0 0
Eidgenosse None Alliance 0 0
Eidgenosse None Alliance 0 0
Eisenbart Clan None Alliance 0 0
El Norgannon None Alliance 0 0
Elemets of Pain None Alliance 0 0
Elnor privat None Alliance 0 0
EODEM None Alliance 0 0
Equilibríum None Alliance 0 0
Equillibra None Alliance 0 0
Es war einmal None Alliance 0 0
Es war einmal None Alliance 0 0
Esséntial None Alliance 0 0
Etana None Alliance 0 0
Eternitas None Horde 0 0
Eternity None Alliance 0 0
Ewige Helden EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Exodus None Alliance 0 0
extas logs None Alliance 0 0
Extremwild None Alliance 0 0
ExtremWild None Alliance 0 0
ExtremWild None Alliance 0 0
EyesSetToKill None Alliance 0 0
faggotlogs None Alliance 0 0
FAIRPLAY None Alliance 0 0
Fat Kids R Hard 2 CC None Horde 0 0
Fat Kidz are hard to CC None Horde 0 0
Fatal-Esports None Alliance 0 0
Faîthless None Alliance 0 0
Fed None Alliance 0 0
Federation None Alliance 0 0
Flippige Boys None Alliance 0 0
For the Glory EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Freekill None Alliance 0 0
FU None Alliance 0 0
Fuens lol None Alliance 0 0
FunLogs None Alliance 0 0
Furion None Alliance 0 0
Furion 2.Stamm None Alliance 0 0
Fânâtic System EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Fânâtic System None Alliance 0 0
Fælyn´s Log None Alliance 0 0
GameOfHodor None Alliance 0 0
Genesis None Alliance 0 0
Genesis1 None Alliance 0 0
Ghulbus None Alliance 0 0
Gib mir drei Minuten None Alliance 0 0
GimP Logs None Alliance 0 0
Grata None Alliance 0 0
Grupa Trzymajaca Wladze EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
GS does not make u pro EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
GTK None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Faith None Alliance 0 0
Guild for Logs None Alliance 0 0
Hades EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Halligalli None Alliance 0 0
Hard Mode None Alliance 0 0
hat eine Peitsche None Alliance 0 0
Hate Club None Alliance 0 0
HEAST None Alliance 0 0
Hektek None Alliance 0 0
HellDrivers EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Helping Hands None Alliance 0 0
Higgimonk None Alliance 0 0
Hominii EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
HordeLive None Horde 0 0
Hordlinge None Horde 0 0
I Stars I None Alliance 0 0
ice-wow None Alliance 0 0
Icecream Automobiles None Alliance 0 0
Illicit EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Immortals EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
impuRe None Alliance 0 0
In Dubio Pro Reo None Alliance 0 0
In Flagrantí None Alliance 0 0
incinerate None Alliance 0 0
incinerate None Alliance 0 0
Incinerate None Alliance 0 0
Incorpu None Alliance 0 0
infected inc None Alliance 0 0
Infinity Inc None Alliance 0 0
infla None Alliance 0 0
Insane in the Membrane EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Insert Randomsht Here None Alliance 0 0
InsertRandomNameHere None Alliance 0 0
Inspiration Pro None Alliance 0 0
Intelligence Raid Agency None Alliance 0 0
Intensiti None Alliance 0 0
Invidia EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
ist etwas besonderes None Alliance 0 0
Jansn Logs None Alliance 0 0
jfloging None Alliance 0 0
Jokes on You None Alliance 0 0
Jooorg None Alliance 0 0
Julezy´s Logparade EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Jungle Fever None Alliance 0 0
Kaztha|Logs None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of Coldridge None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of Coldridge None Alliance 0 0
Kessi's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Keyboard Cowboys None Alliance 0 0
Kingxblood None Horde 0 0
Knödelkinders grp 2 None Alliance 0 0
Konquest None Alliance 0 0
Konquest None Alliance 0 0
Krypon None Alliance 0 0
Kung Fu Pandas None Alliance 0 0
La Familia None Alliance 0 0
Last Exile None Alliance 0 0
Last Resort 2013 None Horde 0 0
Late-Night-RBG None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Les Enfants Terribles None Horde 0 0
LFR HERO EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Lfr Loggs None Alliance 0 0
LFR-LOGGAGE None Alliance 0 0
lightsz None Alliance 0 0
LockLoggs None Alliance 0 0
Lordaerons Revenge B2B None Alliance 0 0
LordaeronsRevengeB2B None Alliance 0 0
lost control None Alliance 0 0
Luces Noctum None Alliance 0 0
Lyvv Log None Alliance 0 0
M O A R D O T S EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
MADNEZ None Alliance 0 0
Marxmen EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Meine None Alliance 0 0
meine guild None Alliance 0 0
Meow None Alliance 0 0
Mermidonen von Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
MilknHoney None Alliance 0 0
MilknHoney1 None Alliance 0 0
Millenium None Alliance 0 0
Misanthropics None Alliance 0 0
Misanthropics None Alliance 0 0
Mitternacht None Alliance 0 0
Mlogs None Alliance 0 0
Montigo None Alliance 0 0
Motion None Horde 0 0
Mydd's None Alliance 0 0
myguild None Alliance 0 0
myLog None Alliance 0 0
MyLogs None Alliance 0 0
Naamah's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nachtschwärmer None Alliance 0 0
Naked Kill None Alliance 0 0
Narubias Party Zone None Alliance 0 0
Natura Potestas None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfelz None Alliance 0 0
Nekoperium EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Nelumi Privat EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Nequire Cubo None Alliance 0 0
Netherpiraten None Alliance 0 0
nicarologs None Alliance 0 0
no return None Alliance 0 0
Noob Logs None Alliance 0 0
notanactualguild None Horde 0 0
Novus Annexus None Alliance 0 0
Nox None Alliance 0 0
NyceOne None Alliance 0 0
nêXt None Alliance 0 0
ODP None Alliance 0 0
Old School Hypeboys None Alliance 0 0
Omaticaya None Alliance 0 0
One Percenter None Alliance 0 0
Orden des Phönix None Alliance 0 0
Ordnungsamt Sturmwind None Alliance 0 0
Outcast None Alliance 0 0
overcharge None Horde 0 0
Oxalog None Alliance 0 0
Pain None Alliance 0 0
Pandemic EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Pandora None Alliance 0 0
Panfriend None Alliance 0 0
Panic Attack None Alliance 0 0
PdS - The Replacements None Alliance 0 0
PenetrationInc None Alliance 0 0
Penthouse None Alliance 0 0
Perdition None Alliance 0 0
Pfad des Blutes None Horde 0 0
Phos Log None Alliance 0 0
Phoénix None Alliance 0 0
Players INC. None Alliance 0 0
Plüschbande EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
PoPo None Alliance 0 0
Private None Alliance 0 0
Private Logs None Horde 0 0
Prognosis Negative None Horde 0 0
Puff the Magic Dragon None Alliance 0 0
Pugnacity (second account) None Alliance 0 0
Pugnacity 2 None Alliance 0 0
Pulse EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
PureRG EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
purge None Alliance 0 0
Purplelicios None Alliance 0 0
Queens of ToolGarden None Alliance 0 0
Quod Erat Demonstrandum None Alliance 0 0
Raid None Alliance 0 0
raised None Alliance 0 0
raised EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
raised None Alliance 0 0
Rated R None Alliance 0 0
RAUS None Alliance 0 0
ReEvølutiøn None Alliance 0 0
Reflect None Alliance 0 0
Refuge None Alliance 0 0
Reign of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Reingedealt None Alliance 0 0
Result None Alliance 0 0
Reunion None Alliance 0 0
Riddikulus None Alliance 0 0
Ridium None Alliance 0 0
Riot None Alliance 0 0
rising dusk None Alliance 0 0
Rumpeldi Pumpeldi None Alliance 0 0
Sabralot None Alliance 0 0
Sac Logs EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
SB None Alliance 0 0
Schlüpperpiraten None Alliance 0 0
scorch None Alliance 0 0
sdagt None Alliance 0 0
Semper None Alliance 0 0
Semper Paratus None Alliance 0 0
Semper Paratus None Alliance 0 0
Serîôûs None Alliance 0 0
Shadows in the Light None Alliance 0 0
Shinyou None Alliance 0 0
Shui None Alliance 0 0
Silent Storm None Alliance 0 0
Silent Wørld EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Silitzus EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Sillykon None Alliance 0 0
SiuoLogs None Alliance 0 0
Size Matters None Alliance 0 0
Skady None Alliance 0 0
sKillOrCs None Alliance 0 0
Slaves of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
SnowsHeros None Alliance 0 0
Solis Defectioo None Alliance 0 0
solo None Alliance 0 0
Some Data None Alliance 0 0
sophiabush None Alliance 0 0
spawn more overlords None Alliance 0 0
Spirivo Log None Alliance 0 0
Spiri´s Log None Alliance 0 0
srybb None Alliance 0 0
Stammgrüppchen None Alliance 0 0
Stammgrüppchen None Alliance 0 0
Still Invincible None Alliance 0 0
stoned None Horde 0 0
Stählerne Bruderschaft None Horde 0 0
Success None Alliance 0 0
Success None Alliance 0 0
SuchDirWasAus(Z) EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Suicidal - Aegwynn None Alliance 0 0
Surchs Crew None Alliance 0 0
Swiss SMP None Alliance 0 0
Symorphys Logs None Alliance 0 0
TDFH None Alliance 0 0
Team Reji None Alliance 0 0
Templer der Allianz EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
test123 None Alliance 0 0
testgilde None Alliance 0 0
TestGuild None Alliance 0 0
testillusion EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
TestingLog None Horde 0 0
Testlog None Alliance 0 0
Testo1 None Horde 0 0
The Dark Stalkers None Alliance 0 0
The Darkness None Alliance 0 0
The End of Everything EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
the Force of Nature None Alliance 0 0
The Grail Knights None Alliance 0 0
The Halliwells None Alliance 0 0
The Last Judgement None Alliance 0 0
theElite Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Therapy Enraged None Alliance 0 0
Thin Tank None Alliance 0 0
Times of Grace None Alliance 0 0
Trading Company Inc EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Traumland None Alliance 0 0
Triade der Finsternis None Horde 0 0
Trigorin EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
U CANT PWN US None Alliance 0 0
UndisputeD None Alliance 0 0
undisputed claim EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Unreach None Horde 0 0
Unskilled None Alliance 0 0
Unskilled None Horde 0 0
Unskilled None Alliance 0 0
Unskilled but Talented None Alliance 0 0
Unskilled but Talented None Alliance 0 0
Unskilled but Talented None Alliance 0 0
Uti's None Alliance 0 0
Vaander EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Valur-Logs None Alliance 0 0
Vegeta None Alliance 0 0
Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Veniida None Alliance 0 0
Verba Magistri None Alliance 0 0
Vielfraße None Horde 0 0
Vindictam est None Alliance 0 0
Violencia None Alliance 0 0
Viribus Unitis None Horde 0 0
Vis et Honor EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Vis et Honor EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
vsynr logs EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
WAC None Alliance 0 0
wbayern None Alliance 0 0
Wee None Alliance 0 0
Weißer Lotus None Alliance 0 0
wePwn None Alliance 0 0
wePwn None Alliance 0 0
wePwn None Alliance 0 0
Wet Fish Crew None Alliance 0 0
Wild Africa Cream None Alliance 0 0
Wings of Liberty None Alliance 0 0
Wipe IT EU-Aegwynn Horde 0 0
Woodstock None Alliance 0 0
Woody None Alliance 0 0
Wookies None Alliance 0 0
Wächter von Asgard EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
xanlogs None Alliance 0 0
Xeebo Logs None Alliance 0 0
Xerina Random Raid None Alliance 0 0
Ylora EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
yoloswag420 EU-Aegwynn Alliance 0 0
Yuki raiding in GD None Horde 0 0
zInc None Alliance 0 0
Zinc None Alliance 0 0
Zoey None Alliance 0 0
Zorkulons Privat Krams None Alliance 0 0
| Addicted | Grp1 None Alliance 0 0
| Nephilim | None Alliance 0 0
Însane None Alliance 0 0
Însane None Alliance 0 0
Вечные Странники None Horde 0 0
ЛогиБее None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

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elcheng, Elementium, Elysium, Emissary, Enisos, Enisos, Enrage, Entropy, EODEM, EODEM, EODEM, Equilibrium, Equilibríum, Equitum Honoris, Equitum Honoris, ErisGuild, Error Thirty Seven, Error Thirty Seven, erudito, es, Eshin-Test, estell, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity DE, Etherion, Etherion, A D R E N A L I N, A GIRL WITH DADDY ISSUES, A State of Trance, A V A L A N C H E, Abendzirkel, Abgeschmatzt, Abgezockt, Absolute Execution, Accept your Fate, ack voll Flöhe, Addictive, adept gaming, Adiós Mfer, Adrenalin IV, Aegwynn Alliance, aegwynn h lol, Aegwynn LP, Aegwynn Unlimited, AegwynnHORDE ins GESICHT, Aerials, Aetas volat, Aeterna Umbra, Aeøn, AffenElite, Affenköpfe, Affenmitwaffen, AFK Bier holen, AFK Bier trinken, Against Dragon slaying, AgainstAll, Aggressive Kunst, Aidn, Ala Alba, Alibaba, All for the Horde, All Glory to Hypnotoad, Alley Cat Kings, Alliance Aegwynn, Alliance of Elune, Allianz Pakt, Allianz United, Alltogether, allure, Allys Wonderland, Allys Wunderbank, Allyz im 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