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Each region (US & EU, Asia) has 150 ranking spots per boss, difficulty & spec available to all users. Another 75 spots above #150 are available to Premium users only.

# Player name Class & Spec Guild Realm DPS(e) Damage done % Date Time
1 Kalatin
The Wagon People US-Windrunner 6227
1 539 698 7.5 % 11-06 04:07
2 Missypally
The Wagon People US-Azuremyst 4734
919 405 5.3 % 11-06 03:14
3 Otoníel
The Wagon People US-Quel'Thalas 3669
907 156 4.4 % 11-06 04:07
4 Joelmchammer
The Wagon People US-Shandris 3225
626 277 3.6 % 11-06 03:14

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