World of Logs combat log analyzer allows gamers to save, share and analyze their raiding experiences conveniently and thoroughly in the Blizzard MMO World of Warcraft. If you're new here, make sure you check out the tour for a 1 minute introduction. If you have any questions, we're happy to answer them on the forums.

The World of Logs Client

Note: You need sign in and be in a guild to access the client

To start it, just click the big "Client" button on the upper right corner of each page.

  • If you're asked to save or run the jnlp file, choose run.
  • The client will ask for access to the file system - it is used to save your preferences in your home directory and to read WoWCombatLog.txt.
  • Enter your account settings here and configure where WoW saves it's logs.
    • On windows XP, it's usually C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\Logs
    • On windows Vista, it's C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Logs
    • If you have installed WoW in a different directory, like C:\Games\WoW, it's C:\Games\WoW\Logs
    • You can use the "Find/Test and save" button to let the client find the WoW directory. It checks for the default locations.

And that's the last bit of configuration you have to do. Let the fun begin!

The main window

  • Open a file lets you choose a .log/.txt file to parse and upload, Open the WoW Log is the shortcut to WoWCombatLog.txt.
  • Start a Live Report Session starts the client in Live Report mode. See the section about Live Report for more information.

Upload a file

After selecting a file and a bit of waiting, you'll see the form shown above. It shows a few statistics about the file opened, but the actual, clickable parts are pretty simple. You can enter a comment in the comment text field, click and drag around in the range selection to upload only a part of the file. The upload button sends it to the server and opens the report in a new window.

Note for the beta: there is no upload progress display yet, but if you don't see a dialog with an error, it's still busy. Please be patient.

Live Report Session

Don't be alarmed if you see an empty form - if there aren't any errors, you're good to go. Just start /combatlog and raid. Once in a while, when around ~48k bytes of data has been gathered, WoW flushes it to disk and the client will be able to read and upload it. You can click "Sync Now" to manually upload the data to the server, "Open Report" opens the report in a new browser window.

The messages list is categorized into different types of messages: blue is spam about internals, green is informational, yellow are warnings and red are errors. If you encounter an error here, please copy the messages list and post the relevant part to help us fix it. (TODO: Copy to clipboard function)

The sync process is limited to once per minute so in a raid, you will see quite a few "Going to wait a bit longer" messages. Don't be alarmed. For viewers, the Live Reports are almost the same as other reports, the only thing is that they can change between page views.

Please do not close the page with the ad you want to report.

I've posted a guide on how to report misbehaving ads on the forum. Please follow the instructions and help make the internet a safer place. Thanks for you time.